Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston, TX

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Mike Calvert Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 558-8100
Address:2333 S Loop W Fwy, Houston, TX, 77054
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mike Calvert Toyota

Nora P. | 2015-04-13

My Fiance insisted for me to get my vehicle of choice here. Since he was buying why not? With his 2008 I had awful experience with oil changes wait time. This time around there is no communication experience here. I noticed a few months after I got my truck.  The fog light was missing.  Not out but missing. I mentioned it to the tech who was helping on my first maintenance required check up. May I say the check up that would check for any malfunctions and etc, they said. Wouldnt you think they would check for missing light bulb? Either way it was swepted under the rug. No notation. I finally had my fiancé call,  the service manager said he would order it. They called him to tell him part was in. By that time my mother was hospitalize and I had hardly any time from Sugarland and Pearland Commute.  I did mentioned again a couple months later when I got my oil change but never did they communicate that to others. I told my fiancé please call someone but Life Happened and never got around to resolve the problem.  But why the heck did we have to over and over mention this to them. Finally what they said well ask your sales person or else you will be charged.  He said, so We have no record of any ordering any mention anything in our system. I took to long. They never ever note anything! Like I went to update my recalls and told them my horn was not working. They took all day. Couldn't fiqure out why the horn kept going out. They did not mention anything on the paper work of them working on the horn. They even wrote false document,  that I needed a light bulb and would have to pay for it. Honestly I mentioned it to them and they said you have to talk to your sales person first. You never told me, I had to pay out of pocket. I called the Cindy in Customer Blah Blah never called me back. The sales person kissed my butt to get us to buy this truck and when I needed something, he has the nerve to give me the cold shoulder! That really sucks

Saket M. | 2015-04-01

Collision center - People are great and responsive.
Though my car took double the time told. Also, when I was given the car it was not at all clean from inside and outside. So had to spend more time and money on cleaning it.
And minor misses like - tire pressure was incorrect and a painted side was missing a running polish coat.
Hope you people work on your quality team to work on these feedbacks.

Tina Marie S. | 2015-03-26

I am sadly disappointed. This used to be my favorite TOYOTA dealer, I would recommend them all the time. Now their service department is the worst I've ever experienced. They do not listen, have back my vehicle with the work undone. The people who used to be nice and friendly are abrupt and rude. I am so disappointed. Technicians are lousy. The mange by seems unavailable despite me being a long time return client who they called by name. So sad.

Jackie S. | 2015-03-26

I have brought my vehicle here since 2002 and have always had excellent service until now. I won't rant but I'll say that EVERY employee here could use some customer service skills!  Check your work man!

A J. | 2015-02-18

After writing the review I found Daisy's, the Customer Care Manager, email in another review.  I emailed her and same day heard back from her and Grant Miles, the Service Director. They did reimburse me for the repair.

Wes Y. | 2015-01-20

We brought in my girlfriend's Prius yesterday for its 40k mile maintenance and were disappointed with service we received.

When we pulled up to the service station, it took at least 10 minutes for a service manager to come and greet us. Though our service manager was friendly; unfortunately I can't say the same for the rest of the staff. We opted to leave the vehicle and take their complimentary shuttle that drives up to 10 miles. My girlfriend and I had decided to grab lunch 3.5 miles away, and when we told the driver our location not only was he rude about it, but he COMPLAINED about the distance.

The drive from the dealership to the restaurant was appalling. I don't know how this driver, I believe named Luis, was hired to this position; but his reckless and erratic driving made both me and my girlfriend feel very unsafe.  To avoid dealing with this driving again, we opted to walk the 3.5 miles back to the dealership rather than have to encounter the shuttle driver again.

When we returned, the car was serviced but unfortunately wasn't washed. The service manager apologized and did offer a wash the next time we came in. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be coming into this dealership again anytime soon.

There seems to be a few other Toyota a Dealerships around the area, and we'll be taking our business elsewhere next time.

Elmas A. | 2015-01-11

DO NOT come here! This place is full of people who will smile at you until they take your money. I bought a NEW Tacoma, which I serviced here for two years, and always got that crappy service when I declined all their UP-SELLING. Then when I switched cars with my wife, she drove with the baby more than I did, she took it in to get an oil change and tire rotation. They convinced her to get an alignment, she DID NOT need, and then they didn't do it right. After weeks of driving her tires were wearing out bad and I told her to take it back. They simply rotated the wheels because they were busy and if they got it on the machine she would, "Be there all day, unless you make an appointment." All this ended up ruining all 4 tires and when I would go they would give me the "it's very busy today" crap, so I drove to Katy to Don McGill Toyota where they showed me the SCREW THEY DID NOT BOLT! The mechanic told me that was the cause of the wear and clicking noises. I took it back and all they said was, "Houston roads are bad so they can do this to your alignment." WTF?! I drove on "HOUSTON ROADS" for TWO years and never had a problem! They refused to replace the tires and when I spoke to a woman whom was in charge of their POOR customer service, all she would say was she couldn't believe what I was saying and that there was "NOTHING" she could do. I told her I had already fixed the problem and replaced my tires(at Discount Tires down the road) and that I wasn't looking for money anymore that I just wanted them to admit their mistake and apologize! But she never did. I have never returned to this place. We got my wife a Camry at Don McGill Toyota and we service our vehicles there, 20+ miles away, even though we live a couple blocks from Mike Calvert. Everyone in their service, parts, and customer service departments is rude, unprofessional and showed no empathy EVER. Try the dealerships in the nicer parts of town, like Katy, you can really feel the difference.

D L. | 2014-12-02

This is a review of the service department.  I have been having issues with my radio and apps.  Although the radio still isn't working properly, Jose Teran and Mike Parker have worked diligently to try and get the issue fixed.  They should be commended on going the "extra mile" to try and resolve my issues and work with ME.

