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John Eagle Acura, is Houston's new Acura dealer for market pricing on new ILX, MDX, RDX, TL, RLX, TSX models.

We also have a large selection of quality, hand - selected pre owned vehicles: cars, trucks, and SUVS, both foreign and domestic.

We take great pride in our high volume service center with a large loaner fleet so that you can get back on the road while we work on your vehicle. Our dealership lounge has gourmet coffee, snacks and free Wi-Fi.

At John Eagle Acura your comfort, satisfaction, and overall experience are paramount in our approach to how we conduct our business and separate our dealership from the rest.

Come see what other Houstonians are raving about! We have your next new or used Acura!


Established in 1985.

John Eagle Acura was one of the first Acura dealers in the nation. We are proud of our commitment to market pricing and our beautiful showroom located on Houston's I-10 freeway. Come see why Houston does business with John Eagle Acura

John Eagle Acura

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 589-0600
Address:16015 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77094
  • Monday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 6:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on John Eagle Acura

Ray G. | 2015-04-04

Bought a TLX in an MDX on the same day, also the service has been outstanding oil change tire rotation's windshield repair the service department is second to none is outstanding outstanding five stars.
Avery Barksdale was my salesman the best in the business.

Mir K. | 2015-03-29

Worst place to go buy a car. Buyer beware. I referred my uncle to come buy a car at this place and he bought an RDX at 9pm. He didn't not want the car because the salesman didn't tell him the passenger seats do not have 8-way support before he reached home. They told me he could come back tomorrow and they would take care  him. Less than 24 hours later he was there and they told me they couldn't help him and it wasn't up to them. I asked who could and they were quiet on the phone, not saying anything. Then I spoke to their GM, VAL Kuznetsov who told me they have cameras at the store and watched them drive off the lot which was all they needed to say the deal was done. All they wanted were 8 way passenger seats. Was it worth this review? I would say not.  John Eagle Acura begs to differ, specially since they DO NOT CARE about their clients or those who refer. Sometimes I read reviews and think "oh no...there must be more to this one...there's no way it's that bad". It is - THAT BAD. I referred these people to them, one of at least 5 in the last year and this is how they treated me.

Luke W. | 2015-03-26

I have purchased 2 Acura's from this dealership in the past 2 years and likely would have purchased a 3rd soon for my wife.  My wife was recently scheduled to bring our 2012 TL in for the "free" oil change that was promised to me at purchase. I was told that as long as I got my car serviced from them I would get "free" oil changes. this was definitely a factor when purchasing the vehicle. My wife was told that in order to get the "free" oil change we would need to get the $125 service. My car was serviced however a few months back (5,500 miles ago) and I was told when I got this 30k service which was $400 I would not require another service with my next oil change. Now for a little groundwork, I paid $400 for my last "free" oil change at 27k miles. This was the 30k required tune up. Forget the fact that 27k is much less than 30k but I digress. My car now has 32k miles on it and in order to get my "free" oil change I have to pay another $125 for the Every 7,500 mile service. 7,500 is much more then 5,500 miles too. I am starting to see a pattern here. I don't know about any other car owners but the thought of needing a full tune up every 5,500 seems a little off. this is a 2012 Acura isn't it? Aren't we buying these cars because of their reliability and low maintenance cost? I owned a 2004 Acura TSX and literally ONLY changed the oil in it for close to 200k miles. Not one single service. Plenty of tires were purchased and I had to replace the brakes, lights, and wipers a few times, but not one single every 7,500 and every 30k service. That car had no issues when I traded it in and I am sure it is on the road to this day.

My point is, that if you want to offer free oil changes to your so called customers as long as they have their car serviced from you than by all means offer it. Do not make me get unnecessary services well before their due dates just because my car needs an oil change before the scheduled service requirement. That is not good customer service on any level and quite frankly dishonest.

I have had several Acura's through the years and highly suggest getting one. My brother and sister in law each drive a new TL and TSX. We have all been loyal customers to this establishment. Well, enough is enough. Simply put, you should go somewhere else. Any business that is willing to lose an entire family of customers over an unnecessary $125 is not worth receiving your business.

P.S., Please do not bother replying to this with the cut and paste response that has been used on all of the previous similar complaints. If you want to make this right than I suggest you contact me. The last name is Wilkens. I'm sure you can figure it out based on that and see my file.

UPDATE 3/31/2015... I have adjusted from 1 to 2 stars based on feedback from dealership. They contacted me and admitted they made a mistake regarding what my car needed and my oil change should have been free based on the cars service light (A). I will be bringing my car in for its next scheduled (A) and I will readjust the rating again. Hopefully upwards.

