Sterling McCall Toyota in Houston, TX

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Welcome to Sterling McCall Toyota in Houston, Texas - Serving Sugarland, Missouri City, Barker, and Stafford
Toyota takes you places and Scion moves you. Together, we want to see what's possible. We imagine a better world, and then we make it. We are here to turn your daily commute into a joy ride and maintain that sense of satisfaction. We want to be your choice for all services, and will do what it takes to keep you 100% satisfied. Stop by and we will do whatever we can to get you into the car you have always dreamed of driving.

Sterling McCall Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 270-3900
Address:9400 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77074
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sterling McCall Toyota

Roaa T. | 2015-04-06

I bought my Camry from Sterling McCall and have brought my car back for service since 2009. Overall, the service is always taking way too long (at least 1-2 hours wait) every single time. What prompted me to write a review today is because my car started to act up recently. My car started to slow down on the high way and I pulled over and called Toyota to see if I could get an appointment.
The guy on the phone told me that he emailed the Service Manager and that it would be considered an Emergency Appointment. When I got to the service center they did not even want to look up the email that was sent to them. I understood that it was Easter weekend and that the service center was going to close at 2pm, but i felt as if they did not care. They did not even attempt to contact the service manager to see the email. All they seemed to care about was trying to convince me to leave my car until Monday. At least 2-3 people kept trying to convince me to leave my car till Monday morning. One person even said that they would get to it FIRST thing Monday morning at 7AM. So I relented and left my car until Today (Monday). I woke up early this morning and no one even bothered to call. I called them around 7:30am and was asking about my car and the lady on the phone told me that my service advisor would call me right back. Well an hour later, no one called me back. So AGAIN, I called back. This time the lady in the service center told me that she was trying to look up my service appointment on the schedule and she could not locate it. She put me on hold and said she was going to talk to the service advisors and see if we could locate my car/appointment. She got back on the phone and said that they scheduled me for 2PM today and that my service advisor would be in contact with me.
Now at this point I was not very happy overall with my service. For them to convince me to leave my car with them the whole weekend and act like it would be a priority on Monday morning this was not the service I was expecting. Why am I the one who has to follow up the whole time? I was the one that called in the morning and I was the one to make sure that they even made an appointment. It just really disappointed me.
Now I am supposed to be on my way to Sterling McCall to pick up my car. Which by the way, I had to call and see if it was done. No one called me to tell me it was ready. I have wasted my whole day just waiting for my car.
I have always been a loyal customer and I have even convinced my family members to buy from Sterling McCall Toyota, however after today.. I will not be recommending them due to the lack of customer service I am receiving.

Eric A. | 2015-02-26

Not quite sure why this place has bad reviews.  First time here, made an appointment yesterday, gave me a ride home and picked me up in the middle of traffics with only 15 minutes notice.  Luis helped me out and was extremely helpful and informative.  Will definitely be coming to SM for all my service needs.

Liam C. | 2015-02-23

Some of the sales people are downright scary. They stare at you in their golf carts with their gold rimmed sunglasses and have an attitude. I hauled out of there and went to Gillman Honda instead.

Carola M. | 2015-02-17

This was the first time I came here and it was a good experience. The sales person was not too pushy he was very nice, and the wait was not long. Thumbs up on having Wi-Fi in the lobby that actually works. The pricing was about regular compared to all the other Toyota Dealerships I have been to so no problem there. The sales person recommended me to get things done, but he said it is not mandatory it was just  a recommendation so that's good. Usually the sales guys try to push you to get the service saying that you have to do it or your car will be ruined. So I appreciated it that the sales guy was not those types. I think I will be using this location, because it is closer to where I live now. Two Thumbs up Sterling McCall Toyota.

lee h. | 2015-02-16

I had an excellent experience buying a new Toyota Camry from Sterling McCall Toyota.

My salesperson was Duy Vo. He is knowledgeable, honest, and straightforward. Overall it was a pleasure to work with him. I'm a bit particular in that if I'm investing in a new car, everything should be perfect. The first car he brought out was exactly the right trim and exterior/interior color that I wanted, but it had 1 minor thing that I didn't like. I told him, and he didn't hesitate to bring out another car with the same specs that only had 3 miles on the speedometer! I ended up purchasing that car at a very good negotiated price.

My Finance rep, Kristen, was also a pleasure to work with. She offered and explained all the extras I could purchase, but didn't hard-sell anything at all. The financing process took just half an hour.

