Fernandez Honda in San Antonio, TX

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Welcome to Fernandez Honda located in San Antonio, Texas! We are proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the area. From the moment you walk into our showroom, you'll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Fernandez Honda a good one - for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase, Finance, or Service a New or Pre-Owned Honda, you've come to the right place.


Established in 2003.

Fernandez Honda is a minority owned business ranked number 25 on the Hispanic Business 500 in 2009. We opened our doors December 2003 and have continued pledging our dedication to achieving complete customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fernandez Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 928-1500
Address:8015 Ih 35 S, San Antonio, TX, 78224
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Fernandez Honda

Sarah D. | 2015-04-05

I purchased a used 2008 Kia Rio a month ago from Eric, Tony, and Matt that has turned out to be a lemon, took the car back twice, and my engine still doesn't work. A bittersweet first car buying experience.

I figured since I purchased an inexpensive car, that DOWN THE ROAD in its life, I would have to invest in fixing it. Less than a week after purchasing the car, I went to fill up the gas tank only to find that the car WOULD NOT START after I put in the gas. I had a swarm of people come to my car trying to help me, and I called people in a panic to give me insight. After flooding the engine in 'park' I was able to get the car started again. I had to do that the next few times I started the engine. When I got on the highway to Austin, the car started shaking around 80 mph. On my way home from Austin, the engine light came on and started flashing at me. I pulled over in San Marcos to a friendly Auto Zone store that read FIVE different codes from my check engine light.

I finally called Fernandez and told them that having five 'check engine' codes less than two weeks after purchasing a car is unacceptable. I brought my car in to get it fixed, and a few hours later they said it was good to go. I got a piece of paper that said they changed a coil. "What about the fact that it doesn't start after I fill it with gas? What about the e-vap sensor?" But Matt, the sales manager assured me that they were able to "erase the codes," and all should be fine. At this point, I'm thinking their service department excels in erasing check engine light codes versus actually fixing the problems, so I immediately went to fill my gas tank. Lo and behold, I went to start my engine, and my car wouldn't start.  There happened to be another Fernandez worker at the Valero who immediately came over to me shaking his head. "No way am I going to let you drive off like that," he said. So I took a video of my car not starting and followed him back to Fernandez (by the way, thanks random Fernandez employee for having the shame that my sales team should have had).  I showed the video to Matt who said they would take my car in again and give me a rental. For about an hour I waited for that rental to show up and finally nudged the overworked receptionist to tell me what the status was, and someone called Tony on his cell. Tony walked in carrying a Whataburger bag and drink smiling sheepishly and said, "I didn't know y'all were waiting on me!" And this was on my now three hour work lunch break.

A few days later my car wasn't fixed, but my loan agreement to the rental car was expiring, and it felt like pulling all the strings to get Matt or Eric to respond to my emails asking for a document that extended my loan of this rental car (in case I got pulled over, how am I supposed to prove I didn't just walk off with this car??) They seemed like they could care less, but I eventually got the document. A few days after that I got a call from another sales person who said someone was interested in the Chevy Cruze I was loaning from Fernandez. Hallelujah, I thought. This means they're going to prioritize the service of my car! I went to go give the Chevy Cruze back and reclaim my car. The gas tank was FILLED at this point, so I couldn't check the engine. A day or so later, I went to get gas. Guess who has two thumbs and a car that won't start after filling it up with gas? This young, lady.

The most messed up thing is that they gave me the car back filled up with gas, so they knew that it wasn't starting after the gas tank was filled. They knew it, and they still pressured me to give the Chevy Cruze back so they could try to hawk it while they handed me back my car. I have papers saying they did all kinds of fun things to my car, none of which worked. And they knew it. That's disgusting. It's Easter weekend, but I have to call them again on Monday, and start this process all over again. Wish me luck, Yelpers. Find a more respectable dealership if you can.

Kelsey B. | 2015-01-13

From the second I contacted Fernandez Honda I was met with excellent customer service. I called to make sure that the car I was interested in was still available because I live in Austin and didn't want to make the drive if it wasn't. Justin Salazar answered the phone and was able to locate the car in the inventory from the minimal information I had about the car, he not only made sure it was available but he told me he wanted to get his hands on it and make sure no one else was looking at it before I made the trip down. He called me back a few minutes later to inform me that the car was there and available and that he would pull it up and have it waiting for me. When I got there I was met with great customer service from Justin. We went for a ride and after he showed me how everything worked in the car and answered all of the questions I had. I ended up getting the car for the price I had hoped! Everyone was very helpful and the process was quick and efficient. I would recommend this dealership to anyone, and don't forget to ask for Justin Salazar!

