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West Houston Volkswagen is family owned and operated. What that means to you; we guarantee the most competitive prices in Texas We treat you like family and our customers agree! We consistently receive the highest customer satisfaction ratings which show that West Houston Volkswagen has Really, Really Happy Customers! Just check out our reviews!
If you're looking for a used car in Houston, we can assist you there as well. Visit our inventory page to see our large selection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

West Houston Volkswagen is not just your Houston area Volkswagen dealership, we also provide a full line of services dedicated to all of our Texas and Louisiana customers. From Volkswagen auto repairs and maintenance performed by expert certified technicians, to OEM Volkswagen auto parts, to car loans and leases, West Houston Volkswagen is the smart choice for your automotive needs.

We are located at 17113 Katy Fwy in Houston, TX. Our dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians are here to make your auto shopping experience fun & easy. Please utilize our various online resources and allow our excellent network of people to put you in your ideal Volkswagen or the Pre-Owned car, truck or SUV of your dreams today!


Established in 1982.

Our dealership is family owned and operated. We believe in giving a fare deal with no hidden charges

West Houston Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 675-8680
Address:17113 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77094
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on West Houston Volkswagen

matt f. | 2015-04-24

Nicole in service is always very friendly and helpful in all my service needs.  She always goes out of her way to make my service needs easy to deal with.  This is way I am buying my next VW from West Houston VW.

Samantha D. | 2015-02-26

Came here to have my car serviced and checked for a safety recall. Not having an appointment, I was still in and out in about an hour or so. They also wash your car before they return it to you, an added plus!

Jessica-Lou O. | 2015-02-05

Where do I start... Two years ago I purchased my Jetta GLI from this place. The car salesman who sold me the car was fantastic! Michael, I believe was his name.

Just recently I was in an auto accident that wasn't my fault, some lady ran a stop sign and I basic t-boned her car. Thankfully, I was okay, but I cannot say the same for my Jetta. I had severe front and frame damage to my car.  So thinking since I had such great service with that dealership I took it back there for the repairs. DON'T, I MEAN DON'T EVER go to this place nor their body shop Meszaros! Talk about half assed job fixing my car. This accident happened over the week of Thanksgiving and NOW I'm just barely getting this car fixed to how it should of been before by Momentum VW off of Richmond. Somehow these people missed a  vacuum leak in the engine that should've been fixed. I took it back constantly to have them look at my car and they kept saying it was this or that. It's already February and I'm barely getting this resolved. Stay away from them and Meszaros! If I ever purchase a VW again it definitely will not be from here!

Victoria B. | 2014-12-19

First off, Russ Ali smells amazing but that is not the point. This review is about how he helped me get into a car I really wanted. His finance guy Allen was brilliant and showed me how checks that are pre-approved are not all they are cracked up to be. They found a way to get me in an amazing vehicle and really went the distance to make sure that I was looked out for with insurance and financing.  I can't thank them enough. My next vehicle will be bought at this dealership.

Chuck H. | 2014-11-25

I have to give one star for this place when it comes to their Service Dept. Horrible, awful, dreadful place to waste your precious time and hard earned money. I took my car in for a scheduled appointment. I was told it would take 90 minutes, so I waited there. Four hours later... The Service guy tells me the mechanic f-ed up and didn't install the plugs and further, they had none in-house, so I'd have to bring my vehicle back the following Tuesday. Which I did. I was told it would take about 30-45 minutes. Two hours later... Oh and - when I left on Saturday the car had a violent shimmy in the steering above 55 mph. The mech had rotated the tires, but not bothered balancing them. NEVER will I go back to this place! And I recommend you don't either.

Andrew K. | 2014-10-22

My 2008 EOS V6 was acting up, the power windows would not stay closed and it was slow to start the engine, so I called the service department who quoted me the $185 for a new battery and said I could bring it right in. I arrived after lunch turned the car over and I waited a half an hour or so before the service guy told me the battery was not in-stock and it would be $756.  This is a BATTERY for a car that is less than ten years old and the dealership doesn't stock it? I called the dealers they recommended and several no non-dealership companies like AutoZone and Batteries+ and no one stocked them. (As it turns out Optima does not sell them in the US. I could order it from England but they would not ship it here.)