Jimmy A. | 2014-10-17

Body Shop Review:
I took my Subaru here because it was preferred by my insurance company after a wreck. I realize they do not specialize in that make so I have been patient in the repair but they have now had my car for over two months.

My main grievance is not the time frame though but the misinformation. I've been told for the past 4 weeks that they would try to have it ready by the end of the week. Yet every time I call them at the end of the week it is no closer to being complete and they make no effort to relay that info to me. This makes it impossible to plan for the inconvenience of finding rides to work and the hospital to see my family member.

...if only I was given a straight answer on the timeline in the first place instead of the cavalier attitude I could have been better prepared.

Gwendolyn M. | 2014-10-15

You will have a horrible experience here.  There is no personal attention, the Customer Service Manager is incompetent, and all of these folks tell lies....run, run, run...go to Sterling McCall, Ron Carter, anywhere but here!  You will regret it if you do.

Allison W. | 2014-10-13

My husband and I had been taking our Toyota's to Mike Calvert for years. In fact, we purchased my 2012 Venza through them and had a great experience. However, we had been recently received some sub-par customer service...topped off by the last incident. I was so appalled that I actually wrote a letter, signed and mailed it, then followed up with an email several weeks letter with a copy of the letter attached and never heard a single thing in response to any of my attempts. That alone was enough to motivate me to post on various websites about what happened...good customer service would dictate that you respond to a complaint. Especially a valid one such as ours.

It turns out that their service technicians were not following proper protocol when doing things like routine oil changes. The tech stripped the drain plug and then fit it with an oversized bolt. Which means, the oil pan had to be replaced for the next oil change.  Given that the tech made the mistake (likely because he was using an pneumatic tool) and it was not handled properly, then we were stuck with a bill that would have been $1,400....except I made such a stink that the service manager, Grant Miles, agreed to bring it down to $600. That's as much as he would go down... after admitting it was the mistake of his tech! He admitted they need to work on that to ensure their techs are more careful to prevent this error. And error that means if we didn't replace the oil pan we wouldn't be able to change the oil which would then render the truck worthless.  

Really for me, what this comes down to is that we should have never had to pay for it. This was the result of a failure on the part of the technician and that the customer was being monetarily held responsible. The fact that this is going on, and they refuse to respond to me, is what led me to write this post. I started taking my car to Sterling McCall and have had great service. I told them what happened and even they agreed that was ridiculous. Beyond all of that, they didn't have the decency to respond to my letter or email to acknowledge my complaint.

Lesson from this: don't waste your time or money at Mike Calvert.

Benjamin E. | 2014-10-13

Went in for 105k service. Price quoted on website did not match what they attempted to charge me. They also told me my battery cable ends needed to replaced. Took it to my local mechanic for a second opinion and they said they just needed to be cleaned and did it for free. Probably not coming back here.

Nikki M. | 2014-09-24

Service department: whoever is in charge on the phone is horrible. They will constantly put you on hold for 10-20minutes, and will forget about what you're calling in for.

Claudine U. | 2014-08-27

I had scheduled to drop off my car at 8am for them to check on a sound coming from my wheels. They did not diagnose that the bearing was bad until almost 2pm. I was charged $110 just for that diagnosis that took over 5 hours. On top of that, they want to charge me $600 just to replace my front bearing!  Needless to say I will not be coming back to them.  I found a local mechanic that charged me $330! Almost half off.

Katia L. | 2014-08-04

I drive 24 miles out of my way to come to this Toyota dealership for my service needs because the one near my house is nasty. The facilities here are updated and the service is friendly and efficient. Other Toyota dealerships in the Houston area could learn a thing or two from this one.

Alan Z. | 2014-08-03

well I used to go to another dealer for car service
But another day I saw this dealer is just 5 min from my home so cool why drive another 15
My car is well maintained , I only drive total like 10 miles local to work and I do oil change before the date like always
So basically I never see the mentainiese light on so you have a general idea
First time was fine nothing comes up except an leaking problem I know it exists and they fixed it with reasonable price no complains
Second visit. They told me there's some problem need to fix.  So I say ok let's fix it. Then they says they can't do it today need to book a date. I said fine how about Friday
Then I get there by Friday. After 3 hours waiting I was told I do not need to do anything. I was feeling good cause I thought I saved some money.  How naive am I right
Then third time oil change.  Nothing comes up. But The maintanse light turns on after 1 week then after read all the reviews I realized maybe they did not so the service at all. They just took the money and nothing happened
Well played

S N. | 2014-08-02

Update: Turned out engine was stalling as valve chamber in engine was damaged due to accident . Damage was on same side I was hit in accident (Daniel still argued it was not ). My insurance was charged change order for work that Mike Calvert should have done in first place . Don't bring your car here if you want it repaired the first time . People here just want your money and are not honest .

Arie M. | 2014-07-10

This is a review of the parts department.  There is little wait and the people are nice but they don't seem to have parts I need in stock and are overpriced....even by dealer standards.  

The part I needed was a door handle.  Nothing fancy.  They said they could order it and it'd be $120 and take 4-5 days.  I checked on amazon, yes amazon, and amazon had it in stock and was only $84 and would save me another drive.  How can amazon, sell something cheaper than a business directly associated with the manufacturer?  

I'm adding another star here because it appears nobody else in the city has this part in stock.

Patrick F. | 2014-07-03

Bought a new Camry from MCT a few years back and still take the car there for service.  The car purchasing experience was good from my perspective (I don't like to spend hours haggling and I felt like they started out with a reasonable offer that sped up the negotiation process).
The service department here really shines in my opinion.  Jose in the service are is really proactive and always calls to let me know what s going on when my car is in for service.  The waiting room is comfortable and all of the staff are courteous and helpful. Only reason I wouldn't give then 5 starts is that I've had slightly better experiences with Mercedes service department in the past on myother car, but I aslo paid 2x for the Mercedes compared to my Camry.

