Tommie Vaughn Ford in Houston, TX

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Tommie Vaughn Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 869-4661
Address:1201 N Shepherd, Houston, TX, 77008
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Tommie Vaughn Ford

Warren K. | 2015-04-22

I took my 1999 Ford Explorer in to Tommie Vaughn because the temperature gauge fluctuated wildly and I thought it had plenty of coolant in the reservoir.  I was pretty sure it was a thermostat problem.  They checked it out and found that there was not enough coolant so they added some, drove it, and checked for leaks.  Liz in the service department is easy to work with and kept me informed on progress.  No charge.  They did not even charge me the diagnosis fee.  I have been taking the Explorer in to Tommie Vaughn for service ever since I bought it from them and they have always done a good job.  Once I thought they had not and they went out of their way to make it right even though it was not their fault.  Seventeen years and over 200,000 miles and they have kept it in good working condition.

Rronald I. | 2015-04-15

i puechased a pre owned vehicle from tommie vaughn and the experience was the best ever my  sales rep Todd Brown was very courteous and informative every sales person i came in contactt with was friendly and helpful reminds you of what real customer service should be would reccomend them to any ine in the markrt for a vechile with no hesitation keep up thr good work

John D. | 2015-03-31

Did not buy a car here, just test drove. I can't speak to the service department or financing.

We stopped in on a rainy Saturday to check out a couple 2014 Focus models they still had that were discounted. We just walked the lot by ourselves but we got the card for a friendly sales person we met, Javier. Kept in touch with him, then scheduled a test drive the following week.  

Javier was very polite and professional and was pulling up with the car right as we arrived for our appointment. We took it out for a short drive and he was very helpful with any questions we had and was knowledgeable on the product. We waited a few minutes in the lobby afterwards and met the BDC Manager Michael  who shook our hands and introduced himself. He gave us a very competitive out-the-door price for us to take home and consider. While we didn't go with Ford for our purchase, we did have a great experience. We didn't experience any pushiness or unwillingness to discuss pricing.

I'd definitely recommend this dealer.

Lillian M. | 2015-03-28

Boy was I WRONG! I mean, come much can you say about a vehicle dealership, especially when your vehicle is in service, right?

The staff at Tommy Vaughn, specifically Paula, changed my mind, outlook on dealerships, outlook on service mechanics and everything negative thought I've ever had about dealing with vehicle stuff.

I went in because my vehicle obviously was having problems, but also because I received a letter about a possible cause. Paula took my information, looked into my warranty policies and gave me details that I had not received during previous service visits at another Ford Dealership. She really, to me and my prior experience - again at a different dealership, went above and beyond for me. I have Never left a dealership, weather buying a vehicle or having service done and felt satisfied and happy - until this experience.

She made me feel like she was only working on my case. Gave me great attention, answered all of my questions, was upfront with me - no smoke and mirrors. She was in constant communication with me about my vehicle and again her customer service was OUTSTANDING. Because of Paula, I will buying my next vehicle from Tommy Vauhn Ford! They will also be getting my service work. I am so happy to have found a place with people like Paula because trusting your vehicle service team is very important.

Joel H. | 2015-03-04

What an amazing sales staff. Ask for Anthony or Sam in sales then make sure Max the manager handles and closes your deal.. These guys closed my deal in less than 40 minutes.I live in west Texas so drove there and saved over 4000.00 on my deal.. They also went out of their way to help me get the accessories I needed on my new F250 Platinum at cost. I ended up there because Lone Star Ford jerked me around for over 2 hours after I drove there. I called Tommy Vaughn Ford, told them my situation and they closed my deal almost faster than it took me to drive there from the other worthless dealer. I will again drive there to but another vehicle. They want to compete i price and want you to leave happy. The dealership was also amazing. Super clean and user friendly for all customers.. Thanks again Anthony ans Max..

Shari H. | 2015-03-03

Called Parts to see if they had a spare key for my 2013 Escape.  In stock and Service would have to program it per Adrian.  I called back spoke to Bobby in service who advised to come in down he could put it in while I waited.  When I arrived, Liz greeted me and advised I wasn't the only customer in linse had I arrived at 7 am they could get to me straight away but now it would take 2 hours if everything went smoothly.  TWO hours?  Eleven minutes ago, I was advised it could be done immediately.  I spoke to a Service Manager and she and Bobby took great care of Mellon and out in 45 minutes with a free car wash.. This is my 5th Ford product.  While I would definitely use Tommie Vaughn Ford again. I will insure Liz ins not involved in my service needs. She is unprofessional, rude and not the service I am used to receiving.  Would have given 3 stars but her attitude isn't worthy of 3 stars.  Thanks, Bobby for taking care of me.