Raul M. | 2015-03-16

How does a business go from a 5 star experience to a 1 star experience? Here's how. In December 2014, my wife and I had been shopping around at several dealerships for a 2012 or newer Honda CR-V. We found one here and a very friendly sales person named Ahmar took his time to show us and take us on a test drive despite the fact that the dealership was about to close and they were about to have their annual holiday celebration. Pretty much we were their last customers for the night. Since we thought the Internet price was a fair deal, we were not trying to negotiate anything lower than that. Ahmar did indicate that there were some dealer add ons and that the price would be around 1k more than the Internet price. I told him and his manager that I thought the add ons were a bunch of Bologna. I had done some research and most experts say never to buy the nitro air in the tires or some other key encryption thing that the dealerships claim is so valuabe. Once they knew I was not going to buy it with the add ons they quickly agreed on the Internet price plus tt&l.

Here's where the real fun begins. We were told to return the next day to get the deal done so we agreed to come back. We have near perfect credit so we knew we would get the lowest interest rate out there. Once we returned the next day we met the finance man named Nory. At first he seemed really nice telling us that we made a good choice and he was joking around with us. We thought he was genuine and nice at first. I told him that we expect to get a good interest rate since we have excellent credit. Before he gave us our rate he asked if we owned another Acura or Honda it happens that we did own a Honda at the time. He said that since we own a Honda he will put us down as loyal customers and we would receive free oil changes for as long as we own our CRV. We thought there might be a catch but we said okay that sounds good, sign us up. After that he told us that we qualify for a 1.9 rate though Citibank and he had several other low offers from banks after they ran our credit. We told him to just give us the lower rate. That's when he told us about the extended warranty which was going to cost us an additional $1900. I did expect them to try to sell us the warranty but I already knew that I was not going to buy it regardless of how good they made it sound. When I told him I didn't want it he started getting upset and acting as if  we don't know what we are doing and that we are missing out on a good opportunity. He kept playing with the numbers and showing us how little our payment changed with adding the warranty. At first I was thinking about it because the payment was not much more. So i asked him again to give me the payments with and without it and the interest rate he was using. He didn't expect me to begin calculating it on my own. Once I calculated it i realized that I was coming out with a different amount than he was.  I didn't say anything and just asked him to show me both comparisons on the screen once again. That's when I realized that he kept changing the total cost (higher) of the vehicle when it didn't have the warranty so it would look like the payment was only a little bit higher. I asked him to let me see the screen on the part where it says total financed and he realized that I was on to his trick. He didn't want to show me and got even more upset. He started telling us that if we turned down the warranty we would not get the low interest rate that by the way was offers by the bank, not Acura. I knew that was a bunch of bull. Citibank or any other bank could care less if I purchase the extended warranty.  He started acting like a total jerk and at a point my wife and I asked him to give us some time to talk about it. We contemplated calling off the whole deal because of this Snake named Nory. In the end we decided we would just call our credit union and get their financing and not buy the warranty from this jerk. Once we told him this he quickly printed a contact for us to sign, with the higher interest rate of course. He told us that we have 3 days to get the financing done with our credit union and we agreed. I asked him to give me a copy of everything I had just signed. He said "no". He told us since we are refinancing with our credit union we don't get a copy of the contract we just signed. I'm no legal expert but I know you should receive a copy of everything you sign. So I demanded that I receive it and he reluctantly handed it over. He then told me that he was recording everything and showed me on his computer screen with something that appeared to be recording, as if I were the one trying to rip him off. And he said that they loyalty deal he had mentioned earlier for us owning a Honda is no longer valid.

I don't know if this guy has ever had complaints before. If he has, I can't see why they would keep him employed. If you absolutely have to buy a vehicle here ask for a different finance man, stay away from Nory.

Nolan D. | 2015-02-24

Sales people are great. John Sing the service advisor is a rip off artist.  We brought our vehicle in for service.  He asked if someone else changed our brakes. Then he called us to report that lug nuts were broken. It would cost 500 to repair. Took the vehicle to Gilman and the said nothing was wrong and only replaced the missing lug nuts that John Eagle removed.  I will never do business here again.

Jonathan D. | 2015-02-11

Let's just say it was not the classic bait and switch. They had the car that was online they just refused to sell it to me. They said that they were going to send it to auction because it was beneath what the owner would allow them to sell, but now two days later it's still being advertised on and they still will not sell it to me. Best part was I spoke to someone over the phone who told me I could come look at it. I drove from Lake Conroe in traffic for two hours to get there to be shown other cars much higher priced than what I wanted. I've been nothing but nice and I told them this morning I was going to leave this review if they did not contact me via two emails and a voice message. Still I got nothing in return so here's the facts if your interested in a used car this is not the place.