Vanessa H. | 2015-01-08

I am a young, single female who went car shopping alone. When I arrived at Fernandez Honda there were several car salesmen standing outside that ignored me. I was reluctantly allowed to test drive a 2014 Honda Civic EX  only after I asked. When I expressed interest in the car I was handed off to a Gabriel. He identified himself as a sales manager. He sat down with me as if he were In a rush and went over the price as if he already knew that I couldn't afford it. When I asked if he could work on the price he saiid no and told me that I could go to another dealership if I wanted. Gabriel was very dismissive. I felt humiliated and belittled.
Unbeknownst to Gabriel I was pre financed through my bank and had a blank check in my purse the entire time. The next day I went to GUNN Honda and Eric Garza went above and beyond. There were no surprises in finance and the entire process took about an hour.
My best guess is that Fernandez Honda trains it's salespeople to profile potential customers and because I didn't LOOK like I had any money they didn't give me the time day...but I DID have the money and now I am driving the new Civic that I bought from GUNN Honda.

T M. | 2014-12-09

Fernandez Honda has been my go to place for service since I've been in SA. Joey has always taken the best care of me and my vehicle. Not to mention they have free coffee, water, cookies, pop corn, and tea. They also have an awesome kids area and you dog is allowed with you as well. I trust this place with my vehicle and will continue to come here as long as I'm in San Antonio.

Nikki M. | 2014-11-21

Never take your vehicle here for service. Not only is it gouge your eyes out expensive, but the customer service was 1 star worth only because we were fed up with their dishonesty and they paid for 1/2 of the towing fee to take my car somewhere else. That actually should be 1/2 a star.

The rep we worked with (I will leave his name out for now) said he'd be in the office and would give us an update first thing on a certain day, then come to find out he was off that day. We requested someone else give us a call and no one ever got back to us. Then, he tried to charge us for the work they did in diagnosing the problem and said I had signed off on some paperwork, which I did not. This sort of thing happened a few more times, but once was enough.

Not only did they take 3 days to tell us there were 2 repairs that needed to be done, but they were wrong on one of them and for the price they were going to charge for the 2 repairs, I paid elsewhere to get the FULL diagnosis and repairs done.

George G. | 2014-05-13

Bought a new car here about 3 weeks ago.  Worked with Tony Sanchez.  Told him I when I would be there and to have the 3 styles of the same vehicle ready.  Showed up and also told him I was pre-approved.  He did not even know what he had in inventory even though it shows online.  He was not ready for me and had another customer.  He gave me to someone else.  He did not have the vehicles up front.  I waited 1.5 hours for vehicles to be moved to the front.  They completely ignored what I said about being pre-approved for financing.  They did not tell me all the differences in the same vehicle with different styles.  Then had to negotiate the price and was another 2 hrs.  Then another 2 hrs before I left.  I even got an email also during finishing the paperwork that said something like would I like to buy a car from Tony Sanchez.  The technology manual from Honda was also missing pages.   The longest and worst car buying experience for being pre-approved and knowing what I wanted for a record for me of 5.5 hrs.

J M. | 2014-04-08

I applied for credit here and was told I work only qualify if I could give them a huge down payment since I had a trade in I was still making payments on. When I refused the salesman, Jesse, offered to see if I qualified without my trade in. He stated I could probably qualify and then suggested I just let my existing car loan go; as in stop making other payments. What a crook!!!

Rob S. | 2014-03-21

I love Fernandez Honda. The people are all so friendly. I drove down from Austin to get a car because it was cheaper at Fernandez. They actually made me money. Gilbert was the man and really hooked it up. Ray Barrera is a great salesman and I highly recommend him. He made the whole process hassle free.  Adam one of the other managers came out and talked to me too. I really felt like family the second I walked in the door.

