Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village in Houston, TX

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Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 925-5000
Address:19550 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77065
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village

Marilyn W. | 2015-04-18

I have read the Yelp review guidelines and understand that this is not a forum for bantering back and forth with business/customer problems.  I would just like to reaffirm my earlier review of Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village located at 19550 Northwest Freeway Houston, TX 77065.  My statements are true and correct.  I have receipts from Momentum Volkswagen for the repair, from the auto rental agency, and I am aware of the name of the service advisor that I dealt with during this experience.  The car rental agency has been in touch with me many times, and have been very helpful.  The BBB of Houston has a claim open on this very issue.

Gabi E. | 2015-03-19

Only place I will ever purchase a vehicle from and have service done!   Gonzalo was able to get my vehicle in right away and the service was done promptly as discussed.  He followed up with how and when to schedule routine maintenance when that time comes. The entire staff is very friendly and courteous.  I am always very pleased with the service I receive at Momentum VW Jersey Village!  Thank you Gonzalo for all your help with my Jetta!

Martin P. | 2015-02-18

I worked at this dealership for 12 years. Great group of people. Also bought a couple of cars from Stephen Ruiz. Great salesman, very easy to work with. Highly recommended if planning on purchasing a car from JVVW.

Joey S. | 2015-02-12

Stephen Ruiz was great in helping me find the exact vehicle I wanted. He was courteous and attentive to my requests. Made my whole car shopping experience very pleasant and I will recommend him to any future car shoppers. Thanks Stephen!

David M. | 2015-01-23

My VW Jetta TDI is having an electrical issue that left me stranded a couple of days ago and has resurfaced today. I finally got it started and drove to the nearest dealership, Jersey Village . After explaining the issue it was explained they were very busy and may not get to it until late in the evening. I explained it was my only option for transportation . No loaners the shuttle is one way and the service person was not interested in my situation at all. He pretty much brushed me off and sent me away. I would venture to say this is not representative of what VW would expect from a dealer when a customer comes with an immediate service need. The good news is I called the next closest dealership,West Houston VW. They too are very busy explained the service person. I explained my situation and they invited me to come right over so they could check it out. A review is on the way for West Houston VW. Jersey Village turning away a customer in need will definitely NOT result in a future sale.

Corbin R. | 2014-11-20

My wife and I purchased our vehicle from Jersey Village VW from Stephen Ruiz and this was by far the best purchasing experience we have ever had! Stephen listened to our needs/wants and went above and beyond our expectations walking in. Very professional and went the extra mile in all aspects of the purchasing process. After last night, Stephen Ruiz is someone that we trust and believe will provide a high quality buying experience for anyone. If you want a no hassle and honest buying experience, we highly recommend giving Stephen a call/email.

Amie H. | 2014-11-02

This was a great experience.  This is the first time in along time we were able to find what we were looking for at a great price.  AJ didn't waste our time playing games.  We got a great vehicle at a great price.  We will definitely be back when we need a car for our daughter.

Wayne M. | 2014-09-16

This was one of the best, if not the best, vehicle purchasing experiences we have ever had, and the first that I was inclined to leave a review on.

Things moved along at a good and smooth pace, which for me is important - everything just clicked right along.

From the time we arrived we were greeted with by a friendly and helpful salesman (Tony Roberts) who had a great "can-do" attitude but at the same time was not pushy in forcing a sale. He let us dictate the pace providing us with the information we asked for when we asked for it. The Finance Manager (Chang Rooker) was also very helpful and willing to listen and earn our business. That is what it takes to make a sale. Good job!

Now if the service department can be as good or better they will have repeat business from me.

Dixie L. | 2014-09-10

Our purchase from Jersey Village VW and Stephen Ruiz was the best buying experience we ever had buying a car.  We were very pleased through the whole process.

Danny L. | 2014-07-30

The Customer service here is amazing! They make you feel right at home, I worked with Stephen and he was GREAT, he found the cheapest deal for us and spent so much time with us.... Now to date we have bought 4 cars through him and would recommend anyone who is buying a Volkswagen to go to this location and ask for him.

linh l. | 2014-07-11

I contacted Jersey Village VW via email for info on their new 2015 GTI inventory.  They had only two in stock at the time, and they were not the right trim and color I was looking for (CSG SE trim with DSG and Lighting Package).  Stephen Ruiz went above and beyond my expectations when he acquired the exact GTI spec I was looking for!  Within a week and a half, it was on the dealer lot for me to pickup.  Communication during that time was fast and responsive.  The team was even able to fulfill an odd PDI request of mine.  I would say if you are looking for a specific VW and it doesn't show up on their website inventory, I would recommend shooting an email to Stephen to see what he can do.

Renus K. | 2014-03-29

The customer service is great! I have bought my last two vehicles here with excellent experiences on both occasions. I have also been bringing my cars for service here for the past 4 years and they have always been upfront with the cost and duration.

