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Honda Dealership - New, Certified Hond, and Previously Owned Vehicles. Honda Parts and Service.


Established in 1957.

Pioneers of the One Price Selling philosophy in Texas, Gunn Infiniti is part of the Gunn Automotive Group of dealerships - founded by C.C. "Pop" Gunn in 1957, Gunn is ranked as the #1 Private employer in the City by the San Antonio Express-News (11/11). Gunn pioneered the One Simple Price selling philosophy in Texas. It's one easy way to buy a vehicle. One Simple Price means no fine print. No hassles. We give everyone the same, low price in writing, and our professional sales consultants are paid a salary, not a commission. All of our vehicles include a 48-hour "No Questions Asked" return policy (vehicle does have to be in undamaged condition, etc.; ask your sales consultant for details), and many of our previously owned vehicles come with roadside assistance and a 3-month/3,000 mile basic powertrain and air-conditioner warranty.

Gunn Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 680-3371
Address:14610 IH 10 W, San Antonio, TX, 78249
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Gunn Honda

Sammie D. | 2015-04-23

Update: After my original review (see below), a manager, Vince, came to find out about the situation and contacted me. Vince apologized for what happened with Chris and said he understood why the whole situation seemed shady to me. Vince told me that they as a dealership would honor the mistake, and he offered to give me the lower price I was quoted and told me I could work with a different sales rep for the remainder of my dealings with Gunn Honda. Vince's customer service was top notch and I appreciate him doing what needed to be done to make it right.

Original Review: I had hoped we were past the days of car dealerships using despicable sales practices, but apparently not. I had been working with Chris, an online sales rep, for several days regarding the price of a new car. I asked Chris for the total drive off price for the vehicle, and he sent me a very nice write up of all the charges, and it included a $1,000 online sales discount. Score! What a great price for the vehicle. I asked Chris about next steps and he asked me to complete an online credit check. No problem. After completing the credit check, I asked Chris to confirm the price before I drove an hour and fifteen minutes to their dealership. Lo and behold, Chris wanted to apologize because the $1,000 discount was a "mistake." But wait! Lucky me! There was still "good news" because the price had dropped $100 at least! Wow. I'm sure the hope was for me to show up for the vehicle and push me into buying it anyways after taking the time to drive all the way there. Not sure if he only uses the ol' bait and switch on his female customers, or if it's equal treatment for everyone, but at either rate I completely wasted my time. Even if Chris had somehow actually made such a huge blunder on accident, why in the hell would I work with a sales rep who has no idea what he is doing? Save your money and go to a Honda dealership with less shady sales practices.

Monica G. | 2015-04-08

I'm a student and I have a very limited income. However, when my car was totaled, I knew I wanted a Honda because I've heard of how long they last so I felt totally okay with buying a used car.

Although Gunn's claim to fame is that they're better because you don't haggle, that doesn't necessarily mean car shopping is a comfortable experience here. I drove up and four salespeople were waiting like vultures for me to get out of my car. I know it's their job, but it was skeezy from the second I got there.

I was lucky enough to have Danny as my salesman. The first thing he said was "what do all the salespeople say when you get to the dealership?" Not knowing, I said "how are you?" He said "No - they ask what your credit is like." That conversation had NOT happened at any of the dealerships I had previously visited. He continues to talk over me, make assumptions about what I'm wanting, and kept insisting that I tell him what my loan amount was. I was approved for a loan but wanted to buy a car in full if possible. When it becomes obvious I'm not going to spend $15-20,000 on a car, he suggests we go inside to take a look at their online inventory.

He was very rude, made me feel ignorant, and was very pushy. I test drove one car and needed time to think about it. He kept saying I could bring it back in three days if I decided I didn't like it. I understand how that could be a benefit, but buying a car is a pretty big deal and I don't want to go through the hassle of RETURNING a car that I was ambivalent about in the first place. When it became obvious that I wasn't buying anything that day, he tried one last time to sell me with their special promotion, which was a $500 gift card to Best Buy, telling me that I could impress my boyfriend with a new X Box or something like that. Yeah, cause that's what I look for in a car - how to impress the person that already likes me with material goods.

Overall, I ended up buying a car from another dealership. When I do have to buy a new Honda, I don't think I'll come here and suggest that you don't either.

Rick C. | 2015-04-01

Bad all around.

Went to look at a new accord. Salesman Adrian was nice and knowledgable about the car.

While we walked back into the dealership Adrian saw a repeat customer which got him excited. I thought it was somewhat rude of him to say that.

When I went in to start the paperwork that's when it got bad.

They took my keys to my trade in to get it appraised. They came back and gave me the keys along with a lowball offer for my trade in.  Ridiculously low.

Then I was told to wait for the finance department. No one ever came out. I waited for about 30 minutes. Mind you this was during a weekday when they weren't really busy so there was no excuse for it.

