Ken Batchelor Cadillac in San Antonio, TX

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Exceptional customer service.

Service Center Hours:
Mon - Fri 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed


Established in 1980.

We will provide the best vehicle sales and service experience for our customers. We will do this in a way that will foster the continuous improvement of our people and our company. We will be a top-performing, thoroughly professional and genuinely caring organization in all that we do.

Ken Batchelor Cadillac

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 690-0700
Address:11001 Interstate Highway 10, San Antonio, TX, 78230
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Ken Batchelor Cadillac

Brian K. | 2015-03-06

Worst customer service ever. Don't be fooled. They promise you the moon to get you buy a car - after that - they CANNOT be bothered with you. THE ABSOLUTE WORST.  The car is fantastic the service is TERRIBLE!

Shannon B. | 2014-12-23

I purchased a 2010 SRX from Ken Batchelor, loved the salesman, facilities and staff!  I felt so comfortable and important - it was by far the best car buying experience I'd ever had.  Ken Batchelor Cadillac sends an annual e-mail to customers asking if they were happy with the car, service and sales.  I mentioned my frustration with all of the recalls for my SRX.  Ken Batchelor suggested I trade my 2010 for a 2011, I traded and have been kicking myself since then!  My new SRX's AC did not work, after multiple visits to the service department, getting stupid looks, telling me it worked fine.  I found the mechanic was sticking a thermometer into the vent getting good results. I said, I don't care what it reads in the vents I care about what the car feels like - HOT!  The director of Service, head mechanic, salesman and I sat in my car ALL AGREEING MY AC DID NOT WORK!  I mentioned replacing the entire AC unit, the mechanic said NO because its working properly, he was one of the individuals in the car who agreed earlier it did not cool properly??  MY LAST visit to Ken Batchelor, I was pretty frustrated since the AC was still was NOT WORKING, to find my once attentive service rep sitting in his office, flossing his teeth avoiding any eye contact.... After paying over 50K for a vehicle you'd think service department would know how to repair an AC unit!  NOT HAPPY

Jose S. | 2014-08-20

After thoroughly researching vehicles, my fiancé finally decided on a 2013 Luxury Cadillac SRX. It had all of the features she was looking for in a vehicle.

We reside in Austin so we headed to the only Cadillac dealership there. Needless to say, we did not purchase our vehicle there as they were not willing to work with us on anything.

After that laughable service I opted to call and make the drive to San Antonio where we met with Analie Ogden one of the nicest, professional, sales women we have met.

She gave us a great deal with no hassles a very awesome car buying experience,she has earned our trust in her and the Ken Batchelor dealership.

Vivian Q. | 2014-08-04

Just be attentive with oil change. Every change I had to return because it was overfilled and I had them drain some down to the fill line. Mind you thats every oil change and I reside 25 minutes away (my time and fuel wasted).

Jean G. | 2014-01-23

My first experience with them was just to get my oil changed. New to the area, only Cadillac dealership around. Not a bad experience but nothing to write about either. Skip to several months later. I heard a squeaking sound coming from my breaks. I took it in to get the oil changed and the breaks checked. They said they cleaned out some stuff from the breaks. Shouldn't squeak anymore. Cool!

Had to wait around for a little while and pretty much wasted an afternoon, but they got the job done. They also had some good pastries and a Keurig for you to make your own cup of coffee while you waited. They always wash your car before it leaves the dealership, and you can take it in just for the car wash. Awesome! Free car wash!

A few days later I get a call from a customer service rep asking how the service was and all. I said it was fine, but my tires are still squeaking. She said she would get a message to my service person to schedule an appointment to bring the car in again.

A couple days later, a sales agent calls (Bryce, very nice gentleman) and asks how the service was. I explained to him my breaks still squeaked, talked to the customer service rep, told me she would have the service agent call me but still no call. He said he would make sure someone called me back. He also gave me his direct line and told me to call him for any reason. That he could get things expedited. I know he was being a salesman saying if we are ever in the market for a new Cadillac, yadda, yadda, yadda. But it was still nice.

