Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston, TX

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Welcome to Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston, Texas - Serving Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City, Stafford, and Pecan Grove
Lexus: The Pursuit of Perfection Starts at our Core. We will treat each customer as we would a guest in our home. From unparalleled customer service to world-class quality, we implement our high standards every day to meet your exacting expectations as customers by selling the finest new and used Lexus cars ever built. As a certified Lexus dealer, we go above and beyond to implement our expertise and experience to assist your every need.

Sterling McCall Lexus

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 995-2600
Address:10025 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77074
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sterling McCall Lexus

Emily N. | 2015-04-22

I had the pleasure of purchasing a new 2015 Lexus at Sterling McCall last week, thanks to Albie Sugiharto and the team at Sterling McCall. Albie helped me find the Lexus that would best suit my needs - he is knowledgeable, dependable and went out of his way to help me. High quality customer service is Albie's middle name. I will buy again from Albie and Sterling McCall - they made purchasing a new car easy, affordable and fun. Thank you again for your great work Albie and the team at Sterling McCall!

Jennie D. | 2015-04-07

Love this location. :-) Nice workers and free coffee & soda & water. Plenty of seating and restrooms as well. There are also two lounge areas where you can watch TV while you wait.

Ivy L. | 2015-03-15

Was dreading the car purchasing experience but this place was great. Was greeted right when I walked in the door and got down to business. I knew what I wanted and test drove just that. My salesman, Austin Hughes, was awesome! Funny, knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to talk to! He was determined to sell but wasn't overly pushy like most salesmen. I was in, signed the papers, my trade-in was appraised, went to finance while they cleaned and moved my new car off the showroom and got it sprayed and coated when I signed all the finance stuff. My car was brought out to me when I was done and I got oriented with everything and I was off! 2.5 hours max including the test drive! Pretty great purchasing experience and I'm happy with my new 2015 Lexus! Yay!

Steve S. | 2015-03-09

I had a miserable experience trying to buy a new Lexus here.  The salesperson provided false information about the options available.  The salesperson was hyper-aggressive.  While I had every intention of buying a car, I was not going to do it in 15 minutes on my first trip into the dealership.  The salesperson did not demonstrate any
of the car's features whatsoever.  The salesperson simply tried to close a deal after literally being there 15 minutes.  I felt like I was shopping for a 10 dollar pair of shoes, not an expensive luxury car.  It was outrageous.  Then, when I didn't buy after 15 minutes on my first trip in , the salesperson turned belligerent -- to the point that I will never return to this dealership, despite its convenient location.  When it comes to buying a new, luxury automobile, this is not my first "rodeo."  But I have never had an experience like this.  So little information, so little honesty and knowledge, and absolutely zero patience.  Just cheap, offensive sales tactics.

David Z. | 2015-02-23

Your experience purchasing a car is pretty much defined entirely by your sales agent, but if your sales agent is Ken Ward at Sterling McCall Lexus, then I can guarantee that you will have an exceptionally smooth, hassle-free experience when looking for your next car.

Ken's goal was simple: get me in promptly, and then get me out as soon as possible. The actual process of nailing down a price was just a formality for him. Besides, we all know there are websites that can tell you the correct price to pay for any car, so the act of negotiating is pretty much redundant.

So I told Ken exactly what I wanted, he saw that they had two in stock with the same model, color, and options, and then he handled all the paperwork for me. Two hours later, my car was being washed, and after a December bow and a quick tutorial, I was off to the races.

Moreover, the after-purchase services are top-notch, but I'm all about the launch parties they have, each as expertly catered as the next. For example, for the launch of the new NX and the RC, there was a New Year's theme, with sparkly chocolate-covered strawberries and lamb ribs, to name just two. Even if you're just thinking of buying, these events are worth checking out.

In the end, I would buy again from Sterling McCall without question. Just so long as you've done your homework and know exactly what you want, they will take care of you.

Dre C. | 2015-02-14

Thanks Albie Sugiharto another great buying experience, this is the third car I buy, this time leased from Albie, I've been dealing with him for almost 5 years now, great people's person, easy and straight forward to deal with. Thanks Albie and keep up the good work!

Dan N. | 2015-02-13

John Garcia is an EXCELLENT salesman. He was very professional, answered all questions that I had, and made me feel like an important customer. I was purchasing this vehicle as an out of town buyer and he made the purchasing process very easy without making me feel pressured whatsoever. I didn't have to pay a deposit to hold the vehicle for a couple days and when I came in, the vehicle looked EVEN BETTER than the pictures online. The car was very clean inside with the new car smell (even though it was used), the engine bay was polished, and there wasn't even a hint of dust or dirt anywhere. I would certainly recommend John to any person looking to buy a Lexus in the Houston area or anything in the Sterling McCall Lexus Pre-owned inventory.

Diego D. | 2015-02-11

This dealership has awesome customer service. They're straight forward and do their best to get you the best deal possible.  I've dealt with many different dealerships and these guys are one the best if not the best to make sure that you leave happy and with a new car!! I dealt with Stephen Pyziak and he was awesome, he worked his but off to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I recommend this dealership for your next car purchase and highly recommend you ask for Stephen to help you out.

