John Eagle Honda in Houston, TX

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John Eagle Honda is committed to being the #1 Honda dealership in Houston. We offer a full line of New Honda vehicles including the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Pilot, Honda CR-V, Honda CR-Z, Honda Fit, Honda Element, Honda Accord Crosstour, Honda Insight, Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline and more!

John Eagle Honda also offers an extensive inventory of pre-owned and certified pre-owned Honda cars, trucks and SUVs. We also offer pre-owned vehicles in a variety of makes and models including Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Huyndai, Kia, Scion and many more. Come in or to schedule a test drive today at!


Established in 1984.

Since 1984 John Eagle Honda has served it customers with only one thought in mind, you the customer. With this philosophy we have won the President's Award 7 times. It is our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to making you a happy John Eagle Honda owner!

John Eagle Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 955-6666
Address:18787 NW Fwy, Houston, TX, 77065
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on John Eagle Honda

Duc L. | 2015-04-09

Bad Service and dishonest.  I called them to do an airbag diagnostic for my airbag light and was quoted for 77 dollars.  After I arrived, they told me 150.  I left and would never come back to this Dealer ever again.

Aaron P. | 2015-01-10

Bought my car here is 2014.  Experience has been good, while receiving 3 free oil changes.  Only thing that sucks is having to wait nearly two hours for it to be completed.

Tif S. | 2014-12-25

Came in to look at a mini-van. No one was interested in talking to us. Finally, a salesman came over and acted totally annoyed. He seemed very put out that we wanted to look at a car. He walked us over to the vans and directed my husband to just look through the windows. It was like pulling teeth to get him to even get a key to let us look inside. Didn't ask if we wanted a test drive or anything. He basically was the crummiest car salesman I've ever seen. We ended up leaving, going to a Toyota dealership, and buying a Toyota mini-van that same day. His loss, I guess.

Nerdi G. | 2014-12-08

I used to come to John Eagle Honda for almost 3 years when I first bought a brand new car. However after paying over $700 in 3 years including new tires I asked them to check out a strange noise emanating from the car in the morning. The service guy acted bored and didn't seem interested in helping out at all. He told me well we have to keep it overnight and see in the morning did you buy the car from us? I admitted I hadn't since I had moved from Florida and had just moved for my job. He then proceeded to tell me that since I had not bought the car he would not be able to provide me with a free loaner vehicle despite the fact that I had been coming to john eagle Honda exclusively for almost 3 years. I politely thanked him and left never to return.
In November I received a letter from Honda corporate office informing me to go back to my dealer because the battery needed to be checked. I decided to give john eagle another try. Surprise surprise there were still brusque and uncaring and rude service jerks. This jerk who was rude to me and  who treated me with a complete lack of respect but of course the white people he smiled at and was polite to is someone with the initials of M.M. I don't appreciate that type of racial discrimination; I experienced enough of that after 9/11 and couldn't do anything about it.  Now I will take my business elsewhere.  
After I get my car fixed up I'll NEVER return again. Thanks for nothing John eagle.

PS- for all of you who think I am making this stuff up- check out "Annonymous A" review- whoever this person is they posted on the same day, a few hours after I posted my negative review- they have NO OTHER reviews and specifically mention M.M. by name- gee, I wonder who this "Annonymous A" person is?  If you look really, really closely- oh heck why don't I just copy/paste the review- ."...but in particular M.M. is an outstanding service advisor!  I have recommended him to all of my friends and family and it's no wonder that no matter their ages, ethnicity, gender, they have continually requested him by name for years and years!!" Sure they have "Annonymous A".....sure they have "requested him" ......You think us Yelpers are dummies do you?  We are not.

Lynne M. | 2014-10-18

I recently purchased my beautiful pre-owned Honda Accord. Evans was my salesman and was absolutely amazing.  I never felt pressured to purchase, he was eager to answer all of my questions, and encouraged me to find the best deal possible for my vehicle. George later helped with the finance end of the deal and work incredibly hard to get me the best interest rate possible.  I ended up spending more than I wanted,  but the service I am going to receive after my purchase date was well worth it! They treat you like family here!