I got sick of waiting so I got up and left. But here's the kicker. They actually hid my trade in!  I was walking all around the huge dealership looking for my trade in.

After finally locating my trade in I left without saying goodbye.

Crystal S. | 2015-03-31

I've shopped at other Honda dealers in SA and Gunn has broken the mold! No one else should be able to sell Hondas here in San Antonio in my opinion! My salesman, Matthew, was so intuitive and made sure all of my needs were met. I didn't have to settle, as I got everything I wanted in my new Accord AND they were extremely fair on my trades. Their One Simple Price was $4,000 less than the price I actually had to negotiate at Benson Honda. My experience was a pleasant one; how many can truthfully say that about the car buying process?? Save your time, money and energy! Just go to GUNN!!!

Lee D. | 2015-03-08

Bought a Honda Odyssey in 2004.  The salesperson was very nice and knowledgable but at closing the sales staff passed us off to I guess the warranty people had a horrible time explaining no thanks.  It was like I was ripping them off very abusive.  Over the next couple of years had to take to only Honda dealer ship from expensive tires to oil changes.  Every time I took it to service for a check up before a long trip they  always said something important needs to be done $$$$.  Finally at 60k mile they wanted another 2.5 k fix just to pass inspection ( total bs) I said let's sell it.  Service department are horrible!!!! So glad to be in ford.  Please check my other posts I don't crap on anybody this is first, I really felt they were taking advantage of us. Read the other Gunn posts about "up charging" before doing business.

Kay J. | 2015-02-23

We just purchased a new Honda Pilot at Gunn Honda and could not be happier with the excellent, professional service!  Bernie, our salesmen, was so helpful and thorough, explaining everything in great detail. His demeanor was kind and honest, like a family member; not once did we feel duped. I love the fact that we got a full tour of the facility, including the impressive service department.  I will also be taking advantage of the back massages while getting my oil changed

Ivona S. | 2015-02-11

Best service and they even shuttled me to my job in the morning, The man was so nice!!!!

Anna R. | 2015-01-21

What I absolutely love to report is when a company makes a mistake and then makes it right ~ Gunn Honda did this for me. Grab a snack this is a long one but worth your time!

Originally when I received a call from my Honda salesman in mid-NOV 2014, I told him that I was ready to upgrade to a luxury convertible and that I would not be purchasing a Honda. Great salesman  (unfortunately no longer with Honda); found my Mercedes-Benz convertible on their used car lot. Easy sales process - great experience; great offer on my used Honda-easy transaction. Finance officer another easy trade and purchase-no financing.

However, the finance officer dropped the ball; advised me that I was going to get $1.000-$1,300.00 back on my service agreement, prorate was mentioned. 6 to 12 week turn around....mid-JAN no check. Not so true....

Both remotes for my car stopped working - "great, still under the 3/3 policy."

Took car in for batteries and asked about my check rebate at reception area; not so great experience. It did not help that I did not remember my sales guys name. What a relief when Casey overheard my dilemma and offered to help me. This clearly took him away from his sales opportunities that afternoon! He took me to the assistant finance officer. Took both sets of keys to see if he could help with key batteries. I also mentioned that steering pulled to the right.

She made a phone call to try and locate my extended service agreement; "Did she just tell the person on the line that my name was Nancy?" "Was she looking at my policy?" Nope, my car had sold, and she had no clue who I had just told her I was. She mentioned that I was past the 30 day period and was not guaranteed my money back and that it would be under managers discretion and possibly his  managers discretion. STOP! Manager PLEASE!!!!!!

In the office of Tim Rivers by my request. Not the best service initially, but we started over and I was listened to....finally a start to a resolution....He resolved my check issue, should receive it in the mail tomorrow, (not the amount I was advise) but thank you! Batteries were replaced! Car was serviced at Mercedes-Benz and certified, rental car was provided (this was offered to me) I got my car back and I was extremely pleased with the attention and professionalism extended by Casey! What an asset to your team, "why, you ask?" Because he never made a negative comment, he listened and his service was genuine! Thank you Gunn Honda!

Muna N. | 2015-01-19

Gunn Honda was the best auto purchase experience I've ever had. The staff is straight forward and respects your decisions. I would recommend this place to anyone in the market for Honda or Used Car!

Paul William O. | 2015-01-09

Outstanding place to get a Honda. My wife and I just purchased one of their certified a pre-owned vehicle yesterday. The best part of the deal was not having to feel any pressure from both the sales and finance guy.

Byron got us the car that we want. Frank was able to beat our rate from USAA. It was my easiest most painless experience in car buying. Will definitely recommend this place and definitely will buy here again. We were very impressed.

