Westside Lexus in Houston, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Westside Lexus in Houston, TX.

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Westside Lexus

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 558-3030
Address:12000 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77079
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Westside Lexus

Karin D. | 2015-03-29

Bought 2 cars here (1 new and 1 pre-owned) about 3 1/2 years ago and have had good experiences thus far. In fact, they were so honest that they honored something that they didn't have to. I had my windshield replaced when I bought the car, but noticed it was flawed. I never said anything, but it always bothered me. Well, I finally brought it up and they replaced it for free! 3 1/2 years later and very little asking on my part. They realize that customer service is important and they try to make themselves stand out.

Paul H. | 2015-03-05

I took my 2009 IS to Westside Lexus for 50k service. I was told that the Oil and Filter has been changed and 100 whatever points inspection has been done. I got charged for $150 due to the service.

The Funny thing is they even charged me for filling up the windshield liquid tank - which I always keep it full myself!!!! - I did not complain about it. But a week after I realized the radiator coolant level is very low and I had to buy coolant to fill it up. I do not know 100 points inspection includes exactly what, if checking the coolant level is not part of it!!  Or maybe it's time to investigate, Are they still pursuing the perfection or what!!

Scott J. | 2015-03-01

Last week I had the best car buying experience ever at Westside.  Jeffery was great to work with and all the folks there were friendly and helpful- and i love my new NX!!

Celeste M. | 2015-02-26

I recently bought my first Lexus a few months ago. I needed an oil change so I called and scheduled an appointment at the dealership. I was presently surprised to know that I get a service representative each visit. This person handles payment and is used as a resource to make recommendations and see if I have any questions. I was very impressed given that they have multiple service reps on site. The only thing I will say is that my basic oil change took 1 1/2 hours to complete. They say it took that long because they wash your car as well so that was a nice added bonus but I wish I didn't have to take so long.

kanti b. | 2015-01-10

I asked them to send me car loan documents.  They never did.  Very mediocre service.

Tan H. | 2014-12-04

One of the worse experiences I've had in buying a used car. The car is filled with problems. Once the sale is over they will stop responding to your email. Complete BS. The saleman lied to my face about how they will respond to every email within 5 mins or else they will be fined. I almost laughed out of my chair but I was being polite so I did not. After the transaction is over, all the things they promised me to do they would not. Basically completely ignored all my emails requesting an update on the things they had promised. PLEASE READ OTHER REVIEWS ON HERE ABOUT BUYING A USED CAR FROM THIS PLACE. I WISH I HAD. LESSONS LEARNED.

Damien L. | 2014-11-29

We set up an appointment for a Friday morning. The service agent was efficient and courteous. From check in to check out, the time spent there was less than 5 minutes. They placed us in a loaner and off we went. They are repairing the airbag recall. The only suggestion that I have is to make sure the loaners are cleaned after each use. The complementary toll tag, complementary drinks, coffee, and Shipley donuts are a nice bonus.

Patrick W. | 2014-11-14

Service performed 14 Nov 2014.
NAV system update promised for 1.25 hours. Actual time exceeded 2 hours. If I had an accurate estimate, I would have used a loner vehicle.
Summary - This is poor customer service.
Rating - C at best.

Michelle H. | 2014-10-28

My profession is purchasing. I do it for a living, except I buy oilfield equipment and services. My boss always tell me, "negotiate your deals the same way you would negotiate on a car".

The salesman asked if I'm as tough at work as I was while I negotiated for my car. I guess I'm doing something right. It literally took me 5 hours to close and sign the deal... and I almost walked out several times because I called their bluff.

I've written an extensive review on the last car I purchased with Sterling McCall Toyota so I won't go into much details here about the car buying process. I will say though that you should do a lot of research on the car you want. Definitely look into used options. Remember negotiating the price for the car itself is the easy part - the most important factor is your interest rate. At the end of the day, know that they want to sell the car more than you want to buy it.

I will say the service at Westside Lexus has been really good. Bobby, my salesman has been taking care of me every time I've been back (deal on tinting, free car washes, etc.) I got a brand new 2014 ES 350 for the same price Lexus of Clear Lake was trying to sell me for a used one with 10K miles.

