Mac Haik Ford in Houston, TX

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Stop by and visit Mac Haik Ford Houston today located at 10333 Katy Freeway, Houston TX 77024. We serve the Houston, Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, Pasadena, Kingwood, Spring and Tomball areas.We take pride in the vehicles we sell and repair and strive to succeed in great customer experience and satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a new Ford Econoline Cargo Van, Ford Econoline Commercial Cutaway, Ford Econoline Wagon, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Expedition, Ford Expedition EL, Ford Explorer, Ford Explorer Sport Trac, Ford F-150, Ford Flex, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang, Ford Super Duty F-250, Ford Super Duty F-350, Ford Super Duty F-650 Straight Frame, Ford Taurus, and Ford Transit Connect we would be happy to assist you in your car buying process. If you are looking for quality used cars be sure and check out our Pre-Owned department.

Mac Haik Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 932-5000
Address:10333 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77024
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mac Haik Ford

Robert B. | 2015-04-14

I had an opportunity to buy an F150 from Mac Haik and the team was very helpful. They made the buying process super easy and even managed to get me a better rate. The deal was too good to pass up so, I drove from Austin to buy this truck. So far, it has exceeded my expectations -- what an amazing rig!

Troy N. | 2015-04-02

My first experience with Mac Haik ford was excellent. Very professional staff without pressure to buy. Worked very hard to close the deal after they located the right truck.

Nicole G. | 2015-01-31

I give ZERO STARS! This group of people are complete idiots. Horrible service. I spoke to not one person who knew what they were doing. Every time I called they acted complete lost. No one kept track of my records so every time I tried contacting a person about my service, nobody knew what I was talking about. Even the day of my appointment, nobody knew what was supposed to get done. I DO NOT RECOMMEND to anyone!

Stephanie R. | 2015-01-15

I'm surprised by the negative reviews because my experience was excellent. I bought a new F 150, traded in a Mustang, and thought the staff was forthright and professional. I got the runaround at Planet Ford on 59, was fed a bunch of BS there about pricing and even vehicle preferences in Texas, but I didn't get anything like that at Mac Haik. Maybe I lucked out with a good salesperson, but given my experience I'd go back there again to buy another car. Won't be going to Planet Ford to buy one.

Cora C. | 2014-12-24

Enjoyed my recent car buying experience when I purchased a new Escape. I was very straight forward with the dealer from the beginning and, after looking at a number of other dealers in the area, felt like the dealer was pretty straightforward and respectful of what I said I wanted and was willing to spend. They were also very accommodating of my schedule and my time limitations, which was not the case with other dealers. I also felt like they were respectful of my opinion about what I wanted/needed in the car, and they seemed to get it that I knew what I was talking about and didn't just try to pacify me, as they had done at other dealers.

The car was not as clean as I would have thought it would be after they "prepped" it, but not everything can always be perfect! I haven't had experience with their service department yet, but new car sales was great! They do try to have you add on a bunch of extended warranties and whatnot when you meet with finance, but this is pretty standard. I just stood my ground with what I felt like I needed and wanted and made it out with the car I wanted in the budget I wanted.

Oscar B. | 2014-12-20

There's no option for less than a star, this place doesn't deserves mention. Stay away, service is horrible and has gotten worst in the last two years.

I had my first Ford purchased here couple of years ago. Went back in to get some advice and even considered getting the extended service and warranty plan. The sales consultant was a joke, he dared tell me to wait for 2-3 hours; the excuse being, all the Finance Managers were busy and it was a Saturday. What!?! That really turned me off, and he didn't even bother getting details from me to call me back. Told me to come back in a week or something.

Thank you but no thanks Machaik Ford, you have lost a customer...permanently. I drove over to Autonation (Champion) Ford in Katy/Westgreen Blvd, and got served promptly. Totally worth the 10 min drive from your place! They really wanted my business and it was still a Saturday!

Stay away!

Des S. | 2014-11-25

not 5 stars because of the new car division.
Service: wonderful people in the service and rental car area. always friendly and helpful, great shuttle servoe to the office and back. A pleasure to go there for servie or tires etc
The new car (lease) delviery was woeful and i will never go there for a new car again. Dirty, sticky tape still on the body and wheels, not washed - no money on lease cars i guess, but this is no excuse for shoddy delviery - it hurts Ford not just Mac Haik.

