Alamo Toyota in San Antonio, TX

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We offer New Toyota Cars, Trucks, SUVS and Scion Cars. We service all Toyota, Lexus and Scion models. We offer all makes of preowned Cars, Trucks, and SUVs. We have financing on site and also have a full service parts and body shop.


Established in 1973.

Family owned and operated since 1973. We are San Antonio's oldest Toyota dealership. We just built our new and luxurious showroom at 281 & 1604.

Alamo Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 494-1604
Address:18019 N US Hwy 281, San Antonio, TX, 78232
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Alamo Toyota

Wireless W. | 2015-04-01

Avoid Alamo Toyota.  They will use trickery to get you to buy a car.  Be very careful of the "hidden" things in the contract.

Zain B. | 2015-03-23

If you read nothing else, do note the following - GO TO NORTH PARK TOYOTA. THEY KNOW HOW TO TREAT CUSTOMERS. It is a bit of a drive (35/410) but it's so much better than Alamo Toyota.

Now, to speak of our experience at Alamo Toyota. We made an appointment at this dealership for 6:30pm, 2 days in advance. We get there, meet with the salesperson we made the appointment with, and he said he would be right with us as he was just checking inventory for another salesperson. Cool, no problem, this is a business and things come up. We go to the nice waiting area and as we wait, we see our salesperson working on another deal with another customer. I mean, don't lie to us. We should have walked out at this point, as starting off with a lie is not the right way to go. But cool, make your money, just hand us off to another salesperson.

We wait until 6:50pm to be helped by our salesperson. He seemed nice and accomodating, yet inexperienced. Still, not a problem, everyone is new at some point. We go on test drive in the 2015 Camry we came to see. Okay, things seem to be shaping up, right? Wrong.

We get back to see the promo offer of a 2-year lease they have going, with $1,000 down and 12,000 miles a year at $229/month on a SE model. Our salesperson comes back with numbers on an LE model (the base model) and then says we need to put 10k down and $400 a month. WHAT THE ... ?!?!

Long story, short. GM doesnt have time to talk to us to explain why the numbers are so high, and at this point we have given the salesperson a ballpark figure of our credit score to ensure a valid estimation of pricing. We were so confused and rushed out of the dealership as it was closing time. Waste of 3 hours. Do we event get a follow-up call the next day from the dealership to atleast try to earn our business? No. This is not a legitimate business that cares about the customer.

Advice: Train your salespeople more thoroughly, as they are the initial contact for customers. Treat us with respect and serve with knowledge.

Couple of days later, we go to North Park Toyota and get the exact advertised deal done. No BS. We will be leasing another car from North Park Toyota within the week.

Alamo Toyota, you just missed out on two sales due to your lack of professional capacity. Thank you.

Why two stars, still? The waiting area/building is nice. That's it.

Shaz B. | 2015-03-20

This... was an incredibly odd experience. Probably the oddest experience I've ever had at a dealership. We arrived after making an appointment, thought the car presentation was going smoothly, yet once the final offers were made, we were mindblown at the stupidity of these offers.

We had a trade-in (an 11-month-old high-end vehicle with immensely low miles), which they knew from the beginning. Though we were looking at Camrys, we were clear that we wanted to be quoted on both the LE and the SE, and the deal to be similar to a deal my brother had gotten at Sterling McCall back in Houston. All of that was agreed upon, yet anytime I said I wanted the SE (mind you, this is the higher-level model), our sales representative would change the subject, or get weird when answering questions.

I let him know that before I run any type of credit checks, I would need to know an approximate offer. For the trade-in, they came back with a low, low, loooow amount. At this point, I just want a newer, modest car and I am in no rush to sell my car, so I let them know I will not be proceeding with their totally lowballed offer. He then immediately came back with an offer that was $2K more than the previous one. Okay, sales tricks... That's fine.

