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BMW of San Antonio is your San Antonio BMW Dealer serving South Texas. We offer great low prices and incentives for new BMW, Certified Pre-Owned BMW & used cars, trucks and SUVs. Our state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, TX features a top-of-the-line BMW service center, a full BMW accessories and BMW parts department and a full inventory of used BMW cars, new BMW cars and Certified Pre-Owned BMW's for sale in San Antonio, TX.

BMW of San Antonio

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 732-7121
Address:8434 Airport Boulevard, San Antonio, TX, 78216
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on BMW of San Antonio

M R. | 2015-04-23


We bought my mom a new Mini Cooper in 2003 after my Dad passed.   She was 82 at the time.   Since then she has put a whopping 50K miles on the car.   Recently we took it in for fluid changes and noticed an oil leak a few weeks later.   After a while we took it back to have the oil changed and check out the leak.    They came back and said it would be a $1300.00 repair.  

Fortunately, my suspicion was already high since each time we took it in for preventative maintenance we somehow drove out with $1K repair or more!   Also, since this leak happened after their last fluid change, I instead asked for my car and my keys back.   Then suddenly they would 'fix' it for $660.   Again, I asked for my car and keys back.

Well, mom decided within a few weeks of this experience to give up driving and we sold it to an ex-mechanics' mom, who took it to his favorite repair guy for a check out.   Lo and behold they found, are you ready, that the oil was OVER FILLED CAUSING AN UNDER CAR OIL LEAK.   Simple solution, drain out the excess oil.

Thank goodness I did not fall for the scam, and hope that this review can save someone else from the costly scam.

Marcio S. | 2015-04-17

Not that it was a bad experience dealing with our local San Antonio BMW dealership, but why is a part triple the price than Atlanta's BMW dealership? Makes you wonder? BMW is BMW right? It was an insignificant plastic piece I was looking for that cost 2.14 in San Antonio BMW that cost  .83 cents at the Atlanta BMW.  Might not seem much, but the more maintenance and parts replacement you do it adds up.  I don't even want to know what the difference is with other parts.  Do your research people.

Malynda T. | 2015-04-04

This is the WORST dealership there is! I have had too many bad encounters to list them all here, but here are a few.

My most recent appointment was last week. My advisor called after 6pm to tell me that they didn't have any loaner cars available. I scheduled my appointment 3 weeks in advance requesting a loaner vehicle. My advisor KNOWS I will NOT go back to enterprise after the last experience. I tried calling back and because it was after 6pm the call wouldn't go through to his voicemail. The next morning I called and was transferred to his voicemail and again it wouldn't let me leave a message. I called right back and told the receptionist who once again transferred me to his voicemail. I left him a message letting him know that I am not ok with going back to Enterprise after the last bad experience through BMW. He NEVER called back to reschedule like I had requested.

I have an extended warranty which allows me to have a BMW loaner not some enterprise roller skate excuse for a vehicle.

The previous visit to SA BMW I was having a chronic problem with my alarm lights coming on for traction control, 4x4 and DTC. He said it was because the battery was low and needed to be replaced therefore the car shuts down convenience traction control?!

It took a total of 4 visits to get this corrected. They wanted to charge over $500 for a new battery that they claim was BMW specific. We ordered the battery ourselves for less than $200, and by the way BMW is not a dealer for the batteries and they cannot sell them. Therefore they buy them and mark them up greatly! We installed the battery ourselves and everything was fine.

In addition to this fiasco the wipers went out while dealing with the battery/ power issues. It took 3 visits to fix the wipers.