Betsy C. | 2014-12-28

I live outside of Austin, but decided to try Gunn after going to the local Austin "No Haggle Dealership."  In Austin I was offered horrible terms and not a great trade in price!  My experience at Gunn was wonderful! I never felt manipulated or sleazy!  They offered me $1000 more on my trade in, and gave me great terms and a great price on a used Accord, The whole experience restored my hope in buying a car!  I love my new car and will never deal with another dealership again!  Kirit was  my sales guy!  Everyone from the finance director  to the F and I person were so nice and so real!  Thanks Gunn!

John B. | 2014-12-22

Sales department:
Bought our van here, very happy with the transaction, no dealin and wheelin, what you see on the price tag is what you will pay for. We traded in our old car and was surprised on the value they gave us, it was 2k above blue book value dealer trade in price!  Our sales guy is Derek, very professional and understanding!

Service department:
Like other dealers, they will charge you an arm and a leg for "genuine" parts and labor but if you dont know anything about cars you better take it to the dealership... for services like engine and cabin filters, i suggest you do it yourself.
In this dealership, they have free coffee, water and crispy creme while you wait, nice waiting room and clean facilities.

I gave this dealership a 4 because i am still bitter of the price of the scheduled maintenance i have to pay today, lol...

Overall, this dealership is topnotch!!!  I will do business with them again!!

John D. | 2014-12-08

Outstanding service once again! My 4th Honda purchased from Gunn! Michael Yaseen my salesperson listened to what I wanted, didn't waste any time working thru the process and was flexible as I didn't have much time! He was very attentive. Cameron the finance guy, made it easy and acknowledged my car buying experience and expired the process.
It's the reason I keep going back to Gunn!

Benjamin C. | 2014-11-11

The sales side of this dealership is awesome.  I have had several good experiences with them especially Al Cantu.  Super friendly and helpful.  On the other hand the service department sucks.  You have a certain person you need to see and don't show up without an appointment even for an oil change and they want you to drop off not wait because they take forever.  I have probably had five or more services in two years on my vehicle.  Never had anyone greet me when I pull into the service drive.  I actually stand inside where the advisors are just to see if any acknowledge me and always same thing happens.  I need to see "so and so" he's my "team" advisor.  I was actually given attitude my first service because I didn't have an appointment for an oil change.  Seriously?  Why do I need one?  While I was there today I saw the "quick lane" guy watching movies on his phone and didn't take a single car in while I was there 3 hours.  Last service I made a 10AM appointment but they didn't start until after lunch.  I really should have stuck to Toyota.  The van we bought is better than Toyota but every time I have go get maintenance done makes me hate this vehicle.  I have complained to the service department and it got me nowhere.  Good dealership before and during sales but horrible in maintaining.

R L. | 2014-11-06

Buying a car from Gunn was a great, straight and no stress experience!!!

I can't  decide about the service department yet. I was there twice, the first oil change was around $60 (maintenance A), the second time was almost $170!!! (maintenance B) which I thought was a little too much for a barely one year old Civic. So I'll wait and see what happens.

Kim G. | 2014-10-20

I was so disappointed I will not be able to return here. I purchased my car here and was promised great service but Gunn did not live up to this promise. I brought my less than 1 year old honda odyssey in because it needed an oil change and I asked them to check the tires as they kept going lie. They reported a pucture in one tire and sold me a new one they installed. Almost 2 weeks later I have a flat in the other tire (coincidence)? I asked them to check, late at night of course. I put the spare on and bring it in. They change the tire for me and return the spare but do not replace the floor board that covers the spare, the jack or tire changing tool kit. The covers that screw onto the tire air valves are MIA. What sloppy workmanship! Very disappointing.

Kyle R. | 2014-10-15

I recently came here to service my vehicle. Phillip was my service adviser, and I appreciate his hard work to ensure my experience was the very best. When I expressed concerns, the service team was extremely responsive. Service was quick, and the facility is in great shape. Thank you all for going the extra mile this week. I look forward to coming back to Gunn.

Jess D. | 2014-10-12

Friendly people and got a good deal on a trade-in.  They are the largest Honda dealer in Texas. You won't be disappointed.  Sales guy was Eric Garza. Highly recommend you give him a call.

Penny L. | 2014-09-02

We found the staff and salesman to be very nice and accommodating. We shopped for our car using the USAA car buying service
"Auto circle" and requested a callback. The salesman "brent" called us back with 10 lminutes and had the vehicle pulled up front so we'd be able to see it as soon as we arrived.

We came on Labor Day and it was crazy packed so the whole process took about 3 hours, but I've been through a lot worse at a dealership.

None of the employees, financiers, and salesman seemed at all sleazy. Everyone seemed honest and nice. They have one price and do not haggle. We brought a late model high mileage vehicle in to trade and were very happy with the offer they made. It was higher than we quoted on KBB ourselves.

Sarah J. | 2014-08-12

Not buying, selling, but they offered me a great price for my vehicle and the customer service was very professional. The sale was quick, painless, and as paperless as possible. My parents have purchased 3 vehicles here and continue to return. Great job Gunn, because they are not easy to please! (Just kidding mom!)

