Mossy Nissan Houston in Houston, TX

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Mossy Nissan Houston

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 589-5300
Address:12150 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77079
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mossy Nissan Houston

Matthew D. | 2015-04-07

I purchased my vehicle new in 2012; it was the updated style from the previous year. The initial experience was good. My wife and I found the correct color and options that suited our needs. However since we've taken the car home we've encountered a host of problems.

The 1st major issue was in March of 2014; I had taken the car into a local Firestone. I was informed that I could not get my state registration because the on board computer was not sending a signal to their scanner device. I was given a report stating exactly what was going on with the car. I then contacted Mossy Nissan to inform them what was going on I was told to bring my vehicle by so they could look at it. The entire process took approximately two and a half hours. I asked my service technician if they found the issue! His response was, "yeah looks like you might have knocked some wires loose while driving." This was strange to me being the technician Firestone showed me that the compartment was just behind the steering. I'm 5'8" so there's no way possible this could've happened. I noticed my turn signals started making noises that were not there previously, I notice the lighting in the instrument cluster had also changed two. These were all new changes that should've been standard on the car, now mysteriously on the car.

The 2nd major issue was late November of 2014; I had taken my car in for a "Check Engine Light" now at 39,000 miles I thought this was huge problem. I get the oil, fluids and filters changed regularly and in most cases before it is necessary. After waiting at the dealer for 6 hours I was informed there was nothing wrong with my car. Reginald Prater the service manager then informed me that they unplugged the sensor for the light so it could turn of. As I stated the problem was still there, he suggested that I schedule another appointment the following week. At the second appointment I waited for 5 hours this time, without any follow up about my vehicle repair progress. 30 minutes later I walked up to the service desk to see what was going on, I was informed that the computer system on my car needed to be replaced and programmed. Reginald then told me that he had been on the phone with Nissan Corporation to get programming authorization. 2 hours later I was able to drive my vehicle home when again the "Check Engine Light" came back on. Now its mid December 2014; I had to scheduled a third appointment, I was told that I have to now pay $120.00 to have my car diagnosed to find out what the problem was. I didn't understand why because the problem was never fixed initially. I paid the fee to have my car "diagnosed" I was then told the "Mass Air Flow Sensor" was broken but it would be covered under my warranty. I agreed to have my car repaired by Mossy.

During this repair I had received a survey form the company, I gave a negative review as I discussed my dissatisfaction with the diagnostic process. Reginald noticed this review he came to apologize for the inconvenience. Shortly after I was told the repair was complete and, I can drive my vehicle home. As I left the dealership I noticed it was hot outside and wanted to use my air conditioning, i turned it on but but hot air was gusting out. I called Reginald to explain my a/c wasn't working now and, that it had worked prior to me taking the car in. His response was, "let me get back to you." At this point I was more than fuming about this whole ordeal, I decided to take my car to Christian Brothers Automotive for a diagnostic on the a/c. Following a short wait I was informed their was a puncture in the "Air Conditioning Condenser." I was informed that this only occurs when a foreign object has punctured the condenser. This repair would cost me at least $800.00. I called Reginald the following day to explain what the issue was; again he said he "would get back with me." After waiting a few months without any follow up I decided to contact Nissan Corporate office about the issue. After filing a claim and a brief 24-hour wait I was informed by John in the claims department there wasn't much they could do. John mentioned that he would personally call the dealership and get me an appointment. Now its April 7, 2015, I hope my car can be repaired. I honestly believe the condenser on my car had been broken intentionally.

Unfortunately, this was my first and definite last Nissan purchase. My family has bought several vehicles from this dealership the past years. I will use this a testimony to make sure my family does'nt give any future business to Nissan or this dealership.

Josie J. | 2015-04-06

Went in for oil change and was out in 30 min. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Over all it was a great experience.

