Russell & Smith Ford in Houston, TX

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Located in Houston, Texas, Russell & Smith Ford's dedicated and friendly staff are committed to automotive excellence and consistently provides Greater Houston drivers with premier Ford sales and service.


Established in 1937.

In 1937, John Ivy and Lindsey G. Russell introduced Ivy-Russell Motors on Main Street. Then, in 1946 Ivy-Russell Motors outgrew it's original home and moved to 2021 Milam Street. W.C. Smith bought Mr. Ivy's stock in Ivy-Russell Motors. Lindsey G. Russell's legacy passed down to his son, Bill Russell and Ivy-Russell Motors became Russell & Smith Ford, Inc. The dealership continued to grow and in 1970 moved to the present location, 3440 South Loop West. We are proud to serve the Houston area since 1937 as a family-owned and operated dealership. We have a history of providing our customers with unparalleled customer service and a first-class sales experience.

Russell & Smith Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 273-6381
Address:3440 S Loop W, Houston, TX, 77025
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Russell & Smith Ford

Boycie J. | 2015-04-24

This is the second time in the last 3 months that i had my transit van serviced. 1. my service writer made a mistake  in telling me my extended warranty expired but upon checking with the extended warranty company it was not expired. This was on Feb 17, 2015.  I had to pay $ 566.00 on a warranty job that i did not have to pay.

Its now April 24, I have not received my refund.

It is awfully hard to get these people to return phone calls. 2. The second time service was used (April 22, 2015) I was promised my van will be ready the next day. Yet advisory phone calls as to the status of the repair was not done. Then when i drove to the service department, the car was not ready. Here it is 1 pm April 24, 2 messages were not returned, no advisory status phone call was not made.

I will keep an update on this.

Chris R. | 2015-04-24

Took my car to Russell and Smith ford located in Houston, TX to check out my right side mirror that has come loose and fallen out of place after 2400 miles on my new 2015 mustang GT.

The dealership took no action and refused to inspect the car. They wanted me to leave it over the weekend or comeback Monday and buy my own rental car instead of doing a 5 minute inspection. The service adviser was ripping at the mirror and then left it completely hanging and walked away while I asked about setting up a future appointment for Monday around lunch time where they could look at it and then order the part so I didn't have to leave the car there.

I then took the car to Sterling McCall Ford in Houston, TX. They looked at the car, and had the part ordered and set up a future date to come back and get it replaced next Thursday and the whole process took only 45 minutes AND that was because the guys were on their lunch break, otherwise it would have been quicker.

Would recommend Sterling McCall off 59. Stay away from the jackasses at Russell and Smith, they might do good work but dealing with any of those arrogant service advisers will be a pain.

Shecky S. | 2015-03-11

These guys can't even answer the phone in a respectful manner. I talked to two people who were really rude. Why would I take my car here? This place needs new management. I called Tommy Vaughn ford and the lady was very respectful and answered my question.

Warren C. | 2015-03-04

Ask for Connie as soon as you walk in... I can't speak about the service shop as I have not yet had an experience there... But... The sales staff is Excellent. Connie is a straight shooter and has been in the industry for 18 years! Love her!!

Kenneth F. | 2015-02-25

After being told an oil change would only take 45 minutes...I am still waiting been an hour and a half

Christina M. | 2015-02-23

From beginning to end the buying process was a piece of cake (although not to be take literally .. = ) )

The service is quick, thorough and reasonably easy. Everyone is always very nice and helpful at this location without being overbearing. I've been to this location for several reasons on several different occasions and each time the service is consistent!

Geoffrey A. | 2014-11-27

They finished an hour earlier than they estimated! They have wifi, TV, and comfortable desks and chairs to get work done. Very clean and nice.

K D. | 2014-10-07

This review is based on their service department.  Put simply, they are dishonest crooks.

