Norman Frede Chevrolet in Houston, TX

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Norman Frede Chevrolet provides our customers with a high level of customer service.  Our Sales, Parts, Service and Collision Center personnel are known for their professionalism and dedication to our customers. This high level of customer experience is possible because our sales and service employees are empowered to perform in a manner which will please our customers. Our genuine purpose is to obtain a high level of knowledge and skill and promote the greatest level of customer loyalty to everyone.

Norman Frede Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 486-2200
Address:16801 Feathercraft Ln, Houston, TX, 77058
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Norman Frede Chevrolet

Christine C. | 2015-04-20

Several weeks ago I dropped my SUV off to be serviced.  I decided to mosey on over to the new cars...just to look.

Ended up purchasing a new car that day! =)

I feel like I had a truly great experience. I told my salesman what I wanted and where I wanted to be with the numbers. Of course I didn't get as much as I was hoping for my trade, but everything else was perfectly fine. No headaches. The staff was pleasant. While I was waiting, this really nice and talkative lady (Clarice) came over and chatted it up with me.  

I was out of there in about 2 hours and drove my new car home!

Definitely a happy gal here!

Michael L. | 2015-02-23

Have only used Frede's service department, but they have met and exceeded my expectations in this area.

Chance and Clint (service writers) are great representatives of the company and have been very easy to work with. Jose (shuttle driver) is also friendly and professional. Frede price-matches on tires, offers the road hazard replacements AND the shuttle pickup (subj. to availability), so Discount Tire may be losing a lifer.

Have also brought my car here for two recall issues that were handled promptly and conveniently.

Lilia C. | 2015-01-08

We purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2010 Buick Enclave with low mileage from Norman Frede Chevrolet in August and have been very pleased with the vehicle's performance.

Early on a Sunday morning in December, as we were loading the car for a roadtrip, the car wouldn't start. The worst things crossed my mind! Was this purchase just too good to be true?  I contacted the dealer the next day, they sent a tow truck all the way to Houston to pick it up and, thank God, the issue was mainly the car battery (which is not covered under the the Certified Warranty). Used Car Sales Manager, Pastor Osorio, helped us out GREATLY to cover the towing, diagnostic and repair costs.

I highly recommend purchasing a used vehicle from Norman Frede Chevrolet! We will definitely purchase from them again.

Byron W. | 2014-12-23

I bought a 2013 Silverado here last year and have had all of my routine maintenance done here as well as warranty & body work.
The buying process went as smooth as i could have hoped. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable when signing, which is great, because I always tend to over-scrutinize everything.
The times I've had my truck in for service, mostly routine maintenance, the staff has always been extremely friendly and very willing to work within my schedule.
My truck sustained a bit of damage in an accident, and I wanted things done right, so I brought it to the body shop at the dealer. The process was painless. I was out the door with a rental car that fit my cargo needs and after just a couple days my truck looked like new again.
I can't recommend this dealer enough, compared to the others I've had to deal with in the city in the past. The salespeople are great and don't pressure you into buying any extras you don't need and the service staff is great at getting you vehicle just what it needs.

Amy B. | 2014-12-19

I have bought 3 vehicles from here and each time I have had an excellent experience. Highly recommend!

Oscar C. | 2014-11-14

At this point I refuse to raise my rating since my last post until my issue is fully resolved. The Chevy Equinox I have is still experiencing some of the issues it had before (second visit for the same issue). While some issues seem to be working better, the chugging feeling still remains when idle. This time they took my car for 8 days. They ran through the test they needed to complete but at some point since they couldn't replicate the issue, they were going to give it back as if I was just making it up. Luckily the service person we have worked with made sure the technician was more thorough. That seems to be the issue every time I take a car in. They are so much in a rush to get a car in and out that they fail to do a detailed diagnostic and correctly diagnose the problem. This continues to be the common issue between both of my visits to the service center (this being the 3rd overall). I am looking at running the car for a week and seeing how it behaves. I was told that some of the cleaner they use remains in the engine and I should run the car to clear it out. Until that clearer is purged, the car will still continue run a bit rough. I think it is time to gain a second opinion at another dealer if this issue remains. I rather not spend money just to continue down a guessing path. It gets expensive fast!  Let's hope for the best.

The work performed:

Cleaning of upper engine to remove carbon build up. - Complete / pending a week run to purge cleaner and compare performance

Replacement of driver side window motor - Complete and working great

Replacement part - Fuel System - Complete

Grand total: aprox. $600

JF R. | 2014-07-16

My husband purchased his truck from here and from day one we had problems with getting warranty work done. I talked to the GM Joan McKinney who assured me it wouldn't happen again, yet it did over and over. We took our truck in for VIP oil change and they tried to charge us full price. We took in for service and left for 8 hours and they didn't do any of the warranty work again. So frustrated with them and really did NOT want to do business with them.
Yet my husband had been working with a salesman for a few weeks and said they were willing to give what Ron Carter was giving on trade for him, meanwhile I want a new SUV and had a trade in as well. I kept getting the feeling that they didn't take us seriously and they kept asking what we do for a living as if we couldn't afford to purchase a SUV/truck. Matter of fact they did the same thing to a close friend of mine who took in $15K cash for a downpayment. She had to go through the GM to get her deal done because the salesman made her feel like she couldn't afford it either. WHO ARE THEY TO JUDGE?

After waiting for a salesman for 40 minutes, another salesman finally stepped up to help. 3 hours later, they were to call us with a deal today. They look at my trade and of course gave me payoff and not what the vehicle is actually worth and the deal they came back with for the SUV and truck were much more than other dealerships.
Lesson learned, NORMAN FREDE CHEVROLET is not worth going to for service or sales. Unless you like being treated bad, not getting any warranty work done, over paying and get nothing for your trade.I give them two thumbs way down!