John M. | 2014-11-23

I have never seen a car dealership not willing to budge on price. I spent 2 days there trying to buy a certified RDX with no luck. I was sent an email for a price, went there and magically that car was already sold But they had one just like it for a little more. No problem, I made 2 offer's to them with no luck. When I thought I was getting close to a  deal they added on charges for the car of roughly $700 more dollars. I tried to negotiate that with no success. Long story short we got the deal down to $500 and they still won't budge. I asked the manager how he stayed in business and he told me not making deals like this. Worse car buying or trying to buy experience,

Tony A. | 2014-10-05

As far as car dealerships go, John Eagle isn't much different from the others. I just bought a certified pre owned mdx here last night and while the price wasn't too bad (dealer always wins when it comes to buying a used car) they employed several dishonest tricks that had my skin crawl.
There were two incidents of "oops we made a mistake" during the transaction. The first was during negotiations, they lowered the price of the car on that silly paper they make you sign but didn't tell me they reduced the value of my trade. When I pointed it out the salesperson said "oh yeah, I was going you tell you about that". Sho I walked out only to have then call me later saying they were willing too negotiate again.
After negotiations and while in the finance office, the contract was printed and they once again "made a mistake" and attempted to overcharge me on the price of the car.
These are old tricks used by sleazy sales people. It's a shame that a luxury car buying experience had to includE those manipulations. All in all I believe I got a fair deal but only becausE I was diligent.
Don't let your guard down when dealing with this dealership!

Scott S. | 2014-09-30

HOLY MAC AND CHEESE! Great service and Jesus Montes is the berries! He helped me get my vehicle service done and I was in and out like a magic marker! Totally recommend them. To boot, they have free cookies, pastries from La Madeline and the coffee is the tasties. GET IT!

Joshua A. | 2014-09-26

This review is a reflection on the sales at this location, NOT the service.

The sales people I dealt with totally employed bait-n-switch on my recent RDX purchase. They indicated I got free car wash and oil changes for life of the vehicle. I indicated there's an Acura dealer closer to me, but they said affirmed the cost of a full synthetic change was worth way more than the gas to get to them. When I went for my first oil change, they indicated I only get the oil change free if I have them service the vehicle, which costs $150 at 7,500 miles! No budging, despite the fact this was not the agreement at purchase.

Additionally, the salesman indicated the traffic feature on my nav system was tied to XM. As long as I had XM radio, I would have traffic. He did not explain that traffic was extra with XM and is not a service included with radio.

Though these are relatively small issues, I was lied to during the sales process. I'm now waiting for the other shoe to fall on larger, more important items. I will not buy a car from John Eagle again.

Debbie M. | 2014-09-23

I thought my TL had a blown head gasket, and took it up to John Eagle because it was still under warranty.  The service coordinator, Eric, was quick about getting my car in, listening to the problems I was having, and getting me in a loaner and out the door.

The next day, Eric called and said that it did NOT blow a head gasket, it only had a bad radiator cap!  Also, it had been running a little rough, and he said it was only the spark plugs needed changing.

Since my husband used to be an ASE certified mechanic, we knew he could do the work cheaper than Acura (that stuff wasn't covered by warranty) so I told Eric we'd come get the car.

We owed $140 for the diagnostic fee and drove home.  The car drove WAY better than it did when we dropped it off and when we got home, my husband discovered that they had replaced the radiator cap AND one of the spark plugs, and hadn't charged us for any of it!  Now THAT is service!  That's what keeps people coming back.

Excellent work John Eagle Acura!  No wonder you're #1!

Aisha C. | 2014-08-06

I saw a vehicle online that was very reasonably priced.  The vehicle was a trade in and John Eagle made sure the vehicle was serviced and cosmetically ready before setting up my test drive.  I drove the vehicle at lunch and was out of the door with keys in hand within an hour.  My sales rep Rick Canales was very friendly and gave great service.  When I went to do my paperwork the finance person was helpful but not pushy.  I definitely suggest buying your next car here.

Yesenia C. | 2014-06-27

Why I think it only deserves 1 start at most:
-poor customer service from the get go
-they pulled the old bait and switch bs
-the person who we were dealing with online did not even show her face when we went in for a supposed appointment with her
-condescending salesman, "rick" something or other, acted like he would be doing us a favor by selling us a car
Go to Gillman for your Acura! We had an awesome experience and got a great deal!