After going home I called every dealership in the city  before I found one that had it in-stock and  made it there just after 4pm. They did  the install after the shop had closed and $713 later I was on my way.

I bought the car from West Houston VW and up until this experience had no major issue with them but I feel that they take on a responsibility to have common replacement parts on-hand for cars under 10 years old.

Diana S. | 2014-10-20

West Houston Volkswagen, specifically Eduardo made the whole car buying experience an enjoyable one. He went above and beyond for us and we appreciate it very much! Would absolutely recommend this location and Eduardo to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle. :-)

Brooke S. | 2014-10-15

Two weeks ago I finally purchased a car that I wanted! My previous two cars were heavily influenced by my dad (safety, safety, BUY AMERICAN) and an ex (no, I want THIS car!).  I've been dreaming about driving a Jetta for over a decade and I finally brought one home!  Of course, when I told my dad that I was in the market for a car, he insisted that my man handle the negotiating and the man reluctantly took on this duty.  

In the beginning stages of negotiation/price inquiries, I think the man thought this was going to be an easy process.  "We just email all the dealers and ask for their best price and then buy from that one."  Easier said than done!  You can't get any dealer to actually give you a price through email. They tried everything possible to get us to come in and test drive the car before quoting a price.  The man used trueprice.com to do a lot of research and was able to work with Eduardo at West Houston Volkswagen to secure a very good price.  I told him exactly what I wanted from the beginning, so I didn't have to go deal with these people at the dealership directly.  

They ended up not having the color I wanted in stock, so they had to have it brought from the Woodlands.  This wasn't a problem, but I had to wait an extra day to pick the car up because of this.  Once my man secured the price with Eduardo, I came in, met with the financing guy, signed a couple of papers and was out the side door with the keys to the new car.  '

It was close to closing time on a Friday night, so Eduardo quickly explained the features in the car, helped me set up my Bluetooth/connectivity and explained the maintenance/warranty on the car.  He told me to expect an email from him the next morning with a tentative appointment to come in for the initial service check to go over the gauges, make sure everything is running properly, etc.  Never received this email.  Wasn't something I was too worried about because the car is running fine and there really was no need for me to drive out there to have them explain something so simple, but the fact that he said I would receive something and never did was a little odd.  I also found it a little annoying that he made a point of telling us we would receive an evaluation for us to complete and he would APPRECIATE all 10s (or whatever the highest rating is).  Ugh, really?  I was happy with your help until you had to REMIND me that you did a good job!

I am interested to see how the service goes a the dealership when it's that time as the first two years of service are free.  Based on some of the other reviews for this dealership and other VW dealers in town, they didn't have the best experiences with the service department.  We shall see...and if not, the review will be updated!

Christina C. | 2014-05-26

The service team is polite and eager to help, I wish I could say the same for the sales floor. I was never greeted never asked if I needed help and EVERY member of their team has walked by at least once. Not the kind of service I would expect from salesmen. The location in jersey village is a 180 from this location & because of that I will not be visiting this location again.

Sujin Y. | 2014-04-29

This review is primarily for Keith.

My parents bought 2 cars from Keith in the span of a couple months. Why? Because he is the NICEST. He is ridiculously friendly and just an all around awesome salesman.

He isn't pushy and listens to what my parents wanted. He even stayed patient as my mom kept changing car colors and specs.

Anytime someone tells me they want a VW, I'm going to refer them to Keith because he's the best. I've never met a salesman who even sends follow up emails. Seriously, the best.

Even the S.O. is going to come back here for future car buying and selling. That's how much of an effect Keith has had on our family.

If you're looking to buy a VW, go to Keith!!

Chyna G. | 2014-02-18

Since moving to Houston a year ago..
This is my second encounter with West Houston VW.
Reggie, is the best !!

Steve H. | 2013-10-09

Apparently, they don't check safety recalls on used cars before they put cars on the lot. Just weeks after I bought my vehicle I suffered a catastrophic engine mount failure because of a recalled part. BUYERS BEWARE: your vehicle will not have been checked for safety recalls before it's on the lot....

