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New Toyotas, Certified Pre-Owned Toyotas, Highline Pre-Owned Car Sales. Full Staff of Trained Toyota Technicians and Non-Toyota Technicians. Toyota & TRD Parts Sales and Accessores


Established in 1978.

Joe Myers Toyota is among the top 15 dealers nationwide in Internet sales, The dealership received the 2010 Toyota Board of Governors Award for being among the top 60 dealers in non-fleet vehicle sales volume nationwide, and the prestigious Toyota President's Award for 2010. The dealership has won both awards numerous times in the past decade. For the past eight years, Joe Myers Toyota has been Toyota's top used car volume dealer in Houston and a top three new car Toyota dealer in the entire Gulf State region. Jerry Rocco, General Manager, Partner and Vice President, and Lance Lewis, General Sales Manager .

Joe Myers Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 973-5306
Address:19010 NW Fwy, Houston, TX, 77065
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Joe Myers Toyota

Kingof K. | 2015-04-23

This is a review about the service dept. only. Never will I come back here! I went there today because it is the closest dealer to me but from now on I will go to Sterling Mccall Or Don McGill.  I went there today. Got there at 12:04 and just sat in the car waiting finally at 12:07 I asked a guy where are the service advisors so I can get some help. He said they all busy but he will try to find someone to help me. I told him the guy behind me got help so I wanted to know when I could get some.12:10 still no help and I crank my car up so I can leave.The guy comes back and asked was I leaving I said yeah he said  will write up my work order. His name was Jimmy and he apologized for the time I had to wait. He did my work order, I asked how long will a brake job take he said bout 2 hours I said ok so you can have me out of here at 2:30 he was like yeah no problem. So I gave him the keys and we did the work request.   I walk in the lobby at 12:15. Sent a text at 12:19 to a friend and the wait has begun. Later in the 1"o'clock hour Jimmy comes to tell me the status of my car. Moments later I see Jimmy outside the door talking to another service guy and pointing my way. I had a feeling he was handing over my work order.  So at 2:30 my car was not ready as he said it would be I went to go find the guy he was talking to. Me and another guy was out there looking for Jimmy and we both were irritated by this time and the guy looking for Jimmy was already there when I arrived at 12:15 in the wait area. I find the guy Jimmy was talking to named Francisco and wanted to know what was up with my car. He said wait here and I will check. He checked, came back in 5 mins. He asked me to step into his office and told me my car was not ready. At this time  it is 2:35 I explained to him the situation and he said Jimmy asked me to write your order up and pretty much he was new to the situation. So I am pissed at this time because I had a kid to pick up at 3:15 in the Galleria area.He told me it would be another 30 to 45 min wait. I told him no, I can't wait that long I have a kid to pick up. I told him y'all can make that quicker finish the job and cut me a big discount. He said they could get it to me in less than 30 mins so I told him they can put my car back together so I can get my kid and I can go to Don McGill.
He said let me see what I can do let me talk to the manager. See I stopped going to Joe Meyers due to the lack of service. Service was so bad and the last time I was there the now manager Micah was a service advisor and Brian Roos was the lead guy. Since then when I am in town I go to McCall or McGill. Yeah, I bout this car and another used car from here but the used car sales dept I only deal with Brenda and she strikes a good deal. So as I wait, Francisco comes to tell me he spoke to Micah and they can put me in a rental  with a 50 buck deposit so I can get my kid. By now it is 2:47.  I go get the rental and off I go. While in route I get a call saying my car is ready. Well if that was the case they should've blew smoke up each others butt holes sooner so I could've just left in my car. I asked can I get a discount(10%) on my service because I have to put gas in the rental and this visit has cost me more than what it should have. He said they can't give me a discount because the brakes were on a discount. I said ok well can you pay for the gas in the rental because I know I left on full but I won't be back there on full. He said he will see what he can do.

I was late by 11 mins picking up my kid. Then get back to the dealer and they covered the cost of the rental and the gas of the rental.  I go to check out the lady there was nice and charged me 10 bucks more. I told here the price i was told was such and such. She said no problem she corrected it and I paid. That was the smoothest part of this clusterfuck.  I told her my troubles from the service and she was sorry and expressed she hopes I come back. Maybe it was to save business maybe it was genuine. Whatever it is I appreciate her giving a thought and a care. This was all a lesson learned. There is more work that needs to be done to my car but trust it won't be with Joe Meyers. I value service because it makes or breaks the experience. When I don't do my job right I have to be responsible for my actions and any inconveinince  I cause to someone else. So the people at Joe Meyes and any other place that has customers of any kind should be the same! Good luck to anyone who decides to take their car to Joe Meyers may the force be with u! A drive across town for better service and a peace is mind is something money can't buy.

Gene B. | 2015-04-13

Got the windows tinted here on my truck and it isn't even a Toyota. I know that shouldn't matter but try going to some dealerships with a different make vehicle and see what kind of service you receive. They did a good job at a reasonable price. I would go here again if I needed future service that they could perform.