I walked out pissed off because it took way longer than I expected bc they kept jacking me around in finance and made me miss a pub crawl I already paid for and planned on going. They were also pretty pissed off because it took 3 of them, including the Finance Director to close my deal.

I love my new car. Drove off the lot with only 10 miles. It's been a month and I've already put 1800+ miles on it.

Ellen C. | 2014-09-09

westside lexus has the best service department in the city of houston - bar none.  they will take care of both you and your car, and after visiting for yourself, you will easily understand the high praise and loyalty!

lexus provides written reports showing you the recommended repairs, and your service rep will explain which ones are must-have's vs. nice-to-have's.  they will make sure you understand the risks and impacts of delaying repairs, so that you can make good decisions and space out repairs as finances allow.  they'll even help you pick which repairs to cross off the list, depending on how long you plan to keep your vehicle.

the complimentary loaner cars make service appointments a breeze, and nice amenities are provided should you decide to wait (fast wi-fi, beverages, phone charging station, etc.)

i visited two competing luxury automobile dealerships with family members when they went in for service, and the other service departments were bare bones compared to westside lexus.  

unique to this particular lexus dealership is a strong leadership team and sense of family.  check out their website and be amazed at just how many sales people, service reps, finance experts, etc. have been there 15-20 years!!  that's a powerful testament to the fact that this dealership knows how to do things right - keeping both their employees and their customers happy.  

the service department will assign a single service rep to your account so that one person gets to really know you and your car.  none of this first come first serve business with a different rep each time you visit.  as well, the mechanics are also team based, so there is high accountability for doing things right on their end, and every aspect of performance is measurable with they way they are organized.

josh guerra has been my service rep for about 10 years and he is the best (ask for him if you can!)  i just purchased a new car from westside lexus on labor day weekend, and i am looking forward to another 10 years of a great relationship!

David N. | 2014-09-05

The service center is pretty hard to find.  It's all the way in the back and detached from the Lexus sales area.  This review is purely for their service team.  They are not very detailed.  When you pay for a Lexus and get your service done at the dealership you expect to be treated like a Lexus customer.  They provide free car washes and vacuuming, but at this location they do not do a very good job.  Lots of spots missed and the vacuuming was skipped all together.  The last time I went with her to the clearlake location instead.  Why can't there be a Lexus location ITL?!

Cherilyn J. | 2014-08-25

My experience up until Friday with Westside Lexus was exemplary.  However, I purchased my car two years ago and could have sworn that I and my husband were told that there was a two year free maintenance program through the manufacturer good at any Lexus dealership.  Come to find out on Friday when I took it in at Lynnwood, WA (still under two years and after all other maintenance up to then had been performed free) this program was only good at Lexus Westside or North.  Well, I live in Washington and I knew at the time of purchase that this wouldn't have been any good to me.  And to top it off, my husband checked again when we took it into Superstition Springs, Mesa, AZ dealership and they confirmed that it was any dealership for two years  Now they tell me completely differently.  Both of us misunderstood, twice????  Had I known it was only for Westside, I would have bargained a little harder as their program was useless to me.  I think Lexus needs to get some consistency going in their promotions.  Boo!!!

Jeannie B. | 2014-07-28

I had the best car buying experience of my life with Westside Lexus.  Jay Bertrand, my sale associate, helped me through the process.  He was truly looking out for my family needs throughout the process.  Even after the sale, he has continued to help me with any car service needs.  I highly recommend buying thru Jay Bertrand at Westside Lexus!

Courtney G. | 2014-07-21

The service team is so nice. My advisor is 99% of the time David Palmer, however if he's booked they'll make Room for me with someone else. I appreciate that. I never mind bringing my car there because I know the treatment I'm going to get. I love my Lexus but their team is just as awesome. Great service every time. Thanks

Dylan F. | 2014-06-06

Was sold a used car with a failing flywheel and leaking crankshaft seal. My mechanic said that there was no way they didn't know about it before selling it to me. Luckily I caught this a week after buying the car and fixed it before the flywheel completely disintegrated. When I contacted my salesperson he dropped his "good guy salesman" attitude and filled me with company jargon. He basically told me it was my fault for not getting a lemon check and the car was sold as-is. The only reason I didn't get a lemon check was that my mom who had bought from him before ensured me he wouldn't sell me a lemon. Safe to say he will never be recommended again from my family.

