Munday Chevrolet in Houston, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Munday Chevrolet in Houston, TX.

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Munday Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(832) 436-2457
Address:17800 N Fwy, Houston, TX, 77090
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Munday Chevrolet

Ivana N. | 2015-04-21

Great experience purchasing my new Tahoe. The dealership did not have the vehicle in stock but quickly (while I was on the phone with Doug Surbrook) located a vehicle meeting my criteria about 200 miles away and paid to get it delivered. Doug was great as well as Keith Moore. Jackie Watson from the finance team was a dream to work with and found a great financing offer. Overall, honest, honorable, great service, good price - easy decision for me to do business with this dealership and definitely recommend them for anyone looking for their next vehicle.

Mariana P. | 2015-04-09

I have never been so dissapointed in a customer service experience.  I was trying to buy a used 2014 chevy sonic lt. The sales person that showed us a car was new and knew nothing about the car he was showing us. He then passed us on to someone that was experienced but was was rude and completely  ignored me  and only spoke to my boyfriend  even though I was clear the car would be mine.  After getting a potentially better salesman, we expressed our concerns about the car that it smelled of smoke and had a broken air vent. Both of these things were agreed to be fixed if I purchased the vehicle.  I was told the car would be ready no later than Tuesday. It was Friday when we signed all our papers.   When we went in tues to get the car the air vent was not fixed, and the seat had a burn mark where they melted it where they tried to steam the smell out. There was also a rip in the ceiling where they scrubbed  the top raw. He said he would get it repaired and would call me on wed to let me know the status. I got no call and when I called on Thursday everything was still not done and he said he couldn't give me an estimated date of when it would be done. We've been bounced around trying to get ahold of our sales guy. When I did reach him he said it wasn't his fault that everything was taking so long. While I agree it's not his fault, he is the face of our experience and I would expect that he would make sure things are being done by the date he quoted us. This dealership as a whole has been really incompetent and I would not recommend this location to anyone looking for an easy car buying experience. We will be canceling our order and going to another dealership even though it means buying a new car at a higher  rate.

Dave G. | 2015-04-01

Your milage may very

Thomas T. | 2015-03-22

Visited the dealership over the weekend.  I have been to several in the Bryan - College Station area and got the run around,  no I don't have perfect credit. But Munday didn't treat me like that not like the ones where I live trying to give me so little for my trade in and there was nothing they could for me, I spent most of Saturday there but I got approved and drove off with a Chevrolet Silverado and a better interest rate and I was very happy with Sam and Andrew during the whole process will definitely will be back for my Camaro hopefully next year.

Karen P. | 2015-03-10

Great place to buy a car.  HORRIBLE place to have it serviced.  I had an appointment to get my oil changed.  I waited for 30 minutes no one would wait on me.  I am supposing because I am a woman because they sure ran right out and helped the guys.  I went in and ASKED for help and some guy said, yeah we will get to you.  They didn't, I left.  I WILL go back to buy a car but never to have serviced.  This is the 3rd time they have treated me badly.  Now my goal is to share my experience with EVERYONE on the internet.  Never use their shuttle, if it rains when it is time to pick you up, they will tell you that they cannot because of the rain.  The woman who takes your money at the service department found it extremely funny that I had to pay 60 dollars for a cab because their shuttle doesn't run in the rain.  I wish I could give you NO stars.  

The sales team are a joy to work with, but DO NOT GET YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE!!  I am considering taking out a billboard......

Candice W. | 2015-03-04

Highly annoyed with customer care. I'm not sure if it's because I am a woman but in order to get anything done with them my husband had to call up. Nothing was being taking seriously, every time I called I was transfered to someone else. Their interaction with persons over the phone is terrible.

