Momentum Volkswagen in Houston, TX

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Momentum Volkswagen invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Momentum Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 596-3300
Address:2405 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX, 77098
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Momentum Volkswagen

John D. | 2015-04-13

I did not end up buying a car here, but I wanted to write a review for the salesperson, Ashone Johnson who was incredibly helpful. My wife and I were shopping for a new car and we reached out to Momentum to schedule a test drive. Ashone set things up for us and had the car ready for us when we arrived and answered all the questions we had. He was knowledgeable of the product and was respectful of our time and not at all pushy.

I would have no hesitation recommending this dealership and Ashone to anyone in Houston shopping for a VW.

Caroline B. | 2015-03-08

Yesterday my tire blew out. I didn't have the right toolset to remove the anti-theft bolts. I called Momentum and within 30 minutes I was on my way again. Jorge and Kevin helped me out. I will always support this business.

Bruce J. | 2015-02-26

Just don't know what to say, really beside myself. Seems the only way to get attention is to complain and go to the top. But I have to wonder why some of the people here are still here. I walk into service and am greeted with less than enthusiasm. One guy looked up from his phone long enough to snarl at me. Finally a guy that seems to like his job asked how he could help me. Management talks a good game but they really seem to have little impact on performance. There are too many options for me to get VW service, why would I put up with the multitude of problems I've had here.

Joe M. | 2015-02-06

Excellent experience; I went there at the service dept to address an issue related to airbag system.
They contacted me after few hours to let me know parts were ordered and expected to come in two days.
They also provided me with a loaner car and they promptly called me day after saying car got parts replaced ahead of time since shipment arrived earlier than expected.
They also solved another issue l pointed out in such a great way.
VW Momentum is Highly recommended for great service dept and outstanding customer service.

Joe Mancini

Leila P. | 2015-01-21

Customer since 2007. Just got my 3rd Jetta at this dealership. I love the customer service here, Jamaal Taylor has outstanding service and will always have my business. Come check out the 2015 models!!!

Tiffaney L B. | 2015-01-20

We had a great buying experience here!  Buying a car can be so stressful but they made it easy.  We are from Austin and saw the vehicle online, it was a certified preowned volkswagen.  It was a Saturday morning and we made the decision to purchase the vehicle but would not be able to make it to Houston until Tuesday.  They kindly held the vehicle for us until Tuesday.  We also did not want to drive two cars home so we took the bus to Houston.... they came and picked us up from the bus depot.  We worked with Jamal and David.  Both were great to work with and took care of us.  They have also called to follow up and make sure everything was good with the car.  I would definitely purchase another vehicle from Momentum Volkswagen!  Thanks!

Epicure E. | 2015-01-14

I went for a 50K mile service here. I was told that it costs 549$. I asked why would it cost that much for a 50K mile service. Then the rep changed it to basic service.

I mentioned that my brakes are not working well. But they forgot to even check my brakes. When I forced them to check brakes, they told that my brakes are extremely worn. So they only checked when I insisted on it.

My car bulbs were working fine as far as I know. But my receipt says customer complained about bulbs. Bulbs are not working. So we replaced. I never complained about bulbs. This is a rip off.

This is the second time I am having an issue with this dealership. I used to travel as a consultant. I took my car for service in Charlotte, Philadelphia and Stamford. By far this the worst service I have seen for my 2011 VW CC.

Colton M. | 2014-12-31

I had an mildly acceptable experience purchasing a new 2014 Jetta S. I traded my 2012 Honda Civic in and was given a low trade in value of around 9000 dollars. Anyhow.. At least they were honest about the total price of the Jetta and they didn't try to jack up the price with dealer add-on's. However, a few days after purchasing the vehicle i began having trouble unfastening my seat belt and the Instrument Panel Dimmer Switch fell back in to the dash. I took the car in for servicing and that's where the real trouble arose. I dealt with completely incompetent and disrespectful service staff who made me feel like i was a bother to them and that my problems didn't matter. The service manager Robert Jackson being the worst of the group, I haven't been back since but i would hope they have fired and replaced him by now.

Ashe R. | 2014-12-29

Bought my GTI from Momentum! Top notch experience. Best price in the City! I love my GTI!  No cheesy "car sales" junk... Great, laid back dealership.

T B. | 2014-11-15

Bought a used car from here yesterday. Had one of the best car buying experiences I have ever had. Huge thank you to David and Steve. Both went above and beyond to make sure I we taken care of.

Danish B. | 2014-11-06

In response to the manager's comment on my review: of course I do not have my real name on yelp, silly!!! I have the receipt to prove I was there. My niece was in an etiquette class at Tony's Restaurant and I was picking her up from there when I got a flat. I was at the Exxon and drove my car across the street to the VW Dealership, where I was helped and purchased a new tire for my GTI.

Julie Y. | 2014-10-29

Horrible customer service. I walked in and didn't get greeted nor asked what I needed assistance with until 5 minutes of just standing there. I had made an appointment to get an oil change and a car check up, but was told it would take 4-5 hours. I usually don't make appointments and do walk-ins and get seen and finished within 2 hours. What was the point of making an appointment?!

Liam C. | 2014-10-21

The service department guys are not all that friendly and the system is unclear. You drive up into the service lanes but most of the time no one asks if u need help. Most of the time u walk in and wait at one of the service consultants counters and they barely address u. There needs to be a more established system and check in method. One time I went in and waited at my assigned service consultant's counter. After a while a different service consultant smartly addressed me and said "if you're waiting for him your going to be waiting quite a while cause he's not here." Then he started my appt.  How about u just have a set check in?  I don't like ANY of the guys that work as a service consultant with the exception of Jen. She is the only friendly one. Hopefully she's always there when we bring in our car.  for Jen and  for everyone else.

Sam P. | 2014-10-14

I bought a certified preowned VW at Momentum VW 2 years ago.
The car is great. The service - the worst I have ever seen!!!
To begin with, their prices are 60-70% yes; 60-70% higher than other authorized VW dealerships.
There is absolutely no reason for that. I stopped servicing my car there and moved to another dealership (Saved over $200 on one service).
Their service advisors are rude, arrogant and treat you as if they are doing you a big favor for talking to you.
VW is a great car; Momentum VW in Houston is the WORST dealership. Stay away if you can!!!

Jana P. | 2014-09-24

Overall experience here is just 3 stars. Customer service is ok. The service department is ok as well. I wish they had a loaner car when you turn your car into the shop for fixing but they don't. You can rent a car from Hertz for a day or more which is usually not worth it but granted. We live in Houston which we will need a car.

The only plus this that I can say is recently we were able to bring our dogs in the waiting area.

Meghan M. | 2014-09-09

I used to enjoy my service here, but I had terrible service yesterday.

I brought in my 2012 Jetta yesterday for 40K mile service and my service tech, Ken, barely spoke to me or greeted me. I waited at his desk for a good amount of time before anyone even noticed me. Once he did finally notice me, he abruptly took my keys and said he'd take a look at it before even asking me if there was anything else I needed checked out while the car was being serviced.