Angela T. | 2014-09-02

We drove to John Eagle Honda from Austin because we found a vehicle online with a really great price.  My husband spoke with the online salesperson in-length the day prior and set up a meeting for the next morning.  We pull in and the sales people are out hovering like vultures, foaming at the mouth.  I mean, we were barely able to  step foot out of our truck!  Told them we were already dealing with someone and they pointed us to the reception desk.  It was funny and painless.  Typical sales tactics, the online salesman told us over the phone that the car we were interested in had been sitting on their lot since July and of course, the morning we came in, someone else was interested in it too... what a coincidence!  

Anywhooo, we test drove the (Certified Pre-Owned) car and it was making a strange noise.  Fortunately, my husband knows his way around a car because the salesman tried to brush it off by saying "they all make that sound".  Hubby insisted that an auto tech come out and look at it, low in behold, it was making a sound.  Fortunately, it was a quick and easy fix and we went ahead an purchased the vehicle.  At some point between the test drive and realizing he was wrong about the strange noise, the salesman must've figured out that my hubs was not your typical car buyer, and was more than accommodating.   Had it not been a Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, I don't think we would've even thought twice about the car.  We financed through our Credit Union, so didn't deal with the finance department other than processing.  
It wasn't an overly painful process and the other sales people seemed friendly enough.

Jan G. | 2014-07-15

Like most people, dealing with people in the used auto world is something I avoid at all cost. However, from the moment I stopped by to look at a car until I actually bought a different one, I was treated with nothing but respect and consideration. You have the option of riding one of the golf carts with your representative to fend off the heat and make things go a little faster. Sure, they are going to try and get everything they can in terms of price but thats the name of the game. Bobby, one of the Sales Managers, and Stephen the sales person were helpful to my daughter and her mother and were accomodating when we needed to work out our own financing. When I came back to purchase the car I had already decided to use outside financing but after meeting Elias (Jay), I gave them a shot. What an outstanding young F&I guy. He pushed just enough to ask for the business but not so much it made me uncomfortable when I turned down their offer which was slightly lower than what I brought in. Again, everyone was great and my daughter was thrilled with her 2008 Lexus IS 250. I wouldnt hesitate to come back and try and do business with these folks.

Laura M. | 2014-06-20

The sales lady Courtney was very nice and worked out a deal with my daughter.  I came in to cosign for her and the nightmare began.  The finance man was told up front that we both had to leave in an hour for work and we did not need to be wasting any time.  He insisted on arguing about the merits of extended warranties and gap insurance to the point that my interest rate became dependent on whether or not I purchased these non-necessary items.  The interest rate was double what I qualified for.  We got to the point where if I bought everything, the interest rate was 1% not 4%.  Even then, the monthly payment was still more with the warranties.  I threatened to leave and go to my own bank and apply for a loan in their lobby and he finally agreed to give me a fair interest rate but not without bringing in his manager to tell me how stupid it was to not buy all of these unnecessary add-ons.  I finally see the paperwork and it's not with my bank which we agreed upon.  Never again will we shop here.  Gap insurance and extended warranties are just free money for the dealership, do not fall for their scams.  New cars have a bumper to bumper warranty already.  It would only kick in after your new car warranty ends.  What if you sell it before then? What if you wreck it before then?  You can always buy an extended warranty later but if you have a crappy car that's always in the shop, why even keep it? And Gap insurance gets you through the 1st 6 months if you total your car, it pays what your insurance won't.  With the super low interest rates, you should no longer be upside down in your loan by the end of that 1st year. The thing is, they charge you for it for the entire length of the loan unless you cancel it.

Matt R. | 2014-04-03

I seemed like every time i went to get my car served here there was something that they were "recommending" to get fixed. I don't think i ever went there and i was not recommend to spend money. I took my car to another Honda and they have yet to "recommend" anything to get fixed.