Lesson learned. Never trust a salesman.

Gabriel J. | 2014-05-02

he sales team of Glen and Chris are absolutely incredible! What a great experience! EVERYTHING about the experience was PERFECT! If I, or anyone I know ever needs a vehicle, I Can't recommend Chris, Glen, and Westside Lexus enough.

C L. | 2014-02-18

This review is regarding service only. I have had one service representative, Fred Hernandez, in my four years of getting my IS250 here and it's always been stellar service. Extremely customer service oriented, friendly, knowledgeable and honest.

Stephanie J. | 2014-01-22

Billy Bryant and Steve McKewen did an excellent job in handling my trade in and purchasing my Lexus.   I told them my price point and I walked out with the car I wanted that same day.  Great experience!

Chris J. | 2013-12-04

Had a air bag light come on in my IS 250. Contacted the service department and scheduled an appointment. They were ready for us when we arrived and took extreme care in listening to our concerns and had us out of there quickly in a loaner car. A few days later my car had a new wiring harness at no charge and everything was explained to a "T". Left us with no questions or issues. They will continue to get my business for an outstanding job done and their professionalism was stellar.

Meredith B. | 2013-10-18

Wow. I have never ever felt so uninspired and unimportant by a car dealership than I have at Westside Lexus. We were shopping for SUVs with third row seats and went to the Infiniti dealership first down the street and then immediately over to compare cars at Westside Lexus. When we walked into the showroom, not a single person greeted us. We proceeded to the SUV to take a look. We opened up the doors, sat inside the car and even crawled through to the back and still no sales person came by to answer questions. A privacy visor was in the way of setting the third row seat up and down so my husband gave it to my teenage son to hold, rather than set in on the ground. Still NO salesperson asking us if we needed anything or offering to take the large visor out of my sons hands. Finally, after looking through the entire car for about 15 minutes, we decide to leave. On our way out we are asked if we need any help. (By the way, it was a Tuesday night and in no way, shape or form a busy car selling day.) By that time, what's the point? I will never buy a car at Westside Lexus and the Infiniti dealership down the street has far superior customer service.

Gino T. | 2013-10-02

I bought my first Lexus (ES 300) back in '92, and had it serviced by Westside until I traded it in, always without a problem, virtually always getting a loaner by pre-arranging it. My wife also had a later model, purchased and serviced by Westside with the same experience. I have since purchased two RX vehicles and one LS, and the sales process always goes very smoothly, except for one time, when the salesman simply would not return my calls (we ended up, unfortunately, buying a Mercedes, a mistake I'll never make again.)

As to service, since I'm the one who usually takes the vehicles in, I've found Westside to be very efficient on the check-in procedure, and if I'm going to wait, they're reasonably accurate on the time estimates (the worst estimate was one time I had to wait about an hour beyond the estimate because of a backup in the car wash line).

Someone wrote about the dealership hitting you up for extra charges. I discuss any of these suggestions with my assigned service associate to see how serious a problem it is, and because I tend to drive a car about 10 years (roughly 3,000 miles/year), I'm willing to invest to keep it in top shape. Naturally, I don't get many problems with that low mileage.

The service waiting area is very comfortable, clean, has fresh coffee and tea, soft drinks, and even donuts in the morning. Loaner vehicles are often brand-new vehicles.  I can't imagine a better experience.

Donald M. | 2013-08-30

We've also experienced Westside finding some other problem when you go to their service department.  In our case the other problem didn't exist.  Took our RX in for oil change service and they claimed that the tires were "shredding at the edges".  Funny, the tires were brand new with ~1,000 miles on them and an alignment by an independent shop.  Not just any independent shop but a shop that does precision alignments for track cars.

My wife didn't fall for this nonsense, went back to the other shop and the alignment was still exactly the same.  Tires were in perfect shape.

You have been warned.

