Spring Branch Honda in Houston, TX

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Spring Branch Honda is a Honda dealership in Houston serving West Houston, Spring Branch, Katy, Sugarland, Richmond, Jersey Village, Memorial, Fulshear, Stafford, Missouri City, Galleria Area, Bellaire, Cypress, Heights area as well as all of Harris and Ft Bend Counties. Spring Branch Honda is the closest Honda dealership to the new City Centre. Spring Branch Honda services and sells New Hondas in Houston and Used Hondas in Houston. We are conveniently located just off I-10 at the Gessner Exit. Ready to test drive that new Honda?

Spring Branch Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 464-7482
Address:10250 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77043
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Spring Branch Honda

Joy M. | 2015-04-17

So I scheduled an oil change appointment online and even received an email confirmation of my appointment with the service advisor. The site says oil change appointments not required but it doesn't say they don't accept appointments for oil changes. I arrive at my scheduled time to be told that oil changes are only first come first serve and wait time is 3.5 hours. The guy was nice about it but why did someone not call or email me to notify me of this?! Instead I went to Jiffy Lube 2 miles away with a much less wait time of 35 min.

Zhe C. | 2015-02-23

Here expensive than repair Katy, Five thousand miles to change transmission oil. Two and half hours waitting.

May N. | 2015-01-12

I got a car from here a few years ago. The process was pretty easy since my partner emailed several local dealerships and this place was happy with us buying a car coming off their truck sight unseen. Best deal in the city. It was as good of a car-buying process as you can get.

I've come back several times for maintenance, oil changes, and tire issues. The staff is always professional and courteous. The staff is very transparent about the work and pricing. You can get hole punches on a key ring tag and get a free oil change after the sixth one. I've gone at different days of the week, arriving at different times in the morning, but every visit turns out to be a 3 hour minimum. I don't even understand how the wait is that long when I show up at 7:30 AM - they open at 7:00 AM - but it's true. Most recently, I had a tire blow out and my tires were under warranty so I came here on a Friday morning. About 5 hours into my wait, they told me the transmission and brakes needed flushing. I waited a total of 6 hours.

They do have a shuttle that will take you around within a 8 mi radius or so round-trip, longer if it's one-way and you have a ride back. You can definitely get to Memorial City Mall or the Galleria or Koreatown. If you opt to stay, there are magazines, a tv blaring daytime talk shows, and free public WiFi. Bring a laptop, a thick book, and/or earplugs.

Jenny M. | 2014-12-31

This is in regards to their repair shop:

My grandmother lives by herself here in Houston and was experiencing car troubles. $2800 later and two trips, the battery was bad. This is after they checked the battery the first day and claimed it was okay. When it could not be resolved in the first day, she had to spend $200 on a rental car from the dealership itself when I would expect it to be at a discount or complimentary.

Her son took a look at her car post repair and there were countless and USELESS repairs done that had no connection to the electrical problem.

To take advantage of an elderly woman makes you scum of the earth.

Liam B. | 2014-11-21

The team here is truly fantastic. As long as I have my Honda they'll be the ones to service my vehicle. Most recent wonderful experience was with Ali & Erik. Thank you!

G D. | 2014-11-18

Waiting here in the waiting area is so painful. The tvs here are too loud. It really is difficult to hear yourself think or even read a book. I suppose the workers there have it so loud so they can hear (shouldn't they be working?), but the customers are so much closer.

Diana C. | 2014-09-26

I have been meaning to write this review for a while now.

I have a 2008 Honda Civic. Last year, Honda decided to extend the paint warranty for the roof of cars with certain year/model and paint color due to a more rapid deterioration of paint.. i'm guessing it is from the sun damage or something-- not exactly too sure, but my roof had cloudy spots in various areas. So I'm thinking, "Heck yea! Free paint, why not?!" However, turns out-- the wait for your car to be serviced was a 'very long' wait, the closest Honda to my home was the one off Beltway8 (Gillman Honda) and she estimated that it will take months before I can even get an appointment.

So I went to Spring Branch Honda, and although the wait was just as long, I was greeted by a very friendly and helpful man, Tim Swafford. He took care of me and reassured that everything is covered and gave me an appointment right off the bat. What impressed me the most was that you would expect 'mediocre' service when you are  claiming something that is free/extended warranty, but Tim's hospitality almost made me feel a bit embarrassed. Needless to say, I left happy and confident that I had an appointment waiting for me in a few months.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was a tad worried that it would take a while for them to take my car in, or worse-- they would have no idea who I was and why I even came in. Things happen, you know...  However, they had me in the system and I left Honda in less than 10 minutes. Tim was not there and  I called and left him a message since he gave me his business card the first time I met him. Immediately that same day, he called me back and assured me that it should be ready as mentioned before, approximately 2-3 weeks.