Kevin J. | 2014-06-17

I went to this Acura dealership looking for a TL.  J.R. or Junior was my sales rep.  He did a great job helping me buy.  He listened to what I wanted and worked hard to help me find a great car that fit exactly what I was looking for.  

If your looking for a great car, a good sales rep who is knowledgeable about cars and people, and a nice business manager to help finish the deal, then go to John Eagle Acura, ask for Junior as your sales rep, and Raheem (I believe) was a very good numbers guy.  I had a great experience and so will you.

Calvin S. | 2014-05-13

Truly wish we had read all these negative reviews before we drove from San Antonio! Felt like I was back in the 70's with the sales tactics Erik and the sales Manager used! I turn to social media only because the co-owner doesn't feel that I am important enough to return my two messages. They say they are a dealership that practices integrity, well I'm calling their bluff.

Well, the co owner finally returned phone calls. I must say he is a great actor as I genuinely thought he cared! Wow, was I fooled. Three weeks have gone by and not a single contact from them! Buyer beware read the reviews of this dealership! I'm sure they will block my posts so search all review sights before dealing with these CON ARTISTS!

Tom M. | 2014-04-25

"Why would a review not be recommended?

There are a number of reasons why a review might not be recommended. For example, the review might have been posted by a less established user, or it may seem like an unhelpful rant or rave. Some of these reviews are fakes (like the ones that originate from the same computer) and some suggest a bias (like the ones written by a friend of the business owner), but many are real reviews from real customers who we just don't know much about and therefore can't recommend."

Yelp don't be shady! I like how the majority of negative reviews for John Eagle Acura ( worst luxury car dealership in Texas) are not recommended. They still have yet to respond to my email or comment on my yelp post.

Sterling McCall Acura's manager Randy Khalaf, however, wasted no time in responding to my review of his dealership. I really appreciate working with businesses like this that actually listen to their customers and hold their employees accountable. Randy, maybe you could show Mr. Valerian Kuznetsov how to turn things around at John Eagle Acura?

Eddie S. | 2014-03-09

I don't want an Acura, I am content with my two Nissans and Ford. No wait, Mr. Eagle, your staff and you just made me a fan!

I bought a Maxima here with the gap insurance as well as extended warranty for around $1,500.  I did not think I would need it but would probably not have gotten the vehicle approved if I did not.  Wow was I wrong, after a year on the Maxima the transmission was starting to slip.  After being refuted by Nissan's actual customer hot line I called the service department to explain my situation.  I was told to come in and to pick up a rental car.  I thought I was going to get a small car from Enterprise or equivalent and boy was I wrong.  I was ushered into this spanking new $37,000 + Acura TL that I fell deeply in love with.

Well, with a $50 deductible and a would have been "$4,300" bill I was so glad at the no hassle "we'll fix it and call you" service that I received from the service department.  

Reverse to a year ago I came in to see a friend that used to work here and was able to buy a car that I did not think I would have been qualified for.  A few hours later I am driving down the road with all 32's showing.

I have heard your radio, newspapers and word of mouth advertisements but never would have have guess I would be visiting your dealership and I am glad that I did.  

I just sold my Ford last week so you all will probably be getting another visit from me in a few weeks, thank you again John Eagle Acura.

Jesus Martinez was my service representative, I never met him in person because he was always gone when I would arrive after 7 pm but the other staff took care of me diligently and without prejudice or hassle.

Dan H. | 2014-03-04

Quick and friendly service center, buying from them was speedy too. I'm taking off one star because of the amount of annoying correspondence is a bit too high.. It seems like I'm always getting snail mail about selling our MDX back and phone calls from the sales staff to see if we're happy with the purchase and if I know anyone in the market looking for a luxury car to send them their way.. I understand why they do it, but I'm not sure these type of sales tactics resonate well with my people in my generation.

Suemy K. | 2014-01-13

This review is ONLY for the service department which is amazing!  The representatives are friendly, quick and efficient.  You can drop off your car and never make an appointment!  If you need a ride, they have a personalized shuttle as well.  The only reason I did not rate it as 5 stars is due to the prices.  They tend to be steep but sometimes convenience is worth it!