Sara B. | 2014-02-24

I don't buy cars often.  But when my beloved 13 yr old Volvo was totaled (gal in Sharpstown ignored stop sign and plowed into me), I was in the position of buying only my 3rd car. Had my eye on the 14 Honda Civic EX due to its 5 star crash testing & feature set. Also this car is designed & built well by Ohio and Indiana folks. Anyhow, I chose to drive all the way out to John Eagle Honda because they had good reviews for the new sales experience across the internet.  Jean Jean is a very good salesperson to request. He is not pushy but very quick to get answers for his prospective clients. Price negotiated was fine & Jean Jean coordinated pickup of my temp rental car so I could drive the Civic home that day. What isn't so great? The finance guy was old school.. a bit condescending to me... and pushy regarding liftetime warranty (not for me). Although I was paying cash, I still had to sit with the finance guy. Btw, I'm very pleased with the 14 Civic EX.

Gajanan G. | 2014-01-24

It is class dealer . I brought Car from this company.
They are good dealer.

Finance department is really bad. They will force for warranty .

My credit score is messed by this

Scott S. | 2013-12-30

We have shopped at John Eagle Honda since 1995 and have bought two new Honda's and one used Jeep from them.  Each time the experience has bested any other auto dealer we have ever dealt with. The customer service has been second to none.  

The service department has also been fantastic.  Many times they have found things that we were unaware of and have fixed them without charge.  Any repairs we have requested have been done well and we have never had to bring a vehicle back for a second go of it. The fact that they provide a free loaner car for repairs that may take the full day is a service that you do not often find. That said, the repair shop is not seen often.  Our 2005 Honda Accord made it over 100 thousand problem free miles before we traded it in on the 2003 model.  The 2003 is at 183 thousand miles and was passed down to my son as his college car.  It still starts up every time and drives like new!  This is the only reason I take our Honda's there to be serviced.  I usually steer clear of dealer Service Departments.  

I am blown away by some of the bad reviews I am seeing, but then again, I imagine one is more prone to yelp bad experiences with auto dealers than good ones. As for my many experiences with the place, I have nothing but good things to say and I will be shopping there again.

Bobby B. | 2013-12-30

Came in for my first express oil change and was greeted by a service rep who said the wait was 4 hours. Needless to say I didn't stick around.

Nabeel S. | 2013-12-14


I called John Eagle Honda on Saturday afternoon 12/14/13. Inquire about the new upcoming 2014 Civic EX Sedan. I spoke with Goerge Motown. I explained to him that I was looking to pre-order the Civic and inquired if they were doing Pre-orders. He assured me that they were, and he would be very happy to order me on and I can pick it up on 12/28 and close the deal today. By Closing the deal today I would also receive the $500 cash incentive from Honda Financing for the car. He told me If I come and picked up the car today I would be able to purchase it with Tax, Title and License for a DRIVE OUT PRICE OF $19,629. The price was significantly below MSRP so I said great I'll be inn today.

THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS... Once I got there, I asked for George and he came to the front and said he was busy with a customer but a inexperienced sales rep by the name of Brandon C (who couldn't even remember the colors I was interested inn) was going to have me test drive the 2013 model and show me the colors. I drove the 2013 model and liked it so I told him that I would like to speak with George. He told me that I need to close the deal with him as George was busy (I had a bad feeling when he said this) nevertheless I insisted George take care of me, and asked him to get him for me.

While waiting I came across a British sales manager by the name of Allen, he agreed to help me close my deal as I insisted that I did not feel comfortable with Brandon as he was quite inexperienced. He agreed. I asked him to close the deal at $19,000 and he went back and forth between the GM (named Darryl), and said that $19,600 would be the best. I asked him will it include the tint on the car, as Brandon had told me it was standard with every vehicle they sold. He said yes I will be receiving the tint on the car as part of the deal but the paint protection and seat cover protection won't be valid unless I pay for the warranty. I said all right as long as I get the tint and the car at $19,600 I'll be a happy customer. We agreed on the price and shook hands. IN MY MIND THE DEAL IS DONE AT THIS POINT, BUT BOY WAS I IN FOR A SHOCK!!!