Christine S. | 2014-11-28

Wow.  I've never given any business 1 star, but this has truly been quite the experience.  I was in town for thanksgiving visiting friends, when one had vehicle issues.  There were sparks coming from the steering column, which is obviously cause for concern!  The call was made to the service department immediately and an appointment made for 0915, the day after the call made.  I followed her to the dealership, explosion free, where she explained the issue and dropped the keys off with the service technicians, fully expecting a call back on the results of the computer diagnostic within a reasonable amount of time.  We began making calls to check the status around 1pm, because I needed to get on the road to return home, which is states away.  
Her first call was passed to several different people and ultimately ended up with a voicemail.  Nobody called back after 45 minutes, so another call was made.  This time she spoke to a human, Joe, but was told her vehicle hadn't even been looked at.  Remember, this was a simple diagnostic that was needed at this point.  No repairs were expected since the diagnosis wasn't made yet.  It takes a couple of minutes to get codes off the computer and they'd had the vehicle going 5+ hours past the appointment time.  Then when her boyfriend got on the phone and asked what the timeline for the car to simply be seen was.  Whomever he spoke to called him rude, but he never once cursed or called any names, he was asking why the car hadn't been seen and how many cars had appointments prior to ours and the technician wouldn't be straight with him and ended up putting his manager, Lance on the phone, who also couldn't answer why the car hadn't even be looked at and said no to a comp car so they could get to work the next day.  Lance said it was against company policy and gave no timeline in when the diagnostic would be ran and actually hung up on her boyfriend!  He called back a few minutes later and by that time we had all had enough of the poor customer service.  I had to take her to get her car, still extremely unsafe to drive, and follow her home again.  
I wasn't able to leave for home and had to push my schedule over another day, her car is still a death trap on wheels, and not a single apology was given for the whole thing.  
Thank god I don't drive a Chevy!!!

Steve M. | 2014-10-28

Munday Chevrolet were an absolute joy to deal with. No high pressure sales tactics. My salesman "G" MaCumber was also a pleasure to work with. He listened to me and helped me find the right car/fit for my needs. Tell G that Steve Moore recommended him as your sales agent. He is topnotch to deal with.
I also appreciated the fact that Munday Chevrolet did not have any problem with me financing with my out of state Credit Union whom I have been dealing with for years.

Jim T. | 2014-09-20

This dealership has always treated me well. They have improved their customer lounge area, with large leather chairs. They even made a second lounge area. Both with large screen TV's.

One heck of a coffee/expression/latte machine serves free coffee's all day long. For those who was juice or cola's, various vending machines abound.

Free WIFI, and they even have a recharging station.

Excellent service!

Herman M. | 2014-08-19

I bought a used car last month from them ...the front bumper had a minor damage. My sales men agreed to get it " taken care of" this was only the beginning of my nightmare. Soon after they "fixed" my bumper I notice two white streaks running down the panel of my car. Which someone spilled some kind of chemical liquid on it. It was eating on my paint. Then my back bumper had a scratch on it which was never there...after going back and forth they agreed to fix it well they only fixed the back bumper not the front panel. And all I get. Is unprofessional people telling me well you bought it used.  I did not buy it with that damage . The damage was caused by the dealership and not by me and now they won't fix it. And everyte me I go I have to stand around to be helped these people are so unprofessional, rude, and quite frankly don't care about anything after you buy the car .....I will never go and get my car fixed there again and I recommend that no one buy your chevy car from there because they suck. I hate it I hate this place they have ruined my first car purchased

Chris D. | 2014-07-09

The service dept has always been good.   They do not update to car-fax and cannot explain why so I am only giving 4 stars.   Pat in service is really good.

As for the reviewer who gave 1 star for Munday listing a car with 1600 miles as new, well it is new and they are 100 percent correct, until a car is titled its a "new car".   Calling someone loser's and such over something like that??

Stephanie M. | 2014-06-24

I've been getting my oil changes at Munday for 3 years, and this was BY FAR the best experience I have ever had with the service department! Joe was extemely friendly and helpful when I called to make the appointment.  My service was completed in a timely manner and everyone provided excellent customer service from beginning to end. Thank you for making my opinion of the service department much more positive because I love Munday Chevy!

Alicia R. | 2014-06-04

I was extremely impressed with Jonathan and Josh. They were very professional and made sure they answered any and all questions that I had. They went out of their way to get me in a car that I would love in the price range I could afford and I really appreciate that!

