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Momentum BMW invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.


Established in 1990.

Momentum BMW Southwest has been in this location since December of 1995, but has been in business since July 1990.  We are currently owned by our parent company Sonic Automotive Group.  We are currently the #1 BMW Certified preowned dealer in the country for 2009, 2010, 2011.  We were the #3 New BMW dealer for 2011 & are currently #1 in the country for 2012.  
 We take pride in being able to serve local Houstonians and clients around the country.  We strive to make each buying experience a pleasurable one.  We look forward to your next visit.  Please call us with any questions you may have about BMW's or other brands as well.  
Momentum BMW Southwest Team

Momentum BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 596-3100
Address:10002 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77074
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Momentum BMW

Jay M. | 2015-04-21

Well, I have tried to work with this dealership several times because I like my sales guy but he is powerless when it comes to negotiating a fair price.  If you want to pay a good amount more that what other people pay for a new BMW then I would recommend you look no further than Momentum BMW.  I will not ever step foot on their lot again.  A complete waste of time.

Paige S. | 2015-04-18

I knew there was a reason why I always skipped over this dealership and went to Katy all the way from Pearland.

I got an email for a oil change special, set an appointment for 10:30, but arrived earlier because I wanted to drop my car of. Now, it's 10:30, and the receptionist says that I haven't been called because I have to wait until my appointment time to do the walk through. So I ask her for the time and she replies that they're backed up because it's only 4 advisors working today. But it's past my appointment time as well lady!

Daniel S. | 2015-04-08

Had a service advisor inform me that I could return my car to stock to have the turbos warrantied. He told me that I could leave my meth kit and jb4 wouldn't be an issue. I spent the money to return it to stock and brought it in. No one called me all day so I called them at 4pm. The service advisor was James Crowe. At first he informs me that the warranty wouldn't be accepted because there wasn't a check engine light which was a lie because that wasn't a stipulation listed under the BMW protocol for accepting the warranty. He then proceeds to mock my tone of voice and when I ask what I'm supposed to do about the money I've lost returning it to stock he says "that's not my problem" and hangs up. I have to call his manager to be told that the warranty wasn't accepted because they saw my meth kit and the additional JB4 Harness in the computer box. Finally he kept ignoring my calls when i called back for a straight answer. I have never been that disrespected on the phone before and belittled.

Trish R. | 2015-02-16

I've used this dealership since the 1980's and I continue to rely on them for certified parts and labor. Shef is my service representative and he is great. (He did not pay me to write this review!) He makes my car problems go away in the most respectful and usually painless way possible. He sets the bar for patience and excellent customer service. Without a doubt, he is my go-to guy for service of my BMW.

On the new car side, I cannot make such a glowing review.

Despite a bad experience on the new car side and the quality short-cuts taken by the manufacturer over the decades, I still love my BMW X5. I loved my 325 before the X5 and the 320 before that. I am a loyal BMW fan. It's a fun car to drive, responsive and tight handling. I've owned a Mercedes and Acura before and there's just no comparison. I always felt let-down like I was missing the experience when I drove those other cars. If I can help it, I will never drive another car.

Brandy J. | 2015-02-08

Customer service!!!!! These people are the absolute worse! I went in to have something reset. I had to wait, no big deal. The receptionist comes and tells me an advisor is ready for me. I sit at his desk and he's on the phone. Not once did he acknowledge me sitting there. After 5 minutes I walk out to get my car so I could leave. I went back in the to tell the front desk guy do I need to schedule to have a reset. The lady from earlier decides to get involve, "ma'am what was your appointment for" very rudely may I add. I informed her I needed something reset.  To the hell with and I walked out. I asked the nice gentleman outside for a manager. The so called manager comes, I told him what happened. Couldn't bother apologizing but informing me they charge to reset something. When did Yall start this? I've been coming here for 3 years and haven't been charged once.  NEVER AGAIN!

I will be driving out my way before I go there again.  No one they can't keep employees or customers.

PinkPig N. | 2015-02-06

My experience with bmw located on southwest freeway is completely horrible and terrified. I dropped my car at 4:00 and was told that picking up the car in a few days later because the check engine light is on. Everyone should beware of the advisor name is JAVIER. He was actually a theft. At 8:00 pm at the same day, I received a call from the advisor whose name is JAVIER. He told me that my car needed to have a road test at tonight. In addition, will you guys know things happened to me ? When I picked up my car on tomorrow, the gas fuel decreased 80 miles, and the miles on the car increased 80 miles. What the hell does the road test 80 miles ? Because I took photos when dropping the car, but when i was trying to contact JAVIER ( the advisor) 4 TIMES. However, I have not received any call from him so far. I strongly recommend that everyone should beware of the advisor whose name is JAVIER. He is obviously a theft without no doubt .

Nathan M. | 2015-02-05

They took my BMW 535 I and just replace the back bumper taking two months. When I picked it up I check engine light was on and numerous other issues which they said was not their fault.
They said they had no one to pick me up so they had someone drop my car off for me to drop them back off with my own car at their shop. That's ridiculous!!  Once you bring your car into the shop it's a very poor service!

Jennifer S. | 2015-01-31

I was the 2nd person in line this morning. 3 hours later, just for an oil change is not acceptable. I hope my car is finish with soon.

Lo L. | 2015-01-31

Where do I start... My husband and I started looking for a new car after his current car literally caught on fire. We decided to check out the certified pre-owned BMW's. When we walked in we were nicely greeted by the young lady in the front, however when she looked over and asked the salesman if he wanted to help us he said "yeah I'll help them" as if we were going to inconvenience his day. Then Keath (that is his name) looked as us and said "come this way". He NEVER got our names, shook our hands, or bothered to ask how our day was going. He asked what kind of car we wanted and pulled them up online. Something that I could've done at the comfort of my own home. He didn't tell us much, just read the features and prices of the cars off their website. He then grabbed 3 keys for the cars we wanted to see and took us outside on a scavenger hunt only to roam the lot and find two of them. Way to go Einstein. Needless to say, by that point we had no interest in test driving the cars whatsoever. He got our number and sent us on or way. I must say I've received better service buying a bike then the "customer service" at BMW. It's very unfortunate that they have people like Keath representing their name, after all the people you hire says a lot about your company. I wouldn't buy a stick of gum from this gentlemen much less a car. So if you are brave enough to go in there make sure you don't get Keath and If you do automatically request someone else or walk out. You have been warned, good luck!
P.S. We ended up buying a Mercedes, thanks Keath!

Shehzad K. | 2015-01-07

Complete non sense... I own a 2011 335i and few months ago had a check engine and service engine light. Took my car to momentum BMW to get it fixed. I still REGRET IT!! First the service advisor Will Diaz told that my cars timing is off and would need to to set right and that is the only issue. They told me $1200 for diagnosis plus another $600 to set the timing and that was the only reason I agreed to go on with the repair. I get the call from the service advisor after 2 days saying that they cannot fix my car and I would need to replace the whole engine costing me $14k. Are you kidding me.

