MercedesBenz of Houston Greenway in Houston, TX

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Mercedes Benz of Houston Greenway, a Houston Mercedes Benz dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used Mercedes cars, trucks & SUVs. We offer vehicle financing, Mercedes factory service & auto parts.

MercedesBenz of Houston Greenway

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 986-6400
Address:3900 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77027
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on MercedesBenz of Houston Greenway

Michael C. | 2015-04-23

The buying experience at this dealership was better than I expected and as painless as a car purchase can be.

The service department at this dealership is second to none!

I've had pretty much all the luxury brands and experienced most of the local dealerships service departments. Typically I figure an hour of my time dropping off a car at an appointment and I add a day to whenever they told me the work would be completed.. Not at this place! Heck if you are always in a rush these guys just fly. I've never spent more than five minutes dropping my car and I'm always surprised at how fast it's ready. It also doesn't hurt that it comes back cleaner than a $40 wash at Mr Carwash..

The girlfriends buying her next car from here after seeing how easy these guys make it...

Adam L. | 2015-04-17

They made it happen for my SL550.  Maria is great - ask for her when you go in.

Tim R. | 2015-04-11

BEWARE VERY dubious business practices from ONE VERY big liar - Dennis Fredericks - Sales Manager...if you have to buy from this dealership, avoid his participation in the sales process...

Visited Mercedes Benz Greenway, Houston to test drive a car advertised on line. Undertook a test drive as was asked for personal information to fill out a 'sales menu' for the car to be detailed. I left without purchasing the car, which i stated would be a cash purchase. Later I discover they'd run two credit reports, adversely affecting my credit score during a time i was applying for a mortgage.

Salesman David Griffin and Sales Manager Dennis Fredericks misrepresented their practices, at no time advised they would undertake a credit report, and indeed David Griffin advised the reason for collecting data was simply to undertake detailing. A voice recording has David Griffin advising he notified his manager NOT to undertake any credit applications or searches.

Upon calling to register a complaint, Neither Mr Griffin or Mr Fredericks would discuss. Furthermore, lied when questioned about their procedures and admitted mis-representation of the reason for requesting a social security number.

Neil S. | 2015-04-10

Went to Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway on Tuesday "looking" to lease a new Mercedes. I spoke  with Pedro (Peter) Mendive about 2 weeks ago before I decided to go in just to "look". I was immediately greated by Peter and we started going over the type of car I want and what they had available. We then proceeded to go outside and he showed me acouple cars. He really did listen cause he knew exactly what I was looking for! After I picked a car we took it for a test drive!! I feel in love instantly with the car and told myself I NEED this car... Once we got back he got me some water and we took at look at my current car that had PLENTY of negative equity on it. He went to the front to see what they could do. Not even 10 min later he came back with amazing news!! I was able to get the car that day and was able to absorb my negative equity!! This is by far the best dealership I have ever been too (I've owned about 10cars in my life) I was in and out of the door within 2hrs with my brand new 2015 Mercedes C300!!! I'll be sure to send all my friends interested in a Mercedes to Peter and I'll be sure to always go back to see him!! AMAZING DEALERSHIP!! THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!

Cheryl C. | 2015-04-05

My 1st Mercedes as a die hard BMW lover, having lived in West Germany. My buying experience was awesome ...Doug S is a vet who not only knows cars, he loves them. Got me the perfect certified pre-owned car for me. Even had a few hiccups on pick- up but they took care of me and that's what you look for when you buy a luxury ride.

Med F. | 2015-03-25

Great customer service. Highly recommend them. Also great selection of cars at very competitive prices. Bought two cars from there and am completely satisfied.

Ella A. | 2015-03-18

I was in the market for a GLK 350. Based on the reviews I read on MB of Houston Greenway, I chose to drive from Austin to Houston to work with them. I started the process via email with Steve Sorkin, and he was professional, informative, and helpful every step of the way. I ended up with exactly what I was looking for, and at a fair price. A couple of extras that I liked about the process were the weekend valet service, and the very helpful delivery specialist who walked me through the features of the vehicle. If we are ever in the market for another Mercedes, we will definitely return to this dealership.

Carla N. | 2015-03-12

Just FYI...I have left several messages for the General Manager at MercedesBenz of Houston Greenway over several weeks.  He did leave a message about four weeks back, but I have called and left two voicemail messages since, and he has not returned them.  I also sent Molly B. a message letting her know I have not received any follow-up, and she has not responded.  Bottom line, Greenway wants the review to look better by following up with a nice written response.  But, it is just lip service, and Greenway has shown no real interest in resolving this problem.

Omar C. | 2015-02-23

Mercedes dealerships are not a friendly place to begin with. I have shopped for Mercedes in three different countries and it's always the same aloof attitude. I guess the cars sell themselves.

But this place sets a new low. Not only are the people rude, they actively lie and deceive you.

I recently bought a used ML from these guys.
After completing the transaction, somehow the second key went missing. When I insisted that I would not take delivery without the second key, that key magically appeared.

The lug nuts on the car were rusted. I asked if they would replace them or discount the replacement. No chance.

The windshield wipers were run down. But since the papers were already signed, I was out of luck.

Mostly this is my fault. I should have insisted on these basic repairs before I bought the car.

But they did not treat this like a long term relationship at all. They got their transaction. But they lost a repeat customer.