Allen comes back about 20 minutes later after reviewing the car I had for trade and tells me we have a problem! I asked him what was wrong and he said he couldn't include the tint, and that its a $299 charge!!! FRAUD #1, then he tells me that the GM (Darryl) won't allow the deal to complete because the price we agreed upon is too low and that he needs to start adding Tax + Title + License ETC!! FRAUD #2. I explained to him that you and I just agreed on a deal and shook hands on it. His excuse was that, that is a deal I had with George and he was giving me the same numbers. I insisted that you, Allen, went back and spoke to the managers and confirmed that deal and shook hands on $19,600. He then proceed to tell him that he couldn't do it and that he is under NO OBLIGATION.

At this point I became irate, and very upset. Demanded to speak with the GM, and got a chance to speak with him and George (the original sales rep) in his office. Darryl said that he could not approve the deal, and I indicated to him that George had already spoken with you earlier and gotten approval from the GM!! He said it was a mistake and we need to CHARGE YOU ALMOST $24,000 FOR THIS VEHICLE!!!. FROM $19,600 TO $24,000!!! FRAUD #3.



MY ADVICE: Make sure you receive an official buyers order before you set foot into this dealership signed by the General Manager on duty, otherwise they will give you the run around with multiple different sales people who give you different stories, and try to RIP YOU OFF!!!

Naroot C. | 2013-11-06

The place is nice and the staffs are friendly. But!!! Express service??? Are you kidding me? They should call it "snail service". Make sure to bring a sleeping bag or maybe a tent next time you bring your cars in to service here. I'm so glad my other car is a TOYOTA.

Wayne T. | 2013-10-04

Im an experienced car purchaser and wasn't in any hurry to buy a car. The fact remains, this is a business driven by the MARKET VALUE of the car, what peope are willing to pay for. If they were selling a hot new sports car and buyers were willing to pay 50k over MSRP, John Eagle Honda would have absolutely no problem with this. Much of the problem is generated by the consumer side. Too many people are willing to go in and pay MSRP plus all the dealer options, which are all basically scams. The sales manager tried to show me a $2300 list of dealer options when i had taken a picture of the dealer option sticker off the car that said $1700. Dont be fooled, there is no honesty, they will take what they can get.

Paint and Fabric Sealant: $500: Really? All fabric from the manufacture are materials design to resist stains. Your paint already has clear coat. Its already the best/ most cost effective coating there is. It was applied at a multi billion dollar factory Honda designed, not the garage of a dealership.

$300 Tint: This costs the dealer some $30 in materials and 30 mins by one of their employees.

$200 Diamond Glass: No one looks at the fine print of the warranty, it doesnt cover cracks, you basically need the whole windshield cracked before this pricey option will cover for repairs. The water beading benefit only lasts for a few months. You can buy RainX wipes for under $12 and it will last your years.

$115 Nitrogen Tire Safe: Pure Nitrogen is insignificantly more stable then regular air. This is a scam used everywhere, but even most mechanics shops and tires shops cant pull this off any more. By the way, the air we breath is 78% Nitrogen.

Preston G. | 2013-09-30

Man, what an old-school dealership process.  Is this 1985 over here?  Test drive was fine.  But once you talk numbers and trade, then it goes south quickly.

1.  They keep your trade longer than they need - make you wait.  TACTIC
2.  They don't volunteer to give the keys back - I had to ask for them specifically two different times.  TACTIC
3.  Even after getting the keys back, since I was waiting, I went out to see where my car was.  Could not locate it.  Had to ask- They had parked it AWAY from the dealership, one aisle out, behind a bush.  There was PLENTY of available parking right next to the door.  TACTIC.
4.  KBB trade online was 11.2-11.9K for my vehicle.  Their offer?  $4K.  TACTIC

Need I say more?  It was my first visit to sit in and do a test-drive.  Did that.  They had a chance to win business and they lost big-time.