I take their shuttle to work and I also needed to have it pick me back up from my office when the car was ready. 4:00 rolls around (I took my car in at 7:30) and I still had not received any notice if the car was finished or not. After 5 calls to the service department and either getting "transferred" or having my calls dropped, I finally learned that my car was ready much earlier and Ken apparently had called me to tell me it was ready - Which he did not, nor did he leave a message. There is nothing that I hate more than being lied to by a business!

I asked the service manager to have the shuttle service call me to schedule a pick up from my office, but he never did. Either the service manager didn't give the shuttle driver the memo or the driver just didn't care. Either way, I had to take a $20 cab ride to the dealership on top of my almost $500 oil change.

I love my VW, but I will definitely be taking it to a different dealership next time. Avoid if you can!!

Jarred S. | 2014-08-12

Just purchased a car and was taking it for a 35k mile service a bit ahead of time. The staff member informed me that I could still have the 30k mile service under warranty. The staff were super friendly and professional. I will definietly be having my cars serviced here from now on.

Lisa H. | 2014-07-29

I had an excellent buying experience with Denny. He was not pushy and I never felt like I was given any pressure. He made sure everything went smoothly and acted very promptly with any of my concerns. He also went above and beyond after the sale when I asked a huge favor.

I had to wait a while (just for my temp plate and gas) before my car was completely ready because of miscommunication, but I did go on a Saturday.

I am so happy with my car!

AJ J. | 2014-07-24

My husband and I decided to purchase our very first car here at this Volkswagen momentum dealership. Everyone seemed very nice and helpful. However Our car salesmen (Elie Matar) was very aggressive and not to mention a liar. He kept pushing and pushing for us to buy a new car even though we told him we had no credit and our budget was for a used car. He refused to show us used cars stating that we should go with what we wanted and he could "lower the price". Once it was time to run our credit and see about financing he did it for a brand new 2014 car and not a used car. Well we got denied for financing and he told us we would need a consigner. My husband asked about the used car and he told us we wouldn't be able to get financing for any car or at any dealership because of our little credit and we might as well buy a cash car! When we couldn't come up with any other options he basically shook our hands and that was that. We felt completely taking advantage of and helpless. We found out he lied about our financing through my close relative that sales cars in another city. They ran a dummy deal and we were approved immediately for financing. All in all I'm sure this place is great but Elie was a ravening wolf only look for his next big commission check! I will never come to this dealer ever again!

Matt T. | 2014-07-19

The worst!  Last year, when I went back to Houston to pick up my stuff out of storage, my VW had an issue.  So, I took it to this place, since I was close to it.  The fuel pump had gone out, and needed to be replaced.  They claimed the part was backordered and had to be shipped from Germany and it would take between a week and 3 weeks to get the part.  A stroke of luck had it that I had some friends moving from Dallas to Las Vegas, so I flew from Houston to DFW and that part worked out, because I was able to help them with the driving from Dallas to Las Vegas.  It took almost a month for them to get my fuel pump.  The communication from their service department was non-existent and it was like pulling teeth to get any information on my car from them.  Finally, they called and I was able to book a one-way ticket and order a shuttle to take me from the airport to the dealer.  It cost me over $300 for that.  Momentum refused to pay any of it or ask my warranty company for any compensation.  Then, I had to wait an hour at the dealership when I got there.  I finally got my car, paid them the warranty deductible of $100 (which should have been waived for my inconvenience) and I left and said in so many words, I hope I never see any of them again.  If you're in Houston and you have a VW, take it anywhere else but this place.  They are the absolute worst dealership I've ever been to!

Daniel L. | 2014-06-22

I can't speak about the price, because I have a lease so my annual service is complimentary.  In addition, I have the package that covers tire and rim damage, so the tire replacement was free, as well.  However, the staff is always extremely friendly and helpful, the place is immaculate, waiting area is comfortable, and there's even a shuttle that will take you to the surrounding areas (within 10 miles) if you don't want to wait at the dealership. It does seem difficult to get ahold of associates on the phone, although I understand they are busy and I usually see them on the phones when I'm there. There is also the issue of them using a 3rd party company for the appointment line.  I called to schedule my annual service and to have my flat tire replaced.  Since the person I spoke to isn't a Volkswagen employee, they could care less what happens after they schedule the appointment and hang up the phone.  Fortunately, the dealership had my tire in stock and it was replaced while my service was completed.  However, if it had not been in stock, they would have had to order it, I would have been driving around on the spare, and then returning back to the dealer... all because I was not asked for my tire information when I called to schedule the appointment.  If not for these phone issues, I would give them 5 stars.

Frank P. | 2014-06-21

Since 2001 I have purchased VWs at Momentum VW on Richmond.  I've had 3 different cars from them and service from them since then.  They are the only people I will take my VW Eos to for service.  Scheduling an appointment is easy, they do accurate work, they are timely and they follow up to ensure that I'm happy with their service.  You could not ask for better customer service.
Frank P.

Maria L. | 2014-04-27

I love taking my car here. Yes, every part and service will usually cost more but it's due to the quality of work. I have taken other estimates and they have matched the price on many occasions. Always happy with the work!

John W. | 2014-04-21

I was generally pleased with my test drive, purchase experience, and customer service during the warranty period over a few years.

But the one bad thing I distinctly remember was during the sale, *after* negotiating rates down, they have this "phantom footprints" BS line item. It was like $200 for some magical stickers they had already (OF COURSE) placed on the car that apparently help it be confirmed that it's your car if it is recovered from being stolen. Likelihood of that occurring to begin with? Zero. Likelihood of me wanting to pay for this BS? Zero.

That is why I will never again buy anything from this business.

Nicci M. | 2014-04-14

We came here after having a horrible experience at Mak Haik, Denny at momentum totally turned it around! Patient, understanding, and knowledgable.... Most of all not pushy! Made us feel like we were buying a $500,000 car! Highly recommend this place if you want a positive car buying experience- used or new! Btw we got used!

Helen S. | 2014-04-09

Shortly after I posted my first review, Momentum's new customer service manager called me to get more information and figure out a solution. He said there had been turnover, and apologized for the lack of response and resolution. They have since fixed the sunroof issue and were very accommodating during my visits. They provided a loaner car, even while the part was on order (when they easily could've rescheduled another time to drop off the car). Alex, the service adviser who worked with me, was very conscientious and helpful every step of the way. I appreciate everything the service team did to trouble-shoot my car. It's running great, and I'll definitely be back for my next scheduled service.

JSanders J. | 2014-04-08

I am always very pleased with my service here. Ken is my advisor and I only ever make appointments with him. He is very kind and courteous and always has gone the extra mild. I will keep returning to this store for all of my Volkswagen needs.

Chris D. | 2014-04-01

I had a really great experience with the service department.  Easy to get an appointment.  Tent looked at all the issues I had with my car while I wait and they kept me updated on the timing.   I wish I bought my car here.  I  did have a bad experience with the sales department when I was in the market for a car, so I decided to go to the woodlands which ended up being even worse.  Looking back I should have just asked for another sales rep at this dealership.  I will be coming here for my future car needs.