Sylvia W. | 2013-07-16

I don't want to give this a star.  This was just a big waste of my time!! .
I called their service department yesterday to find out the cost of ordering parts for my car and having them installed.  The person I spoke with made an appointment for today at 9a.m. so they could look at my car and make sure they order the correct parts.  I arrived a few minutes early, the gentleman who helped me wrote down the info and asked me what I needed.  I told him.  He asked me to have a seat and said it might take about an hour.  Really?  But no problem.  My grandson and I waited for and hour and a half before I finally went to ask Jason if I could have an update on my car.  He asked me to wait a few minutes because he was training someone.  Then, when he had finished, he told me that I needed three different things done to my car and THEN he told me about the cost of what I had come in for.  Then he wanted to charge me for a diagnostic fee 0f $70 something dollars!!!  I was totally shocked!  You want me to pay you to see what type of door handles and cruise control I need???!!  Then when I went out to get my car, I found it parked up front.  Jason sent a man to bring it up from the back!  Obviously he didn't even know that my car had been sitting there for awhile.  I really cannot see any reason for going back to this dealership.

Taara H. | 2013-05-27

My experiences at Fernandez Honda service have always been excellent. From basic oil changes to the scheduled maintenance, they have been timely, courteous and decently priced (always some kind of discount)! I appreciate that they don't try to stick me for every possible service every time. Rather, they gave me a heads up on having to replace filters during one oil change so I could prepare the next time (mentally and financially, lol). Not to mention, they have a free shuttle service to take you where you need to go while they work on your car. In particular, Joey with the service department and Mr. T with the shuttle were fantabulous. Thanks Fernandez Honda! I'll be coming to you to take care of my Dori (2011 Accord Coupe) for the rest of my time here in San Antonio!!

Roni R. | 2013-03-28

It was my first time to Fernandez Honda. They were so friend from start to finish . I drove in for a new car battery with no appointment and they were willing to help me.  From start to finish i must have been there an 1 1/2 wait. which flew by. The staff was super friendly and willily to answer all my questions for the next apoitment.

Frances L. | 2012-12-19

We had a great car buying experience here.  The owner has chosen his staff well - our sales rep Tariq was extremely professional, not pushy, knowledgable, thorough, and sincere throughout the whole experience and that is what ultimately kept us at this dealership.  We appreciated that he was willing to work with our steep demands.  Also, after we signed the paperwork, Tariq spent over an hour helping us set up the Pandora and Speed Dial features, and I drove away feeling comfortable with how to do it myself.  He earned top Honda sales rep this year for a reason - and I would highly recommend my friends to him.  In fact, we are looking to get our next vehicle through him.  

My husband is relentless when it comes to buying a new car - he actually had Gunn Honda on the other line but the rep lost our business when Fernandez Honda beat their prices (and had nice free perks like a 1yr free car cleaning service, scotch guard, etc), and Gunn wouldn't make another counter offer unless we showed them in writing what Fernandez was offering (Wha???).  Honestly, I hate car shopping, but to my surprise had a really great time - no stress, and a really awesome deal.  We were on the lowest end on the TrueCar bell curve.  We also had a trade in that got more than I expected :)

Bottom line:  Fernandez Honda is willing to beat the best price in town.  Do your research before hand, and Tariq will help get you a great deal.

I will update this again after I have had service done on this car.

Bill K. | 2012-03-19

After San Marcos Honda gave us the run around on a brand new Honda Odyssey, I checked Yahoo and found that this place is associated with True Car. I plugged my information in and the next morning got phone calls from 3 dealerships. I had bad experience with First Texas Honda in Austin and did not want to drive to Killeen to goto Cleo Bay. I figured I could kill two bird with one stone and hit this place. I dropped my kids off at my in laws and headed over.

This place is located on the far south side of San Antonio.They have like 3 dealerships all next to each other. I had joked that it was San Antonio's "Motor Mile". I had called this place and explained my situation. The original point of contact I did call on his cell phone. He did not return my call so he lost the sale and I ended up with Danny. Danny was very down to earth and professional. He knew the cars very well. We were already pre approved from RBFCU so we knew our rate and the term. All we needed was to make the numbers work. We knew what San Marcos Honda was offering and Danny said he was going to try his best to "beat that deal". Gee, I would hope so. This place is a True Car dealership. I already know the best possible price I can get from the Yahoo website. I was already fuming from San Marcos Honda who wanted me to pay full price from a brand new car. HELLO? No one pays FULL PRICE.  Danny started his little "4 square" deal that most car dealers try to play. They usually go back and forth 3 times before you decide on a price. He tried to tell me that he was not going to be able to do much for us. I then told him I had a text message from San Marcos Honda that they were going to give us the same deal but for the terms we wanted. We got up to leave and he showed my phone to the Sales Manager. He finally said he would beat that by a whole $5. He called it the "Crazy Price". We finally agreed to the terms and then sat while we waited for the Finance guy to do the paperwork.