Ali M. | 2013-12-30

Worst buying experience. Looking for an ILX and I found one at John eagle after doing some research online. I live in Austin, so I call them to confirm if the 2 cars that interested me were still avl. The dealership opened at 9am and I called at 901am that day and the sales lady told me that the cars are still on their lot. So I am about to drive to Houston but for some reason I decide to call again to re confirm the inventory since I did not want to drive 3 hours if the cars were not avl. The cars were dealer loaners and they were priced below what other dealerships in Austin and San Antonio were selling, hence I was willing to drive down. When I called the second time around 915am, they realized that the cars were incorrectly priced and they tell me that the cars have already been sold. Per the sales lady and the sales mgr one car sold late last night and the second sold this morning. I fail to understand how 2 cars that were physically on the lot 15 mins ago can be sold. I can understand a car selling the night before and the sales lady made a mistake but when I spoke to the dealership right when they opened (actually when I called I was told that the sales team is in the daily team mtg and I would have to be on hold for a few mins until they can talk to me, ie the dealership had not officially opened for business) how can a car get sold even before they open for business? That to me was a lie and they were trying to avoid selling a car at that price. I even spoke to the sales mgr to mention that this would be considered fraudulent advertising and he was simply rude and told me that it takes them 2 days to update their online inventory.  But 2 mins after I hung up the phone both the cars disappeared from their online inventory. If this is not lying and cheating, not sure what it is. I will not be giving my business to this dealer. Certainly not trustworthy.

S H. | 2013-12-23

I was very pleased with my experience here. I feel like I got a very fair deal on my trade and the price I paid for my car. I worked with 2 salesmen and they were both awesome. I didn't like the finance guy- pushy, not personable like everyone else i dealt with and seemed super annoyed that I didn't want his extended warranty. Overall very happy.

Monica P. | 2013-11-18

Very happy with my vehicle purchase. However the guy who sold me the car is no longer there. Felt they were reasonable in what I paid for the car and they offered the best payment option.
The free car washes are great. I come at least once a week. They usually don't take too long.
I haven't had much maintenance done except the new car check up, but so far I am very satisfied.

Ti C. | 2013-11-01

Zero stars if I could. They are dishonest.  Liars. Will cheat you if they can. They play too many games.

Tony D. | 2013-10-17

I bought my 2013 TL from this dealership a couple of months ago. I came in knowing the fair market value of the vehicle and available incentives after my research. That made my experience so much better rather than having to go back and forth with the sales staff. My salesman was very straightforward and pleasant to work with once he knew I was serious and had done my homework. I can definitely recommend anyone to give this dealership a try, but be sure to do your homework before you come in (not just with this dealership, but any other ones).

Recently I bought it in for the first service. The experience was also very pleasant. Knowing what service items to be performed will save you money rather than just follow those 15K, 30K mile service intervals. I plan to continue to give my business to this dealership for future service and sales.

Renee A. | 2013-09-29

I had been searching & searching for a particular car and stumbled across it on their website. Called ahead and made sure the car was there before making the long drive. We were greeted by a friendly & helpful staff.

Our salesperson, Rick, was fantastic and went above & beyond even after the sale by contacting the prior owner and getting the extra key to my car. The finance department was able to get me a great deal on financing and I was in & out of the dealership in less than two hours.

Who knew buying a car could be so easy? I will be referring anyone looking for a new or used car to this dealership and look forward to purchasing another car from them in the future!

TJ W. | 2013-08-28

I would title the dealership as OK.  My salesperson was absolutely fantastic when I bought my car in 2009, and continues to go out of his way to help me any way he can even today.   The finance manager, on the other hand, was a pushy pain in the backside, trying to get you to buy every supplimental, non Acura, dealer option under the sun: windshield, tire, extended warranty, paint and chip, dent repair.    You finally ended up caving just to get away from the man's office.   (At this point I should have walked out and gone elsewhere).

The service department does high quality work, and to their credit, I have never had to return twice.   I do have a HUGE issue with the fact that even if you follow the service guidelines, and take your car in on a regular basis, they come back to use wanting to do some level of additional service (brake fluid flush, replace transmission fluid, new power steering fluid, etc.).  In my 30 plus years of driving, I have never seen a car (with only 50K miles on it) need as many "preventative fluid changes" as this one.   It is almost a lost cause to argue with your service tech, because they then come back to you and "well, I'm going to have to document that you refused a recommended service in the event you had a problem" making you feel threatened, and jeopardizing that high dollar extended warranty you got pushed into when you purchased the car.

Unfortunately, my experiences at John Eagle will impact my decision to buy another Acura next year.  If only I could take my salesman with me.

Maxine W. | 2013-06-15

I bought my TL from John Eagle Acura in Nov. 2008. Purchased my car from Avery, I received the free oil changes with service and I have had no issues with it as my car is always in good working order. Took my mother with me in 2010 and she bought her car from them, they were both professional and efficient and she remains happy with her purchase.