Patricia M. | 2014-06-25

I went in to the dealership very gun-shy after dealing with the Acura Dealership.  Bobby Houston went over and above helping me to feel comfortable with the entire purchase of my new vehicle.

Lloyd H. | 2014-04-29

While the staff in the Service Department has been courteous & helpful, I will never encourage anyone to buy a General Motors product. The Chevy Cruze we bought has been nothing but trouble. The well documented electrical issues make the car unsafe to drive. We bought the car as transportation for my 17 year old daughter and she's nervous to drive it because of all of the problems we've had with it. We have the paperwork to initiate a Lemon Law case because it has been so unreliable.

Monica F. | 2013-12-24

Back in June or July of this year, I called in and asked what I needed to do to get on the wait list for the 2014 Stingray.  The operator transferred me to Greg McAlpine (because I had no one in mind since I had never bought a car from here), who told me to stop in and just pay the deposit.  So off I went to plop down my little $500 deposit.  

After a couple of months, and a couple of calls, I still had not been notified of when I could come in to select my options.  I happened to see a picture of the Stingray on Facebook and commented on the picture of how it was the same color I intended to get IF I would ever get my chance to place my options.  Somehow, Chevy Customer Care (CCC) saw my comment and they took it upon themselves to reach out to Frede Chevrolet to see what was going on.  CCC assured me that I was in the que, but that Frede was not taking orders yet.  Oddly enough, the next day I get a call from Frede stating I can come in and select my options.  Coincidence?  Me thinks not!  LOL.

So I went in, selected my options and upgrades with JB and that went very smoothly.  His job was fairly easy because I already knew EVERY option I wanted on this car. So he placed the order.  Nice guy, I like him!  We were told it would be December before I got my car.  Ok, cool.  I already owned a Vette that I was trading in so it's not like I had never driven one and couldn't wait.  

Well, in early October, just 2 months or so after placing my options, I got the call from Greg that my car was one of 3 that had been delivered on the first shipment.  I think he was more excited about it than I was.  LOL.  "Ok, I'll come get it tomorrow."  So the next day I block time on my schedule to get my car, only to be told they could not put an inspection sticker on it because their machine was out.  Ok, no biggie.  I'll come back on Friday.  So I got my car and I was happy.  Greg really took great care of us.  Lucky him, all he had to do was show up to work & answer the phone on the day I called about putting down my deposit and voila, he sold a $70k car.  Greg gets 5 stars in my book because he is genuinely a nice guy who really wants to please his customers.

The reason for the 3 stars is the After Market Parts Manager, Jose (I believe).  This guy got a really bad attitude with me over the tint that they put on my windows.  I wanted something darker on the back.  They explained to me that they put what they always do on the cars and none of the customers mind.  Ok, but it's my car and you didn't bother to ask me ... that's an issue with me.  They basically shrugged it off and stated, I didn't bother to tell them what I wanted beforehand.  So this guy gets 1 stars, but I really wanted to give him -5 stars.  He made no apologies for his attitude, instead, Greg apologized for him.  Again, Greg is the star of the show here!!  I hope he sells a LOT of cars this coming year because he deserves it!

I will say that I expected a little more in the way of customer service from this place.  I just plopped down a good amount of cash AND traded in my C6 Vette for a $70k, fully loaded C7 Stingray ... but I didn't really feel like I got that from anyone other than Greg.  I get better customer service from everyone at Lexus of Clear Lake (whether I am dealing with them directly or not) for a $40k lease vehicle I have for business use.  Step it up a little Frede, I think you can do better!

Keith H. | 2013-03-28

My wife and I have purchased several cars from Norman Frede Chevrolet and have always been impressed.  Sonny, who has been there 18 years, goes out of his way to assist the customer, assisted my wife in pre-ordering the new Camaro before it was released.  The service department is the best I have ever seen and I have never felt that I had been taken advantage of by any of their staff.  This is one dealership that provides service after the sale and one of the main reasons we keep purchasing from this dealership.  No need for them to run mis-leading ads in the newspaper, as other dealers, as they get their business by treating customers as they should be treated and by customers recommending to their friends.  The Best dealership you will find.

John B. | 2013-01-05

I've not purchased a vehicle here, nor do I own a Chevy, but I have had collision work done on my non-GM car on two occasions.  

Norman Frede was recommended by my insurance to fix some storm damage from traveling during hurricane Rita, and more recently repaired minor accident damage.

On both occasions, their body work was very good and the work completed pretty much on schedule.  I would recommend their service to others.

Dana C. | 2012-07-18

As a former Chevygirl/Blogger, I've been to a LOT of Chevy dealerships.
I choose Norman Frede for all my Chevy needs because they are the Gold Standard in honesty, value and service!

You can't go wrong with Norman Frede!

Jennifer R. | 2011-07-05

Norman Frede Chevrolet is more than a car dealership, it's an experience, a family.  My husband and I bought both of our cars there, and we have never been happier with the service, the way we continue to be treated, and the fun events we are constantly invited to.

Michael in sales actually knew my concerns about my previous car and he kept a wonderful used vehicle on his radar that fit me perfect.  He also sold us a new Tahoe that is a dream every time we hop in.  We got the flex fuel option, and surprisingly, fuel has not been a big factor in the cost!

The entire staff is wonderful.  From the second you walk in and are greeted to the time you leave, you will feel like family.  We have been invited to Christmas parties where we won cash, and have received gifts (like a nice blanket) throughout the year just from being a loyal customer.  We are also on their facebook page and are avid participants in the monthly video trivia giveaways, too fun!

The GM Joan McKinney is always available and is so involved with every customer, her hard work shows when you buy a car from such a great dealership!  Thanks Norman Frede Chevrolet!