Victoria T. | 2013-07-18

This review is for the service department. If you're wanting to service your car without any hassling or upselling, Dave Haas is the man to see. I've been coming here for 5 years and he's been my service advisor everytime.

James P. | 2013-06-21

We have purchased two vehicles at Westside Lexus and it has been a pleasurable experience both times.  Steve Machann and Alex Winnecki do a fantastic job of taking excellent care of their customers.

Keep up the great work guys!

Vy N. | 2013-06-12

The salesman wasn't too excited about selling a car. didn't have a lot of positive things to say about a lot of the cars. I already know what i want, just need a push that he didn't provide me with.  Wasn't convincing at all. Im going to now buy my IS from sterling mccall lexus.

Lisa J. | 2013-06-12

Great experience!  I went on my lunch break to look at a vehicle.  Left as they processed everything and went back after work to cross the t's and dot the i's.  VERY convenient!!  If you go...ask for Mo!  Ha...I didn't mean that to rhyme, but hey what can I say?  Now that one...I meant. ;)

Adrienne B. | 2012-12-22

Wow, there are some stinky reviews here.
I have not had bad service here and this is the second RX350 I have purchased from them. They are usually very nice and handle the issues quickly.

Nikunj S. | 2012-08-20

This review is from me about the RX350 my wife drives. I drive it over the weekend and when I take it to Westside. This morning was more or less the same reason. However, this visit became necessary due to the warning light that had gone on on Saturday night. Low tire pressure. A few weeks ago we had a slow leak due to a nail in one of the tires. A substandard service call had us driving one tire that had a puncture fixed.

That event had made us wary of the yellow warning light for low tire pressure. We left the vehicle in the garage over Sunday and I called Westside roadside assistance at 5:30 this morning. I was informed that a AAA garage would call me. Everything that followed was an A+ service call. The scheduling, the punctuality, the spare tire swap, the followup calls from both the towing service and Westside.

I drove the RX to Westside and checked in. Ms. Garza mentioned that my car was scheduled for a pickup from my wife's office on 8/27 for the first maintenance service. But since I was there with a possible flat, they would expeditiously take care of it today. I sat down and waited and soon enough, Mr Charles Perkins came to me, understood my concern about the tires, gave me a pager and promised to have me out in an hour and a half.

That is exactly how it went. They pulled up my car, Mr Perkins came over and assured me that there was no flat, just low pressure. The service was also done. I owed nothing. I took the best thing the dealership offers as far as beverges. Ice cold water. Got in and drove off. The next time, I may let Westside do the pickup at my wife's office. Let's see that side of their offer too.

Tamara B. | 2012-08-10

Avoid this dealership!!!  I bought at Sterling McCall and will return there everytime!  Recently I had battery problems and called Lexus Roadside.  They were very prompt in sending someone out to pick up he car.  They called me and told me they had taken the car to Westside Lexus and to call them to check on the repair Monday. When I called, Westside told me they did not have my car and that I would have to call Roadside to follow up!  WhenI called Roadside, they  immediately called Westside and magically they found it!  They replaced the battery still under warranty and then told me that they would need to replace the rear brake pads.  I will never really know if this was true.  They told me it would be $289!!  I told them I thought they should replace them for no charge since they had lost my car for 4 days and I was left without a loaner car and I would have to come to pick up the car myself.  The service manager said it was impossible.  I paid the $289 and wrote Lexus Headquarters an email regarding the horrible service and care I had received.  The next day, Headquarters contacted me and stated that they had contacted Westside and that they WOULD INDEED BE reimbursing me the $289 for my trouble.  I LOVE MY LEXUS, but I will never deal with Westside Lexus again.  Tamara B.

Gary C. | 2012-06-27

Just bought a car from Westside and it was the best experience I have ever had buying a car.  They worked well with me on the price, which was aggressive and fair.  They even gave me a fair trade in value.  Everyone in the process was professional and joy to deal with.  I recommend them to anyone wanting to buy a Lexus and I will buy the rest of my cars from them.