John M. | 2015-04-06

Emailed dealership with interest in a used 13' BWM 335is.  Received a timely response from a gentleman named Mo.  Made an offer on the vehicle, and told him it was a one shot deal.  He agreed to offer the next day.  Submitted our financial information online and got approval that same day within an hour.  Picked up my wife's dream car the next afternoon.  It doesn't get any easier than that.  Great finance department as well.  I know how hard it is in these times to see anything online that is good about any car dealership.  That is the reason I took the time to write this.  People only comment when their experience isn't truly exceptional.  I think that is an unreasonable expectation.  These guys did everything right, and they never told me something that wasn't true.  I didn't leave there hooping and hollering, but they did a great and efficient job in selling me a car.  Nothing more...nothing less, and that my friends should be enough.

Van T. | 2015-04-05

Let me start off by saying that ever since I purchased my Nissan Quest 2012, I've been going to Mossy Nissan for all of the auto maintenance services (yes, oil changes too) since it is literally down the street from me. The customer service there has always been great, and no matter how long (or short) my visit was, the service advisor would always keep me informed on the status of my car.  Well, that all changed on Thursday, 4/2/15 to a point where I refused to ever come back again.  

In preparation for the 3-day weekend, I decided to bring my car in for an express oil change. I called to see what time was their last appointment for an oil change and Shelby the service advisor stated that as long as I come in by 6:45 pm then they would service my car since they close at 7 pm.  She asked if I wanted to make an appointment so I told her 5:30 pm.  I arrived a few minutes before my appointment and waited for the only female (presumably Shelby) behind the counter to become available.  She checked me in, got my keys and told me she will give me status of my car while it's being serviced.  I waited and waited and didn't get any updates from her. It was fine for me since I was only getting an oil change.  But I was still a little perturbed by her for telling me she would do something and not following through.  Anyhow.  I waited and waited for an hour. (Which is typical when I'm there for an oil change since it comes with a complimentary car wash.)  So 10 minutes after waiting an hour, I walked outside and saw my car parked on the side. I'm thinking that my car is done and that it's waiting for a wash.  I saw Shelby on the loading area and asked her status of my car.  Shelby stated that my car hasn't been seen yet because they only have three technicians.  I asked her how come she didn't give me updates on my car like she said she was going to so that I can decide whether I want to wait or not.  Shelby said she had forgotten until she saw me just now.  Seriously?!??!!  It was almost closing and there were only four other customers there waiting!!  How are you going to tell your customer that you had forgotten about them??  I was so livid for spending over an hour there waiting for nothing that I told her to give me my car.  Shelby didn't apologize or anything, but just strutted along to get my car.  I was sooo livid that I was determined never to return again.  As she was getting my car, I walked back inside the service area and asked to speak to the manager.  I told Rafael Molina and a big tall African American guy (after hour manager) about my conversation with Shelby and that I should've been informed if they were short staffed so that I can decide whether I wanted to wait or not.  They told me they had more than three technicians in the back and when they called the back to see if they were busy, apparently they were not because Rafael promised to get my car serviced within 20 minutes free of charge.  It was obvious to me that Shelby blatantly lied to me for whatever reason I don't care to speculate.  When my car was finally completed around 7:15 pm, I went to the counter to get my invoice.  Shelby attempted to apologize in front of her peers and I told her to don't even bother because she blatantly lied to me so don't even try to start apologizing.  I was still so upset with her for wasting my time and acting so nonchalant about lying. She obviously had forgotten about my car, but instead of taking accountability she just lied.

Overall, Rafael and the big tall African American gentleman rectified the issue in a professional manner and provided the great customer service that I always had at Mossy Nissan service dept.  Because of them (thus the three stars rather than one star), I will return again but I will NOT go to Shelby.