When I was looking at a vehicle they were selling, even though it was actually a Ford, the salesman offered to pick it up from another location so I could see it instead of making the drive myself. Thank you Mr. Chris Santos for the offer, and I almost regret we actually found exactly the car we were looking for somewhere else. Had that not been the case, I'm sure we would have purchased at Gunn, but no worries because rest assured we will in the near future when my son-in-law needs his vehicle!

I would drive across town to go to this Honda over any other location.

Rating system:
5 stars = I'll drive across town specifically for this, and rave to all my friends about it!
4 stars = Would return and recommend.
3 stars = Indifferent, average, acceptable.
2 stars = You could drag me here unwilling.
1 star = I will not be returning.

ContraBandit S. | 2014-07-31

Holy crap slowest oil change ever. This place loves to up charge and over charge. The honda dealership on the other side of town is not only faster, but has better pricing. Seriously. Three hours for an oil change with 3 people in front? An oil change takes nowhere near an hour... even with fluid checks/filter change etc. I mean, come on, it's not like I brought in a car that wasn't a Honda. No excuse for how long basic maintenance takes here. If they need more help, hire more help for easy maintenence like oil change/tire check/etc...they clearly have enough sales/phone jockeys. Enough to notice them visibly "surfing the internet".

That being said, I was promptly helped and everyone who I interacted with was ok and able to answer my questions on service.

I honestly can't get over how long it takes for SIMPLE UPKEEP! If I wasn't worried about my warranty being voided,  I would change the oil myself in 20 minutes and save the time, sanity, and king's ransom they charge.

Wayne G. | 2014-07-22

This place is so bad if I could've given ZERO stars I would have.

I was walking around the showroom floor for maybe 15 minutes asking for someone to help me, they kept passing me around from person to person. Then was told to have a seat and someone will be right with me. 20 minutes later I ask again and they give me be same response.

Needless to say, I left and they tried to stop me on the way out as in 'we finally have time for you kid'


Ashu K. | 2014-07-01

We worked with Denise Jones (internet sales @ Gunn Honda). Best experience ever. This is a gem of a dealership. Friendly, best price, acomodating, listen to the customer. They truly seem to believe that customer is #1. We purchased a 2014 Honda Accord EX Sedan from Gunn. Denise answered all our questions and showed us other "trim levels" since we were having some doubts regarding EX vs EX-L. Also we got a very reasonable trade-in value for our car. New car price was independent of our trade-in price. Financing people were also very professional and to the point. We got the 0.9% Honda financing. Overall I would give them an A+.

Jason M. | 2014-05-29

Very pleasant to work with.  Christopher Santos went above and beyond including delivering my car to me.  He also did what he said and followed through. The 2nd set of keys was missing on the day I purchased my Civic and he told me they'd mail them.  After a couple of weeks, I really didn't expect to see them.  They showed up and he's followed up since.   If other salespeople and service members have similar attitudes, they are well served.

Wayne J. | 2014-05-02

We have always had great service and sales service with Gunn.  Chris Santos took care of us on our last purchase.  He is super knowledgeable about all of Honda's products and Gunn's services.  Austin French took care of us in the finance department again and got us a great deal.  They took our CRV in trade and we received high market value for it. I was very impressed.

Shaz B. | 2014-04-23

This won't be one of my long, comprehensive reviews, because I don't have very many things to say about this place except for the following:

1) The low rating is actually due to how you are treated once they learn you are deciding to go with another car at another dealership. Hey, that's all good to me, especially since I don't expect them to waste their time on someone not buying from them. BUT, I had texted and called the salesperson to ask him a few questions about my credit application, and he didn't respond. Then, I get a credit alert letting me know that I just received FOUR hard inquiries on my credit report. What? FOUR?! I immediately contacted the salesperson, who didn't think to respond regarding something so important, so... Yes. This will be handled in other ways.

2) I'll give credit where it's due - when they know you want to buy a vehicle, they genuinely try to help you out. They don't haggle AT ALL, and don't want to budge on any numbers, which is alright, but... They're nice when they think you want to buy from them. Also, these guys don't work on commission, rather have an actual salary, which helps from all the pushy salespeople acts.

Sorry, but not wasting my time here again, or theirs, for that matter.

Jamie H. | 2014-04-16

Had an awesome car buying experience yesterday at Gunn Honda.  How refreshing to discover a dealership that doesn't play games.  I love the way they do business there and would highly recommend it to anyone in the central Texas area.  It was worth the trip from Austin for me because not only did they have the best asking price, but they also had another discount going the day I came down which allowed me to get the car I wanted at an unheard of price, not to even mention a 0.9% interest rate.  I will definitely do business with them again.