The enterprise fiasco: on one occasion I had to take my car in late in the afternoon because the wipers went out again. My advisor told me to come in immediately since we were expecting rain again that night. He said because it was late in the day all of the loaners were out with other customers. I was taken to enterprise with another woman who was really angry about going there. I walked in and she was angry and causing a scene, so I stayed calm even though I myself was also a little upset and disappointed, but it wasn't enterprise's fault. Then the enterprise employee brought my car up. A chevy cruze...a tiny poor excuse for a car. It had damage to the paint above the passenger door. It looked like someone took a slim jim too it and chipped all of the paint off with each stroke. So, I told her I don't want to be blamed for that damage. Instead of marking it on the car on the paperwork as existing, she charged me a damage waiver. I didn't discover this until I dropped the car off. My BMW advisor assured me that they would pay for everything. Well everything is not all inclusive. I got charge for 6 days of the damage waiver fee which more than made a monthly payment on that poor excuse for a car. I told my advisor and BMW and he gave me a half assed "i'm sorry." As a result, I told him I will never ever go back. He had better have a BMW for me every time per my extended warranty agreement. He tried a couple more times to give me an enterprise car and ended up always coming up with a BMW, except last week.
Then there was the tire incident. I bought my car with new tires, only a few miles on them. I took an out of state trip and hit a pot hole that caused my car to need a realignment. After that my car tires started to roar. My car was quiet before, very quiet. The roaring got worse and worse, and then I was hydroplaning like crazy. On vacation, after hydroplaning the whole drive there, I took my car to BMW NWA. They were the complete opposite of BMW SA. I was treated like royalty. I got a loaner much better than my car. I had to buy a whole new set of tires. Why? Because BMW SA aligned the car wrong causing the rear tires to cup and lose tread. The only way to fix it was to get a new set. A $1600 lesson thanks to the crappy service at BMW SA. My advisor in NWA said that they go to the same training school as the guys in SA and they are supposed to know better. Because my car is an M package they have to have a sport alignment not a factory alignment.

Seat motors: Since then I have taken my car to NWA one other time, only to be surprised again. I had trouble with the motor in the drivers seat ever since BMW SA worked on the car for power issue. BMW SA said I would have to buy a new motor for $1500 because its not covered under warranty. They had also previously told me that I would have to buy a new motor for the passenger seat because the thigh rest was no longer working. Guess what? BMW NWA replaced both seat motors for free and said its a common problem that they replace under warranty! He said there was no excuse for BMW SA to say they couldn't replace it under warranty other than they probably get away with it because unsuspecting people just pay.

Polo C. | 2015-03-31

Im writing this review as a loyal bmw customer considering i have bought 3 new vehicles from them and one certified pre owned just in the past 5 years. My review is only of this dealership and not BMW. I will make some bullet points to point out all the issues i have had, though i love BMW i hate this dealership with all of my heart.

Issue #1: Back in 2010 i purchased a certified pre owned car from them, the first issue i had was a leaking brake fluid reservoir that was resolved only after 4-5 visits and a ton of phone calls to my service advisor. Then as i was driving my rear view mirror cover fell off and the dealer wanted to deny warranty on the work because they said i probably messed with it installing a radar detector which was stupid considering my radar detector was using my cigarette lighter. After going back and forth they agreed to fix it.

Issue #2: I purchased another new car in 2012 and my ac evaporator core decided to go out at 18,000 miles, no biggie every car manufacturer has its issues and i was glad i was covered under warranty since my repair included removing the whole dashboard to reach the evap core. As soon as my car was done i picked her up and noticed a huge scratch on the center console, the service advisor wanted to have a company repair the piece by sanding and painting it and i did not approve of this and asked them to replace it. Again after going back and forth they agreed to do this but it was a pain to get them to admit their mistake. After the first couple of days the car was back home i noticed a creaking noise coming from behind the dash that was noticeable when you would go over bumps or there would be a change on elevation on the road. They tried to fix this issue around 4-5 times with no success and the noise was still present to the day i sold the car.

Issue #3: I purchased another car for my wife in 2014 and after 3 weeks of ownership the front bumper started peeling on the corners and lower portion. The dealer went ahead and scheduled a loaner vehicle and we dropped of the car. Now after 6 months of the repair being done the paint is peeling in exactly the same spots and we decided to give them a call again. Its been 1 month since we contacted our service advisor and they have not been able to schedule a repair. We have called multiple times and left messages and nothing, they finally responded because i called to schedule service for my wagon and they said they still dont have a loaner.

Issue #4: I bought another new vehicle from them in late 2014. The issue started when i took my wagon in for her first service and an alignment today and i also asked for the complimentary wash. I dropped the car off at 11 am and the car was ready at 5pm and of course no loaners were available so i had to program my whole day to get this done. When i picked up the car it was dirty and the service advisor said they could not wash it because it had a bike rack, so i said ok that sounds reasonable but he said they vacuumed it. First thing i notice when i go inside the car was it was not vacuumed, and the service advisor took it back and had it vacuumed. I left and after leaving and getting on the highway the car was pulling to the right badly and i called the dealership again, it took me 30 minutes to finally get ahold of the service advisor and he said if i brought it back tomorrow he would have a loaner and they will fix the issue. Then when i got home i noticed a scratch and dent in my rear bumper that was not there when i dropped off the car.

