Southwest Infiniti in Houston, TX

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Located in the largest car corridor in America, Southwest Infiniti takes a unique approach to selling cars. We strive to provide the highest standard of customer service whether this is your first Infiniti or your fifth. Thank you for visiting our yelp page!

Southwest Infiniti

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 779-2800
Address:10495 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX, 77074
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Southwest Infiniti

J Y. | 2015-04-13

Thanks Daniel Dealejandro for making my first car purchase such an easy and pleasant experience! He is a very hard worker. Very personable. He was off on a Tuesday, but still came in to help finish my paperworks. You can tell he cares about his job and his customers. I feel like I can reach out to him at all times when I have a question about my car. Will definitely recommend him to family and friends!

Belinda C. | 2015-04-09

Everyone is super nice but for some reason I feel taken advantage of. I have an '04 FX35 with less than 125K miles. I had a brake job and next day had to go back because something was loose in the undercarriage. Then back again a week or so later because the brakes squeaked. I asked them to look at the starter because the key was not sensed in the car. They told me I needed a new starter. It was fine for a day and then I replaced the battery in my remote and all was fine. So I spent $750 for a new started and it was just a $13 battery for my remote. Everytime I have gone in I am told I need this and that and it will be $2-3K.

Mariel A. | 2015-03-22

We purchased our G37S the first week of November... We were first helped by Chris (absolutely loved him)...then we were handed over to Charles... I guess because he was a more "experienced" car salesman. Anyway, what I didn't like at first when we were talking about #'s, and the breakdown of how much the car was going to be, the price of the car that was online, the sticker price, and what was quoted was all different. We fixed that. Then there was a $250 charge to etch the vin# in the windows... Which I didn't ask for AND was already etched. That didn't make sense and frankly... Was pretty dishonest. That kept coming up... Even when it came time to close on the vehicle. That was irritating. There was a crack on the front skirt, crack in the windshield,deep scratches that needed to get fixed, and tint that was going to be put on it. I was told to bring my vehicle in the following week to get ALL of that fixed... This is where the headache and run around begins.
We took the car in and was turned away because they didn't have a loaner car. We went the week after that and they said that it was too cold to paint the car. We went the week after that... And they said that they didn't have the part and needed to order it. We were FINALLY able to get the car in... The first week of Dec (a month after we got the car). We were told that it would take 2 weeks to fix it. That was a lie. There was definitely a miscommunication with the sales team (what needed to get done) and the service team...what actually got done. When we finally got it back (on Christmas Eve)... We were pretty disappointed that the tint had bubbles in it and the scratches looked like they just put touch-up paint on it. When my husband was questioning the work and was speaking to Lamar... My husband was obviously upset about how long it took to get the car back with the car not completely fixed...Lamar said "What do you want? Food?"...Seriously? That's all Lamar could have come up with? That's the best he could have said... And he is a manager? That's how he diffuses the situation? What we wanted... Was quality work. What we deserved... Was quality work... Especially after ALL. THAT. TIME.  After speaking with one of the directors (thank goodness), we were able to get our vehicle completed and picked up by Jan 20.... Did I mention that we purchased the car the first week of Nov? I love my car... I didn't love my experience.

Brad D. | 2015-03-13

I went in for some recall work and I was back on the road in 90 minutes! Everyone there was very attentive and I never had to wait to be helped. They have coffee, soda, cookies and a nice waiting area.

Stephen R. | 2015-02-25

My wife has a G35 that she purchased from this dealership.  We've never really had any issues with the vehicle and have always had it serviced here as well.  Back in December 2014, we had some regular service done on the vehicle.  There were a few things that I felt were not properly addressed.  At the time I was not happy.  Mark Nikolaus, the service manager, stepped in and made sure all my issues were addressed.  He went above and beyond.  He truly cares about each customer that comes to get there vehicle serviced.  I would consider buying another Infiniti from this dealership just because of the service I received from Mark.

Ammar N. | 2015-02-18

This is my second Infiniti lease. I really regret the decision of not going with Sewell Infiniti again like I did before for a matter of $12 per month.

Southwest Infiniti cheated me. They say one thing and then force something else down your throat. They operate of really low ethical standards. Their manager Mohammad is an insult to the great personality he is named after. (Also mentioned in Joseph's review below)

I wrote down everything while they were making my offer and I still have that paper. The sales person attached his card on it. He agreed to all that. But when the car was given to me it had no accent lighting, no splash guards and the maintenance package that was agreed upon was not just oil change but everything else like it was in my previous lease. But they tricked me into signing the paper that just had oil changes while verbally maintaining that ALL maintenance is covered.  