Vicki A. | 2014-03-25

Took my car 2004 Volkswagen Jetta in yesterday (3/24/2014) the check engine light was on and it was also taking time to switch gears. I explained this to the service provider when I walked in.  He said "okay" took the keys said "they will have a look at it" this was at 7:00am.  Came back at 12:00 noon and  told me that the diagnosed read that it was my catalyst system code (P0420) needing updated. Mine read 0003 and it should read 0040, or it could be the complete catalyst system that needs to be updated which would cost $1200.  Daniel recommended I go with that, but also said that the technician recommended I go with the update first which cost $274, but they weren't sure on which one was better.

First of all I have a problem with that cause how are you working for the dealership the maker of this car (Volkswagen).  And you don't know exactly what is wrong with this vehicle the makers of this car.  This is all you work on day in and day out!..  This is why I came to the dealership to get a exact estimate of what is wrong. If that was the case I could of went to any mom and pop car shop.

So of course I said let's go with the update I can't afford $1200 right now and they were not sure if that was the problem. They updated the system everything with the catalyst system came back okay.  Then he said another code popped up after that. That read my break vacuum pump. That was disconnected so he reconnected that.  
When I drove away from the dealership the car was still doing the exact same thing.. OMG!!.. I called and told Daniel (service guy) and he asked me to bring it back in on Wednesday. I told him I need to bring it back tomorrow(3/25/2014)  I can't on Wednesday I can't even drive the car.  It's doing the exact same thing. And I feel like I just spend $274 for nothing.  Nothing to me has been fixed!..OMG!!!..

Went back in today (3/25/2014) to Volkswagen after I left Auto Zone cause this morning my check engine light also back on.  And had Auto Zone read the check engine light it read Transmission code.  Get to the dealership and gave Daniel my keys and I also explained to him that I just left auto zone and they came up with a Transmission code.  He immediately says that I may need a new Transmission... OMG!!!..
I gave him the keys at 12:00 noon came back at 3:00 and yes I need a new Transmission $4000.00.  He said that code did not come up yesterday which was very hard to believe because the car was doing the exact same thing yesterday as today. I may not be mechanic, but I do know that all the codes will come up on a diagnostic. And you would think with the problems I explained to him and if they would have test drove the car which Daniel said they did I don't know how they didn't come up with the transmission being the problem.  How they came up with Catalyst being the real problem I don't have a clue. I explained to two man over the phone my car problems.  And they both said the transmission way before I took it to the Volkswagen dealership. I took it the dealership because it is a Volkswagen thinking that they would know.
Yet I am out of $274 and they didn't offer any money back nothing in return.  I do understand that something was done yesterday, but nothing that had to do with the problem of the car.  Just somethings that they wanted to do.   All I got was "I am very sorry that code didn't come up yesterday before you paid the $274 for the Catalyst system update".. OMG!!!..

Anne H. | 2014-03-21

I am shocked and disgusted by the way I've been treated since I leased a 2014 Tiguan on Feb. 26. From the lying salesman Jesus to the service department who doesn't return calls. When I tried to escalate my issue by calling the sales manager Homer Cadena, he also never returned my call. When I finally get into the service department, Alex tells me - before he looked at my car - that there was nothing he can do. I told him he can't say that without at least trying to solve the problem. After half a day, he finally discovered that there is a fix available and asked me to come back on March 19. So I did. Alex wasn't there and there are no notes in the system so I was sent away. Kenneth told me Jesus or Alex would call me back the next day. Two days later, I haven't heard from anyone. I've had enough. My time is too valuable to waste any more of it at this dealership. They don't care about you after the sale is final.

Jose O. | 2014-03-15

I figured I'd write a review after seeing their average star rating and taking some of their surveys online. I actually purchased a CPO vehicle from here ('09 VW CC) about two years ago. That transaction went well. The sales rep that helped me was new, he used to work in the service department however everything went well. I was going to finance with my own bank, but their finance manager asked if she could try to get me approved with a better rate. I was hesitant, but I said ok and I received a way better rate. Everything else went smooth.
As far their service department, I've received great service from them all the time. I've had Jarret A help me out a couple of times and he's been very courteous and professional both times. All of my issues were under warranty so no out of pocket expenses for me. The one time I took it for an oil change the service was great. I choose to the oil changes myself now cause it's easy and I can save a little. Plus I like to work on my car. Heck I even did the spark plugs about month ago. Then check engine light came on and I was like "crap!" Turned out to be my intake. Again covered under warranty. Took it in round 8am done by 3. And they had a lot of cars this as well.
Overall great service. And will continue to use them as long as I have my car. And did I tell you. I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!!!!!

Angela B. | 2014-03-13

Just had a battery put in my car.  The whole interaction was seamless and perfect.  I wouldn't go anywhere else in the city for repairs on my Volkswagen.

Alesia M. | 2014-03-10

I recently bought my VW Tiguan here with the greatest seller ever!
Great Service, customer focused, everything transparent, no problems, excellent,
Thank you JB! you are the best!

Nidhi J. | 2014-03-09

Following my first flat tire, I was frustrated that I couldn't change it bcoz of some customized locking system installed by the previous owner on the wheel-nut. I went to the showroom, talked to Mr.Derek and explained the problem to him.
Me & my husband have only one car between us, so it was really urgent for us to get the car fixed ASAP. He understood the entire situation & sent a tow truck to tow the car from my house to the work shop.He made sure that i got my car fixed that day itself.
Me & my husband are really grateful to him. I really like Momentum Volkswagen.The customer service honestly cannot be beaten.

Rushan S. | 2014-03-01

I think it remains best VW service in Houston area. Service prices are reasonable and customer care(Kenneth) is great! I like the professional approach and wish you keep up at the best level.

Usama A. | 2014-01-11

It was a great experience, the service department really helped us out when it comes to car service and they do provide loaner too

Casey P. | 2013-11-17

This place is alright. They have a weird set up in the service area in that when you walk in there's a bunch of guys standing at desks in the lobby in different areas so you don't really know who to talk to. They're not the best at greeting you when you walk in either. I usually just go to the first desk looking like a lost puppy - "Can you help me?" and then they'll direct me to the right place. They're pretty good with their service appointments being on time and I like that they always call me ahead of time to let me know when my car will be ready for pick up. They do offer a shuttle to get to wherever you need when you cars in the shop.

My one annoyance here is that they have emailed and called me the past two years asking to buy my vehicle to stock their used vehicle inventory and promise to get me into a "brand new 2014 with some of the lowest monthly payments ever!". I told them I wasn't interested the first time yet I've heard from them again this year. It's also pretty impossible to get a hold of them on the phone. I went here when my car was under warranty but now that it has expired I go somewhere else where I get better service.

R B. | 2013-10-19

Bought a used VW recently, not even from Momentum, but they graciously helped me out with a couple of minor questions with my charge.  Nice folks, great service.  Would recommend and will return for regular service.