Karen A. | 2015-01-27

My husband just took our car to get serviced a few days ago, and from the experience, he said it was FANTASTIC. Even though he was running about 45 mins late for the appointment,  they still took him in and got him settled into a loaner car quickly, probably took less than 15 mins. He says Christine was very sweet and answered any questions he had.

Dan C. | 2015-01-17

I've only had good experiences here having service done on my car, but I know that there is always the chance to have a negative experience given the complexity of a car operation. However, there don't seem to be any systemic issues. The staff are generally very eager to please, give fairly accurate estimates for repairs, and the breakfast tacos on Saturday and that addictive peach tea are actually pretty darn good! Lem in particular is a great example of stellar service.

Stanford M. | 2015-01-11

I just bought my father in law a new 2015 Lexus here.  A few years back I bought my wife a Lexus when they were still at their old location.

I never had a bad experience here.  But then again I usually do all my negotiating with their technology dealer/salesman.  I usually can haggle better through them/him.  I usually get them between dealers and manufactures invoice price.. I also use USAA car buying service and look at all the prices people are paying.. So I still do a lot of research into price.

My last experience I emailed him what I wanted and the price I wanted for.  He mentioned he had a few in stock.. So I went down there, told the front clerk that I was there to see him and was lead to his office..  We made a few decisions, printed out some paperwork, went to financing area, paid the balance in full and was out.. So from beginning to end it only took me 3 hours... I guess I am a good son in law.

Mary R. | 2015-01-11

Even though I did not purchase my lexus from Sterling McCall they have always been my repair dealership. I recently had a problem with a battery and made an appointment with Sterling McCall. I spoke to a very nice gentleman who made an appointment for me but told me if there was a problem with the battery it would be considered an emergency and bring it in right away. My battery died, fortunately in my driveway. We took the battery out put it in my husbands trunk and called Sterling McCall. They said even though it was a Sat. to bring it in. We arrived and were told to wait for our service rep., Kelly. It took a while and when some one pointed him out to me I approached him. He was having a personal conversation with the woman at the front desk. I waited for him to look at me and asked if he was my rep.. He said he was and he would get to me. He had a very bad attitude and I knew it would not be a very good experience. He finally got around to us and took the battery never explaining what would happen next and told us to get a cup of coffee. 1 1/2 hours later he finally came back to say the battery was bad, under warranty, and he was working on the paperwork. I waited 20 min. and finally approached the woman at the desk and she said my paperwork was there. I questioned it and she adjusted for no labor or parts. This was a $40.00 difference. She fixed the paperwork in about 5 seconds. I was again approached by my rep. and I asked him why he never told us what to expect and left us in their waiting room. He knew we had a car and we could have left the battery and he could have called us when it was ready. His answer "It usually doesn't take this long." I know it was Sat. and I can't prove it but I believe he slowed things down on purpose. His attitude towards others in the waiting room was different and nicer. I was scheduled to come back to the dealership in 4 days to have my car looked over and I did not want Kelly to take care of me.
I called their Customer Relations Follow Up Manage and explained our situation. I asked for a different service rep. She said she would get back to me and I never heard from her again. It's been a week.
Since I have posted this review I tried one more time and called Customer Relations. I  did received a return call saying that I had been rescheduled with a different Service rep..
She was surprised I did not receive a call.
I hope this is the end of it. I have been going to Sterling McCall for 10 years and have never had a problem. I would hate to have  find another dealership.

Chris M. | 2014-12-14

I'll never give a name out if it's bad.. but in this case, it was sweet... Chet Sourn is the guy to go to if you do internet. The process was so relaxed, quick (except for the dragging out finance place, which is why I bumped it down a star.. more on that later), it was a what a car buying should be.

Went there after a terrible experience at Toyota of Katy, Don McGill.. So I was already coming in a hot-head and didn't wanna deal with nothin'!! But anyways, haha.

All the cars on the pre-owned lot were opened for the most part, this concept I loved... I mean, I already knew what I wanted, but there were other SUVs there that were opened that I could scope out to compare, so that was nice, no need to have to get the sales guy to grab keys for every single one. (Of course there were no keys in there, to just take it and go, that'd be ridiculous)

I test drove the car, loved it, went back and started the number dance. After maybe 30minutes, we reached a deal. There was some back and forth, but I got the impression that Chet was on our side. We even were willing to go just a little down on a final number and Chet said, nahh, lets try to get you more.. instant-like after that.

Anyways, we got the number, felt great about it, and was ready to do the dew.

This is the part I dumped it down a star. We were sitting in the lobby, nice lobby by the way, for almost 2 1/2 hours with our 4 an 2 year old girls, other people came and went after showing up before then, and I was getting pretty peeved.. Keep in mind, we were paying cash out right.. .so you'd think the process would go faster (though I believe, the paranoid / conspiracy part of me, they didn't like that we were paying cash cause they couldn't haggle more add-on useless warranties as easy)

So we finally had to speak up about, turns out the finance guy didn't see the paperwork, though he claimed he never got it (2 1/2 hours after the deal was done? me thinks this not true)

Then the stab at the heart, they had us waiting 2 hours, we were getting ancy, and angry.. then they come back out and say "Chris, we screwed up... the way your trade works, being a lease, we forgot to add taxes" BOOM, $1600 more than the "great deal" we worked out... This almost killed our spirits, and the good vibes were gone...