If they install splash guards, accent lighting and give me in writing that the maintenance package covers everything else like my previous lease then I will re do this feedback and stop my campaign against them. I understand that even in the new maintenance package things like alignment and wipers are not covered. I had this package in my previous lease.

It will be a month since I bought the car. My InTouch app is still not working despite calling several times and they telling me that the case has been accelerated.

Stay away from this place! Sewell will beat the price or match it but their service is totally worth it! They even do pick and drops.

Gary U. | 2015-01-11

Wow!  That pretty much sums it up.  Such a great experience. This is mine and my wife's fourth time purchasing a car.  This is the only time we actually had fun in process.  Thanks to our salesman Curtis W.  Knowledgeable, funny and ready to work for us.  We decided to check out SWI, after negotiating with west Houston Infiniti for about 4-5 days getting really no where.  We were in and out in about 2 hours.  Could not be more happier with everyone from salesman, sales manager and financing.

Scott T. | 2014-10-09

I had the best car buying experience of my life working with Daniel "The Deal" Dealejandro, at SW Infiniti.

Daniel knew I was interested in buying a certified pre-owned QX56 or QX80 for my wife. For a couple of months he waited patiently never being pushy or over bearing.

When I was ready to pull the trigger, I actually went to another dealership that was closer to my house and did the deal there. I told Daniel that I had made the purchase elsewhere, he took it on the chin like a real champ and wished me well. I felt bad but I didn't think I could pass on the deal I got.

Less than 10 hours later, my vehicle was already giving me problems, I took it back to the dealership and demanded that they make it right. They couldn't. They had nothing in their inventory to suit my needs or payments.

I called Daniel and let him know what had happened, Daniel said don't worry, I'll find you the right vehicle and I'll get you a better deal. In less than 10 minutes, he called me back. Not only had he found me the same vehicle, but it had half the miles on it as the other one, and it was Black, not Silver, which is the color my wife really wanted!

On top of that Daniel worked very hard with the SW Infiniti finance and trade in departments. He was able to get me $1500 more for my trade in and better terms on the loan. I also got cash back out of trade in and now I can take my family to Disney world in March.

It was truly a stress free buying experience working with SW Infiniti and Daniel Dealejandro. They really do have the biggest inventory and a staff that is committed to making everything right. I will recommend them  to everyone I know!

If you are in the market to purchase a quality new or certified-pre owned Infiniti you really owe it to yourself to go by there and give them a chance to make the deal that is right for you!

Scott D. | 2014-09-27

Sales Manager is everything you hate about car sales people. We turned in our lease recently, and a friend of ours wanted to buy the car that same day and time. They told us this was possible and not big deal. When we arrived the sales manager told us for "liability" reasons they can no longer do this, and the only way to sell them the car was to certify it and then sell it to them. Well as rude as he was about the whole thing and making us feel like we were a huge pain in his ass...our friends decided since they knew the history of the car, and it was a low miles well cared for vehicle...they would go that route. The deal was struck and shortly afterwards they were saying the car had issues and started backing out of the deal... The car was low miles and still had plenty of warranty. In fact when asked if the CPO process would cover brakes, tires, etc....we were assured it would...lies lies lies... The net is that everyone found them so sleazy to deal with that they have walked away from the whole thing. Rude, dishonest, and untrustworthy...what more would you need to know to avoid this place. Too bad, the previous sales manager we worked with to buy the car was a nice guy and a straight shooter...

Joseph M. | 2014-09-26

Let me start off by saying I visited Southwest Infiniti in 2008 to purchase a G35 sedan after much research.  I made sure I was informed on packages, models, and most of all price.  When I got there, I told the salesman what I wanted and the car was on the lot.  I told the salesman what I have seen the exact car for, and what I wanted to pay.  The salesman flat out told me, I couldn't buy the car for that price.  I asked him to present the offer to the manager and he refused.  I walked out.  I then went over to another Infiniti dealer in the west side, and did the exact same thing... I drive out in my new car, with the packages I wanted and the fair price I had presented.  I vowed never to come back to Southwest Infiniti again.