HOWEVER - I went in today for an oil change and someone in the service department pilfered $12 in change from my center console and I think that's pretty low. Otherwise, I still like JEA. Miffed with the THIEF, so if you take your car there don't leave your  change in the console

Kateri F. | 2013-01-13

I don't yelp often but I had such a pleasurable experience purchasing my new car here that I'm compelled!  When you go in or schedule an appointment, ask for Scott H.  He was very knowledgeable, and if he's unsure of any question you ask, he's very quick to find out the answer for you.  Which I prefer sales people be honest if there's something they don't know, rather then make something up and move on.  Naturally they are there to sell you a car so they want to know what they need to do to make that happen, and they were very quick to accommodate without heavy pressure that makes one uncomfortable.  Then I went to meet with finance which is where my anxiety came from due to a past bad experience at another dealership.  Well, this was a pleasure able experience as well!  I met with Vy N. and she was great!  She came to me with a very reasonable APR to start, then offered a very valuable program to me that if I accepted would lower my rate below 1% and essentially cost what I'd be saving in interest.  All of this was haggle-free!  Among them, everyone else on staff was very friendly and a pleasure to interact with through my time at the dealership.  If you're in the market for an Acura, I highly recommend this dealership, and especially Scott and Vy!  Not to mention that with the purchase of your vehicle there you get free oil changes, car washes, and loaner cars for the life of the car!  Not a bad deal!

Jelli F. | 2012-10-05

This is a long review.  The upshot is go to John Eagle and ask for a salesman named Nory if you're even considering an Acura or any other make and model of used car.  

I see from previous reviews that service and sales can be hit or miss, though it appears that reviews are improving as of late.  I had the most unusual and refreshing experience at this dealership.  It was such a unique experience, that I'm taking the time to write in-depth about it.

I visited John Eagle with a relative who decided to purchase an Acura TSX.  We worked with a salesman named Nory.  We had already done a great deal of research and knew the price point we believed reasonable for the car she wanted and we came armed and prepared to haggle.  Imagine my surprise when I told Nory the price I wanted to pay for a TSX and he told me that he thought he could actually beat that price.  WHAT?!?!  At that moment I became agitated and was on edge, waiting for him to point us to some craptastic jalopy.  What's the catch?!?!  There wasn't one, as it turns out.  

Nory simply listened carefully as my aunt described the options and color that were important to her and he realized he had a car on the lot that was the same color, year and had only the specific options we wanted to pay for, and for less than the model we'd driven or found anyplace else.  Of course, we get nervous, waiting for a trick and start talking about another model my aunt considered to hedge our bets.  As it turns out, Nory has many years of experience with automobiles in general and actually worked previously at a Lexus dealership.  Lexus was the other make my aunt was considering.  He carefully walked us through the pros and cons of the Acura and the Lexus models she was considering (keep in mind that he didn't have the right used Lexus model to sell us) and then to our surprise suggested that we might want to sleep on our decision before deciding because the price we were offered on the Lexus at another dealership was a really good price, too. We told him we thought that was a good idea and then he offered to walk us out, and even offered us sodas before we left.  No pressure.  No gimmick.  No trick.

We returned to Acura the next morning and I fully expected some bait and switch on the price or car.  To my great relief, Nory had paperwork ready and we were in and out at the promised price in half an hour.  My aunt bought the Acura and LOVES it. Couldn't be happier.  We've honestly never had a better buying experience, for anything, much less a car.  Before we left I mentioned how surprised I was at his approach to sales throughout the process and made a joke about his using jedi sales tricks on my aunt and me.  He looked somewhat confused and I'll never forget a single word of his explanation:  "Whether in my personal or professional life, I simply treat people as I would want to be treated.  I find life in general is better that way."

Indeed good Sir.  

Go see Nory.  He's like the yoda of car sales and just a really good person to boot.

Kim-Anh P. | 2012-07-25

I bought my car a few years ago and always take it here to get serviced. Over the years this place has had its ups and downs - sometimes great quick service, other times I'm waiting there for over 1.5 hours for just an oil change and car wash.

Lately, I feel like they've gotten a lot better with service. Very professional. I can book an appointment, get a loaner car if necessary, and get in and out fairly quickly.

My favorite service rep is Bruce. Hope he stays there forever because he always takes good care of me and my car!

Belly G. | 2011-07-28

I bought my TL here a couple of years ago and I had an okay experience. It was a close out because the new model 2009 TL's were already in and they were just trying to get rid of the 2008 models.  So, I came in already knowing the max price I was willing to pay OFF the lot and after a little bit of haggling, we had a deal.  
During the negotiation, the salesman and (supposedly) the sales manager told me that if I were to purchase a car from John Eagle, I would get FREE oil change from them for as long as I own the car. It sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, the first time I brought my car in for an oil change, I was told that I would ONLY get the free oil changes IF and ONLY IF I do my scheduled maintenance at the dealership. Otherwise, I would still have to pay for the oil change.

