Alamo Car Center in San Antonio, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Alamo Car Center in San Antonio, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Alamo Car Center, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Alamo Car Center in other cities in the Texas.

Alamo Car Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 300-2707
Address:6478 Camp Bullis Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78257

Reviews on Alamo Car Center

Matthew D. | 2015-04-24

almost 3 mos after purchase i still have no title or tags when i call them they email me new temp tag then after multiple calls they tell me problem is taken care of tags are on the way then 6 weeks later still nothing.

Armando H. | 2015-04-22

!!!!!!alert alert alert do not buy from this car lot!!!!!!!

they sell used lemon cars. do not stand by their cars. lie about condition of their cars and the methods they claim they take to sell you the customer a dependable vehicle. 

i bought a vehicle from them it lasted two days then encountered transmission problems. tried to settle this problem. this is when i found out, the only thing they stand behind is the paper they strongly recommend you sign is the "buy as is" paper. alamo car center is a scam.!!!!

only had the car two days and already put $800.00 into it and future repairs are starting to build up.

we dont have the money to afford an attorney. so  will do the best to inform as many as possible about this scam car lot.

Tayhon J. | 2015-04-14

Seen pics of my lincoln ls online looked great just what I was looking for was told it was in perfect condition drove from killeen. It had a few little dents no issues, brought the car they even agreed to do a free tune up that was nice paid $6,200 to get off the lot. Next day check engine light comes on ok went to get it checked miss fire from three cylinders after spending around $700 for coil packs and $150 in labor. I thought the issue was fixed not at all there was also a cracked manifold that was $1600 to fix plus the extra $350 in labor. Light still comes on, had. the car for 28 days and the water pump and radiator busts that's another $850 in repairs and $150 in labor not counting the whole exaust system I had to replace which was $950 and $190 in labor. After the repairs two months later the window motors burn out which cost me around $325 to fix not to top off the fact they lost the remote to the car aday before I picked it up. In all I paid $6200 for the car...with in three months I spent $5265 getting it fix...they really need to look in to the lemon law. They have nice cars at first sight but as soon as you leave the lot you will spend alot more. I'm still see what I can do under the Texas lemon law act to get this fix..that's just poor business and when I called to tell them what the issues were with the car they had no idea about them...

Chris E. | 2015-04-07

I had bought a car from this company and it was in the best possible condition ever ! They are so nice and helped me with everything ! They did a great deal and they know about there cars !

Joey B. | 2015-02-26

My problem is with Alamo Car Center and specifically Luis Lugo the general manager. I purchased a BMW 5-Series from him on 24 Feb 2015. My daughter and I test-drove the car (she rode with me) approximately 10 days earlier and I made an offer that was not accepted. About 3 days later I received a call the offer was accepted. After securing funding I went to complete the paperwork. Because it was after work, I requested the car not be blocked in because I would have to return with my wife to pick the car up after the lot closed. Luis moved the car across the street into a parking lot while I was inside completing the paperwork. When my wife, daughter and I returned to pick the car up, there was damage the right rear quarter panel that was not present when I made the offer on the vehicle. In the morning I left a message for the dealer stating the issue. I was contacted later in the day by text and essentially told, once the car leaves the lot it is my issue. After telling Luis that I would expect him to stand up for and to protect the reputation of his business and being refuted again, I said I would do my best to warn people away from his business, and if that meant standing on the sidewalk with a sign, I would do it. At that point he called me and told me I better not threaten him because "I have all your information and I know exactly where you live, and I will f@#$ the world sideways." Following the rant he hung up on me.  Approximately a half hour later I received a text from Luis stating there is one other option, to contact the salesperson that was helping me and find out what he knew. The salesperson, Fred Barton, finally contacted me by text at 12:30 after multiple calls. He stated he knew nothing and I informed him of the conversation that Luis and I had. The next text I received was from Luis telling me he had instructed Fred not to reply to any further communications from me.

I will pay to have the repair work done to my daughter's car, but I think the general public should be aware of the business practices of Luis Lugo, and Alamo Car Center. To threaten me with "I know where you live" is a bit much.

Elsie G. | 2015-01-05

This place almost lost me the first time I called, then they completely lost me once I called again to make sure the car I wanted was not already sold. When I actually drove there, the place was a tiny dump with what looked like only 10 cars. Then when I asked about the car I wanted, I got a run- around like, "ohhhh we thought you meant this other car!" Did they think by telling me they had a car they didn't have (DISHONEST) that they'd somehow get me to buy another car?? So fed up!

Caroline O. | 2014-12-01

My husband bought his '06 BMW there and two days later the service engine light comes on.  What a let down to deal with and now it will cost close to $1000 dollars to repair.  When they tell you as is they mean it.  Minimal car maintenance is done by this business and I know we will never buy from them again.  It's worth paying more at a reputable dealership than dealing with these guys ever again.

Daniel O. | 2014-09-04

This guys are seriously UNDERRATED!...I did not actually purchase a car through them but got to visit while car shopping this past weekend and let me tell  ya...WOW.
First we showed up early to look at the inventory and was pleased to see a good spread and all under $10K (in my price range). The manager was already there early in the morning and let us test drive some of the vehicles. He was above all highly honest, a quality that is scarce in most other major dealerships. He gaves us suggestions of cars we could potentially purchase and got to walk away with some awesome feedback! I am sad that I didn't get to purchase my used car here, but when I get back in the market I will definitely visit Alamo Car again!
I don't mean to sound over excited about this place, but it was truly a great experience! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!