Patricia C. | 2015-04-07

we did our research online and even used build a car from AARP,
We were then sent 2 dealers to make our purchase.we choose Joe Myers. number 1 because they are close to us and 2 they had the best deal of the 2 dealers.When we went in our salesman was called for us, his name is Roland and he was fantastic,we looked at a number of Camrys and choose one.he did the test drive with us and sat for a lengthy time explaining all the bells and whistles in the car. When it came down to buying he sent the car to be washed and cleaned as the Houston pollen had done a number on the finish.the credit department was amazingly fast and getting all the necessary paperwork done signed and out we were in and out in 10 min,it was amazing. it took awhile to get the car clean to their satisfaction but I was in awe at the difference it was well worth the wait,and during our wait numerous people checked on us offered us water and popcorn and advised us about the status of the car.Roland stood and checked the car to make sure everything was just so,and lucky for me he was there when I couldn't figure out how to get the emergency brake off and he even set the lights to go on when it started.
  All in all the whole team was amazing, courteous,helpful and answered all our questions. My husband and I would recommend this awesome team to everyone.
  Oh and I almost forgot Roland even set up an appointment for our first oil and grease.
  If you need a new or used car this is the place .

Paul C. | 2015-03-31

Very wonderful sales rep Abdoul Ndiaye. No sales pressure, I made all the calls.
I even got the price I requested with 0.00pct apr.
Can't beat that!
This is a great place and a great sales rep.

A B. | 2015-03-28

I got here early (645a) for an oil change and they actually checked me in at 7 on the dot when they officially opened. In less than 25 mins they are almost finished, gave me a status on suggested services and removed a nail from my tire. I'm pleased with the service and Priscilla (the svc mgr) is awesome.

Houston B. | 2015-03-14

I suspect that much of the service you get is dependent on the service adviser you select.  Or, by luck, is selected for you.  The one I use (JS) is the BEST.  You call the day or two before, and ask when the service dept will be light.  He will give an honest assessment.  (They are building a new service department about 1 block to the North West.  Honestly, this one has been outgrown.)  Make an appointment.  Then, when you come in, ask for your service adviser.  If you have not relationship with this person, how do you honestly expect to get along with them on a day to day basis?  The news which they have to deliver is rarely good.  :)  Having said that, I have NEVER been stranded by my Toyota, and I have 220,000 miles on it.  I change the oil every three thousand miles.  (never waited more than 1 hour, even on a drop in...)  For major service, get diagnosed, and either get it done then, or wait for the parts (never more than 2 days, even for major parts).  They have a rental car service there, now Enterprise, which hums....  The service adviser makes a reservation, you walk in, credit card, go to the car, inspect, out.  3 minutes last time max.  I have things I DON'T want done (like windshield wiper water - er - fluid), so it is just a "NO" on my account.

Really, get a relationship going with you service adviser (and there are others here that are not JS that are really, really good, like TG).  Tell your service adviser your name, and have him (her) imprint your face.  Let them know that if they "yell out your name" instead of walking up to you, it is the LAST time you will use them.  (Some dealerships now have a photo of the customer).  Just let them know that you want some personal attention.

The dealership is great.  My one objection is the follow-up call.  But, it seems like you can get of that list, too.  They are very interested in improving.  Let the service adviser know what is wrong.  They are keenly interested in getting it right.  If you don't feel like you are being heard, the management is ALWAYS there.  The service department keeps getting better and better.

We DID buy our last car there (in 2014).  Know what you want to pay going in, and don't take no for an answer.  Be ready to walk.  All dealerships are like this, unfortunately.  Again, a relationship with a sales person will go a long way.  If they are still there when you come back (or alive, since this is a Toyota dealership, and cars last a LONG time...), you will get a good deal.

Briahna S. | 2015-03-08

DO NOT TRUST THIS DEALERSHIP! We purchased a brand new 2011 Toyota Tundra "Texas edition" from this dealership. We sold the truck in 2013 and discovered that it was not a true Texas edition at all and that this Joe Meyers had added the "Texas edition" floor mats, rims, and badges on a regular Tundra, not even an SR5! We got 22000 trade-in on it. Had it really been a true Texas edition we would have gotten 28000. All they had to do was register the package with the VIN number. Instead they misled us as customers and cost us money. Do not trust this dealership!

Stephanie W. | 2015-01-29

The online make an appointment feature is nice. It ends there. You wait 10 minutes in line before spoken to with no other people in line. The staff lingers about and is not helpful. Finally the service rep shows up, and says it'll be right out. 2 plus hours later, you are still waiting...never given an update or estimate. I've never seen such a fully staffed shop with weak work ethics. I've given it 3 chances and even with the toyotacare, I'll pay elsewhere for service that is friendly and prompt. (Oil change 2 times, leaking tire the third try). They've lost another customer. I may drive back to Fred haas or tejas for better service.

Charles D. | 2015-01-13

Brought in my 2008 FJ Cruiser. Service rep indicated they would do a full inspection and make recommendations. Sent me a written proposal that started with a flush of the front differential and transfer case. BIG PROBLEM - it's a two wheel drive and there's no front differential or transfer case. Said I had only 2mm front brake pads and should also turn the rotors, nothing about warped or worn - no measurement. Should flush brake fluid because it appeared dirty.
I confronted service manager in person and he was clueless - couldn't imagine how this happened. Blamed his tech - how's that for leadership. I immediately pulled the vehicle from them.
This report was pencil whipped. I wonder how many with lack of technical or vehicle knowledge get taken in by this nonsense. It's either gross incompetence or blatant LACK OF INTEGRITY.