All in all the entire car buying process took 1.5 hours. I'm very happy with my experience at Sterling McCall Toyota.

Daisy L. | 2015-02-02

Easy browsing area, lots of parking spots aside from the lot of cars in case youre visitng or browsing, pretty knowledgeable and friendly salesmen including the sales manager.  Good deal going on, and I was able to get some pointers on my future ride and purchase as I was looking to get more information on the cars I wanted.  Service section is on the left while the high ceiling entrance is very friendly and conveniently located off the freeway and open extended hours to fit your busy schedule.  If you call ahead and make an appointment to test drive you will indeed be able to test that baby out! More coming soon.  Been coming to this location for years, glad to see the expansion and the lobby filled with potential buyers, this location has some veteran salesmen and some quality customer service as far as breaking down the prices and finances.  I felt relieved, happy, and more details coming soon about my first visit in like two years.

Landman H. | 2015-01-21

We purchased our new Toyota through the Costco membership program and it was the best car buying experience we've ever had.

Dee O. | 2014-12-12

This review is for the service department.  I have been a customer since 2010.  Let's just say, they know me.  My questions are always answered, & they are very professional.

Jon H. | 2014-12-08

Review of service department, not purchasing

Had basic service appointment (oil change, routine checks, etc). Took about 2 hours despite having an appointment. At least the waiting room is large with plenty of seating.

Once I was told it was ready and I was all set to go, I went out to drive away and found it 5 cars back in a long line of parking vehicles. Waited about 5min before flagging down someone who finally moved the vehicles to let me out. Not the best process.

It was complimentary service so I can't say whether their pricing is fair or not.

Jenny F. | 2014-12-07

Be very cautious with the finance manager. My finance manager is dishonest, talked me into buying the platinum warranty, and never answered my call after I buying it.

Sheila L. | 2014-10-25

Awful experience!  I drove a Toyota for over 10 years, and my entire family drives Toyotas.  I was in the market to buy a new car and, of course, I went straight to Toyota.  I made an appointment to test drive a specific vehicle and asked to make sure that exact model was available with the specifications I wanted to which they said, yes.  When I arrived, I had to wait over an hour for them to locate the car.  Afterwards, the salesperson was unhelpful and almost seemed to be rushing me out.  There was no attempt to even sell the car or work with me.  I spoke to the manager who then told me that he would work with me personally and would take away the middleman.  I was satisfied with that and agreed.  The next day, I received a phone call from a salesperson who said that his manager wanted him to work with me.  Though frustrated, I agreed to work with him and asked him to send me the information of some of the vehicles he mentioned.  He never did.  Obviously, I did not continue to pursue it and ended up buying a Hyundai.  I am extremely happy with my new vehicle, and because of my experience with Sterling McCall Toyota Houston, I will no longer be looking into Toyotas.

Candy G. | 2014-10-04

Well I have experienced the 2nd worst car dealership in Houston after BMW momentum! If I could give this place zero stars I would! 4 hours we have waited after picking a vehicle to purchase and still waiting for the finance people!!! This place is absurd, buy your Toyota at another dealership!!!

Sarah C. | 2014-10-01

Ok, I know I need new tires. I got my last set here and got the upgraded nitrogen fill, but it has been a while. Naturally, when I saw that two of my tires was dangerously low when I walked out of work today, I headed to Toyota. Now, I'm tired, having already been at work for 13 hours and turned the wrong way. I knew I was cutting it close, so I called. The woman who answered at the front desk said she would send me to service. No problem. Orlando, the gentlemen who answered that call, when advised that I was en route, needed a fill because of not one but TWO nearly flat tires, asked how far away I was. I told him 5 minutes, max. I was on the other side of the freeway, just needed to flip around. He said, and I quote, "well, they close in two minutes, so they won't be able to help you. So sorry about that. Is there anything else we can do?" I've had my car serviced there ever since I moved to Houston 8 years ago. I would have gladly bought my next set of tires there. But why would I do that now? Over 2 minutes?! I didn't even need service. Just point me in the direction of the pump and I'll do it myself! So I made it home, two flat tires, huge evaluation by some upper person at the school district in the morning, and I may have to call in because of this nonsense. Over two minutes. That's how quick a business can lose someone's money and respect.

Holly W. | 2014-08-18

I scheduled a service appointment at Sterling McCall when my 2007 Toyota Camry started experiencing issues recently. Pro: I was able to schedule an appointment within 24 hours. Everything else that happened falls under the Con category, though...