THEN, despite us telling him we are looking for the EXACT same deal their current national offer is, he came back with a 36-month deal (we were looking for 24 months) and was charging us a high, high amount of what anyone should ever pay for a Camry, especially when he said we should put a down payment of $10K. Are you CRAZY?!

We waited for 40 minutes. It was also almost closing time and by this point, we'd been here for almost 3 hours. He came back and said his manager can't do anything more, and that he would come talk to us. A few minutes later, the representative came back and said, "well he's doing some things but thank you guys for your time." I found that to be incredibly disrespectful and can't believe I thought this place was legitimate for even a second!

Don't come here. It's not even worth the trip. Shady business practices mixed with an utter desire to get home rather than make a sale...

There are also officially no Toyota dealerships in San Antonio that'll get my business.

Nathan C. | 2015-03-05

I did plenty of research prior to calling and speaking to Andrew Cozart, one of the many salesmen at AT.  I gave him the VIN of the 4Runner I was looking at online and scheduled and scheduled an appointment for later in the day.  After arriving, Andrew had everything set up for me.  I didn't have to wait to see anything which is a plus because I prefer not to waste my time.  

Additionally, the entire sales staff was extreme friendly and accommodating.  They offer rebates on select models for military members and they're more than willing to negotiate a deal that leaves all parties satisfied.  

I would highly recommend you to at least take the time to see what Andrew and his coworkers can do to put you in a new or pre-owned vehicle.  I guarantee it won't be a waste of your time.

Van T. | 2015-01-17

I was pretty disappointed. My 2009 Prius needed a HID bulb replaced.  I got quoted from a local shop for $175 per headlight, and so I called around and Roy at Alamo Toyota quoted $146.60 for one headlight.

We head over and drop the car off, and leave. We get a call later from Roy and are told that the quote we were given was for a Halogen bulb and that it would cost $305.20 to get the passenger HID bulb replaced. If we left, it would have been $65 for a diagnostic fee on its own.

He was nice to throw in the marker bulb which was also out knowing how expensive it seemingly was was for one bulb, but when I went to pick up my vehicle that evening, the driver's side was now out.

And the marker bulb was not serviced or changed like Roy had verbally promised either. Always get your stuff in writing.

I am very disappointed in their service department. And now the driver side is out and they were asking for another $305.20 for the driver's side HID bulb.

I'm sure their sales experience is a different feel, but this was all too familiar of how I will never get my car serviced at a dealer except for value-oil changes.

Rigo G. | 2014-12-24

I had booked an appoint for today at 11am through their online appointment service and even got an email reminder. To my surprise I showed up and the entire service department was closed for the holiday which is perfectly fine but why allow me to book an appointment and even get the reminder.... NOT COOL...waste of my time...get your act together..

Andrea G. | 2014-10-06

We Had a wonderful experience with John And Jordan at Alamo Toyota. My husband and I are very happy to be going home with HIS new tundra! Thank you Gentlemen for making our Toyota experience wonderful!

Sarah H. | 2014-09-06

I received a recall notice & called to make an appt. I was told I didn't need an appt, which I thought was odd. I came in the following week on a Tuesday & what do you know they couldn't help me. Because I didn't get a name of who I talked to they couldn't help me. So they ordered my parts & made an appt for that sat. The tech that I got, Albert was very kind & called me back when the parts were in. Unfortunately, I couldn't get there before he left & dropped it off on Friday at 6:30. (They close at 9) I also gave them a competitors coupon that they honor for an oil change.
I waited for word, I called at 11 & 1 on sat. I finally got a call at 3 that my car was being taken care of. At 4:10 I got a call that my car was done & could I make it before they close at 5! I did.
I get there & I first notice that the car wash wasn't done. (The coupon was for oil change, alignment, inspection & car wash) I mention to Albert & they offer to rinse off. Ok. I pay & then notice the alignment wasn't done, and there is no diagnostic on it. I tell them & they try to find it & can't. So they "offer" if I "need it" they can redo it. I wait for them to redo the inspection. After it's done the guy that brings it back is Scott the manager. I tell him of all the back & forth and how the coupon wasn't even followed. And the response I get is just sorry & bc I didn't have a name for my first problem he can't help me. Which what bothers me the most is his lack of caring. The service tech cared more about me then the manager. Scott seemed like he just wanted me gone.
He Shows me to my car & notice there is something wrong on the inspection & I have to chase him down to find out what. I am told it is probably nothing & just residual  oil. I go back to my car & notice valve caps missing. I tell him if I can please get them replaced & he does.