Jennifer O. | 2015-02-23

Was very hesitant to go look for a car being a woman and by myself. But buying a car from Rik Hambright was like buying one from my best friend. He was very honest and told me what I needed and what truly I didn't need to pay for. Bought a CPO 2014 with only 5,000 miles on it so pretty much brand new! Rik treated me like royalty and is very friendly and funny. I recommend asking for him when looking for any used car here. You won't regret it! Doing the paperwork and finance was painless. Even Jessica at the service department has been extremely professional and courteous and got my car in and out as fast as possible! Over all I had an amazing experience with Mercedes Greenway and recommend Rik to anyone I know!

Keith C. | 2015-02-17

This is the dirtiest dealership around.  I was stupid enough not to request a carfax before I bought an one year old SL500 from them, thinking mercedes dealership should be reputable.  The salesperson talked me out of a brand new one for $15k more because of the low mileage of this used one.  Come to find out when I wanted to trade it in for an SL600 it has been wrecked and repaired.  There were apparently bondo paste to the rear of the car that they did not disclosed.  Needless to say the trade in value was very low, and lost about 25k with the trade in.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!!!

Denyse O. | 2015-01-23

When you walk in no one gets up to ask you if they can help you. I was looking to purchase a used 2014. The process was not terrible paperwork wise, however, these guys seriously don't know the meaning of flexibility. Sure I walked in 30 mins prior to closing time, but it sure does say a lot about a place when everyone is scrambling to go home and it's "late." I didn't take up much time, and waited to come in the next day after 4:30pm. All the paperwork was done on the 2nd day I came in but everything felt incredibly rushed. Also my used car that I would purchase had been provided to someone as a loaner. I advised that it would be fine if they had the car to me by end of week. On the 2nd day I began clearing out my belongings from my old car as they would provide me a loaner until my used car was ready. I wasn't expecting to clear my things out on that 2nd day and I had nothing to throw all my thing into. The sales guy told me to go to the gifts area and they would give me one. I walked over there and the guy was busy on the phone. So I walked over to the cashier area where 3 young ladies were still working and they essentially said that they could not physically go and get me a bag from the accessories place because it was no allowed. That was fine, but the unfriendly manner in which they spoke to me and all of them trying to speak at once was terrible customer service when I'm trying to purchase a vehicle. Finally, I got around to clearing things and my old car which happens to also be a Benz had a multi-player that was broken and I needed to get my old school CDs out. Upon asking the sales guy to help me get them out it seemed he was more concerned w/ getting me out of his hair, if you will, so he could take off for the night and telling me "I can try." On the 3rd day my car was ready but there was 100% rain all day. I called the dealer to speak to Hector as my initial sales guy, Mike, had left me a message saying he would be out that day. I told Hector that I would be in on Friday because of the rain, and my concern about obtaining my CDs. I guess the message was never passed on to Mike. I also called Mike and left a voicemail indicating the time and day that I would be able to come pick up the car on Friday. I got a call from Mike after leaving the voicemail and he starts to ask when I plan to pick up the car because they essentially can't hold on to a car that I already purchased....Um, I guess sales guys don't make it a habit to check their voicemails because I clearly took the time to leave a voicemail to leave specifics, and now I'm being made to feel like I have given my car no priority for pick up? It gets better...I let Mike know I left the voicemail and tell him I plan to come in. I told him, again, that I needed to get those CDs out to which he tells me that my car is already gone from the dealership and that had I needed to get those CDs out it wouldn't of been possible because someone from outside of the dealership (that they would have to pay) would have needed to have been called to pop the multi-CD player open. So I ask him if he even tried to do so because it's sounding like he already knew what steps it would have taken. He said he did try, but honestly I'm sure he didn't because just as much as he rushed the process of me buying this car he probably didn't even bother to try and get those personal items out of my car knowing it would cost Mercedes money to do so. You be the judge......OH, and by the way Hector probably would have made a much better sales man for me on this purchase. He seemed more patient.

David N. | 2015-01-22

No one I know actually enjoys the car buying process.  Don't get me wrong everyone loves the new/pre-owned vehicle they get, but not the searching, test driving, negotiating, going through insurance, and finance.  

But at least this particular location makes most of that purchasing process pretty painless so that you can actually enjoy the vehicle you purchase.  

Recently, one of my family members had totaled their Mercedes, and was in search of a replacement.  We had been looking online at different dealerships for deals on used models with low mileage.  We had seen some deals around town but after going out there to look at them, you could tell they had been in minor accidents, or just plain not taken care of.

That was until we found Mercedes Benz of Houston at Greenway.  We had found 2 wonderful vehicles with low mileage and great pricing through their internet postings.  Upon arriving we were greeted with Rik Hambright, he handles all of their internet sales.  We were also helped by Jim Bui, which handles new and used sales too.  His desk is closest to the help desk.  

Jim helped us by showing us the vehicle and allowing us to test drive it.  While, Rik ended up helping us with all of the paper.  The price was already 3K cheaper than other dealers in town, but Rik, was able to drop it a down a little bit more, throw in a new battery, and new floor mats.  They detailed the car from top to bottom.  Even though the vehicle is a 2008, If someone didn't tell you, you would think it was BRAND NEW.  Everyone here was top notch.  I forgot the woman in finance's name, but she made it very smooth too.  Explained my available options, but did not try to hard sell me on any add-ons.