Justin G. | 2015-02-26

Great customer service and I never felt pressured or got the "up sale" on my service work.  Richard was knowledgeable and explained the problem in a way even I (clueless) could understand.  Hope I don't have to go back anytime soon but when the car starts to cough again I know where I'll be going.

John B. | 2015-02-19

We were looking for an affordable SUV crossover option for our growing family and the sales experience with Shawn was incredible.  He was very attentive to our questions and extremely quick in his follow-up.  I would recommend Tommie Vaughn to anyone who seeks a great car buying experience and excellent customer service!

Denise E. | 2015-01-13

Had another great service experience at Tommie Vaughn Ford Quick Lane - I really appreciate having them so close by in the neighborhood. I bought my explorer here twelve years ago and all my experiences from purchase to maintenance have been great. These are super nice folks!

Curtis H. | 2015-01-12

Everyone at this dealership is top notch.  I have bought cars from them for over40 years and have never regretted giving them my business.  Service dept. is very good as well, I can take my carnand wait on it and they always do a good job of repairing my cars.

Curtis Hall

Eric M. | 2015-01-10

Very little haggling and no pressure whatsoever. I dealt with John Panameno on my deal for a Boss 302 and everything was pretty painless. The best part was the transparency in pricing. They showed me a standard purchase order with the price, my trade in, tax title etc. No inflated dealer fees and no smoke and mirrors that you need to have an accounting degree to understand like other used car dealerships. When I am in the market for a truck down the road I will definitely give these guys the first shot.

Wyatt C. | 2014-11-26

I went for a few recalls on my 2013 Escape. They were professional, friendly, and good with communication. They even have a shuttle service if you live close by and because they are in the Heights it was super convenient.

Charles H. | 2014-11-21

Awful service. Will not go back!  Overcharged and recommended repairs that were not needed.

Steena P. | 2014-11-19

The staff in ALL departments, Service, Sales & Collision are absolutely wonderful!

Sales Team - I have not met a better Car Sales team in my lifetime to day buying cars.  I looked all over Houston for a car to buy and all but Tommie Vaughn were pushy & trying to sell me something I didn't want.  The Sales Team at Tommie Vaughn worked with me to get the car I wanted.  They sourced what I said I wanted, not what they told me.
Finance Manager - Wonderfully friendly, informative and communicative!

Service Team - Fantastic!! Family orientated, friendly, caring & honest.  Bobby is such a wonderful man, so if you get the opportunity to meet & work with him, you wont be disappointed.

Collision Center - So my new car was damaged due to a car accident.  Tommie Vaughn is a one stop shop!  They fixed my car, communicated extremely well and did a fantastic job!

Overall - I won't go to another dealership again. Tommie Vaughn is a wonderful family business and you can certainly tell it is run well by the staff!  When you see the same staff there years later, that's a sign its a well managed and caring business.

Robbie L. | 2014-11-15

While I did purchase the car Tommie Vaughn, it was only because they had the exact car that I wanted. A friend of mine at KILT radio referred me to come and speak to the General Manager about buying a car. I was turned away because I did not have an appointment with him. Also, prior to the friend of mine at KILT giving me the GM'S contact info, I had performed an inquiry online about the car and was contacted by Kenny Pettaway. I had called on Thursday and left a message for him that I would be by on Friday at 1:00. I arrived on Friday at 12:45 only to find out he was work out. Needless to say I did buy the car but will not be recommending Tommie Vaughn to anyone.