Alpha N. | 2014-06-21

Horrible service.  Been a customer since 2010 and it has gone completely downhill. Stay away from this place if you want go service; don't waste your time or money.  Walmart would probably give you better service than this place.  They can't seem to get anything right or don't have time to get everything you need to get done. All I ask for was oil change, alignment and tire rotation and they can't even get one of them done because they don't have the time.  I even took it in early in the morning.  So they want me to come back and re schedule for the alignment. No thanks! This is not the first time they asked me to reschedule. The first time they had me reschedule even though I already had an appointment to get my brakes pads changed; I was asked to reschedule because they used the last brake pads on the customer ahead of me.. Why did I make an appointment for brake pads and yet I still had to reschedule because there was none available. I'm done with this place for good!!

Jim H. | 2014-05-23

Very disappointing service department. Scheduled an appointment for an oil change two weeks in advance. Even so, earliest possible was 10:00 am. I arrived on time, entered "Express" lane as instructed, and was told it would take about 2 hours because there were many in front of me. I said what's the point of having an appointment? Was told, "Without an appointment it would take 3 hours."

That didn't really make me feel any better. So I left without the oil change. Cannot waste so much of a day off for such a thing.

They don't need my business and they are not going to get it.

Zahid K. | 2014-05-05

Went to service my car here in this dealership.

DO NOT trust these guys about timing. I wanted to wait while they do a window fixing in my car. They insisted that I leave but I was promised that I can come back after two hours to pick up my car. Long story short, After about 5 hours and numerous phone calls, they guy finally came to answer the phone saying they are going to start working on it now. I mean, what kind of joke is this!! You could have just told me in the morning that it will take 5 plus hours and I that way I could plan my Saturday accordingly. Needless to say, they came up after 6 hours with an expensive fixing estimate by changing the whole window panel including the glass (nothing was wrong with the glass).

I was so annoyed I did not want to give my business to them and hence decided not to fix anything from there. I wish they would respect people's schedule and time a little more.

Andrew E. | 2014-03-11

Eh, it's what you'd expect from any dealership. I happen to come here for service since my car was purchased in another city. The service associates are great, friendly, helpful, everything you'd want. There is a fountain drink machine that is complimentary for those waiting on service and they have a little kiosk that you can buy some frozen food from. Free wifi as well.  Other than that, there's not much to comment on.

Tip that most people already know, but JUST IN CASE: if you tell them that you're going to wait for your car, they're going to work on it faster. If you tell them you're going to leave it, it could take all day. I normally wait and I'm out in a couple of hours. Today I left since I had other errands to run, and my car was in the shop for 7 hours (I was told 2-3 hours when I first called before I dropped off my car).


Alicia R. | 2014-03-07

Probably the worst experience in buying a car that me or my husband have ever encountered. We initially got approved through a third party loan with a dodge Durango we got approved for from that specific dealership. We arrived with the intention of finding out as much information about the financing process as anyone who is planning to purchase anything worth 20k or more.  We were introduced to a very enthusiastic sales guy (I'm being extremely sarcastic btw) by the name of Ray Almasi , test drove the car we wanted, got in and noticed the car was dirty and mentioned if they even bothered to clean these cars before they went out on the lot. Came back and once we mentioned we had an approved 3rd party loan, he immediately went on sneaky car dealer mode and swayed us away from using that and going with the "banks" they work with. An hour later on the back and forth he came back with his speech to convince us out  of not getting a Durango and going with a Toyota highlander? How he's been doing this for "10 years" , bragging that his dealership sells 600 cars a month and how we couldn't be too "picky" because of our crappy credit, even though we already got approved for the dodge we wanted ?

Really? We were under the impression that sales people are there to SELL cars, meanwhile after over 2 hours of trying to figure out what the total price would be to purchase ANYTHING, he mentions the highlander again, total cost and mileage, curious I look it up and see online, it's posted as an SE model , we considered it, asked him if this was the correct model he was referring to , and comes back with "oh sometimes the online department makes mistake" , we mentioned we liked the features of the SE and he snaps back, "we can add, no problem" (yeah for an extra 5k and 3 weeks in their highly rated service dept) ... Ok , whatever, we decide to see it and as soon as we opened the door the car was yet again dirty , with black stains on the glove compartment and about 2 years worth of crumbs and grime on the cup holders. Bleh.  Basic model, dirty, highlander ,  awesome.  We mention it again and he again snaps back "we just got it in! What do you expect!" . Cool,

My husband got really irritated, mentioned to him that this experience had been one of the worst he's had to deal with.  "Ray" gets irritated and says he's been "patient" with us and considering our "situation" he was just trying to "help" us. We felt insulted and extremely angry. This man had the most arrogant , cocky attitude I've ever seen in anyone trying to sell anything. Let alone a vehicle worth 25k . Needless to say we took our angry selves and our "crappy" credit to Allen Samuels dodge down the street and drove off with a CLEAN dodge Durango  that same night,

If you would LOVE to get labeled by your credit score and get treated like a burden see our good friend Ray Almasi , he'll make sure to constantly remind you how lucky you are to be amongst his glorious presence and how his seniority there will prove to his customers that he genuinely knows what he's doing. Pshhh. Lost our business forever  Mike Calvert, and no it's NOT A PLACE YOU TAKE A FRIEND!

Chelsea S. | 2014-02-24

This is a review of the Service department.

I usually have my service on my car done at a Toyota Dealership because I've found some other local companies here in Houston will lie/try to take advantage of me and say things need work done when they probably don't. I don't mind paying at a premium to avoid such complications.

I made my appointment for a Saturday morning (work all during the week.) I arrived at my 11:30 appointment on time and drove up telling the service attendant that I had an appointment for 11:30 to do my oil and sticker. He tried to convince me to have the 60,000 mile recommended items performed, I said I'd want anything does as needed when found during the multi-point inspection. I was quoted a time of 2-2.5 hours.