Overall. This is the worst service I've received. Usually they are trying to sell me on stuff I don't need. Or at least being polite & rushing people thru. I understood it was a long day but they had my car 11 working hours & they called me at the last minute.

In the end Scott didn't even attempt to make amends for the shoddy customer service or the lack of people doing their jobs. Which was frustrating & disappointing.

Danyel G. | 2014-09-02

I stopped by Alamo Toyota to look at new cars. Joey Was extremely helpful and was not pushy at all. He let me look around and did not pressure me. I ended up finding a car I liked and went ahead and bought it. I love my new 4 Runner! Thanks Alamo and Joey!!!!

Eryn M. | 2014-04-04

My husband and I stopped by in hopes of test driving a Corolla and a Prius.

Our experience went thusly:

We drove up and were immediately scoped out by salesmen standing out front. I felt like carrion being presented to a flock of vultures. The salesman that approached us (I believe his name might of been Jim) was a real slick character who seemed dismissive and bored and, quite frankly, like he didn't even care to make the sale. I had a lot of questions regarding the cars and he didn't seem to be able to answer any of them with any certainty. It became pretty clear after talking with him for a while that I wasn't going to even bother asking for a test drive because I didn't want it, not there. To put the cherry on top of the failcake, he ditched us completely for another couple. Didn't even say bye, just, "I'm going to go see if they have any questions," and walked off. We didn't see hide nor hair of him for the rest of the visit. We poked around at the Corollas and Priuses for a little while longer and then decided to head out. Before we could even get to our truck to leave, we were cut off by yet another salesman who had been sent out to make sure we didn't leave without making a purchase. He threw everything he could at us. "What can we do to get you in this car today?" etc. They wouldn't take not right now for an answer, much less no. I felt like I was being interrogated.

Something else I found strange: I mentioned repeatedly that I am in the preliminary stages of buying and wasn't even sure I wanted to go with a new car and that I'd like to look at the used inventory. No one wanted to let me! Both salesman tried to talk me out of it instead of just letting me go over there. When my husband and I broke free of the second salesman and finally made it over to the used lot, a third salesman, this one from the used lot, cut us off and didn't even want to let us over there, insisting that I needed to buy a new Corolla instead because they were having such-and-such a deal going on right now. It was almost like he was working in tandem with the slick fellows on the new lot.

Once it was finally established that we were not purchasing a vehicle that day, no one bothered to acknowledge our existence. We walked through the showroom to use the restrooms and we didn't even get a hello, how are you, can I help you, from anyone, not even the receptionist. As we left, no one bothered to even say goodbye or acknowledge our existence.

Had they done so, had they made us feel more welcome and more like they valued us more as customers than dollar signs, they might have made a sale. Instead, they just drove us away.

I will never, ever return.