James S. | 2014-12-31

Dec. 31, 2014  After doing my homework wife andI went to JOE MEYERS TOYOTA to purchase a RAV4 and brought a trade-in.  This is our fifth vehicle that we purchased from this dealership, everthing went well during the transaction.  2 miles down the road Check Engine ligt came on, called Alex A. our salesperson at home, dealership was closed.  alex asked us to bring the vehicle back in the morning.  Service writer was very apolgetic and went to work immediately.  I wnet inside to chat with Alex A. about the situation, while in the sales room the salesmanager came by and made the problem completely go away.  Yes I had a problem, problems happen.  JOE MEYERS TOYOTA WENT FAR ABOVE MY EXPECTATIONS.  More than satisfied.  Mucho Thanks.  The complaints do not sound like the same dealership.

Sum H. | 2014-12-30

I can't imagine how this dealership survives in this day and age, with anyone that is halfway intelligent especially after reading the reviews.
My husband and I were contemplating the Sienna. We'd looked at several mid-range models at Fred Haas off of 45N but decided one night to stop and look at the base models to see what the feature differences were. We just wanted to look. Not drive, not steal, not vandalize, not even really sit in, just look.
Upon pulling up a kid who looked about 18 and marginally mafia thug like, came to greet us. No problem, we tell him we want to take a look at their baseline models of the Sienna. He takes us inside and starts filling out a information form. Not what we wanted, we just wanted to walk the lot and look at the van, not waste time filling out information, but understanding this kid had to do his job we tolerated the questions and assisted him in a spelling lesson on the color Beige.
Then he says "We need a copy of your license." I said "Maybe you misunderstood, we don't want to test drive the car, we just want to look at it." He insists we give him our license to copy stating he can't get a key for a car without a copy of our license. ARE YOU KIDDING???
For a moment I thought...where am I? Did I cross the train tracks? Am I on the other side? Did I morph over to Compton, California or Camden, New Jersey????
In all of the dealerships (and believe me, with my bargain hunting husband that's a lot of them) I have never once been asked for a license just to LOOK at a vehicle.
So we tell the kid, never mind, we're just going to leave. We didn't want a hassle just wanted to check out the sticker on a van and look at it. He runs to get his manager who unapologetically explains it's their policy, no wavering. No problem....we're halfway out the door already.
If the greeting is such, you cannot expect the service to be any different. What you see, is what you're going to get. Walk away.
Save yourself.
Drive a few more minutes away and go to Fred Haas off of the 45, it is a totally different experience.
PS: So is the John Eagle Honda. Stopped there right after and drove away with the Odyssey instead. They didn't even ask for my license until I drove the van. Imagine that. Great buying experience there!

Rick C. | 2014-12-12

Great Experience dealing with the Internet Sales Team led by Alex Argueta, bought my new Tundra on Black Friday and received a great price after much research and 6 months of searching, found the truck on Edmunds

Stan S. | 2014-12-12

I get my car serviced at Joe Meyers Toyota, Jonathan Sosa, and always get great service. I feel I am treated fairly, they seem concerned of my issues and take care of whatever I go in for.

Tarndeep S. | 2014-12-09

Worst management known to man !!! Don't buy from these rude people!!! Refuse to sell me a car because I was disrespected by a sales manager. Surprise these people are still in business! !!

Sonia E. | 2014-11-06

This my second purchase at this location. We dealt with the same Representative Alex A. and he was extremely extremely helpful! He listened to our needs and even helped with getting our "wants" (extra features) for a HELL of a deal. Blown away more this second time purchasing a vehicle with the customer serivce Alex and his fellow team members gave us. He helped get us get a WONDERFUL car and AMAZING price. My parents will be purchasing the Highlander next year, and we will be returning HERE to pruchase it.

Fred Haas Country is near our home and when we were there earlier in the day, we felt like the sale was more important than my needs.

-Sonia E

Michelle C. | 2014-10-31

Leo helped me with everything I needed before I even arrived. By the time I got there, all I had to do was test drive the vehicle, love it, and sign the paperwork. :)

Phil N. | 2014-09-18

I've usually gone to Fred Haas Toyota on 249, but all I needed was an oil change - that shouldn't be a problem, right?

When I arrived at my scheduled time (1 PM on a Friday afternoon) I waited about 10 minutes for someone to take my car in (there was one car in front of me).  I did the Oil Change with multi-point inspection and tire rotation.  They were done quickly.  A service tech came to the waiting room, said everything checks out and they cleaned my battery terminals.  I paid and waited outside for my car to be brought around - for another 10 minutes.  While I was waiting there seemed to be general confusion between porters about where people's cars were - one manager was wandering the parking lot pushing the alarm button on a customer's remote trying to find their car.

The real twist in the story didn't come until the next day.  When I went to go to work Saturday morning, my car wouldn't start.  The battery was dead.  Apparently, the dashboard switch that turns on the overhead light had been bumped to the "on" position, and I didn't notice it, and my battery was drained enough during the overnight hours to not start.  I took my wife's car to work.

Later that night with a jump start, I drove my car for a while and took it to Auto Zone to test the battery (it's now Saturday night - who else is open?)  Although the battery is fully charged, it tests as bad. Wouldn't that show up in a multi-point inspection?  I decide to go ahead a replace the battery - it's nearly three years old anyway.  When we go to take off the leads, there isn't any corrosion on the top of the terminal, but there sure was a ton of it elsewhere!  Should that have been cleaned off for the battery terminal service I paid for?

Perhaps worst, I scheduled my appointment online and immediately unchecked ALL of the subscriptions and contact options I had been signed up for.  This morning a dude calls me from their new car department and wants to sell me a new car.  He won't take "no, I'm not in the market for a new car" for an answer.  Really?  I don't want Joe Myers to be my new best friend.  I'm going back to Fred Hass.