In summary, every single time i have had to drop my car in for service there has been something wrong. Their service department is sloppy, lazy, and dirty. There have been times i find grease on my steering wheel. Its a hassle going back and forth to schedule an appointment and not to mention get ahold of your service advisor. I heard BMW of SA has a monopoly on having the only bmw dealer in town. Its really sad because my wagon might be the last bmw i will ever own until i move from this city just because of how bad the service department is. I have always been treated great in sales but their service department is disorganized and sloppy.

Melissa H. | 2015-02-24

This was the best car buying experience I've ever had.  I have been in and around the car business for 18 years, yet I still get anxiety about buying a car.  I'd rather have a tooth pulled than go through this process...until now.  At BMW of San Antonio, they made the whole experience easy!  They treated me with respect, showed me they valued my business and wanted me to help me make an informed decision. They took me on test drives in 3 different cars, and answered every question I had.  I had owned the car I bought in the prior year model, but on the 20 minute test drive, I learned more from my salesman than I knew after driving the car for 2 years!  The personnel at this dealership are a class act, and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a great experience and a great deal!

John G. | 2015-02-15

Can never get ahold of anyone when you call the service department. Even if you leave voicemails no one returns your calls, but yet they can repeatedly reach out to you calling multiple times to ask if you completed a survey. Hate that this is the only BMW dealership in San Antonio so you have to go through them by default.

P R. | 2015-02-05

There are some bad reviews for the dealership on this site which seem to be mostly related to Service/Parts. I don't yet have any service experience with them. My buying experience including price, customer service and the whole shebang were way beyond expectations. Talk to Sergio Padilla there to exceed your expectations as well.

He and his manager gave me a really good price to begin with on a custom order without need for unnecessary haggling, back and forth and games. They beat everyone's price by a mile and and that too, over the phone (I live in Austin) after they realized that I was serious about ordering one soon (and perhaps knowing too that I was well researched). I had test driven a bunch of cars at the BMW of Austin dealership but the rep I was assigned to turned out to be nothing more than a 'money collector', not someone very knowledgeable about the car as he should be. We ended up canceling our order there very shortly. I had better experience with the guys at the SA dealership. They were understanding even when I ran into some unforeseen issues along the way when I was unable to pick up the car at the time it arrived at the dealership and had to keep postponing the pickup date.

When we finally arrived to take delivery of the car, we did the required paperwork and drove out very happy in our new car. They even included a bottle of wine with our purchase. Small thing but it was nice. Everything went without a hitch. Highly recommend these guys.

Walter G. | 2015-01-27

The service dept. Has gone through some changes.  The service advisors that I've known and trust for years are no longer there and the new ones just don't put the same effort at helping customers.  You can forget about loaner vehicles unless you buy their extended warranty.  They've had my car for two days and no one has looked at it.  Today I asked for assistance from the service manager; maybe there's hope.  I'll update my review after they complete the work.

Ronny B. | 2015-01-15

This is my 3rd BMW from 3 different dealers and this was the smoothest transaction to date.  I live in Houston and they had a leftover new 2014 328i in San Antonio I wanted.  I worked with the two internet client advisors on the deal remotely (haggling the discount and fees to my satisfaction) and then drove in to finish the deal.  I was prepared to walk away if they tried to change terms or didn't accept my pull ahead as is but they took my trade with no charges and I walked out with the price we agreed upon online.  The entire process took a couple of hours and they even gave us a bottle of wine to celebrate our new car.  Usually buying a car is a hassle but they made the process pretty painless; highly recommend.

Chris N. | 2014-12-31

TL:DR: Great Salesman, clean lobby, dealership operations lagged IMO.

I recently (like today) bought a used vehicle from this dealership. As I walked to the door, I was greeted by a salesperson on his way in to work and he took me immediately. I knew exactly what car I wanted, and for the price. We test drove the vehicle, chit-chatted, and talked about money. I traded-in and older vehicle and after some back and forth ( I gave him my absolute final answer right away, and stood firm), we settled on the agreed price. The Salesman was professional, knowledgeable, and definitely not-pushy, but he did want to get the sale. If I was able to write my check then and there I would have given this place 5 stars easily; however, I went to the finance guy signed some paper work, wrote the check and was done with this aspect in 5 minutes, tops. Next came the final cleaning of the vehicle. This is where my rating went from 5 to 3, and I almost put a 2 (saving grace was the Adolpho, my salesmen).

I waited for 3 to 4 hours for my vehicle to be finally washed!

It was/is New Years Eve, so I give them some headway with wait-time (cause it became pretty busy), but for a BMW dealership to leave me hanging out it their lobby for a wash is ridiculous. I would at least expect them to offer a voucher to come back at a less busy time to get this done, if I even wanted to.