My car wouldn't start when I went to leave for the appointment, so I was about 5 minutes late. When I arrived, the assigned service manager was on lunch break and unable to help, so I started with someone else. After hearing about my problems, they took the car and said they'd come get me when they had news. Two hours later I walked out to check on it...apparently the mgr I was scheduled with had come in to look for me, but didn't know what I looked like so he never spoke with me. Or asked the guy who originally helped me to assist. They were already making one repair to my car that was covered under warranty (without talking to me about it first), and told me I needed to get a fuel system service done (but didn't offer to do it while I waited) and that they couldn't find the source of the problem for my car not starting or the electrical issues I had experienced.

I finally left...three hours after I arrived...with one service recommendation, no offers for a follow-up appointment, and no real solutions. They also told me that my car actually turned itself off while one of the techs was driving it, but didn't see that as a major concern.

Needless to say, I will not be returning. I took my car 2 days later to a service shop near my home and they couldn't believe the dealership overlooked 2 broken engine mounts, and an alternator that was no longer charging my battery at all. The dealership had also recommended I get my power steering fluid flushed, and the shop showed me it was perfectly good still. Glad I didn't spend the $200 they would've charged me for a completely unnecessary service.

Kaether C. | 2014-07-17

I went here after I had a bad experience only a few minutes before at the BMW dealership down the street. When I went in, I was a little discouraged about getting a car, because where I had gone previously, they told me I should go to drive time.... WELL... Fabian helped me out, and I told him everything I was looking for, and we went from there... He let me Test drive a 2010 Mercedes C300, and I promise you I fell in love! And to make things better, He was honestly so nice, and told me jokes, and made me forget that I had a bad experience elsewhere. After everything was said and done, he got me to the financing department, where they approved me for the car that I wanted, which was more than the other car I looked at elsewhere, and they got me a great APR. When I left, I felt as if I were on Cloud 9, and It was all thanks to Fabian and the Financing guy (I forgot his name). If you need a car, go here! Fabian will get you into what you need!

Jennifer N. | 2014-07-15

Experienced a problem with my 2003 Toyota Corolla on July 11, 2014, so I brought it to Sterling McCall's Toyota service center the next day at the recommendation of a service worker named Pedro. I ended up leaving it there with another service worker named Luis/Louis that day, who said that they would need to contact Toyota in order to investigate the cause of the problem. I was worried the whole weekend that the problem couldn't be fixed, but Luis/Louis called me back today stating that Toyota had completed their investigation, and that they would be able to repair my car, as well as cover the costs. He informed me that it would take about 1 1/2 weeks for the parts to come in and after that 1-2 days to repair the car! I'm so absolutely thrilled to hear the good news that I don't even mind going without a car for 2 weeks! This Toyota dealership has definitely won me over, and in the future, if I have any problems with my car, I will definitely be coming here. Their service staff is friendly, professional, and efficient.

I'll update my review in 2 weeks time when I get my car back to see how the repairs went.

Arie M. | 2014-07-11

Perhaps I was a bit harsh.     I still think they should keep more parts in stock but then they have the inventory software and know what sells and what doesn't so I can't really blame them for that.   Also Jason from Sterling McCall reached out to me and checked into my warranty situation and made a very nice gesture so I have to give them not just one but 2 stars back.    It looks like they're on top of customer service there lately.

P C. | 2014-07-04

Thanks for the apology, but it won't really make a difference as I brought my business elsewhere. It's much easier to lose ten customers than to gain one. The problem that I see, if it's worth anything to you, is that you (and I am generalizing as it is not just you) need to appreciate and respect all potential customers time that they are giving to your dealership, it is their money that is being spent and they will spend it where they are at ease, not where they are on guard.

Danon M. | 2014-06-24

I've purchased at least 10 cars over the years here. Everyone of the used... All quality used cars and from a 10 year old car to a GTR.

Financing and warranties have been easy and reasonable. Service after the sale has been great in the quicklube.  

Happy customer here.