Anyway, so I thought, "Oh, great! Another afternoon wasted at the dealership waiting for my car to be done." Well! I found out that they will bring a rental car to your house and drive your car back to the dealership. How awesome is that?!? They call you when they're ready to leave the dealership, so you can make sure to be home. Don't have to wait around like we do for a maintenance guy. They ask is it still okay with your schedule, can we come now, or is there a better time. Very accommodating.

It gets better. Usually when you get a rental car from an airport or something, they always ask you to bring it back with a full tank. Not this one. The driver just said, "Leave enough for me to get back with." Lol! He was very nice. Even waited for me for a few minutes because I was taking my children to school. Usually service people book it out of there if you don't answer on the first doorbell ring.

We had the car for the weekend because on  Saturday they didn't have any drivers available to bring my car back. Sure, I probably could have driven all the way down there and retrieved my car. But it's kind of fun driving a "new" car around.

Well, my husband didn't realize we didn't have to fill it up, so being the great husband he is, he filled it up. I saw it and immediately thought, "Great! $50 down the drain! And we have to fill up our own car, so there goes another $50!"

We scheduled the pick up on Monday. But when Monday came it was around 3pm and still no car, no call. I called the dealership and the person I talked to said it was actually scheduled for Tuesday. She apologized profusely. That's okay, simple mistake. Still enjoying the other car.

Then, my service agent (Lauren, great girl!) called me back and said they were bringing my car today. Was it still okay since it was late in the day. Sure! I was gonna be at home anyway.

I explained to her my situation about the gas and asked if there was any way we could get reimbursed or if they could fill up our car. Never in a million years would I expect them to agree to it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Not only did they fill up my gas tank, she told me it wouldn't hurt the car if we didn't fix what needed to be fixed with the breaks (something about the pads). The car is only about a year old, so she said just do it for free when I have my next break work done.

Usually garages or mechanics try to sell you as much as they can. They make it seem like your car will fall apart if you don't get this thing done or that thing done. Not these guys. Straight up about everything!

Later, when the driver dropped off my car, he had parked in the street in front of our house since we already had two cars in the driveway. He said he could move the two cars, put mine in the driveway for me. I was totally willing to do that myself, but he insisted.

He left, but then a few minutes later the doorbell rang again. I had left a couple bleacher chairs in the back of the car. So nice of him to check. It's the little things.

I can't say enough about this place. They are definitely big on customer service. I wish I could give them 4.5 stars. The only reason it's not 5 is because the wait is a little long. I completely understand being the only Cadillac dealership in the area. And if you don't need your car for a day or two just ask them to bring you a rental.  

Sorry for the book. I just wanted to make sure they got all the praise that was due to them.

Hope C. | 2013-10-31

Love, love, love my Caddy!  Everything about my purchase experience was spot on perfect.  My salesman, Robert, was amazing.  He listened to my "wants" and "needs" and within 2 days had the perfect CTS for me.  The weekly car washes are an extra saving for me since I usually spend $12 a week on car washes. Love the way I'm treated when I drive up.  Everyone is professional and more than willing to take care of my needs. A-1 service in my book!

Hannah L. | 2013-07-10

Bought my car in April. On Fourth of July of 2013 I drove my 2008 jeep wrangler that I bought from Ken Batchelor Cadillac to Houston, not to mention that I haven't even driven the car for more than 3,000 miles since I bought it. I was on my way to Surf Side beach and the service oil light came on within 4 miles down the engine blows up. I had to leave my car in Houston till this day. They failed at helping me out with my engine repair, told me I had to pay $7,600 for a new engine. Which is not right since I bought the car 2 months ago and haven't even driven it for 3,000 miles I didn't think I had to take it to get a service update on the car. This isn't the only problem I had with my jeep (they gave me bad tires so every time I drive and hit a bump the car would start shaking. They didn't even replace the tires. Just used my spare on the back which I could've done myself.) I don't have a lot of positive things to say about Ken Batchelor, one thing that they did was pay for the towing expenses to get my car to the Cadillac dealership in Houston, Texas, but not San Antonio where I live so my car is still stranded in Houston with a blown out engine they couldn't repair.