Hayley S. | 2014-11-03

After dealing with a pesky door issue for a while, I decided to finally take my car into the shop. I chose this dealership because of the close proximity to my downtown home. I was a little nervous about the service I'd get at any service location since (1) I'm still under my factory warranty so the work would be done at no charge, and (2) I was going to need to service my vehicle at a dealership where I did not purchase it. Boy was I overanalyzing! This dealership was so nice from the start. They kept me in the loop multiple times throughout the 24 hours that my car was in their care. Upon picking up my vehicle, it was quick and easy. The ladies at the front were expecting me, my vehicle was already pulled up out front, and it feels brand new again :)

Andrew P. | 2014-10-22

So I was looking at buying a new car, and I found a really good price at Russell and Smith.  I live in the Heights, to Tommie Vaughn is practically in my neighborhood, and I'd heard about their Lowest Pricing Guaranteed policy, so I gave them a call.

I talked to Michael Coscarelli, who is listed as the Internet/BDC manager on their site.  He did a lot of hemming and hawing and called me back like 3/4 times.

Finally, he gave me this long spiel about how Russell and Smith were con artists and flim flam men, who will add on a bunch of garbage at the end that will cost me $1,500 more, and that I should pay $1,900 more to buy it at Tommie Vaughn.

I explained to him that even with the random add ons, it would still be cheaper, and that it would give me some (admittedly marked up) things that I wouldn't get from him.  I said it still wouldn't be Lowest Pricing Guaranteed.  He said it was the best he could do.

I went to Russell and Smith, the only forced add on was tinted windows... because they'd already had the windows tinted.  They took more than half off the price of them, and I had no issues, just $150 for a good quality tint, which I would've paid elsewhere.  I happily bought the car.

As for Tommie Vaughn, my learnings are that their Lowest Price Guaranteed is a sham, and that Michael Coscarelli is completely willing to spread some lies about rival dealers in order to make a sale.

Rachel H. | 2014-10-09

They are wonderful had such an amazing experience with Christy when I bought my car and then just walked right in and Elizabeth got be all set up for my oil change and to put my plates on. Such a nice waiting area and wonderful people that work there!

Arthur W. | 2014-09-25

Stopped by for my scheduled 15000 mile check up. 1st time too use Tommy Vaughn I drive by It offten and the new quick lane service dept Is great. Very nice, polite and friendly.  Quick service in and out in 45 min.

R M. | 2014-08-12

I have been to this dealership on two separate occasions and both times I've had negative experiences.

First time was with a diesel fuel filter change, simple preventative maintenance.  The technician did something very wrong and broke the fuel filter housing, they placed the blame on my old dealership. Come to find out after talking with other truck owners the filter housing has a fail safe assembly, meaning you cannot over tighten it.  The technician probably got over zealous in the wrong direction.  I had to pay for the new filter housing before learning of the Ford fail safe setup.

Then I purchased an air deflector for my front bumper.  I decided to try the 2 wheel drive part since it was shorter in size. After pulling the broken one off I pulled the NEW part from the box to learn, one it wouldn't work which isn't the dealership's fault and secondly they HAD SOLD ME A USED PART!  The supposedly NEW part had dirt and water marks on it.  When I brought it up the parts counter he didn't really care because he wasn't the one who sold it to me.  I said it doesn't matter who sold it to me!  It was in a Ford box and packaged as new!  

Two opportunities to earn my future business, and both times this dealership failed to meet the simplest of expectations!

Michael Q. | 2014-07-23

I can't speak about their sales or service, but their parts department have always been great to work with. They are friendly and helpful.

Mark W. | 2014-06-08

Update to my previous post:

It is one month later and my issues have continued to be ignored, with the added bonus of consistent excuses being made by my service advisor, who has been completely useless in both service and advice.

Would also like to note that the comment on my previous post by a representative of the company was fully a stunt to try and soften my review, as I emailed as requested and never received any response or even acknowledgement. So. My review still stands: AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Lindsey M. | 2014-06-03

I had a very positive experience here. Yesterday afternoon I did the dumbest thing ever. I hit the pole in my garage, knocking the side mirror off of my F150. I took it here yesterday afternoon (about 24 hours ago on the dot). Bobby Harrell was my service advisor. They finished quickly, and were up front about costs before they did work. Not only that but they were honest. They gave me an estimate, which I agreed to prior to them doing the work. When they called to tell me the car was ready, they let me know that the damage wasn't as extensive as they first thought so they saved a piece and it was cheaper!!! Gotta love that. So they delivered on time and for a lower price than I anticipates. Can't beat it!