Hannah W. | 2014-06-24

I came in to the service center today for an oil change, tire rotation, and to get my wheels balanced.  Chino was very friendly and helpful.  I tend to be a bit picky and precise on  most everything, and he accepted what I had to say with a smile and understanding.  My car was completed quickly and I am very happy with the service I received.

bern a. | 2014-06-21

Currently here at the dealership. We purchased our used car here in April. Still have yet to receive our plates. I called about 4 weeks after purchasing the car and they told me it takes 4-6 weeks. Called 2 weeks later, the associate told me now it's 4-8 weeks, I asked to speak to a manager the associate told me that it wouldn't be a good idea because he would just tell me the same thing, and transfer back to him, still insisted on it and ended up being transferred and speaking to another associate who, surprise, surprise, wasn't a manager.  It's coming up to 9-10 weeks and still nothing and my plates have expired. I cannot seem to get a straight answer from anyone and everytime I ask for a manager they are busy. They sure weren't busy when we were sold the car. I am giving a star because our sales rep was courteous and the lady helping me in plates being my messenger is being as helpful as she can. Just finally spoke to a manager and he told me nothing can get done with my plates until Monday. And that cops won't get me with my expired plates because they usually give a 10 day window. In my opinion an expired plate is an expired plate. But he did tell me if we do get a ticket for it they would handle it. We will see on Monday how things go, but I learned my lesson for next time, I will be happy once we get our plates and won't have to deal with the dealership anymore.

Brittany W. | 2014-06-17

I recently moved to the Meyerland area from Austin after having grown up in the Cypress are, where I used to see a mechanic. I was really nervous about going to the dealership to get repairs done, but I needed somewhere closer than my mechanic in Cypress. I was afraid of getting ripped off, but they offered me a price similar to what others were saying. I took it in around 9:30 a.m. and my car was returned to me around 3. I was a little frustrated that It took almost 6 hours on a Tuesday, but oh well. But, when I got home they called me to tell me that they had gone out of their way to look up what exactly the problem was and it turned out it fell under a warranty that they had to do more research on--so the whole thing was refunded! I was really impressed that they went out of their way to dig and find more out. Rick, was the guy who worked on my car and he was really helpful.

Raafia J. | 2014-05-28

The service department at this place sucks.
The staff is unfriendly and rude. No one seems to want to help, and they are okay with letting you sit and wait while they do nothing. One of the sales guy snapped and yelled when I asked if someone was going to come help.

Donnie B. | 2014-05-10

Since I posted this review, the dealership has resolved the issue.  We took the car in today and they replaced the rims for us at no charge.  The car drives great now.  I would like to thank Dan Minner and Jerry Bush for getting involved and helping us get this resolved.  In all fairness, everyone at the dealership has been great, with the exception of the manager that accused me of fraud when this was brought to his attention.  I will not mention him by name on this website, but his behavior was very inappropriate and in my opinion he should be fired!!!

I have changed my rating to three stars.  I probably would have given them five stars if I would not have had to go through this ordeal and if I had not been treated the way I was when I contacted them about the problem.
We purchased a used car from Sterling McCall Toyota. The car is a 2013 Toyota Corolla. We test drove the car on bumpy back roads behind the dealership (per the salesman's direction), so I did not notice that the car shook at highway speeds. It was a couple of weeks before I made a highway trip and discovered that the car shook badly at highway speeds. I took it to get it looked at and discovered that all four of the rims were bent. Two of the tires even had the word "bent" written on the inside of the tire.The Carfax report said the tires had been rotated and balanced at the dealership.

When I called them to see if they would take care of the issue, I ended up talking to a manager and he basically accused me of lying. He said that the tires would not have been able to have been balanced if the rims were bent. I told him at this point that I knew they were lying because if they had the wheels off of the car, then they either wrote on the tires that the rims were bent or would have seen that someone else had wrote it on the tires. At this point he continued to make additional accusations that I was being dishonest and when I got upset enough to raise my voice and use inappropriate language, he hung up on me.

Arko B. | 2014-05-10

I would give them negative stars if I could. I went to Sarwar Khan, and he played on my Indian sentiments to bring me back to him. Made a lot of false promises and kept none of them. Just made me go back to the dealership and I felt disappointed. He was also very rude over the phone and shouted, saying "I am not a bank". I know he is not a bank, he is just a salesman at a dealership, and he just lost a customer for the dealership.

Moe A. | 2014-03-15

If there was a way to get negative 'stars' - then these guys would excel in it. As a whole this dealership fails in the management department as well as the service department. It sucks because as a brand Toyota has a lot going for it.

After buying 3 cars here - I've finally had my worse experience. Dropped car off to have a key made, called in advance - they said service is open till 7pm. I came in at 4:45pm only to see service department was closed and nobody from service was present. Then went to the front and asked for the manager, was told he's vacationing in the Cayman Islands, okay - wtf does that have to do with me in getting my car?! Asked for 2nd manager (used car service manager), by the time I got to his area - he was Zooming off for the day in his GTR (mind you now it's closer to 5pm).