Fast forward to last year.  My wife was looking for a JX, and we decided to give Southwest Infiniti another shot because of its proximity to home and work.  My wife didn't want to be driving across town for an oil change.  After talking with a great sales advisor over email and phone (Mohammad Hamadeh), we got to the dealership only to find Mo was busy.  We were handed off to a brand new associate who was literally on his first day.  This young man new nothing about the car we were test driving.  Infact he kept mentioning features that either were not present, or were not included in any JX model.  After complaining we got Mo to help us finally.  Everything went smoothly.. Until it was time for service.

Mohammad Hamadeh mentioned to us that we would have a loaner ANY time we brought the car in for service as long as we made an appointment.    This did not happen... We had to fight for a loaner every time.  A couple times after contacting Mo, we would get a loaner only after complaining.

Well, we went in last week because one of the tires was low on the nitrogen they put in the tires.  This turned into my wife waiting three hours for her tire to be patched.  They offered a courtesy wash of the car, and when it was brought around my wife noticed new scratches.  The service advisor acknowledged the new scratches after reviewing pictures, and said hey would need the car next week when it wasn't raining to repair it.  An appointment was set for her to drop off her car this morning (09/26), and pick up a loaner.  When my wife got there, the Service Director Mark was rude to my wife when she asked for the loaner she was promised.  He told her it would take 3 minutes to fix, and told her to wait.  This was unacceptable.  Mark asked my wife, "Do you want me to fix it?"  Since Southwest Infiniti caused the damage, of course we wanted them to fix it.  After complaining more in the lobby, my wife was given a loaner.  She was told the car would be done in two to three hours (after Mark telling her it would take three minutes).  

If the Managment at Southwest Infiniti doesn't care about the customer, who will.  I would definitely stay away from this place.  There are dealers in Houston with better service, better prices, and great customer service.

M V. | 2014-09-03

This was one of the best dealer experiences I've had.  Other than buying from a friend's Ford dealership, this was the best. I clicked on an price request online and received a quote for the exact vehicle I wanted ( one of the only Texas dealerships to have the color and trim package we wanted). I requested an appointment, mentioned time and then drove from south Texas to Houston to meet with the sales person.
The vehicle was for my mother and my parents were also driving in. I met Jeremiah at the requested time and we discussed the QX80. My parents were running late but instead of asking me to have a seat out in reception and wait he took me for a test drive. When My parents finally arrived we did another test drive and we were very pleased with the information shared and the knowledge Jeremiah had of the vehicle. Next was the financial phase. I was waiting for the sales pitch of the extras or details on what wasn't included on the internet quote. Didn't happen. He gave us numbers on a trade, lease, and cash which was all based on the original quote +tt&l. This quote was $5k less than what we received in person from a dealership closer to home.
The deal was done. Great sales job and a great vehicle.  Thank you Jeremiah and Southwest Infiniti!  You will be recommended to family and friends

Danielle F. | 2014-08-30

I have gotten my car serviced at this location for the last three years and I have ALWAYS received great customer service! Keep up the good work.

Hilary C. | 2014-08-25

This was by far the worst sales experience I have ever had! I went to the dealership with full intentions of purchasing a vehicle. I felt very pressured and uncomfortable throughout the whole process. I wanted to trade in my vehicle in and they offered me only half of my cars KBB fair trade-in value. There was noticeable body damage to the vehicle that I wanted to purchase however, they were not willing to work with me on the price at all. He was even trying to tell me that I was "getting a deal" because I didn't have to pay for the repairs that were made to the vehicle beforehand and in order to get it ready to sell, which is ridiculous. They then said that they could give me $300 off of the total price (which is less than 1% of the vehicle price) wow what a discount. The salesman lied to me and played childish sales antics right in front of my face. He was very condescending and argued with me until I got to the point where I got up and walked out. I went to another dealership right down the road, Texas Direct Auto, and purchased a vehicle the next day. I got a much better deal in every aspect and had a very enjoyable car buying experience (as it should be). This dealership has a lot of areas that they need to improve on. I had such an awful experience here. I refuse to give them any of my business and I will take my vehicle to a different dealership for service and repair.

Paul L. | 2014-08-15

Bought my first Infiniti last month and love the car and loved the whole car buying experience.  Charles was our sales rep and was knowledgeable and very helpful.  It is always a nice feeling to walk away from a big purchase not only loving what you bought, but feeling confident about the transaction and the sales person.  Charles was incredibly attentive to all my questions and concerns, before during and after the sale...from programming the garage door opener to explaining all the perks that come with being an Infiniti owner.  Highly recommended.