After my experience at Russell and Smith Ford, I felt the need to write this review to warn others of their extreme dishonesty and their lack of concern for the satisfaction of their customers.  I brought my vehicle in to have a new rubber hanger installed at the tailpipe, as mine had ripped.  I explicitly gave my reason for coming in, and yet they charged an upfront "diagnostic" fee of $130 which I was told would go towards the cost of the actual repair so, begrudgingly, I agreed.  They later provided me with an outrageous lie about how I needed to replace my entire exhaust system and claimed that my car was too unsafe to drive as my "exhaust would completely fall off" if I continued to drive my vehicle.  They also claimed that this would cost me $2,100.00 to fix.  
Prior to my visit to Russell and Smith, I had not noticed any issues with my car's exhaust system so I felt the need to take it elsewhere to get the opinion of a mechanic whom I know and trust.  Upon leaving, I was charged over $200.00 for approximately 15 minutes of labor and a $13.00 part.  When I questioned the amount, I was told that the initial $130.00 "diagnostic" fee was not applicable to the work that they did in replacing the broken rubber hanger and that it wouldn't be applied until I came back for the larger fix.  When I argued this, the worker became rude and was unwilling to consider my complaint.  I ended up paying the fee and walking out because I was so appalled by the entire experience.
Fast forward a few days.  My car has now been seen my two reputable mechanics who both gave me a consistent report that differs extremely from what was claimed by the service department at Russell and Smith.  My exhaust system is completely fine... My car is perfectly safe... And eventually I will need to visit a muffler shop and have a new flex pipe installed which will be around $40.00.  
The fact that Russell and Smith tried to take advantage of me in this manner is unjust and despicable and I urge all who read this to consider their outright dishonesty and lack of concern for their customers before visiting their service department.

David D. | 2014-08-19

Beware of this place for repairs.

My wife dropped off our Ford F150 in for a couple of issues, the most pressing of which was the rattling in the rear axle area. First and foremost, the reception was rude and lax. The service manager essentially grilled my bride and treated her like she's an idiot (she has a PhD).

Later that day I received the call from the dealership; the TPMS sensor needed to be replaced, but it wasn't covered under warranty. Well, I decided to hold off on the repair since it wasn't covered under warranty, it wasn't a critical repair and had just dropped several thousand on a new A/C system for my home so spending an extra $500 wasn't something I wanted to do at that point. The service manager seemed pissed that I didn't give him authorization to do the repairs. I picked up the truck later that day, was treated as rudely as my wife had been by the service manager. I simply paid the diagnosing fee and left... however noticed the rattle seemed to be worse.

Fast forward 1 month, take my truck to Helfman Ford (which is closer to my home) to do the TPMS repair. The tech calls me to come look at the car before he does anything. I show up, he has the tire off the rim and he says, "We found this in your tire." He shows me a smashed TPMS and cut pieces of strapping (The TPMS is held onto the rim with a metal strap). I immediately know what happened: Russell & Smith cut off the TPMS, and threw the pieces in the trash. When I declined the repair they grabbed all the pieces out of the trash (including some pieces that were not part of the TPMS) tossed them into the tire and mounted it back on the rim. Nice eh?

To say this is gross negligence is an understatement. Those sharp pieces of cut strapping could have (and had already) scored the inside of the tire and caused a blowout and an accident. The service manager at Helfman nodded knowingly when I explained how those shards got into the tire. I presume it wasn't the first time he'd seen this sort of thing from a Russell & Smith repair.

Leah B. | 2014-03-06

They have no customer service, and overcharge.

Do NOT let their friendly handshakes deceive you. As a young woman from out of state, they saw me coming from a mile away. After two bad experiences, I'm done.

First one was mediocre. I had a crack in my wiper fluid tank, and they fixed it...three hours after my appointment. I had an early appointment and they told me "We won't see if until 3." I asked if I could do errands, then. They told me no. My car was tagged so I had to sit. For hours.

When I left, the manager proudly told me "let me check and make sure they didn't put any extras on for you. Sometimes they put things on you don't need and charge you for them, so I won't let them to that this time." as if I should be happy he was protecting me from their usual dishonesty. WHAT?!?!?!

I should have known not to go again, but after bottoming out on a curb and still being new in town, I didn't know where else to go.

After AGAIN sitting for hours after my appointment was made (seriously, why have a time scheduled for an appointment at all???), I was quoted over $400 for parts and 1.5 hours of labor. I couldn't afford it, so I drove off. I told this would be a quick fix by my out-of-town dad, so the price just didn't seem right.