Asked for whoever is in charge currently - got a manager by the name of Yancy. He's doing what he can, it's closer to 6pm now and still no access to my car. They have confirmed it's there, but have no keys to either the lot it's parked in or the car itself?!

This is F'ing ridiculous. I'm a car enthusiast and frequent dealerships like people frequent malls... Never seen such an unorganized establishment.

Kudos to Yancy & the front desk girl for at least trying to help me unlike the used car pricks.

Dave T. | 2014-01-30

The dealership had a lot to choose from but the sales people were on me the moment we drove up and would not quit harassing us! We wanted to just take a look at a Camry but couldn't do so without a salesman wanting to pull us inside and not letting us leave until a manager was called into talk to us or was it release us? Would not be coming back to this place.

Ed K. | 2013-12-29

Be very careful here...was quoted a price that was $2900 OVER the advertised internet price...and they did that with a straight face!....use your research...

Edward W. | 2013-08-06

The repair shop to Sterling McCall is by far the shadiest people in Houston. It seems that all the reviews about them on Yelp is true.  

My mom brought her Camry here to get oil changes religiously.  Just recently her Camry started smoking so she took it to Sterling McCall repair shop.  They told her the engine of the Camry is fried and beyond help.  They suggested her to replace the engine and quoted her $5,XXX.  

I took my mother's Camry to a trusted mechanic who has serviced all my cars for 10 years.  He told me that the only thing wrong with the Camry is the broken radiator that is causing the whole car to steam which can be mistaken as smoke.  It cost my mother $675 to repair it.

GET A SECOND OPINION before you listen to the mechanics from Sterling McCall Toyota!

Orlando S. | 2013-06-20

I would NEVER ! Buy a car from this dealership again. I did an Internet deal for a car, was told everything was in good condition, so I flew in from WA state. The car ended up having dents on the front and rear of the car from being hit, as well as the washer holding tank had a hole in it. They ended up fixing the tank but I had to rent a hotel at my own cost and were told to bring the car in at 9 am the next morning, get there at 9, and I am told it will be about a 4 hour wait.... So 2 days wasted at this dealership, then to top it all off, they over charged me $100.00 on my transfer fee, and then tell me oh no that was a fee the company charged to do the transfer even though it says on my paperwork the fee was only $25.00.  Think twice about going to this dealership, the Internet sales are very shady!

Frances L. | 2013-06-18

I usually come in for an oil change which is decently fast. However, this time I came in to get an inspection because I believed my car needed servicing. I promptly showed up at 8 am and was told the inspection would take 5-10 minutes. An hour and half later I was still waiting. Only thing that saved Toyota from being one star is the technician at least physically showed me on the car what was wrong with it and explained carefully so I understood. After seeing the quote they gave me though, I decided to get my car fixed elsewhere. Anticipate plenty of time for your checkups, folks. You'll be there for a long while. On the plus side the waiting room did have free coffee, water and packaged muffins for your agonizing wait.

Bowei W. | 2013-06-05


On June 3rd 2013 I went to Sterling McCall Toyota/Scion (Group 1 Automotive) at 9400 southwest freeway (59) in Houston, Texas to replace 4 existing tires on my car.  

I left the dealership around 5pm after the 4 new tires were installed. As I turned onto the southbound feeder road of southwest freeway exiting the dealership my car made a few noises that I thought was strange and foreign, which I thought was the cargo in my trunk. After I made a u-turn at the next light my car started to sway uncontrollably. I regained control, but was unsure what was happening, I immediately decided to return to the shop.

As I was about 20 feet away from the dealership entrance, MY REAR DRIVER SIDE WHEEL SEPARATED FROM MY CAR AND PROCEEDED TO ROLL 2 LANES ACROSS THE SOUTHWEST FREEWAY (59) FEEDER LANES. MY CAR THEN STARTED TO SKID ALONG THE SOUTHWEST FREEWAY, LUCKILY THE CARS BEHIND WAS ABLE TO STOP AND NO ONE WAS INJURED IN THE INCIDENT. The drivers behind me and next to me stopped to help me retrieve the wheel that separated from my car. I was also able to get the name and number of the gentleman who stayed behind to help me divert traffic.Thank you to Mr. Quintero and every else who stopped to help.

After my car stopped completely, I was only about 20 feet away from the dealership entrance. I flagged down a salesman for assistance, who instead of getting help proceeded to write down a number for me to call...