In the end, we agreed to their screw up, and they came down a little bit more to accommodate the fact we were being tortured with the waiting and our kids were pretty much done mentally, and becoming "mental."

The lone finance dude that was sitting in his office with no customer, catching glares from us or 30 minutes finally came out and had the brilliant idea to stop whatever nonsense he was doing to "let me get you guys out of here.." Oh wow, what a concept! You have two other finance people, who are helping ONE person each who came AFTER us, (a long time after us by the way), how about help out the family that's been here for 3 hours, with two kids, ready to pay cash??? Man.. .crazy business skills!

Anyways, I digress... This part almost made me wanna come home and give 2 stars.. BUT, Chet.. you the man, you saved them from a bad review and should be given a promotion... Sterling McCall if you fools even read this, pay attention to your salesmen and either have a rearranging session of your finance staff who were retarded to miss the tax and kept us waiting, or do something else there... Anyways... have the car in my driveway now, so i'm good

kevin c. | 2014-10-04

Thank you James Truong. The car was washed and serviced quickly. This is the only place I am taking my wife's car, and he did an amazing job making sure things are done correctly. He even showed me how to use the isofix guides in the car, fantastic service. I will see you again.

Michelle S. | 2014-09-13

This Lexus dealership has really screwed me over on more than one car.

First problem was our Lexus GS450H. They "replaced and fixed" the front head lights and brights. It wasn't working the night we drove it away. When we brought the car back to get it fixed, a manager there asked "who fixed your car?" and told us we should "sue them."  We laughed and told them it was YOUR dealership we have been going to.

We had another car to through a diagnostics and inspection yesterday. And, lo and behold, the car shakes like it's about to fall apart.

How is it possible that a luxury vehicle dealership and services provider could provide such terrible, non-thorough, inadequate, hypocritical service? Dealing with them is a nightmare and they seem incapable of getting anything right the first time.

Doak P. | 2014-09-10

I am not doing business with Sterling McCall for service again, even though they are easily the most convenient dealership to my home.  The two stars is for the quality of the facility, the friendliness of the personnel and their willingness to work with the customer (to an extent, see below), and for the work that actually happens.  However, I am not confident in their total ability to perform auto service, and I despise their business practices.

First, the business.  When I spoke to my rep, he mentioned the price for the 30k service.  It was substantially more than the price I saw on the website when I scheduled my appointment.  I asked about the difference, and he told me that was for the tax and the "shop charge."  The "shop charge" was approximately $50.00.  I understand the tax, but what in the world is the "shop charge," and why was it $50?  According to the rep, it is for oil disposal, the charge for the lift, and a couple other things that seemed like they should have been included in the price of the service in the first place.  I protested about the hidden charge, and the rep waived it, but I would have been stuck with it if I had not both noticed and protested.  I do not put up with hidden charges.  Add the "shop charge" to the total of the service, and give an honest quote for the price.

During this time and the only other time I've taken my car into Sterling McCall, I've been given something of the brush off when I've mentioned a couple other issues with the car, recurring ones.  I get the "we checked and couldn't find anything wrong," which is fine if there were no problem.  I understand that transient or minor issues may be difficult to detect.  However, when I've asked for possible explanations, I just get the "we checked and couldn't find anything wrong," and that's the end of that.  Trust me, guys, there is a problem (e.g., when tire pressure is chronically low, despite adjusting it up, there's a problem).  I don't care for brush-offs, and I really do not like feeling that these guys are not doing what they can to find these issues or, at least, think a bit about them

Add on to all this that, both times I've picked up my car from Sterling McCall, the gas tank was about 1/8th tank lower than when I turned it in.  I am not sure what is going on back there, but nothing should be taking a couple gallons of gas to get it done.

The facilities are quite nice, and the people are quite friendly, but those are just window dressing.  I get the feeling that I'm little more than a walking bag of money to these folks.  The facilities at Westside are about as nice, and the people there are at at least as friendly without me feeling like I'm getting screwed with my pants on.  I tried Sterling McCall, and it did not work out.  If I do go forward with the $370+ service recommended by the technician, I do not see me doing so at Sterling McCall.  (I did not bother asking if that price included the "shop charge.")

Lien V. | 2014-09-08

I recently purchased the IS350 and love it! My car salesman Farzad Askari took great care of me and my car! He is very helpful and I would definitely recommend seeing him if you're are looking for a lexus.

Kaleena R. | 2014-09-06

Great experience!  My family came in to buy a car for my sister and Farzod was very helpful. Great value for the car and wonderful service! I have also previously purchased my own car here- always a pleasure doing business at Sterling McCall Lexus.