Erin G. | 2013-10-16

I made an 8am appointment last Saturday, and was told that my car would be ready in an hour and a half. An hour and a half later, on the dot, my car was ready. Friendly staff, comfortable waiting area--within walking distance of restaurants (took the opportunity to walk and grab breakfast). A good experience! Not even dreading my next annual service appointment.

William M. | 2013-09-26

Trying to buy a Passat and running into the most ridiculous and foolish practices imaginable.

I also owned an Audi that this shop cheated me on repairing.

Enrique O. | 2013-09-08

This place has WHACKASS technicians and poor leaders.

We've been here multiple times and always have had something to point out when receiving back our vehicle...but this was the last straw!

Took my wife's convertible beetle to get heater core repaired. Total we paid was near $1400. We knew it was a big job, so we 'trusted' momentum to handle our car with the upmost professionalism... WRONG.

The repair took a whole week. When we got our beetle back the entire dash had (and still has) a ridiculous amount of deep scratches and what appeared to be glue. The seats and center console as well were covered  in this tar/grease-like substance. Our dash was not properly 'fasten' back into place... it was crooked with noticeable gaps, the odometer face came as I was driving. The canvas roof had(and still has) soo many scratches /abrasions to what looks like parts and supples were stored on top of the car for the entire week it was in possession.

***We also had a new battery battery installed during this repair...ANOTHER DISSAPOINTMENT!! Once I had seen the disaster of the interior I was compelled to inspect the SIMPLE battery installment. (If you know VW batteries, you know about the fuse box) the technician was so careless that he broke all the fasten clips to the fuse box and even forgot to replace the battery cover. ***When I asked where my battery cover was he told me I never brought it in... Me:wtf? They did not replace it. Clips still broken.

Absolute half-Assism is what the service crew provide when we brought our car in. We went back the next day to complain and get them to clean up their half ass job. There was no accountability. In fact the service rep told me that this wasn't the first big job where the technician destroyed an wtf?  When I spoke to the Service Director he tried to justify the damage by saying "the type of material the dash is made of in our model is very delicate, it's not well made".

Long story short, I will NEVER go back.
I advise you that if you do go here that you  inspect what you have serviced.

T M. | 2013-09-03

Just bought my first VW brand new Tiguan a few weeks ago here at Momentum. I had gone late after work on a friday night to purchase my car and everything went really well. Staff was very helpful and overall I had a great experience. They gave me a loaner while they cleaned my new car and the next day I went to pick it up in the morning. Everything was great, and I am very happy with their service.

Scotty A. | 2013-08-31

We have leased several vehicles from Momentum in the last 8 years and just bought a new Jetta.  So we currently have a leased Tiguan and a Jetta we purchased.  We experience NOTHING but amazing service both in the sales department and even more so in the service department.  Derek (who runs the service department) runs a tight ship and the other service reps are always on top of everything.  We trust them wholeheartedly!!

Jaewoo P. | 2013-08-29

Sales was okay when I first purchased my vehicle. (Although not perfect, but I mean what is? So I didn't have much reason to leave a review.) When I went back for an inspection, ehh, it was okay again. Not too great, not too bad. Just did their job. When my car broke down, and I REALLY needed them to be responsive, ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Called in ten times because my car would not start-up one morning. Front desk kept transferring me over to other "representatives" whom none of them were present to pick the phone up. Left three messages to their answering machine, three hours later, still no call back. WELL. CANT LEAVE HOME, MY CAR IS BROKEN DOWN. What do I have to do? Call a cab to go ask for service in person? Sheesh. Maybe it's worth ignoring the warranty and calling a privately owned service station to have my car checked.

Rachel C. | 2013-08-11

My husband started using Momentum for service on his 2005 Jetta when he relocated to Houston in 2009. When it was time to replace my vehicle a few years ago we bought another VW and became a Momentum family.

Our service advisor Jarrett Alviar has always been honest and straight forward with the services our cars need. I don't feel like I am being taken advantage of and being pushed to do unnecessary work. He makes sure we get in ASAP when we have a problem and it is repaired right. They did not have a part that was needed to repair my Tiguan but he put me in a very nice loaner car and the part arrived and was installed the next day.  I had to take my car in yesterday and it was his day off. He went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of.

My husbands Jetta needed replacing in December and we knew we wanted to buy from Momentum. Kelly Baker was our sales man and he really went out of his way to spend time over several days making sure my husband was happy with his 2013 Jetta purchase. We enjoyed working with him so much when decided to trade in my 2009 Tiguan for a 2013 model we only wanted to work with him. Again he took his time with me while I looked went back and forth over all the different colors and models and I didn't feel like I was "working with a car sales man."

We live out in Richmond and drive into town for these guys.
We love the staff at Momentum and they really have made us a loyal VW family

Natalie B. | 2013-08-08

Great service! Provided a shuttle to and from the dealership and got me into a loaner car as quickly as possible. Very friendly people as well!

Diego S. | 2013-06-14

This is my second review for Momentum Volkswagen.

Once again, I have been treated to exceptional service. I stuck with the service consultant from my previous visit, Daniel, and was not disappointed. Their excellent shuttle service took me back to my office and then picked me up when my car was ready (and washed!). Although this is only my second review for this dealership, I would like to say that they've been great with all of my needs since I purchased my vehicle at the end of 2011.

Thank you!

Tristan L. | 2013-06-12

Service department will take advantage of you and, when called on it, try and charge you more.  Check their BBB rating, they are dishonest and clearly don't try and make a wrong right.

My wife's alternator on her Beetle died, and she had it towed to the dealer.  They told her it needed a new alternator (which I explained when we arrived with the car) and a battery, which she approved before I could comment.  They told her the old battery was "fried."  The total proposed for the repair was $1200, $250 of which was for the battery.

I told them we wanted the old battery back, since it was only about one year old.  Took it to get tested at Autozone and, surprise, it worked fine.  Took it back and demanded they put it back in and refund the battery charge.  Service manager said he'd have to charge labor to put it back in and believed his techs when they said the battery was bad.  He was unable to produce a diagnostic test from the file which actually said the battery was bad when confronted.

I showed him a section of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which entitles one to damages and automatic attorney's fees for fraudulently representing a repair is needed when it is not.  He finally agreed to a full refund for the battery, but would only give 1/2 of it upfront and the rest as a "bet" in 30 days if we came back and the battery was still running in the car.

We took the car back 30 days later, he checked the serial on the battery and confirmed the car was still running on it, and admitted "I guess I'm the loser."  Truer words were never spoken.

Rajagopal M. | 2013-04-27

One of the best places to buy your car. Its been 2 years since i bought my car. Go there regularly for service and stuff. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I guess this is as good as it gets!..

Marisa S. | 2013-04-02

Horrible...Horrible service department. They really try to rip you off in whatever ways they can. I do not trust them nor the services they say they provide. Everytime I have visited this location, I have experienced the total runaround. Enough to make me want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I won't go into my rants of what happened or how unprofessional they are. I am pretty sure that most of the positive reviews here got ripped off and didn't know it, or found a service person who didn't take advantage of them (I haven't met one).