It took 25mins for someone from the dealership to come out to help me after repeatedly being put on hold, even though I was 20 feet away from their front entrance.

Please be aware of Sterling McCall Toyota/Scion's (Group 1 Automotive) NEGLIGENCE and lack of RESPONSIBILITY for the SAFETY of its customers in the future. They have referred this as a "small incident" even though my life and the life of others were put in danger due to their negligence. My correspondence with the dealership and Toyota USA post the incident has been grossly disappointing and many times rude and unhelpful.

Alex S. | 2013-05-05

I went to buy a 50k porche and got the worst service in the buying process. I bought the car  while I am leaving the manager changing the terms after I have paid ..from the begining of the bying process i had told them i have lost my driving licence...they told me insure the car and get the fax and is ok wich i did..Put 25 k down and bought the car at 50k...Ready to go..Sudenly the same manager who knew about that i lost my driving licence from the buying process wich even told on the phone your passeport is ok manager name Thomas came out while I am driving out with a attitude of wanted to creat a fight came told me no driving licence no car..I told him i have told you and they say just get the insurance and your passeport  is ok.He had told me prior that just Bring your driving licence monday..But he said I make the rules like he is the owner of the car dealer order to one of his boy to take the car back..i told i am going to leave he said I do not care I am the boss ..I told him you are braking a 50k deal with 25 k down and he said yes..My question why he made me waste 5 hour of my time or why not to drop the car at my house by one of his staff..Never never I will go back ...Give them back the keys after buying the car...POOR. AND INSULTING MANAGER...he said I do not give a damm...Me too my money does not go to  a dealer like this...INSULTING EXPERIENCE...

Astrid S. | 2013-04-30

First complaint, I dropped off my car for an oil change and told the service person I'd be back at 5pm.  He said that'd be fine.  Well, turns out they close before 5pm on weekends.  Of course the sales department was still there.  The people working in sales could have cared less that I couldn't get to my car or the key to my house.  I had to go ballistic for them to help me.

Second complaint,  I went back the next day to pay for the oil change.  The service department didn't want to honor the coupon Sterling McCall emailed me for an oil change.  The "manager" said it wasn't for synthetic oil, which was not stated on the coupon.  Once again, I had to go ballistic to get the discount.

Final - big - complaint, after just 7 months my certified brake pads needed to be replaced. I had my last Toyota for nearly 9 years before I had any brake issues.  This time going ballistic didn't work.  The s.o.b. used car financial manger just gave me a smarmy grin and said it was my driving habits.  He refused to offer any discount for the used up garbage they sold me.

Do not buy a certified pre-owned car from this company.

Tee W. | 2013-04-02

I made an appointment two weeks in advance and stated the two reasons for the service appointment (broken visor and recall for the power window button).  I took the earlier appointment at 7AM so I can be in and out on Saturday.  A hour and 45 minutes later, an employee tells me they greased up the power window button so it shouldn't catch on fire. He goes on to say they don't have the visor part so he will place the order and call me when it comes in.  Really?  It took you over an hour and a half to realize you don't have the part?  What is the point of an appointment and stating the purpose of the appointment if nobody bothers reading it to ensure the part is in stock?  

Dealerships are notorious for not caring about people's time...this location is no different when it comes to customer service.  You see/hear employees chatting it up with each other about what they did last night instead of working on customers' cars or paperwork.

On another note, the quality of Toyota has gone under so I will never buy a Toyota again.  I've had more issues (and recalls) on this car than the previous old Camry I had.  I can't wait until this car is no longer in my possession and I don't have to deal with the recalls or this dealership.

Grace P. | 2012-09-15

I have mixed feelings about this dealership.

My husband and I both purchased our cars here within just a few years of each other, from the same salesman. Toyota recently offered 0% financing over 36 months on some of their popular 2012 models, so we thought it would be a great time for my husband to retire his 12-year-old car. We hemmed and hawed and finally decided we wanted to purchase a Prius. Our salesman was very accommodating and easy to negotiate with. We got a great deal, and he threw in some extras. He stayed late into the evening to ensure that all our questions were answered, and everything was to our liking. Financing was quick and painless too. So overall, the purchase process was very pleasant.

