Benson Honda in San Antonio, TX

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Benson Honda serves Honda owners' sales, service and parts needs all across the South Central Texas area. With our Promo Pricing Program, we have made car buying easy. Come in and select your vehicle from our large number of Promo Priced Vehicles at the posted prices.


Established in 1969.

The Benson family opened San Antonio's first Honda dealership in 1969. Since then, Benson Honda has been serving Honda owners' sales, service and parts needs in the San Antonio and South Central Texas area. Our goal is to give you the best value for your money and to see that you are totally satisfied every time you visit our dealership.

Benson Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 341-1356
Address:9100 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78216
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Benson Honda

ContraBandit S. | 2015-04-13

Worst experience EVER! Omg I thought Gunn Honda was bad. There is a reason these clowns never show up on "best of" lists. First off, the fellow who greeted me (if you could call an eye roll a greeting) was incredibly terse. No hello, no good morning, no how are you...basic customer service greeting was clearly beyond his give a damn. I just wanted an oil change and after 3 short questions I handed him my keys which he literally threw into my seat. Super unprofessional and really rude. I was swiftly ushered into a nice waiting room (which really is all that is nice about the place), and told it would be about an hour...well, two hours later I get a call that my car isn't ready, but they did have time to try and upsell me overpriced parts ($99 for a filter? Please. Try $14 for the same brand on Amazon and a 5 minute change), additionally I had it replaced at a different dealership that isn't totally shady 2 months ago. After literally saying no 3 times they said my car would be another 15-20 minutes. Guy who was "helping" me was rushed, rude, unprofessional, and couldn't be bothered to even say thankyou, just to remind me to be nice on the survey (lol). He literally refused to give me my keys back after I paid. He basically treated me like cat trash implying I know nothing of mechanics or actual cost of autorepair.

As I was leaving my key broke while in the ignition. I had no issue getting it out myself, but obviously needed a replacement. Up to this point I had been nothing but cordial to these neanderthals. I went right back in and said my key broke and I needed a replacement. The service manager immediately rushed over, snatched my keys from my hand violently and ripped my key fob open. He then said it looks like it had been glued together and accused me of trying to scam him or something? Bro, I literally just wanted a new key. It was 2 years old anyway. I told him I did not appreciate being accused of something when the only person to drive my vehicle has been myself and Honda dealerships. He again said "Well somebody did it" in a condescending tone. He tried to intimidate me by getting in my face and proceeded to violently place his hand on my shoulder. I was shocked at his level of arrogance. I asked the price of a new FOB, he (of course) had no clue and again I was violently shoulder pushed into the key cutting area. The kid working there was nice and I blame him for nothing. Anyway, the service manager then decided that he would "help me out and not charge for my fob programming" and demanded I tell him where my vehicle was parked. He repeatedly tried to intimidate me into getting a new key, which at this point, I would've paid twice as much to not be physically assaulted and verbally abused by a middle aged man. Keep in mind, I am a petite female and he felt the need to push me around. I let them know I would simple go elsewhere and if need be call a mobile locksmith to the parking lot. He again demanded my key and again yanked it from my hand. I was completely appalled by his lack of respect for not just a customer but another human being (no wonder the employees under him are rude!) He finally told me he would replace my key for free, which was fine, but I wasn't asking for a hand out. I would have paid full price had he not decided to assault and accuse me of lying. Upon further inspection of my old key, I noticed ZERO glue, just dusty buildup. So not only was I accused of being shady, but the accusation was built upon a lie trying to get me to shovel out more money. My key was made a tossed nonchalantly on the table. I said thanks and left.


Simply pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. The General manager/owner should be ashamed of himself for allowing his business to become a den of bullies and abusers.

I am not one to be pushed around nor intimidated, I feel terrible for other customers who have had to deal with this person.  I should have filed a police report as soon as he grabbed my arm. People like Jeff Smith the "service manager" need not be in service jobs or around humans.

Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Joshua A. | 2015-04-03

If you're thinking of going here... Don't! We went in looking at a new car and were treated horribly.  We had to go back several times, the salesman never remembered us, and even took notes that he failed to follow up on. The service manager talked to us like we were a couple of idiots. It's the worst car buying experience I've ever had. Needless to say we did not buy here. We went to a competitor, and had a much better experience. Don't do it!