I get my call within my quoted time frame stating that my car is ready. I was shocked to not receive a call stating my brake needed work (especially since at my previous visit to Mike Calvert Toyota they had told me that I'd need my brakes done during my next visit).

I arrive and receive my car and the summary of the multi-point inspection in which everything looked good. There was a "dni" by my brake. After asking I was told this stands for Did Not Inspect. I questioned why this wasn't inspected and they gave the excuse that they didn't check it because my tires were not rotated (they were not during my previous visit either). I had mentioned that during my last visit they told me I needed them done so I was surprised no one mentioned anything, even because there is an audible squeak when pressing them. The attendant offered to drive the car to see what he thinks. Surprise, he said they needed to be done. This mildly frustrated me.

Then I got in my car and proceeded to drive home when I noticed that my state inspection sticker was the same. I turned around and mentioned that they didn't do my sticker, which I asked for and was under my online appointment summary (had the email for proof). They apologized and said they would have it taken care of quickly. Then the employee returns to me saying that their inspection personnel had already left for the day. The manager approached me stating that they are sorry my service didn't get performed to my expectation that if they "had it brought to their attention that I needed my state inspection sticker done, then it would have been done". I mentioned and showed them that my online appointment stated I needed that done AND that I told my attendant that at the time of dropping off my car.

This all concluded with them holding that same apology that if they had know it would have been done. As a customer, it makes me feel like they found me at fault even though my appointment requested these actions.

Summary: Will not be returning here for service ever. They were not throughout in my inspection that I pay a premium for. They didn't perform half of my requested services. They made several excuses. They don't check online appointment requests.

lc c. | 2014-02-10

Short story: If I had loved the car, I would have gone to another dealer to buy it. These guys seemed barely competent. I didn't love the car, so I had no quandary. But probably one reason I didn't love it was because of a bad dealership experience.

Longer story: I was amazed at a couple things at Calvert:
1) the large flock of salesmen (all men) standing outside on the steps like a gauntlet.  --don't they understand how scary that is? We're talking about a dozen people all bearing down on me. Not an inviting way to enter the business.
2) the lack of knowledge of the cars, the inventory, the features, trims, etc. that my salesperson had. I knew WAY more about the cars than he did, just after an hour on the internet. The dude basically got on the Toyota website to try to find answers to my questions! (And when unable to find it, he didn't seem to have recourse. I had to lead him around the different sections of the site. ) I asked for a feature my salesperson said was not available. I expressed my doubts about that. He checked with his supervisor who came over to confirm that. I suspected it to be wrong so I pressed further, and he had to go ask someone else, after which he cheerfully agreed that I was right. Good lord, give these guys some training. It was not a tricky question.
3) my sales guy went to go get the car for the test drive and left me for about 20 minutes just sitting there. No explanation. Unbelievable. I almost walked out several times. Then at the end of our visit he did the same--went to go talk to the finance people and took forever to return. I had to go track him down to tell him I was leaving! With so many people working there, and so few customers, why is everything taking SO long?
4) the test drive is like 5 minutes on a standard course which circles thru the neighborhood but never got me on the highway to check it at higher speed-- i think this is rather standard, but how do they expect you to know a car in such a limited test drive?

Johanna H. | 2014-01-13

bad customer service, over price

Chris G. | 2013-09-18

Great salesman but manager not so much....other than that we had a great experience

Annabelle L. | 2013-09-16

I heard of an awesome deal on a Camry lease on the radio at Fred Haas Toyota...but since that dealership is so far away, I decided to give Mike Calvert a call...and so glad I did. Not only did they match my deal, but they beat it. In addition, I was able to handle most of the details over text message. My sales person, Bonnie May and sales manager, Harry Petit, were so easily accessible. I think it's great they are able to adapt to each customer.

When I arrived the next day at the agreed upon time, Bonnie had my car pulled up and ready for a test drive! I came at the end of the day after work, but Bonnie stayed with me until I was done with Finance to help me setup my bluetooth! Great customer service.

I dread car buying cause it's an interminable wait- but this time around I was in and out. If Mike Calvert can do this for me each and every time, they have a customer for life!

Brandon K. | 2013-09-10

So lets just say that I'm disappointed with the overall experience.

I had an issue with my truck and went to have a diagnostic done. $109 for the diagnostic, ok, I'm fine with that. Then they call to tell me it's going to be $2690 to fix. I of course flipped and went down to the dealership. They told me my entire A/C system would need to be replaced. I declined their repairs and paid the $109 and left. Ended up having it fixed by another company. OEM parts, out the door was $760. Why so much cheaper? Well, the dealership was charging to replace the entire system and the entire system didn't need replacing, just the compressor. I paid $109 diagnostic and they just said "replace the entire thing," and it didn't need replacing.

Went to talk to them about maybe buying a new truck if my repair was going to be $2600. Horrible disorganization, had to leave.

So happy I didn't get the repairs done. So happy that I didn't buy a new truck. So happy I took it to a reputable repair shop.

Just a bad bad experience.

Ran K. | 2013-08-15

I had 2 bad encounters with this place:

The first time when I bought my used car from them almost a year ago. The salesperson and I agreed on a price and then when it was time to close the deal and sign the papers, he came up with this stupid story on how another salesperson found another costumer who is willing to pay $1000 more than my offer so if I bump up my offer to match their offer I'm set and would get the car. Of course, there wasn't  any other person offering more money but the salesperson guy had kept me there waiting  for another 3 hours trying to break me down and pay more for the car. So annoying. After 3 hours he realized he's not going to get more money from me and sold me the car for the price we agreed on earlier.... WTF

The second incident was almost a year later when I brought my car in, a week ago for a 4-wheels alignment procedure. I dropped the car in at 8 am and was told it would be ready for pick up before noon and that someone would give me a call around 10 to keep me updated how things are coming along. Of course no one called and when I called them asking for my car status I had to go through this stupid phone tag with them until they finally got my car back to me at 2 p.m. This wasn't the bad part of that visit, when I arrived they told me that one of my wheels is broken and the repairs would cost around $2,000 but they are still charging me for the full price of the alignment although that didn't end up aligning anything!

