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Momentum MINI invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.


Established in 2002.

Houston's only MINI Cooper dealership.

Momentum MINI

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 596-3450
Address:10000 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77074
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Momentum MINI

Diana V. | 2015-01-20

I've seen several unhappy references to the service department and I truly hope that MINI is working on redeeming itself.  Meanwhile, my husband and I have purchased two MINI's since Aug 2014.  Our sales guy was Scott and we absolutely loved him.  He was easy to work with and very friendly and knowledgable.  I would buy 10 more from him tomorrow.  I have had one trip to the service department and I didn't have any good or bad experience to report on.  They serviced my car in a reasonable amount of time and I was able to get on my way without any hassle.

Amitabha B. | 2014-08-28

Beware. Bait and switch. I had written offer from Momentum Mini from 2 days ago and a written offer from a competitor which was slightly better. I asked on the phone first if they would match it or better it. I spoke to Natalie who was assistant to salesperson Marianna who said they would better it and to come in. After coming in I gave the 2 written offers and took over 30 minutes to get Mr. Vilche (may not be correct spelling) to even appear and it was taking over 45 min at which point I rushed it and said that I will walk if they matched it and would give them the deal if they bettered the competition's offer.  Mr. Vilche (again not sure of spelling) stated they can only match it. They LIED!!!! They hooked me in saying they would better the price of the competition only to get me to come in hoping that if I valued my time I would sell them the car instead of going to extra hassle of going to the competitor. Guess what, I walked and sold it to the competitor and got a check in hand one hour later. Momentum MIni would have given a check 4 days later. Again I say BEWARE!!!!

Maria T. | 2014-08-11

Great service, very accommodating to my specific requests and very patient as well. I couldn't decide what I wanted and Marisol explained all the cars to me and took me to test drive the ones I liked. She kept in touch with me after my purchase and that shows a lot from a sales person. I highly recommend this dealer, and if u can ask for Marisol.

Toni W. | 2014-07-11

So disappointed and upset with Momentum MINI - again! Buying a vehicle from them isn't the issue - it's the service you get post-sale, absolutely horrendous.  

I love, love my MINI Countryman but after experiencing Momentum's service, or lack thereof, I probably will never consider a MINI again, unless a new dealership moves in and shows customers how the service department should take care of customers.

My car was towed to Momentum 3 weeks ago today - for a dead battery.  Exactly three weeks later, I still do not have my car and no idea when I'll get it back. Really? A dead battery takes this long - it's absurd. What really rankles is Momentum's complete lack of concern or urgency - they are very blase about it with comments like "oh vehicles today are just so tricky" and "you just need to be patient with us" - really? *I* who have waited 3 weeks for you to figure out how to replace a battery and reprogram my car have to be patient?

My service advisor (oxymoron there) shows a complete lack of regard for me and my frustrations. Spins a complete line of utter rot whenever I speak with him and I don't have any confidence or trust in anything he tells me. In an effort to identify where the issue lies i.e., with Momentum or MINI themselves (as they're apparently having to involve MINI to fix a dead battery related problem!!), I insisted that we document a timeline detailing from the date Momentum took possession until now, exactly when their technicians had worked on the vehicle, when they had contacted the MINI factory engineers, when MINI had replied with "solutions to try" etc. My intent was to figure out who the hell I should be yelling at - My so-called service advisor told me that he couldn't share time information with me because a) it's related to payroll, and b) he couldn't access that data.  RUBBISH and total NONSENSE! All the communications between MINI and Momentum apparently have to be conducted via email - I was emphatically told they could not contact MINI via phone - in which case tell me what dates the emails were received and sent - nothing to do with payroll!!!

No senior manager or even the service foreman has called me - often I have to call in myself to get status updates. It's a complete shambles down there and they simply do not care about their customers - end of story!


Maritza M. | 2014-06-21

Very unhappy with the service department. We bought our MINI at Momentum two years ago, and have had a good experience UNTIL LAST MONTH. When making a service appointment I was informed that Momentum no longer provides loaner vehicles. Since when??

We live out of town so a loaner car is a necessity when spending the day in Houston, waiting on car repairs. We've always had a loaner in the past two years - and are not pleased at all with this new policy.

There are two other excellent MINI dealers in the Houston area that readily provide excellent prices, service AND loaner cars. Avoid Momentum.

Grace C. | 2014-06-07

If I could give it half a star, I would.  

Extremely poor service from the sales advisor, Marisol Quiroz.

We came in today, and the dealership was extremely busy, which we didn't mind waiting. The front lady took us to test drive two different models of hardtop. She was easy to work with and make an effort to give us an idea.