On top of it they screwed my car, the service advisor tells they cannot turn my car on and I have to tow my car and pay $1800 if I don't want to replace a new engine. Wow what a service.. Me and my cousin went to talk with the service advisor Will Diaz the next day and all we heard was complete irresponsible response. I was quite adamant not to pay a penny since they screwed my car. How come a Bmw service technician cannot turn on my car or find the exact problem with it. When I gave my car in good running condition how come they cannot figure out the problem. I was so disgusted I ended up paying $1000 just to get out of all this BS. Yes.. I did paid for a service that was not performed as promised...

The paper work had the details of service performed. The technician stated that timing was set but he cannot turn the car on. After all this crap I took my car to another service station and had replaced VVT servo motor and BOOM! My car started and run great. What a shame on BMW. I felt I was cheated but learned my lesson.

Now after these months I get a recall from Bmw for vanos bolts. This time I took my car to advantage midtown BMW since I don't want to go to momentum. They fixed the recall issue but the service advisor tells me they found the timing is off. WTF! What kind of technicians does BMW employee. I am completely disgusted with all this. Never expected this from BMW.

I get a call next day from BMW for service feedback and when I expressed my dissatisfaction all they said was they will notify my concerns to the Service manager. That's it!! No body bothered to call me back. RIDICULOUS!!

Francois D. | 2014-11-21

disappointing experience for an out-of-state purchase.
They had a used car listed for a certain price that was of interest. I asked the sales person a number of questions and had some back and forth one the features and overall state of the car.

Once I said I was interested, they told me they were not going to be able to offer the BMW certification (which for a 3 year old BMW car with 35K miles is unheard of).
The car is still on the website, with the offer of Certification. Call it bait and switch. Call it bad negotiations. Call it unethical.

It's rare to be ready to buy and have the dealership go back on its word (verbal and digital) but in this case, they've done it.

Lauren R. | 2014-11-04

I got the best service ever from Khalil Zaj at Momentum BMW. I wasn't sure exactly what kind of car I wanted, but he was able to find me a brand new 2014 320i for an amazing price. Khalil was with me every step of the way and went above and beyond to make sure that I got the royal treatment. Everyone should ask for him when shopping for a BMW - pre-owned or otherwise.

Syed J. | 2014-10-04

Decent service but the pricing is too high especially for used cars and they really don't negotiate much.  I think you can find better deals elsewhere.

Darci S. | 2014-08-19

My fiancé and I had an amazing experience with Momentum BMW. We had been in the market for a SUV for a while and had been to so many different dealerships that we were just exhausted at the thought of talking to another sales representative. When we went to Momentum BMW, we were greeted by Khalil, who was a breath of fresh air as compared to previous experiences. He was extremely helpful, patient and attentive to what we wanted in a car.

Khalil compared several models for us pointing out price, original MSRP, features, and warranty coverage before doing a physical inspection with us to identify any imperfections. We ended up selecting a CPO BMW X5. We were short on time so Khalil met us later in the week to go over the technology features and settings.

Normally, you get hard-armed by the finance office into packages you don't need, but Gift helped us identify what we were likely to use. He made the process efficient and stress-free. As we were leaving, Monty, the GM for Momentum, met with us to talk about the car and overall experience - he really made us feel welcome and part of 'Momentum Family.'

Overall, we had a great experience. We highly recommend Momentum BMW to others and will be buying there again!

Rodimus P. | 2014-08-19

Although they helped me Adrian in the parts department acted as if he was to good to say hello.  I literally tried 4 times to be friendly and he just looked at me as if he owned 9 BMWs and didn't have time for me.  The receptionist was super nice and helpful

Arkadios K. | 2014-08-05

The absolutely most horrendous service center you can find in Houston. Brought my car in for a simple thing, swapping the two rear tires. Received my car the next day with scuffs on the bumper, damage to the wheels, signs of abuse (14 extra miles on the car, very high oil temp... obviously they were launching or dogging it). They denied everything, of course. Driving away from the dealership, I get an EDC sensor malfunction due to a sensor that came loose (gee, I wonder why...), which of course they denied fixing under warranty due to my "aftermarket wheels". Because racing-spec wheels with the same sizes and offsets as BMW's own performance wheels, with higher quality tires, apparently makes sensors randomly pop out of housings.  

In short, they have no respect for your property, the quality of their work is shoddy, the receptionist is condescending and rude, the service advisors don't know one end of the car from the other (yes sir, my E92 M3 is a V6 turbo, sure is), and the management are all liars and thieves.

Avoid this place like the plague.

Stephanie R. | 2014-07-22

I wish I would've read all of the terrible reviews listed here before I gave my business to this establishment. The cost doesn't align with the service. When I pay a certain amount of money, I expect a certain level of service and that's not at all what I received. I won't be giving my business to this establishment again.

I've been bringing my BMW here for a little over a year. Mario Vega has been my service adviser since inception. Initially, I attributed his forgetfulness and lack of updates to him being busy. But EVERY SINGLE TIME I've had to bring my car in for servicing I've had to track him down for updates. He doesn't keep you in the loop and if you don't call him, chances are you won't know what's going on with your car. He's not fit for the job, pass on him for an adviser!

During my last service appointment my car was there for a total of 14 days for a job that took approximately 12 hours in labor. I was absolutely baffled at how long it took them to even look at my car. On the 3rd day, after I called repeatedly for two days, Mario finally called me back and said that they were about 50 cars behind schedule. If I were informed of this on the 1st day, I would have taken my car elsewhere. They rarely have loners so I paid for a rental out of pocket for each day. Communication was extremely poor from the day I dropped my car off until the day I picked it up.  

I was notified that my car would be ready at some point on Saturday, July 12th. It was not ready on the day promised and no one notified me of anything. I had to call Momentum on the following Monday, July 14th to inquire about my vehicle's status. No one seemed to know anything since Mario was not in. After speaking to a few different people- my car was ready to be picked up. When I arrived, I waited at the service desk for approximately 5 minutes before even being acknowledged with a smile, head nod or even eye contact, while the people behind the desk continued their phone conversations. Quality customer service is not their strong suit.

I voiced my concerns to the manager of the service department and his response was he would speak to Mario and next time he'd set me up with a different adviser. That's unsatisfactory. I'll be notifying my family and friends to stand clear of this service center.

Kaether C. | 2014-07-14

I was actually highly disappointed at the lack of professionalism from the sales person. He honestly made me feel as if I was not fit to be one of their clientele. Not only did he not offer to let me drive the car, but I also had let him know I wanted to see a BMW around the same price, and he didn't even show me anything. He also suggested I go to drive time! When we went back in to try to do the credit report, he did tell me a few of my options, but didn't really try hard to make the sale. And finally, to add injury to insult, he said he would call me back the next day to let me know what my options looked like for getting approved, and never did. Needless to say, my overall experience there was poor. I did go elsewhere, and I did end up getting a Mercedes from Sterling McCall Toyota, and it ended being way more than what I originally wanted to spend, but the service I received made me want to buy it.