I ended up going to this awesome place just across the street, Cubbage Collision, and got it all fixed there for half the price. Seriously half the price.

Save yourselves the time and money and stay away from Mike Calvert.

Ed H. | 2013-06-24

They might sell a good car, but service is DEFINITELY lacking. I called and set up an appointment so I wouldn't have to wait. But, when I got here they told me that it doesn't really matter and that it would be an hour and a half wait... What??? Why should I make an appointment, if it doesn't matter? After sitting for an hour and 20 minutes my truck hasn't even moved into the service bay!

It's very disrespectful to me and a slap in the face to my schedule, when you make an appointment with me, but tell me I don't matter by breaking the appointment time.

I will not come back to this dealership and I will never advise a friend or acquaintance to come here for anything! Go to the Chevrolet dealer next door instead.

David N. | 2013-04-16

Sad that they didn't want to give me the time of the day.  I work pretty late hours so when a car dealership is supposed to stay open until 9 pm and I show up at least an hour before closing I would like to be treated with the same respect as coming in the middle of the day.  

I was in the market for a truck and I was recommended the Toyota Tundra.  So before checking out any of the trucks it was leading the way.  When I got to the dealership one guy was going on break and another was just about to headed home, but was handed off myself.  I'm pretty easy going and could tell it was a long day for him so I made it short and simple and checked out the car.  I liked it but because they didn't really push the sale of any of the features I looked elsewhere and ended up with a Ford.  They weren't rude by any means just didn't help me enough to get me to purchase a Toyota.

Lou M. | 2013-03-29

I recently had an unpleasant series of events involving my car.  The story is too long to put here and not relevent.  The only bright spot in the troubling ordeal was my service advisor "FRANKIE" in the service department.  He was courteous and professional.  He treated me like a valued customer.  He returned my phone calls promptly.  He made sure I knew what was going on.  If I decide to buy another Toyota, I will definitely take it to Frankie to service.  Why only three stars?  Ultimately, I had to take the car somewhere else to repair because a warranty dispute was not resolved in my favor.  So, I can't comment on the quality of the work, but Frankie's superior's were unable to help me get the repair under warranty as it should be.

maria m. | 2013-02-08

Terrible service department. They lie and tell you that repairs and checks are not covered by your warranty when obviously they are. They wasted my time by telling me my broken A/C on a brand new car that I bought at their dealership wasn't covered. I had to go back a second time with my warranty papers to get the service done (it WAS covered by the warranty). Overall, they're lazy and will tell you anything to get you to go home rather than service your car when they know you'll be using the car's warranty.

Cynthia F. | 2013-01-04

Just bought a brand new Tundra from GREG and this was a great experience from start to finish.  I first spoke with him on the phone regarding the truck and price.  He confirmed that they still had the truck on the lot and we discussed price.  He quickly told me an idea on pricing.  

My husband then went to the dealership to test drive the truck and he decided that this was the one.  Greg was very helpful throughout the entire process.  He was also straightforward.  He helped us negotiate the price (there wasn't much wiggle room in the price especially since we were taking advantage of the 0% APR) but he was upfront with us from the beginning.  

ASK for GREG - he has been there for 8 years.  We would definitely return to him and I plan on referring my mom to him.

S J. | 2012-12-08

My 1995 Accord wagon was costing me about $200 per month on fuel and was, obviously, getting long in the tooth. I had been looking at the EPA's measurements for fuel efficiency for weeks and decided that I wanted to buy a Toyota Yaris hatchback with a manual transmission. EPA fuel economy estimates had this model creeping towards 40 mpg, and since I drive all over town for work, this was an especially appealing feature. I called a few dealerships to see if they a) had any of these models available and b) if I could get some practice driving a manual transmission.

That's right: I didn't already know how to drive a stick shift.

A representative at Fred Haas said that they didn't have any manual Yaris models and that I'd likely have trouble finding one in Houston. He had no recommendations for where I should proceed and that was that.

The folks at Mike Calvert were much more excited about the prospect of my business. I spoke with a couple of women on the phone, one of whom, Bonnie, said that the dealership did in fact have a manual Yaris hatchback (in silver, too!) that I could see. I asked her if I could get some practice driving it since I *technically* couldn't drive a stick shift. She said that would be fine, and we made an appointment for the next Saturday.

I met Bonnie at the dealership. My girlfriend tagged along and studied for the LSAT while I went out to the car with Huy. Huy drove me out to a parking lot for practice. He seemed shocked that I wanted the "base model" vehicle, but I explained to him that I wanted a car to drive and wasn't interested in luxuries. I'm pretty sure that he thought I was crazy, but regardless, my lesson began.

I've driven, with mixed success, manual transmissions with friends before. Stalling gets easier with experience, but one's bros aren't necessarily the most supportive crew when they all drive expertly. Huy, on the other hand, was very supportive and patient. After about 15 minutes, I got the hang of starting without stalling, and about a half-hour into the lesson, I was able to shift gears somewhat competently. We were out for an hour, and I decided that I could handle it, so I told Huy I'd take it.

My girlfriend is a much harder negotiator than I am, so when the three of us sat down for signatures and such, she took a hard line on how what we (I) would pay. Huy clued us in to a student discount for which I was ONE MONTH shy of ineligibility. That knocked $1000 off of the price, which was likely better than we could have done ourselves. The wait time, as other reviewers have mentioned, is a bit long. Waiting to see someone from financial services was probably the most patience taxing part of our experience. When we finally did sit with a gentleman from Toyota Financial, he wasn't terribly pushy, and the meeting didn't even last an hour.