Please avoid and go to a dealership that respects you and your time.

Steph L. | 2013-09-27

This place is the epitome of the testosterone fueled car world. I thought it was safe in this day and age to go to a car lot as an unescorted female and expect to be treated as an equal. But not here! I guess they have forgotten who is the CUSTOMER and who has the MONEY they are trying to earn. The salesman, Alvin,  was using typical and honestly funny banter from the beginning, which was fine. Until we left the lot, and then the cheesy "what's your sign" harassment began. Side note, he also had a lot of comparing me to his ex wife to do... But by then we were driving a car I was interested in so I went along with it. I figured I'd cut him some slack since he's old.

Then we got back to the "office" and I started to ask about numbers. I never once got a straight answer about any numbers. He just kept having me sign meaningless paperwork(my mom is a lawyer, I am educated, I know what meaningless paperwork looks like). And I gave him one more polite reminder that I had an appointment somewhere else soon. He said:"Now you are rushing me, that is NOT GOOD!", snatched the paperwork off the desk and stormed off. He came back a minute later and said:"So if I make this deal happen for you, what are you going to cook for me?". I said I don't cook and he started calling me a liar and demanding food. This was so beyond belief I couldn't really respond.

I was then led into a room in the back with the loan guy, and was happy to be rid of the sales guy, thought this new one might be different... Apparently this disease is systemic. The loan guy seemed alright... Until of course 30 minutes into the application I said I needed to leave for my appointment but that I would come back if he had good news on the phone. He then said he couldn't call me and I had to come back in person for legal reasons to find out if I was even approved(not true). Then he said I should borrow their car and that way I could just come back to sign the paperwork, etc. I had to BEG for my keys!!!! Seriously, I asked 5 times and had to raise my voice to get MY OWN KEYS!!!!! These people are seriously rude and SEXIST. I will never go back and will tell as many people as I possibly can to avoid this dealership, and considering I do hair in a busy, centrally located salon, that is A LOT of people!

PS-I got a great deal on an awesome vehicle from a female sales person at Carmax, they rock and I'll go there from now on! Ariana at Carmax in North Houston is awesome, highly recommended! Helpful advice, listened to what my needs were and helped me make up my own mind about which car was perfect:)

Jenna H. | 2013-09-02

Do not trust these people! I took my car in to get refinanced through my bank,  and found out just how bad they screwed me at John Eagle. I owe 8k more then my cars even worth. Turns out the "free" bumper to bumper warranty was just a distraction from them adding an extra 5K in insurance and extra warranties that I don't even need. On top of that, their service department was putting the wrong oil in my car. So I'd advise staying far away from these soul less leaches!

Henry O. | 2013-08-23

I had a problem and my rotors were warped. My car is less than a year old and they didn't cover them under warranty. My experience in buying my car here was fine, but the trip to the shop was not good.

Also to replace break pads and rotors took three days ugghh. The first day took a long time because I was fussing with service about the warranty, the second day when we picked up the road tested care the wheels made so much racket that we didn't get five out of the parking lot and the third day we picked it up again. Way too much time and I still think something is wrong.

S C. | 2013-08-14

Horrible customer service. Period. I have bought 5 cars and this is the worst experience I've ever come across in treatment and business behavior.

First, it is not necessary to try making the buyer feel ashamed and/or repentant for car shopping. I came to look at one car and was told that it would be a waste of the business's time for them to show it to me or even test drive it if I wasn't going to buy it that same day.

Second, don't try to tell a buyer a car is available and not give them the price. Also, don't try to trap them buy saying the only way they can know the price is having to drive to the dealership and talk to the salesperson. Come on, either you have the car or you don't. No bait and switch, please!

Finally, buyers want to be treated fairly and with respect. We do not want to be told, intimidated, shamed, or manipulated into buying vehicles we don't want and financing that we do not deserve. Yes, a lot of us do have great credit and don't need to be shuffled into predatory loans.

This experience has turned me off to even wanting a Honda and we are now shopping elsewhere.