The staff are friendly and extremely helpful, definitely cannot go wrong here.

Mark H. | 2014-02-11

My overall recent experience of purchasing a new car at Momentum VW of Jersey Village was excellent.  This car represents the 16th car I have owned in my 22 years of having a driver's license.  I would rate my experience at Momemtum VW as the best car buying experience I have had due entirely to salesperson Stephen Ruiz's openness, sincerity, personability, and no-nonsense approach to the deal-making process.  I do a great deal of research (invoice pricing, incentives, rebates, etc.) before I ever approach a dealership, and at no point in time did I feel like the dealership was trying to pull the wool over my eyes and hide anything from me.  I truly appreciate that straitforward sort of approach to selling cars.  Often times in the past buying a car has felt like me versus the salesperson/dealership.  This time I felt like Stephen Ruiz and Momentum VW were my partners.

My wife and I are really enjoying the new VW.  I LOVE getting 40 MPG from the TDI engine on my commute to and from downtown Houston every day.  This is the 3rd VW I have owned (1974 Bus and 1991 Passat in years past) and the 5th car of German make, and there really is nothing like driving a German car.

Jeremy L. | 2013-12-20

Very happy with Mark Livingston, my salesman.  I  requested information in the afternoon via internet and Mark responded quickly to what i was looking for, I asked to look at the vehicle that night and he stayed late, even though he was off and even stayed while we talking over pricing after the dealership closed. He was not pushy and did not contact me before I made the call.

I was very pleased and could not ask for better service.  He helped me when I called him the next morning to close the deal and provide deposit over the phone.  He was helpful in answering my questions, and impressed me most by admitting to not know certain answers to my questions.  I would recommend anybody looking for vehicle to meet with him.  Thank you, again.

Nicki S. | 2013-12-12

The three stars in purely because of their service department.  I have had two VWs over the last six years and all my oil changes and few service needs have been at this dealership since it is around the corner from my house.  The guys in service are usually friendly, helpful, and as a VW customer can get me a loaner if needed.

The sales side of this dealership is ridiculous.  Leased my first VW there, no issues.  When it came time to trade it in for something else, they pretty much blew me off since I wouldn't take one of the cars they had on the lot.  They had the model I wanted, but not the color or features.  If I am actually buying a car for around $30k, I want it to be exactly what I want, not what you are looking to unload from inventory.  I ended up going to DFW to find a dealership who had what I wanted.  

Flash forward to a week ago.  Received a call from someone in their dealership that they are looking for cars like mine and would I be interested in coming in to get a quote and maybe talk trade in options.  Sure, fine, I had some spare time and was intrigued.  Said they would put me down on the VIP appointment list.  Okie dokie.  Went in the next day, very cold out and had my one year old with me.  Sales guy that met me acted like I came in just for kicks and giggles.  I kept telling him, your dealership called me.  Looked over the car, said it was worth a lot, no quote given.  Told him I would consider trading it in for the right offer.  He walked off into the office area.  Walked around inside, played in the kid area with the one year old, took a restroom break, at least 10 minutes passed and the guy never came back out of the office.  So we bundled back up and left.  Not sure when, or if, the guy even noticed we left.  Or cared.  Sadly, this is the same guy I end up dealing with every single time I have bought or tried to trade in a car.  Not sure how I get stuck with him.  

They can be sure I will not be coming back to trade or purchase another vehicle.  If I want another VW I will go to one of the other dealerships in Houston or even back to DFW if need be.  Service department is fine, but stay away from the sales.

E A. | 2013-11-29

So I'm purchasing a car from this dealer even though I live in Houston. First off, this has been THE MOST LOW KEY car sale/ purchase experience I've ever had. Juan was my salesperson, and as someone whose skin crawls and burns and peels when approached by a salesman (on a car lot, an experience on par with ballroom slow dancing with a personal injury attorney), I can say that I never felt uncomfortable. Juan is soft spoken and approachable. The dealer closes at 8 and it's already 9 pm on Black Friday. Juan and his Finance Manager, Beth, are still here processing our paperwork. I arrived quite late at 730 pm because of delays from the bank + traffic. I don't feel at all hurried, though I know they are all very tired. Again, this has been the most non-car-purchase car purchase I've ever made. I'd drive the 2.75 hours each way to work with Juan and Beth. Thank you both.

Rebecca L. | 2013-11-18

Today I was privileged enough to buy a Certified Passat from Mark Livingston on the Sales Team. I had sent him an email about the Passat last night inquiring about the lowest price possible on the sedan, and he promptly called me and emailed this morning with all my information I needed. He was extremely personable and very honest and upfront with me about all of the things he could and couldn't do to get me in this Passat. I went to see him at the dealership this afternoon and looked at a few cars. Ultimately, he gave me a fair/generous trade in price for my Pathfinder (even more than CarMax did) and let me pay the difference in cash (many dealers had told me I would HAVE to finance). Mark was the most genuine person I have met in the car sales industry - working with him was such a positive experience, and I would recommend anyone and everyone to go see him. He was polite and made me feel like I was worth his time even though I was only purchasing a used car and I'm only 22 years old. He made me feel like I was important and like he truly cared about getting me in a car that I loved. I have only positive things to say about Mark Livingston and am very thankful for all that he did for me!

