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Welcome to Freedom Chevrolet, in San Antonio, Texas - Serving New Braunfels, Boerne,  San Marcos, Austin, and the Rio Grande
Find New Roads with Chevy. Everything you need to transform your daily commute into a joy ride and maintain that sense of satisfaction is right here, under one roof. We are dedicated to providing you with an ownership experience worth raving to your friends about. Of course, it's one thing to brag about everything we have to offer but it's something completely different to actually show you ourselves. That's why we invite you to see us in person!

Freedom Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 697-6000
Address:13483 I-10 West, San Antonio, TX, 78249
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Freedom Chevrolet

Alma C. | 2014-12-26

We drove 5 hours to this specific dealership because we called in advanced the day of and spoke to a car salesmen (nelson) on behalf of a specific vehicle we wanted. We were ready to purchase. When we arrived, the salesman had other customers so he shifted us off to someone else. He also failed to mention that he did not have the truck available. Apparently it was gone or sold between that 5 hr drive it took us to get there. (Or was it a scam to get us there?) A phone call would have been nice and considerate of him. No attempts to make up from it on his behalf. How disappointing. A nice salesman name Mario offered to filled up our gas tank. Thanks!

Jose P. | 2014-10-22

Okay, I was a bit hasty on my first review.  

I was picked-up with the shuttle program from 281 / bitters where we drove surface roads over to the dealership.  Given the traffic, I probably took us about the same amount of time.

The truck was not ready when I got to the dealership, I was promised it would be about 15 minutes additional.  But, It ended up being closer to 1:30 later.

The service manager met with me to discuss my issues and he offered to make things better.  I appreciate the offer to try to resolve the issues, but the fact that I still have to deal with another visit this month.  Is not setting good with me.    So, In lieu of dropping the rating to a single star.  I am going to keep it at two (2) stars for the following reason.

The shuttle driver was excellent and service manager cared about my thoughts and feelings (or at least appeared to care).

Enrique V. | 2014-08-16

Move to San Antonio from Houston and this was a first stop to set up my vehicles pop change. Walked into the service department, not one service member acknowledged my presence. Not one looked up. I waited patiently to see if it was a fluke, definitely not. I would not recommend any one come here for service needs. They are terrible at best.

Lysle W. | 2014-07-08

This happened on June 12, 2014:
I went into to the dealership for service (3 recalls on 2008 HHR) with an appointment set up 2 days prior. All 4 service advisors were on working on their computers with no customers in sight.  I was told that someone would be with me shortly.  I waited, patiently, for about 15 minutes when someone else walked in and was immediately helped ahead of me by the person who told me that someone would be with me shortly.  This did not sit well so, afterward, I sat down and complained to the service manager who had heard and seen what happened, did nothing and was very uncaring and unsympathetic while I spoke to him.  He apologized but it was extremely insincere.  When I got home I left a message for the general manager of the dealership explaining the situation (turns out he was on his way to Alabama) so he called the same service manager I had spoken to earlier and told him to call me and make it right.  I was having a couple of other small services done at the same time and they wound up being comped which was appreciated and when I went to pick up the car, the service advisor that caused the problem apologized.  The point I'm trying to make is that the service department is the bread and butter of any dealership as they want repeat customers - the sales staff will see someone once every 5 or so years if they are lucky - so the service department NEEDS to keep their customers happy and NOT disrespect them.

The note below is what I sent as a response to the Customer Service dept. reply that they posted below:

No, I'm not still upset about what happened and, yes, I was appeased, BUT I felt that this was something that your service department NEEDS to keep in mind just to keep their head in the game.
If I was still upset I would not have mentioned the fact that your service manager DID, in fact, make it right.  This was an HONEST review of something that happened and, having come from a service oriented background working in executive management positions for hotels for 40 years, felt that it was something that needed to be posted as well as the fact that it was made right.  If people see HOW a problem was handled and corrected it means so much more than just posting a bad comment about a situation and not posting the resolution.

Karen N. | 2014-03-13

Firstly, the dealership I purchased my vehicle will never be topped. Classic Chevrolet provided THE best service.  They also boast $12 oil changes for the lifetime you own your vehicle if you purchase your vehicle there. All vehicles come with nitrogen in their tires. No initial charge. That's just the goodies.  Their staff is pretty awesome too.  If they weren't four hours east now, I'd go in monthly just to have a coffee and talk cars with my sales guy.

I am well versed in Chevrolet service departments all over the state of Texas having been a road warrior with a Chevy branded company car. After my last company car, I gave purchasing American Muscle a chance. But I've always preferred the service departments at European dealerships. Yeah I think I'm fancy. Get off my back.

The first few times I came in here I was pretty much ignored initially. Oh you just want nitrogen in your tires?  Oh the service you want is within warranty? Let me put you with a DIFFERENT service advisor.  

Fine. I'm glad you did. Jeff is a great service advisor. He took the time to call me before my appointment to clarify my online appointment, actually did what I asked him to do, and is genuinely a nice person. He even asked me if I needed the extra key on my keychain before he took my car away. Details, folks!

So, yeah, Freedom is a solid three - "a-ok" with a potential for more if everyone starts having a Jeff-it-ude. Yup. You can add that to urban dictionary!

(PS. Shout out to Carlos the shuttle guy too since they were running zero on rentals. What a nice guy!)

Anthony A. | 2013-10-11

I received a notice from GM saying to take my pickup in for a recall. I scheduled my appointment with Freedom since I had purchased it from there. My appointment was for 0930, I arrived at 0900. When I walked in the door the service representatives ignored me. I picked one of the 5 who didn't appear to be occupied and said I have an appointment, he seemed put off by this. He confirmed my appointment and I went to the waiting area since it shouldn't take very long to fix my recall . It is a nice waiting area. I waited 2.5  hours then went outside to warm up a little. My pickup was still located in the same parking spot. I returned to the service rep I had dealt with earlier to see if my pickup was ready. He confirmed what I had feared that my pickup had not been touched yet. He said he was sorry and they will pull it in now and get it done. I canceled my appointment and currently scheduling my appointment with another dealership to correct this recall issue. I had previously had this same dealership change my oil which took over 1.5 hours. I do not expect a dealership to be fast, but waiting 2 hours to even look at it is ridiculous.

Tracy D. | 2013-06-14

I purchased both my 2006 and my 2012 Equinoxes from Freedom. However, rarely took my 2006 there for service. I decided to give them another try with my 2012.  I was pleasantly surprised. The waiting area is fab. Love the free wi-fi. Most importantly the service was fast!!! Way to go Freedom!! I usually avoid the dealer's service department, but I will be back.


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