Sean M. | 2014-03-26

I looked everywhere in Texas for a 2012 Honda Accord, determined to get the best price. Roger Munt explained Gunn's one simple price as competitive, and he wasn't kidding. Refreshing to know there is a dealership where you don't have to haggle in order to get the best price. I was impressed by their customer service - very professional and never once did I feel uncomfortable with the process. Since this was my first car purchase, Roger was very generous with his time answering all of my questions. He went out of his way to meet all of my expectations and ensure I was satisfied with my purchase. Gunn also made a very generous offer on my trade-in which sealed the deal. I highly recommend you visit them and ask for Roger. This is my second Honda...I drove my first accord up to 212,000 miles with no major maintenance issues. Very reliable cars. Roger and Gunn Honda have earned my business.

Jason S. | 2014-03-04

My wife and I were driving through San Antonio on my way to Houston when we decided to stop and take a look at Honda Odysseys at Gunn. We ended up buying one, and the salesman assured us we'd receive our Texas license plates via mail. More than two months have passed, and I'm still driving around with expired dealer plates on my vehicle. I've made repeated calls to Gunn in an effort to rectify the issue, but they are not responsive. Poor customer service is not enough to offset the minor savings you get from shopping with Gunn.

Karen M. | 2014-02-10

We just purchased our sixth car ('13 Certified Used Honda Odyssey) from Gunn Honda. The first one was in 2006 and we have been exceedingly happy every time.

Nikki I. | 2014-01-30

This one will be a tad bit lengthy.

So originally my attention was called to my reverse lights by a friend because both my lights would not come on even while I was in reverse. I originally took this to Auto Zone because I thought my bulbs were just out. The man at Auto Zone checked it and he said my bulbs were fine so he told me to take it to this body shop that was next door to it. The people at this shop took a look at it and they told me it was my Reverse switch that was out. Now with me I've never taken my car to this shop before so I was a little worried about what they were telling me and making sure that this the actual problem with my car. So I get the idea to call Gunn Honda and I talked to a person from the service department and from the parts department. I asked both men if they have ever heard of a Reserve switch on a Honda Civic Coupe, both men repeatedly told me that I did not have a reverse switch and that I should just bring my car into them to get looked at. The auto body shop wanted to charge me 150 to fix my reverse switch but since Honda told me I didn't have one of these I did not take it to them. Two days later I get to my appointment with Gunn Honda and a man named Parish told me that just to diagnose my car it would be 108 but this would also go towards the problem if something was wrong. After waiting for two hours for my car to be looked at he comes back with "Your reverse switch is out" Immediately I got mad because when i originally called Gunn Honda and I was told by two associates that I did not have a reverse switch. I am not being charge a fee of 108 right off the bat and an extra 112 which totals up to 220 dollars. Then I spoke to Parish about this and immediately he caught an attitude with me. Honestly I will never bring my car here AGAIN despite the fact this is a 5 minute drive from my house.

K K. | 2014-01-24

Nice selection of used cars, but overpriced and unwilling to negotiate.  They weren't willing to budge on price of a vehicle we were interested in.  It was priced $3k over dealer retail value as appraised on nada, kbb, and edmunds.

A dealer that has a product you want, but is not willing to negotiate is not a dealer.  That model is a retail store, or vending machine.  So I'm a little baffled why Gunn Honda has salespeople at all... wouldn't a cashier/checker be more appropriate?

Brent was nice enough, though.

We purchased vehicle elsewhere.

Brianna N. | 2014-01-17

Most of my reviews are lengthy and verbose. This one can be neatly summarized, straight and to the point- just like my experience there. I glanced over their existing reviews and they echo my exact experience. This place is WONDERFUL.

My husband and I found ourselves in a bind, needing to replace two used cars with, what we intended to buy, a newer used car. We searched all over Austin, where we live, and couldn't find "it." We couldn't figure out exactly what car fit our needs, we didn't find any exceptional salespeople to help us figure that out and we couldn't find any dealerships that impressed us or even stuck out in our minds. In a time crunch, we drove to San Antonio. I found a used car on their website I was pretty confident would be "fine." At that point, I didn't care what we purchased as long as my husband loved it, it was safe and it had better gas mileage than most of what we'd looked into.

When I contacted the dealership I spoke to Tony, who I later found out was the general manager. (I know this because he personally came to *thank us* when we decided to officially buy.) He had an AWESOME sales associate, JD De La Rosa call me immediately. JD called me in the car wash- he was taking the used car I inquired about THROUGH the car wash, anticipating my interest. I was shocked and impressed. He spoke to me like a friend. He honestly made me feel so comfortable and laid back. There was none of the sales jargin/fingernails on a chalkboard sales banter. I decided then and there the trip out there would be worth it.

That evening we exchanged a few texts and phone calls (and emails) answering the umpteen questions I had. The following morning, he called to tell us to drive safe and said he looked forward to meeting us. We showed up an hour late (thank you traffic) and he was just as delighted to see us as he seemed to be over the phone.

