Munday Mazda in Houston, TX

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Munday Mazda is proud to be a leading Houston Mazda dealership serving the Texas area. No matter what new Mazda model drivers are looking for, they will find it on our lot. We have all new Mazda3, Mazda 2, Mazda6, CX-5, Mazda 5, MX-5 (Miata), CX-9 and more ready to be taken for a test drive and explored in our showroom.

In addition to our selection of new cars, we have a huge inventory of pre-owned vehicles that are in pristine condition. Shoppers will find the new or used car they've been searching for while finding exceptional customer service that can't be matched.

Car owners can also find any service or repair needed in the auto shop. From oil changes to engine tune ups, Munday Mazda has it all.

Be sure to make our dealership your one stop shop for a car in Houston!

Munday Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 583-3400
Address:555 Fm 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX, 77090
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Munday Mazda

Jr H. | 2015-03-23

So satisfied with the customer service there. Colby was able to help and meet my every need. I was able to get a great deal on my Mazda-3 and couldn't be happier!

Tony H. | 2015-02-10

The purpose of this review is to share my positive experiences I've had at Munday Mazda location on FM 1960.  Specifically my personal experience with Dana in the Service Department and Mike the Shop Foreman.  My first encounter with them was in early January when I was having the 90k mile service done on my wife's CX-7.

Dana was my service adviser and was extremely thorough in taking down my comments on what I wanted completed on the car including some problem concerns to be resolved.  I was promised they would all be attended to.  In summary, I received a call back and was told what needed to be done and what did not.  I really appreciated the honest detailed diagnostic and explanations of the vehicle and the work that needed to be done.  Unfortunately, the not all parts were in stock.  She was kind enough to offer me a loaner for the weekend so that I wouldn't be down a family hauler.  It was kind of her to arrange that for me.

My second experience was on Wednesday when I had come in due to an electrical problem in the CX-7.  Again Dana was extremely helpful in having me work with Mike from the shop to assist me in diagnosing the issue.  Mike spent a good 30-mins inspecting everything and addressing all of my concerns I had since it was in the shop last.  That's going above and beyond.

Please know that I've recognized them for their efforts for treating me like royalty and let them know they are appreciated.  - Side note they did not put me up to this ;-)

Thanks again for having great employees!

Nerdi G. | 2014-09-28

Thanks Mr. Mann (the Service Director) for reaching out to me here on Yelp.  It took 3 phone calls but when we finally talked I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised that you had actually taken out the time to read how poorly I was treated by both RSM and you guys.  That was appreciated and I also was glad we could speak for 20 minutes.  
Unfortunately my 1 star review still stands because you were not able to even return an email from me.  After we hung up the phone, I had emailed you with my specific request to your "Is there anything we can do to make you feel better?" Of course I never did expect to hear back from you but still would have been nice.  I didn't think you would really be able to help me out even though I explained to you that this was my very first car purchase and how much stress it has been giving me for my car payments but like I mentioned in the beginning of my first review- these guys really do not care about customers and making them feel good.  At the end of the day, it's all about screwing the customer out of money.  Well, I'll be going elsewhere.  
PS- for those who are reading this- I have even complained to the national Mazda HQ over my racially and prejudiced treatment by RSM and never even got an apology or any response.  If you go to the Mazda national website you cannot even email or call an 800 number.  You have to physically mail them the letter which I did.  Looks like both Mazda's manners and attitude is stuck in the pre-internet age.  I mean really not even an 1-800 number?  WOW!

Vinod K. | 2014-06-30

It's a small dealership in fm1960 .. Over all experience is very good. The sales person Selene was very informative and wasn't pushy to buy the car .. She gave me very good estimate and APR of 0.9 on 2014 Mazda 3 5-door. Hoping to buy this car soon

Chris G. | 2014-05-29

Would not sell a car without a service contract and tire protection package. Were not honest about the whole proceeding, made us go to the dealership when they had no intention of selling the vehicle with out these expensive add-ons. Neither of which were good value for what they were charging. The service was not a true extended warranty like other manufacturers offer, this may be an issue with Mazda in general, not this dealer but to refuse to sell the vehicle without it is unacceptable. The sales manager Dean was rude and abrasive, even walked out of the room never to return and the other employee had to call him on the phone to get an answer.

Sara W. | 2014-02-07

I went to Munday Mazda to purchase my new car. I paid  the window price on the car which is always negotiable. When I signed my paper work purchasing the car i did not recognize they charged me an extra 500$ on the window price. When i went back to ask them why they had charged me the extra 500$ they do not want to answer me.I want to recommend another Mazda Dealership other then here for anyone who is interested in Mazda.

Tanya V. | 2014-01-07

After service manager Roy Mann reached out to me about my review he made sure everything went right and my Rx8.was well taken care of. I had an issue with a Mazda dealer out in California and he even lent a hand in that. I really appreciate them reaching out and making it right. Thanks guys (:

Mary V. | 2013-05-27

Finally took the plunge.  I've been visiting car dealerships on and off for the past several months, and I just couldn't get the FUN factor of the Miata (MX-5) out of my head.  I just had to have one.

Since I was very specific about which model I wanted (a Club edition, 6-speed), I was limited in my choices of dealerships, since this model is not stocked regularly.  I know there is a rather large Mazda dealership not far from here off of US 290, but I absolutely refuse to deal with them (find my review).  So, my choices were limited further.  On a whim, we contacted Munday and they had one (yes 1) Club edition, 6-speed on the lot.  Off we went to check it out.