Being the anxious person I am, I called back a week later just to check up on my car, and left a message.  Tim called me back and told me that my car is actually almost ready! He says that he checks it during the day and another service technician goes in the evening and does another round. What a great service!
"Thank you for keeping me updated! and WOW! My car is ready is just a week? WHOOHOO. If you live in Houston, you feel so helpless without a car. "

When my car was ready, I was in a CME class..and Tim called not once, but twice to leave me messages. I thought that was really awesome that he took personal responsibility to keep me up to date.

When I got my car that day-- again, took me less than 10 minutes to get my car and outta the lot.  In addition, I only expected the roof to be painted, but instead my roof, hood, and the back hood (? is there a term for it) were all painted. I guess it was also in the warranty? Whatever it was, it was a wonderful surprise.

This review is for primarily for Mr. Tim Swafford. Thank you!

And thank you Spring Branch Honda!

My friends think I got a new car... haha! Sure I did.....

Greg E. | 2014-08-31

SPHonda misleads you to think they will give you free oil changes when you purchase a vehicle......but when you drop by at any time other than before 8am they never can get to your car that day. When you try to make a service appointment online or on the phone they tell you they don't allow service appts for oil changes!  Deliberately misleading by promising a service they make next to impossible to get....So clearly how honest are they on anything else they say....proceed with caution....once they have you check, they turn out not to be the trusted partner they advertise.

Hong N. | 2014-08-09

We've purchased several cars from Spring Branch Honda through out the years, so we thought we would give it another go at this place. We knew we wanted a Honda Accord and they had some specials going online for their stock. We walked in on a Saturday talked to a sales guy and he was nice and showed us what was available. Then when it came to pricing he basically told us we couldn't get it for the price we wanted it at. He asked us where did we get the price from and did we do our research. Seriously is that how you approach your customers? A part of purchasing a car is about the negotiation and we have bought plenty of cars to know this. Never have we been treated in this manner.

The manager never even countered and told us the same thing. They basically gave us this look like you're crazy, smirked at us and said no deal. They asked if it's about money then they can get us a base Accord sedan instead of the car we wanted. How insulting? Its not about the monthly note but the principal of what we believe is a fair value for the year end stock inventory they had. The sales guy and sales manager here were quite unprofessional. Their website listed a price lower than what they were offering us at the store front. I guess they weren't serious about selling cars.

So we walked out and took our business somewhere else. We did get a great deal on our Honda Accord V6 and it was for a lower price than what they offered us for a 4-cylinder. I did check back on their website weeks later and the cars we had looked at were still available for sale.

Don't trust these guys. They act as if they're doing you a favor but in reality they aren't. Do your research and Shop around.

Betty C. | 2014-07-25

I made an online service appointment based on the services they listed.  They sent me repeated email reminders about the appointment.  Then when I got here they said the website was wrong, the service I requested is first come first serve, and would not honor the appointment.  So I will be waiting 2 hours..  Any reputable business would honor the appointment made based on their own website mistake, so obviously this isn't a reputable business.

Dizhi G. | 2014-07-21

I came in for an oil change. This place has the most disfunctional service!! First of all, they dont do appointment, first come first serve, they tell u "oh weekdays are not that busy come in early in the morning". So I went in wednesday morning 30mins after they open, I was told the oil change wait is 5-6 hours and i had to go out of town that weekend So i decided to just drop it off saturday morning. (Note:Their shuttle service doesnt work on saturdays so you better have a ride home when u drop your car off) anyways, finally, monday morning i'm ready to pick up my car. I called around 7:20am(10mins before shuttle service starts) and asked for pick up, they guy on the phone told me it'll be around 8am when they can come get me. Then 8:15 i called service desk, a woman tells me "well i have customers here that need a ride so i dont know when i can get u a driver", i asked how many people are in front of me, she goes "two but someone might cut in"... As im writing this review at 8:30am, im still waiting for their shuttle so i can pick up my car.
Really THE WORST AND MOST DISFUNCTIONAL SERVICE team. Very rude and just simply doesnt care. I know nothing about cars, whatever service they recommand i pay for it, all i want is good service. This was a terrible experience.

