Ingram Park Mazda in San Antonio, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Ingram Park Mazda in San Antonio, TX.

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Ingram Park Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 406-0122
Address:6980 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX, 78238
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Ingram Park Mazda

Amy R. | 2015-04-21

I was looking into trading in my car and was highly disappointed in the service I received from IPAC Mazda. My car salesman was Tony who was being advised by Karl, the Director. They ran my credit and came out to let me know the situation and that they would get back to me the following day. Both of them never followed up with me AT ALL.

Megan D. | 2015-01-31

I went to Ingram park Mazda after I saw some of there cars they had online that were on sale. When I arrived at the dealership I was greeted by a bunch of vulchers as I parked my car. My salesman was very rude and was not at all interested in selling me a car. When I showed him the car I wanted, he said I had to qualify for it in order to get the sale price posted online. I told him I had money to put down on a car. He then proceeded to try and sell me a used car. I told him no , I'm here to buy a new car. He said he couldn't help me. I told him OK. He continued to try and sell me the used car. I said no thanks and left. The fact of the matter is this dealership is full of liars. It was a total waste of time coming here. Don't shop here unless u want ur time wasted. They are a bunch of scam artists!!!!!!

Roman M. | 2014-12-20

This place is dodgey. They REALLY want you to use their finance companies and want to convince you they can get you a better rate. Of course what they don't tell you is they get kickbacks from their finance companies and sell you the car at a higher total price than what they would sell it for if you have your own bank or paid cash.

I came in pre-approved from my bank with an excellent rate and when I told them I did not want to hear about their finance options they quickly lost interest in me.

Plus the cars they have on their website on NOT what they actually have available. They had a Mazda3 I was interested in listed on their website for what I thought was a good price. I told them I wanted to see that specific car and I waited for 45 minutes for them to try and "find" that vehicle. I finally got tired of waiting and walked out. The manager and the sales people just watched me walk out because they knew I was not going to play their game and fall into their trap.


Peter T. | 2014-11-12

A Terrific Dealership.

I purchased a 2014 Mazda 2 from these good people and I love it.  They are sweet and good people.

The moment I walked onto the lot, Ben and Mustafa made my wife and I feel like old friends.  

I suggest that you visit IPAC Mazda!

Jay B. | 2014-10-30

This place is a JOKE!
As SOON as you pull into the driveway, you can already see the "vultures" circling in wait for their prey!

Some adjectives that come to mind when asked to describe Ingram Park Mazda:

* Shady
* Deceptive
* Scamming
* Sneaky

The dealership also has a "dirty" feel to it.

I will N-E-V-E-R buy so much as a bag of chips from this joint!

Oh.... and the majority of their staff is FAR from cordial.... I stood at the reception desk for several minutes waiting for the greeter to get off the phone, as a SALESMAN stood there and didn't even say "Hi!" (AFTER I managed to dodge the "feeding frenzy" in the parking lot by entering near the "Service Department.") When she hung up the phone, the poor receptionist had a borderline "ugly" tone of voice,  and seemed as though she COMPLETELY hated her job.

Needless to say, my time at Ingram Park Mazda was VERY short, and I did NOT make a purchase. In fact, I didn't even look at anything,  as I felt as though I couldn't get out of there fast enough! (I even felt an overwhelming NEED to use hand sanitizer before even touching anything in my own vehicle!)
I left there feeling like I had just visited the poster facility for "Skeevy" car dealerships!


Save yourself the trip and shop elsewhere!

*** Please note: The ONLY reason they got  1 star is because I couldn't post this comment unless I checked one!
Truth be told, they ACTUALLY deserve 0 stars!

James P. | 2014-10-21

IPAC Mazda, wake up and smell the negative reviews!  

You advertised a used car on your website and on Autotrader.  There was no price.  The Carfax you posted indicated that you acquired the vehicle about 10 days ago.  When I first called and spoke with your Internet representative, she informed me that you were still inspecting the car; hence, the lack of a price.  Sounds reasonable.  Calling back later that day, I asked specifically if the car was in stock and available for a test drive.  She responded yes and that she would notify the salesperson to have it ready.  I told her I'd be there in less than one hour.  Upon arriving, salespeople descended upon mi esposa and I only to turn us over to the manager when I told them that I was interested in a specific car.  The manager and a third salesperson told us they'd have to drive to the back and get the car.  Ten minutes later, he returned to inform us that the car failed their safety inspection and asked if there were another vehicle in that price range.  We informed him that it had no price, shook hands, and left the lot.