I ordered all the parts online from ANOTHER Ford dealer using the part numbers these guys gave me (the only thing they ever did right, I swear), and it was half the price they quoted me for parts.

I made a quick call in to a collision center a few blocks away after looking at yelp, and they got me in on short notice. Because I had the parts already and the fix was so easy (I was in and out of that shop in 40 minutes), they told me they couldn't justify charging me for labor.

Needless to say, this other place won my loyalty, saved me $250 from my R&S quote, and I am never going back to R&S again. Good riddance.

Tara M. | 2014-02-25

I stopped by this Russell and Smith Ford to check out what Ford had to offer while car shopping for my mother. Before I could get to the door, I was greeted by a very enthusiastic and knowledgable young woman. I believe it was Carynsia or Carynosa, (I am awful with names! So sorry if this is nowhere close.) or something along those lines. She gave me her card but I stupidly left it in the back pocket of my jeans and washed them. Anyway, if I decide on a Ford, she is the person I will be looking for because she was an outstanding salesperson. My mother hasn't owned a brand new car in years so needless to say she has no idea how to use any of the gadgets on a new vehicle and half of the time she doesn't even know what they are. (Awe moms!) Our sales associate took her through all of the ins and outs in a very sweet, patient, and understanding way. She new exactly what every inch of that vehicle could do and then some. She told us the differences between each model and the many options we could get and still stay in our price range. I was very impressed!

I also must comment on the dealership itself as I have a young child and as any of you moms know doing anything at a dealership with a little one can be exhausting. While my Mom was out on a test drive I took my toddler inside to a very pleasant surprise. I expected the sales show room to be nice of course and it was but I was absolutely delighted to find a fantastic little waiting area for children. First of all let me start by saying the area itself was immaculately kept. The atmosphere was bright and cheerful yet still relaxing. The chairs were lovely and comfortable leather armchairs. Some even had little tray tables that folded over for your laptop, lunch, or whatever so you can hang out comfortably and watch the nice big flat screen TV. Now that's not even the good part. If you have or have ever had a toddler then you know it can be difficult to contain them to one area because they want to dart off at anytime in any direction so they can find a place to hang from the rafters. WELL, inside the "adult area" there was a glassed in play area with some great toys that were hung low enough on the walls to be age appropriate for most any age. They were very clean and well maintained. My little one played forever in there and the best part was that I could relax and actually sit down for two seconds while still keeping an eye on him. There was only one way in and one way out so he was contained and happy. Sweet Jesus! Whomever designed this play area is a genius and deserves a raise!

I can't review the service department because I was there shopping and had no need to check it out but if it is anything like the show room, I'm in. I will definitely be back here for any and all of my Houston Ford needs.

John C. | 2014-02-04

Worst dealership I have ever been too. I am not one of those people who brings their vehicle in to be fixed and knows nothing about mechanics. My family are car wholesalers and prior mechanics.

Lets just say Russell and Smith Ford has a bunch of incompetent sales reps and mechanics on staff. I moved here from the north east and cracked my exhaust manifold. For me, its not a hard fix, time consuming yes, but not a hard fix. Should have been right around $1200-$1300.

To say the least the sales guy, Kevin something from Colorado, didn't know his ass from his elbow. He tries telling me that they let the truck sit so they could spray the bolts to loosen them up from the rust, well that took 11 days. I'm not sure but a 2nd grader could have sprayed the blots in an hour ya think.

Then the mechanic was such an idiot he had to remove the passenger side head and gasket from the motor to replace a few stripped bolts. Mechanics didn't know how to work with metal or deal with a known Ford issue. Once I come to pick up my truck and was told it was ready, the mechanic was still working on it. Great customer service huh?

After all the screaming yelling and question asking the bill came out to $4100. A complete rip off. I don't have a shop or family to help with the repair so I just had to suck it up.

Two days later im driving and my check engine light comes back on. The "Ford Certified mechanic" didn't put two spark plugs completely back in. I went to change then and pulled them out with out even turning them. Real attention to detail.

A few months later my light comes on again. The same rattle I brought it back in for also comes back. The genius mechanic only put 5 quarts of oil into my truck. Later they tell me well we think your rear end is going and you need new spark plugs. I paid for the plugs because the truck had 75k on it. Well that was $500. I couldn't believe it when they told me. Again screaming and yelling for the pure stupidity.