William C. | 2013-08-10

Worse car shopping experience!

The staff there acts like they are doing you a favor by selling you a car at their sticker price, they are very rude, pushy, make you feel like you are wrong for questioning them about anything.

As soon as you start talking number with them they'll have a photo copied worksheet with add-ons already on them which leads me to think that they try to make customers that they habe to pay for it. In my opinion it is nothing I ask them to add-on so why pay for it?  But if you fight them to take it off they will because they did it for me.

Some of the salesman there will try do a presumptive close on your purchase without even giving you a chance to negotiate on the price.

So don't be afraid to push back if you feel like you are being pushed into something you're not sure about.

Mark D. | 2013-08-03

After setting up a time of 7 o'clock pm with the Internet sales manager  Mr Dolittle and both of us  confirming he was a no show . I had driven all the way from the other side of town and was told that he went home earlier that day with no follow up. None of the other sales people even bothered to come out of the office and work with me. So if this is the way they will treat a customer before I make a purchase then I do not think they will be concerned after I make one with them.

Rachelle F. | 2013-06-24

My A/C went out again, just a week after they "repaired" it. It took them 3 days to find the problem and fix it. Thankfully they have loaner cars. Interestingly, they left some plastic bolts in my seat that I discovered at a later time. I'm hoping everything is in tact. They also left a code scanner in the car that I had to return. So unprofessional.

Penne H. | 2013-01-21

Can you give less than one star?  Our experience was pretty good with John in sales and then we faced Jay in finance.  ONE OF THE MOST UNPLEASANT PEOPLE EVER!   We never even made it to the back because he was so rude in coming out to inform us how backed up they were and had no idea how long it would take.  We had already been there for 1-2 hours so another 2-3 hours was not happening.  Also asked about interest for the College Incentive program only to find out it is not any incentive to begin with.  Went to Tejas Toyota instead and they are great!

Kevin H. | 2013-01-15

It's tough to give a car dealership more than three stars, but my experience with Micah in John Eagle Honda's service department today pushed me over the edge.

I purchased a new Accord two years ago at John Eagle, and my wife bought a used Civic there last year. The car-buying process always feels like an "us v. them" battle, and when John Eagle had their ridiculous "Best Offer Over" pricing structure (where you couldn't actually buy the car for the price they wanted a "Best Offer Over"), that was even more pronounced. When all was said and done, we both ended up getting the cars we wanted for the price we wanted to pay, but it was a relatively frustrating experience.

I started taking my Accord to John Eagle for service because they included a few free oil changes when I purchased the new car from their lot, and I haven't needed any major service since. I needed to get my oil changed today (along with a couple software updates), and I used their website to make an appointment, I was greeted right when I walked in the door, and work was done quickly for the amount I was expecting to pay ... Pretty much the best you can ask for when it comes to having your car serviced.

Chris H. | 2012-12-19

Went here Monday night 12/18/12 to look for a new Accord. Arrived at about 6:30 and wandered the used car lot first and then the new car lot. Never had anyone come out to help us. There were people being helped by other salesmen but for some reason they never came out to help us. Got in the car and left.

Amy N. | 2012-08-01

Don't go here!!! I got my first car here and was going to trade it in for a 2012 CRV. I have great credit but John Eagle was trying to make me a deal before even looking at any of my information. They told me "maybe your looking at the wrong car". These people are so rude. I ended up going to Russell & Smith Honda and I am so glad I did because I got a brand new CRV at a great deal. Want a dealership that treats you with respect while also getting a great deal?! Go to Russell & Smith Honda!! I was never once pressured into something I didn't want to do. Bye John Eagle! You have lost another customer :]

Richy N. | 2012-01-07

I'm not sure what happened, but I'm glad it did. They have stepped up their game. My family and I are so satisfied with their service that we've bought our fourth and fifth Honda from them. Not only did they give us a great deal, but with the purchase of every car you get free car washes for the duration of which you own the car. That's right, FREE CAR WASHES! (Cue dancing). Despite having a horrible first and second experience here, the third experience has proven worthy of being mentioned as being awesome.