Lindsey G. | 2015-03-04

Do NOT stay and wait on your car if you can help it. They told us it would take and hour and a half, hour and forty five tops. Took over 4 hours for an OIL CHANGE ONLY! We watched people come and go for 4 hours. Empty waiting from. Terrible.

Phillip K. | 2015-01-20

I purchased a used Honda Civic that left me stranded on HWY 281, so I had it towed to the nearest dealer to have it checked over and to get the radiator fixed.  And, of course they gouged me for $1300 - the car itself is barely worth that.  Great....   I'd stay away and have any repairs done elsewhere.

Bread B. | 2015-01-03

Sleazy sales tactics by the online sales team. I negotiated a price by email on a specific car that was listed on the website. When I showed up, that car did not exist and I was shown a significantly more expensive one. I will never return here for sales or service.

Raina B. | 2014-12-02

I had the worst experience of my life at this dealership. Car shopping and dealing with car salesmen is stressful enough... but the guy that helped me was extremely rude, monotone, uncaring, and flat out uninterested in helping me. I was ready to write a check in full for my purchase but instead I walked out and I will never return again. There are plenty of other Honda dealerships in the sea Benson. You really should give your employees some customer service training. Your employees can shut your business down with their lack of attention customers need when car shopping.

Marty B. | 2014-09-20

Their service department has been successful at implementing the DMV service model, even with an appointment!   Staff told me my service need would take 1 and a half hours so instead of having someone pick me up to do other things I stuck around. The job ended up taking 4 hours and I sat there with a waiting room full of other just as irritated people. I understand shift issues come up that delay service but a courtesy update or smile would've gone a long way. Staff seems upset to be there and are not helpful or friendly. I will never return and recommend others stay away.

Franco L. | 2014-08-15

I took my car here yesterday and my service advisor Alvin explained everything correctly and no pressure,  they fixed my car perfectly I guess lol but I was impressed and how Alvin handled my claim he put me on a rental car and today in the morning my car was readt and even clean I would recommend this place my last review from honda of oxnard wasnt that great thank to a bunch of idiots but this place and theyre people know how to treat you right BENSON HONDA ROCKS

Hari N. | 2014-08-13

They do not keep up their word on price. They told me that they can provide $500 discount over my current quote from another dealer. They asked me to come. Once I went in they said they can't do it and they can't even match. Their price is $1000 over the other dealer price.

Darren D. | 2014-06-02

I wouldn't recommend this dealership. After a week of negotiating, each call felt like we had never spoken to them before, even though we were dealing with the same salesperson.  The director was a stereotypical car salesman and sounded so insincere and talked down to us.  Finally with two cars they showed us the sticker which looked good, but then after test drives and starting the negotiating it turns out they had thousands of dollars of after market upgrades.  After much frustration they could not get us to where we felt comfortable.  We went to a local competitor and got more than our originally requested model, more for our trade in and several thousand off sticker.  Please look at all Honda dealers in San Antonio before buying here.

Melissa C. | 2014-05-28

Excellent experience with Susie Delafuente.
I highly recommend her. She listens to the customers needs and always puts
the customer first!!!! Can't wait to go buy another car from Susie. I highly recommend Benson Honda to all my family & friends!

Emily W. | 2014-05-27

Vivian Aguon,  great sales woman to go to. We Got a great deal from her and worked well with us.  Very polite and kind. Loved the service!

April K. | 2014-05-20

It was time for my husband to buy a car, we drove from Austin to San Antonio since he found a car online they had for sale that he wanted.  It was April 22nd, of 2014. We showed up at the appointed time, test drove the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, went back and forth and got a very good deal after negotiating with them for an hour or more.  During the test drive there was an issue which Benson Honda guaranteed they would get fixed, and have the vehicle delivered to us in Austin in two days, it should not be a problem according to the mechanic.  

We signed the paperwork, turned over the check from the bank, and left with the assurance it would be delivered once the vehicle was fixed.  We waited, called trying to found out three days later where the vehicle was, then were told they had to send it to Toyota since they did not have the right equipment to fix it.  Funny since they have a brand new maintenance facility with all brand new equipment, which was just recently completed.