One week after getting my truck back finally I see a rental car charge on my account for $250. Russell smith employee Kevin told me the car would be covered under there $31/day policy. Again they lied.

The moral of the story is unless your getting an oil change, car wash, or in the need to take anger out and beat the pulp out of a service manager... DO NOT GO HERE. It would be easier pulling teeth then dealing with the lack of respect and professionalism this place provides. The GM inside also has no clue what is going on and doesn't care. They are criminals. Don't support the stupidity.

David N. | 2013-12-26

After writing about all of the other places I went to before purchasing my car you would imagine this place having a 5 star rating because at the end of the day I spent my money here right?

Well originally, this review was going to be a raving 5 star review strictly from the sales point of view.  I have to say Paul Tamkin, the original salesperson is top notch is deserves all 5 stars.  He is a true salesman.  I came in late on a week night about 30 minutes before closing, I had a long day at work and this happened to be one of the last stops along me exploring dealerships.  

I first stopped off at a dodge dealership, and originally had no intention of purchasing a dodge ram 1500, but they had my interest by showing me one of their top of the lines, toyota on the other hand was my front runner.   I was sold on the new tundras.  But their sales team sucked! Anyways, Ford was able to take my money and I am happy with my purchase.

Now after taking my money, I was expecting first rate service for maintenance.  Well the plastic piece of the tailgate was coming undone.  Apparently it was a factory defect and was happening to a lot of customers.  I called these guys first.  They said yeah no problem take it on in, I confirmed no need to make an appointment? So I drive all the way there only for the service desk to laugh at me and say oh you don't have an appointment?

My time is valuable.  Let's say that was the last time I ever called these guys.  I went to the Tommie Vaughn Ford just down the street from me for all follow-up service!

S N. | 2013-12-17

After the front and left engine mounts were replaced on our 2005 Honda Odyssey in 8/2012, I should have been suspicious since the engine still ran rough.  So, back in 5/2013, my wife took it to Firestone for an alignment and during their checked noted that the engine mounts were damaged.  At that point, I really wish I had paid more attention to it but with a hectic life with kids and wife not really noting those items, it slipped past me.  

I finally got around to looking at Firestone's notes but by that time, it was past the 1 year parts and labor warranty period, 1 month to be exact.  So I contact Honda and they said that they would only be able to give me 10% off for the repairs!  Ugh!  So, I was just going to bite the bullet and get it done but this time, they said, ALL the engine mounts need to be replaced!  For this, they would charge $951 for the front, $294 for the left, and $1024 for the rear!  After telling Ana Barba about my case, she went to talk to her manager who offered a 25% discount for just the front and left that they replaced last year.  Mind you, engine mounts should only need to be replaced about every 100,000 miles, not 1 year later!  So, I was obviously upset and did not go forward with they're terrible, terrible service.  Imagine if these were brakes and failed only after a year.  What a waste of time and money.

I ended up taking my care to Uzi's Autohaus in Bellaire who indicated that only the rear mount needed to be replaced but that is still $1035.  They're working on it now along with some other services so you can check out my review of them when it's done.  So far, though, they're not that much better.  If only these services were as closely regulated as medical services, there could be a claims process of some sort.  They charge as much!  At least Ana was sweet, but I would take better service any day.

A H. | 2013-11-28

I went here to buy a part but came to find out they do not have a parts department at this property.  You have to drive about 7 miles on loop 610 to get to Almeda road in SE Houston at their body shop to buy parts.  It's kind of bad that no parts are really close by this area since the Ford dealer in River Oaks closed shop and Tommy Vaughn or Sterling McCall Ford are not what I would call just a few minutes away.  If you are in a bind and need a vital part this can be a problem.  They should consider selling parts here since they have service cars here and I assume have to shuttle parts from Almeda road to service/repair those cars.  

I walked into the service area where I found out about the lack of a parts counter.  The service writers that greeted me were very polite and friendly.  In other dealerships they don't even look up and acknowledge you in many cases.  In this area R&S Ford is excellent.