Saloumeh I. | 2014-07-16

I just recently purchased a RAV4 from Joe Myers Toyota. The sales man Nathan and the manger were really helpful and nice. They had accepted my lower online offer from another car dealer ship. And after I left the dealer ship I realized there was still wax stains on my car and the radio had was little scratchy. I called the dealer ship and they fixed everything for me the next day with no hassle. I would defiantly go back to Joe Myers Toyota and refer people to purchase from them.

Andy G. | 2014-07-07

3 months later they tell me my loan was denied by the previous bank and the draft of payment was retracted so Joe Meyers decided they would start running my credit again frantically trying to get the loan covered by someone else..7 different inquiries and none from the bank that that said my loan was through..and today I discover that the tires on the vehicle need to be replaced..WORD OF ADVICE JOE MEYERS IS A RIPOFF DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY THEY HAVE AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING BUT NO RESOLUTION!!

Michelle V. | 2014-06-30

I just bought a new 2014 Toyota Camry from them.However, it become the terrible idea when I chose to buy from this dealership.

   After one month I bought the car, I found out that the interior's ceiling from the front seat and back are completely to loose. I really upset about this problem with my new car. I came to their customer service. They said they had to order these parts and they would call me back about 3-4 days. After 2 weeks, I came back because I did not receive any phone call. They said that the the guy, who is responsible for ordering these part, does not working that day. They gave me a number and said that just keep waiting !!!?!!

   I had to take two day off from working to come this place for nothing. The only thing I knew is that they want get you to go home rather than service your car.
    If you want waste time and money go for Joe Myers!!!

Nikki B. | 2014-06-26

My wife purchased her Rav4 at Joe Myers earlier tonight. I would have bought my Tundra there if they had the package and color I wanted. We had nothing short of a great experience. (Much better than where I got my tundra) The internet manager was a no bs kindof guy and gave us a reasonable price up front and the finance guy was excellent with explaining everything and making sure it all worked for us. Both were willing to negotiate with us on everything. We even ended up getting a lower interest rate than my credit union with toyota financing which I didn't think was possible. Regardless of any bad reviews on here, go check it out and ask for Alex Argueta.

Nancy D. | 2014-06-25

Worst dealership to buy a car from, sales person are nice and professional, but the sales managers are just bunch of jokes. Gave us a price in writing, we went to bank and got the money ready. Came back found out they want to raise the agreed price by over 1k, we simply walked out and will never ever come back or recommend anyone to joe Myers

Sijoy T. | 2014-06-18

I purchased 2012 Camry and got great discount price and I am fully satisfied with the customer service here. Eugene Dikibo is a great sales person here to deal with. Ofcourse  they do lots of business and most of the time you find this place totally busy

Rose L. | 2014-05-20

I hate this place, it is the worst place to go to buy cars at. First off, they have the worst customer service and do not care about their customers. Dropped off my car at noon to get an oil change, ONLY. Told them I'll be back in 3 hours. Came AT 5 and guess what? HAD TO WAIT ANOTHER HOUR. Are you serious? For a frikken oil change. Also another time, I went with my sister to buy her car here, she wanted the car really bad and it had barely been put on the lot that day, so she bought it and it took them TWO WEEKS to give us the car. If that was the case then why did they make us pay for the downpayment and waste our time telling us that we'd be able to get it the next day. If I had known, I would have went somewhere else and bought another car because she needed a car ASAP since hers was breaking down. Now the car she has, has been having problems after another. My sister brought it in for them to check why the check engine light was on, I told them to call me when its done being checked because I know that they would have to order the part and that would of taken awhile and my sister needed the car for work the next day. THREE days later, I called them myself because nobody called and they said that the part would come tomorrow and I could pick it up in the afternoon. UMM HELLLOOO?? I told you I wanted you to check the engine light and give me back my car and to call me when the part is in so you can fix and you wait 3 freakin days to call? Turns out they tell me my repairs will cost xx,xxx which cost 90% of what I bought the car for.That is absolutely unacceptable.

Arko B. | 2014-04-12

Tyrone Jones is possibly the best salesperson I came across. He even offered to provide me a lift from my place to the dealership. He gave me the best price and the best deal. Very courteous and helpful. Really great experience!

Donna T. | 2014-03-09

Very disappointed in the service department these days. Service big wigs are not helpful. And my favorite service driver guy no longer works there. I found him to be honest; not so much now.

M S. | 2014-02-16

I went to Joe Myers on Feb. 8, 2014 just to test drive a used vehicle to see if I liked it. My salesman, Quincy, was very nice. He had Bruce, a manger, come meet me after the test-drive.  I was already in my truck getting ready to leave.  Just out of curiosity I asked what would be the lowest price they would take for the vehicle. Bruce runs inside to get me a price. "You can have it for what we paid for it = $23,630 and if you come in right now I'll even take another $100 off" Bruce says. I said I would think about it and left. I went back a week later. Quincy brought his manager, Larry, to speak with us. I went inside and boy, did the games begin. First Larry brought out a paper that has $27,000(+) on it that's more than their own list price on their website. I told him Bruce told us $23,530.  Larry said that Bruce can't give that low of a price. Larry goes on to say that they are already losing money on the deal.  He then showed us paperwork that said they paid $22,100 for the vehicle.  So now Bruce is a liar, too.  Larry tells us that he's been in touch with a lady from Dallas about the vehicle - another sales tactic.  I asked why they would lie to their customers - Larry said it's a sales pitch to get you in the door and then find out that their manager denied the price that was offered.  Bruce also told them he didn't remember saying anything to us. I asked them why they would do business this way especially with all the social media with which to spread their sleazy way of doing business. Larry then suggested that we finance thru them and if we happened to get a low interest rate it would make up for the higher price of the vehicle.

