Gunn Nissan in San Antonio, TX

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Gunn pioneered the One Simple Price selling philosophy in Texas. It's one easy way to buy a vehicle. One Simple Price means no fine print. No hassles. We give everyone the same, low price in writing, and our professional sales consultants are paid a salary, not a commission. All of our vehicles include a 48-hour "No Questions Asked" return policy, and many of our previously owned vehicles come roadside assistance and a 3-month/3,000 mil basic powertrain and air-conditioner warranty.


Established in 1957.

Pioneers of the One Price Selling philosophy in Texas, Gunn Infiniti is part of the Gunn Automotive Group of dealerships - founded by C.C. "Pop" Gunn in 1957, Gunn is ranked as the #1 Private employer in the City, and a top 100 auto dealers in the U.S.

Gunn Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 496-0806
Address:750 NE Lp 410, San Antonio, TX, 78209
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Gunn Nissan

Irma V. | 2015-04-25

Let me preface this by saying that I love negotiating. Seriously, I never thought I'd buy a car without haggling the price down. However, I didn't have to do that here since they gave me the most for my trade (had 4 different car dealerships appraise it) and gave me a hell of a deal on a Nissan Rogue. The general manager, Derek, was not afraid to get his hands dirty and personally walk the lot with me. He understood my budget and made it work, which I loved! I have been to "one simple price" dealerships before and hated the experience, but I am a huge fan of Gunn Nissan! My salesperson who worked along side Derek was Christian M, who also surpassed my expectations. He was knowledgeable about the product but wasn't afraid to ask someone else when he wasn't 100% sure of the answer, which I loved! I never felt pressured and I got a great deal! What's not to love?

daniel h. | 2014-08-31

I don't like to haggle so I figured I would give this place a try.  I picked my car and the salesman that helped me was great.  Everything was going smooth until I went to the finance guy to sign the paperwork.  I have no idea what this guy was on but he kept trying to sell me some kind of maintenance package.  I told him I don't take my car to the dealer I usually go to the local auto mechanic down the street.  The finance guy would not let it go and he kept me in his office for 20 minutes still trying to sell me a maintenance package so I had enough and I left the dealership.

I should have stayed away but I decided to go back because I really wanted the car.  I made sure a different finance guy handled my paperwork and I left with my car.  I purchased the Nissan Rogue in 2011 and I have taken it back three times for major repairs.  I had to have the transmission replaced, yes the transmission, and I had to have some faulty oil gaskets replaced.  Just to be clear, I purchased a new car not a used car and it only has 50k miles on it.

On one of the trips to this dealer they damaged my car so I had to wait an extra week for them to fix my car.  On another trip to this dealer they fixed my car but when I returned to pick it up they gave me the car without an ounce of gas in it.  When I dropped off the car the tank was half-full.  I really felt a lack of customer service which was very surprising.  

You live and you learn.

J J. | 2014-05-14


OK, so I get it. If you don't like to negotiate, maybe this is your special place. But I do my research and don't mind haggling a little, so it's probably not a good fit for me. But that's not why I rated it so low.

I had been corresponding with Salesman #1  (who I had emailed earlier in the day w/no reply). He wasn't there when I came into the dealership, so I got a random guy, Salesman #2. Unfortunately, he was an amateur and I'm a very saavy shopper so it was an instant mismatch. But SM2 was nice enough. Showed me some options for new and used Jukes and then we talked to the financing guy. They told me they'd be in touch about rates--I came in towards the end of the day Saturday so maybe they couldn't give me rates right away.

No follow-up for several days. Then I get a canned email from SM1 wondering if after our discussion I had made a decision. Huh? I didn't even meet this guy--I think he had me confused with someone else.  Great personalized service, guys.

Then a couple of days later I get a follow up from SM2. I told him I still hadn't heard anything from his finance department. Then he called back and wanted me to come in again for the interest rate conversation. Sorry, no. I've now waited a week. I'm not coming in again, just have your finance department call me.

But they didn't. They sent SM2 back to the phone. He called back awhile later with a monthly payment and when I asked what the terms were, he said he didn't know. Seriously, WTF.

Game over, Gunn. Game over.