If you are dumb enough (like me) to have purchased an extended warranty with Volkswagen, do yourself a favor and go to another dealership. The other one is not very far away.

I really hope that these people experience the consequences of doing business this way.

Bruce O. | 2013-03-15

Great customer service. I actually travel from 1960, as opposed to using Volkswagen of The Woodlands, to have these guys service my car. They're just that good!

Jarrett A. | 2013-01-18

This dealer is great, bought my car from JB he did a great job and followed up with all my questions and made sure my car looked perfect when I came to pick it. Service dept was very friendly too.

Saba E. | 2013-01-09

Despite other comments, I find that I am always treated with respect and courtesy at this VW dealership. I really can't speak for the others, but there is something genuine about their customer service.

Anytime I have question about my car, my services, or even something I'm afraid to ask because I fear it's a stupid question, they always answer it in a non-condescending way.  It's nice to feel valued when I know such little about cars.  

It's too bad others had a bad experience.  I hope they find someone who makes them feel valued.

Melissa P. | 2012-12-27

I have been done with these people for almost a year. I couldn't be happier. I sort of miss my VW GLI, but not the people who work there.

Peter C M. | 2012-12-17

The very first time I went I liked them. But my 2nd and 3rd visits were the worst. I went to have them do a 40k maintenance and they ended up breaking my radio and instead of them owning up to their mistake they said they didn't do it. So I got it fixed since it was under warranty somewhere else. So I came back 3 months later strictly for a diagnostics test which you pay $125 for and these people broke my gearbox & blamed it on me. Not only that but they fooled with the ignition which wasn't anywhere near messed up. I seriously don't think they know how to diagnose problems just create problems & bill you for them. Most people who come in probably cave in but I am taking legal precautions against them and contacting the BBB. That should weed out the ones that really have no business working there.

Robyn F. | 2012-12-12

This is to thank Steve G. for a stellar purchasing experience.

My husband, son and I found a Golf online that my son hoped to buy at Momentum for his first set of wheels. When we got there, we found it had already sold. Steve found us another car that was not only comparable, but better than the one we'd come for (as per our independent Carfax) and at the same price.

He was very knowledgeable, personable, honest, and did everything he could to expedite the process and make the interminable paper pile proceed as quickly as possible. We left feeling that we'd had that rarest of occurrences---a completely non-sleazy car sale.

I hope Momentum is taking very good care of Steve--he's a rare bird and he deserves it.

Tingting W. | 2012-11-21

People are very nice and they did good job!

VeeVee N. | 2012-11-09


My incident occurred in January 2012 (yes, I will never forget) and can honestly say that I have never felt more scammed in my entire life.  After having my 2011 Jetta towed on a Saturday night to this location (it was closed), I expected a phone call first thing Monday morning.  When 11a came and went w/no phone call, I called them.  I had a flat tire and my kit did not have the key for the tire, so they said they'd take care of replacing it.  No big deal.  I wasn't able to pick up my car before they closed so I told them to leave my key in the car and that I would pick up later that night.

Much to my surprise, when I drove away in my car later that night I realized that the floorboard of my car was SOAKING WET, as was my seat, my seatbelt, sunroof area, etc.  Needless to say, I was quite upset.  I called the following morning and spoke to the manager who told me to bring it and that they'd give me a loaner while they fixed it.  I did so.  Later that day (Tuesday) the manager called to tell me that because of the "torrential downpour" from Monday and the car being parked outside at their dealership, the sunroof drains could not handle the water and therefore caused a leak. UNBELIEVABLE.  

1) my 2001 Honda Accord survived Hurricanes Katrina, Ike and countless other super storms and I NEVER had a problem with leaks through my sunroof.  I had never cleaned the gutters in my Honda's sunroof, I didn't know I had to.
2) why in the world would I need to do a monthly check on the sunroof gutters of a BRAND NEW CAR?!
3) why was my car parked outside instead of the garage?
4) was the service guy so oblivious to the fact that my car had leaked and didn't bother to tell me?!!

All the manager did was apologize on behalf of the service guy.  The service guy didn't have the balls to apologize to my face.

I went in on Wednesday morning and the manager explained the situation all over again and basically told me that the leak through the sunroof was something that was not covered under warranty on this brand new car and that I would have to file a claim under my insurance.  I called the corporate office and they told me the same thing.  They had supposedly sent someone to check my car - which I don't believe because I wasn't there. UNBELIEVABLE.  I was so upset I cried, but that didn't see to phase him. The guy responsible for my car said he was unaware of water being in my car. "Sunroof drains unable to keep up with torrential downpour" is what is written on my service slip. However as a COURTESY to me [LOL LOL] he would have the carpet cleaned and give me a loaner for the time it was under their care and the time it would take to have my claims adjuster come see my car.  

Apparently there was a recall on previous Jettas on the sunroof drains and the maintenance book was "rewritten" to change the maintenance intervals, however he said "at the end of the day, your drains weren't clogged ma'am, I feel like we just had such a torrential downpour in such a short amount of time that the they couldn't keep up".  I looked up and there was a class action lawsuit agains VW because of this same very problem.  I looked through my manual and there's no mention of maintenance on sunroof drains.  If this problem was taken to court, don't you think they would've fixed the problems.  My car was returned with grease stains on the carpet (where they pulled out the seats, it stunk, and I they didn't connect the driver seat back correctly (my seat no longer heats). This was such a big inconvenience.  This would've never happened had there been a key in my flat tire kit.

Regardless, I want to avoid you the pain and suffering - DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP - especially when it rains because God forbid, the sunroof drains might not be able to keep up. In that case, VW should not be selling cars in Houston. Ridiculous!

Carrie C. | 2012-11-01

I worked with Jarrett in service and he took great care of me.  He not only did my 6000 mile tune up but he also found 4 recalls and took care of all of them the same day. I only scheduled my service the day before and they still fit me in. Drop off and pick up were very simple and quick. Will definitely be going back.

Lisa M. | 2012-10-27

I have used the Momentum service department twice on my Jetta.  Both occurrences were very positive.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  They were not pushy to up-sell on services like many other dealerships.  I was able to reach someone every time I called.  

My only complaint would be the timeliness and communication of the shuttle service.  I waited over 15 minutes to be taken to my destination and it would have been longer had I not questioned them about it because I had to get to work.  On the pick up they were 40 minutes late and I had to call them to find out when they would be arriving.