Angelica D. | 2014-08-29

I just bought my Lexus IS250 last Saturday. I love my new car. I actually went to the dealership on Wednesday to look around. Jeremy was nice enough to stay after closing to show me some cars I might be interested in. He was very attentive and very helpful. It's a pleasure not deal with a pushy salesman. I went back Saturday to look at more cars and even though they were very busy they took care of us rather quickly.

Vibhu S. | 2014-08-16

Bad after sales service. Careless, and argumentative sales team. I leased an Rx 350 from this dealership and will never do business with them again. They kept changing the pricing and terms despite sending multiple offers to return the car early. Calls are never returned and wait time has increased substantially. They want to squeeze every last dollar from unsuspecting clients. I think service has gone down big time.

Robert C. | 2014-08-06

Holly Kaminga and Mario Galic were fantstic to work with.  I took my car in to get new Rims and tires installed.  I recieved very efficient and friendly service from everyone that works there.  They did a fantastic job on my car  and the price was very reasonable!  

Robert Caltabiano

Henry N. | 2014-07-31

Sterling McCall Lexus posted an ad on Autotrader for a used 2004 Cadillac, one owner, very low miles, clean Carfax.  I called, spoke to a salesperson, made an appointment to test drive the car.  I went down on my lunch hour.  The power seat is in the most forward position, and will not move.  Impossible for anyone over 5'6" to drive the car.  I really would not recommend buying a used car from any dealer who performs no inspections whatsoever of their cars.

Tana F. | 2014-07-21

If I could I would give this dealership 0 Stars!!! I was hung up on 4 times in a matter of 45 min, I can't even count how many times I was transferred and the receptionist had a TERRIBLE attitude!
Besides not helping me at all this time, the last time I was there to get my Lexus serviced my "personal service advisor" told me "come back soon so I can take more of your money"!!!!! I love my car but customer service like this makes me think about listening to my boyfriend and switch to Mercedes!
This location has terrible management and it seems like no one knows what they are doing and walk around chatting with each other and goofing off and could care less about helping the customer and efficiency.
Thankfully I called Lexus of Clear Lake to order my part and set up a service time. They were so sweet and helpful!! It might be a trip out there but I will definitely be going out there for all my Lexus needs from now on! Forget about Lexus of Sugarland! Don't waste your time!!!

David S. | 2014-07-19

The service department is back in my good graces.  James Truong was fantastic!  He worked overtime to keep me updated on the progress of the work on my vehicle.  He even sent me photos of car with the engine removed.  They also took care of all the back-and-forth with the 3rd party warranty company.  In short, they did everything they could to make spending $4200+ to have a car repaired a more pleasurable experience.

Michelle H. | 2014-07-15

They totally lost my business earlier today, wasted my time and money on a tow truck, well I ended up taking my lexus to another place, and let me tell u I got a complimentary car, great price and service with no BS at this other mechanic , his name Freddy and he provided every service the Lexus dealers was denying me
, the Lexus claimed they had to fix the bodywork first before they could fix my broken axle, I was like the body has nothing to do with why my car broke, and I brought my car there before, and beleive me they will try to milk u for your money , well anyways my car is getting repaired and I am so mad I waste money with them and time, they straight lied to me, it was not necessary for the body repair , to get service repair, LiES I tell u ! I am so mad for that
Just cause I am a woman don't make me stupid to cars !

Mnt B. | 2014-07-14

UPDATE: Still displeased and upset with this lot and the way J_ _ Dupuis treated the situation like it was a joke. She reached out to me about the price mishap and then cut me off just to start apologizing. As if she didn't actually care about what I had to say.5 minutes into the conversation she cuts me off to say that she was with a customer and needed to call me back.

Call back comes and I continue talking even when she tries to speak over me while we are on the phone. Professional? No.
She ended up laughing and saying that the price I was told was incorrect and they were sorry but they couldn't do anything about it.

I'm an Assistant manager at a store and if someone gets a wrong price, they get that item for what we said, even when it is hundreds of dollars more. I bite the bullet when I make a mistake, and maybe they should learn how to also, OR learn how to give me the correct info every time.

Vy N. | 2014-06-28

Although I didn't buy my car from this dealership, it was always been my go to dealership for my car and my father's car. I've always had great service with them. That's why I gave them 2 stars.

My last experience there was bad enough for me to no longer come here to get service done on any of my cars. Let me walk you through my experience.

2 days prior I called to schedule an appointment for 15K service on my car (oil change & inspection of the car). It was quick and simple. (It had also been my first time making an appointment. I usually show up and wait for my car) *side note: making an appointment doesn't help you get in or out any faster, what's the point?