Jamie M. | 2014-04-03

This review is for service and parts only. I only continue to torture myself with their service/parts department because they are the closest dealership, but think I'm going to just have to start making the drive back to Cavender where they know what they're doing. Today, on top of other previous incidents I've had there, I called to check on price/availability of a MAF for our 2000 4Runner. The parts guy, Dave, asked for the VIN, which I didn't have on hand, but didn't ask a single question beyond that. Didn't ask if it was the 4 or 6 cyl, or the 2WD or 4WD. All pretty standard questions when you're looking up a part, wouldn't you say? I don't know if he is just incompetent, or thought he could "get one over" on a woman, but he said it wasn't in stock and then when I asked (even though you would think he would provide this information without asking!!), he quoted me $873. I laughed, thinking there was a mistake, but confirmed that that was the price of the sensor. Considering I just replaced the MAF in my Lexus and it was only $85 for the Denso part, I felt pretty confident in telling him that he had no idea what he was doing and hung up on him. And what do you know: I found it (OEM Denso part, not some garbage aftermarket) from multiple online and local stores for $70-$140. I promise to never return to that dealership again and will be sure I tell anyone who asks to stay away as well. I need to update this review later with that happened before where they almost caused the engine in this same 4Runner to blow, but I am too frustrated right now to do it.... Additionally, you may want to check out the "not recommended reviews" as they all looked pretty on point.
**UPDATE** Dave called me back about 20 minutes later and admitted he had been looking at the price of the entire assembly and that the sensor itself was $150-180. By this time I had already bought it online, and wouldn't have bought it from Alamo regardless... I appreciate him calling back to correct himself, but I asked him specifically if the original price was for the sensor and he said yes. **

Phil X. | 2014-02-11

I had trouble deciding between 2 and 3 stars.  best price in town for my new car, so i bought from them.  but many of the people there lack professionalism and they are too pushy in selling warranties, care plans, etc.  i haven't had any service issues yet so can't comment on that.  i can't really say the other places in town impressed me any more.

Brian E. | 2014-01-11

My wife and I visited Alamo Toyota looking at Rav 4's and Highlanders. We could not find any parking. Once we did find a spot, we were quickly greeted by a sales person named Jeff. He showed us several cars, but did not really know the differences in models. We test drove one vehicle and asked if we could drive another to contrast and he stated "yes, but it has to be quick. I need to get back to actually selling cars."

The experience turned off us from Toyota. We went to Gunn Nissan and purchased a Rogue within a few hours. Do not recommend this dealership. I am unsure how they expect to sell cars if they do not allow test drives and do not educate their sales people.

Aslam R. | 2013-11-11

I've taking both my Toyotas regularly since Alamo Toyota moved to 281/1604 but NO MORE. I presented a coupon from one of the other official dealers in San Antonio but the salesman said that they would not honor competitors coupons, at which I demanded to see the service manager who VERY Rudely said that they are there to make money and would not accept the coupon. I did warn him that you will loose a permanent customer. He just shrug his shoulders ( in other words I DAMN CARE).

Katherine T. | 2013-10-02

Krispie Kreme donuts every morning? Yes! A variety of fruit and a BBQ truck Saturday? I think this may be my new go to restaurant. There is also a shuttle which will drive you anywhere while you wait for your car to be fixed. Now that's what I call service. The face to face service doesn't match the accoutrements but I have no complaints here!

Matt S. | 2013-09-09

I've been driving around a 2000 Saab 95 that I picked up for cheap for the last year. Over the last few months, it started needing more and more work on it. It was time to get a new car.

I had met Ron O'Con about a year ago and always joked with him that if he could get me a Toyota for dirt cheap, I'd buy from him. Knowing I needed to start looking for a used car, I hit the Alamo Toyota site just to see what they had. I have some credit issues so I was looking for something cheap that I could buy with cash.

I found a few cars and gave Ron a call to see when he was working. Stopping in, we said our hellos and hit the lot. Ron took time in showing me a few well priced used cars and even took me to the back lot to see what was still in process of being put out on the lot. We found a nice Corolla and sat down to look at the numbers. It was a bit higher than I had wanted so we went ahead and applied for financing.

The whole time Ron and the staff were great, asking questions and making sure I was comfortable. When we started to see the numbers and they were good, it looked like we might have a deal.