My dad tried to purchase a car from Joe Meyers a couple of years ago and ended up walking out after he negotiated a price because of the sales pressure for the extended warranties, etc.  He patiently told them no several times during a 45 minute pitch and they still wouldn't take no for an answer.  

It's unbelievable that you probably have 2-3000 vehicles for sale all within 2 miles in which to pick from and they still have to treat their customers like their idiots.

If you meet Larry, save yourself hours and just leave. By the way, according to Larry, Bruce can't make you a good deal either.

Tony N. | 2014-01-05

I was actually here a day ago and I was ready to give them my money and purchase a fully loaded Tacoma...until they talked themselves out of a sale. I waited a total of 3 hours, between short burst of conversation and running around I felt like they just didn't give me the time of day. Barry, a nice, young guy from Ireland talked me through the Tacoma and I explained to him that I will seriously consider his offer..when I compared it to other Toyota dealerships around the area. He understood this but conveniently forgot when we sat down and did the numbers for a trade-in. Since he knew that I won't be walking away from that dealership with a truck, he brought in Bruce to help. Bruce was way more aggressive. I guess to other people he tried to sell to, that would pressure other people to sign on the dotted line but I held my ground. I told him the same thing I told Barry, that I wanted to compare prices. I can tell that he was not happy and led me out the door and after all that, My Audi started acting funny. I can't prove that they did anything to my car while they were checking it out but I had no problems with it that whole day until I visited Joe Myers.

In all, This was a pretty bad car buying experience and I know why there are such low reviews for this place.  TL;DR Salesman are pushy and petty and service guys are shady.

Ender G. | 2013-12-09

Great place to buy a new or used car and if you wanna sell your car they'll offer you a better deal than car max. Highly recomended!

Desi P. | 2013-10-20

I am reviewing Joe Meyers New Car Sales department. Alex Argueta did his best to make my new car acquisition as pleasant as possible. My boyfriend and I drove a hard bargain and he remained cordial, giving us candid advice on our trade-in, etc ...

The people are warm and welcoming. Joe Meyers gave me new hope that buying a car can actually be fun.

I will recommend Joe Meyers to all of my friends and colleagues.

Michelle S. | 2013-09-10

I was very unhappy with my visit to this Toyota dealership's service department. Not only did I spend four hours waiting for a diagnostic to determine why my airbag light was on, but the representatives failed to communicate in every way. I have sent an email to the service manager expressing my displeasure. I hope to hear back from him.

Angelica D. | 2013-09-06

The first time I took my Lexus to get a battery installed I had no problem. Then when I went to get an oil change, they gave me a list of things my car needed. Yeah it was about 1,000 worth of service. Yikes!!!

My boyfriend bought a new truck there about a month ago. Shortly after, we noticed a knocking noise the car was making, so we took it in to the service department. At first, the service department said that nothing was wrong. After insisting and insisting, they final realize it was making a knocking sound due to a broken part in the seat and that the parts alone would be $800 to 1000. Additionally, it was not covered under my warranty because it's not a safety issue! Really? We haven't even made the first car note!

Carola M. | 2013-08-19

This Toyota dealership is close to my house so it is convenient. I came only one time because we just recently the end of last year got our Toyota. When I got to the dealership I barley made it before 6pm so they can change my oil because they close at 7pm and they stop receiving cars for service at 6pm.

The guy who came to help me instantly tried to sale me a high price service. I informed him that this car was recently purchased so everything in the car is new. It seemed like he didn't listen to what I said because he kept on selling me a high priced service. I told him I just wanted an oil change and tire rotation that's it. He put me in the system and they took my car in. I was the only person there so the waiting room was quiet. They have wifi so I had time to do some work, check emails, and do some you tubing in my channel.

The guy came back to me and said I will need to replace the cabin filter it was pretty dirty, but everything else was fine. I changed the cabin air filter and ended up waiting for only 30 minutes. It went by pretty fast well I expected it to go fast with me being the only on there haha. They gave my car a little car wash making it look brand new. It needed a little cleaning so that was nice of them. I payed and off I went, the over all service was good the only thing I would tell the employees to change is to not instantly try to sale to the customer a high priced service. Listen to the customers needs first and then go from there. I understand you have a quota and you get commission but simmer down a bit on the attack selling hahah. But other than that all was great

David S. | 2013-08-14

Purchased a used car in may 2013, a 2006 bmw 325i. Had to have the rotors replaced in no less than 30 days. I'm thinking no problem since I had purchased the "gold" package "bumper to bumper" extended warranty but found out brakes and rotors are not covered.("bumper to bumper" is nothing what it sounds like there are thousands of exceptions to what parts are covered and not covered). Had to go back and forth before they decided they would take care of this issue for me at no cost which shouldn't have even been an argument since rotors do not wear down in 30 days and if they did that means that the rotor was already worn out at time of sale.