EJ T. | 2013-11-25

Horrible service department. The first time I came here it took almost 4 hours despite making an appointment. This was for a small repair and oil change. The second time took almost 3 hours just to get an oil change. It turns out for the first 2 hours they completely forgot about my vehicle. Don't go here unless you have an absurd amount of time to waste.

Betsy R. | 2013-07-02

I had a Honda Pilot and always got it serviced here.   I was ready to purchase a new vehicle so I looked at the Subaru and Toyota and Honda.  I really liked the Honda CRV.  Being a COSTCO member I wanted to take advantage of their member Auto Buyers progam.  John Eagle is the rep.  Although the price was not that great they did offer oil changes and road side assistance.  Since I was familiar with R&S, I decided to seek a quote from them.  "Memo" gave us a quote. We actually were going to buy 2 cars!  Quote beat COSTCO but when the delivery day came, it was a switcheroo !! Memo (Guillermo Torres) tried to charge me for tint.  The car was not ready and the "closer" (let me sale you a extended warranty for $14K) had a bad attitude and seemed his hemmorrhoids were aching.  They tacked on a "document fee" and charged me for the dealer inventory tax ---all which can be eliminated.  Be careful with these guys!

Jamie M. | 2013-06-29

I didn't buy my car from Russell & Smith Honda, but I always come here for my oil changes or random checks that I have to do.

If you go at 10:30 on a Saturday, you should expect to wait. I think it was about an hour for my car to get its windshield wipers changed. I've gone there earlier, for an oil change, and it was still about an hour wait.

They pass out cookies to people waiting for their cars. You can smell the cookies being baked when you walk in, which is great for some, but chocolate and I don't get along very well (I'm allergic) so it's not a wonderful experience for me.

I will, however, continue to come back. Granted, it will be early on a Saturday, before everyone else gets out of their beds.

Jennifer L. | 2013-06-28

I was told I needed to take my car to a dealer for their proprietary diagnostic software.  I took my Excursion to Russell & Smith at 7 am, their opening time, and was told that the soonest they could get a diagnosis was the next day.  The next morning at 8:30 the service person called with the diagnosis (and was pleased that it was done so quick - whatever) and quoted me $1500.  I made calls around and was quoted half as much for the same work.  I called back and said I needed to pick the car up and would pay the diagnostic fee of $100 and was told it would take at least two hours before I could pick it up.  Two hours!!  Unacceptable and now I completely distrust their diagnosis.  Outrageous service.

Jana P. | 2013-06-18

Came here to look for our new car. We saw that there is a Hail Sale on some of the cars. We didn't see a price difference between a new car and a dented car. They do not have many cars in inventory because they claim that cars have been flying off the lot. Well, we came on a Saturday and we were the only persons there.

Customer service seem was just ok. We will not be coming back here because they don't have much to look at.

Tom R. | 2013-05-03

This is by far the worse dealership I have ever encountered.  "Reader's Digest" version is that their service department is horrible.  They will not honor warranty claims.  Lot of hollow words from the sales department during the buying process about their service department.  DO NOT PURCHASE A NEW VEHICLE FROM THESE GUYS!  YOU'LL BE SORRY.  I AM!

Ron M. | 2013-04-05

I just completed a new car purchase from this dealership and I can honestly say it was an outstanding experience.  I dealt with Chris and Paul, two of the internet sales managers and Stephen in finance.  Chris and Paul were very honest and shared good feedback  about the different vehicle options.  The price I paid was very fair and I feel that I got a great deal overall.  Stephen in finance was not pushy when talking about the extended warranty.  I am 100% satisfied with the sales experience.

Karen N. | 2012-08-05

Check out the competition, baby.  If you know me, you know I'm a planner.  I haven't planned the second coming with an underground bunker and cans of ravioli... but I believe that big purchases should be made with lots of thought.  Do I plan on purchasing a Mustang Boss 302 or even a Shelby?  Abs not.  But I should at least know how it drives if I'm considering what is kickin it's butt on the track.