Cheryl D. | 2013-08-30

This place was the best car buying experience I've ever had!  My car salesman, Michael, was very nice over the phone and had the car ready and waiting when I showed up to test drive it. The whole trading in/purchasing/finance only took 2 hours!  On my 1 month check-up, it took less than an hour like they said and the service department was very professional.  I've also had my windows tinted there and could not be happier.
I'd recommend this place to anyone if your shopping for a VW!

Aaron L. | 2013-07-11

my wife took our audi in for service today and would not stop talking about what an an amazing experience she had, and how wonderful Reggie was. We were told by momentum audi a few months ago that we needed new brakes (~$600). Reggie disagreed and told my wife we could hold off. He also went out of his way to reset the onboard computer from the audi dealership next door. He recommended the best tires and was very knowledgeable and trustworthy. WHV has a customer for life thanks to Reggie. Total class act. Thanks for taking care of my wife!

Carly W. | 2013-03-15

The service department is awesome. Replaced my window motors in much less time than estimated. And my car was returned to me clean and shiny. Thanks, WHVW!

Jay L. | 2013-03-09

I did not buy my car here, but the service from Reggie at the service department is excellent. He truly exercises his title as an Advisor. Direct, honest, follows up, and I really feel like he looks out for his client's best interest. Today was my 3rd time with Reggie and he has won my business 100% until my CC expires. Not going back to Momentum even if West Houston is 20 miles further.

Barbara C. | 2013-03-03

Found a used Jetta on this dealerships website.  They confirmed that they had just finished the 80K check and it was in "great shape".   I took the vehicle to a private VW certified mechanic who found a quarter sized hole in the tire, orinigal bald tires with over 80K on them, near empty break fluid, broken intercooler tabs, dirty filters and many other problems.

I took it back to the dealership and it wasn't until after I offered to show them all of the problems that they were willing to admit that it had not had the 80K check and it needed some repair.  I did not buy the car.

I wrote a letter of complaint to VW headquarters who forwarded my complaint to West Houston Volkswagen.  After a month of waiting I never recieved a response.  

DO NOT BUY A USED CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!  I strongly recommend a pre-purchase inspection on any used vehicle, especially from this dealership.  With the poor service and lack of customer care I would not buy a new car from them either.

Madeline A. | 2013-01-26

I have to give some MAJOR props to WHV, especially Reggie. They have been nothing but accommodating to me and I've been coming and going since I bought my Jetta back in '05 (I've moved a whole lot). This year I took my car in for maintenance and the bill, as expected, was pretty steep. After I took my car home, the check engine light came on. VW provided a luxury loaner car for me while they figured out the issue and it was all free of charge. They were apologetic and very honest with the situation. They even cleaned my car before handing back over the keys. I know they work hard to please their customers and I just didn't want their effort to go unnoticed.

Benjamin P. | 2013-01-11

Because I feel it makes for a more useful review, I will generally attempt to only state facts and refrain from expressing opinions.

They sold me a vehicle with a significant engine problem - the engine probably needs to be rebuilt/replaced.  Two independent mechanics said that they should have known about this problem.  Less than a week from driving this car off the lot this dealer is telling me I'm on my own.

I purchased a used vehicle on Saturday 1/15/2013 (less than a week from my writing this).  On the drive home, once I got off the freeway and entered stop-and-go traffic, I noticed that the engine made an unfamiliar noise just before the car upshifted.  I took it to a mechanic who said this could be a big problem - up to needing to rebuild the engine (~$3000).

The test drive seemed ok, but I'm not a car guy so I didn't know exactly what to listen for.  I recall the salesman turning on the radio during the test drive.  I also had "carchex.com" do a buyer's check - they also failed to alert me about this problem - but that's another review.  The point is that I attempted to be duly diligent.

The dealer charges a premium for a used car versus buying from a private party.  Ostensibly a large part of that premium is that there is less risk in buying from a dealer because they have the automotive experience to identify problems with a vehicle before they purchase it for resale.  My mechanic said that anyone knowledgeable about cars would have been very concerned by the noise the engine is making.  So I conclude one of the following:  (1) The dealership didn't properly inspect the vehicle they sold me before they purchased it, or (2)  The dealership knew about this vehicle's significant engine problem and sold it to me anyway, as though it didn't have that problem.