Ingrid M. | 2014-05-05

I went in today for my second oil change on my Camaro. The service department is so unorganized. This is the second time they get all confused with collecting payment from me. I also had to wait 30 minutes before someone even asked what they could help me with, and 2 hours to get the oil changed. I've always gotten my oil changes at the dealerships but this one has just been super annoying! If I would've known I wouldn't have gotten the service package, and taken my business elsewhere where they even wash you car too!! Waste of time and money!
I do appreciate the work rooms they have while you wait, and the sales department. Only reason I gave them 3 stars! Art and his boss were very helpful!

Amber S. | 2014-03-27

Very dissatisfied with the level of service we received from this dealership. We worked with Tex. He originally came off as a nice guy. We went there hoping to purchase a brand new car (Malibu or Camaro) as a 2nd vehicle. We were trading in a 2012 Harley-Davidson, and we knew that we'd have to roll some negative equity onto the new vehicle. After wasting at least 5 hours, it came time to crunch numbers and get a monthly payment in our budget. Not telling us what they were giving us for our trade in, we noticed it on the paper - only $3000, for a bike that sells for $9000 (not including the $2700 in upgrades the bike had) used around here.  Once we found out they were only giving us $3000, we got up and walked out. They attempted to get us back in. The manager came out to talk to us, told us that the people who buy the bikes from them offered the $3000, not them. Let me include we are not originally from TX. We're here on military orders. Knowing we were new here, they made us feel stupid and unknowledgeable. We may be unfamiliar with this area, but we do know when someone is trying to screw us over by saying our Harley sells brand new for $7000 here. Lies! One other issue I had is they never let me test drive a Camry. I told them I was interested in a Camry as well, and they tried to tell us how much better the Malibu was. He agreed to let me test drive a used Camry from the pre owned lot. That never happened. After walking out, we took our business elsewhere. We ended up with a brand new 2014 Camry from another dealership. We were given $5500 trade in for our Harley and got our payments for the Camry right where we wanted them. I will not recommend Munday to anybody. I'm expecting a reply from the dealership on this page. Please, don't try to upsell your dealership with nice replies. With all these negative reviews, people are sure to steer clear of your place no matter how you reply.

Skarlet M. | 2014-01-03

Horrible customer service. They want to charge $1000 to change the cables to the battery when it is cover under the extend warranty. Their excuse is that it is the battery fault which is no longer under warranty which makes the extend warranty void.

Victoria V. | 2013-10-01

**IT WAS HORRIBLE!** They put me in a 2014 Chevy Camaro on a Saturday and it took almost 2 weeks before a bank could get me financed. First it was more money down and no cosigner, then it was you need a cosigner and no now the bank wont approve you for a 2014, only a 2013. Then they ran the numbers for a 2013 without asking me and were so persistent on putting me in a 2013 AFTER then had already had me in 2014. Granted, my credit was not perfect but they should have NEVER put me in a vehicle that they couldn't work with me on. Every time I called no one returned my calls I had to go up there an talk to them and still no answers. Needless to say, HORRIBLE SERVICE I WOULD NEVER SEND ANYONE HERE! I went to LONESTAR CHEVROLET and received the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE and left with a 2014 Camaro..funny thing is the same bank that supposable wouldn't approve me at MUNDAY, approved me at Lonestar....hmmmmmmm isn't that some s**t?!

Tim W. | 2013-09-13

Pleasant and Andrew know what they are doing.  They handled the purchase of our vehicle SO well.  I traded in two vehicles on a new Traverse, and I couldn't be happier.  We will definitely be using them again!

Betsy C. | 2013-08-05

Keith Moore at Munday Chevrolet is EXCELLENT!!! This is the 3rd vehicle my family has purchased with Keith in a year and a half. He is the primary reason we keep returning to Munday, if not the only reason. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, Keith Moore is the man to see!!!!

Tina K. | 2013-08-01

Sal Watson was very attentive to our needs. He went above and beyond to get us in a new car. Munday chevrolet was our best car buying experience, and Sal Watson was fantastic!!!!

Ibrahim F. | 2013-07-29

Went in for a new tahoe purchase. Found one I liked but was informed that the "new" car had 1600 miles on it - tried to convince me that it is still "new" since "it was never titled" and asked for the same "invoice price." Does it say "stupid" on my forehead? Get lost, losers!!