Upon arrival I handed my car off to valet and he walked me into my service consultant. Who seems to not be expecting me. He pulls up my records and tells me the cost of the service. (although, last time I was told my 15K would be free, I didn't push it because I could have been misunderstanding). This isn't my first time, so I am well prepared to wait, I have a seat with my ipad, watch tv, get some snacks. So far, it's a normal day. An hour later, I wonder if my car is done.  The consultant comes out and tells me my car is getting washed, it'll be right out. I wait a little longer and 15-20 mins passes, I ask him if my car is ready. He said almost ,have a seat and he'll come get me to pay once it's ready. I told him I should pay now so when the car is ready I can go. (a subtle hint that I'm in a rush, need to be somewhere and/or tired of waiting). I pay and stand outside waiting for my car. .. and waiting. There seems to be words between the valet and the consultant. I walk in and ask the status and he walks by me and says something about them not finding my keys. He goes and get another associate, which then both guys walk by me and tell me to have a seat. (again with this sitting, I've been sitting for an hour now) The second associate comes back and says its been washed. I questioned him. It has been in the wash now for 45 mins? I know there's no detailing. He rushes off, comes back and tells me he's getting it now. They thought my car was an 250 and its a 350. I'm shocked. I AM at Lexus right? they DO know the difference and regardless of the model, My car had a valet number on it. They're fooling no one.I finally spot my car and a third man pulls up and tells me my keys are in the cup holder.

A few things upset me that could have been avoided. Service consultant could have told me the wait time, if they were busy and I knew I had to wait 2 hours, I would have gotten a loaner car. Service consultant didn't go over my car (which they have done in the past) I had to ask him to print the report and I read it on my own. Finally, the biggest issue: NO ONE apologized for ANYTHING nor did they try to make it up to me. It was a bunch of fake excuses and asking me to sit as they search for my car. I expect so much more from Lexus. I was very frustrated and no one seems to care. I guess Sterling McCall has so much business they no longer need mine.

Martin C. | 2014-06-05

I bought my IS350 from this place. I have been using the dealer to service and do the oil change.
They have friendly staff and good customer service.

I just did a service to replace my alternator pulley. It cost me almost $400. They did the job on time and was really was. They gave me a brand new 2014 IS loaner.

The reason why I gave them 3 stars is because their lack of attention of details:
First, When I picked up my car. It was dirty. They did not wash the car. I can see several bird craps on my car. Really unacceptable for $400 service.

Secondly, the engine oil in my car has been leaking. You could tell it right away by looking at the area underneath the engine. I did not tell them on purpose, to see how good is their inspection. They called their inspection "The world class inspection". Surprisingly they did not see the leak underneath the engine when they replaced the alternator pulley.

From those two things, we could tell that they have no attention to details. I think West side do better job. I went there once to replace my bumper. They did excellent job.

Terri T. | 2014-05-20

I would have given five stars, but my money was missing.

My boyfriend took my car in for maintenance. It was our first time getting maintenance there, service was good. They had iPads that you could use and and watch movies with. I thought that was really nice if them, cause audi dealership wasn't that good. They had complimentary drinks and snacks, and premium food for sale.

Everything was good overall.

Only thing that was wrong was the missing dollar bill.

Haha I know I dollar is not much. I don't really care that it's gone, but it's just the fact that I trust them with handling my car and I leave things in my car thinking it wouldn't go missing, but I guess lesson learned.

Make sure you take valuables out of your car before letting them take it.

My dollar bill was just money for ez tag that I leave on the side. Luckily I didn't leave a big bill.

Marcus S. | 2014-05-15

Service department is amazing. Very prompt, on the ball, and responsive. My service person, Jeff Holmes, hands down is the best service advisor I have had, 5 star rating for Sterling McCall Lexus service

Adam C. | 2014-05-05

we have our car serviced at Sterling McCall for more than  3 years. they keep changing technician or account manager. I think that i had deal with more than 6. I quite concern the high turnover, and further to the quality of service.

Some technician are impatient. The price may be ok.

one time i just did a major repair for $4,700 then following week the VSC light up. then they charge me again for something i think should be done during that repair.

Derek G. | 2014-04-27

I worked with Greg Hoogerwerf and received excellent service.  Greg was extremely knowledgable about the 300h that we purchase and was very easy and efficient to work with.  Ken in finance was also very helpful.  It was great not getting high pressure sales tactics in the showroom or finance department.

Annabelle F. | 2014-04-09

I did a pre qulification form and the guy who told me that he would make sure that i get best service .(YEAH RIGHT).. Well i told him my back ground on my credit and he knew from the get go that i was not going to be qualified BUT .... HE STILL RAN MY CREDIT AND THEY HIT IT HARD..... TOOK OFF 8 POINTS.. and for a hard working woman like me, I take my financial responsibilities serious. !!!! So that hurt me, knowing that i have been consistant with paying all bills in a timely manner and more than the amount due.  THIS WAS A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THIS DEALERSHIP.  They didnt even TRY to work with me. These sales people should be straight up with all people  and not just try to make commission.

BAD EXPERIENCE ! Good Luck if you go to this Dealership......

Silvia R. | 2014-04-01

When buying a vehicle the whole process should be painless. But David Chapelle in the finance department made it a nightmare, he is a jerk.

J. D. | 2014-03-19

Bought my GS 350 from Albie there at sterling McCall and i love it ! I'm beating out Benz and BMW all day on the freeways lol.. Seriously though , The dealership is brand new clean and legit ! Albie is the man to talk to for a new or pre owned vehicle .. The overall experience there was awesome compared to other dealerships I've been to lately 5 stars for sure !