Gigi V. | 2012-10-10

Best services :)

Keith O. | 2012-09-20

Very disappointed with my service here. Had 40k service done should should have included a tire rotation. I know for a fact that they did not do it. My first tip was that they checked the green box under tires when I knew I had 4 different aged tires on my car. They're all a little different and I happened to fill the air in them the other day. Well, after noticing my paperwork not commenting on the tires, I check them and low-and-behold no rotation was done. It makes me wonder how much of the rest of the service they did not do.   Also, I had a coupon for % off of service. Well, they added an unexplained "shop charge" fee on top of the 40k service amount in order to reduce the effectiveness of the fee.  To top it off, I had a bulb light out on my license plate that they tried to get me to replace for $30. I said "no thanks, I can do it myself". They said they'd take care of it for me which I assumed meant he would do it for free. Well, they did the labor for free (Ha!) but charged me $7.50 for the bulb.   This last one is not a huge issue if not for other two issues, but it left me feeling like they are your typical service center where they upcharge you for services you don't even need and then don't even complete the work.   Very disappointed in my experience.

Michelle G. | 2012-08-15

The service department is poorly run.  Have owned numerous cars...Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Acura.  Have never ever had to wait over night for service and always had someone that would pickup the phone and answer questions.  Will never own another VW simply because of the poor service.  
Nearly impossible to  get a service person to answer their phone and definitely impossible to get the receptionist to assist in the process. Told me it wasn't her job to get service people to pick up their phones.  Finally  used another car to drive to the service department simply to ask a question about whether to call the 1-800 VW road side assistance.  

It was my impression that it is not one weak link in the service process but an overloaded  and mis managed system of taking in too may cars to be able to deliver good service.  Same day service seems pretty much impossible either due to understaffing .....or possibly  VW's are so problematic that they can't keep up with all the service that is required.  
Not worth the service hassle and will never purchase another VW.

May P. | 2012-08-11

Took my car in for service under warranty. They couldn't find a problem with it, so they played the dumb girl card with me. I will not be back, they are disrespectful towards women.

Eric C. | 2012-07-28

The service department consistently provides very poor service.  I have always encountered apathy and attitude from the service guys all the way up to the service director.  Oh, and forget trying to call them.  I'm not sure the phone is even connected.  I have never had someone answer it.  This location is super convenient for me but I will be traveling outside the loop from now on to have my GTI taken care of.

Llana T. | 2012-07-11

I brought my 08 VW Passat in last Friday for service.  I just wanted to let you know that JD and Dee DEE were awesome!  They answered all of my questions and even returned my rental car for me.  I will now bring my car to your location each time I need service, even though it will cost me an extra $ is well worth the service!

Roxana A. | 2012-06-26

The service department is excellent. They quickly checked to see if they had what I needed over the phone. At lunch time I stopped by and they got me taken care of right away. The reason for my 4 stars versus 5 is because of my experience with the cashiers.

Chuck C. | 2012-06-04

I just recently had an excellent experience with Momentum Volkswagon. I've read all of the poor reviews previous to mine. I'm not sure what happened, maybe they've changed management or something, but my experience was excellent. I brought my 2008 Volkswagen Passat in to have them check on a few problems I was having with my car. Derrick, the manager was very attentive, provided superb customer service and unlike other dealerships I've dealt with, they were extremely communicative and addressed my problems effectively. Whatever problems were going on in the past, they've fixed them. This is where I am going to get any auto work done from now on.

Crystal E. | 2012-06-02

I am a newly proud owner of a brand new Jetta S. After shopping at 2 other Vw dealerships in town I came across this one by word of mouth and Wow is all I can say! Their price was very fair and with their honesty and product knowledge help me get into my new Jetta! Emmanuel Agramonte (Salesman) even went out to deliver my car in Katy because I had to work! Exceptional! I will recommend these guys and especially Emmanuel to anyone looking for a New or Used Vw :)

Ryan R. | 2011-10-23

Yes, I am afraid I have to join the chorus of folks underwhelmed with the buying experience at Momentum.  Two stars instead of one comes from, at least, they start out with a very fair, well-below MSRP no-haggle price.  Unfortunately, the salesperson I worked with was misleading about the financing rate throughout the process and I nearly signed the contract for more than we'd discussed at every step - before walking away from the deal and forcing the lower rate.  Customer service took a backseat to trying to cram my sale through before the end of the month, and the salesperson was really terrible about updating me throughout the next day regarding the transport of my vehicle in from another location - ended up waiting around all day by my phone for an arrival that never came and never heard until the next morning.  If you look on the Internet for dealer reviews of this place, they are similarly poor.

It's the only car I've ever bought, so I can't say the buying experience is any worse than anywhere else...but it makes me want to unbuy my car from here and take my business elsewhere.

DJ J. | 2011-10-03

The headliner on the Jetta started to sag.  When I called Momentum for a quote on repairing this, they quoted me north of $1200.  The headliner part was $600, and then they claimed that it would take them all day to repair it.

Looking on various VW forums, I discovered that VW of America would replace the headliner for free, as this was a known issue.  I set up the appointment at Momentum via VW of America, and dropped the car off at 7:30 AM.  I got a call back at 10 AM, that same day, letting me know that the car was ready to go.

Why did they tell me that it would take all day to fix a headliner, when it barely took them 3 hours?  I cannot abide dishonest mechanics who artificially inflate their hours.

Edit:  I should add:  They did do a very good job in repairing the headliner.  But the trust is lost.

Jeff S. | 2011-09-18

Another cabal of Houston's brightest that can't even master "the outgoing message."

Go ahead, give them a call today; and listen until infinity as the phone rings, and rings, and rings, and rings, and rings... From what I gather (other reviews) it's also quite a "take the money and run" racket.

T- b. | 2011-06-02

My first bad experience started off when I was shopping around for a car. We wanted to lease a VW Jetta and saw an add for a $200 a month VW lease. Of course Momentum pulled the old bait and switch and told us that it was not available at their particular dealership and started lying to us about it being a lower model than they carried at their dealership. I also wanted to see a copy of the lease. We had never leased a car before and I wanted to see all the terms, conditions and fee's upfront so I knew exactly what I was getting into. They refused to let me see their standard lease form which also seemed really shady. I also asked to see various terms based on the length of the lease, max mileage etc. The leasing manager said he would only give me one quote and wouldn't show me varying options. REALLY ?

I had gone alone the first time. I'm normally the one that deals with cars since I actually know about cars. I don't even think my husband knows what HP stands for... :)  However being a man he thought he would have better luck going alone. They offered him much better terms, but still not what VW was advertising nationwide. We finally drove out to the Katie dealership off of I-10. Two hours later we walked out with the exact model we wanted. In fact, they didn't have the model and color we wanted so they upgraded us to a better model for the same price, which meant that 1. we didn't have to wait for the car to be transferred from another dealership and 2. we didn't have to pay additional fees + plus we got free upgrades. Coincidentally the Katy dealerships VW was $175 a month LESS than momentum was offering on the same car. The sales people there were honest, fast and up front about everything.

Then we got the notice for the recall. With both of us working, it was impossible for us to drive the car to Katy so reluctantly I made the appointment with Momentum to get the car serviced there. I could have taken it to any mechanic and submitted the receipt for reimbursement but I figured this would be easier. WRONG. I made the appointment for 8:30 am. At the time when they asked me if I was going to wait or drop off the car, I asked how long it would take to rewire two measly wires. They told me an hour or two. I needed to get to work so I said I would leave it.