The Salesman came by an appropriate amount of times to check up on me and apologize for the wait, good on him.

Alyssa R. | 2014-12-18

Parts department guys could be more knowledgeable and also more efficient in servicing customers. The BMW community would rather drive to Austin BMW. That's saying a lot.  Location of the San Antonio dealership could be better. Pretty basic dealership for it being the only Bmw dealership here.

T C. | 2014-11-29

I've never been to a car dealership that didn't have a salesperson available to help, especially on a Saturday, but there's a first time for everything.  We waited and waited for someone to help us buy a car, but not a single person inside or out even broke a smile or said hello and the front desk attendant was unapologetic and rude.  Highly disappointing experience.

Margaret H. | 2014-11-28

We had our X5 towed there on Nov 2 to have brake problems and a cracked tire serviced. Today is Nov 28 and we STILL don't have our car back and no firm date of when to expect it back. Michael, our service contact, was okay about calling to give us info and updates for the first week...then we never heard from him unless we called. It has been excuse after excuse about delays in ordering parts, deflecting blame onto technicians for screwing up the timeline. BMW of San Antonio is the third BMW dealer we've taken our car to for service and by far the worst. It's about time for us to replace our X5 and trust that I won't be doing it at BMW of San Antonio.

M B. | 2014-11-21

I recently went into BMW of SA and will probably never walk back into that store.  Never having owned a BMW we needed to know everything, safety and such.  After being at several other luxury dealerships and being served  exceptional customer service I would expect nothing less from BMW of SA. The sales person that helped us didn't introduce himself we had to introduce ourselves to him and after telling him what we were looking for and price he immediately took me to the most expensive car they had within my budget.  Not impressed.  After telling him I was not interested in that one we went to another one that I liked, he pulled it out and instead of telling me about the pros of owning a BMW he thought the important thing was to show me how to connect my bluetooth

Ahmad W. | 2014-11-16

Ask for Matt Towery !! If you want a take home message this is it! Ask for Matt!

Now the background

My wife is super smart, and I am not saying that to earn browny points ( don't mind though!!) but maybe too smart! When making any decision, especially a big financial one, all aspects of the situation must be taken in. She is so thorough that it takes her months and repeated visits and deliberation to make a decision that again will be shrouded with doubt!!

Matt worked with her with such care and finesse! Never EVER pushy, always calm, always nice and patient. I lost my patience by the way so Matt was on his own ;-) and he was fantastic! 9 mo later ( yes 9 MONTHS) he found and got her the car she wants at the price she wants.

Yet another :-) happy customer

René C. | 2014-10-28

I purchased a 2009 RAV4 from this dealership and my wife and I had a good experience here. The price of the vehicle was right, the quality was right, and the sales people were nice, courtesy, and professional. I financed through them and my rate was cut down ~4% points lower than USAA. We saved a TON by financing with them!

The reason I gave them three stars instead of five was because I originally went to see the car a week before I purchased it, only to find out that it wasn't there...and I couldn't get a clear answer as to when it would be back from service. I had to call and text multiple times before I got a clear story - it was at the Toyota dealership having a batter y replaced and it would be back tomorrow.

I don't think this is a reflection on the sales people, but how the business is organized. They could keep better records in their databases to tell sales people *exactly* what is going on.

Just goes to show - if you want something, you gotta keep at it to get it.

Chris S. | 2014-10-19

Four days to get a new battery (which you have to buy from them) on a three year old Mini. Worse of all they do not keep battery's  in stock! The serve is remarkably even worse than the quality of the cars. Was never given or offered a loaner. AVOID - They are more sleazy and offer worse service than a used car dealership.

Jeanie M. | 2014-10-07

I just bought my CPO 2011 328i from BMW of SA last night. What a great experience! I drove in from Austin to test drive a car I found online. That car did not work out, but they had a similar model on site and after a quick drive, I was hooked. The price was excellent and they worked with me on my trade-in. Very fair dealings and no hassle/pressure. Jeff Cartwright was a true professional. No pressure, took his time on the test drive and with all of my questions and in the end helped to facilitate the deal rather than work against me. I can't think of the last time a deal went so smoothly and this from a single mom of two walking into a luxury car dealership with a Ford Focus for trade. (YIKES!) The finance manager, Craig McCully, was awesome as well. Had all the ducks in a row and a few signatures later, I was on my way. I highly recommend BMW of SA!!!!