Let's see, scheduled maintenance = rip off. They CHECK for everything and not actually doing or replacing anything except for the actual oil change itself. Check the wiper? Check the tire pressure? Check this, check that... I can do everything on my own without having to spend $200+ for visual inspections that I can do myself and wasting my time and gas driving all the way to the dealership.

So, if you're thinking about getting a car here and is trying to factor in the "free" oil change for life into the equation; DON'T. It's a rip-off. Or at least get them to write it down on the sales contract that you would get free oil changes WITHOUT having to do scheduled maintenance there.

As for the service department itself, every time I came here (for that first oil change and a warranty service), everybody's been helpful and friendly. I never had to wait very long for my car to get done and they also put air (nitrogen) in your tires and wash your car.  However, the sales department is shady!

Rick B. | 2011-03-16

Never had an issue with the customer service.  Bruce, in the service department, always takes care of me.

Kristi C. | 2011-02-08

Our service advisor, Eric Y., has always been very nice, but our overall experiences at JE Acura were subpar at best. From performing a BG "Power Flush" on a TL whose transmissions was recalled/repaired (and against the explicit instructions of American Honda Motor Corp., per the TSBs issued to all Honda/Acura techs) AND after flushing the coolant way too often AND changing the drain washer on the ATF at every oil change (why?) AND using their "house oil," a 5w-30, on a TL when the crankcase and manual clearly call for 5w-20, and a few other things, I just CANNOT recommend this dealership!

On my TSX, they could never "duplicate the problem" (whatever problem), including a fluid leak I gave them a week to search for. That leak turned out later to be from a recalled power steering hose. "We can't hear the 'whooooop!' sound the A/C compressor makes," said they, but every year when the temps. rise above 80º, there it is--scaring all those within 100 feet of my car.

If JE Acura were my ONLY option, I could probably manage taking our cars there, since I now know enough about Acuras/Hondas to keep JE Acura honest, in case they wanted to pull any BS. Thankfully it isn't my only option. And I can do without overpaying some lackey at the stealership to manhandle our luxury cars. Thanks, but no thanks.

Jaire Q. | 2010-11-21

I have to say that I did not buy my Acura from John Eagle. I actually bought it from Goodson. However, John Eagle takes care of all of my warranty services. My battery just died one day and after Triple A gave it some life, I made my way to the dealership. I called in advanced so they were already waiting for me. My car was immediately taken to the back. I waited what seemed like 20-30 minutes and my car as done. The service guy was very nice and even updated my information in their system. I had also purchased some all weather mats from them on a prior occasion. I have never had any issues with them and even when one of the side signals burned out, they were quick to order it and replace it. I can not recommend them for car buying, but for service they are A-OK with me!

Jessica P. | 2010-08-19

They had some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. My dad and I were driving in a funeral processional when we began to run out of gas. We were able to coast into the dealership. My dad was dressed in a suit and I was dressed nicely in all black, we went inside and asked if they would be able to help us. We told them our situation and that we were willing to pay for gas (we just wanted enough to get us to a gas station) they told us that they could not help us. We sat there until my mom was able to bring us gas after the funeral was over. When we called to talk to the manager the next day, he told us that we were just taking our frustration out on him. I will never buy an Acura and especially not from John Eagle. It was a horrible experience in customer service, and I have worked in the customer service industry for over 10 years.

Sheena G. | 2010-08-13

The price may be right, but the service and level of professionalism most definitely are not.

I was told, upon initial phone call from Austin, that the car I wanted could not be delivered to me if I purchased it from them in Houston.  I had no way to bring it back, as I was the only person driving my current car, and had no second driver to take with me.  10 minutes later they call and start wheeling and dealing.  What a crock.  These people are absolutely "car salesman" in the worst sense of the phrase.  We haggled over price, delivery, and everything in between.  We finally settled on the terms I had given up front after a ridiculous and lengthy negotiation involving one person who claimed to be a sales manager (but I found out belatedly was not).

Purchasing the car was easy--surprise!  They love to get you signing paperwork.  I took care of all the essentials, purchased the extra warranty, and asked the salesman (who was completely incompetent and knew nothing about the car) to fax or mail over the original service information for the car, as it had all been completed at their dealership.  It's been 4 months.  Do I have that paperwork?  Absolutely not.