Steve C. | 2014-06-03

We just bought a new car at Tommy Vaughn. Normally I detest car salesmen. Not here. We went there. We drove an Edge. Great car. They gave us a price that was good. We got another price that was a bit better. They beat it. After the sale there was no gauntlet of warranty sales, accessory sales, finance, etc. They don't do that. We went to get the car. Their waiting room us first class. They will loan you an iPad while you wait. Even the finance guy was super. They are hosting a class this weekend to show us how to use the accessories on the car. We've used their service department for 12 years, and liked the convenience. I was thrilled with my experience and highly suggest you buy there.

Chelsea M. | 2014-05-19

I'm changing my review because right at about a week after I had the Tahoe my husband smelt a burning smell- he looked underneath and oil was leaking out of the filter (a Ford filter put on a Chevrolet ) the filter wasn't even the correct size. I had already put around 400 miles on it at this point and it had been leaking the entire time... We could see where it had blown back when we were driving... My husband put the correct filter on it and  it corrected the problem-- BUT I emailed them with no response and I've still not received a response and I emailed them 4 days ago. Considering their used car warranty only last 30 days after purchase it was very disheartening that this happened much less me receiving NO RESPONSE!  I had emailed about two other minor issues 1.- the driver rear tv screen would work but we fixed it ourselves considering we received no response. And 2.- the back up camera wiring has a short because sometimes the video is distorted with lines running across the screen.  We didn't fix this yet (hopefully we can)! I know the small issues may not be covered by their limited 30 day warranty which is why I emailed to ask... BUT I know the engine oil filter issue IS covered. And they should have responded back. Had they just responded with any information or any sort of fix for some of these  issues I would not be updating with NEGATIVE feedback. Very discouraging.

James S. | 2014-04-30

We have purchased 3 Ford vehicles from this dealer in the last 6 months. I just took my 2012 F250 King Ranch in for some service work electrical issues. Jeremy the service manager did a great job of communicating with us and getting the issues resolved very quickly. Thank you Jeremy for your great service in such a timely manner. We will be purchasing another Ford vehicle soon and so far Tommie Vaughn with great people like Jeremy has earned our business.

James Sullivan
Schumacher Companies

Shannon O. | 2014-04-10

Last week my husband and I, long time Heights residents, went to Tommy Vaughn Ford looking for a certified used car. We came with a pre-approved loan, very good credit and a serious need for a new car. We weren't tire kickers but motivated buyers in need of a new car as my car had recently broken down. We found a lovely 2011 Ford Expedition with around 25k miles on it. The salesman told us the price was going to be around 37k out the door. We wanted to pay around 35k and expected some negotiation and honestly were prepared to "meet in the middle" on the price. But the salesman said they did not negotiate on certified used cars and if we didn't like the price, he understood if we decided to walk away. Let me be clear, the salesman was NOT rude, VERY cocky, but not rude. I'm still just in shock that this is the way Tommy Vaughn Ford does business! Is that new beautiful showroom on Shepard all paid for? Don't need any new business? That is what it seemed like to us as customers. I was made to feel like our money wasn't good enough for Tommy Vaughn Ford. I've bought several new and used cars in my life and my experience is salesman are always willing to negotiate a little, especially when you are only 2k apart in price.

We did decide to leave and we went to Gullo Ford in Conroe. Amazingly, they DO negotiate on Certified Used cars. In fact, we bought a car from Gullo Ford the very next day, a Ford Expedition TWO years newer than the one at Tommy Vaughn, with LESS miles, MORE features (navigation, DVD players which the 2011 did not have) for 32k.
I want to be clear, I'm not angry. I ended up with a newer, better car for less money. I would just say I'm perplexed by the sales attitude at Tommy Vaughn Ford. When asked by others about it my only response would have to be that they are doing so well they don't need to sell cars and then I'd recommend Gullo Ford, who are more than happy to find and sell a great car at a fair price.

Amanda S. | 2014-04-04

One would say that when paying $40 for "The Works Vehicle Check up" the technician would do exactly that. I'm not entirely sure what happened the day I went in for my oil change but I can tell you that three days later my check engine light came on. Not only did the service report come back and tell me I needed my brakes flushed, a new battery, more fluid and a new oil pan (because mine was leaking,) there was a myriad of problems with my vehicle. I don't think I would have such a problem with fixing all these things if I might have had a heads up from the service department.... You know, the forty something dollars I had spent three days earlier that states they do:

* Synthetic Blend Oil Change
* Tire Rotation
* Brake Inspection
* Multi-Point Inspection
* Fluid Top-Off
* Battery Test
* Filter Check
* Belts and Hoses Check"

Where did my money go and what exactly did the original technician check? Shouldn't they have called me when they were changing my oil to ask if I wanted a new pan so I wouldn't have to go back and pay again? Should they not have told me about the battery three days prior to my check engine light coming on?

