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We sell new Chevrolet cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. We sell pre-owned vehicles of all makes. We service all makes and models.


Established in 1939.

We've been in business since 1939. Me moved to out current location in 1941. Our original building is still standing as is located only a couple of blocks from our current location. We are the only Chevrolet dealer inside the 610 loop. We've been here for almost 75 years, and plan on being here for at least another 75. We will soon begin construction of our new State-Of-The-Art showroon while retaining our existing building that many Houstonians have come to know and love.

Knapp Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 228-4311
Address:815 Houston Ave, Houston, TX, 77007
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Knapp Chevrolet

G P. | 2015-03-26

Let me start by saying this review may not reflect the whole dealership - only my limited dealings with one service rep.

I will also say I understand that when you are the only dealership in the middle of downtown, there is a certain premium that can be attained. I also understand that often a dealership is a little more than other places for routine maintenance because of the level of mechanic and usually, service, that you get. Historically, I have always been OK with this premium at other dealerships.

I brought my truck in because i heard some squeaking that sounded like brakes - pretty routine stuff. Also wanted a typical 35 point checkup and a sensor to be fixed (under warranty).

The service manager was generally condescending, vague, and tough to get ahold of. This is the kind of guy your warn your wife about when she takes the car in. He called back and said I needed a 'brake job'. When asked which brakes or what he meant, he kept repeating - 'brake job'. He said it would cost $900. I am no mechanic but i know a few things - that is really expensive. Also wanted to flush some fluid out of the engine, which had been done about 15k miles ago - for $325. Also seems high. I wasn't told there would be a $125 'diagnostic fee' when i dropped it off either. Simple fix to the engine fluid was adding some STP to my gas the next time I filled up.

That said - all i had done was the warranty work. I gave the bonus star because the 'diagnostic fee' was waived after I protested. I gave the low amount of stars because I wouldn't wish working with this particular service rep on my worst enemy. I don't know if he was having a bad day or just didn't feel like dealing with me, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

I feel bad for the other service reps and mechanics because i have generally heard good things about them. Its worth noting that it seems like this place generally does not expect to do things same day.

One thing this place does have going for them (other than location) is "Two Tone" Tommie, the courtesy driver. Two Tone was a nice upbeat guy and was apologetic about the service i told him about. Didn't sound like it was the first time he had heard this about that rep. If i come back (which i may do) i will certainly request one of the other reps.  I will update my review once I have dealt with someone else...

Emily G. | 2015-01-13

Can't put into words how much I appreciate this place and what they've done for me!!!
I got a letter saying I had a recall on my car. I had troubles with another Chevy place where they couldn't see me until three months away and the guy I talked to was extremely rude.
So someone recommended this one. I called and they were so nice and told me that I actually had THREE recalls. They said it would be done in a day and worked with me on when I could drop it off.
Very professional, clean and nice!!!!

Michael S. | 2014-12-09

Bought a new 2015 Tahoe LTZ here...Lesley and my team that included Robby Knapp/THE OWNER do business on a handshake just like a family...this should be your first pick to buy a Chevrolet.
I'll be recommending anyone who will listen!

Howard P. | 2014-11-05

Talk about bad service, I left my 2500 he LTZ here all day and they didn't even work on it. After it was promised to be ready for today. I came in at 7:04am and was told 4xs or more that it would be ready today. I'm never coming back here again! I spoke with a service rep Rick and told him I wanted the brakes fixed and wanted it working right. I preauthorized them to do any work to complete the job, well needles to say it was not done.. Rick told me he sent the mail to his tech at 2:43pm and that his tech never received it.. Keep in mind on going on a road trip and I'm being held back by the dealership since they have my truck. The manager then told me that he was not going to tie up a rack to wait for authorization to work on your truck. Wow are you serious! Ask before assuming!

Richard O. | 2014-10-19

No pressure. Very friendly. Gave me a great offer on the Volt I wanted without haggling. Gave me a very fair offer on my trade in as well. If you need a chevy talk with Clark.