Faraaz U. | 2014-08-30

Slow service department. Took forever to get my car out .

Maria A. | 2014-08-30

Worst service department ever. What a RIP OFFFF!!!! Do not have your car serviced here. They charge so much and every time we bring our car for service, we always brought it back because something always broke. We spent so much money on our BMW x3 and they have replaced almost everything and now more things are broken, I am looking for another auto repair shop because we are just so tired of being ripped off.

Chase I. | 2014-08-17

- Walking away with a new BMW

- The first appointment took over an hour because the sales rep double booked an appointment with another customer

- I currently live in Austin. When the car was made available the rep communicated he would drive the car from San Antonio to Austin to make his monthly number. At the end of this month I was on vacation and upon return he said he was no longer allowed to drive the car down because BMW would not pay for him to have a hotel (curious as to why a hotel is needed for the short trip to the ATX).

- Upon signing the final papers, was asked to give him a 100% customer satisfaction rating & if not to discard writing a review

Fidel P. | 2014-07-30

I really love the Free vacuum and car washes!!!!
Had a great buying experience here, they did a good job making sure even after the sale that were were completely satisfied.
The service department on occasion is not on there A game but like everyone else some people just have their days. All it take is just a quick mention to the Service manager and it is FIXED (by the way that was your tip) Also, ,bring your own coffee to drink the machine they have is not good unless that is your thing.

Kris B. | 2014-04-24

After reading some reviews, I was a bit nervous going here. My appt time was at 7am...I showed up at 10 till. There were SA's waiting to welcome me in. I dealt with Lou Gatti who was very professional and quick to get me taken care of. I thoroughly enjoyed coming here and look forward to my next service with them.

Alonso O. | 2014-03-20

I have owned 3 BMWs, One X6 3.5  , X6M and now an amazing 535i GT.
There is nothing LIKE BMW SA.

Recently I made the HUGE mistake of purchasing an Audi to try something a little different...Having been previously spoiled by the  BMW SA SERVICE and their quality customer care is what led me to drop AUDI a year after I bought one, The AUDI Dealership and service really sucks in SAN ANTONIO. I will never go back to AUDI. They have no clue at what is like Caring for their customers.  

Instead, at BMW of San Antonio, the experience is always amazing and has been consistent from the beginning, even back with only my first car purchase.  

Now I have been with BMW of San Antonio for over 3 years. I have have great customer care from my rep in the service department, Mr. Albert Zapata,. Mr. Craig McCully, my first salesman at BMW SA is now the finance manager and he is great and still checks in on me and my family and is very helpful. I have been very happy dealing with my new reps Mr. King and Mr. Kevin Clarke in the Sales Department,.  This is a great dealership with excellent service and you can expect to find somebody trustworthy and reliable who will make it a point to know you personally and treat you like they car.... consistently.... not just when you are buying.

From the moment you enter that location, the friendliness and quality of the service is well noted.

MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR ALL OF US WHO ARE BUSY when you have to turn in your car for service the turn around time of your car is AS PROMISED, (and unlike Audi SA who had the nerve to try to give us some non-audi, american piece of junk sedan loaner when we dropped off our luxury sport car there, BMW gives you a proper loaner as you would expect!!!!!) I have only have been dealing with my service rep Albert, who is remarkably responsive and always on top of his game.    

A lot of cars out there are great these days but not all dealerships will give you the service like a BMW of SA --- Is remarkably good and the way it should be when you spend this kind of money on getting the best cars.


Finally, thankfully BMW gave me a great trade in value for my AUDI so I could dump   AUDI SA and come back home and get a top of the line car with matching level of service.

Good job guys,

A satisfied Customer !! for life


Donovan T. | 2014-02-14

This may sound odd because one would expect 5 Star service at a BMW dealership but that is not always the case. This was the best experience I have ever had at a BMW dealership. I am not accustomed to having world class service at BMW locations. As a military member I have moved around a bit and have had to work with BMW shops around the country. Sad to say I have not been impressed, until now.

At BMW of San Antonio I appreciate how the service center opens before 7am and how friendly the staff is. I had to drop off my Bimmer for a 7am appointment and get to work by 8am, let's just say I made it to work at USAA by 7:35am. I am a very happy camper and so was my boss.
Rio the Assistant Service Manager was very respectful of my time and even asked me if I needed a ride to work. While waiting for my ride to pick me up, I was offered coffee, water and refreshments.

This experience has changed my opinion of the BMW brand. When it was time for me to get a new vehicle I was going to switch to the Mercedes. Now I know I will stay with the BMW family.