Sean M. | 2014-11-22

I was very pleased with the service I received.  My salesman was great and everyone at the dealership was professional and courteous.  I would definitely recommend Mac Haik and will go back when it's time for a new vehicle.

Joe G. | 2014-10-15

Meh. Typical dealer. They were eager to sit and talk business. The front end pricing was agreed upon. Then they send you to the finance office and tell you about all the needed add-ons that you didnt incorporate into the price. I had to detract from my experience by buying less coverage (warranty, gap, etc) than i should have since i was already maxed out on my spending budget. I left feeling like i made a bad choice buying a car.

Ryan J. | 2014-10-13

WOW!!!! Spam coming your way?  I live in Plainfield IL and just got an email from them about a 72 hour sale they are having.  Try to unsubscribe but nothing to unsubscribe from.  They are not CAN SPAM compliant.  Looks like I will be in touch with FTC about this one! I can provide screen shots to those who would like to see.  I also called 3 times to have them look into this but they keep hanging up on me.  What a place of business

Samantha C. | 2014-09-06

Had a great experience at Mac Haik Ford Body Shop. The manager Jose was understanding and patient. My F-150 truck was hit on the driver side, to me it was bad but he explained the whole process and had me in a rental in no time. Within a week I had my truck back.. I'd highly recommend this body shop!!

BJ H. | 2014-08-22

Service department is a joke!!! I took my 2013 Edge in for a recall that we received in the mail. I was told that the recall wasn't mandatory and that they weren't going to replace it. It took them 3 days to decide this and then they had the audacity to charge me for a rental.

Now for the REAL reason I am writing this review :

I was changing my tire on the Edge when the jacket bent causing the truck to fall off. Luckily I hadn't taken the tire off yet so there was no damage to the vehicle. I went into Mac Haik on a Tuesday and spoke with a service advisor (Jerry) about what happened. All I wanted Mac Haik to do was to replace the jack. He said they don't warranty parts like this and that he would have to talk to his manager. This is AFTER he asked if the jack was broken. I looked at him, then showed him the jack that I brought with me and I said that I wasn't going to put my car back up on that jack. So I waited for about 15 minutes and he finally came back saying that his manager had to call Ford to see if they could replace my part and his manager would in turn call me back the next day. Apparently after my wife and I have spent thousands of dollars on this vehicle, he had to call Ford to approve giving me a $50 part. Again, this was on a Tuesday. It is now Friday. I have left two messages with the service director and have yet to hear back from anyone. Needless to say I am beyond frustrated with this stealership

Trenton B. | 2014-07-28

Go to Sterling McCall Nissan! The customer service was by far the best I have received in buying a car. They lost me and my family's money. I've always been a Ford guy, and I now switched to a Nissan and couldn't be happier.

John W. | 2014-06-28

I called to make a service appointment cause it's the right thing to do.  They told me they had an opening on Saturday morning at 7am.  I told them their website says they don't open until 8am.  The guy on the phone said the website is wrong. I booked it and drove the 30 min to get there at 7am and found out they were closed and open at 8am.  If they lie that bad on the phone making an appointment I'm scared to find out what else the lie about.  I'm never doing business with Mac Haik again.  I will go to Joe Myers who has always been awesome or try out the new Autonation Ford that is close to my house.

Kane H. | 2014-06-15

While I did not purchase a vehicle, I did have a great experience with them while car shopping. Sales guy was not pushy. The used car finance manager was straight forward and knowledgeable. Very much an improvement in shopping experience over some other dealerships I experienced.

M P. | 2014-05-09

Wont be back.  We have bought cars from them in the past,  but the last two times around  they were less than straight forward on their communication.... Which I will not tolerate.  Additionally their vehicles were priced higher than the competition.  We bought a new one from Planet ford in Q1, and a a second new one from Champion Katy in Q2. Both dealers had better pricing,  and were straight forward and upfront in their communication.  

We wont be back to Mac Haik.

Nicci M. | 2014-04-14

The worst car buying experience I've ever had, not only should you feel special and appreciated when buying a car, it shouldn't matter that if it's used or brand new.

