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Experience makes us different. Amazing people make us better. We are a Top Rated Honda Dealer that keeps our customers top of mind. Russell & Smith is family-owned and operated and has given Houston exceptional auto service for over 75 years. Our solid reputation for excellence comes from exceeding your highest standards each time and providing an unmatched experience to each person that walks through our door.

We are proud to present Honda models and are confident we can find the new car, truck, van, or SUV of your dreams. Looking for that certain Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V or Pilot? We will do everything it takes to get you that model equipped with the features you desire.

If you are in the market for a used car in Houston, TX, look no further! At Russell & Smith Honda, we stock a large amount of high quality used cars to serve the Houston, TX region. We are proud to have certified and pre-owned vehicles ready for you to test drive today.

Save time and money with a Houston Area Honda Dealer you can trust. Experience the Russell & Smith Honda.

Russell & Smith Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 614-9066
Address:2900 South Loop West Fwy, Houston, TX, 77054
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Russell & Smith Honda

Hana M. | 2015-04-24

I wish I could give zero star. I experienced one of the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE for airbag recall at the service dept. I will not buy a Honda car again. The dept is lazy and unorganized. They do not communicate with customers. The mgr is probably the worst part. He doe not care and got a bad attitude. The whole experience over 2 months was extremely unpleasant.

John D. | 2015-01-10

Worst car buying experience ever. Do not know about now, but when we bought our 2013 Honda Civic  from them  the place was  full of dishonest people .From their  after market people who lies to get you to buy their useless  and expensive stuff to their crackhead finance manager   who look as if  he  just walked off the street and got hired without having his background checked.He acted very unprofessional  and was rude and hostile which I have not encountered in my entire car shopping experience.

Kalen P. | 2014-12-10

This was a terrible experience. I dropped my car off at 7am. The one positive part is the shuttle took me to work in Downtown Houston.
I was called at 10:30 and told my car(Honda) needed a new O2 sensor, front and rear brakes, flushes etc. the price $1,900. I was then told the sensor won't be in for 5 days. I explained I need my car and I have a funeral out of town this weekend. I ask if they provide loaner vehicles. No was the only answer I received. Because of the necessity to get my car fixed I had to call around to other mechanics that could get the parts today. Thank God I found one. I LEFT my JOB (argh) and went to pick up my car to take it to then other mechanic. When I arrive a nice gentleman informs me that they could overnight the parts(at a discount), get me a rental car at no charge, and take $50 off my brake repair due to the inconvenience. That would have been nice to know when I was at work. I was so annoyed by the lack of concern and information that I asked for my car and took it to another mechanic. I will NEVER come back to this dealership. I will be writing corporate.

Oh, another point, the other mechanic is charging $600 for the work. Can we say R&S is a RIPOFF!!!

Charlie W. | 2014-12-08

I found a vehicle online that was  for sale at this location. We went in with our daughter on Saturday for her first car and were told the vehicle we were interested in was still being made ready. The salesman took us back to see the car. She liked it and wanted to make the purchase but wanted to test drive it first. We were told by the Salesman that it would be ready Monday morning  but it would be best if we came in after 09:30 so they could complete the preparation. My daughter wanted to put down a deposit to make sure the car would be there Monday and the salesman told us they do not take deposits on used vehicles! I've purchased over 50 vehicles and have always put down a deposit to ensure the vehicle would be there when we completed the paperwork. Monday morning when we came in about 09:50 and the Salesman told us the vehicle had been sold. THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS.
All we can do is relay our experience to anyone that is interested in purchasing a vehicle from Russell & Smith.

Gary P. | 2014-10-23

Very positive buying experience on a 14 Accord!  Jesse was great to deal with and did everything he could to keep the customer happy.  He was very upfront and honest.  We discussed the price I wanted over the phone and closed the deal quickly in person.  I had leather added to the vehicle and the third party did a great job.  Would do business here again.

Cynthia D. | 2014-10-05

I had a very positive experience here. I was greeted just after parking by Wesley, who patiently answered all of my questions and let me test drive several cars in one afternoon. All my questions were answered, the staff worked very diligently with me and I bought my new Honda Civic that day! I definitely recommend Russell and Smith.