Lisa S. | 2014-07-09

In short: don't make appointments online, "Service Advisors" & rental agents are rude but associates at checkout desk are very kind and helpful. They do have shuttle service and a promo online.
I bought my car from Russell and Smith Honda about a year ago and had an oil change done there. I had a very pleasurable experience or as pleasant as waiting for your oil to be changed can be. I received a letter that there was an update to my audio system and I needed to bring it in. SBH is closer to my office so I scheduled an appointment online and said on top of the update I would need my inspection done. In the notes section I said if it takes more than an hour I will need a ride back to work. I got an email saying don't forget your appointment from the assigned "advisor" with no mention about how long it would take or that not all services could be performed. When I got to the dealership my "advisor" wasn't there and the guy receiving my car told me that it would take all day. I had a friend come take be back to work and I emailed my "advisor" that I would need a ride back to the dealership, no reply. 5 o'clock came around and he called me saying my car wasn't ready and he would give me a rental. I told him I would need a ride and with that his tone changed and I turned in to a huge nuisance to him.
Once I was there the rental associate was a peeved when I told him that my insurance was in my car ... silly me I keep it in car which was supposed to be done at the end of the day  When I went to pick-up my car the next day they told me they weren't able to do the inspection because the machine has been out for a week, thanks for the heads up! There is a 10% off service promo online. For me they could offer 75% off and I still wouldn't ever come back.

Bill W. | 2014-04-25

It's never fun getting your car worked on but if I need work done I always go to Spring Branch Honda.
They always make me feel at ease and in control of the work done.
Anthony always keeps me informed of what is going on with my service and helps me with what the priorities are so I can chose what I want done.
Thank you Spring Branch Honda.

Mark M. | 2014-04-06

After driving my old beater for about 9 years, I knew it was time to update my ride and trade it for something with modern tech gadgetry and a newer look and feel.

My coworker hipped me to this dealer.  I got in contact with salesperson Brandon F and he promptly informed me of available stock in the car I was seeking.  I was originally interested in a pre-owned car I saw online, however, the new cars beckoned to me with their shiny paint and new car smell.

When it was all said and done, I ended up choosing a new vehicle.  I came in with pre-arranged financing through a large lender, however, the finance department was able to beat that finance rate and I ended up using their financing.  

During the selection and delivery process, their was responsive and courteous communication at every step of the process.  At no point did I feel like I was being coaxed or cheated and after my previous car shopping horror stories, I was very happy being left with this feeling.  

Overall, I was very impressed with the level of service offered by Brandon F and the other members of their team.

Landon L. | 2014-03-24

I walk into the dealership with a quote for a new CR-V from another dealer.  I am the only customer, and there are four salesman standing around.  I ask the first salesman who approaches me (Brandon) if he can beat the other dealer's price.  He blathers on about how great the CR-V is for 10 minutes, refusing to address my question directly.  When he finally acknowledges my question, he tells me to wait while he checks the computer.  I wait for 15 minutes before noticing that he is helping a new customer and has abandoned me entirely.   I throw up my hands in disgust and say, "this is ridiculous."

Another salesman named Joon walks up.  He apologizes for Brandon's behavior. He immediately gives me an incredible deal and I purchase the car.   Then Joon gives me a bunch of free schwag, like an awesome umbrella.

Verdict: Four stars because I they gave me a better deal than the other area Honda dealerships.  I would have given five stars, but Brandon's decision to ignore me was frustrating.

Brett H. | 2014-02-22

They scratched my car while getting an oil change...and didn't offer to do anything more than buff out the scratch,  however, it was more than a scratch, it dented part of the fender, but they didn't seem to care. I drive a 2002 Accord, I know it isn't the newest car out there, but I did have it detailed earlier that day (not by them), so the scratch really stuck out that it was from them. I try to take good care of my car, (I mean that is why I was at the Honda dealership in the first place!), but I felt like I was overlooked because my car was "older".

Thumbs way way way down. I would think that a Honda dealership would be a little better at handling problems like this. Too bad I guess

Sandeep K. | 2014-01-27

Review based on a New Car Purchase:
Got an internet quote for an SUV. Exchanged few emails and got my questions answered about the price and got a complete drive out cost. Spoke to salesman Ricardo on phone, got few more questions answered. Told him about a competitor offering a lower price and he did whatever he could to bring the price down.
Went to the dealership. Negotiated. Decent price. Walked out with the car. No fuss. Good friendly people. Would highly recommend.

Paige T. | 2014-01-12

I own a 2008 Honda CR-V and this is the only place I'll take my car for service.

Last year, my a/c stopped working, I went to a few other places to see if I could get a better price. All were comparable to what this dealership was going to charge. I dropped the car off in the morning and it was ready to go by the time I got off work. Any time I need something done, the staff is always nice, direct and honest.

Jillian E. | 2013-12-26

I am so pleased with the service at SBH. I came in my pjs and was treated like royalty. After negotiations, they gave me an amazing  value on my trade and made the deal even sweeter at the table. I bought a Honda Civic 2013. It is such a smooth ride.