From the first second we walked in they shuffled us out and pointed towards the used lot like we were lost children. The used car salesman showed us a car that had clearly been in an accident but there was nothing on the car report and he offered no excuse.

He then proceeded to drive us around in a brand new BMW for basically no reason and offered to drive us to the bank to cash the check we had, seriously? After being approved for a loan he set us aside and made us wait for over an hour and a half for the finance department without so much as a word from him, except to insult my husband (who is German) about how Hitler wasn't all bad and yada yada yada... Any way you get the picture, we basically ran outta this place!

Claire J. | 2014-01-21

My experience at Mak Haik could not have been better. I came in the door having done all my research and these guys went above and beyond to get me the vehicle I wanted.

We went to two dealerships (Tommy Vaughn & Sterling McCall) before Mak Haik and I purchased my car from Mak because of their customer service and professionalism. As a first time car buyer they went above and beyond my expectations.

I worked with Travis, Timmie and Chris McKinney and they are great representatives of the excellent Ford brand. I have to say Mac Haik has a life time customer.

Vanesa M. | 2013-11-19

Worst customer service ever. Don't even try it. Long wait time in the service department, the shuttle doesn't follow the schedule, doesn't announce when it leaves and once you are left there they just don't care. Go to another Ford Agency. I am sure any of them will have a better customer service.

Kate B. | 2013-09-23

Horrible experience with a shady salesman. I called a day ahead and got an appointment with John O'Donnell to see a specific vehicle I was ready to buy (had their inventory number and everything). When I got there, he spent an hour trying to "find" the vehicle, making me drive back and forth from the dealership to another overflow lot they have down I-10 in a more expensive used model (basically trying to upsell me). Finally left because we never got to see the car I called ahead to request!

Not to mention the fact that he lied to me on several occasions, not realizing I had done my research for 6 months and know a LOT about cars. When I told him my 2001 trade-in was the first year they made the Escape he told me they made them in the 1990's...bullsh!t! When I asked why a car similar to the one I was looking for was priced a few hundred dollars higher, he told me cars are priced arbitrarily and "Who knows, maybe it was made on a Friday?". What a joke. I had seen the same model online and knew it was priced higher because it came with the Tonneau cover. He could have found that out and answered my question by looking at the window sticker online like I did.

Also, he spent the entire time trying to sell the car to my mom who was just there for support and wasn't financing the car. Would have been the easiest sale of his life. Very disappointing and ridiculous. Went to Tommie Vaughn and got the service I deserved!

Patrick W. | 2013-09-21

Use Mac Haik at your own risk.

I would not recommend them for sales or service.  

The sales experience I had was horrible.  They used the 4 square tactics on me.   The sales guy I had was shady to say the least.  i just didn't feel comfortable there so I walked out since they were wasting my time.  I proceeded to get a great deal and customer service at AutoNation Ford Katy.  

I recently took my car into their service and it was a train wreck also.  They didn't look at my car for 2 days and wouldn't return my calls or emails either.  I think they just wanted to milk my rental - which is through them too.  Eventually they fixed my car but only after numerous calls to them and I had to go through the service director to get any answers.  At the end of the day it was more painful than the sales experience.

Again, I would consider another dealer in town as there are plenty that have much better customer service and are more professional.

Michael Q. | 2013-08-04

On three separate occasions over the past  two years, I have stopped to look over their used inventory. Not once was I even acknowledged by a salesman. On the occasions when I have had to use their parts department, I have found their people to be discourteous if not outright rude. I have visited numerous other Ford dealers on the west and north sides of town and have never received that kind of treatment.