Mike M. | 2014-07-04

they need to revert back to customer service.  you have to call into a 1 800 number to set up service and they are trying to save cost, rather than provide superior customer service.  it has gone down hill.  the 1 800 people are not as motivated, and you can never speak to the same person.

vanny s. | 2014-06-19

Everytime I have any questions or need any assistance with my car, my service advisor Phong Bui has always been to the rescue. He values my time while I am there and very diligent with my needs. Very satisfied customer.

Paul T. | 2014-05-14

I bought my car from this dealership a year ago. I've been back 5 times for service and they are the most inefficient places I've ever been. One time I showed up for my scheduled service appointment and the did not get to me for an hour, taking people that did not have an appointment before me. I've never had a quick in and out experience. One time it took them 2 hours to get some one to drive me home, and I only live 3 miles away. Worst service ever. Don't waste your time, go somewhere else if you can.

kris c. | 2014-04-30

Great dealership I have purchased over 10 cars would highly recommend this dealership.

Justin O'Keith H. | 2014-04-29

I have used this dealer for about 3 years when I was in Houston. I started off with Mario Vega as my service adviser. If you can avoid him, do it. You should not have to repeatedly call to get the status of your car. If it is promised to me at a certain time then it needs to be ready. If there are issues let me know. If you cannot text or call a customer to let them know then you should not have your job. It is called customer service for a reason and repeatedly failed.

I switched to Phong as my new adviser after giving Mario a couple of chances. This guy is awesome. He handled all of my needs and constantly emailed and called me about my car. I expect a certain level of service with BMW. BMW of Austin is amazing and Phong brought that level of service to me. When Momentum dropped the ball multiple times he was there to apologize and make it right.

The girls at the desk do have attitudes occasionally and the guys bringing your car around and opening your doors can be slow. Many are preoccupied with conversation amongst themselves. If I do return to Houston I will only deal with Phong for my needs. I will not even go into the other horror stories I have had with Momentum. There is not enough time nor space to write them all out.

Emily C. | 2014-04-20

Pretty seamless transaction and easy people the work with
Really fair! I have read a lot of reviews stating diff but personally it was the best experience I've had thus far!

Nabeel M. | 2014-04-03

Car buying experience was okay, definitely nothing to write home about.

The service experience was horrible however. I have been ignored here, overquoted, and disrespected. Will never go here again, just go to BMW west and save your dignity, you will come out happier, I promise.

Karol M. | 2014-03-06

I was introduced to Momentum BMW because of an ad for a used car.  Because the vehicle that I am searching for is rare and sought-after, I was quick to show my interest to Momentum via a midnight e-mail to them.  

In the morning, a [very young] "new sales associate" named Leslie returned my call.  I expressed interest in the vehicle and asked several questions about the car which she had to "research" before calling me back.  Five hours later, another sales associate named Jason got involved.  I repeated my inquiry questions from the morning.  He phoned me back 30 minutes later to tell me that the car had been sold [out from under me!].  What horrible business!!!!

The next day, I noticed that the AutoTrader ad was still active, so I did an instant-chat with Grace.  She told me that the vehcile was still for sale.  Thrilled, I left my phone number for the call-back.  When she called me back 45 minutes later, she told me that the vehicle had already been sold.  

I then mentioned that the AutoTrader ad was still active and that they should remove the posting asap.

An hour later, a fifth salesperson phoned me.  AnnaMae stated that the car WAS still for sale, but that there were several interested parties--some of whom lived in the Houston area.  I THEN OFFERED TO WIRE A DEPOSIT TO HOLD THE VEHICLE WHILE I HAD A THIRD-PARTY INSPECTION PERFORMED, and that I would be willing to wire the remainder later today.  AnnaMae said that she would call me back.

Grace then returned my call stating again that "the vehicle had been sold."

So, I spoke with FOUR sales reps over a 26-hour timespan.

THESE PEOPLE NEED TO WORK ON THEIR COMMUNICATION WITH EACH OTHER AND THEIR COMPUTERIZED[?] INVENTORY SYSTEM!!  Don't tell a potential buyer that the car is available before verifying this fact!!!  AND, IF THEY HAD ANY BUSINESS SENSE AT ALL, THEY WOULD HAVE IDENTIFIED INTEREST FROM ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS THAT MULTIPLE BUYERS EXISTED!  Then, they would have been able to get the full asking price!--or more!  

Having purchased two cars out-of-state using AutoTrader in the past, I had confidence in AutoTrader's 5 of 5 star review.  But, after looking here on Yelp, I see that this dealership does not have a good reputation.  I would not give them the satisfaction of your business (sales or service!)

Bert M. | 2013-12-10

How can a dealership fall from the heights to the depths in such a short period of time. This dealer used to excel at everything. My story:I brought my car in 2 weeks ago with a check engine light. It took 3 days for them to even look at the car. They fixed it...

Then 5 days later the light came on again. I made an appointment and as I write this, I have been sitting here for an hour and 45 minutes JUST DROPPING THE CAR OFF.

Jeff K. | 2013-12-05

Wow, Momentum certainly has a lot of what I've come to call "hit-and-run" Yelp reviews. (Translation: one-star critiques penned by someone with an axe to grind, generally having written few or no other Yelp reviews.) I'll try to be a bit more helpful.

In this instance, the only thing I needed was an oil change for my current BMW. After looking online, I found a coupon for an $80 oil change at Momentum, a dealership I'd never previously visited. Knowing that that's a pretty good deal -- since BMWs require synthetic oil, even the replacement oil alone could cost $50 if you bought a quality brand like Mobil 1 yourself (and that's the Walmart-level price!) -- I booked an appointment online with Momentum's service department.

At this point I should probably clarify that I'm a long-time BMW owner currently on my fourth Bimmer in a row, and less than six months ago I had one of my two mechanics -- both independents unaffiliated with a dealership (btw my car is no longer under warranty), and among the best in the state (both are highly rated here on Yelp, too) -- thoroughly inspect my car, repair most of its legitimate outstanding issues, and tackle a handful of preventative maintenance tasks.

My initial impression of Momentum's service department was great. I was quickly whisked inside to meet with a very friendly service adviser. I told him all I needed was an oil change and gave him my coupon. After he took my key, I migrated over to the service waiting area, across the driveway and adjacent to the sales showroom ... and that's where the bloom first started to fall off the rose. Perhaps I've gotten a little spoiled, but until recently I had all of my dealer service done at BMW of Austin. *That* dealership has a whole slew of Internet-ready computers for customer use, all at Aeron chair-equipped workstations, along with free cappuccino, soft drinks, and snacks. Hell, they even have a recliner-equipped MOVIE THEATER, similar to the elaborate home setups you see at Best Buy, with a 60" flatscreen, killer sound system, and a choice of Blu-ray films available to play. For any service requiring more than 2-3 hours, they give you a complimentary loaner -- and I have *never* had to wait even ten minutes to get one, let alone the TWO WEEKS some Yelpers have reported waiting at Momentum.