My son had made the call to inquire about availability, and he drove on his own and met us there.  We spied a white Miata as soon as we parked and went over to take a look.  Coby (one of the sales associates) came out to meet us.  Unfortunately, this was an automatic, so Coby goes on the hunt for the 6-speed (which ended up being on the showroom floor).  While we're waiting, James greets us, asking if we've been helped -- and he turns out to be the one that talked with my son earlier.  Throughout the rest of the afternoon, both Coby and James were literally at our beck and call helping us, talking with us, explaining things and helping us pass the time as we sometimes waited -- because (face it), car buying is a waiting game in many respects.

Throughout the entire experience, everyone wanted to make sure that I (and yes that's a capital I) was absolutely sure I was happy with my choice before we started to talk numbers.  Since I was making a transition from an SUV to a two-seater, they wanted to make absolutely certain that I had checked out visibility, handling, ease of movement and comfort.  They all wanted to be certain that I wasn't going to second-guess myself later (and this was a good thing, not a doubtful thing, to me).

Once we got down to brass tacks and started to work with numbers for my trade in and the new car, it went a little back and forth, but nothing goofy or shady like I've worked with in the past.  Pretty straight-forward bargaining:  here's what I want, give me what you can do, let's get it done.  NOW.  And we got it done.

Financing, like usual, takes just a little bit longer because of all of the blasted paperwork, but that actually got done a lot faster than I had anticipated.  Herbert, the business manager, was fast, efficient, very organized and quite thorough.  Oh, and when he started the pitch for the extended warranty and I stopped him dead in his tracks, he politely asked if he could just finish what he was "required" to do and then we'd move on.  And, you know what -- he did.  Shock!  What a treat!

I got the full tour of the service department and my first oil change appointment (on the house) set up for October.  Car detailed and I was out of there -- ZOOM!

I don't think I could have really asked for anything more.  The guys at Munday were accommodating, helpful (but not pushy), informative and willing to work with me to get me in the car I really wanted.  This was truly a team effort -- and Coby and James did a great job with us today.  Thanks, gentlemen.  When I come back, you'll see me with the top down!

Stacey W. | 2013-01-31

I contacted munday Mazda Sunday through email to start negotiations for a CX-5. An auto-email came back shortly thereafter. It had a video to watch. The video was far from professional, bordering on ghetto.

A salesman contacted me through email Monday and pushed for me to come in to discuss the car. I told him I was not interested in coming in until we had a deal confirmed and in writing. He called me three times throughout the day. No more emails. I received an offer Monday night in writing. I told them no thanks, and I got an email back that was questioning my reason for saying no, saying they had worked really hard to give me all I asked for. Really? All I asked for was a quote, and it took all day. Not to mention I couldn't get the INTERNET salesman to email me back. Tuesday I sent a counter offer via email, completely low-balling them. The sales guy called me back saying they had accepted my offer. I emailed him back saying I needed confirmation of the offer in writing before I was driving to them. He sent a confirmation email back for the price I sent them.

I show up Wednesday evening to sign paperwork, and I immediately start getting the runaround. After watching the salesman "go run the numbers" for 30 minutes, I was done. He walked back to where I was sitting a few minutes later. I told him he had 20 more minutes to finish everything, and then I was leaving. I told him I didn't understand the problem since we'd already agreed, in writing, on the price of the vehicle. His sales manager came over with a price sheet, completely wrong. He, the sales manager, showed me the confirmation email and then proceeded to not honor it.

I know car salesmen are twisted folks to begin with, but when there's a written agreement, it should be honored. Also, internet sales should be just that. A sale through the internet, with paperwork being the only thing waiting once I arrive at the dealership.

Bill G. | 2013-01-22

Stopped in to take a look at the CX-5.
Not a bad looking vehicle.
Salesman not overly pushy. But, did really pressure for a TO before leaving.

Eric R. | 2012-06-08

So... moving a one-car family to a bigger city with two working people requires a 2nd car.  I looked around at a few dealerships before landing at Munday Mazda.

I hate going anywhere and having to deal with commissioned sales people... the lies and the tactics really just serve to piss me off since I'm familiar with most of them.

The saleswoman who took me out to test drive the couple of cars I was looking at was nice enough.  I found a car I was interested in and the price was already under value (they must have bought it really cheap to list it at the price they had... and I don't really care what they paid for it or how money they make as long as I'm not paying over value on it).

I visited on a weekday morning during the limited hours I have to do business.  I told them what time I needed to leave to get ready and head to work for the evening.  A dealer's favorite words... "no problem".  So, it gets to be about 10 minutes after the time I told them I needed to leave and I asked them to call me with the details.

Just a few more minutes I'm told... but sorry, I'm past the deadline I was very up front about.  I know your sleazy sales tactics all but require that you keep me in the dealership at all costs, but I can't just sit around all day and play that game.

Then the B.S. starts... "we can't talk numbers with you over the phone, it's illegal" (ummm... no it's not), "the sales manager can't call you and talk about your personal information over the phone, he hasn't met you" (uhhh... okay?), and my favorite "we'll just look at these when you can come back" while the sales manager dramatically slams the folder with the paperwork in it down on the desk (well screw you too... you just want to talk numbers in person so it's not so easy for me to walk away if I don't like them), .

So, I walk out and have no intention of going back.  I went to buy a car, not play games.  A few hours later my phone starts ringing... it's Wells Fargo calling me about my financing application and then minutes later the dealership calling me to (surprise!) go over the numbers over the phone.  Apparently, the sales manager who slammed the folder down in front of me could circumvent the law and talk details over the phone with me since he'd met me... WTFever.

I went back at lunch and signed the papers and left.

Two stars because I got a clean car at a good price, but no extra stars because of their shifty tactics.  Unfortunately for them, we'll be replacing our other car in the next 6-months and buying another one... but it won't be from here.  I'll be finding another dealership and hoping for less crappy tactics.  Hopefully I will find a dealership in the area that plays less games and cares more about servicing their potential customers.