Pro Tip: If you're shopping for a new car, I would skip all the salesman and just ask for Bryant Sharp. He's the go to guy with all the negotiating power with none of the bullshit. He's a laid back and humorous fellow. If you're Vietnamese and would like to speak to a Vietnamese speaking salesman, ask for Trang. She is also friendly and awesome.

Since today is January 7th, 2012, the day of the Houston Texans' playoff game, I'm obligated to scream, GOOOOO TEXANSSSSSS! :)

Ron G. | 2011-08-28

I have been car shopping lately, and while at all of these dealerships, I find myself comparing them to John Eagle, so I figured I would jump on here and share some thoughts about my experience when I bought my Civic in late 2009.
I worked with Clevester ( sp?) from Internet sales, and the buying was pretty painless. He was pleasant to work with and I don't remember any real negatives to that. Financing was fine as well, singed the papers with no surprises etc. I think what has really impressed me with John Eagle is the service and the features the dealership has for it's customers.
Every time I have gone in for service, the service reps have ALWAYS been super nice! They really take great care of you. John Eagle offers free loaner cars when you have service done! Just call, make an appt, tell them you will need a loaner, and when you go in, they will have it pulled up to the front and ready to go! This is HUGE if you have a lot to do that day and really need to get some of it done while the car is being worked on. John Eagle offers like 3 or 4 free oil changes when you buy a new car from them. Just bring the car in when it is time for an oil change, hand them the certificate, go in and eat some free cookies and drink some coffee and while you wait they change the oil and run it through a quick car wash for you! NICE!
The dealership is nice and clean! As I have been shopping cars, some of these dealerships I have gone into are older and dirty and just not up to par with a dealership like John Eagle.That might not be a big deal to someone, but if you decide to wait for your car to be serviced, it is nice to sit in clean chairs, eat some free cookies and watch a little TV on the big flat panel TV they have. And as one person said in her review, if you bring your car in on a Wednesday Morning, which is "Ladies Day", then you get a free manicure. Ok...what dealership does that??
I have worked with the parts guys too, and they are really great, and helpful.
I bought a 2011 Kia Sorento a year ago and no free oil changes, no free loaner, no cookies, no clean dealership, service has had some issues on two visits...they just don't have the Eagle Advantage!
I would say if you can get through the sales issues you might encounter like some of the other reviewers, then you will be home free and happy!
Thanks John Eagle for all that you offer your customers!

Samantha S. | 2011-07-20

BAD BAD experience.

1) promises made which the salesperson told me that John Eagle has a 110% price guarantee which he could not keep

2) tried to manipulate the prices on the invoices by $1,000 above what was agreed on

3) dishonest tactics used. Deterred me from calculating the figures. He implied that the sales tax was 8.25% instead of 6.25%.

4) pressured me by saying: "I'll personally make sure your car gets the best service...if u treat me well", "I'm not a math genius" (when I tried to calculate the price) and alot more thats too much to write.

5) I repeatedly asked for separate quotations - one for car and another one for accessories added, but he blinked at me and told me another thing and to trust him.

6) after I signed the invoice and left John Eagle, I rang him back and told him I didnt want any accessories, he was agreeable.

7) walked into dealership, when car was bared without any accessories, he told me he could not honor the price of the car without any accessories.

8) he went to talk to the manager, the manager came back and basically said either you take it or u leave it.

Overall time spent even though in John Eagle even though I knew which car I wanted and test drove before = 2hours.

Overall time spent even though in John Eagle waiting for him to pick up my invoice and tell me to f** off = 1hours.

Overall time for me to drive to John Eagle (both trips back and forth) = 6hours.

Maui V. | 2011-02-16

Ali is the worst car salesman ever. He said that he's been working here for a long time, but my fiancé knew a lot about cars more than him. He was rattling on and on about the stereo and the wheels, but he didn't know any important details about the car that we were interested in. This dealership needs to hire knowledgeable car salesmen.

