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Infiniti Sales, Service, Parts. New and Used Vehicle Sales.


Established in 1989.

One of Houston's Last Truly Family Owned/Operated Dealerships

Established in 1989, West Houston Infiniti sold the first Infiniti in the United States (per Nissan/Infinti-USA). Proudly serving the Houston community for over 25 years, our veteran staff arguably has more Infiniti knowledge than any store in the Country. From the sales floor to the service department, our experience enables us to serve you better. At West Houston Infiniti there's nothing more important than your complete satisfaction.
West Houston Infiniti's Mission Statement

At West Houston Infiniti, we are Inspired by Luxury, Driven by Service. We provide our customers with an exceptional sales and service experience tailored to their specific needs. Our customers' satisfaction will always be the standard by which we measure our success.
Our Values

West Houston Infiniti

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 589-8900
Address:12200 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77079
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on West Houston Infiniti

Herby B. | 2015-04-25

Great service. I wanted additional features in my Infiniti QX60. I got it with a smile. Super nice salesman. Financing was painless, although I had to wait quite a while. Highly recommend these beautiful stylish vehicles.

Katia F. | 2015-04-03

Great service and customer support

J D. | 2015-03-24

As a teenager, I loved working on cars.  I've done just about everything on an engine.  Nowadays, working on a modern engine is a bit of a pain in the neck as there are a number of hoses, wiring, and assemblies in the way of doing common maintenance items.  And, sadly, it also means that the general mechanic who could work on a Chevy or a Ford with equal skill just cannot be an expert on all makes these days.  The variability of specifications and steps to work on a car are far greater than before air pollution controls, electronic systems, etc came into being.  The good news is that most everything in a modern engine lasts far longer.  All that put together means I have generally used dealership service departments regardless of the make.  The problem is that the service advisors are all incented to upsell customers on excess maintenance and items you just don't need.  Add to that the incredible winnowing out of dealerships and you arrive at the point we are at today where most of them, especially for Japanese and German makes, really don't feel the need to be either price or service competitive.  My experience with WHI continues to be unimpressive.  Yes, they get the work done.  And, I've gotten a loaner car when I needed one.  Very nice.  But, I always get the feeling like they couldn't care less about me as a customer.  My hunch is that it's no different at the other Infiniti dealerships which are all quite spread out here in Houston.  So, I feel like I'm just going to have to keep on being a number at WHI and nothing more.

Quan P. | 2015-02-26

When my car was still under warranty I didn't have a choice but to take it to West Houston since it's by the energy corridor. Now I would never take it here or recommend this place.This place has a horrible parts department and their service department isn't very knowledgeable either.They hardly pick up the phone and are very rude when they talk to you. When you get there to buy a part they make you wait and wait. Even though you give them the part number for a part that you need they will refuse to get you the part without the VIN. When you do give them the VIN number  they still get the damn part wrong! This has happened to me 4 times at the place. Why would you need the VIN number for a part if the customer has a part number, They act like all customers are ignorant regarding their own cars, To top if off, you have to tell them how to check for your mechanical issues since some of their "mechanics" have no idea what they are doing. This is exactly why I order my parts online and fix it myself now. Infiniti customer service is no where near where Lexus and MB is. I can honestly say their service isn't even on pare with some Honda dealerships. That's sad to pay a premium price for a vehicle and get mediocre to even poor service.

Darcy F. | 2014-12-08

I had been to many infiniti dealerships around the houston area, and West Houston Infiniti was by far the best. I worked with Jack and he was really great. He wasnt pushy and trying to sell me the most expensive car on the lot. He understood my situation and what I was looking for, and he pointed me in the right direction. I had to drop the car off to get some work done that was promised to me when I purchased the car. I worked with Norman for maintenance and he made sure the service was quick and accurate. My experience with WHI was nothing but wonderful. I would seriously recommend them.

Caroline V. | 2014-11-13

Excellent service all the time. Very clean facility and professional service representatives. I highly recommend this dealership!

Oscar H. | 2014-11-04

If you want great service and follow up, do not purchase your car at West Houston Infiniti. Every level of service sucks after you leave the door. . Here are a list of incidents that have taken place since I drove the car off the lot:

* 3 trips to dealership in 8 days
o Remote Control (backup) had to be programmed/Sign document with Finance
o Inspection
o License Plates
* 5 gallons of gas when purchased
* Not notified about Sirius XM radio, received notice in mail on 09/22/14
* Registration sticker is month 8 instead of 9
* Received letter from previous lien holder of a remaining balance of $28.41 and will not release lien/title unless paid within 10 days.