Update 1/11/2013:
I took the car to a second mechanic who also thinks the engine will probably needed to be rebuilt or replaced.  The salesman who sold me the vehicle said the dealership is not liable for any problems with the vehicle - that I'm on my own.  This is less than a week from driving the car off the lot.

Randy D. | 2012-11-12

Nice people, but really -  2.5 hours for a 20k mile check up that was to take 45 minutes?

Leslie L. | 2012-11-04

After 16 years and over 200,000 miles on a faithful Acura, my mother put me to task to "encourage" my father to purchase a new automobile.  He is a doctor by trade, so imagine my surprise when he informed me that he wanted to look at hybrids and/or diesels.  His mechanic gave him a plug for diesels and since my mom (a horse enthusiast) has a passion for diesels as well off we went searching for these elusive cars.  We started with the hybrids and toured Lexus, Infiniti, Hyundai, Toyota, and Ford only to have my father circle back to VW....I was perplexed - a VW?  He had owned a Rabbit many years before and I was surprised he wanted to look at German-engineering when he has long been a disciple of the Japanese made cars.  As he is almost famous for his frugality (an admirable trait in this day and age), he had no interest in entertaining the thought of a Beemer or a Benz, and since not very many auto makers offer a diesel option, off we went to Westside VW to inspect the TDI Passat.
Imagine my surprise to find out that not only was the TDI sumptiously luxurious with many of the fun bells and whistles (as long as you opt for the upgraded SEL package) such as back-up camera, navigation, and remote engine ignition, but a beautiful showroom and courteous salesperson to boot.  
Aaron (our wonderful salesperson) was very informative and attentive and ultimately my dad decided to purchase a "candy white" TDI Passat.  A very well made, reasonably priced luxury-class car.  If you are in the market for a midsize sedan (either gas or diesel) and want a different option from the Japanese or Korean born offerings, DEFINITELY stop by Westside Houston VW and ask for Aaron.  My father and mother are ridiculously pleased with the car and we will certainly visit again in the future when we are again in the market for a new set of wheels!

Melissa G. | 2012-06-11

I don't think I've ever had such a painless car-buying experience.  No bringing in the sales manager to play "good-cop / bad cop" and they gave me about what I expected for my trade-in.  I was shocked and told my sales guy so.  His answer was that I did my homework unlike most buyers and didn't make childish threats about walking out and so they didn't mind working with me.  

My sales guy, Johnathon, stayed with me throughout the sale and even after to help me set up my bluetooth and show me all the features.  He set up my first checkup for about a month after I bought the car (not to be confused with the 10k oil change and checkup) to make sure there are still no issues.  I made a comment to him about taking up too much of his time to which he told me that I was his customer until I left the lot.  He also said that I was still his customer after that and to just stop by if I have any questions since this car has tons of "gadgets".

Also, the financial details weren't impatiently handed to us to look over - you know, that move they do where they make you feel as if you need to hurry up and sign in hopes that you won't notice that they charged you for the same thing twice?  Johnathon actually sat down and explained EVERY item on the bill.  When the finance manager gave it to us to sign I looked it over and noticed it was exactly the same!  

I'm not sure about the other negative reviews.  I never met the sales manager here so I haven't had any issues with him.  The other sales people actually interacted with myself and my husband here while at other dealers they constantly treat you like a "customer" (which isn't always good).

The only negative was the wait was a bit longer than I'd have liked and it would have been nice to have been offered a slice of that pizza one of the sales guys was carrying upstairs!  LOL  I was starving by the time I left!  The car was a bit dusty inside and it looks like their prep crew didn't do the full job.  But that is not a big deal compared to the scams most other dealers try to pull.

Brianne S. | 2011-12-16

i was very unsatisfied with my whole experience from beginning to end.  this company is very unprofessional and doesn't do much to warrant any mistakes that they have made.  i wouldn't recommend this company to anyone in the houston area or anywhere else to be honest.  they are a bunch of scammers and will do anything for a sale, not caring what they destroy in the process.  i wish i could honestly return my car and go to another dealer

Cameron B. | 2011-07-23

We were recently shopping for used cars and had our eye on a used Passat at West Houston Volkswagen.  We went through the standard "let me take this back to my manager" theater with the sales representative helping us out, for an hour and a half, before finally arriving at what seemed a little above a fair price for a Passat with that mileage.  We received passable service right up until the point that we were about to close the deal and I said that I was going to take the car to an independent mechanic to have its condition verified before sale.  It was at this point that everything went sour.