XDkanaan X. | 2015-03-30

Mossy Nissan is a joke! Bought a car and got extended warranty and it means nothing!! You still have to pay 120 for a diagnostic for your car! If you buy a car don't buy any of the extra stuff because it is a complete joke! You pay all this money to what still have to pay 120 for them to even look at it and then if they find nothing wrong they keep the 120. They are con artists to get every dollar out of you! Try don't care about customer service they care about trying to get all the money. Which I know is all car dealerships but you would think you pay all this money for extended warranty for nothing! DO NOT BUY EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen N. | 2015-03-20

Poor customer service. They do not know how to balance between their work load and the amount of customers they need to take care of. I had to wait for 6 hours from the time I bought in my car for service to the time they told me that they couldn't do the repair until the next day. They didn't have a rental car so I had to bring my car back the next day. They were able to do the repair but my sensor did not go off. I had to bring my vehicle back and see what else was wrong. Then we figured out the problem. If the technician did a more detail job, they would have caught the two problems and fixed it there and then.

Paul T. | 2015-03-18

I had an excellent, comfortable experience buying a new Rogue at Mossy Nissan.  Thank you Wes.  I had just come from another dealer who was pushy, unorganized, and chaotic - I walked out of the negotiations.  I drove straight to Mossy and was greeted with a calm, tranquil, soft-music filled atmosphere.  Wes was the first person I saw, and with the smile on his face, I knew this was going to work.  He found a car quickly, retrieved it, and told me all about in a friendly, professional manner.  Negotiations were a breeze; I had my new car in no time.  Thanks to Janet too!  I will recommend Mossy and Wes to anyone.  Thanks again!

Tee W. | 2015-03-01

We came to test drive a car & inquire about a trade-in. The trade-in value was fair & we got a decent price on our car. Not only was the salesman (Wes S.) friendly & knowledgeable but he managed to get us out in 5 hours on a Saturday (just in time to make an unrelated appointment)!

*3/10/2015 Update*

Took my vehicle in to get the home link mirror installed. Was told it would take 4 hours for the work to be completed but in reality it took 6 hours. I would've appreciated it more if the estimated time given to me was more accurate so I could've planned my day better.

In addition, I was initially told (when I set up the appointment) there was a shuttle service available to take me home & pick me up so I didn't have to wait at the dealership for hours. I arrive for my appointment & ask for more details about the shuttle & was informed the shuttle was only available for customers who lived nearby & it didn't apply to me because I lived outside this radius. Obviously the staff member setting up appointments was not aware of the limited radius for the shuttle & that was why I was misled (or misinformed). I would've been livid if I was stuck at the dealership the entire day all because Nissan staff misinformed me about their shuttle service but luckily my husband insisted on following me up there so he was able to take me home.

*3/26/2015 Update*

Husband took his car in to get new brake pads. He was told it would take about 3 hours. 3 hours really trsnslates to 8 hours & of course we ended up getting more than new pads. At least the service staff is pretty friendly.

Based on the two most recent experiences, I have to reduce my 5 star rating to just 4 star.

Mark P. | 2015-01-29

Service Department is so very slow and definitely don't really care about the customer. They advertise that their Express Lube service is 30 minute service. It is never less than one to one and a half hours for Express Lube no matter when I take it in. For regular repair, I made an appointment on line and when I went to check in, they said I didn't have one (even though I got 3 reminders in email). They said I should have called and not done it online! Then why do they offer it???? I ALWAYS do my service at a dealership where I bought my car. This is the WORST service that I have ever experienced.

Faisal P. | 2015-01-08

I'm inclined on leaving one star, but readers, you may need to read on to understand why I don't really need to go down that low as a disgruntled consumer.

My assistant called to inquire about service/maintenance I wanted done on a specific Nissan commercial vehicle that my company owns. He was told essentially that yes, the particular van was able to be serviced at this service center. Great, we head on over there later that day, to be told "well we work on the smaller model but not this one." I'm not faulting Mossy for not having the capability of being able or unable to service a specific model of a vehicle, I can completely understand certain limitations, and an inability due to not being able to house certain types of equipment or other hardware necessary for specific vehicles. I completely and fully understand it. It's not like we were expecting Walmart service of "they do EVERYTHING!" I'm annoyed though that my guy was told one thing by a service rep on the phone, but when he and I both take the time out of our work days to head out there and be told no, we don't, was a waste of our time. I don't doubt that the service center here may be great in their work, and who knows, if I ever decide to own another vehicle with this name badge Nissan (personally I'm a Mopar and E46 fan, so this isn't too likely anyway), I may be back to give it a shot. It just won't be any time soon.