Tana T. | 2014-09-23

First time bad experience with car dealer. My husband and I went to shop for our a new car yesterday afternoon. We went into Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, and Acura, pretty much all dealers on i10. First stop at Acura, salesperson was very nice and helpful. Same as Toyota. Then we went to Infiniti, I felt really bad. They neglected us, like very rude. We walked around the shop both inside and outside, and nobody came to greet or ask if we needed any help. What kind of business is this? Or they already had reached their sale. I personally wanted to buy an Infiniti QX70 but I think I would go with Acura MDX, just because I had bad experience with the dealer. And I would not recommend anyone to go to Infiniti by i10.

Richard A. | 2014-08-22

I took my lowered G37 in for a simple oil change. And left with a bent and broken front bumper. I brought the car back immediately the next day and was told by the manager that he was not liable for the damage. I have now contacted a lawyer over this matter and do expect to win this case. I would recommend anyone who needs to visit an Infiniti dealership to do so at the southwest location. At the southwest location they take photos all around your car before and after they work on it to show any changes to the car...

David C. | 2014-08-05

Bought a used car from them. Had a missing volume knob on the radio. Salesman noted on the paperwork and told me they will order it. I went back to the dealership 3 weeks later, salesman doesn't remember a thing. So, he filled out another paperwork to order one. It's been almost 5 months and nothing.  They never returned my more than 10 phone calls.

Another issue is about my license plate. I called 2 weeks after purchase to see if they have my plate. Dealership told me no.  So, I waited 2 more weeks to call again. Still no plate. I felt like they weren't really checking when I talked to them on the phone and decided to go there in person. There it was. They said the plate got there more than 2 weeks ago.  

Westside Infinity has the worst customer service of any dealership I've ever been to. My Lexus dealerships always call me after a week to let me know my plate has arrived.

I've told all of my friends and family not to go Westside Infinity. In fact, I will never buy a Infinity.

Jennifer N. | 2014-07-12

Great service. I was going to buy a Nissan but two dealerships they did not know their product and another having horrible customer service. My friend convinced us to get an Infiniti cause of the superb customer service and warranty and glad I came here. They know their products very well and will work to get what you need.

Thanks to Ricky and Nick for the great service!

Elizabeth B. | 2013-12-04

I have been a loyal customer at West Houston Infiniti for 5years. I have never had any problem with service nor getting assistance with getting issues resolved until recently.

Recently, I had my car service at West Houston Infiniti and received a loaner vehicle. When I brought the loaner car back to West Houston Infiniti the Service & Part Director accused me of damage to the loaner vehicle. I didn't cause damage nor damage the loaner vehicle while it was in my possession. I was bullied into taking an insurance claim to get repairs to the loaner vehicle. While I was talking to my insurance company; within 15min or less Service & Part Director has a quote to get repairs done to the car. This was very odd and suspicious.  When I got my vehicle back from service; items were stolen from my car and the engine belt that had replace started making noise. I called West Houston Infiniti to inform the Assist Service Manager items were stolen from my car and my call was not returned. Following the insurance claim for damage to the loaner vehicle and the insurance company paying for the damages; West Houston Infiniti charged my card without authorization. The public should be information the service department at West Houston Infiniti should not be trusted.  They will steal items out of the vehicles and charge the credit cards without authorization. They pressure you with filling out there customer survey and tell you how to answer the survey.

Daniel K. | 2013-11-23

No complaints, they've serviced my Infiniti since it was new. I generally hate dealerships so I'm not saying this is the best but I've had good experiences and never left unhappy. Dealerships.... They are what they are.

Tommy S. | 2013-07-20

I bought my car here a few years back and take it here to get the maintenance done.  Although it is a bit of a drive from me as i stay in Sugar Land it is worth the drive.  The service here is exemplary and i have never had any issues at all.  The individuals here will take their time to discuss and explain all that will be taken care of for your car.  The location is clean and has a very nice waiting room with a tv.  There are refreshments for you to partake in if you are thirsty.

an example of their good customer service would be today.  I went in today for my maintenance for an appointment at 11:20am.  I arrived early at about 11am and they immediately greeted me and signed me in as well as take my car to the back.  After about 15-20 mins my car was already ready to go and being washed.  I was already out by the time my original appointment time was scheduled.  In and out with a quickness with explanations is considered to be a great experience for me.

John C. | 2013-01-24

Dwayne my salesman was very patient and answered all my questions,  called me
back numerous times to help locate the exact vehicle with the packages that I wanted.   I ended up securing the car on his day off with his manager Ricky.   Both were extremely helpful and helped me work through the numbers to get a payment I was comfortable with.   Beau the finance guy understood our rush when we picked up or vehicle the next day and greased lightning through the paperwork,  but still managed to explain every detail clearly,  while keeping us entertained.   We decided on the maintenance and ding protection package.   Will be coming back for our next car soon.   Thanks West Houston Infiniti,  the wife loves her new car.