Kaether C. | 2014-07-17

Where do I get started on how much I loved coming here? I mean, not only did I get the car I wanted, but I got great customer service! When I first got here, things were a little rocky and the process of getting the car was just as rocky, due to my trade in being upside down, amongst other things. But after hours and hours of dealing with banks, I finally got my credit union to get me approved. And when I returned, I told Larry what the bank had said, and without hesitation, he did everything possible for me to get into the car I wanted, and to drive away with a smile and without a headache! I really appreciate everything he did, because he went out of his way and made me feel as if I was a valued customer. If you're in the market for a used car, see Larry!

Gloria A. | 2014-06-08

I contacted Southwest Infiniti through the internet and the salesman, Maurice Smart, promptly responded.  The Infiniti that I actually called on would have made my payments too high.  Maurice listened to what I was wanting in my car and made the right recommendation for a Honda Accord ETL.  Maurice sent me pictures, I went by and test-drove the car; and a few hours later, Maurice delivered my car to the location where I was.    I now have good mileage, low payments, and all the bells and whistles   I am a happy customer.

Jeff W. | 2014-04-03

The dealership is ok. Sales staff for the most part very professional but could definitely show up on time for appointments. They know their product but there really is no sense of excitement around the brand, it feels very robotic.

Needless to say, not the best sales experience, but it was ok. I did purchase at Sewell Infiniti instead of Southwest Infiniti for three reasons.

1. They are excited about the brand and get you excited about it as well
2. They are low sales pressure environment
3. They told me in the negotiations that they didn't believe the price Sewell offered. Once I was back at Sewell they mentioned that if I would bring their offer back in writing they would match it.

The thing is that when someone is ready to buy and your not going to at least match the competition in price or be excited about the brand, its going to be hard to get a client to purchase. And lets be honest, when your at the competition and call up the client last minute and say that you'll match, there isn't much that makes you want to come back and buy at that point.

Courtney C. | 2014-02-14

We just left the lot with our 2014 QX60 and we are so excited! Terence was our salesman and it would be my pleasure to recommend him to anyone looking to buy a new Infiniti. We have looked at a variety of luxury vehicles all over Houston for the past 5 weeks and working with him was really great. My husband was very particular about exactly what he wanted and exactly how much he was willing to pay for it. Terence was patient and had a great sense of humor through the whole process. Terence looked through cars from here to Atlanta trying to find the right one and we finally got it!

Overall it was a great experience!

Eunice H. | 2013-04-19

I took my car in for service at Southwest Infiniti and one of the servicemen stole my 380 pistol. I typically would take it out of my console and keep it in my purse, but i forgot to do so today. Of course everyone is denying seeing my pistol, but whomever took it left my holster in place. I am very disappointed that I can't trust the people who service and wash my car. I have owned a Mercedes for 12 years and taken it to Mercedes for service and never had an issue of anything being taken from my car.

The Service Manager had the nerve to say that he has never had anyone report things being taken from their cars. I guess that should make me feel better.

I had to report my stolen gun to the police and I now have to purchase another gun.

Peter S. | 2013-03-06

My wife and I purchased a QX56 from Southwest Infiniti a few years. Sadly, I don't have the salesman's name at hand, but he did a fine job. The QX56 is a bit older now and we have had a few minor problems with it (to be expected). Two very serious points come to mind. First, the service department at Southwest Infiniti is great. Second, Infiniti roadside assistance is very, very poor.

The first problem we had was actually a dying key fob. The symptoms were a car that wouldn't start but clearly had a properly working battery (bright headlights). My wife called roadside assistance to get some help. Wow was that a mistake. Before they would provide any service, they insisted on getting the VIN number. How many people have the VIN number for their car immediately at hand? Crazy. The story gets worse... Because she was at home, my wife was able to retrieve the VIN number.

Without asking any questions or trying to resolve the problem, Infiniti roadside assistance decided that the vehicle was dead and sent a tow truck. Fortunately, I arrived on the scene before the car was towed. Mark Nikolaus (service manager at Southwest Infiniti) guessed that the key fob battery was weak and that if I just held the key fob up to the start button, the car would probably start. He was quite correct as it turns out. He also explained how I could replace the key fob battery in a few seconds.