In the meantime the check cleared the bank and we received the tags and new plates.  One week and two days later my husband received a phone call from Benson Honda stating they could not sell us the Toyota Hybrid that we already owned, due to Toyota stating it was deemed unsafe to drive.  There was no information in the Car Fax report and according to Toyota should not be sold or driven.  
Benson Honda after 25 days of my husband calling the bank and calling the dealership and getting sent to voicemail, finally canceled the contract and finally returned the check to the bank.  During that entire time the dealership only called once in response to my husbands calls.  He sent eight emails and received two responses from the eight with no answer on the status of the situation from the dealership.  In the meantime, my husband is still out a vehicle, we never saw the vehicle again in person.  
NOW FOR THE SWITCH AND BAIT.  My husband is still searching for a vehicle, he went online looking for another Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and lo and behold on Monday May 19th, there is the exact same Highlander for sale again at Benson Honda, with the same exact VIN number, the same vehicle we were told was unsafe and they needed to cancel the contract.  Apparently we got too good a deal and they were losing money, so what to do, cancel the contract with a lie, then resell the car.  
Moral of the story, do not buy a car from this dealership, they will screw you over then hold on to the vehicle and lie about it being unsafe.  
We have reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

Heba A. | 2014-05-16

Avoid Benson Honda (service center) at ALL costs! DO NOT buy their bumper to bumper car warranty-it's worthless and they lie! Terrible customer service! I bought a 2013 pilot touring recently with bumper to bumper warranty/extended warranty. This is their most expensive car and they wanted me to pay everything out of pocket from going across a pothole! I mean think about it, if it's a brand new car and simply going across a pothole can burst a tire, destroy the rim and suspension, steering wheel is out of alignment ... Then their cars are a piece of crap to begin with!!! And warranty won't cover it??? Really?!! They said their waiting time for me was 1.5 hrs. After 2 hrs with an irritated and fussy baby, I go in and ask Myra about my car...."they were too busy, they haven't gotten to my car yet!" And all I needed at this point was a new wheel and rim. Then she says it'll be ready the next day because they need to wait for those parts. Well great, I could've left earlier! I made sure to ask them if they checked over everything to make sure that nothing else is wrong with it...and she said yes. Come in the next day to pick it up, the rim is scratched and has lube all over... They couldn't even shine it before handing it back to the customer!!! Drive it on the highway and I notice the steering wheel is out of alignment. But I did ask them to check on everything! Brought it back to them the same day. The manager (Kent Thompson) response is no, I declined having it checked further and that "he was standing right there and heard me decline it". And that was an utter lie, I did not say that. How could I know that something is wrong with my car and decline to check it?????!!!!!  C'mon is damn common sense! I already paid the $68 for tire pressure sensor but another $800 for alignment and everything else that you failed to catch the first time around is a disgrace! So much for bumper to bumper warranty! In any case, you need to stand behind your customers, bend over backwards to make them happy.... And I am definitely not a happy camper today! Do NOT buy their warranty-- it is worthless! We pay $800/mo for this car for a reason--to avoid something like this with all the warranties! Once fixed, we will be selling this car due to the terrible customer service. Honda, you lost a beloved customer today! And I am never going back! Will tell everyone I know about this!!

Joy D. | 2014-05-14

Went to Benson Honda today at 4PM. I wanted to get their best price on a 2014 Civic EX and see what they could offer on my trade-in. Pretty simple and straightforward. I didn't even need to drive the Civic. There were at least 10 sales people and managers outside and on the sales floor. I did not see any other customers. My salesperson was new and had to keep asking other people for assistance. Without ever answering my original questions, she asked me to sign a paper saying I would buy a car today. My  emphatic "no" sent her scurrying from the cubicle for more  assistance. She came back with a manager and he couldn't answer my questions either. At 5:45 I asked for the keys to my vehicle back, (potential trade-in).  Big surprise, they hadn't even looked at it. Unless you have a lot of time to waste, don't bother shopping for a car here. If it's this bad on a slow Wednesday afternoon...

Sakshi M. | 2014-05-03

Worst experience at a car dealership....ever , inattentive , inexperienced , arrogant staff.Very disappointing.

Cory C. | 2014-04-12

We have bought two vehicles here now, my wife's CRV in 2012 and my Ridgeline in 2014. Both experiences were great. The salesmen were not pushy and were extremely helpful. As long as we live in the area, we will be sticking with Hondas and only buying from Benson.

Helen D. | 2014-01-27

I was very leery of getting my vehicle serviced here after reading the reviews. I only decided to come here because of the close proximity from my office.

I'm glad I decided to stick it out rather than get my keys and go elsewhere.