Fast forward a few months later and the starter goes out. Again I am not worried because I have this awesome "bumper to bumper gold package" which includes road side assistance. Wrong. What they fail to mention is if your car breaks down for any reason they will come and get it but if they take it to the mechanic and its determined the issue is not covered under warranty your are liable for the tow fees, diagnostic fees, and maintenance fee to fix the problem. So I again go back and forth with them and they say there going to tow it in to the dealership and have it looked at. Well they do not have a diagnostic tool for BMWs so then they tell me "Your gonna have to pay to get it towed to the BMW dealership" because like i said the road side assistance program is a scam. Fortunately I have Geico and my insurance covered the cost for the towing fees. Bmw solves the problem but here is the catch with the "almighty" gold package your supposed to be covered for a rental but, you can not get a rental until they diagnose the issue  and again if the issue is not covered under the package you will have to pay all these expenses out of pocket. So I was stuck without a car over the weekend. The gold package did cover the starter so thankfully I only paid 50.00 for the repair but my whole experience with this gold package I would have to say is sub par, I felt cheated and scammed.

Just recently I scheduled  my oil change at  93k  miles because this is what the sticker on the windshield said to do and I purchased the maintenance care plan which covers oil changes. So I go in for the oil change and my service adviser informs me there was a mistake and I don't need an oil change. So he says "let me go find out whats going on" he then comes back and gives me a response from somewhere in wally world and says "oh they put that sticker there so you come in for your tire rotation". I let them go ahead and do the tire rotation. I leave the dealership and while driving I notice my care is now pulling to the right and at 60mph  the wheel is shaking. I call them and of course these guys are the kings of giving you the run around. No one ever takes blame for the incompetence of the employees they hire. I get told by one associate I need four new tires because I cant put two new tires on the front. I get told by another employee I need to have my tire balanced. My whole thing is; why would no one suggest to me i needed two new tires before they decided to rotate them.I always assumed when you rotate your tires you are supposed to get them balanced. Makes no sense and shows the lack of quality assurance in the service department. They offered me the option to come in the service dept to have my tires balanced. I get it you want to help but what about my lost time? Traffic on highway 290 is horrible once I get off of work and I am all the way by I-45 north. Its not just an hour out my day. Its the hour it takes to get there, the hour it takes for the service and the hour it takes for me to get back home. They have no regard or respect of anyone but there own time. I am completely disgusted and appalled by the customer service and quality of work done by Joe Myers Toyota. I would advise anyone to steer clear from this dealer. Once my car is paid off I will be taking my business else where.

Iris R. | 2013-07-28

I needed to have my brakes looked at, and I was pretty hesitant to bring my Yaris there after reading these reviews. But I figured it was either Toyota or Just Brakes, and I was hoping Toyota would have better luck at diagnosing the issue.

Well...third time's a charm! I made an appointment for the first time, they did the complimentary multi-point inspection, and they sent me an email on what needed to be done as far as that. They said my drive belt was worn out/cracked, and that my air filter was dirty. This seemed reasonable, as it's an 2008 model. So I agreed for them to replace those. They said the brakes appeared to be working normally, and they just roughed up the pads for me. Despite the cost for the other services, it seemed like a lot of money for not really fixing the brakes! My husband was angry when I told him the cost, and he insisted on calling them to talk to the service advisor. We basically got $200 off, so that was fine. My brakes sounded quiet when I drove out of the service center, but they gradually started squealing louder. In 2-3 days, the noise and pulsation was back to the original issue.

So I made another appointment the next week, and they looked at them again. Again, the mechanics said that the brakes appeared normal. The service advisor, Billy, wanted me to ride with one of the technicians, so we could be on the same page of the issues. Should have done that the first time....

Well, OF COURSE my car didn't make any noise or pulsation when I drove it around the dealership with Wesley. He was very respectful, but I kinda felt like the crazy lady who was imagining noises! He said it was no problem and to just ask for him if it started up with the same issues again. My husband also spoke with Billy again, and he promised to do a brake job on my car, free of charge (besides parts), if it continued with the same issues. I wouldn't even need an appointment, but just show up first thing in the morning.

It took about a week, but it did start up again. Not a big surprise, since they didn't really do anything to fix the issue. I showed up soon after they opened one morning, and asked for Billy. They said that they realized the backing plate was warped, so they replaced it. No brake job. Only charged me for the new part, not the service.

It's been about 3-4 weeks, and so far the brakes are behaving. So it appears that did the trick! It's hard to decide on what rating to give them, as I wish this all could have been resolved sooner! But the staff was very courteous, and they did good on keeping their word about the future costs. I'm sure it helps to have an angry husband who is also a mechanic and doesn't take any BS! I'd give them a 3.5 if I could...4 stars just seems like too much credit at this point. Maybe next time!

Our other experiences with the Service Department have been great. Never bought a car here, so don't know about that. I'd go back for service...I'm sure they remember my Yaris and my hubby!

Steve D. | 2013-07-14

I purchased 2 new Toyotas, a 2013 Camry XLE hybrid and a 2013 Prius 3, from Joe Myer's Toyota within 30 days in 2 separate sales.  Three reasons:  price, honesty, no hassles.  I bought both cars through the same person, Gabriel Tucker.  I would strongly urge you to try the same if you are looking for a car.