Shirley Y. | 2014-10-01

Apparently all the previous reviews are either love or hate, glad I can provide some middle ground here. Since my family lives close to this location, we have bought three cars from Russell & Smith Honda in the past 10 years, two of which are in the last 5 years.

After purchasing my mom's car, we had no desire to return to Russell & Smith, especially because of the finance manager. His lack of kindness and warmth just makes you feel like you're walking out with a bad deal.

To add - I've also had major issues with their service department staff in fixing the radio/cd console that was still under warranty. Although it wasn't completely fixed before I sold it, the manager, I think her name is Ana, was fantastic.

Regardless, my car purchasing experience two years ago was much, much better! I had gone through to compare prices quotes between various dealerships in the area and in the end, Ali Fard from Russell & Smith Honda was able to respond professionally, quickly, and efficiently with me and I decided to go with them. Since we had already agreed on a price point via e-mail and phone calls, the actual visit to the dealership was simple.

Sylvia And William L. | 2014-09-30

We recently bought a 2014 Accord from Russel & Smith Honda, and I have to say that for my first time buying a new car it went really smoothly. After moving inside the loop with romantic notions of abandoning the drudgery of traffic we found ourselves needing a second vehicle, and I personally wasn't thrilled with the idea, but the salesman and the manager (?) that came by to help out made me a lot more comfortable with it.

Our salesman, Danny Morse, didn't push any particular model on us, so I feel like we ended up with the right car for our exact needs rather than what he was told to sell us. He even stayed late so we could do our pick-up after we got off work.

We would absolutely go back to Russel & Smith, and I can't recommend Danny enough. Thanks for making my first car purchase so easy!

Richard R. | 2014-08-02

I bought a Honda Accord from Russell Smith at the end of the 2009 model year, and have had it serviced there since then. Up until this week, I was happy with them and was considering buying my next car from them.

But yesterday I took the Honda in for a simple oil change and inspection, and left 81/2 hours later (!) and over $500 poorer.

My car had less than 35,000 miles on it and they had never mentioned, during all my previous visits, any possible brake problems, nor a need to check. But suddenly (?) it was 'metal on metal' etc. This was all said with that same sort of insincere, unctuous politeness that a cop sometimes puts on as he gives you a ticket you do not deserve.

I had not noticed any brake problems.

My relationship with them is over. I shall now go elsewhere for servicing and to buy my next car.

Y K. | 2014-07-12

Place is a rip off. I went to get my air conditioner transistor replaced. The part itself is $60 bucks online, they charge around $90, which is fine. However they then charged me $200 dollars to basically remove the panel under the glove box, unplug the old transistor and plug the new one in. This can be done in about 5 minutes apparently.

Megan G. | 2014-06-28

This was a really weird experience. I've taken my sister's car here before for an oil change and they were really helpful, offered a shuttle ride, and got it done before the estimated time.

But this experience was strange. I'd been trying to call this location throughout the week because I needed a state inspection and figured I could get other service done at the same time. Unfortunately, every time I tried to call, I got the answering machine, even during operating hours. I knew I didn't have time to get an inspection done today, so I stopped in to make an appointment for next week (since calling didn't work), and encountered a lot of employees just standing around.

After prompting them to offer me an appointment for next week (the only guy who spoke just said, "Oh, it's too late today"), I decided it wasn't worth the effort dealing with this unhelpful crew and just went around the corner to a shop on Kirby (where, by the way, they did my inspection on the spot, even though I asked for an appt for Monday).

Just a surprisingly disappointing experience (the calls and in-person aspects combined) since they've been great in the past.

Danny M. | 2014-05-17

I I brought my car here to have the battery replaced because it was under warranty only to find out I still had to pay to replace it because I didn't have the receipt of the last battery that I had replaced a couple of years ago. These batteries have a warranty of 100 months or 3 years. The battery died before that time period.
I wasn't asked to show any documentation during the last visit the battery was changed, which was at a different Honda dealership in a different town. The serviceman there changed it anyway for free because of the warranty.
All of these Houston dealerships blow! Do yourself a favor: pay a little more for a better battery from O'Reilly, Advanced, or where ever and receive a battery that's going to last longer and you'll have the satisfaction of not dealing with con artists.