Sharon P. | 2014-12-29

I had an appointment for a battery replacement on a Saturday afternoon and it took about an hour.  Overall service was good and nothing to make note about.  It's a dealership and if you are needing service, expect you will have to wait.  I recommend making an appointment early in the morning.

Andy I. | 2014-12-20

Unbelievable slow and uncaring service. Had an appointment at 8:15 am for a simple oil and air filter change. Took 4 hrs to complete. Everyone that came around me or shortly after had already had their service completed. Talking with the service rep led to nothing. Just kept telling me vaguely that his tech is working on it. Flat out didn't give a damn after I had asked politely two times about the status. What an absolute joke and utterly unprofessional. I had reservations about taking it to this dealership and this corroborated my initial thoughts.

Morad F. | 2014-11-18

ABSOLUTELY WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!  They have no idea of customer service!  I brought my car in at 8:00am for a simple diagnostic check and they did not even begin the check until the afternoon.  When I arrived to pick up my car at 6:00pm, they were not done with the simple task of changing the brake pads and flushing the brake fluid.  No one had any idea of what was going on with my car and I ended up staying at the dealership until 7:45pm to get this simple job done.  The closers could not answer simple questions pertaining to the status of my car, and when my car finally pulled up, NO ONE came to get me and explain to me that my car was ready/almost ready.  Extremely low level of situational awareness and after experiencing POOR service at Mossy Nissan TWICE now, I will NEVER bring my car back here....NOT EVEN for an oil change!!

When the service manager "Joe" called me to discuss my concerns and I told him how POOR the service was and the problems that I had with the service, he actually Hung UP on me!  WOW!  I was SHOCKED!!

George H. | 2014-11-03

I have been coming back to Mossy Nissan because the level of service I get from Bob Harris every time I bring my car for service is worth every penny I pay.  I am able to get my car in right away and it is ready for me within a few hours depending on what regular service I am there for.  And if it is going to take longer, they always let me borrow a car.  I usually work on my laptop in the customer waiting area using their wifi. I get more work done their than at my office because no one is bothering me.

Kristen M. | 2014-11-02

As usual Jairo was extremely helpful. He made sure that I was taken care of completely and arranged everything on the convenience of schedule. The work was done thoroughly and efficiently. I appreciate the outstanding customer service I received from not only Jairo, but from all of the people who helped me throughout my experience.

Don C. | 2014-10-12

second time at this dealership for service and not bad for pricing which is normally higher than a garage- they could have raked me over wound up just being a battery warranty for SEVEN years?? wow.  and about $100 same as an autoparts store

Nancy J. | 2014-09-09

So after posting my unfavorable review of Mossy's service department, the service manager replied via Yelp and asked me to contact him. I have to say that they went out of their way to undo their past missteps, even to the point of asking me to call them before I came in to ensure my visit would be stress-free. I have to say that the manager of the service department really went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of properly. Thanks for going out of your way to rectify the problem.

Linh H. | 2014-08-30

Awesome dealership! I was looking to buy a new Altima and found a great online from a Nissan dealer (with very poor reviews) all the way in Austin. Not wanting to drive to Austin and deal with potential shady dealers, I sent their low rate to about 7 dealerships around town. None of them would match it--one dealership said they would but ended up outright lying to me. Just when I was getting discouraged, I got a reply from Ashton, the owner's son himself, saying that he would match the price. I came in expecting more false pretenses, but when I came in, immediately I met with the salesman, Charlie, who gave me my out-the-door price upfront--$100 cheaper than my original price, as promised by Ashton! Charlie Bui was extremely kind--ask for him! Not only that, but the Financial Manager, Janet Cousins, was so friendly and honest about everything. Overall, my experience could not have been better. Thanks for a great car buying experience!