The office was in touch to get some extra information for billing and such, and Huy corresponded with me via email to schedule my appointment for window tinting. However, he did not set nor did he tell me to set an appointment with the service center for the windows. I arrived at a time we'd discussed, and my needs were a surprise to the service folks. The supervisor called up Huy and told him the situation. The supervisor was able to get my tint done that day, which surprised me: I would have understood if I'd needed to reschedule the tint. The folks at Mike Calvert got it done that day.

The last interaction I had with this dealership was during a new customer appreciation dinner that I attended a month or two ago. It was a fun event with barbecue, Texans cheerleaders, and short remarks from the staff. While I didn't stick around for the tours and other events, it seemed like the dealership was concerned with transparency and creating a feeling of community with its customers. I've never bought a car before, and Mike Calvert Toyota made it a largely painless experience.

Regi W. | 2012-11-20

I wish  there was a O star tab because that what I would pick!!!!!!

I give this place NO stars the used car managers suck! The manager i was told to see didn't have the balls to tell me he messed up and i needed a down payment of 1000 after i got approved already for 0 down. Instead he sent another manager to do his dirty work. Please please don't buy a car here they will take advantage of you!!!!!!

Rasta R. | 2012-11-02

before I purchase my car from them, they would call me everyday and had time to spend for me, once I closed the deal, they literally did not give a shit, not even a call and I have been trying to call my sale person , Her name is "Boinnie" for 2 weeks and left her message every time, she did not call me back. I tried to talk to the manager "John" and left her message, he never called me back either.
For two days after you buy a car the cut off the contact so the return period passes. I wish i had not never purchased a car from them. I bought an almost brand new certified car from them and they didn't give me the spare key and they said it was not with the car like I have to check every single bolt and screw before I buy a new certified car.

my recommendation:

3. Salesperson name "BONNIE" is not reliable

Overall: Terrible Experience

Erika P. | 2012-08-17

This has been the worst experience I have ever had! They have had my car (a 4Runner) for two months and it keeps getting worse. They have told me that my car was totaled, and then took it back. The manager and service representatives have been wimpy liars that have told me things and taken them back. They let me take my car off the lot with a BENT FRAME, which they hadn't realized before I figured it out. Then they had the audacity to tell me that this sort of work is normal! I will NEVER go here again, and if you want your car to have a good repair, I would strongly recommend you not go here.

Kelly S. | 2012-02-09

I wish I could give this a NO RATING score......there should be an optional button for "0" or N/A, just so it is clear the reviewer did not "forget" to rate!

I took my 2010 Toyota Venza for its routine oil change.   This is the 3rd visit, and my car had only 15,000 miles on it.    So far, nothing out of the ordinary, patiently waiting.

Well, about 30-40 minutes later, a woman carrying a clipboard with my car and my name on it, walks up to me and says, '"Mam, they found a leak in the coolant tubing, and they are taking it to service to get it looked at."     Okay.......I guess so.  I guess coolant tubing can go bad, perhaps.   Not to worry, my car has the FULL warranty, right?   Think again.... Let the drama begin.....these guys are TOTAL crooks and should NOT be trusted.

About 30 minutes later, a service man walks up to me and said it wasn't a tube, it was the actual radiator.   Normally radiators would be covered, however, this case was special, because this case shows there was an actual "impact" damage with my radiator.  Something went through the grids of my car, flew into the radiator, punctured it, and  caused it to leak.........okay.....i guess it could happen....

Here's the scam.    I KNOW that I did not hit anything or hear anything or feel anything hit my car in any way shape or fashion.    I would have felt it.   Second.......my car had NOT been leaking AT ALL prior to me taking the car to them.   when they took me in to look at the leak, there was a noticeable leak, constant drip.. THey showed me with their screw drivers where the impact had been made.......okay, it happened to be the EXACT shape and size of their screw drivers....They also made the puncture larger prior to my husband arriving.  THe puncture magically grew 2 sizes by the time my husband arrived to take a look.   THey told me that the warranty would not cover it, I would have to file it under my car insurance.....boy those crooks have a wonderful way of taking our money and making someone else responsible for paying......   THIRD..   They originally told me it wasn't leaking much and I could possibly drive it home.  I told them I was taking it to another dealer and another mechanic for a second and third opinion.  Suddenly, I was then told that they had topped my coolant off when they were changing the oil, and just on the ride from the express lube to service, it was already half empty and I would NOT make it home.    Again, by the time my husband arrived, the hole was twice as big.  They were going to make certain we did not drive that out of their shop.    Well.......sucks for us, because with 3 car payments, two teen drivers etc.  We raised the deductibles to 1,000.00...the cost of the radiator.  Imagine that.     I have another year and a half in "free" oil changes.  Trust me, they made their money at the sale for those "free" oil changes, I just paid for them in advance as a hidden cost.....and then I paid for another years worth with this radiator.  No thanks......NEVER again.  Do NOT take your car there.  They will rob you blind before you know it.

Tammy N. | 2011-10-15

Went here for an oil change and I wasn't expecting it to be connected to the dealership.  I had no idea where to go bc there are so many lanes and everyone seems to be busy.  Finally someone came up to me and helped me.  The waiting room is nice with big windows so you can see the progress on your car.  Everyone seems to be really nice and sincere.  I felt like my car was in great hands so I relaxed.  It took longer than 29 minutes (as promised on the website) for an oil change because they were really busy, but I didn't mind.  ~$34 for an oil change? Not bad.  I trust these people and would definitely be back.

Jui Pin T. | 2011-06-16

I took my Camry to another mechanic and I am so glad I did it.

Erica N. | 2011-06-09

My family has bought cars here ever since we moved to Houston in 2000, for the car buy experience we are happy and satisfies customers, unfortunately not all departments work as well.