Wayne R. | 2013-08-01

I would warn everyone not to buy from Mac Haik Ford - Yelp won't let you rate less than 1 star.
I bought a very well equipped, high dollar, 2012 F250 with a $16K aftermarket accessory package already installed on the truck from Mac Haik Ford on the Katy Freeway. A few weeks after my purchase the brakes started pulling (sometimes VERY hard) to one side, so I took it in for service. EVERYBODY was very friendly, but the problem was not resolved. So, I took it back, over and over.
I called Ford. Their position was that since the truck was not "stock," it wasn't their problem. So, Mac Haik worked on it over, and over, again. And, after repeated failed attempts to fix the brakes, I got back from their service dept again a couple weeks ago. And, this week, warning chimes and multiple messages started appearing indicating catastrophic brake system failure.
So, I took it back to Mac Haik, again, yesterday.
Then I went in to speak with Ron Roedder, general sales manager - the guy that feigns concern on these pages when he responds to bad reviews. He told me to go with a salesman and pick a truck on the lot I'd be pleased with and he would put together an offer to try make me happy. Well, the "offer" resulted in this --- Mac Haik would give me $20K less than I paid them for my truck 9 months ago, and reduce the price on their new truck by exactly the same amount as the price was already reduced on their Website! So, they want me to pay the normal price for another truck, forfeit my cash down payment and trade-in, forget about over $10K in payments for the last 9 months, and they would let me buy another truck from them at the same price as anybody on the internet gets, and they wouldn't ask for any cash from me!!! Hot dog, what a deal!!!!!!
My salesman put it like this: We will take your troubled truck, and sell you the exact same truck - without the $16K worth of additional equipment, for the same monthly payment with a new 60 month term. That's the best we can do.
Does that sound like they are going the extra mile? It doesn't to me. It sounds to me like they know they sold me a bad vehicle, they have made multiple attempts to fix the problem with no success, and they want me to smile while they make a less than feeble offer to make the problem go away.
It's your decision, but, if you ask me, DO NOT buy a new car from Mac Haik Ford unless you like disappointment, frustration, and customer service that falls short over and over and over, again.
I will be filing Lemon Law paperwork with the Texas DMV tomorrow!

Bruce S. | 2013-07-16

Where do I start? Do no trust anyone in the staff because they are only interested in selling cars. I'm currently dealing with an issue with them now. Purchased a Nissan Maxima not even a month ago and when I came to pick the car up another guy other than my salesman (Rodrigo) only have me one remote key and he couldn't find the other phone. My salesman was at lunch at the time and I called him 3 to 4 times.  No call back until 2 days later and I explained that I didn't get a second key. He made a few calls and later returned my call and stated that they had no second key. He told me that his supervisor instructed me take the car into dealer and get 2nd key programmed and I would be reimbursed. Til this day my car has been in the shop for 2 in a half weeks (longer than I've had car) and Nissan had problem programming key because of a sensor/electrical issue. They assured me that the car had this issue when I bought it. Before It was discovered that the car had the issue I had faxed  a copy of receipt of the key plus programming. Neither me or Nissan received any calls back. A couple of days later I took same receipt to Mac Haik and asked for a supervisor. I was helped by a salesman and he questioned the charges and it was all in black and white. He called Nissan and they explained charges and he went to another office them came back and told me that a check would be mailed the following Monday. Nothing yet. When Nissan finally had car repaired which was a couple of days from today 07/15/13 again they faxed copy of receipt and neither myself or Nissan relieved a call back. Yesterday I call to speak to supervisor of my salaemans supervisor and finally a few hrs later I got a call back from salesman supervisor and the conversation didn't go well. First he had no knowledge of the whole situation, apparently they don't check their fax machine because he didn't have anything. When I told him about situation of my car he automatically stated that they couldn't pay for the charges. Nothing in his conversation led me to believe he was trying to make his customer satisfied. I stated to him that they sold me a defective car and he came to the offense of a car fax, which I read before I bought car. Why would t I. I stated to him when I purchased car that salesman didn't disclose anything of only having one remote/key. Anyone with common sense knows that these keys are expensive and who would want to buy a vehicle with one key and you had to pay for one yourself? I also gave him the rep number at Nissan and he stated he would give her a call and I called her 3hrs later and she hasn't heard from him ( Chad Foos). What I've experienced is horrible customer service and lies. I feel like I'm in a situation of my word vs their word. In the end I think they will do whatever to cover their own mess by paperwork that I signed in purchase. Bottom line I only reviewed one key and was not told that one key was all I was reviewing. My voice will definitely be heard and I will go as high as I can. I already see them trying to make me responsible for charges by supervisor telling me that they can see paying $100 or $200 for a key and the key and programming alone was $307. I not happy with Mac Haik at all and I don't recommend anyone to buy a vehicle there.