This is poor business: whether misinformed, poorly educated, disorganized, or deceitful, it's just wrong.  We left with a bad taste in our mouths.  IPAC has lost any potential future business from this family.  I will gladly share my story with my coworkers.

Chris A. | 2014-01-29

UPDATE: 06 February 2014

I have come to an agreement with Ingram Park Mazda. While I am upset at everything that happened, I do appreciate the GM working with me to resolve this issue. It appears that the person that sold me my extended warranty no longer works at this dealership but I don't know that for sure. I was assured that any similar issues that may have occurred in the past are no longer tolerated or happening at this dealership. Again, thank you for working with me to resolve this issue.

UPDATE: 31 January 2014

I have spoken with the GM of Ingram Park Mazda twice and he is now negotiating a proper solution to this matter. What that is, well, I'll just have to wait and see. If I find the end result satisfactory, I will update this review again and potentially change my star rating. I understand the GM's position on this issue and I believe he understands mine. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that an amicable solution can be found.

***Caveat Emptor***

I purchased a pre-owned Mazda 3 from Ingram Park Mazda in January 2010. I learned very recently that the finance officer lied to me in order to sell the extended warranty. Why would someone lie to sell an extended warranty? Because they receive a commission on the sale. Ingram Park Mazda has been unable to identify this finance officer due to an illegible signature and the fact that these finance officers, according to Ingram's sale's manager, "move from branch to branch."

The vehicle had about 8500 miles on it when I purchased it. The vehicle, because it had low 8500 miles, was still under the factory warranty of 3 years/30,000 miles. The finance officer spent about 40 minutes trying to convince me to purchase the extended warranty. What convinced me to purchase the extended warranty was when he showed me the math.

I had stated that I drove about 20,000 miles per year. He replied that with this extended warranty of 2 years and 60,000 miles, I would be covered almost to the end of my 5 year loan--a total of 5 years and 90,000 total miles (2 years Mazda warranty + 3 year extended warranty; 30,000 mile Mazda warranty + 60,000 mile extended warranty). This is a contract that I saw for about 5 seconds as the finance officer flipped that the gigantic stack of documents having me sign and initial. Coincidentally, I was never given a copy of my extended warranty (until 4 years later upon request) nor any information on the plan.

As a first-time new car buyer, I relied on this finance officer to explain the details to me and to be honest. This was not the case. He sold me an "extended" warranty that, based on my driving habits (20K/year), would be of very little value beyond the original 3 year, 30K Mazda warranty based on my driving habit (20K+ per year). This policy cost me $2000 and I continue to pay off this loan to this day.

I visited Ingram Park Mazda 3 weeks ago and spoke to their sales supervisor. This man seemed genuinely interested and sincere. He stated that he is a businessman and he wants to make people happy. However, he acknowledged that car salesmen have a negative reputation and that it is sometimes difficult to overcome that. He then took my name, email, and phone number, shook my hand and said he would look into it and get back with me in 24 hours.

Five days later, I received an email from him stating that he was busy and would get to my issue soon. I heard nothing from Ingram Park Mazda until I contacted them three weeks later. The sales manager stated that since they were unable to locate the finance officer, it was just my word and as such, there was nothing they could do for me. I guess the customer isn't right at Ingram Park Mazda.

I thought it was strange that after purchasing my car I never received a call from Ingram Park Mazda to see how the car was working out. Nor did they contact me regarding scheduled maintenance intervals. The only time they contacted me was a couple of years after the purchase and only to ask if I would consider trading the car in on the purchase of a new car.

Ingram Park Mazda, specifically the mystery finance officer, lied to me in order to make a sale and receive his commission. Is it any wonder why car salesmen have the reputation they do?

I have filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General over this matter as well as the Better Business Bureau.

PS: I just got off the phone with the manager of Ingram Park Mazda who stated his dealership's position on this matter. Again, with regards to my bogus extended warranty, they refused to do anything. That's fine. That's their prerogative but to assuage my conscience, I have to do what I have to do.

PPS: Just like a true salesman, the dealership GM tried to sell me a new car just before I hung up. Classic.

PPPS: He also stated that nothing will come of filing complaints and that it won't affect his business. Maybe he is right but I have got to try.