To summarize a relatively quick buying experience, we spent DOUBLE what our initial price range was on a BRAND NEW car. We *wanted* to spend more because he helped build so much value in what we were purchasing. I especially wanted to buy from him because he never lost patience with us. Car after car I was learning what it was I was looking for exactly. I didn't arrive there knowing that. When we finally got into the car we drove home in, we got that "ah-ha!" moment I was convinced we wouldn't find.

JD established SO much trust in us with Gunn Honda, as well as the incredibly friendly sales associates who walk around making actual conversation and smiling at customers, that we chose to buy an extra warranty because we believe in their follow through. Though we live in Austin, I'd love to drive my super amazing, wonderful car to their equally amazing service department just because the environment is so authentic and so nice. I'd love to see JD, too- and hear more about his 4 kids and wife he loves so much and bought a truck for... yeah, we know that because he actually shared with us, instead of the awkward lack of sincerity we found other places.

We highly recommend this place. If we ever buy another car, I'll be making the trip there- you should, too! much for the summarized review.


Jody H. | 2014-01-06

Best deal I could have gotten in the area on my Nissan Altima. Ths dealership does not wheel and deal on price which is fine- their prices appear to be the best. They accommodated me on a few concerns I had as wee, no questions asked.

Kirit comes highly recommended... Genuine, friendly, honest. Drove me to drop off my rental car after we had finished signing the papers. He personally called me to follow up, make sure I received my plates, and ensure I had no problems with my car.

Overall, best/easiest car buying experience I've ever had.

Kenneth H. | 2013-12-26

Love Gunn Honda... but today was a little dissapointed with the sales staff. Brought our car in for Service. I was in the lobby sales area checking emails. A customer asked three sales folks if the  Honda Odyssey came in ALL WHEEL drive. All three sales reps said no. All three times the lady with her son replied back "yes it does I have it on line. I love my Odyssey and want it in four wheel drive or all wheel drive". All three reps we uncetain. The customer even told them I would like to special order if possible.... One of the reps said not sure if we could do that the all wheel drive Odyssey are up north. OUCH!!!! Again LOVE our Honda..... Loved the sale/lease of the Honda.... Love our sales rep and love the service department.... but ouch! Maybe a good tip of the day (training of the day) TRY TO GET TO YES... "Ma'am give me one second and let me research that for you...........................

Steve M. | 2013-12-05

Took my daughter car shopping.  Once we ageed to a price, the salesman said the finace folks would need about 45 minutes to get the best interes rate.  That 45 minutes turned into about an hour an 15 minutes with the salesman saying I'm sorry, but the finace guys are trying to get the best rate.  He then had us move closer to the finace office area saying we were next and it would be another five minutes. The finace guy then took another customer before us.  The salesman was in the front office area talking to the finace guys.  I went in to let him know that the finace guy had taken someone else into his office.  Guess what he said!   The finace guys are still trying to get the best deal.  I don't know about the new car side of Gunn Honda, but the used car side would get less than one star if I could give them less.  You can bet your boots this was the first and last time anyone from my family will purchas any vehicle, new or used, from any dealership with the name Gunn in front of it.  If I were a manager and I did that to a customer, I would at least figure out a way to give the customer one or two oil changes on the house.  Warning- don't shop at Gunn Honda!
Oh yea, one more thing.  It was a Saturday....lots of people shop on Saturday.  Yet this dealership managed to run out of bottled water in the cooler they have in the waiting area.  But the finace guy had five or six bottles of unopened water sitting on his desk. Go figure!

Michael O. | 2013-12-02

My wife took our 2007 Odyssey to get the battery checked.  She asked for them to take a look at the TPMS light and the squeaking of the brakes.  We were charged $107.50 for them to acknowledge that the TPMS light was broken and $53.50 to tell me that the rear pads are at 3/4mm and the front were at 9mm (the front brakes are always squeaky.  AND we have brought the car in for squeaking in the front to them numerous times!  I got charged $161.00 for them telling me what I know.  They would have charged an additional $269.49 for the TPMS light and $212.63!

P Luly W. | 2013-11-27

I live on the NE side of town, but decided to use this dealership for service based on stellar reviews.  Luckily, my car is only a year old and doesn't require a whole lot other than an oil change, tire rotation and scheduled maintenance.

The waiting area is comfortable enough with cushioned seats and some tables.  Complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chilled water bottles, & doughnuts are nice bonuses.  Magazines and a television are also available for your entertainment.

Service is slow though.  I had an appointment for an oil change back in September at 1pm.  I didn't leave until after 3:30pm.  No explanation or apology as to why it took so long.  The bay didn't look full and there weren't that many people in the waiting area.  I didn't bother to ask what took so long as I was in a hurry to get home.