RT- M. | 2014-10-14

I got a great deal on a 2015 Chevy Volt!!! I was able to broker the deal via email.  No hassle and no wasted time. Went to pick up the car and I was immediately shown how to operate the car.  Bluetooth and OnStar was set up before I left.  Was in the dealership briefly for paperwork. I have purchased many vehicles and this by far was the best experience.  Just ask for AL FLORES!  He is an excellent salesperson.  He really knows how to utilize the internet to make a sale and is extremely familiar with the Chevrolet Volt. I see many electric miles in my future! Thanks to Knapp Chevrolet!

Stephen W. | 2014-08-16

Got a14 SS and I am very pleased.  Got a good deal using my credit union's name.  Bob is very interesting to talk to.  He has been in the car business since the 40's.  Tatiajana German accent is charming.  No high pressure.  You can see why this dealership has lasted so long.  Also, I did not have to drive out to the suburbs and get in all that maddening traffic out there.  My husband and I live inside the loop.

Tommy L. | 2014-06-12

Anthony and David helped me purchase a new 2014 Camaro that I am very satisfied with. There was no pressure to buy and the whole experience was very easy going. They took care of everything so by the time I arrived the car was ready and the paperwork nearly complete. They were willing to work for a fair price on the vehicle and continued to follow up on my purchase a month after the fact. I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking to purchase a Chevy.

Julio V. | 2014-02-12

Great customer service and very helpful staff, out experience here was great Mr Al Flores was friendly and gave us great customer service thanks a lot

Jeff S. | 2014-01-23

Great little dealership in downtown Houston where they treat you like how you want to be treated in a car buying process, thanks to Freddy and the GSM for the new stingray Z51. If you want to buy a Chevy, ask for Freddy @ Knapp.

Rene V. | 2013-12-24

On December 14th, 2013, we bough our 2013 Chevy Volt from Knapp Chevy. Wayne LeDu assisted us in our purchase; and let me tell you... it was an awesome buying experience.

Typically, the only thing that I dislike when getting a new car is having to deal with sleazy salespeople. Wayne was nothing like that. He went above and beyond what we have experience before when buying a new car. He was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. Wayne didn't pressure us to leave with the car. He took all our concerns seriously and didn't try hide detail from us.

We had done plenty of research for the Chevy Volt, but Wayne took the time to run through every single feature in the car and help us have our new car set up and running.

Even the finance manager was very polite and helpful . I believe his name is Mario Guerrero. He had us set up and ready to go in less than 30 minutes. He went through the typical upgrade warranty coverage, but didn't pressure at all. We didn't buy any additionally.

Overall, we appreciate the no-pressure attitude and willingness to help from the staff.

We would definitely return to buy our next car from Wayne LeDu @ Knapp Chevrolet.

Joan I. | 2013-11-01

I brought my 2011 HHR to Knapp for an oil change before a long road-trip.  In spite of the last minute appointment, they performed a thorough check and replaced a filter. Very pleasant experience.

Sonia T. | 2013-09-17

I took my car in for a couple of recalls I had, which they were able to work out.  I did really like the fact that they were able to arrange for a rental car for me, which was nice because the recall situation ended up taking 3 days.  The downside to that is that months later, I received a bill from Enterprise for $75.00 because Knapp hadn't paid the bill yet.  I tried to call the service department several times with no luck.  Also, when I picked up the car, a brake light was out, which was NOT the case when I dropped it off.  The service guy gave me major attitude when I mentioned this, and he said it is completely coincidental.  Also, when I picked it up, the blinker was much faster on the drivers side than it was when I dropped it off.  Also "coincidental"  I tried to take it back it, but they said both would take a 1/2 day to fix.  I was able to youtube both, and fix it myself for $10.  Great service to start, very poor on the follow up.

Jerry C. | 2013-09-11

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Lesley was so friendly and helpful but without an ounce of pressure. Everyone at the dealership was extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable and important. There was no slick car dealer personna. Everyone was so sincere, so genuine. I love my 2014 Volt and I enjoyed the experience of acquiring it. You just won a customer for life. Thanks again.