Not only did all of this happen and I expressed my disappointment and my difficulty understanding what exactly I was doing at this dealership... Or better yet what the people working were doing at this dealership but my service advisor told me the manager was disappointed in the technician.......

The best part is they sent me a customer satisfaction survey so NOW I'm sure I'm going to hear from the manager. Greeeaat.

Nicole R. | 2014-03-23

The car buying and finance experience was fine and I wish I could give them 5 stars but my brand new 5.0 Mustang has a back tire that won't hold air, head lights that are 2 different intensities and the compass only works sporadically.  The dealership says all this will be fixed at no charge,  but it's still a pain that I have to be without my car all day to get these issues fixed, but again no actual complaints about the car dealership it's self.

Joye R. | 2014-02-26

I purchased a used vehicle in December 2013.  Working out the deal and what not was a pretty good experience which is why they didn't get one star.  The customer service I received after was less than sufficient.  When we picked up the vehicle, the tire needed air so they filled it to over 65 PSI when Max fill is 45 PSI.  This was a serious safety issue.  Additionally, they detailed the vehicle - so they claim - they never washed/waxed the roof and it was filthy.  

The vehicle has some issues and needed to be repaired under the 30 day bumper to bumber, we contacted the service department was told there are no weekend appointments and service tech's are only there till 4pm M-F and we would need to leave the vehicle there all day with not rental.  I contacted our saleman and he did make arrangements for us to get the matter resolved however, we had a family emergency that day and could not make the appointment.  I left voicemails requesting a call back to reschedule and those calls were not returned.

Now we have several items wrong with the vehicle that needs to be address.  We purchased an extended warranty and had no received anything in the mail regarding.  I contacted my salesman and was informed that the warranty information was in our new vehcile paperwork but he did say he would track down the information and call me back and/or email it to me.  I have not received either.  

I finally was able to get the finance person on the phone this morning to get the information for the warranty.  Now we will be able to take the vehicle else where since their service department is still in the stoned age...

Alyssa M. | 2014-02-24

Took my car in on Friday for maintenance (oil change and transmission flush). When I went to pick it up I couldn't drive it. The transmission kept skipping and it wouldn't get over 10mph. I almost caused an accident turning on to shepherd. They said they wouldn't be able to look at it until Monday. They wouldn't pay for a rental because they didn't know if they did anything wrong. Finally got a hold of them on Monday afternoon and they said they "looked at it" but would have to look at it again on Tuesday. It is the transmission but they still say it isn't their fault, they don't know the condition it was in when they got it. Well I drove it there and it wouldn't drive after... We will see what they say tomorrow.

Nathan K. | 2014-02-17

Everyone has good and bad experiences at places.... I've only been here twice, one visit was okay, the other set me off.

On the first visit, I went to order a new 2014 Mustang GT, Premium, Track-Package, Recaro seats... the works.
I know it's not a Ferrari but I would expect a little more excitement from staff when I'm WANTING to buy a car from them. It should be exciting ordering a new car, not feel like a hassle. Well, I felt like I was inconveniencing  them and by the end of it all I was looking at my wife saying... i kinda wish I wouldn't have ordered from them.
A couple days go by and I'm waiting for a call to hear that my order was placed... nothing.
I eventually call a few days later and they say, "oh yeah, we'll be getting to that soon." Hearing from others who have order Mustangs and get (almost) daily updates from an excited sales person... i'm starting to get annoyed. In no need to purchase immediately, I decided forget it, i'll order somewhere else! So, I cancel that order.