The second problem was an actual dead battery (no headlights). Once again, Infiniti roadside assistance was called. This time they dispatched a tow truck from Clear Lake. The driver got lost and never found the car even after an hour (with a GPS Nav system and several calls). A quick jump got the vehicle working again. Once again, Southwest Infiniti service took over and replaced the battery for free (it was still under warranty).

Overall Southwest Infiniti provides great service, notably by Mr. Nikolaus and his commendable staff. The less said about Infiniti roadside assistance, the better.

Jennifer H. | 2013-02-24

Love my Infiniti dealership! I have been with these guys for my last three leases ( like 7 years) and they always provide excellent customer service! I just traded up my 2009 G37 for a new 2013 G 37 and I noticed they have added some new perks! They are always coming up with new services and bells and whistles to keep clients happy, and I am pleased. The staff is great and friendly, I was eyeing the cappuccino machine and the service guy offered me some and even made it for me (I couldn't figure out how to work that damn machine, had a blonde moment)! The new option to get service prepaid at a cheaper rate is awesome! Thanks John Q. For the awesome experience this round!

Caroline L. | 2012-10-17

I purchased the new 2013 Infiniti JX from Southwest Infiniti after having the FX35.  I love having the extra 3rd row without it being an oversized SUV.  Derwin Smith was my salesperson & extremely helpful.  There's a lot of technical info you need to learn about this vehicle & Derwin made sure I understood all of the capabilities my car had to offer.

Salil O. | 2012-09-02

Love this place- they actually have good prices for many services, and the people here are hilarious.

The cars here are not located in some other part of the service waiting department like other places, so it always fun and easy to check out the new cars

Elle P. | 2012-08-09

Purchased a car from here and felt that the purchasing process was very smooth. Had to follow up with them on the status of my pay off and my license plates, but both were done pretty soon after that. When I went to pick up my plates got a complimentary wash which was nice :) My salesman Mustafa was great, I would definitely work with him again or recommend him and the dealership to a family member/friend looking to purchase.

Steven F. | 2012-04-18

I've bought 2 Infinitis at Southwest and I'll buy my next one there.  Omar Chinchila had been my service manager since 2007 and he's the best I've ever had.  He ALWAYS goes the extra mile to make sure I'm happy and to get me what I need.  In all my years in dealing with service managers, I've never had one as good and thorough as Omar.  Keep it up!

rakhi d. | 2011-11-09

I agree with Jessica M. about the service being seriously lacking at this dealership.  We love our car but have had issues with service from Day One. Bought a car off the showroom floor with only 5 miles on it.  At the time of purchase we waited as our salesman said they were washing & cleaning our car.  When we were ready to leave, we noticed the car was dirty and there were crumbs in the backseats and the floormats.  It obviously had not been washed or cleaned.  By then, the dealership was about to close so they offered us a wash on our next visit.  They also said that with each service appointment, your car is washed and vacuumed.

We signed up for the 3 year service plan agreement, and had our first scheduled service this week.  the car is 3 months old and the tint is already starting to peel off the windows.  we brought the car in at 7:30 am, received a loaner, and planned to pick up between 5 and 530.  They were supposed to do our first service as well as fix the tint.  At 4:20 pm, we  got a message from service saying our car won't be ready today because the guy who does window tinting doesn't work on mondays.  


It would be another 4-5 days before we can get to the dealership during business hours to pick up our car so they agreed to my request of dropping the car off to our home.  It took me 5 phone calls before we could even get this set up- it was so difficult to get in touch with my service guy (Daniel) or get a call back.  

So...our car was just dropped off to us and guess what?   it was not washed or vacuumed.  (a service they allegedly provide at all service appointments)  For some reason, they cannot get it together!  For a dealership and brand that prides itself on Service Service Service, this one has been one disappointment after another.

I spoke to the Service Manager and he offered a complimentary detail the next time we bring the car in.  Let's see if Third Time's a Charm...I won't be holding my breath.