If you are to buy a used Mercedes, don't bother shopping anywhere else.  These guys do a lot of checks in the background to make sure you aren't buying a lemon.  They even offer a 60 day limited guarantee.  Which most places will not do with used cars.

Judy T. | 2015-01-20

Everyone at this dealership was very helpful and nice, especially my salesman. He made sure I was getting everything I wanted for the right price! I would recommend going here for new or used!

I love my car!

Thomas S. | 2015-01-12

If you are considering a new MB, look up Kaly Crosbie at MB of Greenway.   It was our  first new car buying experience at this dealership and a very positive one. Kaly was wonderful to work with and addressed all of our requests with a customer first focus. I highly recommend Kaly.

Irena L. | 2014-12-24

This review is regarding sales only. Ali Akhavan was horrible to work with. He is unnecessarily aggressive and disturbingly rude. How can someone like this possibly work with human beings on a daily basis? The fact that he still holds his job says a lot about this dealership. If you are in the market for a Mercedes I am sure you have thought long and hard about whether or not you want to spend this sum of money. Take your business elsewhere, or at least avoid this salesman at all costs. It is certainly not worth the distress.

Earl A. | 2014-12-12

This was my first time visiting this location. The last car I owned we had serviced with the Sugarland location. We had been shopping for a car through out the dealerships in the Houston area and as it turned out this location had the best prices for what we were looking for. The only drawback for me was that its on the other side of town from where I live and work and with traffic it could take at least an hour or more to get there. I was trying to put this off until the weekend but I was afraid the car would not be there. I asked my boss to leave early that day and with him being the nice guy he is he agreed.

I made a few calls to Robert, he was my salesman, and he was extremely helpful. I like the idea it was a no pressure type of sale. I knew what I wanted and what I would like to pay and it went very smoothly. I would say painless.

Since this was a car that both my wife and I would drive on occasion we both had input on the options and color. We narrowed it down to two different cars with similar colors but the options were vastly different. We decided on the Diamond Silver one as it came with way more options than the second car at @ the same price.

I had been pre-approved so that was already taken care of. I had a trade in so they appraised my car and then all I had to do was to sign the myriad amount of papers and they prepped the car for delivery. It took a hour or two for them to have ready but there is a really nice lounge to relax in while waiting.

I had my BMW for several years and I almost shed a tear when I drove off but I didn't LOL. Robert was an excellent sales person and if for some reason I needed to buy another car, I would definitely use him again.

I had occasion to visit their service center a day or two later to switch my grill to the sport grill. There are iPad's for you to use while waiting, free WiFi, as well as a small area for kids to play if necessary.There are also 2 flat screen TVs that you can view the service areas while they are working on your car as well as flavored coffee and complimentary water and ice cream! It is top notch!

John J. | 2014-12-05

If you care about your Benz, do not bring it here for servicing.

It takes days to service a car and the servicing department person assigned to me, Mike, was unprofessional and rude. I expressed my concern about leaving my car for so many days there. His response was simply, go find another dealership. He also rubbed it in by saying that he has $180,000, $200,000 cars to deal with, implying that my car and concerns are not as important. Later on when I said I no longer wish to have my car serviced, he left without a word / handshake. I would expect better customer service from a Mercedes Benz dealership, this one was just bad.

I eventually went to have my car serviced at Mercedes Benz of Houston North. It's further out of town, but I would recommend them - the service staff there were much more professional and courteous.

Andrea M. | 2014-11-20

This was the worst car buying experience I have ever had.  First, and foremost, I will not recommend Mercedes Greenway to anyone.  I purchased the vehicle on 9-10-14.  I only received one set of keys.  After four days, I discovered a scratch on my SUV.  I contacted my salesperson and he told me that they would fix it and give me my other set of keys and manual.  A month of excuses went by with my salesperson.  His excuse was that the painters leave at 3 pm everyday.  I was livid because how is that my problem.  The only thing he was concerned with  was receiving all 10's on a survey.  On October 18, 2014 while out of town visiting my sick relatives, the SUV stopped in the middle of the street in a commercial area.  It would not start for 20 to 30 minutes.  I almost got hit from the front and the back.  I panicked....  After the car started, I pulled into the driveway and it would not turn over anymore that day.  I contacted Greenway to speak to my salesperson to only discover that he no longer works for the company.  I ended up speaking to the sales manager in order to get Roadside Assistance information.   I was finally able to bring in my GLK350 to the dealership and no one has even heard of the sales manager that I mentioned who set up the appointment. Greenway has had my car for three weeks without a word from any manager.  I do not feel safe driving that particular vehicle again.

Isabella C. | 2014-11-18

Pushy and rude. I would never buy a car from here. I would pay more to avoid running into ANY of these car sales men. When you're selling a 50k plus car to someone...don't brag about how another client just bought one that's more expensive...! How off putting! I'm glad I left your lot empty handed; I'm happy I brought my business to Audi instead.

Matthew E. | 2014-11-11

Brent Hathorn at Mercedes-Benz of Greenway was a ease to work with, we are loving our pre owned BMW 1 series. The price was what I was looking for and the car itself was in great condition! I felt all my questions were honestly answered and felt comfortable driving away with my new ride! The dealership is a beautiful place and the staff is friendly. I will definitely purchase another car from Brent and send family and friends to Mercedes-Benz of Greenway! Thanks to everyone at Mercedes!

Ashlee W. | 2014-10-07

Have contacted the BBB to report Mac, Don, Jay and the rest of the crooked shareholders over at Greenway.