Michelle D. | 2013-07-05

Buying experience at Mac Haik was very good. Our salesman (James Talbot) seemed genuine and friendly right off the bat. We told him we were looking for an FX4 truck so he searched his inventory with our specific requests for trim, color, etc. He presented us with the perfect truck on the first try!   We had already test driven the same type of truck at a different location but we wanted to come in and see what price we could get on the truck and our trade-in.

Boy, did they low ball on the trade-in. Folks, do your homework. Go to different dealers and get quotes for your trade in. It takes a bit of time, but Mac Haik really tried to stick it to us and if we hadn't just gotten in appraised at Toyota (and KBB obviously) we might have been up a creek during negotiation.

They were willing to work with us though. We told them what price we wanted out the door and I believe they did their best and got very close. We called Lone Star Ford and got a comparison and it was very similar so we went ahead and bought our beautiful new truck!

Finance was simple - we went with their financing because there is no pre-pay penalty and so we will likely refinance with our bank. However, their interest rate was fairly low in our case, I think it was around 3.4%, which was very unexpected considering we told them upfront that we were probably going to refi elsewhere. We did the same thing at Hyundai but they gave us a 6% interest rate with the same or very similar credit scores! Ouch!

The other thing I liked about the finance manager (R. Hipolito) was that he didn't do anything to push warranties on us. He suggested one of them if we weren't going with anything else - the LoJack - but when we declined he didn't make a big fuss. This made a huge difference in our buying experience. I always prepare for battle when I enter the finance office, but he made it...dare I say...pleasant?

I would definitely put Mac Haik on your list if you're looking to buy a car or truck. Ask for James - he is a very reasonable man and definitely not your average salesman. Hipolito was also a very good person to do business with - request him if you can!

John B. | 2013-04-30

Buyer beware: with a smile on their face they will fleece you.

The air conditioner went out on my Expedition.  Took it to my trusted mechanic.  He discovered leaks at the manifold hose and air compressor. They put dye in the freon and can see the leak with ultraviolet light. He quoted me $1750 for all of it(ouch!).  I had purchased an extended warranty on the Expedition and the compressor was a covered part.  However, the warranty rules require that I take it to a Ford dealer.

Regretfully, I went back to Mac Haik Ford.  My first experience with them last year was not pleasant.  They gouged me for $800 in labor for routine schedule maintenance.  But I figured with the warranty they could pick Ford's pocket instead of mine.  Wrong.

They somehow could not see the dye spilling out of the compressor.  They could only see the dye coming out of the manifold.  Of course the manifold hose is not covered by the warranty.  They quoted me north of $1,000.

For most of my life I have been on a first name basis with my car mechanic.  It's a curse.  All I want is honesty and to not be taken advantage of.  I have way too much experience with car repair.  At the end of the day you have to trust someone and move forward.

I am really angry at Mac Haik.  I do not believe them when they say there was no leak at the compressor.  My mechanic responded with "How did they miss it?" What I do believe is they treat their customers like ATMs.  I suspect this was the old 'bait and switch' scheme.  They sucker me into fixing the manifold leak, knowing after a few days the freon will leak out and I will come back to see what's wrong.  They will give me the bad news and good news.  The bad news is your compressor is out, but the good news is your warranty will cover it.  They stick me for $1,000 and then they stick Ford with $1,750.

Thanks for your greed, Mac Haik.  You invalidated my $1900 warranty over a legitimate covered part.  You also left me in a weak position to dispute this with my warranty.  Who will they believe?  A Ford dealer or Auto Care America?

I will never set foot on Mac Haik Ford.  I am a Ford buyer.

Diane E. | 2013-03-31

Got my oil changed and a warranty item fixed on my Mercury Mariner on Friday.  Easy to find and friendly staff.

Talia J. | 2013-03-23

This was our first time buying a used car at Mac Haik. We were looking for a safe, reliable car for our daughter. The sales person showed us a car that had just been traded in and gave us an okay price. After thinking about it overnight, we went back the next day to see if we could get the price down a little.

First they raised the price. Then after we told them the price they gave us the day before, that's as low as they'd go. We were paying cash and only wanted a few hundred dollars off. The manager wouldn't budge and while walking by the office, I actually heard him swearing about it. Very unprofessional.