In contrast, Momentum's waiting area is ... meh. No computers, and only spotty wi-fi service. Uncomfortable chairs. Free cappuccino, but soft drinks and bottled water that they actually expect you to *pay* for. (My reaction to that was, "Seriously??? You're selling cars with price tags that reach well into six-figure territory, and you expect buyers to cough up two bucks for a COKE?") I also walked around the showroom itself and checked out some of their "TruePrice" listings; I'm sorry, but those "true" prices were flat-out absurd. We're three months into the 2014 model year, and they expect to sell remainder 2013 models -- of which they had many -- for less than $1,000 under MSRP? Including a 2013 X5, a model that was completely redesigned for 2014?!? If I'd been there to buy a car, I'd've honestly walked straight out of the showroom if they tried to tell me those prices weren't *heavily* negotiable.

A bit later, my service adviser came over to inquire if I'd ever had the opportunity to take a look at the undercarriage of my car before. At this point my Spidey sense tingled on red alert, since I already knew this was going to be the beginning of an upsell job. I was escorted into the mechanics' bay and shown four "issues" with my car, all of which I already knew about. Only one of them was fully legit; another was halfway legit; and two were absolute, unmitigated b.s. Any remaining positive opinions I had about the dealership dissipated at that moment. I nicely said "thanks, but no thanks" on the additional repairs and returned to the waiting room.

After two hours, my car was ready. That's not a typo: two hours. For an OIL CHANGE. When I'd made an APPOINTMENT a week in advance. (FYI, an oil change takes about 10 minutes.) My service adviser tried to keep me there longer, since he hadn't yet had time to compile my estimate for repairing the issues he showed me underneath the car -- never mind the fact that AT NO POINT DID I *REQUEST* AN ESTIMATE. I was starting to get pissed, so I insisted I needed to go in order to avoid rush-hour traffic hell (which was true) and asked him to email it to me. By the time I got home, his estimate was in my email inbox. The total? $4,300!!! Oh, my sides!!!

The only reason I'm not giving Momentum a one-star rating -- owing to their patently absurd upsell efforts, terrible (by BMW standards) waiting area, excessive wait times, and ludicrous new-car asking prices (particularly since Houston has a half-dozen other BMW dealers) -- is because their service folks were unfailingly polite. Oh, and they did a great job on my complimentary car wash.

Jawad K. | 2013-11-16

met with Rod he was very polite in explaining that the old owner did not hand them the wheel locks.

Regarding the car I was offered to sell the car back to them for 20 plus percent less than what I bought it for  on Monday so that did not work out well.

After that I Was offered to buy an extended warranty, the person selling the warranty wont even show me the details of the exclusions which makes no sense at all.

The Price of the warranty is very high almost 50 % of the purchase price of the car that I paid.

Raising the rating to two as Rod was polite while trying to sell more stuff to me.

Looking else where for maintenance/Repairs when the need arises..

Monique W. | 2013-11-12

I  drove my bmw in what someone called called Limp or safety mode across Houston in rush hour. speed 47mph...I'm new here.  big stressor, but I arrived 6:50...While I waited to b greeted my husband flagged a service tech down. ...
My husband came to my window and said "they don't work on BMWs older than 10 years or over100,000 miles. ..

Are u F______ kidding me? It barely made it there. ..I went there bc Momentum bmw West recommended it was closer.
I explain that I can leave in it. . its dangerous.  Give me the service manager please. .. as I waited under the BMW SERVICE PLEDGE....he APPROACHED.  I explained. .. what the service tech said.  I also Explained Momentum West referred me.  

He replied they are not affiliated.  Oh really? Because to r the end consumer it certainly appears that they are.  What the heck. .. may take my car in. .. he hesitated... and hesitated. ... That was  the straw that b brokevthe camels  back.  



Billy Ray P. | 2013-10-30

Bait and Switch ...

 A salesman by the name of Curtis Josey is whom I had the displeasure of working with. I went there yesterday to look at a vehicle that was priced well. I told him I would like to trade in my wife's current vehicle (worth $8000 minimum trade in value and sales for $10K as of now) and pay cash for the rest owed. I provided him with all the necessary information to get a "range" that the trade in value would be in order not to waste either of or time. His low # was around $5500 and his high was $7500. I told him $7500 would be my rock bottom as the vehicle is in EXCELLENT shape. He assured me all would be well and to go ahead and come back with my wife's car.

 We were wanting to trade up to a crossover because my wife is expecting twins in a couple of months. The one they had is the same year as her car with 15K more miles than her car. I had my wife, who's basically on BED REST, drive over an hour to Momentum BMW so she could see the car of interest and so they could get the final trade in value of her car. Curtis told me their car was good to go and just got detailed. He spent his time with another customer and asked a different salesman to help us while he got her car appraised. We drove the car of interest and it was filthy inside, NOT DETAILED. After looking at it and wasting an hour of our time the other salesman brings us the "deal" they're willing to offer .... $3500. What a F&*$in' joke! They proceeded to get my information as if I was going to be dumb enough to finance something with them.

 Momentum BMW is a sad excuse for a dealership. One would think they would want return customers but it looks like they're all about getting the next sucker! Buyer BEWARE!!!!!

Marc-Mario L. | 2013-10-30

I have been very impressed with this dealership's service department. I was at first turned off from BMW when I went to the dealership for service in downtown. Now I drive 30 miles from home to deal with Will Diaz. His communication skill is one of the best I have come across. He understands how important it is to keep their customers informed. I do not normally write reviews unless its really bad or extremely good. These guys are great at what they do.

Nn I. | 2013-09-27

I bought my Certified Pre-Owned BMW 328i from there. I found it online and flew into Houston to test drive the car. Loved it. My dealer was a shark. Not willing to negotiate, did not offer water/coffee and later bribed me to give all "10s" for the BMW survey. She said if I give all tens she would give me BMW cap or shirt (this should've been included). Needless to say I didn't give all 10s and I never received it. Furthermore, I received an e-mail from BMW Momentum General Manager asking if someone had called me. I checked no. And still no one contacted me. I called asking for him and left a message complaining and my call was not returned. First off, I put down $20,000 that week I test drove. The finance guy messed up my paperwork several times. And they kept putting me on pressure to send over the forms or else they would put it back out on the market. Even though I gave them the $20,000. My dealer never asked me if I wanted the extended warranty so when I read the paperwork saying I declined it, I sent it back asking them to add the extended warranty and tire protection. Then the finance rep also forgot to send the notary forms. And then the paperwork got mixed up. I sent the paperwork again. Finally my car was ready to be shipped( i thought) the finance rep forgot to ask for a copy of the ALL the information needed for the bank. I went through the dealer recommended shipper, New World Auto Transport. And that was the worst experience not only because they were late on their guaranteed delivery date. The customer service reps who they used to dispatch my car were disrespectful and degrading towards me. So I finally got my car and it was muddy inside, two caps on the wheels were missing, I have a drive train malfunction, low coolant, and close to needing an oil change.

