Ingram Park Nissan in San Antonio, TX

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Ingram Park Nissan is the premier Nissan dealer in San Antonio. We sell new Nissan cars, trucks, SUV's, and minivans. We also have pre-owned vehicles of many makes and models.


Established in 1970.

Ingram Park Auto Center has been in business since 1970. Currently we have three stores - Nissan, Mazda, and Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.

Ingram Park Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 681-6300
Address:6990 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX, 78238
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Ingram Park Nissan

Jeanne S. | 2015-04-24

I noticed this dealership had really low prices on line for the SUV I wanted. I figured there would be extra fees or a "catch" somehow. I phoned them in San Antonio.

They beat the local Austin Nissan dealerships by about 2k....they even discounted the tax, title, and license fee. All in a short phone call.

Here's the part that's hard to believe! My sales guy, Louis Rivera delivered the car to Austin the next morning for no extra fee!
We filled out the paperwork, I provided a check, he left with his co-worker for San Antonio! car, check it off list.

If that's not A+ customer service, I don't know what is. Almost no effort on my part, no waiting, no tedious negotiating, and the car magically appears in my driveway.

John T. | 2015-04-09

This place is the reason we don't like buying new cars. I didn't know dealerships like this existed anymore. The last cars we bought were from dealerships that made the whole car buying experience painless. We stopped here spontaneously after having lunch at a nearby restaurant. We are in the market for a small SUV so we stopped in to glance at a Rouge. Before we made 5 steps out of the car, a young salesman (won't give his name) eagerly approached us and offered his assistance. I told him we just started our journey to buy a new car and was really "just looking".  He immediately asked if he could get our info like name, address, and number. I gave him our names and refused to give him the rest. He followed us into the showroom to grab a brochure and then the manager came over and asked about trade ins, financing, test drive, our occupation, ect.  Then he asked for our contact info again. Needless to say, we felt extremely uncomfortable and pressured. I told him we'll just take the brochure home to research some more. The young salesman just stood next to him with his feet apart and arms crossed. He immediately got irritated and said "folks you just got here...can't you spare 30mins".  I don't think we'll be returning to this dealership again.

Lydia S. | 2015-03-19

I would leave no stars if possible. Usually, I always have bad service when I come to get a $10 oil change, but today was over the top bad. I pull up into the service station and politely say I would like an oil change, then this hefty older Hispanic man with salt and pepper hair (I wish I knew his name!), started shouting at me asking if I had done all my services there and he was going to check or I wasn't going to be able to get an oil change there. He was being extremely loud and rude, kind of obnoxious actually, and I have no idea where it came from. I asked him to change his tone of voice because he made me uncomfortable, and then he got louder and raised the price for the oil change! Literally said "okay YOUR oil change is $45 then" .... Um excuse me? So I told him I just won't do an oil change. And he shrugged his shoulders and and pointed to leave. I have never been talked to so disrespectfully and for no reason at all. I especially wouldn't think I would be treated like that in an establishment where I purchased a 20,000 car. Well Nissan, I took my car to Express lube, and the man working, Gregory, was more than enthusiastic to help me. He greeted me with a smile and was VERY professional. He checked my oil, (turns out I didn't even need an oil change, although I'm positive IPAC would have charged me for one anyway) and offered to top off everything under the hood free of charge! Nissan , you just lost a customer. I will be taking my car to express lube from now on for any maintenance my car will need, and I will never purchase another Nissan again.

Ardie S. | 2015-02-05

I used this dealership for an oil change last weekend while in town on other business when my regular dealership was unexpectedly closed for parts inventory and not providing service.  Staff at my regular dealer referred me to this location.

Ingram Park's service entry drive is not clearly marked, and you have to weave through their crowded lot of new and used vehicle inventory to find the small two-lane service driveway.  There were probably 8-10 staff members milling around on the driveway, but, incredibly, it seemed they were casting lots as to which one came out to greet me.  One member did, and when he found out I only wanted an oil change, went back to the group and had another staff member come out to write the service ticket.  Seems pretty inefficient and confused, if you ask me.  It certainly left this first-time customer wondering how organized they were overall.

My service writer was Anthony, and I have to say that he was polite through the entire experience.  Their oil change was more expensive than at my regularly servicing dealer. They did offer free WiFi, which was slow but continuous, considering the number of customers who were all heads down on their cell phones, laptops and tablets.  Despite the cold and rainy weather, the waiting room was packed, with customers overflowing into adjacent sales meeting rooms.  My estimated wait time was 75-90 minutes for the oil change and complimentary multipoint inspection; actual time was about 75 minutes from arrival, which was exactly as predicted.

Checkout was efficient.  When I got to my car, I found that the service reminder had not been reset, and the reminder sticker on the windshield had not been changed.  I called this to the attention of Anthony, who promptly reset the indicator and printed a new sticker.  He blamed a new technician's inexperience for the oversights, but it made me wonder what else might have been overlooked during the service.