Second visit. It's a couple months later and I've now bought a used Boss 302. Under warranty, I took it in for some transmission noise. Keeping all the frivolous details to a minimum, all I wanted was for someone to take a moment and see what I'm experiencing, and then give me an idea of how long I'll need to leave it for (so I can make travel arrangements). The shop foreman comes out to my car, sees exactly what I was experiencing (which is the transmission NOT wanting to go into reverse unless you continuously row through the gears many times, even then it still won't most of the time). He then says, "That's what it is supposed to do... have you read the owners manual, it says you must row through forward gears before attempting reverse." I literately just sold a Mustang with the EXACT same transmission, he was incorrect on this. I've NEVER had to do that before.

He then goes on to say "You know, I know what this car is but Ford pays their drivers to drive these cars hard, not their customers." He then goes on to say if they take apart the transmission and see its been abused, then Ford won't put it back together and I'll have to pay for it.

Yes, I'm 24 but what gives you the right to assume something like that without knowing anything about me or my driving style. I do not look like a punk kid, talk, act or, in any way, behave as one. Being respectful and professional is the way I was raised. I was infuriated and left.

For the record though, the service advisers seemed really nice and eager to set an appointment and help out. The waiting room looked nice and their new exterior looks really nice!
I know others who have had great experiences there so this could have been just one of those few bad times.

Lacey C. | 2013-12-12

Very fast, courteous, and efficient. Very clean waiting room and restrooms. I always bring my car here for servicing.

Michael L. | 2013-12-11

This dealership has been around a while and has earned its reputation for being a leader among its peers.  Throughout every part of the shopping and buying process, you always feel well informed and appreciated.  

David Lefkowitz, my sales representative was extremely helpful. A really nice guy!  He went beyond the norm to make sure I got exactly what i was looking for and that I was comfortable with my selection.  Made sure that I knew all the options available to me and worked wonders with my trade-in. He is very friendly and trustworthy.  I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying a vehicle.

K S. | 2013-11-13

We brought our RV here for service and were extremely pleased.  Bret Seversen treated us like royalty and they had the RV back to us the same day.  Even though we could take the RV to an RV dealer in Katy and pay no extended warranty deductible, we will continue to bring it to Tommie Vaughn Ford and pay the deductible in order to receive great customer service.

Cherlyn W. | 2013-11-05

This is my second experience working with David Bagby.  My husband bought a car in 2009, and that experience was so exceptional that when it was time to purchase my new vehicle, I immediately wanted to come back to Tommie Vaughn to work with David Bagby again.  David Bagby is an exceptional sales person, and an exceptional person.  My husband recently had an accident, and when Mr. Bagby learned of this, he was very concerned and compassionate.  Mr. Bagby really CARES about the customer, and one doesn't often see that at a car dealership.  Also, Christina, Mr. Bagby's assistant, was excellent, and very helpful.  This was the easiest car buying experience I've ever had.  In total, I've purchased 4 vehicles in my lifetime, and I couldn't imagine an experience more seamless than this one.

Clint C. | 2013-11-02

Clean and consistent!  No frills waiting room, but comfortable!  They do have internet for us!  :-)

Kate B. | 2013-09-23

I can't give enough praise to David Bagby and his team at Tommie Vaughn!! There was none of the typical pushiness and upselling tactics you experience at other dealerships. I drove out in my new Ford Escape in less than three hours, including the time his assistant took to help set everything up and teach me the Ford Sync interface. Great service, honest pricing...everything car buying should be! They even gave me two free Texans flags for my new car when they found out I was a fan. Awesome experience!

David N. | 2013-08-08

So I bought my Ford at Russel & Smith, and I must say they are great sales people, but their service department is terrible.  I tried to schedule service, they told me you don't need to just come on in and we will take care of you.  I show up and they are like we are too busy right now you can call back and schedule it, but since it's near the holidays you might want to try back next week.  Are you kidding me?!

So at this point yes they got my sale, but they won't be getting any of my services.  I however, recently moved to a different side of town so it doesn't make sense to go back to have my vehicle serviced over there.

Lucky for me there is a Ford dealership minutes away from my house.  There was a problem with my truck, so I called Liz and she said come on in and she will take a look at it.  After looking over it, she found out it was actually a problem not just in my case and that it would take two days to get fixed.  I left my vehicle and sure enough two days letter I get a call from Brenda and my truck was done.  Not only that they washed and vacuumed it for me too!

I love this place, I can't wait until they are done renovating.