S M. | 2011-07-20

I am writing this review for a friend who wanted to warn others about this place.  She said she would have given it zero stars had that been an option.  She dropped off her Lexus to have it serviced.  They gave her a loaner car.  She drove it straight home, and at the end of the day got back in it to drive back to the dealership. It was hot in the car so she opened up a vent in the back for her boys.   She has 2 young boys, 3 yrs and 18 months, who were in the backseat. After she had been on the road a while the eldest boy said "Mom there's a bug!" so she pulled over and found a small nasty flying roach.  She thought that was weird, but she got rid of it and kept driving.  Her son immediately said there was another bug.  She then at that moment saw one of the roaches on the sideboard next to her door.  She almost had an accident trying to get to a place to pull over, as you can imagine she was terrified( as most women are) of a roach flying on her or her kids.  I shudder writing this.  Anyway, there was an infestation of roaches in that vent!  They were crawling all over the outside of the car as well as inside!  So she calls the dealership explaining that she cannot get back into that car to come there to pick up her car and they basically told her that she would have to have someone she knew give her a ride because it was too late in the day to have someone from the dealership pick her up.  They left her stranded in a not so nice area!!  So she got a ride home from a friend, left the loaner car in a bank parking lot, and they told her they would have an employee pick up the loaner and THEY would bring her Lexus to her house.  They then called her immediately back and said they couldn't bring the car to her after all, and she would have to be picked up from her home in her own car and be driven back to the dealership.  So as if it weren't bad enough they left her stranded, they put her to all the trouble of loading up the kids, driving about 30 miles or more (not sure exactly) round trip just to get her car back.  Her husband called them to complain, furious about the situation, to which their response was to give them a $50 credit for future service.  $50 doesn't even pay for an oil change there!  It was too little too late.

ERIC A. | 2011-04-28

I wanted to take a moment to write a review of my recent car buying experience at Westside Lexus with sales consultant Alex Winnicki.

As everyone knows, a new car is something that people tend to look forward to, but the buying experience is something that people often dread. My experience of buying a 2011 Lexus IS with Alex Winnicki was an extremely pleasant, painless experience. This was a combination of an outstanding salesperson, with a dealership that, from my experience with two previous Lexus vehicles, takes pride in gracious service.

Alex and the dealership staff are truly welcoming, informative and fair in their dealings. The level of service they provide is worthy of their luxury brand and would be highly instructive for their competitors to observe and emulate. I especially like the fact that Alex didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need; he even took the time to fully explain the car's features, and set it up to work with my iPhone. Further, the dealer offers to pick up your car when service is required.

The experience, as with my past two purchases was worth talking about. I recommend Alex Winnicki and Westside Lexus -- they've created a fan.

Mark J. | 2010-12-02

I called Westside to have a key re-reprogrammed and cut to substitute one that I had lost.
Not wanting to pay $400 for a new key, I bought it off of eBay thinking I could take it to the dealer for re-programming - well apparently not at Westside. Unless you buy the electronic key with them they will not re-program it - not even for a fee - so much for customer service.
That was my first and last experience with Westside.

Martha A. | 2010-03-03

I bought my Lexus IS350 from here from Lisa Jones. Best. Salesperson. Ever. I heart Lisa and will buy a car from her again!

David N. | 2009-09-18

My Westside Lexus experience was great! You are in a different league when you go high end luxry. When we bought our first Lexus, Chong our saleslady made the experience a memorable one in the most positive way ever. We were always offered something to drink, she was always polite and never belittled our wishes. Her manager made sure we had whatever we needed in our new pre owned vehicle. We weren't low balled on our trade in and the vehicle was delivered to our expectations. The only person that was a little funny was the finance manager but aren't they all? We have since then bought two vehicles from Westside lexus and will continue to recommend people to Ms. Chong and Mel B.
Thanks Westside Lexus

Willie R. | 2009-08-07


There are two things that must be stated regarding my entry. This location has consistently acted with the knowledge of a shade tree operations. I have filed two complaints with the Lexus care center as well.
In a visit today my wife telephoned them to indicate the navigation was not working. I had already telephoned the Naperville, IL dealer after talking with my wife.  I purchased my car there. I was told it could be something simple, and they would troubleshoot it. I travel to Chicago, IL. often and lived there for fourteen years.