After we drove the two cars, the front lady introduced us to the sales advisor, Marisol Quiroz. I have never met a retail/sales person so unfriendly and disengage with the product she is selling. First thing, she brought us into her office to discuss, and then few minutes later, my father came into the room, both my mother and I were already seated, and no other chair was available. She couldn't even bother to move in a chair from the next room to offer my father while we discuss our options.

Options seemed so unappealing to her as well. She seemed uninformed about the pricing of the upgrades and different options. When I ask about pricing, she seemed irritated by my questions and was unwilling to give me a clear response. We were completely turned off by her attitude and her uninterested manner when speaking about the car, so to say the least, the meeting was abrupt.

I've read horrible reviews on Yelp regarding this dealership, yet I decided to give it a benefit of doubt. Please don't make the mistake I did, save your time and talk to other MINI dealership, one with sales advisors who are ready to make a sale on their great product. What a shame that these great cars are tarnished by this employee passive, unfriendly, and arrogant demeanor.

Cuc L. | 2014-05-25

So far, I'm a fan! Mike is pretty cool and attentive . . . I say so far, because I don't drop Winnie off til Tuesday. . .  they were really nice about setting up my reservation.  I drove in on Saturday morning hoping that someone would be able to look at the crazy radiator-coming-on-by-itself problem :/  We'll see how happy i am post-visit :)

I love their level of customer Momentum . . . have been going to Momentum BMW for over a decade, hoping Mini is just as awesome!

Leann F. | 2014-04-18

I came back a week later, worked with Lee Carter, the Assistant Motoring Manager, and had an excellent experience!!

Abby B. | 2014-03-24

I loved buying a car from here, but the service department is unacceptable.

I bought my beautiful little Mini here about 4 years ago from the salesman named Lee. I had a great experience. He was fair, attentive, fun, and I got exactly what I wanted. I still love my car and think Mini Coopers are unique and fun to drive.

As for the service experience, I took my car for a check engine diagnostic over three years ago and experienced poor service for the first time. They took 4 days to get back to me, and they told me the car was ready when it wasn't. After this experience, I chose to take my car elsewhere.

Two weeks ago, I decided to give momentum mini another shot. I wish I hadn't. Today, I left the dealership almost in tears because of my frustration. My car was towed to this dealership two weeks ago. First, my estimate was almost 10,000 bucks on a 5 year old car. (Inflated costs driven by commission hungry individuals.) This was Strike 1. Second, I came to pick my car up Wednesday after authorizing my mirror to be fixed. The car wouldn't start. Strike 2. We did choose not to make repairs on issues they found In the first price quote, but my car went from operating normally to a bunch of sensors going off, the check engine light on, and it not starting... Today, I called twice before coming to pick it up to ensure it was ready. When I went to pick it up and they tried to charge me a diagnostic fee of 150 bucks when I was already spending over 1,300 dollars on service with them within the last two weeks. Strike 3. I'm not done. After arguing with Johny, my service manager, I demanded to see another manager. The manager on duty, Andrew, knocked off our fee fairly quickly, but the frustration didn't end there. As we got ready to pay, Johny told us "the car isnt ready. "It's in the body shop." Basically, they forgot to paint my mirror, and it wasn't actually ready on Wednesday when I was told to pick it up. We reminded Johny that we called twice to verify the car was ready, but he just claimed that the computer indicated it was. He made no effort to rectify the situation. He didn't even apologize. I asked to speak to the manager yet again. I had to wait 30 minutes for the manager because he was the only one on duty today, but he was very understanding and sympathized with my frustration. He promised to have the car delivered to me Monday, clean, gassed up, and repaired. Time will tell.

This was, hands down, the worst experience I have ever had at a car dealership. I do appreciate Andrew's attempt to rectify the situation, but he would have had to hand me cash for me to leave there feeling satisfied. The inflated service costs, lack of communication between technicians and service managers is the main area of weakness. Johny's lack of customer service and professionalism (noted by both employees and customers I have spoken with) are minimal in comparison, but irritating nonetheless. PMomentum Mini will continue to lose costumers to Mini of the Woodlands if drastic changes are not made in these areas.

As a side note to Momentum Mini, I suggest they hire a professional, customer oriented manager to lead and manage the service managers and technicians in effort to improve ultimately, hbridge the communication gap between the technicians and the service managers.