Ron wasn't satisfied though and thought he could do better. He went into the finance guys and they had some discussions and when Ron returned he said he thought he could do better on a new car. He took me out and showed me the car. Same model, newer year, with a couple of great features. If the numbers could work, I certainly wouldn't say no.

It took awhile, but Ron came back and showed me the numbers - they were within my budget and made great sense to me. We made the deal.

Picked up my car today after getting my insurance all sorted and met with Ron. We sat in the car for quite awhile as he showed me all the features and how to setup things like the Bluetooth phone/iPod. He made sure I was satisfied before telling me it was all mine to drive off the lot.

Great experience, great guy, and great dealership. I put 12 miles on my car tonight and loved every minute of it. I'd definitely recommend Ron and Alamo Toyota to anyone. I'm super excited to have a car that I don't have to cross my fingers every time I start it up!

I'll be buying Ron a beer next time I see him on hockey night.

Mike S. | 2013-08-07

We bought a used car from them early in 2013. We'd found the car online. It wasn't an overly common color/trim level, and after not finding anything in Austin, we made the trip out there.

Things went pretty well. We'd called a day in advance to set up a time to check it out. They had the car pretty much ready to test when we were there, which was nice. They were pretty accommodating on the test drive, willing to oblige some of our neurotic overcaution, and didn't bat an eye at me bringing along an an OBDII scanner to log data during our test. They let us poke and prod all we wanted in their lot.

When it was time to get down to brass tacks and discuss actually buying it, they were pretty firm on the list price being their final price. Our hand was kinda tipped, since we'd driven nearly 3 hours to get there, so that was working against. All in all, the price was decent but nothing to dance over. They tried to push their financing a little bit, and we declined every time. Once we explained the deal we'd gotten with UFCU in Austin, they dropped it. When I said I'd consider changing our plan if they could cut me a price break for financing there, or even pay all cash, they said that they still couldn't go any lower. Ah well.

Once things were negotiated, the paperwork went pretty okay. At some point they asked us to sign a receipt that hadn't been filled in yet, and we were both pretty uncomfortable doing that. They insisted it was just to have a recorded signature. Not a classy move. They also weren't sure how cashier's checks worked, which was strange for someone in the business of selling expensive things. It might reflect well on them, since they must be okay with personal checks for that much money, so props for that.

They were prompt on the paperwork and registration and all that. All in all, it was middle-of-the-road. Nothing extraordinary, but also non of the scummy things that come standard with used cars.

I'd totally be willing to go 3 stars except for that today, changing the oil, I noticed they'd used a pretty shoddy 3rd party oil filter. C'mon, an OEM Hyundai filter is less than 9 bucks for a one-off. If you're a respectable shop, you should have a few of the wear-and-tear parts laying around if you're planning on selling that brand. Our price included some pretty hefty dealer fees for getting that car ready for sale, but they didn't even use the right parts.

Prissy J. | 2013-05-30

I've been an Alamo Toyota customer for a few years, back when they were located off of 410. I always was pleased with them and recommended them over other Toyota dealerships in the area, until this past weekend. My current lease is up this year, and I'm in the market for a new lease, specifically a Prius Two. I like a very basic car. No bells and whistles, just the base model. I told the salesmen this, and they did not listen. They test drove me in a Prius Three, then a Prius Two with features I kept saying I did not need (backup camera, etc.).
     The salesman, although very nice, did not know anything about the car. They also low balled me on the value for my current car. The sales manager tried to convince me that my current car was going to become a "money pit" if I purchased it after the lease. (A 2010 toyota with 22,000 miles? Yeah, right.) After all of this nonsense, I left without a new car. The following Monday, the sales manager called me saying he had a deal for me to consider. I really felt like they were just trying to sell me a car, rather than sell me something I want.
      Instead, I went to a different Toyota dealership in town (starts with a U), and was treated completely differently. They listened to me, showed me the trim of car I was actually interested in, gave me $2,000 more than Alamo did on my current vehicle, and I had a new car within 2 hours. From now on, they will receive all of my business and they will be who I recommend to friends and family.