Dan H. | 2013-09-19

I'm not a fan of the snooty image BMW has, but I was love struck with the 750 and wanted to see if I would be falling down the rabbit hole and see how far the love affair would take me after learning more about it and experiencing one first hand at the dealership..

Immediately I was not impressed with having to wait on a sales person for 10 minutes after reception let them know I was there.. However, my sales person was extremely knowledgeable and said he's been with BMW for eight years and Momentum for three.

During the test drive all my questions were answered and I appreciate that he only had positive things to say about working for Momentum.

After I was finished with the test drive and I continued to ask more questions, I'm sure my sales person could tell I was not completely sold on the car yet (more specifically the color combination) and I was running late getting back to the office. Even with all this I was surprised that the sales person didn't miss a beat and asked if I'd like to take it home for a few days and get a better feel for the 750. I took him up on the offer, signed a release and test drove the car for two days. I thought doing this was very generous and really helped sell me and my wife on pursuing the car further.

After falling completely in love with the car during the extended test drive, back to the dealership to complete the purchase I went.. I'm knocking one star here on the closing process, because negotiations went as quickly as whatever the opposite of Usain Bolt is.. I already had my trade in appraised and ready before I arrived so I knew the hold up was strictly to try and wear me down for a few dollars more.. This is 2013, I don't appreciate having to negotiated like it's still the 90's; let's talk price not the B.S. game of "let me see what I can do" or "I'm not sure my manager will go for that". We all know damn well you have a paper as to what you can let the car go for or not, why waste the time of everybody involved?

In the end I was satisfied, but haven't yet had any experience other than the sale.. I'll update this review when I go in for service for a more well rounded overview.

Kristina B. | 2013-08-18

Do not, do not be a patron at this establishment.

I bought a vehicle here in December 2008. At the time I bought the car, I bought an extended (platinum) warranty despite my better judgement due to the expensive nature of BMW repairs (this is my second BMW). I was told that it would basically cover everything but wear and tear(with a $50 deductible), and I specifically asked about the convertible top which they said would be covered.

My factory warranty was up at the end of 2012, and my convertible top stopped working in July. I assumed it would be covered under warranty, but when I showed up at the service department they said that the extended warranty (which I paid $3000 for) only covered major things such as the engine and A/c. The advisor told me I would have to pay $155 upfront just to see if there was any chance it was covered under warranty. What a scam / misleading sales pitch, what happened to the $50 deductible?

Of course, when I called back they said it was not covered. I tried to get in touch with management and it took them over a week to return my call. Neil in the finance department promised to "do some research" to see what was covered, but another week went by. When I finally called back he said I could get a refund if I was unhappy. I faxed over the cancellation three times without response. Finally I showed up at the dealership, and they said they could get a refund but I needed to supply them with a payoff letter. Why they couldn't get this themselves makes no sense to me.

When I finally got the letter to them they said they would expedite my refund. I finally think I am getting some reasonable customer service until I get the check for a whopping total of $850. My car still only has 48K miles and is only 7 months out if factory warranty - (only 7 of 24 months of extended warranty) yet I get back less than 30% (even when I haven't even used it). These people are thieves!!!!

Stay aware - stay very far away!!!!

jon F. | 2013-08-03

Here is a summary of my +/- experience at Momentum:
+ Good location from Sugar Land and SW Houston areas
+ Wide selection of BMW's and test track that is quite unique and fun
+ No-haggle pricing
+ Large dealer network can find cars anywhere pretty much
+ Service mechanics are competent and know their trade

- Service advisors and department provide spotty service over the years. The customer experience has been Very inconsistent at the reception level to Service Advisor and all the way up to management level. Some years, our experience was quite good (rate at 9/10), and when new management and service advisors come, the experience was 1/10.
- Pricing of service department work borders on unreasonable and sometimes unnecessary.
- Receiving a service loaner car is dependent on factors such as how much one spent on the car, whether one purchased the car at Momentum, and mainly whether your Service advisor likes you.
- Reception desk representatives at Service department are gorgeous and well dressed (think Tory Burch show, yeah...Hot) but completely useless as far as reception desk responsibilities are unless they are to just look hot and stand around like models.
- Service advisor quality is totally spotty. When I walked in this last time, they were all standing around doing nothing, none of the 5 who were standing around holding the door open for me found time to process my vehicle for service for 40 minutes (!!!).
- Some service managers have been amazing, some are terrible. So goes with Service advisors. Seems this dealer has a hard time keeping good people over the years and training them properly. This is odd since Sonic automotive, which claims to be the 2nd largest dealer network in the nation, should have processes and training to have a better and more consistent customer experience than other smaller dealerships. Unless all their dealerships provide Yugo quality service experience training, this is not fitting for any vehicle, especially ones as great as BMW.

Dawn H. | 2013-06-11

Do they do the work they say they did?  We brought our BMW to the Southwest Freeway location for routine service.  Shortly thereafter the plastic tray under the engine fell off and began dragging the road in a rural area.  My husband is handy was able to make temporary repairs with some tie wraps he found at a nearby business.  I contacted the service manager about the issue and was advised to bring the car in anytime for repairs, no appointment necessary.  I brought the car a few days later and was given a pager and sent to the waiting area until a Service Advisor became available.  After 30 minutes of waiting, I walked back to the service desk to check on my status and was then finally assigned to one, he checked me in, called dispatch and was told it would be about 45 minutes to complete the repair to the tray.  It actually 2 1/2 hours to complete the repair!  I was told the car was ready and everything was fixed and it should be fine.  I went out and noticed the car had not been washed, but after being there for almost 3 hours, I was ready to go.

Later that evening, my husband noticed the tie wraps he had used to repair the tray with were still there!  There had been absolutely no work done on the vehicle!  I was astonished that their service department would claim to do work they have not done. I am now wondering if they performed the services they said they did during our first visit? I have lost all confidence in this service department and took the car somewhere else to ACTUALLY have the repairs made.  The GM of the dealership has refused my requests for compensation for my WASTED time. To top it off, It took an email to him to get the service manager to even return my phone calls about this situation!

N M. | 2013-05-05

This place for service is the worst .   I took my X5 in for them to fix satellite connection and my oil light and windshield wiper fluid light was on,     I was called and told my car was ready  it was about noon,   and I drive up 35 minutes later and there goes my X5 and Mr mario Vegas was driving off in it.      I guess he went to lunch or ran errands because he was gone for over an hour.   I sat there for over an hour and here he finally comes and  with an excuse that they could not find the correct keys cuz the tags were connected wrong to paperwork,  I could not address it,  I had no time to ,  I had to go get my son from PreK so, sorry buddy seen you with my own eyes,  (I bought my vehicle out of state so it has Plaza Dealership tags  on the the back )  IM NOT THAT BLONDE!!!!   BUT GOOD TRY

I get into vehicle and all the lights are still on !    WOW ,,,,  wasted my time .    I took it to Katy location were they gladly fixed all issues within 25 min!

Eugenia L. | 2013-04-21

This visit was with their service department for a recall issue and an oil change. It functions similarly a sales transaction. Where a service rep is assigned to you, making them your sole contact window for all your needs. It's just like having an automotive concierge.