I'm a little irritated with their service department. Just hear me out. After I purchased my Camry in 2009, the AC suddenly stopped working. I had been driving the car for all but two days. I brought it to the service department, and I was told that something had punctured the bottom of my car, so all the freon had leaked out. The service manager had no reasonable explanation for this, other than suggesting that I must've driven recklessly over something sharp. I guess he thought he was doing me a favor by charging me $500 for a $1000 repair. To this day, I'm convinced that I drove it off the lot with this issue and I was taken advantage of because I clearly do not know a lot about cars. This repair took a couple of days to complete, and I was denied a loaner car. Irritating, but I am still willing to give this car dealership the benefit of the doubt.

Jamie S. | 2012-08-21

Yesterday I called Sterling McCall regarding getting a set of spare keys( need a new digital chip)  made for me for my car.   After calling several dealerships, there price was the most reasonable.  

(This past Saturday I took a cab and accidentally left my keys in the cab.   With no luck in site of them being turned in for 2 days, I had my car towed to the dealership to get the keys programmed.  3 minutes out from the dealership, the Cab company called me to let me know my keys had been located.)

When I arrived at the dealership, I was greeted by a fantastic service manager named Brian Loveless.  Considering I just arrived and the Cab company just called, he insisted that he help me get my keys before 5 pm so I would have the originals.  The tow truck driver was not as accommodating to help.  Brian called over one of their drivers and asked him to please take me to the cab company and back to assist in my dilemma.  I was able to pick them up in time! This saved me several hundred dollars,  a huge hassle in changing out all the locks on my car and home, gave me much needed peace of mind and has definitely made me a HUGE advocate for Sterling McCall Toyota.  This will be the only place I will service my car from here on out and when its time to buy a new car, I will absolutely come here.  HONEST , INTEGRITY , CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Often times car dealerships get a bad rap for taking advantage of people.  I was so impressed with the level of customer service that I received, I will be letting everyone I know ( which is a lot of people) online and offline the level of service they will receive from this Dealership!    to your employee Brian and the young driver who assisted me, THANK YOU!!

I commend the dealership for hiring such fantastic employees who go above and beyond for their customers. It is truly a fantastic thing to experience and you will be my go-to dealership and referral from here on out!

Refugio G. | 2012-05-21

Their Internet Department director contacted me after reading the Yelp review.  

I have to say that I like that he contacted me and basically offered an apology for what transpired and also asked what could be done to earn my business and fix the unfavorable view I had of the dealership.

I let him know that I appreciated the gesture, but nothing more needs to be done at this point in time.

Michelle H. | 2012-01-08

I ended up closing the deal here but it was a very long process of negotiating. Got a friend who used to sell cars at Goodson Honda to help me. What I've learned from the whole experience of buying a new car is everyone is trying to screw each other. Do your homework before you go in.

Get the VIN # of the car you want and go to Edmunds to find out the average amount people are paying for it. Find out the invoice amount of the car. Go to your bank and see how much they will finance you for and the interest rate. Go to the manufacture's website and see what their financing deals are and if there are any rebates. Usually they can either do the rebate or give you special financing but if you're a good negotiator you can get both like I did :)

Once you negotiate the price with the salesman you will have to go into the finance office. They will try to jack you around with the highest interest rate first and work their way down until you're happy with the rate and monthly payment. Then they're going to try to sell you warranty/prepaid maintenance crap which you should automatically have 2-3 years free warranty if you buy a new car.

If you put any money down, make sure they subtract that amount from the selling price because I've heard stories where they don't put it in the contract and pocket the money. Once you sign the papers and walk out... you're screwed. So it's also important to read the contract thoroughly!

Basically to get the best deal, negotiate the selling price below the invoice amount (Usually that happens with the rebate). Then go into the finance office and negotiate for the special financing too. You want to walk out of there with Selling Price - Down Payment (if any) + TT&L. That's all! Don't let them sucker you into anything else.

When you leave, they're going to tell you to rate them EXCELLENT on the survey. The survey is really important because it either gives them a bonus or takes money away from them if you rate them poorly.

My credit is not that great because I don't have enough credit history but I was still able to get the "special" 1.9% interest rate + the rebate so I think anyone else can try for the same. They'll try to tell you in order to get special financing, you will have to buy the extra stuff (basically using that extra money to buy down the rate) but just hold your ground and you will get what you want.

Jim T. | 2011-11-09

High pressure and dishonesty at it's worse. I went there to buy a new car but frankly their games were so disgusting I bought elsewhere. If you go there do your homework first. These people are thieves in my opinion.