NOTE: All this world class service and all I was getting done was an oil change. You might read this and think I received this type of service because I drive an 'M' or a '6 series GranCoupe' but I don't. I am the proud owner of an E46.

Donovan Thomson
Born again BMW fanatic
Semper Fi

Marcos S. | 2014-01-30

Don't expect a call back from them unless they want their loaner back. I was calling every two hours to check on my car and since my "rep" was out on vacation I got transferred too 2 other reps. Every time I called I got put on hold for 5-10 minutes and then someone else would do the same.

      Don't get me wrong the sales center is great but when it comes to the service center it's best to drive to Austin.

Jess C. | 2014-01-16

I brought my 2012 Mini Cooper hardtop into the service department because my check engine light came on. I brought it in 5 mins before closing and instead of turning me away or asking me to come back tomorrow they took complete care of my vehicle and set me up with repairs. They always called to give me updates on the status of my car. I think their customer service is excellent! Very genuine people and I was blown away. I had horrible experience with checkered flag mini in Virginia beach and was extremely hesitant to work with another dealership. But these guys really changed my mind. I recommend them entirely. Honest and productive customer service. I only choose these guys!

Steve S. | 2014-01-04

This place sucks, i've heard plenty of stories about the culture here and it was confirmed when I visited myself. I drive all the way to Austin to get work done on my car. When i googled it that's a 190 mile round trip. 3 hrs to avoid this place! Proceed with caution.

(Btw: I posted this same comment on their Facebook wall, It received multiple replies telling the same story.  They deleted it, so instead of taking an opportunity to try and reach out they just swept it under the rug.)

kevin c. | 2013-11-13

Avoid having your BMW serviced here at all costs. Terrible is an understatement...

My stepfather is 68, he took his 2007 5-series to the San Antonio BMW dealership for a new battery this week (ugh). Unfortunately I didn't find out about it until afterwards or I would have saved him from being ripped off... get this: they charged him $275 for a battery, and $140 for labor to install it and program the car to the battery (resetting the car, so it knows it's a new battery and will adjust the amount of current the alternator sends to it for charging). $415 total to put in a **** battery!!! What a great place, way to rip off an old man who didn't understand that he could have gone somewhere else for 1/4 of the price.

I called the dealership, spoke to the Service Dept manager, Ivan, to return the battery or get the bill adjusted. Total waste of time. He told me, "Well sir the book says we can charge 1.4 hours of labor for a battery change, and we charge our customers less than that, so we're actually helping them out! If he'd gone to BMW Dallas or BMW Houston, it would have been even more." Oh great, so your defense to ripping off a 68 year old man is basically, 'Well we ripped him off but BMW Dallas and Houston would have ripped him off even more.'

This is why BMW of San Antonio had to hang a huge banner up a few years ago that said "NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" They have had a terrible reputation for years, and it's well earned. I own a 3-series convertible, and I would never take it to them. If you take your BMW there, be ready to join my stepfather in the "I got ripped off by BMW San Antonio" crowd.

Service: F-
Value: F-
Ability to rip off the elderly with no second thoughts: A+

Eric L. | 2013-11-01

I just bought a car from them today. Let me just tell you, Internet Sales is the way to go. You don't get all the high pressure from someone in person and you can discuss things at your own pace. I got the deal of a lifetime on a brand new X1 and I'm incredibly happy with it. I worked with Tim Navarrete. He and their sales manager Michael King were very professional. I live in Austin and he was very attentive and worked with me with such care that it didn't matter to me that I drove all the way over there. He was able to work with me and I could tell that he would do whatever it took to make me happy. I've never seen any dealership go to such lengths to do what it took to give great service. If you're in the market for a BMW, you need to email Tim. He WILL take care of you.

P Luly W. | 2013-10-20

Service department is open Monday - Saturday 7am to 6pm

I made a 7am appointment for a Saturday two weeks in advance.  My husband and I  showed up at 6:50am for our appointment.   There were already 5 other vehicles in the service bay.  We pulled in and stayed in our vehicle while the service advisors checked in the other cars.

7:05am My husband & I were finally acknowledged & led to the waiting area.  We were told someone would be with us soon to discuss our issues.

7:13am Service advisor Lou finally came to ask us what was wrong with our vehicle.  We've dealt with Lou before & asked him if they had overbooked for the morning.  He said no.  Saturdays are notoriously busy and people just showed up.