I was disappointed in the brevity of feedback on their "multipoint" inspection printed on their bill.  Essentially, they only noted checking the battery and tires, which I would imagine are high markup items for the dealership.  For $39.99, I expect more.  I guess it's a good deal if you can get the $9.99 oil change the day after a Spurs win with their online coupon, but I'd hunt hard for Nissan and competing dealership coupons before going here.  To add insult to injury, when I got home that afternoon, there waiting for me in the mail was a coupon for a $21.99 oil change.

I'd use them again in a pinch, but I might consider other dealerships instead.  I certainly wouldn't make them my first choice considering factors such as proximity, value, thoroughness, and speed.

Mike Y. | 2014-12-04

If you own a Nissan that you did not purchase there don't take it there they will charge you way to much! Due to being military we can not drive back to where we bought the car for services and like going to dealerships for service but not here.  Oil changes for example normally cost an average of $10 give or take a little.  But today there it cost $46 for a basic oil change.  RIDICULOUS!  Wife is due for new car and this place will not even be on list to look at.

Kody F. | 2014-11-06

HORRIBLE PLACE TO SHOP FOR CARS.  I went to their website over the summer and found a Nissian 350Z that I thought was a reasonable price (Not that far off from the Kelly Blue book value) so I was texting one of their sales people about it.  His name was Jeremy.  Anyways, once I got to the dealership (Which was over an hour drive from where I was) he said they no longer had the vehicle in the area.  After a few minutes of going back and forth with Jeremy, he somehow found the car.  This was also after trying to up-sell me on other vehicles.  The car that I saw online was in the back of the lot and did not look like the same car at all.  Also, the pictures he sent me of the interior were completely fake.  After accepting the cosmetic differences of the vehicle, Jeremy then told me that the vehicle had never been in an accident.  I then asked to see the carfax and he said he would go and get it.  After getting the carfax, it was revealed that it had, in fact been in 2 accidents and the clutch was being replaced (Due to the bad driving of the original owner as I was told.)  After hearing this, I also found out that the radio was missing and several other components of the vehicle were trying to be replaced.  I asked why this was not told to me over the phone, and the reply was "I tried to contact you once and you did not answer."  I did not get a call from him, and he should have tried more than once to contact me.  I was advise that no one get a vehicle from this shady dealership, but if you must, stay away from Jeremy.  The manager was polite and tried to help, but you know what they say...You can't polish a turd.  If there was an option that I knew of for less than one star, they would get it.

Tabitha R. | 2014-10-11

Horrible salesmen! Before I could even put my car I park the salesman was at the door waiting. We told him we are just looking and not buying, but he continued to haggle us. I know it is their job to sell but they should back off a bit. After we said that we are done looking, he then asked for information. We were led to his office where the manager came and continued to try to sell to us. He was aware that we just was looking that day, but that just did not seem to matter. We were asked numerous questions that seemed to be more than what they needed. We are going to buy a car this week but now it will NOT be from them! Other dealerships we went to were relax and understood that we just wanted to look.

Joseph K. | 2014-07-29

Outstanding service by George Ramirez, he took care of all my needs. He had my dent on my door repaired within two hours. Great work on my vehicle. I will receive all my paperwork when my tags come in on Friday. Thank -you George.

Karen B. | 2014-02-10

Love these guys! Said Cantu helped us and he was great. He was straightforward and didn't play games. We knew what we wanted and he took us right to it. We got the 2014 Altima fully loaded. I was happy because we had not found this model with these features in Houston so we were glad to make the purchase in San Antonio.

I was a bit concerned about living 3 hrs away and getting follow-up service but that was never a problem. He stayed in communication with us and answered any questions we had. Even mailed the plates without me having to wait for someone to call and then mail them.

We also went back to this location to get a spoiler installed. Day trip! They offered a car to use while in SA but it ended up not being necessary. They were done quickly so it was a quick lunch and back to Houston. Easy!

We will definitely return when we're ready for the new Armada! Go see this guys!

Jaime V. | 2013-12-30

Don't cone here, they charge you for services and they don't provide fir what you pay.  Paid for tire rotation and tires were not even touched....they bring out the director and he proceeded to tell me that they were. BULL SHIT, I marked the rims and they were exactly where they were. So be aware of what you pay for and what you really get, even if it is a so called reputable business. I wonder how many others hanged been cheated like this. I should give this place a one star.

Nagen J. | 2013-12-18

Buch of liars. I got called on 12/16 for a Nissan Versa Note automatic for $12995. I went with my 3yr old son and wife and waited for 1:30hr. Firstly the sales person Jerxxx who called me didn't even remember that he called me and that I am coming. After long wait his manager talked to us and asked to come back next day and also promised to call us back with available colors. We didn't receive call, but we still went to see them. To our surprise both Jerxxx and his manager were not there. Someone by name Bexx spoke to us. Again after long wait, they agreed on $12995 for Nssan Versa Note automatic S Plus and $13495 for nissan versa note SV. They made wait till around 9pm and came back with entirely different numbers. $14500 for S Plus and $15700 for SV.
They wasted two lovely evenings in my life. Will never recommend them to anyone I know.

Chris S. | 2013-10-01

Very dishonest car lot. Nightmare of an experience.

My wife and I went to purchase a car, and they told us we had financing and were approved, but just needed to get the car detailed. We were given a rental and told to come back with income verification documents and we could pick the car up the next day. Our vehicle which we were trading in, was driven off, and we were excited to be getting a new car.