So I hopped on over to Russell & Smith Ford.  Maybe I didn't look like the most serious customer because they put me with Dave, the 84 year old salesperson who admittedly told me he wasn't a car person during my test drive.  I applaud your honesty sir.  But you know what?  I had the best time talking about his late wife, random stories, listening to the Siantra station on Sirius, and my favorite part...  when he told me to "put it down."  And let me tell ya, I let I let that engine RIP!  (I do wish that they had it in stick and he didn't insist on asking me what color I wanted to drive each car in - I'm more concerned about what's under the hood.) Furthermore, when my companion and I left, he sent us away with his own personal stash of cookies!

Bottom Line: He wasn't pushy.  No one there was.  Like I said, maybe it was because my companion just straight up hates Fords (and kept on saying so) and I probably seemed like I wasn't going to buy one anyway but I had a good experience here.  Although it solidified the fact that I won't be buying one, I am for the first time impressed that nobody was forcing me to check what interest rate I would qualify for.  Kudos!

Bob N. | 2012-03-20

I went in to have my transmission flushed on my Mercury Milan and they did a good job.  The staff however is a mixed bag in the service center.  The guy I dealt with was nice but it seemed like a fake nice if that makes any sense.  He explained everything which was fine but the mechanic was a total d!ck.

Mallory G. | 2011-07-20

My mustang (my baby) started making strange noises. I thought it might be the belt so after about a couple days of hoping it would go away on its own I decided to take it to the dealer.

I pulled up to the repairs area around 2 and then went inside to get helped. I look around like I'm lost so I can get someone's attention. BJ saw my helplessness and came to my rescue. I told him that it sounded like the belt and when my car could be seen. He said that it would take at least an hour to get the car into the garage. So I said I would have someone pick me up and for them to give me a call when they had the estimate. They call about an hour later to say it was the belt and I needed a new tensioner and belt and they quoted me $380. I wasn't too happy with that number so I said don't do anything yet and I would call them back. I called my dad and asked if he thought that was right. He said that was right. So I called them back and said fix it and give me a call when its ready. They had the car ready around 5. I couldn't get there to pick it up till the next day and that was fine.

I really appreciate how many phone calls BJ made to me to make sure I knew exactly what was going on. He seemed very interested to make sure I was happy with the service.

When i went to pick up the car the estimate was exactly what they said and they didn't try to get me to buy anything extra. I like to check everything in the car before I drive off. When BJ saw me pop the hood to take a look he came out and showed me everything they replaced. He also informed me I could stop by the service center anytime for a top up on fluids if I needed it.

I have also used them in the past for a battery change that was under warranty and everything went very smoothly.

I plan to continue to use them for repairs.

Mel H. | 2011-05-17

warning: VERY DISHONEST PEOPLE  I will curse them until the day I die! BOOOOOOOOO :(

I will never go back and I would never recommend anyone to go there. Let me tell you what happened to me. I drive a Ford Exp Sport Trac and my engine light turned on. I brought my truck in to RSF and they first made me sign a bunch of stuff but NEVER POINTED OUT that it'd be $100 just to diagnose the problem. After waiting for close to an hour they came back and told me that it was my thermostat and that it would be *****$900***** to fix. I am not kidding. I then asked for a break down of the costs and saw that they added a bunch of stuff on there that did not need to be fixed. I asked those to be taken off and the price came down about $200. Then I asked for a discount and the saleslady made a big deal about it and said that she would ask her manager. She offered a 10% discount. I told her that with tax added I would basically lose the entire 10% discount and asked for a larger discount. She agreed to 15% off which made me think that the quote she gave me was entirely arbitrary and they were just trying to see how much they could squeeze out of me. Well then there was still a massive 3 hour labor charge and they said they had to keep my car overnight. It was still much more than I could afford. I ended up taking my car to Autozone where they did the diagnostic FOR FREE and I bought the thermostat part for about $25. I then drove down the street to an autoshop that installed the part for $60. Did I mention they did it in 45 minutes and did not keep my truck overnight? You know what was the fishy-est thing thought about all of this?? In RSF's super expensive "daignostic report" they told me I would need new shocks soon. I just had my shocks replaced the month before. They were BRAND NEW!!!  I HATE RUSSELL & SMITH FORD!!!