Jack L. | 2014-05-14

I purchased my first vehicle, 2014 Honda Accord EX V4 (CVT), from Russell & Smith today. My dad and I have shopped around other dealerships within the city to get a better price estimation of the market. After visiting several Honda dealerships in Houston, Russell & Smith was by far the friendliest out of all of them. Not only did my salesman gave me the best price, but he and the sales director, Dino Varcados, also guaranteed to match any offer that I received from other dealerships.

If you decide to stop by Russell & Smith for a tour, I highly recommend Mr. John Huffman. Not only did he show a great level of expertise and professionalism, but his sense of humor makes you want to stay at their venue. Mr. Huffman assisted me and answered my questions even after business hours. His representation of concern and interest made my first car-buying experience a memorable one.

Kevin Y. | 2014-05-13

I usually go to this dealership because it is close to my house. I wait forever to have oil changes and the suggested maintenance completed because I think it's the best for my car. I usually bring my phone and surf the time away.
But this last time was the worst. I went to have the B1 service completed and was told it was going to be about 90 minutes. I was already behind in having the service done so I decided to wait. I should have gone somewhere else. After 3 hours for an oil change, courtesy inspection and a dead phone, my car was done and so am I. I will be going elsewhere from now on.

Krish A. | 2014-04-28

Awful! I will never get any service on my car here ever again. I went there because my trunk wouldn't close and needed the latch replaced. Check this: about $50 for the part and $170 for 15 minutes of labor. It's a minor job - requires them to screw in 4 bolts. The whole time my service advisor came across as a sleazy used car dealer trying to rip me off. I asked for my car back and took it to a well known shop where I'm going to pay about half of what the dealer was asking!

Drew A. | 2014-04-18

VERY slow service; crowded, small waiting area; they have a shuttle but it's only one way, no return trip pick ups which made it useless for us  and left us stranded at the dealership all day after making plans to get other things done while waiting.

Keith M. | 2013-06-22

If you want to get a oil change, do not go on Friday or Saturday. I. Tried twice on Friday and it was. 2 hour plus wait each time. They told me to come in the morning and they will be slow. They open at 7:00 a.m. And I arrived at 7:03 a.m. And there was 15 cars already in line.  I listen to them and and this what happen. When I did get my oil change there, they do good work. I gave them two stars because they deserve one star because of the wait and 4 stars when the wait is short..

J. B. | 2013-04-11

The collision center does not give sound or accurate time estimates, which is understandable if something pops up that is unexpected- BUT I had my parts pre-ordered, ( I only needed a new bumper for a Honda Fit ) so that they were there at the time I dropped off my vehicle.
The most frustrating aspect with my experience with Russell and Smith Collision was that I could not find their number and was transferred back and forth from the Ford and Honda collision center.
I understand the complexities that sometimes arise with body work, but as I previously stated, I did what I could to eliminate these issues and could not reach any representative.

Raj F. | 2013-02-13

Speaking on a couples experience after they came from this dealership.
Came in and asked the salesman about Honda Accord. Offered a low price, manager came in and claimed they weren't wasn't a serious buyer. Manager also said he could buy two cars for the asking price.
After a little talking the manager directed them to another salesman and ignored a handshake from them even though they were insulted from the beginning of the conversation.
They lost a serious buyer due to that manager.

Lucy I. | 2012-09-19

Do not take your car here to get it fixed. I went here to get my timing belt replaced and shortly after, my engine light went on. I came back and they wanted to charge me more than $100 just for them to look at it. My friend told me to check to make sure my gas tank was completely closed and once I did that, the light never went back on. I also came here last year to get new keys made and one of them did not work. They replaced the battery but still did not work so they said it probably needs to have the computer chip replaced. It hasn't been that long since I had those keys made, why should I have to pay for it if it never worked?? Well, that was my fault for not checking to make sure the keys work when I first got them. I guess I shouldn't have trusted that they would check to make sure they did their job.

Mari L. | 2012-09-17

I had a really good experience buying a CRZ.  My salesperson was Micah McCoy.

Micah was knowledgeable but also willing to admit when he doesn't know something about the car.  Made me feel very comfortable in making my decision in the time frame I wanted. No pressure sales, no "you must buy this today or you won't get this fantabulous deal."  Went in for test drive, negotiated pricing over email, then went to pick up the car a few days later.  Micah had most of the paperwork ready for me to sign.  Took about an hour at the dealership before I came home with my new car.