Corey was great from start to finish. He never once tried to up sell me any services. I explained to him that I was on my "lunch" so he had me in and out in just under an hour. He explained to me the services performed with my regular oil change and even gave me a detailed print out. I will definitely come back again for my next service need.

Thanks Corey for taking such good care of me!!!

Carrie B. | 2013-12-29

So Honda ended up calling me for a follow-up survey, and I told them exactly what I thought of the service I received.  Within a couple of days, I got a call from Benson, offering free use of a rental car if I would bring the car back in for them to look at.  I took them up on it and appreciated the free rental car, but when I got my car back, it still wasn't fixed.

I finally ended up taking it directly to Auto Extras (their audio contractor), and it was fixed within an hour for free.  I have no idea what the problem was the first two times, but I'm glad to have this over.

Jeffrey L. | 2013-11-15

fantastic buying experience start to finish.  After a few days of working out details by phone/text, wife and I picked up our new Accord last night. Carolina was our sales person, and we couldn't have been happier with her assistance, both last night in person, and during the pre-sale communications/negotiations.  She was friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, patient and accomodating, always available by cel (even when she was not at work), and simply a joy to have dealt with.  We got a deal significantly better than what I was finding in Austin area (where I live), and the transaction went smoothly, without so much as a minor surprise or hitch.

I read the few negative posts, and was initially a bit hesitant to commit to this dealership, but my experience was 5-star in every respect.

Ian closed the financial deal, and his work was equally commendable.  Efficient, friendly and clear in his explainations of the numbers and paperwork.

Dealership even stayed open 10 minutes late for us to complete transaction (allowing us to drive down on a weekday evening).  Carolina stayed even 20 minutes longer, going over electronics in car, syncing our bluetooth phones, etc.

we requested addition of a spoiler on our vehicle.  Benson did not have part, but ordered, received and installed one in approx 48 hrs, allowing us to take delivery of car much earlier than I anticipated.

we did not do a trade-in and no prob's with financing, so this was a pretty simple transaction...  but as everyone knows, many dealerships can find a way to screw something up (or hit you with some surprise) even in the simplest purchases.  not here.  flawless transation.

Kudos and big thanks again to Carolina and Ian - they're valuable assets to this dealership, and I'd gladly do business with them and with this dealership again!

John T. | 2013-10-28

Always excellent customer service, decent pricing.  Nice people.    And they are Saint's Fan's. :D

Angelo L. | 2013-10-28

I just bought a CR-V from Benson Honda and am glad I did.  Kewause Thomas was an excellent representative and very knowledgeable on the vehicles I was interested in which helped me to narrow down my selection.  He worked with his manager to get the best possible offer for me and managed to work out a great deal for my trade in.  Add in the extras that was provided, and you can say I felt very confident that I made the right decision when I drove off the lot.  The finance specialist that assisted me with the paperwork was also helpful and contrary to another review here, did go over the optional GAP insurance with me and explained all financing options in detail.  I was pleasantly surprised and appreciative of the service given at Benson Honda and look forward to maintaining a positive relationship at this location.

Chris J. | 2013-10-22

Wish I had read the other reviews first! I've been here for 4 hrs. Service I needed: 1 new headlamp installed and a state inspection. Guy told me an hour and a half. Will NEVER come here again. Definitely wouldn't buy a car from them. STAY AWAY!

Leezia D. | 2013-08-14

ZERO STARS. Here's a small part of the letter that I wrote to the general manager at Benson Honda:

"The week before we purchased the CRV [from Benson Honda], my family bought an Infiniti from a different dealership. In the weeks ahead, we received multiple follow up phone calls from the salespeople at Nissan who wanted to see if we were having a positive experience with our new car. You bet that we'll surely return to that dealership to buy our next car. But NOT ONCE has ANYONE from your dealership proactively reached out to me to inquire about my experience shopping at Benson Honda. (Consider this: in my subsequent conversations with you, Brian, Mike and other Benson Honda employees, not ONE of you has ever asked me if I was satisfied with my purchase. This is not a difficult nor unreasonable feat -- it requires someone picking up a phone and taking appx 5 minutes to have a conversation that is likely to cement customer loyalty.) And nor have any of you ever initiated contact with me about the spoiler and floor mats, which were promised to us by Brian Crum as part of the purchase.

When we came in to your dealership over a month ago to speak with Mike O'Connor, he told us that our salesperson, Brian Crum, has previously been in trouble for promising extra parts and features to customers in order to make a sale. Mike told us that these guarantees went unfulfilled due to financial constraints at the dealership.