We ended up leaving and looking at a few other cars, but we really liked that one. So, we went back and paid the price they were asking. However, since it had just been traded in, they said it had to go through their safety checks and inspections and they said they were going to detail it and fix the headlights which were "clouded over". They asked for a few days to do all that.

When we went to pick it up, we were told it had checked out, but would probably need spark plugs soon. They said they detailed it, but it sure didn't look that way as there was still trash in the car. And the headlights were no better. The sales guy actually told us to go to Walmart and get something to clean it up.

This was what we were afraid of. They wouldn't do anything because we had already bought it.

On the way home, it made a rattling noise that it didn't make when we test drove it. We brought it to a closer dealership and found out it needed over $1200 worth of work (the car had 2 broken motor mounts, there was something hanging down underneath the car making the rattling noise, something Mac Haik did to it, and it needed to be flushed and have some other things done).

It sucks to buy a nice car, even if it's used, to find out the dealership lied about everything being good and didn't do what they said they'd do.

We won't be going back and we won't be recommending them to anyone.

Angel F. | 2013-03-22

My husband and I needed cars so we decided to go to the largest Ford Dealer in Houston - which was apparently Mac Haik.  Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by Ellis.  Ellis was very patient as we inquired about various cars never pushing us to buy on the spot.  We left and returned a few weeks later with the itention to buy this time.  Ellis helped us through the loan and application process every step of the way.  Mac Haik helped us secure a loan at a very good rate with very reasonable car prices.  Unfortunately, the quoted Mak Haik discount that was available on our first trip was not available anymore- its also important to not that Ellis did warn us about rebate differences if we were to come back another week.  Overall the application process went very smoothly and the customer service was superb.

Adrian O. | 2012-11-25

I used Maik Haik for the 1st time since I stopped going to Tommy Vaugn because of the horrible service that I received...

The service department at Maik was amazing! I called in late Friday night and they arranged for a tow truck to pick up my car and Ray, my point of contact in the service department was helpful and kept me informed the whole week my car was there for repairs. The process was quick and painless and even with Thanksgiving my car was still done quicker than I thought.

I would and will definitely use them again for any auto repairs that I may need.

Carmen J. | 2012-11-05

Decided to go through our bank for financing and the Mac Haik Ford sales and finance department tried numerous times to persuade me to go through their financing and when I didn't go with their own financing, they became very rude. While my bank was getting the draft together, the sales man called me 5-6 times a day and was still trying to persuade me to use their financing, they also called my bank 5-6 times a day demanding the draft. At one point I threatened to drop the deal and go elsewhere because they were constantly calling and getting on my nerves. Because the car is being financed through my bank, I went forward with the car purchase but I will never, ever go to this dealership again.

Bug B. | 2012-10-09

Greg Bryant is a very easy going sales guy who helped my husband and I out with our new truck. Compared to all the other places we went to the process with him was the best. If you need a new vehicle ask for him!

Brooks C. | 2012-04-22

Terrible customer service. Complete lack of quality. Do not use!

Matthew H. | 2011-10-31

By far the best service center I've ever used. They really go over the top to check out my truck.

Mic A. | 2011-09-20

I was required by Fred Loya insurance to take my vehicle to Mac Haik's body shop to get an estimate on repairs. I was informed by the estimater that they have an agreement to only estmate certain prices, which I believe is illegal. The estimate was lowballed. I asked for a copy of the estimate. Many things were not listed. I decided to take my car to another shop with the estimate in hand. Guess what ? they found the things that were not listed. I have decided not to let Mac Shaik to the repairs. Not a good way to run a dealership Mac. As for Fred Loya , they're history too. I wont ever set foot on that property again. See ya theives!!!

Dustan B. | 2010-10-12

This is a review of the service department as I bought my Edge from another dealer. The staff is very friendly, but as with most service depts. at dealerships they will nickel and dime you for everything. Even though I bought the extended warranty, the three times I have brought the car in to be worked on they have tried to charge me.

Kevin Y. | 2010-05-02

Got a great deal on a Ford F-150 Lariat V8, Leather crew cab. Financing - check. Rebates - check. Options not a ripoff - check...

Lawrence Gallegos is great! My favorite dealership in Houston, and I've been to all of them


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