Everyone in Houston is becoming aware of what occurs at this Dealership

Kaether C. | 2014-09-30

My C300 was taken here after It got flooded on 9/18/2014. I had gone in and Originally talked to Faraz. After the first day, I asked him to keep me updated with everything that was going on. I never heard from him again. The next week, I called so many times, and emailed him to let me know what was going on as far as the insurance going out and looking at the car. Finally, The following Wednesday, I called and somehow got through to Frankie, who told me that the car was going to be totaled out and to expect the call. So you would think, My MERCEDES was just totaled out at MERCEDES, perhaps they could try to sell me a car. WRONG! I was contacted by one of the sister stores because I had started car shopping, and ended up buying another Mercedes C class from them. And you would think that the madness would end there... It didn't... I went to pick up my belongings on 9/25 so I can turn the car over to my insurance company... The Valet told me I couldn't because they were working on my car, and that someone would call me when it was ready. Finally, since I never got the call, I had a friend go get my things on Monday 9/29. It took him over and hour because according to the people helping him they "couldn't find my car" Finally after 10 minutes of trying to get someone on the phone, Frankie helped them find the car, which was already packed. Yes, the people had gone through my personal belongings and packed them for me. Doesn't that just sound great? I know this dealership is only 5 Miles from my house, but from here on out, I will go to Sugarland or Clear lake to get any work done on my car.

Ann D. | 2014-09-10

I had a great experience and Harshad was wonderful to work with.  I would recommend to others and will be a returning customer.

Jd W. | 2014-09-05

I wouldn't buy another car here.

I came in knowing exactly what I wanted the salesperson was nice and attentive, but full of bullshit and condescending.  They treat you like you're stupid, "oh don't tell anyone, but 2.99% is the best. This is a crazy deal ,we don't do this".  It says in big bold letters on the Mercedes Benz website that they offer 2.99%, which isn't that great to begin with.  

I got a good deal on the new car and I also traded in my used Benz, but the used car guy was intimidating as hell. I felt like I was being scolded by my dad and told my car sucked and wasn't worth anything. They low balled the hell out of my trade in, but made up for it in the end.  

Ohhhh and said Kelly blue book was a fraud, haven't they seen Judge Judy? The court systems use kbb to award damages, but it's not good enough for an assessment of a trade in....I kid, but really... Pffft

There was a ton of pressure for this survey thing, so the salesperson can receive a bonus, like really pushy. Said "if I didn't give 10's across the board I shouldn't fill it out".  

The bathroom was really dirty and it took forever to get the car once the papers were signed.  The whole experience was exhausting.

Basically if your not buying a +80k car here, they could care less.  Try the Mercedes of Sugarland instead.

My plates came in and they never called me to let me know, I had to call several times to check.

On a positive note; the fiance lady; Julie, I think her name was, was excellent.  I would deal with her any day, the rest of the people can take a hike.

T B. | 2014-09-04

In the last year, we have been involved in 6-tranasctions on new cars with various dealers. Working with Mercedes- Benz of Houston Greenway was absolutely positively the worst possible experience in my life. I would not recommend their business to the host of hell.... Run.. don't come back.. forget you ever heard of Mercedes - Benz of Houston Greenway.. Mercedes - Benz of Houston is a house of thieves, manipulators who practice the art of bait and switch !!!

Martin M. | 2014-08-27

Bought my first Mercedes at this dealership a GL 550; 08/15/2014. After the sale, the sales rep has been worthless. After purchasing the car it was kept back to add new tires; I picked it up 2 days later. The after I picked it up my sales rep advised me that they had placed the wrong rims on the car and I would have to bring it back. I have owned the car for little over two weeks and it has been back at the dealership for 10 days because of stupid issues from them.

I did not have an issue with bringing it back as I had some issues that I had noticed. My passenger side seat belt has a malfunction and doesn't lock without lots of effort; also the AC vent on the passenger side was broken. When I called the sales person (David Griffin) he said well you took me for 4 thousand on the front end, so I don't know what i can do; I will have to ask my manager; I advise that I would need a loaner because I need to get to work; his response was the same; that has to be a manager decision. So in other words if you try to get a better price don't expect any service from the sales person. After driving to the dealership for the third time in two weeks, the manager said that he would absolutely replace my seat belt as it is a safety issue. I can't speak for the service center yet, but if you plan to buy a Mercedes at this dealership avoid DAVID like the plague.

Go the Sugarland location; I have heard they are 1000 times better.

Angeline R. | 2014-08-23

My husband was there to turn in his lease. No one would help him and when he did ask for help, he was sent to different people. Before his visit, he called 4 different times to find out where and with whom he needed to speak with in order to turn in his lease. Again, no help! He was kept waiting for 30 minutes and the general manger came out and was rude to him and told him if he didn't like the wait he should've gone to MB in Clear Lake. I guess bad service starts from the top. We ended up going with BMW. They actually gave us great service. Now we have two purchases from them. Will never go back to this MB. If we ever decide to switch again, I guess we will take the general manager's advise and go the Clear Lake location.

Victor V. | 2014-08-06

Cant speak for anyone else, But Jay Kohn my service advisor took care of me. No BS, No Hassle , center break light under warranty, replaced free of charge. Thanks Jay

Jeremy V. | 2014-08-04

I boguht my 2013 pre-owned Honda Civic here about a week ago and I LOVE IT.