The truth is that your dealership's financial situation is not my responsibility -- it's yours, it's Mike O'Connor's and it's Brian Crum's. I make no apologies for the "deal" I received on this purchase. If you cannot deliver on the promises you have provided to customers, then you never should've made those deals in the first place. It is one thing to tell me about the dealership's financial constraints within the first week or so of my purchase, but to give me the run-around for TWO MONTHS is completely unreasonable. It is insulting and it shows a deep lack of consideration and respect for me as a customer and for the paycheck that I earn. It's also clear that your salesperson was aware of this financial information when he promised me these extra features. Where I come from, this behavior is called "fraud."

John, I'm upholding my end of our bargain by paying my monthly car payments, but your salespeople have dropped the ball on providing even the most basic common courtesy that involves calling customers to inquire about their shopping experience with your dealership. I suspect this is because the reviews you'd receive would be far less than "glowing," as supported by your business's 1.5-star rating on Yelp. And in case you haven't read any of those reviews, the majority of posters note a similar experience with terrible customer service at Benson Honda. It makes sense that your dealership's financial situation would improve greatly if your team took a moment to appreciate the buyers who enable your paycheck.

Above all, it's really not that difficult for a business to show that you actually care about your customers. In my experience, the care afforded to customers of Benson Honda ends when my dollars are in your employees' pockets. I would never recommend your services to anyone, and you bet I've told each of my colleagues at [my workplace] about your team's quality of care."

Robert M. | 2013-04-25

Went to Benson since I heard they were highly respected and usually do good deals.
In my particular case, this wasn't so. I was not told about the OPTIONAL gap insurance which was automatically added and I had no choice but to get the Accord with a stripe on the sides (another $1400). I very much feel like I was taken advantage of as a young adult and wish I had walked out.

Sara V. | 2013-03-21

This is for the service center only:

I usually go to Gillman Honda for any services I need for my car but I decided to try Benson since it was a few miles closer to my office.  That was a mistake.  I will never go here again.  I'll drive the few extract miles to go to Gillman.

After getting an oil change Benson told me that I needed over $800 worth of services done.  What?!  I had just gone to Gillman for the last oil change a few months earlier and they hadn't mentioned any of this to me.  So I was suspicious.  It turns out that one of the $200 services Benson said needed I had done just a 1.5 years ago and didn't need it again for 30,000 more miles.  I took my car back to Gillman and asked them what they thought needed to be done. Out of the four services Benson said I needed the guys at  Gillman said I actually only needed two of them and those were more like things that are good to get done (like coolant and brake flushes) instead of have to get done.  Gillman also charged me $50 or more less for each service.  Another thing about Benson is that their waiting area is small, cramped, and very grungy.  

Do not go here for service!

Frances L. | 2012-12-19

I do not actually have any experience buying a car from Benson, but I could have!  I was pricing around at multiple Honda dealerships for the best price on 2013 Honda Accord LXs.

Benson and Fernandez honda were the two finalists.  Benson actually offered a lower bottom line price, but then Fernandez agreed to match it. I informed "Lou Lou" of the Sales staff at Benson of this, and asked her if she could beat the price, or sweeten the pot (free car washes, etc).  

"Well, i know what they (Fernandez Honda) told you over the phone, but they won't hold true to it.  Here's what we tell people.  Go into the other dealership, and if they really hold true to the price they quoted you on the phone, get it in writing and bring it back to us at Benson."

I went into Fernandez, they did hold true to the price quoted on the phone (which was the same bottom line as Benson), and at that point I was tired of  negotiating and I bought from Fernandez.  Good Job Benson, Instead of lowering your price 10 bucks, you sent me to your competitor on the hunch that they were lying.  They in fact, weren't, and I an now the owner of an accord bought from Fernandez honda.

Christopher J. | 2012-12-10

Benson Honda, you're freaking ridiculous.

Last week, I came in to get my oil changed.  The night before, I made an appointment online, I figured since I was doing that, my Accord will be able to be serviced faster.  WRONG.  I get there at 11:50 that morning, and wait for my car until 1:45 after finally being driven out to the bay area.  When I see my car, I tell the service advisor I'd like to pay out since I have to go to work soon, "UM, you're just going to have to wait, you're not the only person ready to leave" and then proceeds to bitch out the other service advisors around him.  You're an idiot, bro.  