I could not figure out what as taking so long. There was one couple in front of us. We finally got in the Finance Manager who did all the paper work and we were in and out in about 30 minutes.

First of all, I originally was going to rate these guys much lower because they started to give me the run around as well and if I had not played the "hey I get a better deal at San Marcos" card, I would have ended up leaving, not to mention they had my kids to my trade hostage. I gave an extra star because Danny was professional. Secondly, there were tons of people waiting around to get their deal closed. They did have water and cookies for the guests. Ironically, there was a service guy who was loading up on cookies for the service guys, leaving 2 cookies for everyone else. There was a lady who was walking through the store selling fruit cups with chili and Mexican Cokes. I thought solicitation was frown upon? Howdy Honda in Austin has free sodas and a room where you can and get work done if you need to. It would have been nice to have something more than water and 2 cookies left for the guests. Third, I do not care that they were giving the run around with regards to the pricing. I told them where we were coming from. I told them I found them on the Yahoo True Car site. They acted like they did not know what the heck I was talking about and were doing me a favor by giving the "Crazy Price". My wife had already said, "Lets just go to San Marcos." I was about tho leave when Danny came back with their best offer. If you are going to participate in a program like True Car, you should at least have a clue about it.

I would not drive to San Antonio to buy from these guys. I would probably go back to San Marcos, especially since they offer a free lifetime warranty on new vehicles.

Leigh B. | 2011-10-01

We examined several Honda dealers when shopping for a car, including this one. We did not buy our car from them. Inventory was very limited and the salesman was poorly trained.

Leti G. | 2009-10-18

They only got one star just because I can't give them 0.  

I took my car in for a recalled part; I made an appointment as suggested and took it on a Friday morning at 9:00.  When I got there I was told to expect to take about 3-4 hours which I was not expecting.  So the guy I dealt with asked if I wanted a courtesy drive to my house.  Well of course I said yes because I did not want to wait there for 4 hours.  He told me that his driver was currently out taking someone else home but that he would be back in a few and I said that was fine.  One hour later I had not yet been told that the driver was back - obviously they just forgot about me because it doesn't take an hour to take anyone home on the southside.  After waiting that hour, I went ahead and called (woke up) my brother to pick me up.  Back home, I waited and waited and after 4 hours I still did not receive a call that my car was ready.  So I called; they told me it was still being worked on but that they would call me as soon as it was ready.  That day I had a 3:00 appointment but by 2:30 I still had not received a call.  So I had to borrow my parents' car at the last minute and arrive to my appointment late.  On my way to the appointment, right about 3, I receive a call that my car is ready.  A full SIX hours after my "appointment" and 2 hours longer than they said it would take.  I had let the call go to voicemail and the guy said something about having to order another part for my car and it wouldn't be in until Wednesday.  I couldn't get to the dealership to pick up my car till about 5 and ended up waiting about 30 minutes before someone finally helped me.  That's when I found out the entire story about my car.  It seems it took them 6 hours to look under the hood and figure out that they couldn't replace the recalled part until they replaced another part that went with it (which is what they had to order).  So, they did not do one thing to my car for the entire time they had it!  And it took them 6 hours to find out they couldn't do anything?!  When I took my car back the following week, a Saturday morning, they ended up taking only 2 hours to replace 2 parts on my car - when initially replacing 1 part was supposed to take 3-4 hours?!  As I was signing the paperwork the guy told me they also went ahead and replaced the seatbelt on the left front side - I thought "Awesome!" because I actually had been having trouble with it not locking into place.  When I got in my car and drove off, I saw they replaced the WRONG seatbelt!  They replaced the one that was still working and I still had the one that was not locking!  But am I going to go back for them to fix it?  Hell no!  

This dealership is awful.  The employees don't know what they are doing.  And I can only hope that my car never has another recall because I will have to drive out of my way to a different Honda dealership even though this one is just a 3 minute drive from my house.

L C. | 2009-10-14

This only got one star because I couldn't give it ZERO stars!

AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COST!!! The dealership must have changed management because it used to be a really pleasant atmosphere and had a courteous and helpful staff. However, I recently visited the dealership and it was just AWFUL! They tried to upsell me by lying to me about supposedly broken things on the car that needed to be fixed immediately or else it'd be dangerous to drive, even a few minutes. I checked w/ 2 independent mechanics, specializing in imported cars, and they just laughed!