Roxanne S. | 2013-06-13

This dealership has its stuff together! I took my truck in for its first oil change and  it was fast and I know the job was done right!  I was greeted right away when I pulled in and they got right to work which meant a short wait for me. I totally trust them with my truck that I love so much.

Diana N. | 2013-01-14

Bought a used Lincoln mkx from them and they did not disclose that the entire drivers side had been wrecked!

Melissa J. | 2012-09-23

Thanks so much to the internet department at Munday Chevrolet.  You were the only dealership that responded to me quickly and with the information I needed.  I am a busy mom of 3 so to be able to do the leg work before I went to the dealership was a  great help.  I love my Suburban and could not be happier.

Liah O. | 2012-05-08

Extremely poor service from Enterprise Car Rental Onsite and poor assistance from Munday Chevrolet - what a disappointment.  I received excellent service from Louis over the phone and when delivering my vehicle for service the next day.  I asked about car rental and he transferred my call to Enterprise Car Rental on site.  I spoke with a woman by the name of Ebony and told her I was dropping my car off for service the next day at 7:30 am and would need a car rental and she gave me an appointment the following morning.  Things went downhill from there.  The following day, I dropped my car off at 7:30 and Louis directed me to the Enterprise cubicle in the dealership.  There was a note from Ebony stating that she was out back washing cars.  I waited for over 40 minutes for her to return.  I brought it to the attention of several people within the dealership and their attitude was that it wasn't their problem, it was enterprise's.  The receptionist at the front desk was only willing to page her (which wasn't effective) and told me that I would have to call the Enterprise 1-800 number.  I spoke with a Munday Chevrolet service manager who is located closest to the car rental desk and all he was willing to do was another ineffective page.  Ebony resurfaced around 8:10 and said that I technically wasn't at the enterprise desk at precisely 7:30 since I was dropping my vehicle off with Louis at service and she had no obligation to wait for me.  I asked to speak with her manager and she advised that I would have to call her manager on my cell phone.  I attempted to make that call and was placed on hold for another 10 minutes.  I explained to Ebony that the 40 minute delay was a huge inconvenience and she was not willing to offer any type of compensation or facilitate a call with her manager.  My experience at Munday was off to a great start but I was greatly disappointed when the Enterprise desk was left unmanned for 40 minutes at peak morning pickup hours and the Munday employees were uninterested in helping me resolve the issue and at least find the Enterprise employee.  While they say it is not their problem, it effects the overall customer experience and it could have been resolved by having someone walk to the back where Ebony was washing cars.  Very poor customer service, very poor or non-existent response from Ebony's manager Ewan and very poor assistance from Munday Chevrolet in resolving a customer care issue.

Cindy H. | 2012-04-23

I went to buy my third SUV from Munday, since the new management team, it's kind of like the old LandMark Chevrolet.  (LandShark).   The professionlism wasn't there at all.  I was trading in a Audi A6 for a Tahoe.  They came back with one offer and when I said no, and countered their offer they came back and handed me my keys.  They said it was a NO DEAL.  I went to  Wiesner Chevorlet in Conroe, bought a GMC Yukon Denali for less money, fully loaded and the service was excellent.  In and out in two hours.  And the Manager was a gentleman!   BUY FROM WIESNER in Conroe.

Eve F. | 2011-04-09

*service center only review*
Worst customer service we've ever encountered.

Our baby hasn't been feeling well lately. She's still a looker, but has 150K miles on her.

We were supposed to get a diagnostic and estimate call by noon today. NOTHING BY 12:30pm

Called in ourselves and spoke to a guy who said our contact was not in, he was gonna track him down and call us back. NOTHING BY 2:30pm...


Called at 2: 30 pm and the service center was closed...aarrrggggg!

Called the main number, got a head honcho who contacted the service dept's head honcho.  

After all was said and done, we were able to pick up our baby, without written documentation of diagnosis and (just as well) we weren't charged for the crappy service.

Never again Munday!
First impressions matter to me, and you really made a terrible one!


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