I really do not recommend Alamo Toyota.

Matt M. | 2013-05-08

Beware of this service department's up-selling on repairs! I typically have my used 4Runner serviced at least every couple of months for various things, and I have always taken it to the Toyota dealership in my hometown for everything. I decided to get my brakes done here as it was convenient while visiting family in town. I expected a simple in-and-out, as my car had been serviced at my hometown Toyota dealership just three weeks prior to my visit here. So when the service writer came back and said my car needed approx $2,000 in additional repairs, I thought she was out of her mind. I was a little insulted, as I take pride in the fact that I keep my truck in good mechanical condition. I actually have a mechanic whom I trust, and he took a look at my truck the day after I came here, and he said all of the suggested repairs were unnecessary. While the service staff here was very hospitable, I won't be coming back to t his dealership for service.

Brad M. | 2013-04-06

Do NOT buy here if you are active duty military. If you want a new Toyota it's worth the drive to a different dealer.
I purchased a new truck here one year ago, decided to buy ToyotaCare service. But before I decided to buy it I specifically asked if the program applied in Hawaii where I PCS'd to. Well come to find out, I was lied to. I got back in touch to seek reimbursement for my routine maintenance or for the entire cost of the service and Alamo agreed to reimburse me for the cost of maintenance at my local dealership. Since they agreed to reimburse me, I have received no payment and they have stopped returning my calls and emails.
Again, DO NOT purchase here if you are in the MILITARY.
The finance department has proved themselves to be shysters and scammers.

Kel D. | 2012-12-13

When my beloved Camry had a fatal engine mishap, I had it towed here for a quote on a new engine.  I rented a car from them since it was there and cheaper for the week I thought I would need to hear back and take the next step.

The estimate they gave me was beyond astronomical - it was into the range of pure rip-off and charlatanry.  Local, reputable shops gave me estimates that were less than half of their estimate.  While I understand that dealership reps tend to be more expensive, there is zero excuse for that kind of charge.  

The rental return also went poorly.  When I came back to return my car 3 days early (after purchasing a Mazda, I might add), they charged me more than it would have been for the weekly rate!  I cannot fathom the stupidity that says "Well, even though have this car available to rent out for the next 2 days (although we wouldn't), we will charge you MORE than if you kept it for the whole time!"  It makes my blood boil just thinking about it!

Even if I had bought another Toyota, I would never come back here.

Happy M. | 2012-07-29

Went to the service department to look at my tire pressure.  The inside waiting room is huge and clean.  This place had a lot of things to keep you entertained while waitng for your car.  They have free wifi, popcorn, coffee, and water.  They also had a pretty big TV and a play area for kids.

Tim T. | 2011-03-28

Poor lackadaisical sales rep. I don't generally go car shopping in my finest clothes, but I'm not a slob either.  No one really wanted to help me.  The one who drew the short straw seemed genuinely disappointed that I wanted to test drive a Prius. He didn't bother unlocking it for me while I was looking at it. Then he told me I should look at a 2007 Prius. Then when we were in the car, he told me I should look at a Corolla. He was definitely not interested in making any kind of effort to help me find a car.  Even if I wanted to get a Toyota, I would not buy it from Alamo Toyota.

Kimmie T. | 2008-05-22

I am a Toyota lover, hands down. They last forever, get great gas mileage, and can take serious abuse and still come out shining. Put this love of Toyota's together with the great employees at Alamo Toyota, and car shopping doesn't have to be so bad. One might even say "Enjoyable"  The sales people are helpful, but not pushy, and I felt for the most part they were honest, which is hard to find at a dealership, considering car sales people have worse reputations than lawyers...LOL  I have also over the years, taken cars to be repaired here, and they repair shop is awesome. They are always quick, and very open with what you need done to your car, and what can maybe wait. I will be a customer for life here, no doubt in my mind.