P.S. When I told my RSF story at Autozone the guys found it hilarious and kept saying "come listen to this girls story $900!! hahahahaha"

DJ J. | 2010-03-01

For any sort of repairs, they will intentionally misdiagnose your car in an effort to drive up costs.

For example:  A common problem with the Ford Focus is that the AC condenser coils will warp, which will lead to water being dumped into the passenger foot well whenever the AC is running.

R&S Ford told me that it was a stopped up drain plug, and charged  me $1200 to fix it.  That didn't fix the issue, and I discovered on the Ford Focus forums the real cause of the problem.  When I called the service manager, they basically wanted another $1200 to replace the coils.

Don't ever go here.

Amy E. | 2010-02-04

My review is of the Ford division of this dealership and can also be read under that listing. They are so bad that I am listing the review here too, just in case. I do not want anyone else to suffer.

In July 2009 my 2006 Ford Focus was towed to Russell & Smith Ford. They replaced my alternator & air bag sensor. After this the car's engine was loud & shaking so I took it back & was told the A/C must be replaced & that it was causing the issue. On my drive home I still noticed the issue so the next morning I took my car back. I was told the last bolts to install the alternator were not tightened correctly. However, the issue remained and escalated. In December 2009 the car died & was towed to Tommie Vaughn Ford which located the issue that had eluded R&S: the engine mounting brackets had been damaged & needed to be replaced. I was told this is an issue with high mileage Focus & considered an unusual repair for my low mileage car. They speculated the brackets were damaged when the alternator was replaced. I filed a complaint with Ford against R&S & tried to contact the Service Manager to no avail.  Late December 2009 I noticed the plastic framing my driver door & seat belt had popped out several inches from where it should be & there was considerable more road noise and squeaks from the car. I stopped by Tommie Vaughn to have it inspected. A Service Tech asked if I had bought the car used & what repairs has ever been made to my car. I said it was bought new & the only repairs were to the alternator, car stereo, A/C, engine mounting brackets & driver side air bag sensor. He told me the parts were removed to fix the air bag sensor & the Service Tech at R&S broke their internal connection pieces doing so & the parts were put back together in the hopes I would not find out. These parts are not covered under my warranty. Again I tried calling R&S's Service Director to no avail. I also called Ford & again filed a complaint against R&S but they will do no more than take the complaints. I have paid over $300 in deductibles from my extended warranty. I now have 4 broken parts in my car that were broken by a Service Technician at Russell & Smith Ford.

Seth M. | 2009-08-29

My first one star...

Let me kindly start by saying........ F@ck this place.

I needed an additional car other than my personal one for a new venture I've started and for about a month I shopped around for a Chevy HHR. The HHR is not the best looking car but for the year/mileage/price, they were looking pretty good for what I needed.

I ended up finding one at "Husslin' Sh!t Ford"

Don't get me wrong, the car was in great shape: 08' Fully Loaded, with 11k miles on it. Practically Brand New. The sticker was $14,999. I talked them down to 11.5k Drive out, which after the month of research I did on this particular car, was a steal.

I planned on putting 6k down and financing the rest which would leave a remaining 5.5k to be financed. Welllllllllllllllll, not so much in the eyes of the Finance Manager. His words exactly were, in order to finance you, you must also have the Premium Warranty on this car as well as an additional deposit, just to get financed. Oh and your interest rate will be 18%. I said, sir, My Credit score is 770 and my debt to income is extremely low so how is that possible. He said, In order to get this car at this low price this is what you're going to have to do to get it. After already spending 3 hours talking them down to the 11.5 Drive out Price, I sat back for a minute..... had a few personal moments of thought and then wrote him a check for the total 11.5k.

I didn't really want to pay cash but I also REALLY didn't want to sit any longer with someone who would probably eat his own young if it made him a buck or 2. These guys are just pure evil and I'm sure that a good portion of people fall for their tactics, sadly.

There was lots of other stuff going on that I didn't like ie; lies, hours of negotiating, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL and just a feeling of shadiness... but I'll spare you the details as I don't want to spend any more time writing a 1 star review. Especially for this place.

Moral of the story..... F@ck this place and don't ever, ever, ever, ever, buy a car here..... unless you get to punch one of the sales guys in the face as a condition of the purchase.

All in all, Good Car, Scum Dealership.