On a separate visit, I didn't have an appointment.  My car had funny rattle and I was in the area.  So I stopped by.  They were able to accommodate me.  Turned out I had picked up some road debris and it was lodged in my tire well.  I appreciated them taking care of me and getting me back on the road in an hour.

Since I've already established a relationship with this dealership, I'd most likely drive all the way back here again for my next service.  Plus my neighbors have told me horror stories of the other dealership closer to my house.

Jessica A. | 2013-11-25

I hate this place. We got a great deal on our car, but the service dept is terrible!!!!! We made an appt at 7pm for 7am the next morning. I got there at 7am and NO ONE said, "Good morning" or "We'll be right with you" for 8 minutes!!! THEN the service guy said, "I don't see your appt here, did you make it online? Oh, it's 24hr turnover time and they call to confirm." Then why doesn't it say that online?? And why are you even able to schedule an appt if it's not even available??? THEN he says, "Just have a seat and we'll call you. The guys usually get started around 7:30." WHAT?? Why are you able to get here at 7am and then have to wait 30 minutes for NOTHING!? I should have stayed with my Toyota. It was worth driving 40 minutes for the service at Universal Toyota.

Christopher M. | 2013-11-20

These guys quoted me a price 30% higher than other Texas Honda dealers. And apparently they feel they can get away with charging $107 to inspect a vehicle. Absolutely insane. Never doing business here, regardless of the name brand coffee and donuts. They're not really free, people.

Elizabeth B. | 2013-10-10

I just received the best service at Gunn Honda.  I've always been intimidated by dealership service departments and the cost but when my engine just shut off after getting my oil change at another shop I decided to come here for a second opinion.  It was the smartest thing I did.  They properly diagnosed the problem when the other place failed to three times!  Jorge and Ben were very helpful and Jorge even helped me communicate with the other shop when that other shop was knowingly demeaning me with car terminology they knew I didn't understand.   Thank you Gunn Honda!

Clifford L. | 2013-09-03

Great service from start to finished.  Brought my car for service and had coupon. Forrest (not Gump) filled out paperwork and I signed. Forrest then told me there's coffee, but did not say it's Starbucks and he said there's donuts but did not say Krispy Kreme. It took no more than 20-minutes and I was out and the coupon was honored. I was at another Honda in Schertz with coupon but Ryan, manager of this Honda, tried to up-sale. Glad I went to Gunn Honda.

Lisa S. | 2013-03-07

Honda is great and this is the best place to get one. I can't speak highly enough of them. The service and the sales departments have always treated me very well!

Vinny H. | 2012-11-11

Excellent service!!! Leroy always takes care of my car and me, if you go early Thursday there's usually no waiting.  Free shuttle service home after some great coffee and doughnuts.  The shuttle driver is super nice and will happily chat with ya.  Always get calls and updates of what they are doing and if anything needs attention, they always ask before doing anything.

Mike W. | 2012-05-19

Great car buying experience!!
I bought a used 2005 Solara Convertible at Gunn and was wowed by the dealership, sales service and customer service I have received.   I was hesitant about driving down to San Antonio after going to a dumpy Toyota dealership in Austin where the dealership was the stereotypical one where the sales person walks over to the manager to have us haggle back and forth on the price of a car I was interested in there.

The Gunn price was extremely competitive ($2,500 less for a earlier model, but with 20K less miles!) and I liked that we didn't have to spend the time haggling back and forth.   The salesman didn't try to pressure me into a "new" car or driving another model that was more expensive.

Upon arriving at Gunn we were greeted by many of the associates on our walk in, but not a "Can I help you/show you something?" sales line.  

The sales associate we worked with was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, personable and did not pressure us at all.

I would definitely make the 90 minute trip down to San Antonio to buy another car--although I'm hoping I'll hold onto this one for years!!

Eduardo S. | 2012-05-10

Went to lease two vehicles at GUNN HONDA to replace our expiring leases with sub-par Ipaq Nissan. What an amazing experience. ALVARO "AL" CANTU did an exceptional job. He took care of us from the moment we got there to the moment we drove off with two vehicles at 10:30pm - they close at 9:00pm. Being used to other dealership's haggling and "wear out" methods, GUNN HONDA's One Simple Price policy was just of breath of fresh air. We actually spent hours driving cars and finding the cars we really wanted rather than driving one or two cars and then spending hours haggling trying to get what you think is the best deal. I am so please with the experience and the salesman that I am directing all my relatives to GUNN or GUNN HONDA if possible. A big thank you to ALVARO & VINCE for being so patient and really taking care of us - most of all ALVARO CANTU, a true asset to the GUNN company, an exceptional salesman, and an overall extremely nice person. GUNN HONDA has earned our business for as long as time permits.