Castro S. | 2014-01-21

I would never think to review a dealership, but here i go! THE BEST service ever! I came in Saturday morning at 7am for their Early Bird Oil Change special. Awesome! Not only is is $20 off, but you have a complimentary breakfast at the bar and get a carwash included if you have time. The Cafe Bar had everything from coffee to breakfast tacos. There was a gentleman that also walked around the lobby making sure everyone was OK with refills. Excellent service and I cant stop raving about it to friends and family!

SynSyn V. | 2014-01-20

this place is capital a for awful.

called main number got transferred to service. then got transferred to parts then, hung up on.

second call. got transferred to service department spoke to a lady immediately put me on hold again, got transferred to parts dept, picked up and hung up on me again.

3rd call. told the person who answered i got hung up twice. she giggled and said what dept are you trying to reach? i replied service dept.

got transferred there.. call status said i was on hold for 7 minutes 6 seconds. finally a guy name brian picked up and said it was going to cost me $700 something for a new transponder and 2 master keys with completely reprogramming in my ignition.

wanted to see if this was true. so i called back again..

this time parts dept told me it was going to cost me $200 something before tax. wow.. from $700 something to $200 something.

called them back again and the next person told me "they no long provide this service bc the car is more than 10 years old.

so which one is it? the $700 something, the $200 something or the no more providing this service?

being a customer what do you think is the best? it's always going to be the one that doesn't cost the most. after all i'm not towing my car to lexus and have them tell me three different things. it's time to hire real people who care what their job title is, who knows the right answers to questions and who actually want to be at work.

i will be passing this message on to all my family and friends and aquatinences who owns a lexus. this is a bunch of bull, you don't even deserve 1 star. you deserve none. i will be contacting the bbb and corporate.

Oanh L. | 2014-01-10

For me to rate a dealership 5 stars, it has to be the best of the best. I compare the people I deal with to myself since I used to work at Post Oak Motor Cars (servicing Bentley & Rolls-Royce, so I have really high standards and expectations when I deal with other Service Advisors). Although this place is clean, some very professional sales people, service advisors,'s not the best, best. But for what it's worth it's the best I've experience at a dealership.

I delt with several SA (my usual appointments are never scheduled LOL), I just show up since it's considered emergency service: battery replacement, oil change, bubbles in tires, what have you. I delt with Matt Torres and let me tell you! He is what customer service should be!

I came in with a lot of questions and concerns: bubbles on tires (quoted at $2,200 I opted for Discount Tires: $1,100), windshield wipers out of place (in snow position instead of normal position), washer fluid not working, oil change, battery change, side mirrors memory not holding, and two filters that's pretty much blocked up.

Without going into too much details, he basically took my hand (not literally) and walked me to through steps-by-steps expaining every single one of my concern! He showed me how certain parts work, how to push the windshield wipers back to its original position, how to hold the sideview mirrors memory, the different knobs and buttons inside my car, all the while being as honest as possible. I came back once after my initial service with him, but he didn't work that Saturday. I'd definitely call him the next time instead of randomly showing up.

Some prices that were quoted: (keep in mind that these numbers are fair estimate)
4 run-flat tires (including alignment): $2,200
Air filter: $60
Engine filter: $65
Battery: free (under warranty)
Washer fluid pump & replacement of the corroded battery part: $130/ labor $195
Oil change (5,000 miles): $65

2 thumbs up for Matt Torres!

In regards to salesman...come and look and don't worry about pushy sales(wo)man harrassing you. They'll let you look then they will approach you when you're ready to buy!

Butch T. | 2013-12-09

Recently had occasion for emergency service late in the afternoon on Saturday. Expected a real hassle, but much to my surprise everything was handled calmly and professionally. Dan Patino, Parts Specialist and Alvarado Sabino, Service Advisor, deserve special mention - they went way beyond "great" to help me out. I will not forget it. In the past I have dinged the dealership when they screwed up, but they fully made up for it on this one.

Brittany D. | 2013-09-25

We all know the car buying process can be such a hassle and sometimes a big annoyance. Especially when you're a girl going into the shark tank yourself. So when I came into Sterling, I already was prepared and I knew what I wanted and at what price. To be honest, I walked into Sterling McCall just to look, because in the back of my mind, I was going to run back to Westside Lexus where I purchased my first Lexus. After spending a couple of hours at Sterling, that customer loyalty I had for Westside was forgotten!  Don't get me wrong, Westside had amazing customer service, but, I think Sterling has far exceeded what Westside has provided to me in the past.

When I walked in I was greeted by Greg Hoogerwerf. He was such a delightful, charming, exceptional, and sincere man to work with. Not like your typical arrogant and rude car salesman that you often approach. Every question that I had he had an answer for, and if he didn't he WILL take his time to find the answer for you!

When we got into the car he took his time to educate me on the features of the car to make sure I knew how to utilize all my Lexus functions to the fullest extent. While on the test drive he still educated me and took time to talk to me on a personal level as well to make me feel that I could confide in him.