BRENT HATHORN was amazing working with me long distance from Austin to Houston. He was really straightforward and listened to what I needed. He met my expectations and exceeded them. I got out the door for what I wanted and they treated me very well while I was at the dealership. The whole process took about an hour and they made me feel really good about buying my car (which is SUPER nice and well-maintained thanks to the dealership).

Good people, great service, amazing cars!

Trhang T. | 2014-07-05

My car was brought in for service here.  Marcos, My service associate was very nice and knowledgeable about his duties. My whole head light was replaced at no charge because I had the extended warranty.  Thank you very much Marcos.

Russell B. | 2014-04-29

I had been to the dealership last year just to look around and had a good experience, so when it came time, I returned. Knowing what dealerships are like on a Saturday, I went by on a Friday afternoon and Bryan Mullins helped me out. I needed to rid myself of a car that was bleeding me in payment and insurance costs, and Bryan totally got it and worked to help me understand my options both in terms of vehicles and financing. In my experience, buying/leasing a car can be a long, exhausting process, but Bryan made it as quick and as painless as possible and was a nice guy to talk to as well. We got it down to 3 vehicles and he provided financing options for each. I needed to leave for an appointment and to just walk away to think it through before I committed, so I made an appointment for the next day. That evening I discussed my plan with friends and was ready to go ahead with the lease of a GLK. Upon my return, the vehicle was ready, the paperwork was as painless as possible and I'm in the car I feel is right for me on a lot of different levels. I'm very pleased.

Nabeel M. | 2014-04-03

I went to Mercedes Greenway around october of 2013, when I was in the market for a G class. I saw one I liked at their location, figured it would be a nice car to have, and headed over there with a friend of mine to go check it out.

When I arrived, nobody could really be bothered to greet me, I guess their phones were a bit more important at the time, no worries, I can understand. Facebook is just really intriguing sometimes.

I went up to the front desk and asked for someone to help, the man at the desk was very polite, and said he would get someone for me.

While waiting, my friend and I were looking at the showroom cars they had, when an associate called out to us, asking why we didnt just ask for his help. Alex Starr came to assist us, and we accepted, as it had been a few minutes and we figured the guy from the front desk had gotten preoccupied somewhere else.

I told Alex there was a G wagon on the lot costing $XX,000, and that I would like to look at it. The first thing he asked me was how I would pay for it, and I told him finance or cash, whichever he preferred, but I needed to see the car first. I told him I was likely not going to buy it right then, as this was my first stop car shopping at the time, but that I was very interested in the car, and if I did fall in love with it, then it wouldnt be on their lot anymore after I was done looking at it.

Alex looked on his computer, only to find that he didnt have one that was exactly $XX,000, rather he had one that was $XX,998. I told him that was obviously the one, as no others were in the same price range and model I wanted. He got the keys and we were off to look at the car.

On the walk to the car, which was parked near the front of the dealership, Alex again asked how I would pay for the car, and I reiterated myself. Upon arrival at the car, I opened the door and started to adjust the seat. I asked a few questions about the car, which Alex shrugged off, and didnt seem to care much about. I took a seat in the car and tried to get a feel for the buttons, at which point Alex decided to reach across my body and remove the key from the ignition, and tell me that I was done looking at the car.

I have never experienced such horrible service at a car dealership. I will never recommend anyone to buy anything from this dealer, rather I will recommend they go to the Sugarland Location, as the employees there appear to have taken courses in common courtesy if this is the standard.

The funny thing is, I have a friend who drives a Murcielago, and he came to this dealership interested in buying a brand new G63 off the showroom floor. He was repeatedly pestered with questions as to how he would pay for the car, to the point where he told them he would just come back when they were a bit more open to selling a car. When the salesman saw him step into a Lamborghini, he immediately called him saying he wanted to show him some features in the car that he missed, when, 5 minutes before, they wouldnt even let him open the door or take it for a test drive. If this is indicative of the service Mercedes Benz of Houston Greenway prides themselves on, then I will continue to take my business, and the business of anyone who asks me where to get a Mercedes or any luxury car in Houston, elsewhere.

Avoid this place at all costs if you would like to be treated with the respect you deserve. If you dont mind being disrespected, and enjoy being demeaned by being ignored and spoken to rudely, then by all means, visit Mercedes Greenway!

Gloria H. | 2014-04-02

Mark Meyerson, a sales associate at MB of Houston Greenway, was very thorough and patient, and good to work with, when I purchased my car a few days ago. I got the car I wanted. I was not as happy with the trade in value of my car though, as a friend informed me that my car was marked up over 100% above the value I was paid.

G T. | 2014-03-11

Jon sold me my first mercedes. He offered great service and was extemely helpful when it came to finalizing my decision. If you are looking for great service, come see Jon at mercedes benz on SW freeway.

John N. | 2014-01-27

I totally recommend Mercedes Benz of Houston Greenway.  Andrew Burns is the man to go to when buying your next Mercedes Benz! He's very helpful, attentive, and very approachable with any question or concern.  He provided me excellent service through my process of buying a new Benz and I couldn't be happier with the car.

Yusi C. | 2014-01-04

I really want to love this place but I was disappointed. It has been several times when I called and asked how long the service would take, they always tell me one thing and do another. I like to fit many things in my daily schedule and I'm sure a lot of people are like that. When they tell me that the service should only take 30 minutes, it ends up taking 2 hours. I end up missing my next appointment. If they tell me it will in fact take 2 hours, I would've gotten a loaner or drop off my car there instead of waiting there forever not knowing when it is going to be ready. I have to literally walk up to the front desk and tell them that I have to leave right now!