Fong C. | 2013-12-19

My father bought my car from me from this dealership, and we received a mailer with a complimentary first oil change in the mail. So I decided to go there for the oil change.

Let me preface before hand that I had actually gone the day before, when I got out of work early in the Woodlands, and decided to drive down to I-10 and the Beltway only to have the service guy tell me it would be at least a 3-4 hour wait. And I wasn't wanting to wait that long. Especially since I didn't have someone to pick me up and go somewhere else to make better use of my time. So I left and made plans to go today when I thought it wouldn't be as bad.

So I came in around 2:00pm and this time, the service guy said it would be around 2-2.5 hours. I thought to myself, okay whatever, I'm here and it's gonna be free. It's better than 3-4 hours. I asked him also for a car wash (apparently they don't give every car a car wash like they do at John Eagle, where I'm use to doing an oil change at because it's near my house, but the service guy said they provide complimentary car washes by request only, so make sure you request it).

So I went into the waiting room, which was standard. Sitting area, two TVs, a kitchen bar where there was a mini fridge with free bottled water, a coffee station. Then there was a children s area, and a "desk-study" area where there were outlets for anyone who brought their laptops or phone chargers. Nothing fancy. There was also a popcorn machine.

I thought I might get hungry so I walked outside to scope the area. Unfortunately there is nothing that is within reasonable walking distance that would be safe to walk to, so scratch that idea. Then I looked up to see if there was a Jimmy John's nearby because I knew they delivered, and there was! I debated however because I was hoping that they might get done with my car early, so I decided not to order. But it was nice to know it was there.

So I got on my iPad to just keep myself busy while talk shows played in the background. they provided some good side entertainment. There is also free wifi.

I got onto Yelp just to update somethings and decided to check the reviews on the dealership. Some were bad and some were good. Nevertheless, I checked-in and to my SURPRISE, I got a $10 free gas card for checking in! I was so excited. It was redeemable at the cashier. So I decided to wait till my car was done to redeem it.

And true to their word, my car was done in about two hours. Glad they did not lie about that. So I showed the cashier my coupon on my phone, and she phone their marketing lady (I assume) and she walked up and gave me a $10 gas card for Shell! Nevertheless, I was excited for that and the free oil change. And while we were finishing up the paper work, I asked her if there was a frequent oil change key chain thing that if you do so many oil changes there, your next one is free and such and she gave me. But she said it would only get punched if you actually pay for an oil change. And then she asked where I got the car from and I told her my dad bought it from there and she looked it up. And wouldn't ya know it, when my dad purchased the car, it came with two free years of oil changes! Score! I was happy she told me that and she gave me instructions on what to do next I come in.

And so I thanked her and walked out to my car. The service guy handed me my keys and said thank you and goodbye. I get to my car, and not only was it washed, it was dried too! (They don't dry your car at John Eagle). AND they vacuumed the inside! (They don't vacuum at John Eagle)

And so I had an overall positive experience at Spring Branch Honda! Aside from having to wait for two hours, which was really the only bad part (however to be fair to them, they did say it would be 2-2.5 hours), everything was great! I will definitely be coming back again!

Shaina H. | 2013-10-25

I really don't know why Spring Branch Honda has only 2 stars. My car-buying experience here was the BEST I've ever had. I went to numerous other Honda dealerships in Houston and I was offered the best price at Spring Branch. Albie, one of the car salesmen was awesome! He wasn't pushy at all and kept the whole process simple, and to the point. He also seemed very honest and genuine and not like your typical car salesman. If you're looking for a new car, definitely go to Albie at Spring Branch Honda, super nice and helpful guy.

Lynniie L. | 2013-10-19

Honda at Spring branch has a very professional staff. The men and women there comes straight to you to greet you and starts helping you right away!

Our sales guy was Albie, who was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful with us when we were searching for a car. He helped us throughout the whole process of buying a new car. Albie is very patient and kind, knows what he is doing and quick at service.

When we knew what we wanted at the end, which was a brand new 2013 Civic, the finance part was really easy! The guys there were so helpful and really helped us through the whole process from the beginning to the end! Now we have a beautiful brand new civic, with a great price!

Thank you Honda at Spring Branch! We will come back when we are ready for another car!

Rasteen W. | 2013-09-23

I love customer service and the staff is very warm and friendly.

Anastasia B. | 2013-05-18

My car salesman was Albie and he was quick and thorough at the same time.  He made my car buying experience smooth and pain-free.  Then I went into finance and got Scott Phan, who also provided exceptional service.  