The negotiation process was smooth and easy. We threw some numbers around and we settled for a GREAT price. Yes, better than Westside. I am absolutely in LOVE with my new Lexus and the process wasn't agonizing at all! The wait time in between the paper work process was such a smooth transition, maybe because I spent most of the time enjoying the customer lounging area that you could snack at, have a cup of coffee, enjoy the wifi, and lay back to watch T.V. That was one of the outstanding perks that I liked about Sterling that not most Lexus dealerships have.

Finance was also a pleasurable and exceptional. Mr. Jose Barragan took care of me with my finances and was also a delightful man to work with. I got an amazing finance rate with a warranty thrown in.

Once I got home, I had a concern about my Lexus that I needed their help on. I e-mailed and called Greg H. the next day. It turns out he was off that day so it would've been hard for him to help me with what I needed in person. To show you how Lexus, STILL cares about you after you drive off the lot, Greg actually coordinated with the sales manager on his day off to help me get my concern situated and made sure I was 1000000% satisfied with my car. Mr. Neil Potter did what he could to take care of me and fit me in the busy schedule.  I'm sorry Westside, but I have now passed on my torch onto Sterling McCall Lexus.

Thank you Sterling for such a wonderful experience. Sticking to my guns with Sterling McCall from now on and I recommend this dealership to any woman who may feel hesitant in purchasing a car on their own.

Alia A. | 2013-09-06

Car buying has to be one of my least favorite activities. I don't like the salesmen, I don't like negotiating and I don't like being treated like a "stupid girl".

I went to Sterling McCall Lexus to look at a pre-owned vehicle. When I walked in the door, a salesman (who was on his cell phone) approached me with that fake friendly attitude and I was immediately uncomfortable. He pulled up the car details on his computer and started talking about what a great price it was, he couldn't believe it was priced so low, blah blah blah. Give. Me. A. Break.

I drove the car and then went back in and he printed out a sheet showing the out-the-door cost (based on the advertised price). I told him what I wanted my price to be and he proceeded to tell me how it was already priced at their cost and he couldn't go any lower, etc. So I grabbed my keys, said thank you and got up to walk out. Of course then he says "Wait wait wait..." Yeah that's what I thought. He went to "talk to his manager" (I hate these stupid car salesman games) and then came back and we made a deal.

I went to the finance department to take care of the paperwork and they tried to sell me SO many extras it was ridiculous. Of course the extras are financeable and would "only" increase my monthly payment by $200! I declined them all, so the finance guy walks out and comes back with his boss, who also tried to sell me the extras - at a discount, of course.

I was finally able to walk out 3 hours later with the keys to my new (used) car!

Priya S. | 2013-08-24

This was the first time I'm came the new location and boy, I must say I am impressed. I brought my car in for its first service and the Lexus service reps wasted no time in taking care of us. My car was taken by the technician to the back and the front desk rep walked us to our service rep, Paul. He was helpful in informing us about the current services that will be completed and also asked us about any concerns or questions we had regarding our car. Since this was our first time to the new location, he walked us over to show us the customer lounge and deli. Yes! I said DELI! The new location has a sweet little deli that serves coffee, snacks, muffins, and even sandwiches upon request. I purchased my car from Sterling McCall Lexus and had a great car-buying experience. I'm glad that the service department demonstrated the same quality!

Trisha R. | 2013-08-20

I had a good exerince with my vehicle service.  I also enjoy the early bird discount.

The only issues I had was there is not a wheelchair ramp or a button to open the  door automatically at the service department entrance.  It would be good for them to install these things those who are handicap and if you have children in a stroller.

Diane R. | 2013-07-31

I have used this dalership previously, but always felt that the prices were too high.  But, where do you go? I have used a non-lexus repair shop for what I thought was a routine strut repair and the car jiggled from noise until I sold it.  So, I realized that lexus repairs have to be handled by lexus repair technicians. I got the price for a 60,000 mile service from Sterling McCall and was quoted an "approximate two grand" ($2,000.!!!!).  After almost falling over, I called Clear Choice Lexus repair, who employs Lexus certified mechanics, and it was only $800.00.  I am going there.  The person who answered the phone at Sterling didn't even seem to unerstand the significance of a 60,000 mile service.

Dorian N. | 2013-07-11

Patrick Heins is the guy to meet if you wanna save $$$. Customer service is always pleasant and great early bird perks on weekends.

Joseph D. | 2013-04-09

Pick up service: Absolutely love it.. regular maintenance gives me the opportunity not to take so much time.. Love you Sterling McCall! Thanks Paul Zapata and David Capin!

Jenna D. | 2013-02-21

Even though their power was out at the time, our sales guy Tom took us to look at their lot for the car we wanted.  Even though they might not have had exactly what we were looking for he showed us what was available and the pricing.  Upon return and power on, he was courteous and quick with processing our paper work on our trade and new purchase.  The deal was straight forward and no fuss.  Even though it was late they stayed, brought us a clean car and showed us all the gadgets before sending us happily on our way.  Loved doing business with Sterling over Northwest!

Razi A. | 2013-01-18

Excellent service and competitive prices.  Patrick Heins is AWESOME.  He knows his stuff, keeps up with the industry from a technical, supply chain, and sales perspective.  Very honest and helpful.