J P. | 2013-04-14

I have come to the body shop at Tommie Vaughn three times now for my 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat. The first time was my fault, the 2nd and 3rd time was a manufacturer defect, which was fixed with no problem.  I was out of warranty for the 3rd time but Brenda told me no problem they would fix it since it was a repeat problem.  I also needed a rental car which she had set up for me.  I have only dealt with Brenda Shepko at Tommie Vaughn and she has over delivered each time.  My truck was supposed to have been in the shop for 2 days and she called me about 6 hours later to let me know my truck was waiting for me and they even cleaned the inside for me.  Thanks Brenda, you and Tommie Vaughn will have my continued support.

Hector A. | 2013-03-16

I was recently in the market for a Ford F-150 new or used. I visited many dealerships in the Houston area and did a lot of research online about all the different style options and trim levels. So, I was somewhat educated on the subject.

Tommie Vaughn Ford, made me feel right at home the second I visited their dealership. Evan N. was the agent that took care of me, and he was by FAR the most educated salesman that I met during my truck buying experience. More knowledgeable than anyone I met at Planet, Helfman, Joe Myers, Gullo, Sterling Mccall. Most of the time I was the one educating the salesmen at the other dealerships which was a major turn off. You just can't trust someone that doesn't seem knowledgeable.

So, if you want the best car/truck buying experience in Houston, visit Tommie Vaughn Ford. They are educated, friendly, accommodating, and on top of all that they have equally competitive pricing as some of the other dealerships.

Nick F. | 2013-02-06

I can not say anything about the body shop BUT the service department is 5 Star with me the best part is when I drop off my car and they drive me home to wait for the call to say it is ready then they send a car out to pick me up and get the car out of the shop better than having some friend do that for me they also helped when I had an issue with another dealership I got the car from, and backed me up to get a refund for work Westpoint said they did and never did, will not be going back to Westpoint for anything BEWEAR Westpoint, use Tommie Vaughn.

Adrian O. | 2012-08-20

I recently had a car issue and was forced to file a claim with my insurance and I thought I would take my much loved mustang to a Ford dealership to get it fixed.

Upon arrival I was greeted and went over what happened to my car and left the keys and was told I would get a call before days end with an estimate on the damages. I got a call late in the day and was told I would get my car back in 4-5 days.

Once my car was fixed I went in to pay and pick it up. I was told the total handed my credit card to the cashier and was told, "my machine is acting up let me run it again". Ok well I get another error message. She makes a few calls I wait and wait....nothing. She then calls the finance office to run my card and now I am being told my card is being declined. Ugh! I called Capital One and was told the card was approved and they are declining the additional charges because it is going over the limit. The body shop manager then comes and tells the cashier, we do not have a phone line to run the credit card machine dont use it; here are your keys take the car and sign this allowing us to charge your card...done!

I picked up my car on a monday afternoon....Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday go and come and during those 4 days I received 5-8 phone calls and a rude email threatening to reposes my car for non payment. During this time they ran my card an additional 9 times. Calling Capital One again they tell me the charge is still pending and they cannot tell me when the money will be transferred because they have a faulty machine.

Finally the money has been transferred. My car repairs are paid and I have to say the customer service has been horrible!! I was spoken too as though I was never going to pay for services rendered and as if I was a liar. FIX your credit card machine...get a working phone line...speak to customers with respect and not as if they are stealing something from you or your business. If this is how you treat customers in the Body Shop how is the customer service in the other departments of the Ford Dealership???? I will never use the service department again for anything

Janet S. | 2012-01-05

Treated very poorly. Went here for an alignment on an F150 and was told I needed adjustable shims that would run nearly $500. Asked them to complete the alignment without the shims, they charged $100. The next day it was not right. Took it to Helfman Ford. They showed the computer reading that it was not aligned within spec, they completed the alignment and showed it was done within spec for $78. Said it did not need shims but if it did, would run about $170. I contacted my service advisor at Tommie Vaughn, Liz, and the service manager, Kyle with my story and requested a refund, as I did not receive the service paid. They did not respond. I disputed the charge with my card company and they did not even respond those requests for an explanation, so I was credited back. Horrible experience!!

Andrew R. | 2011-04-10


I am in the car business as a custom painter and went to look at the new Ford F150.  They offered to do an appraisal on my trade in.  I couldn't believe they came back with a $12,000 appraisal.  I just left another dealership who offered me $17,000 for my car.  