Maria G. | 2013-09-11

Client for years, but completely changed my opinion whenI decided to  purchase my extended warrantee. I was there on June 10th 2 weeks before my 2010 Routan 3 years guarantee would expire. I sat down with Financial Manager, MR "Chang" , and we spent quite a time, since I am a CPA and I wanted to make my decision having all info and possibilities open for me to take. So we explored different options in terms of the levels of coverage, miles of coverage limit, and years of coverage, combined. FInally I closed the deal, and I even asked him "So when  I bring the car for a service I am not paying anything as it has been in the past 3 years"?  _ He answered exactly, you do not pay anything.
Some days ago, I had a problem with my light internal in the second row, and I took the car into the Katy location (since it is much closer),and after replacing the part, the lady asked me for my 100$ deductible (that she says I need to pay every single time I bring the car to Momentum, either service or defects to be checked). I paid, in hopes it was a misunderstanding that can be solved, right after that I called MR Chang, explained the situation in order to get it corrected, but he said that 100$ deductible is the only option they have, that though the warrantee form has a 0$ and 50$ deductible box to check, they do not offer those, and when I complained that I was never even mentioned that there was a deductible, though I asked him for all information before making my decision, he said "I apologize for overlooking that information, but it is like that". As a customer, who used to be loyal to your Jersey Village location,now every good previous treatment has been wiped out by this answer and situation.
I sent several emails, after that, not being get back to even ONCE...Feel bad to leave
a bad review but what is fair is fair.I  wish it could have been a way to open a constructive dialogue with willingness on their side to solve a situation that was not my fault, but an omission on their side.
Maria Garcia Puente

matt f. | 2013-03-12

Find the next VW lot this one has a shady finance department before and after the sale.  West Houston VW has a great service department and the staff has always goes beyond the job!

Sam D. | 2013-02-09

Horrible service! just don't do it.. there are other places out there. They lie they try to rip you off and they are just rude. Don't give them your email either! I've tried to opt out of receiving emails from them and they won't quit spamming me. Anyway, I would never take my car there again after the experiences I've had with them.

Sam D. | 2012-12-28

The sales department was great. However, the service department was absolutely awful. Emerson was the worst. He was rude over the phone. He lied and never finished his job. Very displeased. I would never take my car there to get serviced after that experience. I am warning all of my friends to stay away from their service department since their service advisors think they can talk down to customers and lie to them. There are much better places out there.

stephen r. | 2012-12-17

The only way to buy a Volkswagen in Houston.  Get a great deal, great experience, and drive off in a great car. Talk to Stephen who takes care of internet sales, credit union members, and fleet deals!

Lindsay p. | 2012-09-27

My review is for John in the sales department, I have nothing but great things to say about him and his customer service! From day one he was extremely helpful and patient. He went above and beyond to help me with everything.  Three weeks later and he still calls to check in and make sure everything is okay and to see if I have any questions. He got me the car that I wanted for the price that I wanted and I am very appreciative for all of his help. I shopped around at a few dealerships and this is the guy to talk to if you are interested in doing business with VW!!

Kevin R. | 2011-08-19

DO NOT buy a car from this dealership. Shedrick Donnette said that he was getting me an add-on accessory at "cost". We assumed that this accessory came with the car since the car that was traded in had this on it. The "cost" he gave is what West Houston V.W. charges retail. When I provided this information to Mr. Donnette, he became very defensive and quite rude stating that West Houston V.W.'s price structure must be different. It is sad that instead of being honest and insuring the total satisfaction of the buyer...Mr. Donnette would rather upset a repeat customer and tarnish the reputation of the entire dealership.

randy C. | 2011-02-23

Called sales rep about a used car Tues night (2-22-11) around 8:30 pm.  I told him I was interested in this particular truck and wanted to see if they would be open to a certain offer. He told me my offer was probably within the acceptable range and he would talk to his boss who had already gone home an let me know.  He did not call back either that night or the next morning.  
When I showed up at the dealership the next day... the sales rep was not there, but another worker showed me the truck and let me test drive it.  Then, I was ready to make an offer.  We walked in to the sales office and talked to the manager.....and guess what.....the F'in car had been sold to an employee the night before!  
I will never waste my time at this dealership (or any other) again.  These jerks did not have the common decency to let me know what the hell was going on and didn't give a flip.  The sales manager offered NO apology and didn't even speak to me.
Over the years, I have have found dealers to be arrogant and greedy (trying to squeeze every nickel they can out of you). This experience just reminds me again and reinforces by long held belief that dealerships should be avoided like the plague.