Joshua L. | 2012-06-12

Would definitely recommend buying here. See Chris in the used sales dept.

Cheryl G. | 2012-04-10

VERY DISAPPOINTED!  My husband and I waited 45minutes on Saturday and not one person asked if they could help us.  When we pulled in the lot there was a salesperson standing right in front of us and he didn't even acknowledge us.  Then we passed another salesperson standing in front of the door, again no acknowledgment.  I opened every door to every car inside, trying to see if someone would come by, and nothing.  One salesperson actually walked by and said "oh, sound like we need to recharge the battery", but he never asked if we needed help.  I don't appreciate being profiled and I will NEVER purchase a car from West Houston Infiniti!  And to make matters worse, my numerous calls to the Sales Manager have not been returned.  BIG mistake considering we purchase our cars brand new and pay cash!

Raphael D. | 2012-01-28

First time service was excellent. The second time, not so much. I would not recommend dealing with the service agent Bobby. His supervisor, who great during the first service was wonderful, turned out not to be so much on the second. I guess he was having a bad day.  In the end, they basically called me a liar and declined to re-shampoo the carpet in my trunk that was previously cleaned by them when I had my car detailed.

Infiniti is a brand that is associated with high-performing vehicles, luxury and excellent customer service. Someone should tell Bobby, the service coordinator, and his supervisor because they will never see me again.
Let me explain this foolishness.

I have had a long relationship with Honda having bought five cars over the years. Having driven my mom's Infiniti, I considered purchasing an Infiniti coupe. Well, my mom decided to buy another car so I traded in my Honda and took her Infiniti. During the change of hands, my mom fixed a few things and had the car detailed at the Infiniti I-10 West Houston dealership. Such a great mom! The experience was great. It took a few hours so they gave me a loaner car that allowed me to go register the vehicle, etc. All is well for the most part. At the time, I noticed that the carpet in the trunk was a little damp but thought it would dry. No big deal.

Over the next few weeks I noticed there was a smell, like a mildew smell in the cabin of the car. Initially I thought my little nephews had left food in the backseat. Searched but found nothing. Then when I opened the trunk I realized that the carpet was the source. I would have cleaned it myself but I was having brake concerns so I made an appointment with Infiniti. When I got there I explained the issue with the carpet and hoped they would offer to shampoo it over. Well, the service coordinator, Bobby, didn't have the same thought. At this point - things started to go wrong. Instead of just shampooing the carpet, which would have taken less than 10/15 minutes, Bobby went to speak to his supervisor and returned, "When we detail the cars we don't shampoo the carpet in the trunk, we only vacuum it." I asked, "Why was it wet?" He then went back to the supervisor and returned wanting to take a look at the car. Okay, that's fine. After looking in the trunk, Bobby said there was leak in the trunk's hood causing the water to leak in and wet the carpet - hence the smell. (Mind you it rained the day before, I keep the car in my garage, and the carpet is dry at this time.)  I laughed and asked that he prove to me there was a leak because I want to fix it. Without attempting to find a leak, Bobby went back to his supervisor. His supervisor wanted to take a look. Now you have three grown men looking in the trunk when they could have just cleaned the carpet.  (15mins had elapsed by this time.) The supervisor lifts the carpet that has a rubberized texture of some sort as it's bottom layer, lifts another fabric layer underneath that coats the entire inside of the trunk, pulls up a rubber cover that sits on top of another cardboard type cover that shields the spare tire underneath it.  The supervisor found some sitting water near the spare tire.  He tells me that when it was raining the day before, I went through a deep pocket of water, water came through the bottom of the car into the trunk, made its way through all those layers I mentioned and penetrated the carpet - hence the smell that is now in the trunk and the vehicle. "But we are just guessing," he said. Wow! Why guess when I told you what happened? That is unless of course you don't believe me and are, indirectly, calling me a liar. According to his theory, within less than 24 hours - I drove through a flood in a poorly sealed Infiniti, wet the carpet, giving enough time for the carpet to dry and mildew to grow.  (Please be mindful that none of those layers I mentioned were wet or had water marks on them or had the same smell of the carpet.)  Then he said he was not going to clean the carpet again.  I spoke to one of the managers there - Ricky - very nice. Well he knew the importance of customer service and I believed instructed them to clean the carpet.  I think he told them, I don't know because I had already left by this time. Over it!