As we were walking out the door to do this, the manager suddenly deigned to inform us that the engine had been replaced from a junkyard because the original engine failed.  They had no documentation on this, nor on the mileage of the junkyard engine.  They wanted us to tell this to our mechanics just so that they "wouldn't be surprised" by what they saw.  He assured us that their mechanics had rigorously inspected the engine and that there shouldn't be any mechanical problems with it, so he wasn't at all afraid at what they would find.

Once the mechanics took a look at the car, we were in for many more surprises.  The car had a gushing oil leak that had only been covered up by cleaning the visible parts of the engine.  The car had a host of other problems, the most humorous of which was that it had four mismatched tires in different states of wear.  I wouldn't even have thought to check whether a car had four mismatched tires--I mean, really!  The mechanics assured me that this car was a thorough disaster.

Don't bother with these guys if you're after a used car.  They have a little more polish than some of the other crooks on the outside, but they certainly tried to pass a lemon off on us without batting an eye.  The most amazing thing is that after I returned the car the next day and explained what the mechanics found, the sales representative had the nerve to call me the next morning and ask if I were still interested.

Just as an afterword, I had the same mechanics check out several other used cars in our search, and everything they said has been very accurate.  I told them at the beginning that I wouldn't buy any service from them on these cars, and I have friends who have known the owners and been going there for years.

Bob N. | 2011-05-01

**Please note that this review is from may of 2011 I was tired of this being filtered**.

I was helping my girlfriend look for a 2011 Jetta SEL.  We both had a not so great experience at Momentum Volkswagen which is located on Richmond Ave.  I took a day to e-mail all of the Volkswagen dealerships and pretty much played the lowest price game I could.  I was torn between Archer Volkswagen and West Houston Volkswagen because both offered the lowest prices on the 2011 Jetta SEL my girlfriend wanted.  I went with West Houston Volkswagen because they had the exact car she was looking for.  Doug Atkins the Internet Sales Manager was very nice over the phone and answered all the questions I had about the vehicle through e-mail and telephone conversations.

The finance guy was nice but seemed disappointed that we did not get any of the extra warranty's or ding protection he was trying to offer us.  All in all it was a much better experience than I was imagining.  I would recommend people interested in getting a Volkswagen to get in touch with Doug.  Like I said he was a pleasure to work with and the price he gave us on the Jetta SEL including TT@L was $2,125 less than Momentum Volkswagen for the same exact vehicle.  Momentum would not really budge from their asking price after dealer fee's and TT@L.  Another thing that I did like about this dealership was the no dealer fee's.  So if your looking to save some money on not paying the dealer fee's West Houston has none.  Which was a plus!  

All in all I give this dealership a 4 out of 5!

Michelle F. | 2011-04-28

I worked with salesman, Doug Atkins at West Houston VW. He was extremely accommodating, very friendly, and explained everything about my new Jetta SEL. The Sales Manager and Finance Manager were also very friendly and professional. Everyone made sure I understood everything about the car, the warranty, and the financing. I went to West Houston after having a terrible selling experience at Momentum VW off of Kirby. Highly recommended!!

Happy O. | 2011-02-24

I feel that lectures need to happen in class rooms and not from sales people.  After an exhaustive search for a car it was found only to have my partner back out at the last moment due to cold feet.  An email was sent explaining the situation, no harm no foul as the car was sold that same day to another customer.  When it was decided that yes he did want the car I called back trying to see if either they had the car or if another was going to become available and all I got was a lecture about how he went out of his way to find this car (it was at the port and not at another dealership) and he expected a courtesy call from me that I was again interested and after he got it off his chest (the lecture) he informed me that no car was available and hung up.  What a great way to treat people!

Jim N. | 2010-12-13

My wife and I each have VW's and neither of us have had any luck at West Houston VW.  The most recent experience involved them calling me a liar.  Customer service here leaves much to be desired...though I have been told that they have a new service manager and many new sales people.  I hate to drive all the way down to Momentum VW, so I will probably give WHVW one more chance.