The staff are very apologetic and keep saying that because this is the largest Mercedes dealership and it is always busy. Then I guess might just be the not-so-important customers who are not on their priority list. For a dealership this big, proper management and smart scheduling should be even more of a priority.

Sierra F. | 2013-12-31

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I was very pleased with the employees that they have working there. I was able to pick my are and purchase it the same day with ease.

Karen B. | 2013-12-17

Came back here when my lease was up.  Worked with the same great associate, Brent Hathorn.  The most pleasant of transactions.  Not only did I come home with exactly what I wanted, there was no long frustrating wait, not too much back and forth haggling, and the service was always with a smile and a handshake.

I'm not an easy customer to satisfy ;) - but Mercedes Greenway seems to handle my requests with ease.  Thanks again!

Aimee L. | 2013-11-11

Car buying experience was easy. I bought a certified pre-owned car here and the car I wanted wasn't completely processed yet so it took about a week before I drove away with the car. However during this time they did offer a loaner car. I highly recommend buying a certified pre-owned if you plan to buy a pre-owned Mercedes. It goes through a rigorous inspection and will feel as though it is a brand new car.

The service department here is also so wonderful. Top notched service from the porters to the Service Advisor to the cashier. Whenever I come in for a service, I know that I am 100% taken care of.

Martin A. | 2013-09-14

The service on your vehicle is good the service from the representatives is very sub par. I've walked in in 4 occasions and the reps will look at you make eye contact and look down or keep walking. I clearly walked in to be helped with something. Very disappointing and uncomfortable.

The parts guys are very helpful when you call they are fast and have your part pulled for you before you get there if you let them know you're coming that day and have no problem ordering it or even direct you to a MB dealer how are you has it.

Posh K. | 2013-09-03

After four visits here over the past few years with my car, I will no longer be returning to auto repair.  The last two times were particularly brutal:  I waited 5 hours to get an oil change for the first visit with inaccurate updates (almost ready m'aam), and the last time, I had an appointment to get a battery replaced first thing in the morning 7:30am, and didn't get a call until 6pm at night saying they were busy that day. This was while I was 8 months pregnant and called about 8 times that day.  Moreover, they charged me my first born child in LABOR cost to INSTALL a battery.  I've had enough.  Moving on to Texas-German Autohaus, hopefully it will be better.

S M. | 2013-07-20

I was surprised and probably taken aback by the treatment I received at the Greenway MB dealership. After assessing different luxury brands, my last stop was at the MB dealership to assess 2 of its inventory before finalizing my car. I was upfront in my communication with Mr G regarding the two models that I was interested in as well as communicated my options/research. After completion of my first test drive Mr G  appeared to be pushy and suggested he did not have the time for the second test drive unless we were interested in an immediate sale. Also he was blatant about choosing another customer as he received a phone call from the office during our test drive. We had to prematurely leave the dealership and unfortunately my time there was not well spent. After assessing different dealerships, in my opinion this is the poor customer service, reflects poorly on its brand and they have lost a customer/possibly more. Also, I do not recommend this dealership to anyone and will let my colleagues and my friends know regarding my experience.

Rebecca v. | 2013-07-18

Far Exceeded my expectations. I walked in the door knowing what I wanted, and left having even more! Alex Star was my salesperson, his customer service was excellent. His attention to detail was amazing, this is what a car buying experience should be.

Hailey N. | 2013-07-08


All of the salesmen were rude and not helpful. ESPECIALLY a salesman, Seyed M. Hosseini.  He is rude and tries to take control.  I understand in retail industry that you are kinda pushy and forward to make the customer like what you are selling and purchase it, but him, if he didn't like what you had to say, he will cut you off and just blow you off.  My family and I were interested in purchasing a Sedan from there and he was being pushy the ENTIRE time! After a couple days, I guess he ran out of patience and called us and said, "Well your time has ran out, good luck." Then hung up on us! I will never return to this dealership ever again.  I'd rather drive even further for the one in League City or Sugarland.

Monique O. | 2013-06-05

A word of warning...I fully expected to be taken advantage of at the cash register.  I went to the dealership for an oil and filter change.  However, I didn't expect the mechanics to raid my ash tray (or whatever that compartment is called) of my quarters.  I will take partial ownership for my mistake.  I left about $6 in quarters in my car, and apparently, some individual that had contact with my vehicle lacked self control and stole from me.  Lesson learned.  Two stars for having my oil and filter changed.  Three stars removed for being overpriced and then having the nerve to raid my car.

David D. | 2013-05-31

Great pricing on CPOs. Mr. Brent Hathorn stayed late and waited for me to get off from work to complete the transaction. The whole process took less than an hour.  very impressive service. will definately check them out again for my next car.