Jerry R. | 2014-05-13

Took new car in for first scheduled service (oil change).  They have an express lane for that type of service, which is odd, because I found the wait (over an hour) to be not very express-ey.  But the first oil change was free, so I guess there are worse ways to spend a saturday morning.  I managed to run into the salesman who sold us the car.  He remembered me and the car he sold me.  He asked me how I was liking it.  I told him it was great, and I've been really satisfied with it.  Overall it was good experience, but I found the wait time to be unreasonably long.  I would have waited the same amount of time at a shop that is much closer to home.  The only reason I went to back to Gunn was they offered a free oil change.

Jenn B. | 2014-04-07

I have bought 5 cars from Gunn; the last 3 were from Gunn Nissan.  Every single time, it is a pain-free, pressure free process.  Because the sales people are not paid on commission, they are more invested in making the customer happy than making the next sale.  John Alvarez has been the salesperson I have worked with for my last three auto purchases, and he is always knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful.

The other thing I love about Gunn Nissan is the customer experiences I have had after I purchased the car.  Any time I need to get the oil changed or get maintenance done on my vehicle, I have had a positive experience.  They get me in and out pretty quickly, and they also provide nice amenities for their customers while you are waiting.  One Saturday morning, they had a massage therapist giving complementary chair massages to waiting customers. What a great perk!

Natalie M. | 2013-09-22

I had always loved Gunn Nissan but recently found out how you're really treated if you're not a paying customer. My husband & I have bought 5 vehicles from different Gunn dealerships, 3 which were from Gunn Nissan. To make a long story short we traded our Titan & were having trouble getting our service warranty refunded. We decided to go to the dealership to see if they could assist us. We were basically told b/c we weren't purchasing a vehicle the finance dept would continue to bump us until they had time. Then we were told to just come back during the week.  
Amazing.  We left so mad & frustrated that we couldn't get anyone to help us. I had to go back during the week on my lunch hour.  And the worst part of it? When I finally did get someone to help me, it took LITERALLY 5 mins to fill out the form.
So needless to say I will not be returning to Gunn Nissan for any future purchases. And I warn everyone else, don't expect anything from them after you sign your contract.

Maribel R. | 2013-01-06

I recently bought my first car here and the salesmen were beyond nice and helpful. They run on salary and not commission so there is zero pressure or haggle techniques. The prices are very reasonable and you can check the Kelly Blue Book to verify the deal. Overall the service Sold the car :)

**Update: Went in for an oil change at their new location off of Broadway and I have to say they seemed a bit disorganized. I could see my car sitting out there but no one would give me information on whether it was ready or not (this was after about an hour wait). 15 mins later, I had to flag someone down to get me my car, which had already been checked but was just sitting there with no one being able to get me the keys.   Still glad about my purchase and service when purchasing but have since then started getting my oil changed at a different location.

Codey M. | 2012-08-27


Worked with a guy named Phillip, who made a terrible situation much more bearable. The transmission went out in my 2008 Nissan Rogue while in the hill country on vacation with our newborn. We were going up and down hills with steep drop-offs, and luckily were able make our turn just before it totally died. It is under warranty (apparently this is happening a lot with the Rogue transmissions and the warranty was extended) and I had to get it towed to the closest Nissan dealer - Gunn. My experience was positive. Great communication, easy to get a hold of, and quick turnaround. The car arrived on a Friday afternoon, and the transmission was ordered, shipped, and installed within three days. They even drove the car down to their collission shop to repair my bumper when they were done (another review, not nearly as pleasant). All in all, much better service than you would expect from a dealer service shop.

Claudia C. | 2012-06-02

I've been dealing w Gunn Nissan for years.  My favorite salesperson is Frank Wallace.  He has not only helped me get a great car but also my girlfriend, her parents and a few other friends.  Yes, they do have a referral program but that's not why I recommend them.  Nissan makes some pretty good cars & the service dept always gets me in 'n out at a reasonable time.  I go here for all my oil changes etc.  Next time you're out shopping for a car call Frank to get the best deal.

C M. | 2011-08-03

Just your average run of the mill stealership. I was ready to buy and the sales guy never called me back.  He must not like money.  Oh well I got a great deal elsewhere.