Yvette M. | 2014-07-22

Love this place! Very straightforward, very kind people! We got to work with Rudy and he was a very helpful salesperson. Would definitely recommend!

Alana M. | 2014-07-21

I love how courteous and friendly the staff was. They made it feel like I'd made a new friend I could trust, specifically Naka. I was told my wait time would be an hour but instead it was 2.5 hrs. so this was kind of frustrating. Also I think the services were about 20-25 over priced. But overall a good experience based on the rapport built by the staff.

Jen L. | 2014-05-27

This review is for the service department only. I have never purchased a car from this location. I really want to give them a 3.5 instead of 4 stars.

Overall, I would say that Mossy Nissan's service department is okay. The wait times to get anything serviced on your car are normally slow so be prepared to wait at least an hour.  The wait can become agonizing if you don't have a backup ride that will come and save you from boredom and hunger.

The waiting lobby is not plush with a bunch of extra perks and freebies. There is only one vending machine and a pot of coffee. However, the waiting area is clean. There are three to four tables near the service window where people can eat or work on their laptop, and there is free wifi.

The service technicians don't push extra services on you, and you have the option to decline them from completing a car service if it is outside of your budget.  At times, there does seems to be a lack of communication between the actual mechanics and the service technicians who man the customer service desks.

Kieu P. | 2014-03-09

Just got a preowned MB last week. I've been in love with it. Thanks Brad Hajizade.

Brian R. | 2014-02-28

I have been here 1 hour and 10 minutes and still waiting.  This is an express oil change?  
Update. We were in the waiting room for 1 hour and 20 minutes for the express oil change. Not sure what was going on but there were a few people in the waiting room all complaining about the wait time. Hope it was just a bad day.

Keith M. | 2014-02-27

This place is  Joke!!   They dont even know whats under warranty!     Had work down at Body shop very poor service and quality!   Went in to have Lifetime shocks looked at.  They looked at Miles said I was out of Warranty!   What does lifetime mean?  The 2011 PRO 4X WAS NOT OUT OF WARRANTY!    There to cheap to take care of the Truck!!  Why do I even  make a payment if they wont honor the warranty.

The service guys says its only a shock you buy it its not big deal. Wow Lets talk about the  Bilstein front shock that cost about 120 a piece then you never replace just one so 240 plus at least 200+ to install and its no big deal?

Warranty bull s--t

This place is a joke

Amanda E. | 2014-02-19

i purchased a new SUV less than a month ago from another dealership. Although Josh, one of the salesmen was helpful with my research, the other location was closer to family. I took my car in for service to check out my navigation screen. I called the service department and had an appointment within 30 minutes. David was very nice when I dropped off my car. But the pick up was absolutely horrendous. I got the call around 3:45 to say my car was ready and that I could pick it up by 7. I couldn't find a ride, and the courtesy shuttle was no longer running. So I took a $40 taxi ride to pick up my car. Upon arrival I was told by reception that my car was not ready, and they had no idea where my car was. After 15 minutes of me asking him what he could do, I was told to call a cab and come back in the morning. This made me extremely angry to hear, when I was told my car was ready over 4 HOURS earlier! So I got to the point that I asked to speak with ANYONE in a management position.  I then was directed to Herald. Who greeted me by saying.." oh, are you all hot and bothered?" Which is inappropriate in my opinion. I then told him what I was experiencing. He then tried to tell me I couldn't take my car without paying for service. There was no charge, so I asked him to call David. I'm not sure who he called, but Herald left the office. He returned with my paperwork and keys. I signed the papers and we went in search of my car. I found it and left with it working properly. I was not given any explanation on the mix up,  no "I'm sorry", and a negative view of this dealership. I'm glad my car is back in my hands, but this service experience was infuriating and a let down. Had I not been persistent in getting my car, I would have had to pay over $120 in taxi fees, be without a car or rental overnight, and been inconvenienced. After this experience I will drive an hour to Fred Haas Nissan who has an impeccable service team.