Christy F. | 2013-05-24

The staff at Knapp Chevrolet were wonderful. From our first visit to look at the different models to the day we came in ready to buy, the sales staff were never overly pushy and always helpful and professional. We decided on a 2013 cyber grey Chevy Sonic and couldn't be happier with the entire process. We got a great price for our Jeep Cherokee trade in and love all the features in our new Sonic. I would highly recommend Knapp Chevrolet to anyone in the market for a new car.

Landi L. | 2013-05-09

I was on the hunt for a mini car with a reasonable price because I am one of those college graduates on a noodle budget. I visited a few Chevy Dealerships in town, but the salesmen did not want to sell me what I wanted. They tried to get me into a Sonic or an Automatic Spark. I was not interested. I wanted a manual Spark!!! One Salesman told me that Sparks did not come in a manual, needless to say he did not get my business. I finally made my way to Knapp because I knew that they had a manual, in pink with the best prices around town. I heard from a co-worker that Knapp's customer service was amazing. IT WAS EXCEPTIONAL!!! I was pleased with my salesman, Mr. Russell and the entire staff at Knapp. I loved all the goodies that I received as I call it "Knapp Trick or Treat Bag", but most importantly I loooooooooooooooove my car, Cupcake and I am very pleased that I ended up purchasing my car at Knapp Chevrolet.

Scott H. | 2012-12-15

I first came here two months ago to have a front license plate bracket installed. I had the bracket and Knapp service was kind enough to quickly attach it with no appointment and send me on my way with no charge.

Today I had my 2011 Enclave serviced. It took an hour with an appointment. Upon returning home I realized that my recently replaced tire was in the same location as when it was installed. I paid $40+ for oil change, tire rotation and reset of my tire monitoring system. Oil was changed but other two services not done, not happy! Rating reflects the excellent experience and the poor experience.

Posting from the waiting area, as I wait for rest of service to be performed...take two.

Alan Premel A. | 2012-09-13

While my car was serviced at Knapp to fix an entire week everything was fine with what was fixed and the customer service was fine in the service office. However, usually, when i have taken one of my other cars to the other dealerships to have them serviced i ALWAYS get my car back vacuumed, and cleaned inside and out. I have never received my car back from a dealership and not had it washed. Nothing is worse than getting into your car to see its all the same and to have a lingering smell of a mechanic in it.

I could not believe that they could not splash or spray a coconut smell in the car first so it would dampen the smell of a greasy mechanic. Given the history of knapp in houston i would not have expected such a big name to have missed the little things that matter like returning a car to a customer without it being cleaned. Even a simple card stuck in an air vent that says "thank you so much for your appreciated and valued service" or "Think of us the next time you need your car serviced".

And i hate saying anything negative about the service dept because both of the women working in there are awesome. One last analogy to make my point and then i'll shut up. Its like taking a work shoe into a shoemaker to get the heel of the shoe worked on. If you bring him a shoe that has dried mudd on it and its unpolished - he is not going to fix the shoe and leave the shoe looking like a hot mess. He's going to buff it and shine it up for you before he returns it. The shoe is a reflection of his service.

John V. | 2011-10-27

Not a fan of their service.  I dropped off my SUV in the morning on the way to work for an oil change and to swap out the wiper blades.  They said my car would be ready at lunch.

I rolled in at 1pm and had to wait 40 minutes because the car wasn't ready.

Dave C. | 2008-08-31

This review is in reference to Knapp Chevy's Service Department only - I've never shopped for or bought a vehicle or parts there.

I've had the pleasure of working with both Gary & Rick in the Knapp Service Department over the past few months.  I have to say that their professionalism and honesty has me sold on this place.  I know my stuff when it comes to auto repair and bring my truck to a dealer simply because I don't have time to repair myself.  These guys have never tried to screw me over, and they tell it like it is.  One time, they performed a service I had told them not to do after an estimate so they gave it to me free.  It was a $200+ steering rack issue.  Things like that build loyalty, and I am loyal to Knapp.  If you have a GM car or truck, you should go here for service.


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