Lisa H. | 2014-02-03

I read all the reviews here and was reluctant to come here to buy.  I came anyway.  My experience was quite pleasant.  The dealership itself is nice and modern looking with a nice waiting area with Wifi- and a cafeteria! My sales person- Marisol- was so knowledgeable, helpful and patient.  There are so many options to choose from with the Mini and I kept changing my mind and reconfiguring.   Marisol had no problem answering all of my questions and re-working the build each time- despite the fact was that I was just "shopping" and had no intention of buying anything for at least a few months  There was no pressure whatsoever from Marisol or anyone I met with.  The Service manger Marianna was equally as wonderful to deal with.  I was so excited by my test drive that I ended up buying 2 days later and drove away with my new Mini Cooper S Countryman.
It's a great fun car and it was a painless experience.

Cindy C. | 2014-01-21

I took my mini to Momentum Mini for service many times. Never had a problem with any of the service advisers except for the last time with Johnny. He is all BS, lies and cheated on my service bill (quoted one price and end up charging a higher price WITHOUT acknowledgement!), and lacks professionalism. They have become so commission driven that all they care about is how to rob your money in anyway they can. Service Manager does not return calls either. This dealer is rotten at the core.

I will stop going to Momentum for service and drive a few extra miles to Clear Lake location from now on.

Let me repeat: the service manager, Jerry Baker, DOES NOT return calls.

Karla C. | 2013-05-29

As a recent customer, I really enjoyed the experience at Momentum MINI. I was assisted by Marisol Q. who was very sweet. She had an answer to all my questions and showed us all the available cars in the model I was interested in. She also pointed out the differences and helped us pick what would be best for us. We had to stay past the regular hours but the finance personnel and the manager were all extremely helpful and patient.

Adam C. | 2013-05-10

My wife and I just bought a 2013 Cooper from Momentum Mini, and we couldn't be happier with the car.  It's super fun to drive, and the build quality and standard kit on the car are top-notch.  Our sales associate Marisol Quiroz was super nice, and a true pleasure to deal with.  Equally pleasant to deal with were the finance manager Louie Gonzalez... and, really, every person at the dealership.  It was our best car buying experience ever, and I would highly recommend Momentum if you're in the market for a Mini.  There's a very laid back, no pressure atmosphere.

Jahnna P. | 2013-04-11

I hate this service department.  I've only met one nice service advisor.  And,  I guess your service advisor depends on who's available when you arrive so it's different every time.  

One time a service advisor refused to help me when a part that was under warranty fell off my car.  He said I didn't have the piece (it fell of my car) so he couldn't replace it without it coming out of his paycheck.  He said they had to return damaged parts to MINI if they are repaired under warranty.  Finally, the manager agreed to do me a "favor" and fix it for free... this one time.  THE PART WAS UNDER WARRANTY. YOU WERE OBLIGATED TO FIX IT.  If you don't want to replace missing pieces, you need to tell MINI to use better craftsmanship so the scuttles don't fly off on the highway.

I also had another service advisor who couldn't be bothered to explain why my tires with 25k miles are already bald/almost bald.  She acted annoyed that I would even question her assessment.  I don't have $672 to just hand out at the drop of a hat so I need to know exactly what the problem is and why these tires aren't living up to their full potential.  She suggested it could be the alignment, but it would $200 for her to check because they can't check unless they do the alignment.  WHAT A JOKE!  Also, she said my car would be ready today at noon.  Did she call at noon to tell me my car was ready? NO!  That's rude.  I had to call to find out that it wouldn't be ready until six. Luckily, my super nice co-worker gave me a lift home so I wouldn't be stranded downtown.  I know MINI has a shuttle, but I didn't know if my car would actually be ready at six since it wasn't ready at noon like she had said.  

Hopefully, I will never bring my car here again.  I don't even know if I'll buy another MINI again.  They have just totally soured me against the entire brand, and it's really unfortunate because I love my MINI.  But, I hate this service department.  They're jerks!

Hana S. | 2012-05-13

I LOVE my Mini! My experience purchasing and receiving my car was smooth and enjoyable, thanks to motoring adviser Brian Berry.  He thoroughly explained all the features and options of the Mini (of which there are so many), during the test drive and after.  I got a loaner mini until mine was ready, which was delivered  to my house on time and with all my options.  Brian did a great job explaining every aspect of my new car, and was helpful when I had follow up questions.