Mai S. | 2010-12-28

I'm sad that so many people had such a bad experience here. i actually bought my Honda somewhere else bc this place didn't have mine when I bought it. but I've come here for my Honda service and it's been wonderful.

the service personnel are just so pleasant and friendly. they always made sure all my services were up to date and got it done quickly. the express service is great in and out service.

you can get a key tag and if you get your oil changed here 4 times the 5th time is free!

they send you coupons in the mail for oil change service and 10-15% off service lights/maintenance lights. they used to have an open area for free drinks and there's a machine, boo.

if you get any service here they even run your car through the wash. well i'm happy with the service division.

will probably buy a Honda next and will yelp it then.

Harland D. | 2010-09-10

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! We drove from Austin on the pretense that John Eagle Honda had a new, black Pilot EX-L for us to test drive. We had called them earlier in the week and on the day we were coming so that they would have the car for us to test drive. We had arranged with our credit union for a loan and were set to buy the car. The lady we had been talking to all week somehow was too busy for us and sloughed us off to an underling who knew nothing about our situation and proceeded to give us the same, tired Honda spiel that we've heard at every dealership. After wasting an hour, we finally got to test drive the car. Imagine our surprise to find that the "new" car was actually a demo for one of the managers and had 3600 miles on it. It had crumbs all over it, one of the plastic pieces attached to the dashboard was hanging off and it had a carseat and cooler in the back. Talk about a bait and switch! To add insult to injury, they weren't even willing to come off the price any. We wound up buying at Champion Honda in Corpus Christi for $2000 less and it was a new car! DO NOT GO TO JOHN EAGLE HONDA!!!

Denise M. | 2009-12-03

Without going into detail about my car buying experience, the sales team is very high pressure and dishonest with their answers -- anything to make a deal. I got snowed and I feel like a complete idiot for buying a car from them when my gut said walk. I am still so angry that I actually hate driving my car.

chin k. | 2009-11-08

They pressure sell you in paying for $1,969 in  options like tint, window coating and serial numbering of parts.

Katie F. | 2008-11-20

I was really impressed at the quality of my entire experience buying a car at John Eagle.  I'm not a fan of high pressure sales, and my salesguy understood that.  He was a genuinely happy, enthusiastic person, and he handed me off to an equally happy financing guy with excellent customer service too.  The car is phenomenal (how can you not love a Civic?), and I'm almost to my third of three free oil changes.  It has been over a year since I've had the car and there have been no problems (knock on wood!).

If you need to get maintenance done on your car, you have two good options: use a free loaner car for the day, or go Wednesday morning when it's ladies' day and get a free manicure!  John Eagle regularly sends e-mail newsletters that are actually interesting (shocker!) and relevant to things other than new car sales.  It seems that they've actually got the customer-oriented business model down, unlike other dealerships in town.

Shana W. | 2007-09-27

Talk about pressure.  This is the home of the hard sell.  

Things actually started off well.  We wandered the lot with the help of the sales associate and found a few cars we wanted to test drive.  As we've owned Hondas in the past and did research on their new models, we felt prepared going into the dealership.  We figured we wanted to buy another Honda, it was just a matter of which one we enjoyed most on the test drive.  We even used the online calculator to determine the possible cost of the vehicles we liked.  This should have been easy.  

Once we made our choice, we started to do some paperwork.  The sales person came back with figures much higher than we had anticipated so we were a little concerned that the deal wasn't headed in the direction we'd hoped.

Then he got the manager.  

We thought he would explain the deal to us and ease our troubled minds but he practically attacked us for not just going through with the deal.  The manager was so abrasive, we felt too pressured into making a deal with which we didn't totally agree.  Once we got the feeling we were cornered, we politely excused ourselves and headed for the exit with no plans to ever return.

John Eagle really missed out on a sale because of their harsh sales tactics and they made us feel like we were wrong for questioning the figures presented to us.  We didn't get a Honda even though we've been loyal to the brand for years and they lost potential life long customers forever.


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