The folks at the Westside Lexus Center, Houston Tx. when she arrived said they will telephone her. My wife took the loaner and went to her appointment.  There were comments regarding her dress and purse etc. The called within two hours, that the screen was cracked. It was a crack and would need to be replaced for $7,000. She indicated that it was impossible and if so they had broken it. The person stated no, it is broken. We discussed picking up the car.  We had also placed a call to Lexus Care.
The service person indicated she would get the manager involved. The manager telephone back stating the screen on the navigation was cracked. My wife stated she would be there shortly. When arriving they proceeded to persuade her it was cracked by asking her to run her hand over the screen, and look at it. She stated to not insult her intelligence. She picked up the car.  
She telephone Lexus Care and escalated the problem and worked with Matthew Moses. This gentleman was excellent. He asked her if she could pull off the road. She was on 290 West bound towards Copperfield in West Houston. She pulled off the freeway. He had her do the following:
1. Pull the passenger seat forward to reveal the disk box.
2. She removed the CD upon instruction and whipped it clean.
3. She was told to replace the CD and close the front.
4. The unit rebooted and worked.

I am not sure what happen with the knowledge of the staff at this dealer ship. I know they also wanted to charge us ~$999. for the sixty thousand mile service. This service cost only ~$599. The items they wanted to replace are only replaced at ninety thousand miles.

I needed this space to make it plain. I appreciate it Yelp,

Johan M. | 2009-01-21

Took my wife's car GX 470 for a service at the service center. Here is my problem with them

1) While they are trying to do the Lexus thing and be detailed about troubleshooting the problem of your car, it seems they always find
something else wrong. It could be as simple as you need new wiper
blades to you need new tires. Go in for an oil change and 80% of the time the service sales rep comes with another thing you need to do.
For me it was you need to flush transmission fluid.

2) The service is very expensive $60 for an oil change.... come on people don't stick it to us.

3) Very poor on time management and setting expectations. Took two hours for a diagnostic which was "gas cap needs to be replaced". Funny I walked in and told that based on the info I had found on the Internet.

The sad part is these guys get so much business that they really don't care if they have a few unhappy customers. They're making that numbers and that's what counts

If you want  a good Lexus service center go to Clear Choice Lexus. service: 713mylexus.com The service is great, prices affordable and attitude impeccable. Steve takes good care of his customers whether you've been their one time or ten times.

E J. | 2008-04-25

The reason this review gets 3 stars (though it would be 2.5 if I could), is because:

1. I realize based on the seperate occassions that I've been there, your experience will depend on who your sales associate is. Apparently there is a great difference in each associate's tactics which can make or break your potential car-shopping experience with them.
2. Their selection of Lexus' are huge.


When my parents wanted to get a "nonshowey, but fucking nice" car, I had suggested looked at the new '08 Lexus GS or even the LS models. My parents went into their nearby Lexus and had an associate who immediately let them test drive the cars. I believe this sorry excuse for a sales associates name is Lynn. However, while negotiating-- he immediately turned to them and said "Maybe you don't know how things are done around here. This is a Lexus, if you can't pay the price, then there are other options."

My parents immediately left the place, as their car buying experience at Mercedes Benz (for my car) told them that no matter what the brand, car buying will and should always include the haggling as long as the consumer is ambitious enough to stand their ground.

They ended up taking their business to the Lexus in Sugarland where they were assisted by a very nice lady who ended up actually ordering the exact Lexus that my parents had eyed while at Westside Lexus and had it shipped over for almost the EXACT price that my parents had negotiated for.


On a seperate occassion after we got the LS, we drove back because I had been looking for an SUV. The people at Westside asked how much our LS cost and we told them, to which they said "You could have gotten it here!" and when we explained the story, they refused to acknowledge it. Classy folks. Their refusal at accepting their own actions made me hesitant to do further business with them and I thanked them for their time and explained curtly that I don't mind an "off-day" or a unpleasant experience-- but I cannot do business with an establishment that turns down my past experience with them.

I ended up buying a Range Rover. If you decide to have a Lexus- congrats- but don't go to this one, they need more training and as of now, are a complete waste of everyone's time.