Marco E. | 2014-01-08

This dealership is horrible!!!!! Carl( the finance guy) is shady as hell. He promised me a "certified pre owned" Mazda RX8 but instead, he tacked on a $2700 extended warranty. This would also explain why he wanted me to sign 2 different contracts with 2 different prices. Long story short, I asked multiple times to have them remove it and they continued to give me the run around. I will never use this sorry excuse for a dealership ever again. They could be giving cars away and I still wouldn't take one. If you enjoy being suckered and fast talked into a bad car deal, then this is the dealership for you. Check the paperwork and check it twice. This is the lesson I learned for not using my normal car guy. (Not at IPAC)

Jade M. | 2013-09-12

I took my car here for an oil change and tire rotation - much cheaper than North Park, which is where I bought my vehicle. The waiting room leaves much to be desired: a few chairs, a kids table, fridge with water and television. I didn't have an appointment and was pleased that I only had to wait an hour for the service. Despite the poor waiting room, I definitely will be coming back here for the good prices and friendly staff.

Matthew H. | 2013-08-26

This dealer suck!!! They will bait and switch you! I drove from Austin to this dealership. Because I talk to Amy in the Internet department and was told that they would give me more my trade then anybody in Austin! So when I got there I looked @ the car and I like it. Then when we got to talking numbers the price that was on there website changed and went up by $1000. Then they low balled me on my trade by 3000.00. Here in Austin I had 3 dealer willing to give me why more! This place is a joke don't wast your time!!!!

Mike B. | 2013-05-12

This review is for the service department only.

I've been taking my 2007 Mazda3 to IPAC Mazda for maintenance and repairs for several years now, and I've been generally pleased with the quality and timeliness of their work. I never have difficulty getting an appointment, and they usually manage to find a coupon or some kind of discount to save me a little money.

Once you get on their mailing list, you get all kinds of great coupons in the mail, like $10 oil changes and $1 wiper blades. Everyone who works there is pretty friendly as well.

Getting your car worked on is not much fun, but IPAC Mazda does a good job of getting you taken care of and on your way.

Jeff F. | 2012-11-03

I would like to say thank you and job well done IPAC MAZDA.  We recently traded our son's Jeep Commander in for a 2013 Mazda 3.  My wife did most of the leg work on this trade and was very impressed with how nicely she and my son were treated.  She was very complimentary of the Sales Consultant, Brandon Livingston.  Since my signature was required on some paperwork she said I should have Brandon show me around since we were also thinking of trading my Hummer in.  

Upon my arrival to the dealership i was greeted in the parking lot as i pulled in and directed where to park.  They also escorted me into the building and and had the receptionist page Brandon.  Everyone was very cordial and efficient.  

Brandon arrived and escorted me to Stephen Duff the Finance Manager's office.  Stephen too was very cordial and had all the paperwork ready for me to sign.  

After signing, Brandon showed me around the lot.  He walked me through a variety of makes and models that Mazda had to offer and was very knowledgeable about each accessory that the different models came with.  

Needless to say I was very impressed, relaxed and stress free.  I met Eddie Sanchez the Sales Manager who was very friendly and hoped that when I got ready to trade my Hummer would give them a call.  

Brandon and i set up an appointment to have my Hummer appraised and to start the paperwork for a trade in.  The entire process went very quickly and we soon came to an agreement on price.  I decided on a CX5 Grand Touring with Tech Package in Liquid Silver and as luck would have it my vehicle was on a truck headed to the dealership.  They took my 2006 Hummer off my hands and loaned me a CX5 to drive until mine arrived.  

My CX5 arrived the next day and Brandon walked me through the vehicle explaining how things worked.  He also helped me set up the Nav system, Bluetooth, Radio, and SiriusXM satellite which I got a 4 month free trial.  

Thanks IPAC MAZDA for making me feel like family.

Ashlee R. | 2012-10-25

I would never go here again. Ever. And neither should you!
We came from their sister store off san pedro to see if they could offer a sweeter deal on the new 2013 Mazda we had our eye on. The sales staff was helpful, its the upper management that has the stench of lies and desperation.