Mike B. | 2011-07-23

My wife and I were looking to purchase a new 2011 270Z and searched the internet for different models.  I was surprised to find that most dealerships did not have any 270Zs on their lots, but saw that the Gunn Nissan in San Antonio had three in stock and one of them was the color and had options we were looking for.  I called the dealership and spoke with a salesperson who informed me that they did indeed have three on hand and gave me the prices.  I informed him that we would be coming from Pflugerville, TX which is a two hour drive to come look at and test drive the silver 370Z Touring.  When we arrived at the dealership we met with the salesperson and asked to see the 2011 silver 370Z Touring model we were interested in.  We waited for approximately 30 minutes while people attempted to locate the vehicle.  Eventually we were informed that someone from the corporate office had checked the vehicle out and it would not be back until Monday with approximately 250 miles on it.  

Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. There was another model that was white in color that we might have been interested in so we asked to see it and were told that it too was not on the premises and they did not know when it would be back.  The only 370Z on the lot was in the gun metallic color with the sporting package; I asked if we would be able to get some sort of price break on that model since we had just driven two hours to come look at a car we were told was on the lot and it was not.  We had a vehicle to trade in and $10,000 to put down on a new car.  We were informed that the company does not negotiate and all prices were firm so the price marked would stand despite the situation. This was indirectly told to us by a sales manager. She did not come over to speak with us; the salesperson went to her and informed us what she said.  We then asked to speak to the most senior level of management at the dealership to see if at the least we could be reimbursed for the half of a tank of gas it was going to cost us for our wasted round trip from our home in Pflugerville, not to mention the wasted day.  The salesperson went and spoke with the main manager and he told the salesperson there was nothing they could do.  In neither situation did either one of the managers even come speak to us in person to at least apologize for the major inconvenience this caused. I could not believe this and we left the dealership and drove back home; this dealership lost a guaranteed sale today by not telling us the car was not there before we made our trip.  The salesperson apologized to us and even offered us gas money out of his own wallet, but I did not accept it as his managers should have had the decency to take care of us in some manner or at least come speak to us.

DO NOT shop at this dealership!!!

Ron M. | 2011-04-25

They advertise "one price," but they sneak it back to you later.  I was on the phone with my checkbook in my hand, literally, and could NOT get a specific payment amount on a new car. They had run the credit check, and had the exact selling price, interest rate, down payment, etc.

As you know, with "payment calculators" all over the internet, you can calculate an exact payment in about 2 seconds.  They said payments would be "295-305." I said, "no, the payment will be 282.40." Then they came back and said, "oh, you're right, the payments would be 285-295." Despite repeated attempts, they REFUSED to give me an exact payment, even after I asked directly for it (I knew what it was, I had it right in front of me, I just needed to hear it from them).

It's a common practice among car dealers to split payments and interest rates, particularly with "in house" lenders.

For example: say you agree to a $325 monthly payment @ 4.75% interest. In reality, it's 4.5%. The other .25% of that interest is slipped back to the dealer.  This is another way you can THINK they're taking some off the price, when they really aren't - they're just quietly inserting it into the payment. The "selling price" is just one of MANY MANY places in a deal where they can fiddle with the numbers. I'm not saying this is what Gunn does, but it sure smelled like it.  Having all the numbers and still being unable to give you an exact payment is a major, MAJOR red flag. As always, Caveat Emptor.

Linda L. | 2011-04-06

this is the worst possible dealership ever! the staff is nice and eager to help when you are looking to buy a car. However, after you buy the car they want nothing to do with you. We were promised that they would mail us the paper work within the day but whenever we would call back to check on whether they had mailed it or not they would say they will call us back. In which they never did. Frustrated and upset I drove all the way back up to San Antonio from Austin to ask for the paper work myself. Customer service had a horrible attitude and horrible service. The manager (Rick) himself was rude and unhelpful. I advise you to go buy your car else where unless you want to be treated as an unvalued customer.

Dolph M. | 2009-08-25

If you want a car they have on the lot, you're on easy street: 5 stars.
If you'd like them to find you a car from elsewhere, they'll give you the runaround: 0 stars.

SERVICE (a.k.a. Cash Cow Dept.)
They charge something like $175/hr for labor on a basic service: 0 stars.