I set an appointment beforehand and on the day of I expected to just drop off my car and be on my way. Apparently the appointment was for me to sit down with my rep and discuss what work was to be done. Since cars are so "smart" these days, the rep scanned the key fob to check what past service was performed plus what the car WANTS to have done. Be warned, they will try to upsell you to tack on extra services in addition to what you originally came in for. Don't be afraid to say no! I did appreciate that the rep wasn't pushy when refused.

Since I would have to wait 2 wks out to get a loaner car, I settled for the shuttle service. It's like having a personal chauffeur. The driver was punctual and polite, opening doors and driving safely. Gotta stress on the punctuality of the shuttle (the new 328i). I requested to be picked up at 5:00 pm, expecting to be picked up 15 - 20 mins later. Nope. Right at five on the dot he called advising that he had arrived. I peeked out the window to check and sure enough he was there. Better than Cinderella's mice and pumpkin carriage!

So back at the dealership I had another chat with the service rep. While the overall scan indicated car was in good condition. Some flags came up as being future maintenance issues. None of it was of immediate concern but just something for me to be aware of. I'm glad that no scare tactics were used to force me to fix them right away and my car was released that day. Plus the rep took some time to go through each warning and explained the possible effects.

Even though I had to deal with some salesmen upselling tactics, overall the experience was easy and stress free. Can't beat getting your car back washed and vacuumed too.

Dan G. | 2013-03-14

Horrible service appointment with advisers that don't listen to your issues with the car.  I went in with a 2011 135i.  I live in the Houston Heights and decided to service my vehicle at this dealership after reading favorable reviews, despite the hour of added commute time on Houston's route US-59.  I explained to service adviser Jason that I had three problems with my car:
* My breaks are squeaking.  This was a problem I had over a year ago while living in Oregon.  The problem was fixed by BMW of Salem dealership by switching out the brakes, after trying to clean them first.  The cleaning did not solve the problem.
* When starting my car I am starting to often, but not always, see the key with a hash through it icon.
* My driver's side seat does not slide/move all the way forward anymore.  This makes entry for backseat passengers from driver's side very difficult.

Jason's dismissive responses to squeaking break response was that the brakes are supposed to squeak.  I do not believe that The Ultimate Driving Machine supposed to squeak?  BMW of Salem (Oregon) agreed with me and provided quality service, which Momentum BMW has failed to do.

With respect to my second concern, the key hash icon, Jason proceeded to insert key into the slot and press start, not seeing the icon pop up and telling me that he sees nothing wrong.  Why would I bring up this concern if it was not something that was happening often?

I then proceeded to tell Jason that I had a customer visit at 9AM and I did not have the time to sit there with him and tell him how to do the service technician's job.  I took my keys and left, making a service appointment with Advantage BMW in downtown Houston.

Michael L. | 2012-12-31

After contacting the internet sales department to get a quote on a new X3 I got an email quoting an X5.   I called and was told that I would get a new quote.  Another day and no quote.  Emailed and called again and was told she would talk to the manager about a price.  Another day and no response.  Called without a return call.   So I ended up placing the order with a different dealer to ensure I at least got the holiday price rebate.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the iPad holder, DVD player, and wireless headset package that Momentum was giving away with new car purchases since I had to use a different dealer.

Danielle Q. | 2012-12-09

The entire staff at Momentum BMW is amazing.  Do not hesitate to buy your new BMW here.  The sales lady was fantastic, the finance man was fantastic, the service manager was awesome.  These folks are proud of the company they work for, love their customers and know their cars.  I was impressed.  I think if you are in the market for a new BMW you need to give these folks a chance.  They are A-1 awesome.  I have nothing bad to say at all and this from a hater of car shopping.  Be confident that you are in good hands; these guys and gals are fantastic!

Hieu R. | 2012-11-14

This is for the service department. i took the car in for tires change so far i have waited almost 3 hrs for just that n still waitingthe only reason i come here cuz its closest to my house. everytime i come here there always problem. please dont come here!

Carling J. | 2012-10-27

This review is for the service department.  I brought by VW here thinking they would do the best work considering the whole certified/guaranteed work thing.  My car needed extensive work due to an accident and the whole thing has been a nightmare.  The work ran almost 2 months over the quoted schedule because they ordered wrong parts numerous times.  I was the one who had to call them weekly for updates and was never called about serious delays.  I just received my car and there are still issues that should have been caught before returning it to us.  The staff has been nice but that only gets you so far.

Mark G. | 2012-06-29

We got what we wanted at the price we wanted to pay. Why only two stars, then? Our dealings were successful mostly because I was firm about the price I wanted and am largely immune to the usual car sales negotiation tactics. Our salesperson was likable but annoyingly clumsy in stumbling his way through the price negotiation, which involved the classic move of me getting up to leave - in this case not only as a bluff but out of real frustration at his ignoring my up-front and realistic offer on what we were willing to pay for the vehicle.

I'd expect more professionalism and less nonsense at a dealership for an upscale brand like BMW. I had a better experience buying a car at Momentum Porsche a few years ago and had far better experiences at other dealerships in shopping for the vehicle we ultimately bought here.

The finance guy was pleasant and professional and we got a good car at a good price. It's just a pity about the sales negotiation. And never mind the shameless begging for perfect marks on the post-sales survey. Oh, bother...

Kayla E. | 2012-06-06

I bought a used vehicle knowing it has some miles on it, an expecting some future repair costs. When I got it home the first week I was having mechanical issues. My sales rep said they could take a look at it, so I managed a difficult schedule to get my car to the service dept. It had given me issues EVERY time I started the car after it had sat cold for several hours ... so I left the car there for two days so they could duplicate the issue. Sure enough, they say NOTHING is wrong, everything is great! Of course, I tried to explain that maybe there was a mistake, because the issue had literally happened EVERY time I started the car cold. They assured me, nothing is wrong. As soon as I get the car back, the issue persists, so I know they were full of BS.

Then, I'm driving and every light illuminates on my dash and my car gives me about 1 mile before it dies completely and cannot even coast off the feeder road (Galleria @ rush hour ... I apologize to everyone who got backed up because of me). I had to get towed to an actual BMW mechanic, who was very helpful and provided great value. All said and done, I had $1500 worth of issues.

My negative review is NOT because of the mechanical problems, or the $1500 I had to spend to fix them. My negative review is because they wouldn't take my problem seriously, and SENT ME BACK ON TO THE ROAD with a faulty vehicle. I was not going to ask them to fix everything for free, I purchased a used car, I'm aware of the potential issues and I budgeted for that. BUT, do NOT lie to me about a serious mechanical issue just to get me out of your hair.

VERY POOR customer service, and an office full of liars. Definitely would not repeat the mistake of purchasing from Momentum BMW.

Clay C. | 2012-06-06

Let's just say there's a REASON the Better Business Bureau gives them a F rating... Momentum provides the worst service experience I've ever had.  They don't care, they just don't think they have to, and they let you KNOW they don't care.