David P. | 2012-04-27

I had a great experience with the Momentum BMW Mini dealership. My sales person, Alex, made the whole buying process so much easier than I thought it would be. I had to special order my MINI JCW hardtop and the wait was dreadful, but Alex kept up with me and let me know the progress of the car. After the car arrived he thoroughly took the time to tell me all about the car and the special features that I probably never would have known about. And what makes him so awesome is that he found some scratches that happened during the   service that I probably would have completely missed! I'm so glad he did because I would've been pretty mad if I had to pay for something I didn't even do. But to sum things up, I really had an great buying experience and I definitely recommend you hitting up Alex if you want a smooth and awesome buying experience!

Devon G. | 2012-01-29

This isn't a review on the sales team, which was a good experience, but on the service center. I have taken my car in three separate times and had my appointment rescheduled by them after I was already there. The last time this happened, I brought my car in for its first oil change and because I had gotten a warning light saying my engine wasn't working at full capacity. Considering there was just a recall issued on my year and model about the turbocharger overheating and leading to fire, I was a bit concerned when they rescheduled me for two weeks later. The service associate joked that the media just hypes up those recalls but I was still unsure, so I took my car in to a local shop for diagnostics. Not surprisingly, my turbocharger was overheating and my car could have caught fire while I was driving it. I will never buy another car at this dealership again and am taking my business all the way to the Woodlands, where they actually do work when they schedule it and don't send you off in a deathtrap.

Scott H. | 2011-11-23

This location was clean and modern.  I purchased my first Mini, and the sales staff was helpful, knowledgeable and professional.  With so many color options and styles, the sales team was extremely patient.

Special mention goes out to Brian Berry in sales.  He was professional, honest and extremely accommodating.  

Equally professional and fun was Marianna Brasel, Sales Manager.

These 2 people together made my buying experience fun, educational, and even more importantly - easy.

The reception staff were always there, and very helpful in getting assistance when needed.  The finance team was also accommodating, and helpful with questions and advice.

Great experience!

j y. | 2011-05-14

We WERE proud Mini Owners, so proud we bought 2 in one day! But, through the last 5 years, we have watch the service and regard for the customers at Momentum Mini, go so far downhill that I gladly just paid $240 to have my car towed to Clear Lake Mini to avoid walking through the doorway of Momentum!!! From the service department to the general management (Monty Meave, that's you too!) they have berated us, lied to us, and have been down right criminal in their handling of any issue that has come up in the last 2 years with my Mini. Long ago, there were 2 great service advisors, but they couldn't be part of a dealership that quit caring and that was hellbent on ripping off honest people. So, from now on, I will drive all the way to Clear Lake to deal with the folks who are still trying to earn business instead of having inflated repair bills just to pad the coffers for a dealership absent of any "service after the sale" or regard for the customers who unfortunately helped them grow to become the nasty monster dealership they are today. Do I sound bitter??? YOU BETCHA!

Linda K. | 2011-04-14

Service is top notch! Johnny N, took really good care of me and my Mini Cooper. I had to drive in from Austin because the locking lug nuts presented a problem while trying remove the tires for rotation. It took all day to make the repairs, but I happily waited until the job was completed. The repair to the rims was perfect! Brian was super nice to continue to check in with me throughout the day, even though I wasn't there to buy a new car. I even got a great recommendation for an excellent sandwich and Boba Tea. I love Momentum Mini! Happy Motoring!

Live Life Relaxed,

Rachel P. | 2011-04-12

I just had the pleasure of purchasing a car here, and it was just a terrific experience.  My salesman, Matthew, was outstanding and pretty much everyone I encountered was friendly and polite.  I will agree with Jim M. that there is a ton of paperwork with regard to declining coverages offered by the dealership, but my interaction there (even though it was on the boring and snotty BMW side ;)) was quite pleasant as well.  I am fairly certain that I am a MINI driver for life, and I will definitely give Momentum another visit when the time comes.

Jason G. | 2011-02-05

Absolutely awful experience.

After test driving the car I wanted, one the sales people quoted me a reasonable price.  I agreed as it was the exact monthly payment I was looking for.  Both the sales person and I seemed satisfied with the deal.  The papers were drawn up at a rate 3 dollars more than my quote.  I was unconcerned with this discrepancy.  

The sales person left without any explanation, and after an hour and a half of waiting  in silence, I inquired about the status of my paperwork with the receptionist as my salesperson now seemed engaged with other customers.  10 minuets later the sales manager, and not the sales person, appeared to close the deal.  However, instead of  providing the closing documents as expected, she instead quoted me a substantially higher price.  The entire situation was simply bizarre.

It was some malformed version of the good cop / bad cop routine.  When I told the sales manager that I was quoted a specific price, I first told there was nothing that could be done.  I was then told that I should select a different, less expensive car.  She attempted several excuses and different offers, however she would not give me the original offer.