My pet peeve with any Honda dealerships is the seemingly lack of English speaking ability from the salesforce.  I get that Honda is preferred by a lot of Asian population, but I speak English, and I like it when my salesperson can speak English with me.  Micah was a breathe of fresh air for my auto shopping experience.  

Reason why I did not give them a 5-star rating is because of the finance personnel Santos.  He was wordy and pushy, trying to sell me extended warranty but doesn't want to be upfront with the cost.  Instead of telling me a package will be $3000, he just kept repeating that it would be $50 per month. I pulled out my calculator and he didn't seem too happy with it.  I guess it is easier to sell $50 a month vs. $3000 total.  He won't let me think of it overnight, won't let me take the papers that describe the warranty details (just said, "it was on the web", but won't tell me where). He seemed very unhappy when I declined it all and rushed me out of his office in the end.  Fine by me, it was 20 minutes too long for me anyways (was in there for about 25 minutes).

If you go there, ask for Micah.  When it comes to financing, do a bit of research and get a couple of options and bring it in to the dealership with you.  When I walked into the financing office with my bank's pre-approved loan, Santos dropped their rate by nearly 2.5% to beat my bank's rate.

Herman K. | 2011-11-23

Brought my CRV in for oil change and standard 30k service routine. The service techs here are all very helpful and friendly so no complaints there. However, the waiting room is pretty dire-- worn, uncomfortable seating, TV only plays some funky composite ad channel, no WIFI, no vending, no coffee. Every minute seems like an hour...

L N. | 2011-11-02

In the area for med treatment & discovered I needed 90,000m checkup on Honda CRV. Looked on line & found closest dealership to temp place I am staying. No quote given as was usual standard at other dealerships in other states I've lived in. End result, they bilked me out of $850 doing much more 2 my car than I requested or needed! Took advantage of my naïveté about cars. (Overheard them doing it to 2 other women while I waited.) Despite only asking 4 checkup & diagnosing noise which numerous other Honda mechanics could not hear - 60,000m & much anxiety & frustration later, they claim on the form that I asked 4 numerous other services about  which I have no knowledge. Be very aware, it states on the form u have 2 sign that they will repossess your car if u do not make full payment, among a few other disclosures!!!  This would have been a huge red flag but was only seen upon making payment! As a result of this experience, I have lost my trust in Honda's honesty, integrity & responsibility to their long-term customers & will never return to a Honda dealership despite having 3 different Honda cars in the family.  One more fact that is worth noting, they state they have free WiFI but it doesn't exist, even after resetting the server.  Very inconvenient when spending hours waiting for your car.

Jill B. | 2011-10-04

Car buying is never fun, right? But after hours and hours of being hassled at other dealerships, Russell & Smith Honda was a breath of fresh air. They got me in a car immediately and didn't try to haggle me in any way. Of course doing all the paperwork took the longest, but I was driving off in my leased Honda Fit within a few hours of stepping on the lot. PLUS they have some great leasing deals going on-- I get free ding repair & free oil changes for the life of my lease (which is worth it to me!). Overall, this was a great place, I definitely recommend Memo in the sales department if you're looking to buy or lease a Honda & stay within the Loop.

Jonathan M. | 2011-09-30

The battery in my 2009 Honda Fit crapped out unexpectedly so I had to bring it here based on the conditions of my warranty. Additionally, if you own a Honda, finding parts for a Honda Fit is like trying to look for unicorns - might be possible, with the right amount of drugs involved. Anyway, a search online for a battery nets about $80 (i'm well aware that everything - except maybe juicers - on the interweb is cheaper), but here it costs about $180. Fortunately, this was covered by my stupendous warranty, and surely one would expect the dealership to have said part for one of their own cars right? Sadly, no. In fact none of the other dealerships in Houston inside 610 either. So they sent out for one in galveston. Yep. 45 minutes away. For a battery.

So the car isn't going to be ready until they close, at 6. No worries though, right? I mean obviously a dealership would have a loaner I could use instead. Not here apparently. No loaner.

They gave me a shuttle ride home 8.5 miles away, and the driver was complaining about how every trip takes an hour no matter where he is going. So that sort of seems to be how they are taking a seemingly 3 hour job into an 8 hour job.