I recently took my car  to the body shop to replace my rear bumper. John Sanchez, the representative for State Farm, was assigned to my case. I had a problem with my insurance and, confirming with him, I left my car with the provision to not start work until I received the go ahead from the insurance. Later that day I called and left a message, giving the go ahead and asking him to call me back to confirm he'd received my message. I never heard back and worried that my car was just sitting over there I called again the next day to make sure. I got John on the phone and he seemed irritated that I had called again, assuring me that yes he had received the message and that the work on my car had started. I asked him about getting my tires rotated and he said that was fine.

The next day, the day my car was finished, I called John to see what time I could pick up and to also cancel my request for a tire rotation as it was to expensive with them. He seemed even more irritated and said he couldn't tell me when my car would be done exactly, it would just be ready that day.

At 4:30 (and hour and a half before they closed) I called again to check on the car and he said "it will be done at 5:30" and hung up!!

When i went to the shop at 5:30 the look he gave me when i walked was stoney and cold and made me very uncomfortable. He said your car will be ready in a minute and instead of talking to me about payment and finishing up (it was quite a bit of money I'm threw there way) he just walked right by me... 15 minutes later I walk back in with no word on the car, luckily he's wasn't there and the lady at the front desk, who was very nice, helped me finish up and pay out. John walks in in the middle of this and the receptionist tells him what she's doing, he says "I'm not worried about it." Clearly not!!

The bumper looked great but I owe that to the mechanics, not John, and the minor dings on my door guard he told me he would repair were not done, but I wanted to be over the experience with him so I left anyway. Won't be seeing you again, John, and you better believe I'm writing to your boss.

Michael L. | 2011-06-01

I've gone here to take my Camry for maintenance and recall fix. My guy is Franky and he is a really nice sincere guy. My car is fairly new so they haven't tried to push any preventative or required maintenance on me. I've gotten my gas pedal recall fix here, replaced a headlight because of condensation build up inside, and oil changes.

Tips: Check their website as they frequently have coupons, fast and strong WiFi in main building, free soft drinks and coffee, gaming center, TV's, and it's really clean.

John W. | 2011-02-21

Service Department is a bunch of crooks...stay away.

Jennifer C. | 2011-01-18

Why isn't here an option for not giving any stars?
Mike Calvert Toyota is totally AWFUL!
Why hasn't it been SHUT DOWN?

I bought my Corolla 2009 here on September, 2009. The dealer offered me $1,000 gas voucher. It turned out that the gas voucher was simply a SCAM. I had to pay registration fee, and then started to mail $100 gas receipts to "Gasoline Redemption Center" every month, but I had never got anything back from this company. When I first emailed the company, it said it took time to process the reimbursement. Few months later, my mail was returned. When I called the company, the phone line had already been disconnected. This "Gasoline Redemption Center" DISAPPEARED! Therefore, I turned back to Mike Calvert Toyota. Initially, they just IGNORED my compalints, so I had to file my complaints to Toyota headquarter. Finally, Mike Calvert Toyota got back to me, but the dealer who sold me the car even ACCUSED me having the WRONG memory, and ONLY admitted to giving me $500 gas voucher, instead of $1,000. Fortunately, I still had those fake vouchers with me to prove he was wrong, but he NEVER APOLOGIZED to me. After many months, Mike Calvert Toyota finally gave me another vouchers, but it worked in a totally different and more complicated way than what I expected when I purchased my car. If I knew those vouchers work like that, I would DEFINITELY NOT buy the car.

One of the latches for folding the rear seat was already BROKEN when I purchased the car, but not knowing that until I need to use it.
The latch for opening the trunk BROKE within 6 months!

The last terrible experience with them was the recall. I said last because I've never been back to Mike Calvert  Toyota ever since this one.
I made an appointment at 2:30pm to get my acceleration padel fixed. I was there 5 min before my appointment. However, I got my car back around 6pm. Yes, I had WAITED there for 3.5 hrs. I don't know what's the point to make an appointment. There customer service was TERRIBLE, too. They assigned a coustomer service, Juan, to me. However, I had never seen him. When I asked other customer service about the fixing process of my car, his first reaction was, "Remember, your customer service is Juan, not me."

So, I keep telling people NEVER EVER go to Mike Calvert Toyota!

Lauren T. | 2010-11-16

I bought a new Corolla here in March 2009, and since then I've visited the service department for standard service and recalls. Overall, my buying experience was pretty good. Car shopping and haggling is not fun, at least not for me--I wish people would be upfront and offer a fair price to begin with, but that's just not the way car shopping seems to work. This was my first time buying a new car, and I did my homework. I went to three or four dealerships in Houston, and Mike Calvert gave me the best offer on my trade-in by about $1000 as well as offering the lowest price on the car itself.

When we began negotiations, the first price the salesman gave me was nuts, but I countered with what I wanted (based on extensive research), and he came back and said he would accept my price but I had to pay for the floor mats. Um, OK. I expected the back-and-forth to go on longer, so maybe I should have asked for more, but I still got the car for much less than I was quoted at Sterling McCall, even going through their Internet department. I had been told that I would get better prices through the Internet department, but that was not my experience.

I think I definitely benefited from the fact that I was buying during the deepest part of the recession, and I ended up doing the deal right before closing on the last day of the month. Everyone was trying to make their quotas, and my salesperson wanted to make a deal. I also got great prices on LoJack (almost free) and the extended warranty. I have no idea whether the experience is different now that the economy has rebounded a bit.

The service department is big, busy, convenient, and open on Saturdays. I haven't had anything but standard service done yet, so I can't say more. As other reviewers have mentioned, the fact that everyone badgers you to fill out the customer satisfaction survey and give them an "excellent" score in every category is definitely annoying. According to my mechanic, the service workers are penalized if you give them anything lower than "excellent." This is a dumb policy that prevents the company from getting accurate data--I don't want anyone to be penalized unless I have a serious problem, but I should have the right to give honest, constructive feedback without the service workers hating me forever.