Elizabeth J. | 2013-03-29

Best Experience! My brother referred me to them when I originally started shopping for my new car. I have tried nearly every dealer looking for the right car and the perfect place with great service. I had nothing but bad creepy vibes from other dealerships I went to. Finally I took my brothers advice even though I didn't think I would find something in my price range and in time. Given my emotionally tough situation where my first car was totaled in an accident, they were very understanding and patient with me (I'm an emotional buyer and my first car i bought with my money was gone, so i was a wreck lol) so they made the process so comfortable, and Brandon Deer went above and beyond my expectations in giving great service and just being so awesome :) even when he went away on vacation and i still didn't find a car and had 2 days to find something he made sure i was taken care of and handed me over to Rik hambert, who is just as much fun and caring as Brandon! I recommend this place hands down to my family, clients, and friends! they exceeded my expectations and left me happy! Will be buying from them in the future! :)

love my new Audi A4 convertible! its a dream! super awesome

and Thanks soo much guys!

Jonathan Z. | 2013-02-13

I walked into the dealership one day around lunchtime and was ready to buy.  I couldn't get the time of day.  I guess they didn't want my business.

John C. | 2013-01-21

Absolutely terrible sales staff, especially Larry. Once you sign the paperwork on your new car, expect that to be the last point where you receive any customer service. Been trying to get a manual for our new car for almost 2 months, no call to let us know our plates came in, manager won't return calls; this place is a joke!

MIchelle P. | 2012-12-15

It really was one of the best car shopping experiences. They really do want to help, and I'm sure they do it because they ARE selling expensive cars, and their commission is probably larger than other car lots, but they made the process pretty seamless.

My only problem is that they don't explain to you that the dent and scratch warranty you buy with the car is mostly useless... If the dent is larger than a penny, it won't be covered.

Bert M. | 2011-07-06

The salesman told us the car we were looking at had satellite radio. It had a sign hanging on the mirror about how to activate the satellie radio  We bought it. Guess what... No radio. Management wouldn't address the issue. You would thing an MB dealership would be better than the corner used car lot. This one isn't.

Padraig M. | 2011-05-15

This is one of the biggest mercedes dealerships in the entire country. My experience has not been good. Both sales and service really suck.

1. I purchased a relatively rare new mercedes from them. Put down a deposit and was on the waiting list for 16 months. The delivery date changed so many times my head spun.
2. Deceit, lies and broken promises. The sales person I dealt with agreed in person and on the phone on the price they would give me on the trade in I was bringing, right up unto the day of. When I arrived to pick up my new car they dropped the price by 2 grand. They "could sell my new merc for more than what I was paying so it didnt matter to them if I walked away."  Wow, what a way to deal with a customer, who was paying cash btw!!!!
3. Service dept. I dont know where to begin.
3a; my car often was often returned after service or fixing something with something else broken.
3b; they couldnt even follow the service schedule. They gave me the B instead of the A, screwing up the schedule. After problem after problem, argument after argument they agreed to cover the cost of one of the services ($300+).
3c; my speedo died, 2 weeks after the car went out of warranty. Their initial attempt to fix it killed the dashboard  entirely. They then agreed to replace the dash if I pay the labor. I did so. They returned the car to me with the steering wheel not even on straight . When I complained "its up to you to get that straightened and do an alignment".

You would think when a young professional comes into them and (stupidly) pays $70K in cash for a Merc AMG that they would see this as a future customer and an opportunity for sales growth. No, obviously they are in a monopoly position.

Elaine O. | 2011-01-12

This review is for the sales department only. The stars would be a lot less if I was reviewing the service department. The sales department is run like a well oiled machine, a Merc if you will. They are knowledgeable about their products and treat their customers with respect. There is a nice seating area with cold drinks and an espresso machine and ..ta da..the bathrooms are clean and pleasant. If you want to look at Mercedes in the Houston area ask for Dan Goldfine, he is a true professional. We did not buy from them due to a better lease rate at a different manufacturer, but he remained gracious and pleasant.

E J. | 2010-11-18

I went back to take my car in for a Service B check while I was visiting family. I scheduled an appointment and asked for a new advisor in hopes that maybe I had a fluke with the previous service advisor. On the day of service, the advisor I had be scheduled to meet sent someone else to talk to me. (-1 pt). This person never looked me in the eye while speaking and did not bother to explain anything. He wanted to charge me for a service that was covered, and told me "No you're wrong" without further explanation when I brought this up to him.

With his shortness, and lack of social skills, I was turned off and decided to get my car serviced at the Sugarland dealership. It is a further drive but they treat people way better. I've had 2 encounters with the service staff at the Greenway location and both have been terrible. I think if potential buyers saw the post-sales service treatment, they would either make the drive to the 2 other Benz dealerships or change luxury brands. This place is terrible and I'm from NY where one would think people would be more elitist but that is not the case.

Greg C. | 2010-05-13

Our experience with this dealer was a really bad one.

When we purchased the SUV from them in 2006, everything went very well in the sales part. We were somehow tricked in the finance department. The rate and term we were given during the negotiation was 5.9% for 66 months. After we signed the document, on our way home we found out that our loan was actually 6.9% for 72 months with the same monthly payment. There is no doubt that it was our fault not paying attention to what we are signing up for and we are still paying the price for it. But it's also hard to ignore the difference between what we were told and given to sign. If you ever want to buy from them, double check what they ask you to sign. It's just something people tend to miss when they are in the state of excitement to get a brand new luxury car.

We brought the SUV back to the dealer for the first free oil change and tire rotation service after a few months. We were told by the service department that it will take 6 hours to get it done and that was around 8:30am in a weekday morning. We decided to contact MB in SugerLand and we got in and out in about an hour.