Fast forward: because of her income being mainly self-employed income it was difficult to verify (cash based) and the financing didnt go through.  I called for a week trying to get our vehicle back and the Director (Jason Miranda) told us we had a deal and we lied about our income, they were going to keep searching for a lender. I found out later they ran my credit 20+ times, dropping my score from the mid  6's to the the high 5's!

They still wouldn't give my our vehicle despite going up there and multiple calls each day.
I kept getting told, "the lender only needs this, or that.", I didn't realize that they were still submitting our credit application to lenders all over the world!

10 days later, the salesman called and told me that all of the financing attempts failed, and they were pulling our car around front and to come get it.

I told them, look I was in the middle of a few things and that I'd try to make it that night but if not then first thing in the morning and that I had been trying to get my vehicle for over a week and it obviously wasn't a huge priority to them, and so I'd make it as soon as I could.

Jason Miranda, (the Director) called back and told me that if I wasn't in there by the hour, that he was calling the police and saying we stole their car, and then he'd use the vehicle recovery system to shut it off and leave us stranded! He talked down to me so severely and wouldn't give me a chance to speak, that I just hung up.   -All this after I had called him for nearly 3 days in a row straight and he wouldn't take my calls, or return them!

I called the police due to his threat to report me a car thief and I was worried that I'd be stranded and reported, but they advised me what to do.

When i arrived at the dealership, I called the office and told the receptionist that I was outside with the rental. Jason came busting out of the office aggressively and started yelling about how we stole their car and filled out a false financial application, while we were nose to nose, and about 20 salesmen crowded around like a gang.

I did not handle the situation perfectly, but after be threatened to be stranded and arrested after everything that happened I believe my anger was justified.

We filed a police report, and we were told that this wasn't the first incident with this dealership.

As a side note, George Ramirez, Jeremiah Gonzalez, and Joe Flores and Shaun Rice were all descent staff and I have no qualms with them.
But since the Jason Miranda is their boss, the negativity rolls down hill. It's obvious that he cares more about sales quotas then the customer or the employees and that feeling is tangible, The employees do not look happy they seem scared.

The next day we got approved for a brand new 2013 vehicle with a low interest rate, so I'm still confused as to what the issue was...

Be careful, We warned, read the details carefully if you decide to go with them.
Try to get financing before you even show up to the lot.  

I would go with Gunn or CarMax if at all possible. I have no relation with any of them, but I've had good experiences with those dealers in the past.

Luis L. | 2013-06-24

Helped my brother in law recently purchase his first car at this dealership. from the get go they provided OK service we negotiated a price that was acceptable and financing that was acceptable. the finance department tried to sell us a warranty for 48,000 miles for $2900 dollars. I purchased the same warranty for my Nissan at another dealer for less that half that price. The problems began on the list of items they had promised to fix on the vehicle before delivering the vehicle. We purchased a used vehicle so there were a few things like tires a dent and yellowed headlights that needed to be fixed. when we went to pick up the vehicle it was given to us with nothing repaired and not even washed or detailed properly. After complaining to the sales manager he basically told us we bought a used car and that's what we were getting. I then explained we signed an arbitration agreement at the point of sale that had an opt out provision within 10 days of purchasing the vehicle and that we were going to exercise that right and pursue legal action. The sales manager didn't like that stormed off and got the GM of the dealership who promptly fixed all all the issues on the vehicle. Please be warned of the deceptive sales practices at this dealership, and know your rights as a consumer. It is sad that they have lost a customer for life as I am on my 3rd Nissa, 4th with my brother in laws, and wont ever purchase or have my vehicle serviced at this dealer after the way we were treated. it shouldn't take threatening legal action to get results for what was promised in the beginning.

Jamie B. | 2013-05-09

I would give this dealership 0 stars if it was an option. I did my homework upfront and came with two stock numbers that I wanted to look at. Both had an Internet price of $22,198. When arriving I was told they were sold but they had similar models, after driving around two weed filled dirt parking lots they finally found a similar car and low and behold it was the first stock number that I had given them. Then when talking numbers they told me there was an additional paint/cloth protection plan that was $1495 above the Internet pricing. Bait and switch I think so. After being offered half of what Kelly blue book had my trade valued at, we left very disappointed only to be told that was only the first bid on the trade. They pray on the uneducated and misinformed. Please do your homework before going here...wait don't waste your time you will be dumber for having stepped foot inside! This is the definition of smarmy car salesmen and dealers. Oh and management also thinks its funny to yoke and joke over the PA. Very unprofessional behavior!!

Ash M. | 2012-07-10

I've purchased two cars from IPAC Nissan and will remain a loyal customer as long as they keep up their stellar customer service.  Both times that I've come here to look around I met with really great salesmen.  They were courteous and didn't pull the "look at these bright, shiny cup holders" that I'd gotten at a couple other dealerships.  They were straightforward and kept it relatively pain-free.  

Not only did the car buying experience run smoothly but each time I've come for an oil change or service, I'm in and out of there in under an hour even if they quoted me an hour and a half.