Juan F. | 2011-06-30

I write this while sitting in the  Sterling waiting room for my third prius service here since moving to Houston. They have a multi garage quick lube area for people getting the basics done (oil change, tire rotation, filter replacements, etc). The boys who work at this station have always been super honest and helpful, never trying to sell you more than you need or any of that bs that you get at other places. The good-natured crew, along with the speedy service, keeps me coming back to Sterling for services.

Also, free beverages and even donuts sometimes! I haven't seen those in a garage waiting room since I was a little kid haha.

Anh N. | 2011-04-27

I have been frequenting the Express Lube here at Sterling McCall Toyota since I purchased my 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser back in 2007.  The great service is consistent.  I am always greeted by a friendly face.  They take at most 30 minutest to change my oil and they always check my car for any signs of issues.  Normally its something like changing my air filter or new tires.  Very professional staff.  I don't think I can go anywhere else to get my car serviced at.

Caroline W. | 2011-02-28

Just bought my first car (a beautiful black prius) from Sterling McCall and they could not have been nicer.  I am relocating from southern California to Houston and negotiated the whole deal via phone; just came over when I got here and picked the car right up.  Everything was very easy with the finance manager and my salesperson.  I never really thought car salespeople could be really awesome, but mine definitely was!  After the deal was done and all of my paperwork signed, he reviewed everything and called me to tell me they had charged me too much for my car!  I was terribly embarrassed but came right back the next day and everything was adjusted.  Him catching that cost me a huge chunk of money and I am totally indebted to him.

These guys are good and have souls, totally clutch.

Scott N. | 2010-08-29

I needed a cheapy car that was good on gas mileage so I decided on the Yaris. I found Sterling through Toyota's site and found the car I wanted. I started the process to buy the car thinking, incorrectly, I was dealing with a desk guy or "the manager," someone who actually makes the deals. I've purchased cars for my business and myself and we all know how terrible the experience is. Sterling lived up to that stereotype. After a few emails I came to drive the car and met my sales guy who wasn't a desk guy or anyone who could make this go by easier. Just the guy who ushers me through the process.

So, I drive the car, I'll take it and we'll do all the numbers stuff in email. Aside from me being stuck in an office, we still did the BS sales dance and it's disgusting dealerships still do this. So, we got down to the final number I was financing and he literally pulled the age-old "This must be your lucky day because they agreed to that price." WOW, staggering how insulting that was.

Anyway, I had bad credit and knew it but asked way at the beginning if they could finance me. YES was all I heard. Having the down wasn't the issue, I'm in credit-rebuild mode after losing a business. Again, through this 2.5-3 week process they assured me financing wasn't an issue. Well, it was. They eventually got me a deal, the first one they promised. It was a terribly high interest rate but that's fine, I knew it was going to be high. The fact was they took two weeks to get my deal done and I only drove the car a few days because I didn't want to put miles on it in case they charged me for miles.

As it stood, after two weeks I contacted a lawyer pal of mine and he said to take the car back. It's not been titled and would still be their car. He thought they might try and jack the rate up but I was already at the highest allowable by law. The whole deal from the initial contact to the fibs and the unbelievable 2.5 hour wait to see the F&I guy once my deal was all locked down ("I'll have ya in and out in 45 minutes.")... it all felt dirty. Like it typically does.

I paid the number I had in mind, they made tons on interest on me so the deal is winwin but go into this place knowing they're just another car place and they'll squeeze every ounce from you, even when you think you got a good deal.

Ahhhh, capitalism... ask for it by name™.

Jose B. | 2010-08-25

I feel that that I gave them a star, since they deserve otherwise, zero.  These guys are thieves and they don't care if you know about it.  My brother went down there to try buy a car and the oddest thing happened.  When my brother asked for the price of a car the salesman would say something like -- I'd have to run your credit before I tell you how much it is.  My brother was furious and asked to speak to the manager but the manager answered the same way.  These guys are playing with numbers like I've never seen before in my life.  They are the wost of the worst avoid ever stepping inside this dealer.

Morgan J. | 2009-03-13

I have been here several times to get my car checked and maintenance done. I've also been to other places too.

They are the most respectful, truthful and not to mention very clean! I've found that other places make things up. Well, I assume they do, once, I replaced my air filter (went to o'reillys, bought one and installed it myself). A few weeks later I get my oil changed at a local gas station and they tell me I need to change the air filter...what! I just changed it! They totally are just trying to take my money. ugh, I hate that.

Fortunately, Sterling McCall is NOT like that. Go to them.


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