Two weeks after I purchased the car, one of the trim pieces came off.  I had seen it popped up a day or two after buying the car, popped it back on, and assumed it would be fine.  That's what the "Acura 114082930 point inspection" gets you.  A car whose pieces fall off.  When I called them to ask them to have the piece put back on, they told me I could pay to have it done.  A $20 piece, and they can't stand behind the vehicle.  Once you drive it off the lot, it's your problem.  I hadn't even done anything to cause the piece to fall off--legitimately, I treat my car very well.

I went through 10 phone calls bouncing between the original salesperson I worked with and his actual manager, only to have most of the calls not returned or transferred to someone without authority.

I am appalled at my experience with John Eagle Acura.  Never again will I purchase a car from them, nor recommend them to any of my friends or family in Houston.

Jasmine P. | 2010-03-19

Well......I have no complaints. I mean I went in for an Oil Change and they were pretty quick. They did everything on the coupon and charged me actually different....different is good for me. They also notified me of the dreadful future work that I Need done on my car, but also answerd my questions and was quick to not freak me out saying I needed it right away.

The staff was friendly and the place was clean. I have no complaints. If you can get me in, out, and charge me a great price. I'm happy! Thanks!

A W. | 2008-02-28

I had the absolute WORST experience during and after purchasing a car from John Eagle Acura in Houston, TX.  From the incompetent salesman to the absolutely horrible treatment from their finance department the experience is one I would never wish on anyone.

The salesman was completely inept.  He didn't have to do any real work or selling.  I came in having done my research - I knew all the specs, had already taken a test drive, didn't need any kind of pitch and had virtually no questions.  I guess I threw him off his game because he never asked for my ID or insurance card.  They sold me a car without having verified who I was!  I could have been anyone - I could have been committing identify fraud for all they knew.  He realized his mistake hours later but they had closed and it was late.  Since I was driving back home (out of state) the next morning it was going to be days before I could fax him all my info.  

That ended up being lucky for me because once I got home and had time to pour over all the contracts and analyze the numbers I had several changes/refunds I wanted issued.  That is when it got really ugly.  The salesman actually threatened me over the phone because I hadn't faxed my documents (3 business days later) and I'm sure he was in big trouble over it.  I'm guessing they can't sell a loan without those documents so they were sitting on a $27k loan they couldn't do anything with.  The finance guy never returned my calls or emails, he was evasive and down right rude.  Through everything I always maintained my level of professionalism but I was firm about what I wanted.

I am still fighting with them over an issue with my warranty.  It has been elevated to the finance manager and I guess because I'm a female he has treated me like I'm an idiot.  I never play the sexism card - but I have no other way to explain why these guys have been such total dicks to me.  He was condescending and rude but I will not be deterred.  I will fly back to TX to argue with them to clear the matter up if need be.

Please, whatever you do - DO NOT purchase your next vehicle from these people.  They are the epitome of slimy car salesmen.

lynette r. | 2008-01-12

Buyer beware! I recently purchased a used car from this dealer. It was late at night, just before closing time on a Saturday night. I dealt with a woman called Venise from Jamaica. She was so easy going and sweet, that we unfortunately let our guards down, and now we're paying big time!!! We purchased a used car, and was told that the car would go through all the safety checks. We were told that since the window of the passenger side wasn't working, and it is a 2 passenger car, it  would be repaired. She said it was a safety issue, and that we had nothing to worry about. Just before I signed the purchase agreement, I asked whether I could return the vehicle if I was not satisfied with it, and if there was a certain period of time when that was okay. She stated that I could bring it back anytime, but that she hoped that I wouldn't. I explained that it was late and cold, and that I couldn't really see the car very well, to decipher any physical or mechanical problems. There were several things we had noticed about the car on the night we went to purchase it, but we were given all kinds of verbal assurances that they would be taken care of. I even attempted to write down on the purchase agreement the things we discussed that needed to be repaired before delivery of the vehicle, but she said it wasn't necessary. Since none of what we discussed was in writing, we got nothing but empty promises, and claims that nothing was promised. The very night we picked up the car, the check engine light came on and the car was not running the way it did when we test drove it.  When we asked about returning the car, we were told we couldn't since it was paid for with cash. My daughter took the car in to have problems fixed with 3 days of purchase, and she was ridiculed and treated very unprofessionally. I have purchased MANY cars before, but this is the FIRST  time I've dealt with a dealership that treats it's customers like this.

Shal J. | 2008-01-01

This is the dealership that used to be on Hwy 6 - they moved to a fancy new location on I-10. Apparently after the move, they thought they were bigshots - the service plummeted and the attitude skyrocketed. I'm happy to report that I braved the bad reports and took my mom's car in for some service. The 2 guys I worked with were both extremely nice and didn't seem to be in pain while providing customer service.

I'm not sure what's going on in the sales dept, but the service dept has it's act together now.