Ivan M. | 2013-04-09

I honestly do not have much positive to say. It has been bad experience starting with the purchase of my 2012 Cadillac Coupe and it just continues. The most recent experience confirms my feeling of wishing I would have stayed with a Mercedes. I took my vehicle in for routine maintenance covered by warranty (oil change, replace filters, tire rotation). There were additional items I requested be serviced as well such as drivers seat squeaking and missing top on tire valve. When dropping it off it was recommended I do an alignment, in which I did. I was given a loan vehicle to use. I went to pick up my car the next day expecting it to be perfect. IT WASN'T. On my way home I could feel the vehicle "shaking" and could visibly see the vibration in the steering wheel. I called and was told I could bring it back in. So for the 3rd time in my work week I leave work to take vehicle in and get a loan car. It was asked if I could wait but I could not so they kept the vehicle for the weekend and I was told it would be ready Monday. I finally received a call late afternoon Monday so I leave work again to go pick it up. I was told everything was fixed but it was identified my tires have high road force (I think that is what it was called) so there may still be a bit of a shake but I shouldn't feel it. I was told if I still do feel it then I most likely would have to purchase 2 new tires. Guess tires are not covered under the bumper to bumper warranty? I expressed my disappointment with the whole process/dealership and irritation with the problems I have with a new vehicle. I'm not understanding-my vehicle didn't shake when I dropped it off but does now after maintenance. On my drive home I was called by a female from the dealership. She was supposed to give me a call back. Here it is a day later and still no call.

Lauren B. | 2012-10-23

Since writing my last review, I have purchased another vehicle at Ken Batchelor Cadillac. The second buying experience was just as good as the first and I even had a different sales person.

Before letting me leave the lot with my preowned car, the dealership provided new floor mats, fixed scratches, and even put on a darker window tint (that I requested) for FREE. I fully expected to pay the dealer price for the window tint, but they handed me the keys and told me to enjoy my new car.

Since bringing it home in August, I did have to take the car back to have the transmission checked. Fortunately, it is still under a premium warranty that the previous owner purchased. Regardless of your warranty though, each customer gets a beautiful loaner car and speedy service. The servide department calls you throughout the day to update you on how they're handling your vehicle and they ask your permission before ever doing any work. When you finally pick up your car it is immaculate.

My parents and younger brother have since purchased vehicles there as well and are very pleased with the service they received. Wayne Hays is the salesman that sold cars to all of us and even reminded me that I get referral checks -- $100 each for the purchase of my parents' car and brother's car. :)

Chris L. | 2012-09-05

After driving 2 hours from the Rock to Boerne to keep an appointment to see an SRX, only to discover it had been sold while I was en route (see other review for more on that), I told my Garmin to lead me to the nearest Cadillac dealership. It happened to be Batchelor. When I arrived I was first approached by a passing mechanic, who offered to find a salesman for me or leave me alone. I opted for the former, and he came back with Ernie Bajorek in tow. A few hours later I presented my wife with a new (to us) SRX.

First, the dealership. The campus is very pleasant and non-threatening. No giant slab of concrete with row upon row of sun-baked cars, and desperate-looking salesfolk peeping out from behind tail lights awaiting the right moment to pounce. There are lots of trees and mini greenbelts separating different sections of the lot. The cars are positioned in well-organized groups, so you can pretty easily figure out where you want to go. The building is well-appointed, feeling upscale, but not ostentatiously so. Lots of glass and wood, and no harsh fluorescent glare. I especially liked the centrally located but discreet beverage station, in lieu of the usual afterthought coffee machine thrown into the corner.

Ernie was the real jewel of the experience. He made me feel really comfortable, mostly by letting me do things salemen usually balk at. He let me wander around, use his computer, and poke and prod the car without his supervision. He never used standard salesman word trickery to get me to loosen up in negotiations, but approached me in the mindset of "what do I have to do to make you happy?" Most impressive was the fact that Ernie gave me his undivided attention from the time he met me until I drove off. My previous experience with older salesmen is that they are usually trying to make my deal while persistently taking phone calls or getting sidetracked with other customers. Ernie was always at the ready when I wanted him, and faded into the background when I didn't.

This was the best experience I have ever had shopping for a car, an exercise I often undertake and rarely complete. Batchelor gets my full-throated endorsement.

Julio N. | 2012-04-19

Excellent customer service! Have bought three vehicles from here since '09 and will continue to buy more.