So ok, people are bound to just pop in without appointments.  But I think people with appointments should have priority!  We were the only ones that morning with the a 7am appointment.  This isn't the first time at this dealership that this has happened to us.  We would make an appointment and end up waiting anyway.  Not cool!  What's the point of making an appointment, right?!

Lou apologized for making us wait so long.  Lou is a very nice and has always tried to take care of us.  So I don't blame him personally.  I am unhappy with how this dealership is managed overall.  

Our issue this week required that we leave our vehicle for a few days.  Roxanne was able to give us a loaner car.  Thank goodness for that.  

Here's the thing....

We've owned BMWs since 2000 & we've lived all over the U.S. & Guam.  At every other BMW dealerships, we've always received excellent service.  Our appointments times are always honored.  We are usually greeted by calm, cool, collected service advisors who take the time to discuss our needs.  Then we are always kept in the loop with what's going on with vehicle with several follow-up calls.  

Not here!  There never seems to be enough service providers or mechanics.  Everyone always look harried and overworked.  Perhaps the management at this dealership think they can do whatever because it is the only BMW dealership in town.  That is unfortunate for us customers who are at their mercy.   Good thing our time in San Antonio is only temporary.  Otherwise, I would really have to take issues with management here.  As it is, I've already voiced my discontent.

Hiep N. | 2013-08-23

It's alright here not all that great, but where else do you go to buy a BMW, so you deal with what you have.

Curt C. | 2013-08-02

I wasn't blown away by this BMW dealership. It seems to be the only one in town, so they've got a lock on the market, and don't have to try very hard. Come on! What happened to efficient German work ethic?!
I showed up, and was told that my car work wouldn't take very long, 30 to 45 minutes, tops. It took an hour and a half. I was not pleased.
At least they offer free bottled water in the waiting area.
But they did wash my car, and did a fair job at it.
The service rep whom I worked with was nice, and friendly. The ones who worked behind the desk at the dealership weren't as nice. I was glad to get outta there.

Chuck S. | 2013-07-19

We owned five BMW's and they are excellent vehicles and had great experiences when the dealership was on Fred Rd. but the new dealership pushed us over to Lexus. After returning there with my daughter to get service on her Mini I was reminded how poorly managed this place is and bordering on dishonest. I wonder how such a finely manufactured vehicle puts there dealership in the hands of bad management? Buyer beware....

Robert N. | 2013-03-09

I live in Austin and had heard that BMW San Antonio provides superior customer service than BMW Austin. This rumor was confirmed for me these past two weeks when a turbo on my 2008 335i gave out while I was in San Antonio on business. I took my car to BMW SA and was assigned a service advisor by the name of Lou Gatti. This is the guy you want to ask for when you go to BMW SA. Lou worked with the technician to identify my problem and ended up getting approximately $10,000 worth of repairs covered under a BMW SIB (i.e. BMW had a recall on the turbos and issued a service bulletin and extended warranty for the turbos). Lou discovered a few other items that needed to be fixed, which were covered under my extended warranty with CarMax (Maxcare - great extended warranty - has paid for a ton), so my only out of pocket cost was $300. I'm glad Lou discovered these additional issues, because now my car won't have to go back to the shop for a while. Lou had the car delivered to my office in Austin. I appreciate Lou's great work and that of the technicians at BMW SA and will be making the trip to San Antonio the next time my car needs a major service. Thank you BMW San Antonio!

Glen R. | 2013-01-02

First let me just say that I bought my first BMW in Germany (back in 1993) and had serviced there in Germany for the first three yrs--great service hands down--but then we're talking about Germany. This BMW dealership was originally located at another location between 1996-1999--my first service experience--and it was below average then. Long wait, lousy waiting area, no loaner if you had high ticket repair costs or even a car wash. At that time, I told myself I would never buy another BMW as long as I lived in SA, because the only other option was to drive to Austin and I didn't want to. In 1999 I moved to Dayton, OH (small town with two BMW dealerships) and ended up buying two of them (a 00' 528i and 01' 530i) because the sales/service/parts department were outstanding--period. Fast-forward a few years after living in Washington, DC, Colorado Springs, Virginia Beach and now back to SA.  Took my BMWs to a BMW dealership at each of those locations (minus SA) for regular oil changes, recurring maintenance, etc. and their prices, service was outstanding. Even got a free loaner on several occasions for major work that wasn't covered by warranty. When I moved back to SA last year, I figured I schedule an appointment to get an oil change. I was just leaving the Houston city limits when I decided to call this dealership to see how much they wanted--they quoted me over $150. I had to call them twice because I thought I had misunderstood the quote. No--they wanted more than $150. My last oil/filter change a few months earlier at a Virginia dealership was $68. Never paid more then about $70 at any other dealership in America. If this is what they charge for a simple oil/filter change after the warranty period is over on your new BMW--what will they charge you for routine (out of warranty) maintenance? I can't imagine myself putting down some serious cash at this place for maintenance--especially since it seems they haven't improved their service. You just can't open a new location and expect things to change for the better. That seems to be the case here. Don't let that free BMW maintenance (for the first few years) fool you--you'll eventually have to take there to get it repaired at their prices. Good Luck.