SML does its best to make customers happy.  They offer nice new loaner cars, free tolls, no tank refill necessary.  Their lounge is comfy, nice snacks, cappuccinos, WiFi, etc.  Their appointment system is very detailed and efficient.  I always get pre and post appointment personal phone calls from service reps.  

My oil change is dirt cheap and they wash my car.  Other dealerships just can't compete.

Best part, my Lexus still hasn't needed anything serious so far. Those things are still extremely reliable.

Tom C. | 2012-12-14

We had a great experience with the purchase of our new car. We had everything set up prior to setting foot in the dealership - color, options, price, etc. When we arrived, everything went according to plan. There were no changes or switches. Our salesman Martin Ma was very pleasant to work with & very attentive. He took care of all our needs. Thanks to Martin & manager Steve Wedderburn, this was the best car buying experience we have had. Will definitely do business with them again & highly recommend.

P.M. A. | 2012-12-11

Keep in mind when you purchase a vehicle, you also purchase customer service from the Service Department. I'm a die-hard Beemer (BMW) girl, therefore my expectations for handling performance and customer service are of high standards.

I recently purchased my first Lexus and the customer service I receive from The Sterling McCall Lexus location is most impressive.  The experience begins the moment I drive into the Service Dept. area; I'm greeted immediately before I can even turn off the engine, my Service Advisor handles every detail with upmost concern, he's not only a Class-Act but knowledgeable with every aspect of my vehicle model (love it!), shortly, I'm directed to my loaner where its running and ready for me to drive off (or for others, a complimentary shuttle service is provided).  

By late afternoon, my Service Advisor follows up with a diagnosis and/or cost estimate and approval to proceed.  The turn-around time wouldn't even bother me since the complimentary loaner is furnished with everything my car has, even toll road accessibility (attached to every loaner) no worries here.

Upon pick up, my Service Advisor completes the entire transaction in his office and offers me complimentary refreshments or snacks from their luxurious customer lounge while my freshly washed car is pulled up to the door.
I will continue to bring my car here because they are dedicated to providing a knowledgeable service staff and expert, factory-trained technicians who are committed to maintaining my car and providing outstanding customer service.

Thanks Patrick H. for your excellence.

Chris B. | 2012-10-06

Always great customer service from Paul Zapata @ Sterling McCall Lexus.  A+++

Regan S. | 2012-10-03

After enduring a very emotionally draining day at Houston Direct Preowned, Sterling McCall Lexus turned my opinion of car dealers around.

Moe was our salesman and he was so nice and walked us through our first car purchase as adults.

I will definitely come back here the next time I need to buy a car. They only keep quality cars in their used inventory.

Our new car is beautiful and I love it!!

Thao T. | 2012-09-26

I was due for a 30k Maintenance. My appt was at 9 A.M., but  I needed to be at work by 8:30 A.M. I called Paul Zapata left a voicemail asking if he could get my papers ready and he immediately called back and said it wouldn't be a problem. I was in and out of there in a few minutes. He is always polite and very helpful. The waiting area is also really comfortable and relaxing. I never mind waiting for an oil change.

Howard C. | 2012-08-31

Needs to send their sales reps to customer service training. Worst dealership experience. Obvious that they do not know how to treat customers. Will not go back purely due to the way I was treated by the sales rep. Particularly the one that sits next to the front window. Will be buying my LS from another lexus dealership.

Linda A. | 2012-04-24

Came here yesterday and can't say enough good things about the dealership. My husband came in and was able to purchase the IS 350 without hassle and hours of negotiating.
Our sales guy Coo was great and quite nice. The finance department, Steve was awesome as well.

I look forward to being a part of the Lexus family.

Janette J. | 2012-04-09

I was very impressed with customer service and they certainly talked a good talk. The fact is the work was sloppy and sadly confirmed the fear most single women have when in the hands of a car mechanic. The car had to be returned due to not being installed correctly and old used parts were found on the back seat and in the trunk. BTW the car reminds me everyday when I close the door how its not lined up correctly because it makes a popping sound that I have already taken in to get fixed again. Not Impressed......

Hye Y. | 2012-02-26

Great price was agreed.  Had looked over my new car, even synced my phone to the car and had the seat programmed.  Was then ready to sign the papers and was told that my sales guy had misunderstood the conditions of my sale and that I had to finance the car to get the price.  Last minute switch? Incompetent Sales? Both are bad. Gives a bad impression of the entire Sterling McCall chain of dealerships.

Jason C. | 2011-10-28

I bought my IS here earlier this year. Overall, the dealership is pretty good. The prices were better than other Lexus dealerships in the area and they seem to have a good service department.

Two big complaints:
The salesmen were incredibly annoying. They try to keep you at the dealership until you agree to buy. Do not put up w them. I would expect more from a Lexus dealership.
My particular service advisor didn't know what he was talking about. It caused me extra trips to get things sorted out.

Daniel L. | 2011-09-08

While a better experience overall was had here than at the local BMW haus, this was a pretty standard "meh at best" experience. Car purchase is pretty big fellas, you might want to put some effort into sweet talk and you know, trying to make a good impression. It is just as easy to move on to another dealer until I find what I am searching for. Not impressed.