Sure, you could argue that it wasn't their fault they didn't have the battery, but I would think it would be a good idea to make sure you have all the ingredients before you start cooking. They could have sent someone out for it while they were looking. Then they'd have a battery.

The customer service was friendly. The inconvenience was lousy. The lack of concern for my inconvenience was annoying.

Jennie K. | 2011-03-14

Did not want to pay the outrageous prices of a dealer oil change in Austin, so I brought my Accord here on a weekend visit.  8:30am on a Saturday morning I rolled into the Express service lane where I was greeted immediately.  $33 oil change and they have a $3 coupon on the website that I printed BUT FORGOT TO GIVE THEM (ugh, my own fault.)

Anyway, they quoted me 45 minutes but gave me a call in 30 to say my car was ready -- their standard 19 point inspection revealed that my "brake fluid was dirty" and they recommended flushing (changing) it in the near future, FYI costs $113 there.  According to my car-knowledgeable friends, 40k miles is too soon to flush the brakes and $113 is twice what I should pay for it, but hey, what do I know?

They ran my car through their car wash, were on time and cheap, so thus far are better than McDavid, Atlanta and Austin dealers.  We'll see if they really measure up to Dallas upon return.

Edgar V. | 2009-08-05

Like many Asians, I'm a fan of Star Trek.  In Venn diagram talk, not all Asians are Star Trek fans and not all Star Trek fans are Asians but I'd wager that the intersection of the sets is greater than many others possible.  With all of this "math talk", you'd probably say that I was reinforcing the Asian motif and am good-to-great at math.  You'd be sadly wrong - I was terrible in higher math with trigonometry and pre-calculus giving me fits in my younger days.  So, we're not going further than Venn diagrams.

What's a car dealership got to do with Asians and Star Trek?  Well, I've pretty much been assimilated into the Asian Car Collective - I own a Honda now and my prior car was a Honda.*  All of the prior cars to that were Asian makes except for one small dalliance with a Ford Mustang - it was a convertible and I had my first mid-life crisis early.**

Having been successfully assimilated, I've also learned to bring my car here for the regular stuff like oil changes and annual state inspection.  Sure, it is more expensive than Midas and Firestone with their coupons but the guys and gals here whip through it under their Express Service program like drones repairing a damaged Borg cube.  [That's super fast for those who don't speak Federation-speak.]

I arrived here at 745 AM and was immediately greeted by one of the service advisors, Erik White.  I informed him that I bought the car from them and needed the two services.  We prepped all of the forms in less than 4 minutes and he estimated that it would be complete in an hour.  The oil change was the standard price of $33.45 while the state inspection fee is the non-negotiable $39.75.  The day before, I had called to ask for specials, prices, and time estimates to forestall any overnight changes in price - they told me to print out a coupon from their website and among the choices was $3 off an oil change as well as 10% off scheduled maintenance.

They ended up applying the 10% discount to the oil change (expected) and the state inspection fee (way unexpected).  Since the state inspection fee is uniform throughout the state, I wasn't expecting any break on that but it was a welcome surprise.  In doing the math and applying all of the discounts to the oil change, the net price of that service was $26.14 - not much more than the $19.95 or $21.95 coupon specials found in my mailbox.  The difference in price was attributable to the fact that they delivered both services in not the 1-hour promised but in actually 45 minutes - plus ran the car through their car wash for free and without prompting.

Despite my assimilation, I still retain independent thought when it comes to actual repairs on my Honda - I'll bid the job out as needed with no preference to the dealership.  But, when it comes to the routine service, this dealership does it well with speed.  With routine care, I'm counting on my Honda to have many years of uneventful (space) travel.  3.5 stars.  Engage.  [End nerd review.]

* I bought my car from this dealership through the internet sales manager.  Being no fan of dealer pressure tactics, I did all of the negotiations via web over a period of six months.  Yes, six months.  You'd think they'd write you off after a month or two of email exchange.  Nope - quite the contrary.  A sale is a sale.

** Yes, I said "first" mid-life crisis.  It was so good I plan on having another.  :)

sri n. | 2008-10-30

Filled with a bunch of jerks and snobs. The guy told me to walk across the freeway to the Nissan place and buy a car there since he felt i was not "rich" enough to buy a honda. Stupid ass. Thank goodness I didnt buy a honda.