Jessica M. | 2011-09-27

This service at SW Infiniti is poor at best.  I have had service on my Infiniti here sporadically for the last two years.  I hadn't taken my car there for awhile because my last experience was poor.  I decided to give them another shot today. Big mistake.  I set up my appt for service online, it was easy and I was confident everything would be arranged for me. I put a note in my service request asking if I could get a loaner car for the time mine is in the shop since I didn't have anyone to pick me up and couldn't waste time waiting on it.  I go to school full time and work full time so free time isn't a luxury of mine.  I never got a personalized response to my email but did get an automated one stating they had my appt ready. I assumed this meant the loaner car would be ready, but of course assumptions are bad to make. When I arrived this morning, there was no loaner car for me. They were happy to try and up sell me a $680 maintenance package yet could not arrange the loaner car that I asked for over 4 days ago when I made my appt.  The guy tried to act like I hadn't asked for a loaner until I showed him the email on my phone from their dealership where I had asked for one.  Instead of a loaner car I was told I could wait until the service was completed...I've done that before. It took an hour extra than they said it would last time and I am not prepared to be that frustrated today. I told the sales guy that I can take my car elsewhere for half the price and quicker service. He let me go saying "he understood.". I would like to get dealer maintenance on my car but if this is how SW Infiniti treats their customers, I'd rather pay the Meineke on the corner.  The service is pretty comparable and much cheaper there.

Joan G. | 2011-07-20

I love, love, love my new car and experience with the Southwest team.  My old vehicle began having many car service issues and I dreaded having to purchase  a new vehicle and the car shopping experience that comes along with that.

As everyone does, I began researching vehicle's safety and features.  After deciding on a few make and models I began touring Sale Lots.  My first stop was at Southwest Infiniti and decided then that is the car I wanted.  Larry the sales guy did not pressure me, was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.  I toured a few more dealerships but was not satisfied with the vehicle or the sales guy.  After a few weeks, I received no pressured phone calls from Infiniti.  I called Larry and told him my car search was over, I was ready to come into the dealership and ready to hear his best offer.  

My purchase was a great experience.  Larry went over all the features of the vehicle and Service Department.  Thank you southwest Infiniti for a great car and thank you Larry for a great experience.

Marti M. | 2011-06-04

Love Infiniti and this dealership.  They didn't have my car on the lot, Randy tracked it down and had it to the lot within 2 hours.  We decided on the car left our info with Randy, the paperwork was done and ready for us to sign the next morning.  

Returned to pick up license plates and have the window tint repaired.    Sat comfortably in the waiting room while work was done in record time.   Service at Infiniti is impeccable.    Highly recommended.

Debbie S. | 2011-04-12

Love the dealership, the car and the service. Hector Diaz is a great service advisor....takes good care of his customers. The cars last forever and are stylish and well made. The service bay is clean and organized....everyone there is professional and courteous. I have enjoyed my experience at this dealership for over 8 years now. Would definitely buy another vehicle from them.

Tyler R. | 2011-02-18

Very impressive showroom setup, enough room for customers to comfortably move around and experience the cars of their choice, Very responsive to customer needs and offered different choices.

The paper work took time but managed well. I wanted to buy new but  I ended up getting a sweet deal on a pre-owned 2008 G37S with 20K (Basically brand new) Not to mention the V8 puurrsss like a kitten!

My salesman was Larry Robinson or Robertson (One of the two). Great guy, no pushy sales tactics. And was very knowledgeable about the cars on the lot.

And If it means anything. I live closer to West Houston Infinity which is about 5 miles away from my house. They had a great selection, but they lack knowledge and customer service skills. Which was a deal breaker for me

Sherwin S. | 2010-11-30

I bought my M37 from Martin and John, both great sales people.

I just took my car in yesterday for it's first service...I was a little bummed they didn't give me a loaner car to get back to work, but apparently it is their policy that for one hour service appointments, they don;t give out loaners.

However, around the time my car was due for service, I did get a courtesy reminder phone call to make an appointment. The appointment was super easy to make and it didn't take the full hour. I was able to be seen right at my appointment time, which was amazing...I've had experiences before when I would still have to wait an additional time despite making an appointment.

Either way, I had a great experience buying my car and a great experience on my first service call.

David N. | 2009-02-08

This is where I bought my last car: a 2007 G35.  This car was HOT when it got released.  It was really hard to get any deals let alone the color and accessories I wanted.  The staff was great and willing to negociate.  I was able to get a free wheel upgrade, free tint and a 2 year maintenance plan for free.  They gave me free oil changes and car washes with waxing.  The service dept is always willing to listen and fix anything.  I'm not fond of dealerships but I enjoy coming here for all of my infiniti needs!