Here's how it went down.  I did my research by myself, identified the specific model and packages I wanted (I did not care about color), and then sent emails to internet sales at all the Toyota dealers from Galveston to Conroe and Katy to Baytown, asking if they had what I wanted and what their best price was.  I specifically did not provide my phone number because I wanted to avoid the sales pitches & drawn out negotiations.  Some didn't respond.  Most sent me automated responses with MSRP or the standard internet discount.  OK, but when I responded that I was looking for their best price, most of these sent me more automated emails or spent the rest of their emails trying to get me to come in or call.  A small few actually responded to what I'd asked and attempted to work with me over the course of several productive email exchanges.

Here's why I bought 2 cars from Gabe Tucker.  First email:  he responds with what he's got, his best price (real best price), and a question for clarification.  Nothing about calling him or coming in.  I felt like his was a good price from the research I'd done via AAA, Edmunds, and others.  So I checked it against the other dealers who were working with me.  Each replied there must be a mistake with the price, or that it must be a lesser model.  I sent Gabe an email to confirm the questions they'd raised and was satisfied with his answers.  The two other dealers who were still in the game at this point got there only after a bunch of back & forth emails.  I went with Gabe and Joe Myers at this point because he'd given me the best price straight away and I felt like that earned him my business.

After agreeing to the purchase, I called Gabe to confirm and provide some basic info.  Then I went online to fill out some Toyota forms.  When I got to Joe Myers, the paperwork was ready and I was out of there in a little over 2 hours.  Here's what you also need to know.  When I got there the car was the car they said it was and the price was the price they said it was.  No one tried to say there was a mistake, or there were other fees or charges.  No one tried to renegotiate or sell me something else.  It was an honest straight up experience all the way through.  I repeated this same process for the second car about a month later and had the exact same experience.  Both times the whole shopping process took me about 2 days of time.

If I ever buy another car, I will contact Gabe Tucker at Joe Myers.  As I said earlier, I would strongly urge you to try the same.  I have no experience yet with Joe Myers' service department.  So I cannot comment on it.

Karen C. | 2013-06-04

After finalizing the numbers on the new car we were negotiating, I started to read all the bad reviews on Yelp and got really hesitant about purchasing a car from them. My family and I have been negotiating for this new car with four different dealerships (from Houston and Dallas). We got the best price and package deal from Joe Meyers and we did all this negotiating via email and phone. I advise anyone looking for a new car to do this from now on.... it will save you HOURS from being trapped at the dealership. We didn't even put a deposit down for them to hold the car until the weekend.

We picked the car up on Saturday, right when I pulled into the dealership a swarm of sales people came to my car before I even got out. SCARY! Felt like a prey with lots of hungry predators. They were nice enough to show us to the front desk where I waited for my sales guy. After we did the paper work we went to the financing department. The financing guy worked soooo hard to sell the additional $685 3-yr warranty, we decided to get it only because he knocked the interest rate so low that we couldn't really say no and was able to get it for $600.

All in all the time at the dealership to pick up the car was about 2 hours, which is awesome. This review is based on my experience with the dealership and I didn't go to the service or use car department.

Randy R. | 2013-03-09

I was quoted 89.00 for an oil change with Royal Purple Oil, over the phone. After service was completed the final bill was 99.00 even. As I drove home I notice the reminder sticker shows Mobil1 Oil not Royal Purple. Also I was charged for 7 Quarts of oil instead of 5. I called Jesus Teran my service advisor, and left a message  asking  why the service reminder sticker shows mobil1? When he called back Jesus immediately starts defending the Tech that did the service, and that I don't know anything about oil, and he "saw" the empty Royal Purple bottles. Jesus also informed me that no matter what kind of Oil they put in the reminder sticker shows Mobile on it! The more questions i asked, the more condescending he spoke to me.I asked for the Service Manager (Micah), and he was not much more help. The message I was getting from the Representatives of the Dealership is "We don't make mistakes, and you are a over demanding customer". When I asked the service advisor, and the Service manager about the 7 Quarts vs 5 Quarts mistake they said...Oh let me look that up, and see how many quarts it should take! After hearing that I responded with..."you don't know how many quarts of oil each engine requires?". That really made Micah start talking harshly, and much louder. ( I owned an Auto Repair for thirty years, and I know the oil capacity for every car. Not just Toyota's). This is puzzling to me, given they have a thousand excuses why i was cheated and overcharged, but they don't know the oil capacity of a vehicle that they see a hundred times a day? . All in all, the only thing that was proven to me was that tthey know a lot about excuses. Customer service is nonexistent after you pay Joe Myers Toyota. In my opinion, this dealership service management has a
corrupt attitude, that cost the consumer money, and cost the Dealership to lose customers. Micah offered to refund the price of 1 Quart of Oil, since the capacity is actually 5 1/2 quarts. No dealerships ads that 1/2 quart! If you check your Oil, and it is at the first mark of the dipstick instead of the full line, they will inform you real quick, that it is at an acceptable level according to the manufacturer. Which is 5 Quarts of Oil, just like what is quoted on their LOF Special ( up to 5 Quarts). When they are defending themselves, they know every fact! When it is in your favor they claim they know nothing! Lesson learned...I should have gone back to my regular independent auto repair, where there is never this kind of trickery, and it cost $25.00 less. BEWARE of JOE MYERS TOYOTA SERVICE MANAGERS!