1/3/2012 Update: Decided to call their parts department to inquire about a small electrical part. I had checked prices from out of town dealerships before calling the SA location. This dealership marked up their price by 63%!  Need I say more? I went ahead and ordered my part from other dealership and even after shipping and taxes--I still came out ahead. Some people might not care about throwing away their money--but wait until you have to replace water pump, belts, etc.

Trey E. | 2012-07-28

Complacency is the only thing that can lead to this kind of environment.  With no other BMW dealers anywhere close, if you have a Bimmer or want one, you only have one option and it's not good.  Slow service, no guaranteed loaners, confusion all around, and a waiting area that makes you think you're in a Ford dealership.

Patrick C. | 2011-11-29

If you live in San Antonio, and absolutely, positively want a BMW, I guess you have to come here. Lack of competition, however, breeds complacency.

My wife bought her car here, and has never had a good service experience here. I don't have the time for all the stories, but here' s an example. She called and made a service appointment for a Saturday morning. When she arrived, the people in service didn't even have her on the schedule: "Did you make an appointment?" My wife had to actually show them the email that she received from them confirming the appointment. "Oh, I guess we'll take your car then." Car stayed there until Tuesday, which was the first chance anyone could look at the car. To their credit, they gave her a loaner, but this is the kind of disorganization that drives busy customers nuts.

Also to their credit, this is an improvement over the previous visit, where she was just ignored for half an hour despite having an appointment.

As an added bonus, somebody there got the bright idea to set a maintenance reminder for when her vehicle sticker expired. Who was the genius that came up with this? Who wants to go to the BMW dealer (requiring an appointment which they then forget) when they could get an inspection sticker down the street. It shows no respect for their customers' time.

Other repairs were incompletely done or forgotten completely until it was time to pick up the car. It was little things like pieces of trim hanging from the back brake light or replacement cup-holders that don't open.

Next car: Lexus

Chris L. | 2011-05-14

Showroom is fantastic and nothing short of what you would expect to see from a BMW dealership.  Staff was all super friendly...with the exception of one fella who thought he was too good to say, "Hello" or "Welcome, how can I help you?"

Good location & great selection of BMW goodness.  The service department is really squared away, friendly and went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed.

I get a great car wash for free when I go in can't complain there!  If you're going to buy a beamer...go here, good people!

Annalise P. | 2011-04-22

I bought my MINI Cooper here and I've taken it here multiple times to have the oil changed (while under warranty). The experience I had purchasing the car was fantastic and every time I return annually for the oil change I am treated with great customer service & receive a complementary loner car.

Ingrid M. | 2011-01-16

Although I did not get my car until two days after the date they had told me and they charged me more for the services rendered than the original quote, my car is fixed and I am happy.  The fact that I had a loaner the entire time made it easier to forgive the extra two days at the shop.  In addition, the employees were always very friendly and attentive (greeting everyone, offering coffee and pastries, etc...).

J C. | 2010-08-02

Horrible swindlers.  Took in a car with a blown coolant system (known issue in that model).  They charged me $200 to "pressure test" a broken system, then quoted me an exorbitant amount to fix it.  I understand it's a BMW, and I respect the car and it's workmanship, but these people are crooks.  I wish Yelp would let me give zero stars.

Charles O. | 2010-02-24

THIS PLACE SUCKS FOR REPAIRS!!!!! I took my X5 in for a simple alternator and battery and dropped $2500 and when i picked it up the windows, locks, and mirrors did not work. Also with the warning lights on the dash-one that said "DOOR OPEN" kept chiming every 5 minutes while going 65 mph down 281. I puled over several times ON THE HIGHWAY to check the doors. Everything was fine when the car went to the service center but when receiving the car back all hell broke free!!! I HATE THIS SERVICE CENTER. NOT TO MENTION THEIR LABOR RATE OS ABOUT 5 TIMES THE NORMAL!!!!