I asked if I could get a loaner for the day they told me sure, at my expense - screw that. So they said they had a shuttle. I figured since i worked a mile away how long could it take. Well it took 30 minutes for them to get someone to drive me. I could have walked to work faster, but as I'm 7 months pregnant and it was 95 degree's I waited. By 2pm I still had not heard from them. I called three times to speak to someone in the service department and each time I was transferred to a different service person's voicemail. I finally called back and demanded to speak to a human. Of course each time you call you have to wait just to talk to someone to transfer you again. I finally got pissy enough the last time that the receptionist managed to get the cashier in the service department for me who told me my car was not going to be ready until 6pm. WTF ??? it takes you 9.5 hours to fix something MINOR on my car ? Why was my appointment for 8:30 am if you weren't going to start on my car till 5pm ? I could have had my car all day long. Just because I dropped it off doesn't give you the liberty of taking all day to fix my car.

I asked to speak to a service manager, I still have not had a call back yet. I'll update my review but I did demand that my car be ready by 4:30pm as I need to leave this area to get my toddler from daycare before they close.

I started calling at 3pm. I finally reached the service department at 4:30. Thats right for 1.5 hours I repeatedly called the main line, got transferred to service  aand random service tech's voicemails picked up. I left numerous messages for not only my service tech David Leal, but also for the service manager. No one called me back. Finally I demanded that the receptionist physically walk over to the service department to get someone on the phone. I at least needed to have the shuttle come and pick me up and tell them to have my car ready, serviced or not. The only person that was willing to get on the phone was apparently the cashier and she informed me that at 4:30 my car had not even been taken into be fixed. I was informed that I would have to set up another appointment to bring my car in for service. F-that.

Fortunately the shuttle driver was on time and sweet. He was the only redeeming experience. I arrived at the service center at 5pm. David Leal not only couldn't bother to look up from his cell phone to respond to me but he was completely unappologetic and seemed completely disinterested that I was so unhappy. When I asked why he didn't return any of my messages, he responded with a curt " I was busy", like he couldn't care less. He wouldn't even help me located the service manager.

Martha D. | 2011-05-03

I am a proud owner of a grey Rabbit, named Frank, a tribute to Donnie Darko. It was difficult battle between Frank and Harvey, my two favorite imaginary anthropomorphic 6-foot bunnies from popular cinema. For some very good reason, that I can't remember, Frank seemed to personify my little car.

I wish I could say I purchased Frank from Momentum Volkswagen. It was originally my intent for convenience reasons, we live about a five minute drive from the dealer. I came here to test drive the Rabbit as apart of our search through little cars of the hatchback variety. I was very put off by the salesman, which really surprised me because I didn't think VW had a rep for high pressure. The Hubby works later in the evenings, so I did the first run of test drives to weed things out. After my test drive at this dealer the salesman proceeded to browbeat me on why I could not purchase a car without the permission of my husband. I mean come on he's trying to tell me I'm being oppressed back into 1950s mentality because I can't make a decision by myself. Literally really, a summary of his words. The next day the hubby and I drove down to Clear Lake VW and picked up Frank.

Frank has made several visits to the service department, which he usually comes out nice, clean and happy. Our serviceman, Eddie, is friendly and always remembers us when we walk in. We have never been pressured to make any purchases. We have brought in Frank missing a lovely VW hubcap, which was tragically lost on a trip to West Texas. For two inner-loop Houstonians, the trek to San Angelo is a culture shock. No lights on the highways and no Yelp reviewed restaurants, how do people live?!

There has never been a real issue with the little Rabbit. Only the mileage maintenance and oil changes, which was covered by the free service plan. Unfortunately I don't understand why these things can take all day. Luckily it has never caused us problems to where the shuttle needed to be used.

Now I know it's hard to give a dealership or service department good reviews, it's like finding a five star dry cleaner. I'm usually heavy handed with the five stars, but sorry to my local VW, I love your cars but this dealership is just "A-OK."

Lauren T. | 2011-02-08

I had my Jetta serviced here several times between 2005 and 2008. In my experience, they are total shysters, charging more than other dealerships and insisting on repairs you don't actually need. After going in for a $200 repair and receiving a bogus $800 bill, I started going to Archer Volkswagen on SW Freeway, where the service department didn't bill me for "extra" repairs I hadn't requested, verified, or approved.

I think Momentum gets away with murder because of its convenient, inside-the-loop location. But trust me, even if you take a cab back from Archer, you'll still save money.

Aaron J. | 2010-12-31

Let me start by saying that I have purchased 3 vehicles from them since 2005 Jetta and 2 Passats plus 1 Jetta from Archer VW. The problems at the service department at Momentum is well know from other dealers around town. The service Manager Derek is incredibly unprofessional and must be related to the owner somehow because he is truly worthless. But more than him, it is the culture at momentum to sell vehicles first and service is not even a concern. It has been this way since I bought my first Jetta in 2005. Here are 3 examples of the backwards way they treat customers:

1- September 2007 - my check engine light came on after 6,000 miles and I called the dealership immediately. She told me that it would be 3-4 weeks until they could fit me in...for a check engine light. I complained adn she said it was probably nothing anyways so just don't drive on it too much and it should be fine until the appointment!! I drove straight to the dealership and demanded that they look at it. They said it was probably the gas cap and unscewed it, then screwed it back on and told me to drive for 10-15 miles and see if it stops. It didn't it was a faulty sensor.

2- July 2008 Took my car in for a warranty service and they had to order a part so they gave my wife a loaner vehicle. She picked it up and on her way to work was pulled over for improper registration and tags on the vehicle. Then they told me to drive it back to the dealership and they would look into it. Eventually they agreed to bring another vehicle and exchange it. On teh way home the wheel well wall came apart and started dragging on the road in the middle of rush hour traffic. Once again they wanted me to use my insurance to tow it to the dealership.

3- Today - got a free loaner car because when I was last in to have my antenna and lumbar motor replaced they messed up my trunk latch plus I had a warranty recal on the transmission. I knew it would take at least a day to service so I got the loaner car with 580 miles on it. I  drove it 18 miles to my home and parked it in the garage. When I was returning the vehicle that evening i had a flat tire. I called the dealership and they said I was responsible for it so I should take it to discount tire or something. Discount couldn't fix it because it was damage to the interior sidewall. Momentum charged me $130 for a new tire, because the loaner was my responsibility???? He said it was a cut and I said it was a blowout and that we would have to agree to disagree. I paid the fee knowing that this is the absolute last dollar I will ever pay to momentum...ever. I like my VW Passats, but it seems that it has to be taken in for service (non-maintenance) 2-3 times a year. $35K on a car deserves some respect and service. I have been patient and forgiving but this is the last straw. For the record Ken Reese, the service agent has been better than most at customer service, but the culture of the dealership overshadows his hard work.  

You can do better at another dealership.