Told them that either their sales manager had no idea how to appraise a car, or he was just trying to take advantage of me.  Either way, I didn't feel comfortable continuing a business conversation.  

Salesman called me back next day offering $14,000 for my same car.  Obviously they tried to play some serious games.  Not with my hard-earned money. Not interested.

Nicole F. | 2010-03-29

After searching high and low online for the best deal on a used Honda I found it at Tommie Vaughn Ford. I love the way they do business at Tommie Vaughn. The other dealers did everything but offer their first born to get me through the front door before ever mentioning anything about price. Tommie Vaughn was different. They gave me a great price upfront and my sales rep Sam handed me the keys and told me to take it around the block while he stayed at the dealership!! They were willing to work with me to put me in the car of my dreams. I never felt hassled or felt any pressure from my sales rep. Their philosophy is any sale is a good sale.

They will definitely not waste your time teasing you just to tell you no approval. If you know what you want go to Tommie Vaughn and talk to Sam Powell. He is a wonderful sales rep and he will give you a great price and is very upfront with you!! This is my first time buying a new car and I'll definitely go back to Tommie Vaughn when it's time to get a new one.

lj g. | 2010-03-25

The ineptitude at the Body shop is really astounding.   i had to call about 4 times a day to stay on top of them to get the parts necessary to do a simple repair.   It took over a week to replace a side mirror on my car.    really??? .

Amy E. | 2010-02-04

They are honest and competent and I will return if I need any other repairs. I had a very terrible experience at Russell & Smith Ford (see review please) and Tommie Vaughn was the complete opposite.

Tommie Vaughn's Service Dept quickly discovered the issues that eluded the other dealership and were very honest with me regarding the issues. The repairs did not take weeks like at R&S. Oh, and they actually REPAIRED the car unlike R&S who damaged the car.

david p. | 2009-12-15

Tommy Vaughn  Ford is an old school Ford dealer. All the salesmen wear Sans-a-belt pants and do the combover with their hair.

When I walked into the showroom, it took a good five minutes before I was greeted, and since I had received a quote through their internet sales office, nobody was jumping to help me or locate someone from the internet sales office.  It took another ten minutes for them to find my sales person (and I can't remember the guys name, unfortunately).

The salesperson went on the test drive with me and I was disappointed in his knowledge of the SUV we were test driving. There were some basic questions that I had that he couldn't answer. And he really wasn't willing to give me more than 15 minutes behind the wheel. As soon as I told him that I had my own financing and wasn't trading in my old car, he wasn't really willing to do any sort of negotiating with me.  The SUV was competitively priced $5,000 below list and had been sitting on the lot for close to a year.  Still, he wouldn't go down an additional $1,000 on the price.

So, I ended up buying elsewhere.

Eric F. | 2009-12-11

If you've seen the Ron White "lemme tell you what I'm looking for in a %^&%$^& tree" bit...

Lemme tell you what I'm looking for in a ^%&$^&* auto body repair job...

1) When you call me and tell me it's ready, the car should start.

2) When it fails to start and it won't even turn over, you should not tell me that cold weather is sometimes hard on batteries or that "sometimes you just need a new battery."

3) If you've given me a jump and even suspect that I could need more help, that wouldn't be a good time for everyone to walk away and leave me standing at the front desk for several minutes.

4) When you finally admit that my 'ready' car could have a legitimate battery problem that it didn't have when it was taken to your lot, "We may be able to get to it by Monday" is not going to be the response I'm looking for.

Mistakes are going to happen in every service operation, but how they're acknowledged and remedied says a lot more about the quality and integrity of a business. One star.

DJ J. | 2009-07-09

Service center is fantastic because of the Quick-Lane feature.  I'm usually in and out in under an hour for routine maintenance such as oil changes.  Service staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable.

Had two major repairs done here.

First was a warped AC Condenser.  This had been mis-diagnosed by another shop, and they couldn't fix it (but still charged me).  Luckily Tommy Vaughn got it right the first time I took it over to them.

Second was replacing a CV joint and control arms.  Got my car back within the estimated time.

Why not 5 stars?  If you have to leave your car for more than a day, it will get covered with dust and dirt.  I think they park their cars near a dirt trail.  Most places will throw in a free car wish, not so with Tommy Vaughn.