I'm no idiot to think dealerships aren't going to try and make the deal as good for them as it is for you, but straight out lying is not the way you should do business. Our paperwork from NP Mazda was copied and given to us with smiles. Ipac refused to allow us a copy of the document they printed up showing the pricing and overall deal they were offering. After further reflection we figured out why. I had taken a picture with my camera phone and noticed they offered us a great deal and discounts but the price was still high. The picture shows them "adjusting" the car trade value of the current Mazda we have to disprove our trust in their sister store.
Basically, NP was offering us 10k for our trade in, but at Ipac they wouldn't even offer us 9k. When we showed them our copy of the paperwork to prove the deal we were allocated at the other store so they could offer to beat it they came back with the paperwork i had to sneak a photo of saying the other store was lying to us and we'd get the best deal through them but they weren't offering to match the trade in value.
When they did agree to up the trade value of our car the price we would pay (what they call the bottom line) didn't go down a penny!
Turns out they'd increase the trade-in value of your car but they'd also increase the owed debt you still have on your car to balance out the difference making the bottom line stay the same. We owed 11k so we were adamant about getting the best trade value we could to keep the difference small as possible. They altered the paperwork to show our trade in would go up, but for every dollar more they offer to give you the price of what you owe on the car went up as well.
I will never go back to this location. We got jerked around and wasted 4 hours of our day here being tossed back and forth between managers who spent the entire time trying to convince us what jerks NP Mazda was. Not very professional. I was not impressed by their underhanded tactics and resorting to treating us like children who don't understand the adult world when we refused to buy in to their theory that everyone else would try to screw us out of money.

Myra Lee W. | 2012-03-16

My review that I sent Ingram Park Mazda:

"Good morning,

I will no longer be needing your services. I stopped by the dealership at the time I scheduled yesterday 2 hours prior to arriving and I was told the vehicle was sold and then it wasn't and then it was. I was very disappointed with the disorganization and knowledge of your staff. I was also annoyed that your salesmen and sales manager did not listen to what my needs were and pestered me to look at other vehicles on the lot. I had to tell him several times that I was not interested in purchasing another vehicle since the one I came for was supposedly sold. I am a military spouse and am preparing for an overseas move and my time is limited. I had already researched a few other vehicles at other dealerships. I did end up purchasing a 2011 Jeep Compass with Mac Haik this morning in Georgetown, TX and it went so smoothly. I would recommend that if the vehicle is sold, a courtesy phone call would be nice. Also, the vehicle is still listed on your site...the old "bait and switch" possibly?"

Oh and the vehicle (2010 Black Ford Escape with 16k) is still listed, which I am pretty sure is illegal and will be reporting them to BBB.

Kent C. | 2011-08-16

After speaking with the salesman and manager, we drove to the bank for a cashiers check to buy my daughter a new car.  When we arrived we drove the car and handed the check to the salesman who informed us the price had gone up almost $600 fduring the 90 minutes it took us to drive there!!!!

Any positive reviews on this site must have been paid by them to be written. Of 10 reviews over the last 2 years prior to this batch 7 gave a 1 star rating and 2 gave 2 stars. Avoid these conmen and liars or get ripped off. Worst dealership in SA.

Ricardo B. | 2011-08-10

went to get my car serviced. Staff is obsolutely friendly. Even when walking around everyone says hi. Btw the buying process was a success too,easy transaction.

Abie L. | 2011-02-11

Bought a car here the other day.  Josh gave wonderful service!!!
Make sure you have them check ur tire pressure before you leave.  A different guy from the dealer told us the light is on because of the cold weather.  2 days later i checked on it and spent $3.00 at heb to put air in the tires.  Just my adventure!

Melinda F. | 2009-09-03

I bought a new car at IPAC Mazda yesterday and could not wait to get onto Yelp and tell everyone about my awesome experience.  First of all, a little background on me.  I have never ever bought a car before, never looked on a new car lot, never had the first-hand experience of dealing with car pretty much new to the whole thing.  I took my husband and his friend (self-proclaimed best haggler) to help me so that I wouldn't get taken advantage of.  We met the salesman, David Martinez, on the lot.  He was soo nice and told us to just look around and let him know if we had any questions.  After we told him what we were looking for he drove us to the back of the lot to look at more options.  He was so patient, answered all my questions knowledgably, and was not pushy at all.  Once I had made up my mind, we went inside and talked about financing.  Again, he was not pushy and told me that he would rather I be happy with my purchase and refer him, than he make a huge sale and I be angry and tell everyone.  Good logic.  We worked out a sweet deal.  I am so happy with my purchase and the whole experience was so easy and not at all what I expected.  We found out that IPAC Mazda is the #3 best Mazda dealership in the country (based on customer satisfaction, sales, etc.)   No surprises there.