Rich V. | 2011-12-06

Beware if you have an after market part on your car. I have aftermarket rims on my car with aftermarket lock nuts. When I brought my car in for an oil change, tire rotation, top off fluids, etc... they could not get several of my tires off. There was a little rust on the lock nuts but nothing to effect the integrity of the lock nuts. They have previously rotated all of my tires several times. No problem then, no problem reported that they saw anything that could effect the removal of my tires. Now there is a problem. So I went to several other mechanics to get the lowdown on what they saw since Gunn Honda seemed scattered in their report. All of the mechanics that I took my vehicle into informed me that the wheel had been over tightened and it stripped the lug from the back of the hub, so thusly it just spins and cannot be loosened. I was also informed, from the other mechanics, that the lock nut was put on incorrectly and that it double threaded the stud which is what caused the problem. Gunn Honda claimed it was the after market lock nut in combo with the rust. Well I took my car into Discount tire and they where able to remove all of the tires except one. Guess which tire they could not remove, the one will the over tightened lock nut with the dribble of rust on it, while Gunn Honda could not remove several of them. It looks like Discount Tire can school Gunn Honda on removing tires.The conflicting report on Gunn Honda's end, and what all of the other mechanics and Discount Tire informed me on the situation, they are weak and do not have the integrity to fix the damages that they caused to my vehicle. Their scapegoat  was aftermarket part claim. $320 for a new hub and labor, which I had another mechanic remove, given. Thank you Gunn Honda! If I see you again don't touch the wheels or you are going to have to worry about my foot, not just my lock nuts.

Kate K. | 2011-11-16

I love, love, love Gunn Honda.  They are truly a no pressure atmosphere and it is SO refreshing.  Their staff is excellent and very nice.  I bought my car here and was so pleased.  

I also use their service department and have had wonderful experiences with them as well.  

I am definitely a Gunn girl for life now!

Sheryl G. | 2011-09-28

After getting screwed out of 2K trying to figure out what was wrong with my happy honda from the base Firestone for the last 4 months, I reluctantly took my car to the dealership expecting to be taken advantage of more but my car wasn't functioning properly so it was a NEED not a want move.

I was pleasantly surprised that the manager that was in charge of my type of vehicle: Cameron was sympathetic to my specific issue. I explained what had been happening and now needed a diagnostic done on my car to fix it after having another shop hold my car for 2 days and not having anything come up in their tests.

They handled my car and case professionally, timely, and even knocked down the price of the catalytic converter i ended up needing for my car along with the water pump/timing belts and sensor that had been botched by the previous Firestone Mechanic. Cameron explained what their mechanic found when they opened up my car, they answered all my questions about the parts, how it could have gotten to where it went, and all that.

It wasn't a cheap job to replace everything my car needed but I'm glad they helped reduce the costs because of what had already happened with the car and applied a 10% military discount on top of that. They also explained the warranty that now comes with the parts replaced. Their service department is awesome, it really gave me a new idea on dealerships. i'm sure they're not all like this, but if they could be that would be amazing!

Thank you Gunn Honda! My car is running perfect now and SAFELY which is important to me and my family. ^_^

Matt S. | 2011-08-19

Gunn Honda's service department is awesome. Steve Harwood from the Gold Team has been my service rep since 2007 when I bought my Civic and he has always gone above and beyond to make sure I had a good experience. When I come in for scheduled maintenance he always checks with me if they find anything and gives me options on how to deal with it. Car maintenance can get expensive real fast, but Steve always looks at the big picture to try and keep costs low and make sure my visit is as cost effective as can be.

Add free coffee, wifi, and donuts and you have a winning combo.

Chris C. | 2011-07-19

Great customer service. One Price Policy is a pretty good deal. I was helped by Rene Parra. Great Guy. Definitely recommend.

Aliyah K. | 2011-06-10

Hubby and I did a lot of research on-line prior to stopping in one Saturday. We arrived armed with the print out of the car and package we were interested in. A few chats later with our sales gal and a test drive each resulted in buying the car right then and there.

Gunn Honda has no hassle pricing, the price on the sticker is final. This makes budgeting and the decision process so easy.

I sold my old car to Gunn, which unfortunately resulted in a lot more paperwork than had been anticipated and required an extra visit later in the week. However, my circumstance regarding names on the title was unique and made for a tricky situation.

I have been very happy with my car and am still thrilled with the deal we received.

I do not however like the follow up spam emails from Honda and have requested those to stop. I would rather my email be used on a 'need to contact' basis only and not for advertising or requesting feedback.

Loved the Starbucks Coffee and healthy snacks made available!

Clayton F. | 2011-04-06

Service Department no longer dependable and appears to be satisfied with sloppy work. Go elsewhere with your Honda. Last two oil changes resulted in a drain plug which was not tightened correctly.

Briana B. | 2011-02-26

Awesome place. Really friendly an professional. One fair price was in line with all the web research I'd done before hand. Very happy with my new car :)