Wendy H. | 2014-02-13

Manipulative games with customers, tactless managers that trash other dealers and their own sales people to customers.  Never going back.

Eddie S. | 2014-01-10

Mossy Nissan is one of the best dealerships in town, in my opinion. If you're shopping for a new Nissan car, I recommend coming to this one over the rest. Why? They won't screw you over like most car dealerships will. I've been to several different Nissan locations and this one is by far the best I've been to.

When you're shopping for a new car, the salesmen are not pushy, they understand what it means when someone says they are just looking, but when it comes right down to business they are willing to work with you to figure out what is the best deal.

The service department is also great!! They are quick and efficient. I came here not long ago because my TPMS light turned on, Mossy Nissan was able to tell me why the issue was happening, gave me options to get it fixed, and even gave me their own opinion on the severity of the issue. I went to Baker Nissan for this same problem and they wanted to charge me $100 just to find out which tire is causing the TPMS light to turn on. Is that not a bunch of bull? I think so!

Like I said, come to the good guys here at Mossy Nissan!

Long T. | 2013-12-30

Recently purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima here and it was actually a rather pleasant experience.  I started my research online and got a few quotes throughout town on a specific configuration trim through .  After getting several quotes for a variety of trims from different dealerships (you may have to try different zip codes to get more several dealerships), I took the largest discount quote off MSRP and started emailing all of the dealerships in town with the quote to see if they could at least match it.  

Mossy was the only dealership that quickly and promptly told me by email they would easily beat the certified TrueCar quote from the other dealership.  Zee was their internet sales contact and she was prompt and quickly answered all my emails without pestering me by phone to come into the dealership or talk to her in person.  I preferred to handle as much as possible by email before stepping foot inside the dealership, and Zee made sure that Mossy the only dealership that didn't try to pressure me.

I pulled up their inventory on their website and picked out a few candidates that I liked.  Basically, went into the dealership on a Saturday afternoon, had them review my TrueCar quote (which they ended up beating by $200 for nearly $4500 off MSRP, or $3500 with 0% financing), and basically let me pick and choose which car I wanted under the True Car quote.  Using my list I pulled from researching their inventory in advance off the website, they pulled three cars for me to sit and examine before I chose one.  There were a few items I didn't need like dealer carpet floor mats (ended up buying rubberized aftermarket ones) so they had no problems removing and reducing the total price.  

After all was said and done, I was very happy with my experience and I highly recommend Mossy for their no hassle sales approach.

Ross B. | 2013-09-14

When having your car serviced the wait is always long, and the waiting area always smells like rank BO.  I'd also purchased an extended protection plan when I purchased my vehicle at another dealership.  For some reason, Mossy was unable to process, didn't know what it was, etc.  The General Motors (Chevy/Pontiac) dealership with my previous vehicle was always more timely, helpful, and at least the waiting area didn't stink.

Wendy Y. | 2013-08-23

Fastest car buying experience! From meeting the sales guy to driving away in our new car...everyone was friendly, and everything took only a couple of hours. No one was super sales-y so it never got uncomfortable. Ill come back if I have to get another car!

Anita P. | 2013-08-01

I am quite pleased to document my experience with this dealership for its service department -specifically Body Shop.  I personally met with 2 individuals but unfortunately do not recall the first gentleman who assisted me.  However I do recall the second individual who assisted me, Phill.  He was attentive, assuring, and thorough in handling my vehicle.  He ensured me that all concerns I had would be addressed and handled with care and in a time effective manner.  The service performed was completed beyond my expectations.  Service was delivered with a smile and high level of professionalism.  I look forward to working with this dealership as needed for all my vehicle concerns forthcoming.  Additionally, kudos to the sales staff for their professionalism and honesty when handling my recent vehicle purchase.
Finally an honest and professional dealership for Houston.  
Anita P.