I've bought many cars before, but this had to be the quickest and best deal I've gotten yet!

Kate W. | 2013-04-22

I've been in for service on a few different things for my Honda over the past few years, and they've been pretty good to me. My most recent experience hasn't been so hot, but they do offer great service. They offer free shuttle service (I only live and work in about a 7 mile radius of them) if you have to leave your car for an extended amount of time. I always feel like I've gotten a fair price and quick turnaround for the service they do. Will definitely come back with other warranty work.

Robert J. | 2013-04-01

Buyer beware!! If you want to pay more, shop here. First off, they start their prices off about $1000 higher than anyone else. Once they get you inside to negotiate, they want to add $799 for what I call "scotch guard and spray on wax" and $299 for nitrogen in the tires. They gladly take it off if you refuse it, but what they don't tell you is that it's only a warranty policy for the mentioned products. Where would you pay $299 for road hazard warranty for 4 tires??? I used USAA car buying service. They told me to start my negotiation off at a certain price. The salesman was very nice, but his manager probably ruins more deals for him than anyone. He basically said that he had the most competitive price. He said if I wanted the car, this was the price and that he knew that it was the end of the month and I was probably hoping to get a good deal.  He then shook my hand and walked away. Needles to say I went to John Eagle Honda. I got amazing service and paid over $1000 less for basically the same vehicle.

Saadiya R. | 2013-01-21

I made an appointment at the service center and the gentleman helping me didn't even pretend to care. The employees here need to be reminded that they're in a SERVICE industry which means they should take CARE of their customer. His attitude was rude.

Then I went to bodyshop where the people helping me were much more helpful. Until I finally decided to drop my car off, the man wasn't willing to negotiate at all. Once he heard insurance was involved, he gave me a quote higher than that in my estimates.

Basically, they just want to make money off of you and don't bother hiding it. At least at porsche, and lexus they treat their customers with respect and not like you're just a cash cow.

Eloy V. | 2013-01-04

The internet department is a joke. Definately don't speak to Daryl Thomas. After receiving an e-mail from Daryl with the car that I was spefically interested in , he informed me that it was a misprint. and the quote was wrong. And just left it at that. No apology, no can I help you with something else, just silence. HA! Looks like I'm going to San Antonio to buy a car from GUNN Dealership. They don't  deserve a star.

R S. | 2012-12-24

We had been putting off buying a new car because we were hesitant about going to a dealership and haggling for hours. However, we were pleasantly surprised. We got a quote online that beat all the competitors.  We went in and met with Robert Doolittle. He  answered all our questions and explained everything thoroughly. He really made the car buying process simple. He had all the necessary paperwork ready for us and everything was straight to the point.  Mario in the finance department was equally thorough an walked us through the financing process. We highly recommend Spring Branch Honda. These guys are awesome!  We left very satisfied with the service and our purchase.

Justin M. | 2012-11-05

I am so frustrated. I am a college student that got a car from Spring Branch Honda. I was so excited until i learned they put me under a contract with the devil (Santander). I pay $400.00 dollars a month on my car note, only is $17.00 goes towards the principle.  

It don't stop there, After washing my car a few times the paint started to chip from the hood and rear.

Two moths later, my car frequently got stuck in park. When i tried contacting the dealer, I got no response. Be forewarned, they are not looking out for you, as soon as they get your money, your finished.

Joey Z. | 2012-09-11

this was probably my worst ever experience of buying a car I ever had.

First, Our sales person griped at us because the we changed our mind about the car we wanted to buy and she was already running the paperwork before we even agreed to buy the car.  A few more times during the deal, she said that we really inconvenienced them by changing our mind about what we wanted to by.

Second, they made a mistake on our paperwork so I had to take another half day off to go back to the dealership to sign the corrected papers because they said it had to be done right away.

Third, while I was there, I told them I had issues with the car and the finance person said to come back when I have time and he would have them look at it for me, I asked I would have to wait for the warranty and he said no.  So when I went back, he said he made no such promise and I would have to comeback when the warranty was valid.  

I live almost 30 miles away and making extra trips like I did costs me time at work as well as gas...

Daniel T. | 2012-07-06

Had a scheduled appointment in advanced for first thing Saturday morning. I drove 20 miles and arrived 30 minutes before my scheduled time. I was told that there was no time available to work on my car and I would have to make another appointment for the following Monday.


Micheal S. | 2010-10-31

Great sales people and they worked very hard to help me, but the customer service manager lacks skills. Lost my bag from car. blamed me. Did not transfer items from old car. blamed me even though they were only ones with keys. He listens, then repeats it back in condescending tone, and says why did you do that?