About 8 months and around 10K miles after we bought the SUV, we found that the tire tracks were wearing very thin. We had to replace all four tires. We were completely shocked by the durability and quality of the tires from a MB dealership. It appeared to us that we were given low quality tires so they can save some money. The tires we bought from Discount Tire to replace the original ones actually came with 30K miles warranty and they lasted almost 40K mile on our SUV.

We have never gone back to this dealership since, and we will never buy another car from them again. Buyer be aware!

Hungry L. | 2009-11-15

I've had just about enough of this place.  I'm not sure if the service reps here get a cut of services performed, but it sure seems like it.

$1000+ on new tires, 2 year road hazard warranty.......
charged me $35 to fix a nail in my tire when it should have been covered.

Yeah, it's only $35 but that's not the point.  My service rep could have waived the charge even it wasn't covered but he decided to squeeze even more out of me when I was getting a $800+ service done already.  When I asked him how much it was to get the nail hole plugged he said "yeah, it's ONLY $35" implying that I would be some kind of cheapskate should I ask for it to be waived.

I may or may not have gotten a bad rep, but his office is littered with awards, so he must be good, right?  How does this rep sound to you:
- When he shakes your hand he doesn't look at you, he's always looking off to the side like he's got more important matters.
- He speaks to you like you're an idiot should you question why you need to pay more than he quoted for a service.
- He speaks to you like you're made of money :/

Last time my car got returned to me, it was filthy.  Upon said nail removal and $800 service, my car was returned to me unwashed and the rims were filthy black and there were greasy hand prints on my door and door handles.  My rep offered no apology and blamed the service guys.  Sorry, but as MY rep, you're responsible for the way my car is returned to me; like it or not, it's part of the job of being a rep.

I'm totally for second chances as I know it's hard to have your A-game every single day, so I did give them another chance.  This time though, I asked for a different rep who was a bit nicer, but surprise, my bill came out $400 more than he quoted.  I had to get a manager to fix it who barely even looked at me and was annoyed I pulled him out of his office.

I will not be going back here again.  I would put the rep's name here, but I'm not going to attack him personally.  I just suggest you try somewhere else.  In this day and age, there is no room for companies trying to squeeze every single dime out of you in a single visit.  I guess they'd rather get $1000 from me 1 time than $500 ten times.

The only reason I did not give them a single star is because the establishment itself is nice and presentable.  The employees are a different story.  It's sad that the best employees there are the dudes who stand outside to write your car up.  Once you get to the "suits" they act like I owe them something before they've even done anything for me or my car!

Stay away unless you like being treated like trash and getting ripped .off

Glenn B. | 2009-02-20

Long before it was Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway this dealership was at the site of today's Ferrari of Houston and was called Norman Scott Mercedes. Butch Scott ran the business back when MB's were hand made by craftsmen. Scroll forward 15 years and Greenway Developer Kenneth Schneitzer owns and relocates Norman Scott Mercedes renaming it Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway. Rebuilt into an elegant facility and the cornerstone of style for US Mercedes Benz dealership's is purchased by Wayne Huizenga, the creator of Waste Management and Autonation, owner of the Miami Dolphins and Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway. I have purchased all of my Mercedes' from Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway since it was Butch Norman's dealership. Through a series of management styles and GM's MBHG has seen good days and not as bright but with GM Jeff Quisenberry and Darrell Williams running the dealership and Service - clients have been become accustomed to their 5 star service. If you are looking for a new or used MB check with Larry Markowitz. Larry's funny - honest and dedicated to his clients happiness and his family too. I am glad we live in Houston and have Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway.

Emerson F. | 2008-10-15

I love this place... I get my oil change and all my servicing done here. Free soda's, personalized valet's for the service dept. Parts dept that actually knows your name. I know this is cheesy, but I love the free soda and candy while I wait. Hey in todays economy, I can't complain.

Cory O. | 2008-02-12

Even though we didn't end up buying with them, I was incredibly impressed with the service and selection here.  We've always driven by and seen the high end cars (well, that is when we can tear our eyes away from the enormity of Joel Osteen's shopping center/church/thingy) and wanted to check it out.  Since our car was officially totaled on Saturday and we had exactly one week to buy a new one, we decided to do some preliminary hunting there.

For the most part, we didn't even bother with the new cars.  They had so many fun toys in their used lot, that it was hard to tear ourselves away.  Though it was a majority of Mercedes in the lot, there were a few Lexuses (Lexi?), BMWs, and Cadillacs.  Most of the cars were between a year and three years old and all of them in pristine condition.  The prices were actually very fair based on the years and mileage on the vehicles.  

On a side note, I'm a website snob and I hate hard to use website or eye sores--they definitely took the time to make it user friendly and as attractive as a car dealership site can be.  Plus, it wasn't flash so I could access it on my iPhone while on their lot!

The service was pretty good, though our nice saleslady is usually in internet sales which is why I think it was a little off.  We were kept waiting quite a bit for things like test drives or even when she was looking at the availability of certain cars with certain specs.  On the other hand, she was completely professional and friendly and even called us back on Monday like she promised.

The waiting room was well stocked with sodas, bottled water, coffee, etc to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.  I also liked that each of the sale people had a partition (a clear one, but it was there) between the desks so you had a bit of privacy.  Sure, it isn't a fully enclosed office, but not many car dealerships do that anymore for people outside of finance.

Though we didn't end up buying from them, they were the highlight of our 7 dealership hunt over the last few days.  They are a sure sign that you sometimes do get what you pay for and luxury vehicles sometimes can afford you with better service.