David P. | 2012-04-27

I had a great experience with the Momentum BMW Mini dealership. My sales person, Alex, made the whole buying process so much easier than I thought it would be. I had to special order my MINI JCW hardtop and the wait was dreadful, but Alex kept up with me and let me know the progress of the car. After the car arrived he thoroughly took the time to tell me all about the car and the special features that I probably never would have known about. And what makes him so awesome is that he found some scratches that happened during the   service that I probably would have completely missed! I'm so glad he did because I would've been pretty mad if I had to pay for something I didn't even do. But to sum things up, I really had an great buying experience and I definitely recommend you hitting up Alex if you want a smooth and awesome buying experience!

Kimberly W. | 2012-04-19

We'll see.... This is not my first rodeo with BMW or this dealership. Service is always spotty and inconsistent.  I would definitely go to Momentum West (as I do), unless you are just in this area and MUST go here (or if it makes the most sense)....

Nate P. | 2012-01-22

I've bought a few cars in my young life.  The prices at Momentum BMW are not the best I've seen, but then again, you're not shopping for an inexpensive car, either.

I received service that was attentive and thorough and received an attractive financing option.  I've also received excellent follow-up service.

In my opinion, one of the better car dealerships I've been to.  I will go back.

Daniel L. | 2011-09-08

Oh dear. This is where eurotrash came to die. Complete opposite of Midtown BMW where the clingy sales people shower you with lavish compliments and you need to decide how appropriate it would be to ask the cute one out for a drink. Here you get the typical "I am better than you and I want you to know it" eurotrash attitude. Apparently my private school education and stripey dress shirt make me enough of a d-bag to consider a BMW, but not enough of a d-bag to actually consummate the purchase after my experiences here.

Alex C. | 2011-08-19

This is a review for the Service Department. By far the WORST experience ever with the staff here. First off, no one came outside and checked in my vehicle like they do in Sterling McCall Acura across the freeway. Next, the service representatives are only interested in fleecing you out of as much money as possible, every time I would come in for supposedly free maintenance, they would tell me something was wrong with my car and it would cost me anywhere from $1000-$6000 to fix. I'm sorry, I did not realize that I had bought such an overpriced piece of $#!t that always had something wrong with it. And finally, on more than one occasion, I got into my car after having paid for service and there was black motor oil smeared on my front window and seat. Never again!

Jourdan V. | 2011-08-11

The service department is the worst in the city. They love you when you buy a car here but after that get ready to be treated like pure garbage. The managers , sales people, clerks, everybody are extremely rude and take it all out on the customer. The only way they get two stars is for the valet guys they are extremely nice and helpful.

Meghan W. | 2011-06-09

We found a used vehicle on the website, so we made an appointment with Ken to discuss buying. We went in and test drove the car, but we weren't allowed to take it on the freeway because they hadn't replace the tires yet (that was going to be done the next day). The price was right for us so we proceeded to the finance department where it was repeatedly said that they were ready to get out of there and go home. Harry was very rushed and we even had to come back in a week later to sign some papers that he had messed up on. We were supposed to pick up the car the next day, due to the tires, yet it wasn't ready until two days after we bought the car. When I picked up the car, it had a quarter tank of gas, they said the oil had been changed when it hadn't and it also had a dirty air filter. These are all things that I expected to be taken care of that weren't. Two weeks later it was having issues and we called both Harry and Ken. Ken kept putting my husband off with excuses like "Let me talk to my boss" and "I have another call, let me get back to you" He was very rushed when talking and after finally getting him on the phone long enough to hear his excuse as to why he couldn't do anything, we got, "Well we didn't make any money on that car so we can't help you" and Harry said, "Who am I talking to? Ok buddy, I'll talk to you soon" click. I have never received such terrible overall service from a dealership. I will NEVER come back and I will always reccomend that you go somewhere else!!!

Ken W. | 2011-05-20

The review I am writing about is for the service department. I am not too thrilled of their service really. Due to my work schedule, I simply have no time to bring my car to those better BMW shop 30-45 minutes away from my place. So I had to go with Momentum. My service adviser, named Frank, was alright I guess. He did not make me feel like that I am a valued customer, and he failed to mention that I had to pay for the Enterprise rental since I don't have a TX license and can't get a free BMW rental. I mean common now, I am paying CASH for my service!!!

The mechanic told me that my fog light connector is not done correctly and my fog light bulb is not correct. I was like "I have m-sports front bumper and my bulb is all OEM spec!!!" I have a feeling that the shop is not so friendly with aftermarket mods. The mechanic is a moron, and they charge WAY TOO much. They wanted $2Gs for my front blown shocks, nah no way I am done with them.

Anh P. | 2011-04-11

I love buying cars. It's a game. It's totally a game and good car salesmen know how to play the game and how to make every instance a power play: the waiting, telling you they will get you a deal etc.

Well little do they know I have to negotiate all day and can negotiate everything. My dad however, not so much and would have been eaten alive by the salesman.

I ended up getting the price we wanted 44k sticker down to 38700, but the salesman was tricky and even though price was negotiated, the papers he showed to sign showed that price AFTER poor valued trade-in even though we said no trade-in. His game was to likely "oversee" that and get us to commit and by the time we were at the end give up and accept the trade instead of starting over for a larger profit for the salesman.

Milan S. | 2010-09-09

Avoid this place at all costs. Having driven MB's and Porsche in the past, I have experience with "high" end dealerships and their service depts. This dealerships service department is grossly incompetent and rude. They do not know how to treat customers and act as if they are doing you a favor. From the people on the phones to the person who returns your car to you, it has been a terrible experience. Unless you want your blood pressure elevated, steer clear of this service department. It simply cannot get much worse.

Jenny S. | 2010-07-09

This service center is a joke, nothing went as planned here. 50k mile maintenance wasn't performed correctly and my carpet ended up with grease stains on it..  I'll be taking my car to anther service center..

Sue P. | 2009-11-04


I purchased a used BMW out of state this summer.  When it was delivered, I made an appointment, and took it into this dealership for warranty work.  It was 2 days before Labor Day weekend, (Wed.), and they didn't even look at it until the following Wednesday. The car had several issues, some they fixed, some they didn't.  Like another reviewer, I discern base problems on certain songs, but was told that their test pattern showed no issue.  They replaced a trim piece with the wrong trim color and 'forgot' to order another part I wanted.  Last month, I finally called to ask if my proper trim piece was in only to be told it too had mysteriously not been ordered and my assigned service tech had received a promotion.  It took me 3 days and numerious calls to finally get assigned a new tech.  It was like pulling teeth to get anyone in managment to return my calls.  Michael, the svs. manager never did.  It was Sean, his boss, who finally, and reluctantly returned my calls so I could get an appointment set.  I had to start all over again with yet another tech who also never calls back. They kept my car 5 days this time, and found NO problems when I took the car back in for mysterious squeels and grinding which they blame on the oversized tires the original owner had BMW install.  (this was apparently done since the smaller rims have cracking issues according to our previous svs. tech.)  Also, the car has an extremely jerky start and stop under low gear if one barely taps the pedal.  One day, it was so bad that I thought it was a transmission problem.  I noticed when I took a test drive with a svs. agent, he was way too careful about not pushing hard on the pedal.  Makes me think there is a problem with low gear on the 650i.  I mean, it will give you whiplash as it jerks you back and forth.  Hardly the smooth acceleration BMW promises.  Told the car was perfect, I left dismayed.  Once again, we ordered the SAME 2 parts on 10/4.  As of today, 11/3, I have yet to receive a call that they are in.  So, I call them up and find out the trim piece has been in since 10/19, while the other part is still not in!  Thanks for the call, guys.  Get the feeling that since we had already paid them for the trim piece they don't want to fix their mistake?