By this time I was disgusted and decided to take my business elsewhere. It's a carpet in the trunk. It would have taken less then 15 minutes to clean. Infiniti is a brand that is associated with high-performing vehicles, luxury and excellent customer service. Someone should tell Bobby and his supervisor because they will never see me again.

It is sad that a relationship that my mother has had for almost seven years was so quickly ruined. And I drove there when the Clear Lake location is so much closer to my house.   I'll buy the coupe, just not at I-10. Or maybe I'll follow her to Lexus - that I250 is kinda cute!

Matt H. | 2011-09-09

I bought a preowned Infiniti here and it was an overall pleasant experience.  I would recommend at least the preowned department, very non-pushy, friendly, and negotiate well.  I have no experience yet with parts/service/new car sales.

I would buy another car from them.  Ask for Jack he was easy to deal with and fed me no BS.

Mark Y. | 2011-05-13

I have found this location /service dept to be profesional, timely, & consistant. They were waiting for me for my routine appt. They kept me updated as I waited and were generally accomodating.

Vejay S. | 2010-10-13

I have had the same experience as the other two Yelpers. Things missing, and sub par mechanics. They have stolen sunglasses that I have left in my car, and once they have even stolen petty change. Why would someone risk a paying job for less then a dollar worth of change?

So if you must drop your car off here, then take pictures of everything, especially near the area they plan to be working. I recently had them replace the control arm on my M35, which of course I think is shoddy engineering since the car is still new and it looked kinda flimsy for a larger car. Well they forgot to put a screw back onto the shroud on the under carriage. This caused it to flap about and eventually caught something that ripped it half off. They agreed to replace it this time. The previous time I took it here  they did some engine work, and they lost an engine cover part. Of course they stated there wasn't one. So yelpers beware. I don't believe there is another Infiniti Service Department in Houston, and the mechanic for my Lexus won't touch my Infiniti, so I am stuck with them for now.

Anthony H. | 2009-02-12

Caveat Emptor

You know how somethings really get your goat. Here's what happened....

Had to go out of town so I left my car with my admin assistant as she had been gagging to drive it and it would save me a heap of parking costs at IAH. The deal was she would take me to the airport, pick me up on my return and arrange for it to have it's first free service in exchange. A win win situation.

She got the service done and kept the car until my return. When she came to hand it back to me she went to the glovebox to get her Garmin portable GPS. She had put it in the glovebox because she wanted to keep it safe when the car was parked but when she dropped the car off at the Infiniti dealership she forgot to take it out. Now, it was not in the glovebox!
We checked the rest of the car for anything missing. Couldn't see anything.

Rang the Infiniti service department. They said they would look into it and call back.
Next day still no call. Called them.
"Sorry, when you signed the form at the point you dropped it off, within the document there is a disclaimer should anything be stolen"
"What disclaimer, where?"
"In the small print"
"So you are telling me that there is nothing you can do, no theft insurance?"
"No, sorry. We will ask in the workshop in case it has been found. We will call you back"

They never called so we called them back more than once but always got a "We will get back to you"

To this day, they have never called back.

I did get a call from the Infiniti group follow up team asking what I felt about my most recent experience. Explained all to the neophytic caller and I actually think I heard his shoulders shrug over the phone. He could not have cared less.

Shortly after I went to the Yelp UYE at Ernies. I had promised to bring my darts. When I got inside at Ernies, I remembered and went back out to the car to get them. I knew exactly where they were cos I always keep them in the same place. Bottom of the door pocket, drivers side. Guess what. They were not there. These darts are not any old darts. I paid a lot of money for them at an ALS charity auction. Tungsten tournament darts in a special case personally signed by Steve Brown (one of the USA tops darts players).

Now comes the clincher. That same evening whilst I am at Ernies fretting about my darts I get a phone call from a friend. She had remembered where she had left her Silver Heart shaped stud earrings. Yeah, you got it, In my car.

Could I go look for them she said. "They are in the passenger side door pocket"
Went back out to the vehicle. Checked both door pockets, centre console, glovebox, everywhere. Nada, zilch, nothing.

Phoned Infiniti workshop the next day and explained that we now had other items missing. Everything of significant value or shiny had disappeared from the vehicle.
"You may have a thief on your premises" I warned
"We will ask in the workshop in case any of it has been found. We will call you back"

They never did. I stumped up and replaced the earrings and GPS. Darts will have to wait.

APB - Calling all Yelpers
......should you happen to meet a mechanic who knows their way round town and plays darts, wearing expensive Silver Heart shaped stud earrings, please drop me a line as I would love to meet them for a quiet chat.