$40 and a waste of time, I do not plan on returning to Benson.  I'd rather go back to Gunn and be harassed by them, or drive to Austin and go to First Texas Honda. Psh!

Joe N. | 2012-09-16

I took my vehicle into Benson Honda on Friday. My issue was with the driver's seat in my Civic and while making the u-turn at San Pedro I noticed my car made a whine as if the power steering level was low.

I spoke with the service advisor Dan. I told him that I had a very limited window of time and that I absolutely had to be driving by 10:30 AM (it was 8:25 when i arrived). I told him to also see if he could top off the power steering fluid because I suspected it was low.

For the next two hours I sat there, and sat there and sat there. My initial complaint should have taken 5 minutes to diagnose so I was not at all happy I was still sitting there when I had told him I needed to be driving already. I finally see him and he waves me over. I think he has my vehicle already because I told him I had to be driving already. Nope, the car is still in the bay. While he tries to tell me what they found I tell him to send for the car because I was out of time.

Then he proceeds to tell me I need a new seat frame for the drivers seat. I kind of expected that. Then he tells me its $1000 for the seat frame. Then I become concerned.

He then proceeds to tell me I have a really BAD leak in my power steering pump and that he was glad I had brought it in. I ask how much the pump replacement is and he says over $700. Now keep in mind, in the '03 Civic the power steering pump is in the front of the car, easy to access and is held on by 4 bolts and two hoses. In no way is replacing a power steering pump a $700 job as the pump itself is only $110 brand new.

I respectfully decline and wait another 15 minutes while they can't seem to figure out why they can't bring my car up. I finally complain to someone else who gets Dan who then goes out and drives the car around for me. At this point I am late and pissed. Then he reminds me of the $110 fee just for looking over the car. So they waste my time, want to overcharge me for repairs and now I'm out $110.

I then decide to start figuring out what its going to cost me elsewhere for this power steering pump. Firestone - $375. Meineke - $330. No one in town wanted to charge more than $375 to install a brand new power steering pump in this car. I buy the pump and call a friend. Head to her house and we start looking for this mystery leak.

TWO SOLID HOURS of looking and the pump, the seals, the entire damn system is bone dry. The power steering belt is a bit old and cracked so we put a new one on ($18 at Autozone) and fill the resevoir which was a little low (didnt I tell him that was probably the case?). We then proceed to test for another hour and never find a single drop leaking anywhere.

Benson Honda Service department tried to scam me on so many levels. First they reported a problem I did not have. Second they tried to charge me nearly DOUBLE what everyone else in town wanted to charge me. Third, they wasted my time with their inefficiency and complete disregard for my time. This is why people call and make appointments!

STAY AWAY from this place. I will be writing a certified letter to the General Manager tomorrow requesting a thorough investigation into the scam artists he has working for him.

Happy M. | 2012-07-29

The waitng room for the service department was very old and rundown.  However, they did have free water and cofee.  I would go to Gunn Honda instead.

Crystal S. | 2012-05-24

My car buying experience was about average. The problem is after driving off the lot. The car had no floor mats and I was told by the finance manager that they would be receiving a shipment of vehicles and he could "snag some from one of them." Fair enough. So I wait and wait. A week has passed since the shipment of cars were to arrive, so I call. Nope, no floor mats for me. Was never able to get in touch with the finance manager who promised them, so I called service next. Service says the mats are  over $200! Ummm, hello?!?! I bought the car and it should've come with them. So I call the showroom 3 more times. I left voicemail messages the first two times and was told by the receptionist the third time that SHE would order them. That was at the end of January 2012. Called service one last time to see if they'd arrived and, of course, they hadn't even been ordered. Bad, bad, bad, Benson Honda! BAD!

A. Tyson S. | 2011-09-08

Simple oil change with an appointment takes 2 hours!  Really?  Jiffy Lube can manage it in 10 minutes.  The techs are friendly and clean waiting area but seriously 2 hours out of my Saturday is absurd.

Sarah L. | 2011-06-28

Benson has been disappointment after disappointment.   Poor customer service, poor negotiating by sales staff, financing messed up the contract 10 times.  The vehicle was 'delivered' poorly - they didn't put the front license plate bracket on the car and never reviewed the vehicles features.   Suggestion...go to Gunn if you want a Honda.   I am only giving 2 stars because Hondas as vehicles are good if you can get past all the games of this staff.