Holly T. | 2013-05-07

Bought my first car from Mossy Nissan Yesterday. Excellent service!

Jenna C. | 2013-03-05

I had a good buying experience here but service has always been a major pain. As I type this I'm finally leaving after waiting an hour and 50 minutes for an oil change and air filter. Last time I was stuck here for an extra 40 minutes after my car was done because they lost my key. Easy in and out is never an option. Too bad because the people that do intake of your car always seem knowledgable and courteous.

Marissa R. | 2013-01-02

I drive a Nissan and every time it's time for an oil change, I bring it to the nearest Nissan dealer. This was my very first time at this particular Nissan dealer, and I was not at all satisfied with their service. The wait was extremely long and when it came to pay for an oil change, my discount was not given to me even when I first asked about my coupon. I didn't want to argue since I was a first time customer there, but it annoyed me that they agreed to giving me my discount but it didn't show up in the receipt. On the other hand, the guy in charge of my vehicle went through the inspection sheet thoroughly and made me feel relieved that when I drove out of the garage my car was running smoothly. Sorry Mossy Nissan but I will not be going back.

Edward T. | 2012-04-13

Heres exactly what the sales guy said. "we don't have manuals transmission cars, just buy another Honda."

it shows how much they want to please their customers. I was actually offended by his attitude and how he just shrugged it off.

Dean S. | 2012-03-19

I recently purchased a used vehicle from Mossy Nissan.  I had a great experience, mostly due to my salesperson Ray M.  I live in Austin but found a car I liked in Mossy's inventory.  After contacting Ray and making an offer, Ray helped facilitate the deal in many, many ways.  He knew I'd have to rent a car to travel to Houston to do the deal so he had everything ready for me when I arrived.  He had every piece of required documentation ready, he helped me return my rental car, he made sure my purchased car was detailed and had a full tank of gas, and then he followed up after the sale to make sure my drive back to Austin went well.  Truly an outstanding experience.

Jimmy W. | 2012-02-27

This review is for the service department at Mossy. I have taken my car here a few times over the past year for some work in the service department and have received fantastic service. The prices were more reasonable than other Nissan dealers in the area and the service is faster.  All the service reps I dealt with at Mossy are courteous and professional.  The waiting area is large and well lit, with free Wi-Fi and coffee.  As you can see from the other user pictures, their work area is extremely clean and organized and you can see most of it through a glass window from the waiting area. I would not hesitate to recommend Mossy Nissan for servicing your car.

Eric M. | 2012-02-01

I am delighted to be able to Yelp about a very positive car buying experience with Mossy.  While helping my fiance search for a new vehicle, we experienced both poor and great customer service in the same neighborhood.  After being VERY disappointed with an experience with the Honda dealer, we stopped by Mossy Nissan this past weekend to have a look at small-medium sport crossovers, of which Nissan offers several.  We worked with JD and he was really great.  He was honest and direct, not pushy, and really listened to what we wanted.  He had a friendly and fun approach that we truly appreciated.  We test drove a Juke and nearly bought one but along the way JD suggested that based on our needs (room for 4, dogs, golf clubs, etc), perhaps the slightly larger Rogue might be a better fit.  Also, he could offer a much more attractive deal on the established Rogue as compared with the freshman model Juke.  So, he did what was in OUR best interest, rather than try to upsell us to something more expensive/or higher margin.  I was also impressed that he and his sales manager Fritz fully understood our desire to think about it for a day or two before buying.  Most dealers are terrified to let you leave the lot because you might not come back. It was refreshing to have a major dealership treat us like a specialty dealer.  I expect this from Porsche..but it was a pleasant surprise from Nissan.  Great job guys, keep it up.

Fish V. | 2011-11-16

It's always kind of blah.  Not bad and nothing good really. Have to come here  to get dealer items. So I do. Have a kids playground, big plus.  Plastic hubcap whooping $75. The $30 days are gone! fast service and almost got away with not paying for it.  GET IT TOGETHER