Tracey S. | 2010-11-08

We went here to look at new cars on Saturday afternoon.  While we were waiting in the office, they had a mechanic inspect our old car to determine trade-in value.  The trade-in value given was a couple of thousand below Kelly Blue Book value for a reliable Corolla in decent condition.  

Worst of all, the mechanic forgot to put the motor oil engine block screw cap back on.  When we got off the freeway, I noticed smoke coming from the hood and we had to pull into a parking lot.  The motor oil splattered all over the engine compartment.  We were furious but didn't take the car back to them to have the engine washed because it seemed highly possible that the mechanics could've done even more damage doing a simple task like washing the engine compartment.

We've purchased two new cars from this dealership in the past 12 years.  The process is incredibly slow even when you pay cash.  You should reserve at least 4-5 hours.  The car salesmen here seem less slimy than Sterling McCall, though.  

They have a huge variety of Priuses here with widely-ranging prices.

I definitely wouldn't trust the mechanics here.

olivia b. | 2009-08-04

So first I thought 4 stars, but I could not think of anything negative, so...5 it is.

My car broke down on Saturday, long story short, we ended up having it towed to Mike Calvert Toyota as my car is still under warranty.  I did some investigation of my own and thought it must be the alternator.  Well, come Monday morning after Grant from Mike Calvert called me, asked me to detail what was going on, etc.  I told him my life was really busy and I either needed my car back asap or I needed a loaner.  He said he understood and would get back to me with a timeline.  At 5:15, my phone rang.  It was Grant, my car was ready.  It was a bad battery.  The total cost, $0.  Upon picking up my car I was in and out in 5 minutes or less.

chibimaru l. | 2008-03-30

The sales experience of purchasing my vehicle was actually good.  My salesman was very patient with me, appropriately understanding that this was a big purchase and that I needed to be comfortable with my choice.  When I picked up my car, he warned me that I would be getting a survey in the mail and that he hoped I would score him as "excellent" in the survey.  I didn't think much of his comment and indeed did give him all "excellent" ratings.
This past experience with Mike Calvert was when they messed up my body shop order.  Their employee lost my key transponder and they took it upon themselves to tow my car across the parking lot to get a new key made.  They thought I did not have a spare key (which was a huge mistake because I happen to have my spare key at homee) and proceeded (without informing me) to order a new computer for my car and rekey my car.  Wondering what was taking so long, I called for an update and that's how I discovered all of this!  I drove down to the shop and found my dashboard in a million different pieces.  Basically to make a very long story short, I escalated to the Customer Relations lady, Regina, who worked to straighten everything out and get me my car.  Now the kicker is that when my car was delivered to me, she told me that my next regular-service would be on the house and she asked me to give her an "excellent" rating.  Again, not making too much of this request, I said sure.
I received a telephone call from Toyota later asking me to rate my experience.  They asked for specific examples and asked me to rate my experience as a whole and asked for specific examples that could be improved.  I said that my experience was okay overall, specifying that the first part was horrendous, the re-keying of my car was completely unnecessary and terrible, and the efforts made by the Customer Relations lady was very nice and was independently excellent.  When they asked if there was anything at all that could be improved, I casually mentioned that there was a thin layer of dust on my car (probably from sitting in their shop for 3 weeks before getting it back) and that it would be nice to have the car washed before delivering it back to the customer especially since this is pretty standard at other dealerships.
A couple months later when I brought my car in for its service, I tracked down this Customer Relations lady who became frigid when I saw her.  She basically sneered at me and said that because of the review I gave her, she was "uh-uh, no way" going to honor her statement that my regularly-scheduled service would be on the house.  She went on to say that she "went above and beyond" to fix everything, she did not deserve the review, especially since she topped off my gas tank (which was actually only about half-empty, so she gave me about 4-6 gallons of gas).
The bottom line is:  the people at Mike Calvert get paid bonuses based on forcing, cornering, and terrorizing you into rating them as "excellent" even if they are not.  Then they are tacky enough to rescind (apparently empty) gestures of compensation for putting you through the ringer.  I have strongly discouraged people since this experience from purchasing and servicing their Toyotas from this particular dealership.  It is incredibly tacky and immature for anyone to ask a customer to grade them, then get angry and vengeful when they don't get the grade they think they deserve.  Their actions simply reinforce that their service is anything BUT excellent.
The only reason this dealership is getting 2 stars instead of 1 is because my purchasing experience was good, but the sales people I used are apparently no longer there.  Alas.  Don't go there for anything and don't let anyone bully you into giving them a grade they don't deserve.

Shana W. | 2007-09-28

I am not fond of buying cars.  I am less fond of feeling like I am being held hostage and worn down until I break.

I went to the Mike Calvert Toyota dealer early in the morning while my daughter was in school so I could trade in my car and get something new.  I thought getting there just after opening on a week day would leave me with no crowd and I'd be able to get home to pick my child up from school in my new car.

That's not how it worked.

Long story short, I picked out my car from the lot and started the paperwork.  We spent a while going back and forth in negotiations and they kept adding things to the price of the car.  I would have them go back and take off the extras I didn't need.  This went on for hours.  After a while it was lunch time and I was thirsty but they wouldn't give me my old car back so I could grab some food.  I was stuck.

I got shifted around from person to person and things started to get confusing and the figures kept changing and I had to repeatedly make corrections to the numbers.  I think the shuffle, lack of food and water started to wear me down.  I seriously think that was the plan.

In the end, I did end up getting what I wanted but it was a struggle and I had to call someone to pick up my child as I was running into the late afternoon and stuck in Houston traffic trying to get home.  The whole experience made me exhausted - I felt beaten down by all of the changes in the paperwork and the constant shifting around.  

When it is time to get another car, I won't return to Mike Calvert Toyota.  Their confusing maze of sales people and paper work made this such a hassle I couldn't even enjoy the new car smell on my ride home.