Andrew B. | 2010-12-20

It's mostly that my VW Jetta is a huge POS that drives me crazy, but Momentum definitely causes me more headaches.

The Lowdown

*Like any dealer, everything is overpriced. If your warranty is up, go somewhere else.
*Little things will cost you a ton. My key broke and it cost me close to $330. to get a new key and get it programmed. The guy said, "If your battery dies, which it probably will, then there's a good chance you'll need to get it reprogrammed for $120.00."
*The staff seems annoyed you're there
*They only take appointments, which I understand...but all I needed was for a key to be programmed which takes 10 freaking minutes. I was begging the manager on a Thursday to please slide me in somewhere but he wouldn't relent and forced me to make an appointment on a Monday. Naturally, my car quit working on Friday and I had to have AAA tow it to the dealership. Depite arriving with the dead car in the front of the dealership (in hopes of shaming them into programming the key), they refused to do it until Monday with the staff literally running out of the dealership to go home. Myself and another somewhat apologetic employee pushed the car into a parking spot.
*I highly recommend not buying a VW at all. A common repair I heard while listening to the other inmates, er, VW drivers in the service department was, "I was driving around and (insert part) just fell off."

Julie J. | 2010-12-03

This is my FIRST Yelp review and I'm writing it because I am LIVID with Momentum.

My first Jetta I purchased in another city, and then have had it serviced at Momentum for the past couple of years.  I am fortunate enough to live/work within the radius that their complimentary shuttle goes to, so dropping it off in the morning before work and getting picked up to go get it has always been generally non-hassle.  I will say that they DO overcharge for hub-caps and the ONLY person you need to see there is Eddie Rider.  He is very honest, helpful, follows up, and organized.

However: on November 6th, I went in to look at potential trade-ups from my old Jetta to my now new, 2011 LEASED Jetta.  Denny was my salesguy.  Someone else mentioned him, and I liked him.  He catered to my budget and what I could afford.  I made it EXPLICITLY clear that I couldn't really sign the papers that day because the money down/deposit check I was writing would NOT be good until payday: DECEMBER 1ST.  He said it wasn't a problem.  The finance people also told me they could hold the check.  I wrote down on a sticky note "DO NOT CASH UNTIL DEC. 1ST" on my check.

My check was then deposited on 11/30- THE DAY BEFORE PAYDAY.  I'm livid.  That was my MAIN condition for signing the papers the day that I did and they couldn't get it right.  Thank God I have overdraft protection on my credit card, or else I would have been slapped with a hot check fine.  The morning of Dec. 1st, I called and left two voicemails with Denny AND a voicemailbox for whom I was TOLD was the sales manager.  No response.  I called Denny's cell phone and have BEEN calling Denny's cell phone ever since because he is the ONLY one who will talk to me.  

I have left livid voicemails with Denny's boss/the sales manager, the finance director (who Denny TOLD me to contact and also told me he was going to tell her to contact ME- again, nothing- wondering how honest Denny really is), AND THE GENERAL MANAGER.  I haven't gotten so much as ONE incoming phone call from anyone I have left messages with.  I have never in my life gotten such apathetic service after an angry call, and am still in shock that after 4 livid voicemails and 3 days, I STILL haven't gotten a response.  I'm currently debating marching in there and yelling in front of a bunch of customers.....SO. RUDE.

Gonzo P. | 2010-06-09

The salesmen here are VERY shady!  I went to purchase a car, already knew which model I want.  They were initially very nice, let me test drive it, think about it for a day or so, etc.  

When I went back, I told them that I wanted a particular color.  They told me that they didn't have that color in stock and started pushing their own inventory on me.  I stood my ground and insisted that I wanted a specific color.  They told me that there was only one model in that color in the state of Texas, but it already had 3000 miles on it.  They then show me the financial data on getting a car from THEIR inventory (again, not in a color I want) and the quotes were $20/month higher than I had been told the day before.  When I pointed this out, the salesman said, "Oh, yeah, they accidentally applied a tax credit that doesn't apply to you, etc etc."  I told them I had to walk away since I was uncomfortable with this change in pricing for a car I didn't want in the first place.

I went home, contacted the out-of-town dealership that had the color I wanted (Momentum made the fortitutous mistake of telling me where this car was located).  I learned two things:  1) the car I wanted was there with about 200 miles on it, NOT 3000 miles and 2) there was currently a deal on a low APR that Momentum had not mentioned to me (in fact, Momentum had quoted an APR two percentage points higher and said, "its the lowest Volkswagen lets us go."  Now, I realize that car salesmen are not supposed to be 100% honest, but to blantantly lie about things that I was easily able to verify means that you lose my business.

The salesman and manager at Momentum became like an obsessed stalker the rest of the evening and next morning...constantly texting me and calling me, even though I told them that I was walking away from the deal.  

I had to drive 3 hours to get my new car, but it was the color I wanted!!

Glenn B. | 2009-01-26

If you are looking for a new VW - I can at least suggest Mr. Denny Maddox.  Denny is ethical and follows up.  Another review suggested that the service portion of the dealership is unethical.  I don't dispute that review but as for the sales department, Denny will not disappoint you.

Valerie J. | 2009-01-15

Like most people, I make sure to pack extra patience when I venture into a car dealership. This was all in vain, as any patience I may have summoned was sucked from my mystified body after 3 minutes with our salesman.

I knew I wanted a Jetta. I knew for absolute certain that I wanted to walk off that lot the proud owner of a cute little black, red, or grey Jetta. Doesn't seem too difficult a concept, now does it?

Except it was.

Apparently the concept of "buying" a car was too much for our salesman to grasp, and he wouldn't stop singing us the praises of leasing.

"No, thank you, we are not interested in a lease."

He went on to let us know that he 'doesn't come down to our office and tell us how to do our job,' and that we 'really need to lease.'

"Again, we'd just like to buy a car."

He still didn't get it, and we left. We ended up at another dealer who had us test-driving within minutes. We went home with that car, and I'll do myself a favor next time and skip Momentum altogether.

Sarah K. | 2008-09-03

I just returned home from a horrible experience at this location and I feel it is my duty to warn all of you fellow yelpers.  DO NOT GO HERE!

I had to bring my VW in to the dealer for a recall.  I wanted to pick up my car and they said that I could not because they were not done doing a check engine light check on it.  I arrived and said that I did not need the check and would just like to pick up the car.  All of a sudden the story changed and the car had been serviced and I had to pay $200 for misinformation and the light was not even turned off!!!

Please, if you respect your time and energy DO NOT GO HERE!

Sarah M. | 2008-05-18

I was having some car trouble a few months back and needed a part that  Volkeswagen only sells directly.

I'm a poor grad student and couldn't really afford to pay someone auto shop prices to replace $50 part in my dashboard. Sadly, I was also completely clueless about how to get to the part of my dashboard necessary for this repair.

I bought the part, then revealed to the service manager (the guy that sold me the part) that I had no idea what to do with it. The service manager took pity on me and came out to my car, sat in the passenger seat and switched the part out it for free.

VERY courteous service.