The problem with the way BMW does their warranty is that there is absolutely no incentive for them to find anything wrong.  You have really paid UPFRONT for all warranty work in the price of the car.  If they find nothing, they get to keep more of your money.  The have a captive audience until the warranty is up, and that is why their cars take such a nose dive in price at that time.  Knowing how bad the service here is from the managers down to the tech's, I will NEVER buy another BMW again just so I don't have to deal with their complete apapthy.  This is the worst dealer service I have ever had bar none.  Lucky me gets to now call them and attempt to make an appointment to have the right trim piece installed.  Wonder how many days of my life will be wasted on that one?

Steve M. | 2009-08-06

Earlier this year I was car shopping and decided to stop by and see what BMW had to offer.  I had my eye on a 6 series BMW that they just received in the used cars department.   So I dropped by on a Saturday afternoon to get my Jeep appraised and see what kind of a deal I could get on this BMW.  When I got there,  the sales rep that I was supposed to meet with was tied up,  so I ended up being introduced to the Internet Sales Manager.  When I told him that I was just there to get some info and the trade in value for my car,  he basically told me that they did not want my business.  His exact words were:
"All my sales reps are busy with customers buying cars and if you are not buying a car today, then we do not have time to talk to you".  At that point they had lost my business and I ended up leaving the place like a worthless person.

The second drawback to this place is that a few years ago they used to have a test track in the back where they would let you ride in a bmw with a professional driver so that you can see what all the fuss is about.  This test drive is what actually made me seriously consider owning a BMW.

Greg D. | 2009-02-23

I had my eye on a great little BMW SUV here, got approved, test drove it twice, even once right at closing time.   But I never sealed the deal and drove away in it.   I simply decided on something different somewhere else.  

The service was somewhat good.   Yet I was left with the feeling that I was not really being taken seriously, for some reason.   Don't know why, could be how I was dressed in shorts and a T-Shirt.   You know, sloppy looking, but that's just me more often than not.    Yet after my credit was ran, service improved.   Even got a few polite phone calls letting me know of other cars, until I asked them to stop.  

Here's what was not cool.    When reviewing my credit report, I saw (a few months later) where this location did three credit inquiries on the same day, and one two days later for a total of (4) inquiries, when I only authorized a single one.   And after calling several times and finally getting to the credit manager, he told me there was nothing he could do to fix the problem and that I would have to contact the credit agencies and contest the multiple hits to my reports.     Which I did, by hiring a law firm in California.   That ended up costing me $40 a month for three months in a row to get all of this unauthorized activity off my credit.  

Can't explain why this happened, they couldn't explain why or how, but needless to say I was not impressed.

Leslie P. | 2008-03-10

The two stars I gave the place go to their sales department.  I got my first car here the day after I got my license.  Tracy was my sales guy, he was nice, friendly, and helped me get just what I was looking for.

Their service department sucks.  I lost my keys in Louisiana, and used my spare to drive home.  I ordered a new one that came in the mail a few days later.  They had told us on the phone that all I needed to do was drive up and the guy could program it in a matter of seconds.  I did, but after he had programmed it he told me that my old one now wouldn't work (so what was the point in me getting a spare?).  Furious, I drove home but called the place that night.  The guy on the phone sounded confused and told me that he didn't know why that had happened, the guy should have programmed both keys.  I ended up driving back out the next day and another man got them both working.  Two trips, just to get a spare?  Not worth it.

Right after I got the car, I noticed the stereo sounded kind of rattly.  Kind of weird considering the car was new.  My dad had wanted me to take it back anyways so the salesperson could show me how to work all of the different settings.  I mentioned the stereo/bass problem and the guy kind of kept avoiding answering the question.  I asked again after that, at which point he informed me that "they all do that".  Okay... I ended up paying to have some work done that involved putting foam around whatever was rattling, it took a day but was worth it.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE GOING, they will not inspect your car otherwise.  Yes, it's expensive, and yes, they act like they could care less about you or your car, but they honestly have no reason to treat you otherwise.  Like Cory O said, they will never have a client shortage and, when you do brave the service at the body shop to get work done, they do exactly what you asked for.

Eric B. | 2008-02-12

I bought my BMW at Momentum a little over two years ago and I always use their service department.

I have nothing but praise and love for them.  The purchase was simple enough.  Capreshia was the salesperson who helped me, and she was fun and friendly and had a great personality.

Several people in the service department have helped me and they have all been wonderful.  They have always handled all of my requests without question.  When the interior door handle seemed to be flaking, they replaced it.  When I thought the shift handle has a slightly sharp edge, they replaced it.  When a little cover for the windshield wiper went missing after a car wash, they replaced it.  It never seems like a problem or chore for them.  If the work is going to make me wait for over an hour, they have a loaner for me to use so, other than the drive to and from the dealership, my day is not affected.

I will definitely heavily consider purchasing my next car from Momentum.  I don't want to give up this kind of service.

Cory O. | 2007-09-05

I want to start off by saying that this is a review about Momentum's Body Center.  I didn't work with their retail, so I have not idea how well they treat customers there.

I'd taken my car into the shop just to get an estimate.  After talking on the phone with the 800 people, I got my appointment and proceeded over there the next day.  And got lost.  It was a maze!  There were no clear signs pointing you to the body shop!  Finally, the nice guys at the service center pointed me in the right direction.  Of course, it was still so confusing, we got stuck in the wrong parking lot and were thoroughly frustrated by the time we actually got to the correct place.  

We finally got there, but there's no parking.  Anywhere.  So we park on the side of the road, and hike up to the building.  After having the guy finally come out to inspect my car, I was a little anxious to get my quote (I was hit by an uninsured driver).  He took about 10 seconds to look at my car, told me I had about $4000 in damages (to my bumper!) and then told me to drop it off on Monday.  Needless to say, I was a little shocked.

I checked another body shop out (the one actually recommended by my insurance company) and they did it for $1500.  When I took it to the second shop, the guy actually got under the car to look at the damage, took pictures, etc.  He actually bothered to look me in the eye and tell me where the costs were adding up.  

As I read in another review of this BMW shop, they don't need the clients and they pretty  much tell you that with their attitude.  Which is fine with me since I can take my car elsewhere.