To be honest, it was the most sleazy sales environment I have ever encountered.  I expect car sale people to people who sell cars.  This, however, was beyond awful.  

F minus.

- Update - To clarify, I left without a car.

- Second Update - I am thrilled to report that, while this dealership is unbelievably awful, there are options.  I found the sales people at Mini of Clear Lake to be fantastic.  It is a bit of a hike but well worth it.  The sales people were friendly, knowledgeable, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, didn't try to jack up the price at the last minute.    

Also, the price at Clear Lake was better than the offer Momentum  originally reneged on.   So unless bad salespeople, bad management, and bad prices are your thing, go elsewhere.

Karen S. | 2011-01-22

They have standard salad and sandwich there for lunches, with daily specials like a tenderloin with asparagus and mashed potatoes.  I have only had the breakfast, and it was okay--bacon and eggs.  A good price, though I was disappointed that they only have cheap (sub-Heinz) ketchup which kind of kills the meal.

OK, you're probably not going to go here to eat in the canteen (which is kind of cool if you are waiting), so let's talk about the cars.

Their sales department was helpful, as I test drove MINIs here.  MINIs are pretty much at retail unless you get something off the lot that no one else wants.  At the time I was purchasing, I lived in New Orleans and checked out the options in Houston but went with my home state for convenience.

Now that I'm here, I use the service department.  Overall they are very good, friendly, and on top of things.  MINI/BMW service is generally a bit pricey and slow compared to other cars but it's the nature of the machine.  They have a shuttle which will take you nearby, and loaners (in theory) for major repairs.  As I've not had a major repair I haven't partaken of one.  Free (slow) WiFi in the waiting area is a plus.

I plan to buy my next MINI here.  Motor on!

Jim M. | 2010-11-24

If you want to buy a Mini, and I think deep down, we all do, these are the folks to come and see.

This review may change the first time we get billed for service on the car, I don't know, but they made the purchasing process about as painless as it can be. When you only sell one kind of car, people (and by people I mean my wife and I) get pretty bogged down in nit picking the options, and the sales staff were very patient with us trying to find a model that fit our plan.

My only complaint is that the final paperwork goes through the associated BMW dealership and the mood there is completely different. First, if you're buying a Mini, you aren't exactly the big spender from BMW's point of view, and some of the shine comes off the sales smile. Second, the mountain of paperwork is made twice as high by all the things they make you sign saying you -don't- want to buy their eight million varieties of pre-paid maintenance and service. They were seriously trying to get us to consider stuff that would have taken the monthly payments from three hundred something to a thousand dollars! Um, if I could afford a thousand dollars a month on car payments, wouldn't I be buying an M5 instead of a Mini?

But again, other than that, very nice folks. We had to stop in on the two subsequent Saturdays after buying the car because they found our second key (we bought a 2007 pre-owned) and to get the permanent plates put on, and the staff continued to be very polite, friendly and patient.

Tysen C. | 2010-06-25

This review is long overdue--I've had my car for about a year now.

Matt and Momentum Mini did a wonderful job with my out-of-state Mini purchase.

My 2002 Mini had just been totaled (sad face) and I had a decent amount for a down payment from the insurance company. Went on to find another Mini with the rooster red interior and only a few came up in the entire country. Not only did Momentum happen to have the car I wanted, but the price was AWESOME (especially compared to the highly inflated Bay Area prices...)!!! I called and got a hold of Matt immediately, who told me another person already had the car on hold. I told him I wanted it and to let me know ASAP if/when it came available again and he did. Emails were sent, papers were faxed, flew my fiance out to check it out (Matt picked him up from the airport and dropped him off at his hotel), and the transaction was a done deal...within a week! All-in-all, we were super happy with the entire experience.

If I lived in Houston, I would absolutely come back to this Mini dealership for service and future purchases.

Arturo P. | 2009-05-19

"Minis do not float"  
The service makes you feel like a king.  I bought my MINI a year ago and every time I take the car to get service Johnny Nguyen makes my visit extremely pleasant and worry free.  I know that my car is in great hands.  Just this past April 2009 my car flooded and I took the car to them. They are the best.  if you go to MINI and get your car serviced go to Johnny Tell him Arturo recommended you to him.  He provides the personal assistance we all look for.

A H. | 2009-04-06

This place has always been helpful. I bought my car in May 2007, and the one or two times I've taken it in for service, they fixed the problem.
Another dealership had told me they "couldn't fix" my problem--then I took it to Momentum. No more super-loud, high-pitched wind noise at 75+ miles an hour.