Emily S. | 2013-02-26

WORST (ATTEMPTED) CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER... NIGHTMARE YOU HEAR ABOUT!!!  READ THIS FIRST, ESPECIALLY YOUNG WOMEN!  Only rated it a 1 star bc I had to. Salesman and manager attempted to bully/intimidate my sister and I into buying car. 1st - told me they had a car in stock over the phone. When I arrived, instead  they showed me car I didn't ask to see, but same make and model (and acted like it was the one I requested, never acknowledging that it was different... I pointed it out). When they took it out, they had me drive it without checking my license - RED FLAG! I literally asked the guy "How do you know I even have a driver's license??" He said "I trust you!" (I do, but it seems shady they'd let anyone test drive, all kinds of liability issues, etc.. indicates desperate for sales) 2nd - They didn't actually have car they claimed to have. 3rd- tried to trick me into buying this other car by avoiding questions about price (not answering them when I asked)... and  eventually got ready to pull up paperwork and simply asked "is this the car you want to own". 4th - After I laughed and said depends on price, very aggressive and rude manager came in. When I explained it wasn't the car or price I want, he immediately offered to drop price to advertised price of other vehicle (3000 dollar difference).... without going somewhere in the middle. Seemed strange, and made me worry something was wrong with vehicle. Never offer carfax. When I said, I'd consider it, contingent upon later inspection (same day) by a friend of mine, manager got hostile and said "WHAT GOOD IS THAT GONNA DO?" and tried to talk me out of allowing a friend of mine to analyze specs of vehicle first!  Finally manager said "Ok, we will have a full insepction, just leave a deposit.. blah blah blah....tried to bully me into putting deposit on a car I didn't ever agree to! I couldn't run away fast enough. When I said politely said no, manager stomped off without further acknowledgment.  Would have considered purchasing the vehicle had the service not been so hostile. Bought same car at Sterling Mccall Toyota instead, for a higher price (almost 1000 dollar difference), just to avoid interacting with these bullies.

maria m. | 2013-02-08

Terrible service department. They lie and tell you that repairs and checks are not covered by your warranty when obviously they are. They wasted my time by telling me my broken A/C on a brand new car that I bought at their dealership wasn't covered. I had to go back a second time with my warranty papers to get the service done (it WAS covered by the warranty). Overall, they're lazy and will tell you anything to get you to go home rather than service your car.

Jim L. | 2012-09-09

Cannot Trust the Service Department. For my 36k oil change, they told me I needed a new cabin filter as mine was dirty and needed to be replacement immediately. When I reminded the service tech that Joe Myers Toyota just replaced the cabin filter at 30k (5 months before), he said "let me check our records". He came back and said he rechecked the cabin air filter and it does not need to be replaced. WTH!! That did it for me as during the 30k service, they recommended a front end alignment. My FJ was not pulling and I asked the tech if my tires we're wearing unevenly and he said no, so I asked why does it need a $90 alignment? He had no answer.

Funny that I had the 2 year free maintenance with Joe Myers and nothing above an oil change was ever recommended to me. Now that it is on my nickel, I need a  new cabin filter, my AC evaporator core needs cleaning, a fuel injector flush and a front end alignment.

Time to use an independent repair shop that I can trust. Luckily, there is one nearby.

Lewis T. | 2012-07-18

My wife went to Joe Myers to get the oil changed in our 2005 Highlander yesterday, and by the time she was done with the place, she needed a shower to remove the sleaze that the service department oozed from the moment that she walked in the door.  They advertised a sub $30 oil change, and she was in the area, so decided to get it taken care of.  After handing over the keys, she was told that there were two outstanding recalls on the vehicle and it would be there for at least a few hours to get them remedied.  The service writer told her he would go check on getting her a loaner vehicle as she had to pick our older daughter up from church camp in less than two hours.  He left and was never seen again, leaving my wife with our 13 month old daughter to sit in the waiting room until the job was completed.  Upon his eventual return, she was given a list of "recommend maintenance" items that ranged from $80 to replace the cabin air filter to a $170 radiator flush to $315 for replacing 6 spark plugs.  The total on the "recommendations" was over $1000 for basic maintenance items which anyone that has basic tools and a few hours could take care of for less than $100.  When she told him that she'd like to decline the services and discuss it with me, the sell got a little harder, with the insinuation that the vehicle was in dire need of repair and they couldn't help her if something else went wrong.  After standing her ground and refusing the $50 per spark plug deal, they presented her with the bill for the oil change she came to get:  $85.  Turns out they took it upon themselves to not only change the oil, but tack on such classic profit items as a $30 "fuel system treatment by Z-Tech", which is some snake oil they dump into your gas tank akin to the junk you see on end caps in the Wal-Mart service department.  Seeing as she was now late to pick our other daughter up, and had a cranky 13 month old in tow, she just paid it and left.   Upon departing the dealership, several warning lights were lit on the dashboard, including the traction control, vehicle stability control, and check engine light.  None of these were lit when the vehicle was brought to the dealership, and a phone call to the service department resulted in them playing stupid and asking her to bring it back in for a "diagnosis",  even though the paperwork that they gave us indicated that all service warning lights were checked and none were found to be on.   This morning, I was in the process of taking the car to our regular dealership, and decided to stop by an auto repair shop that has treated us well in the past to pull the codes that caused the lights, so that I could understand what was wrong.  He took about 3 minutes to hook up the scanner and indicated that they had probably "flashed" the computer with an updated software set and not finalized the process, resulting in the system remaining in an updated, but not stable state.  Two minutes later, the problem was resolved with no cost out of my pocket.  

Short version:  The service writer will gouge you with unnecessary fluff items in order to make his numbers.  The service team doesn't complete their work properly, and there is no quality control to make sure that vehicles leaving their department aren't showing any problems before handing the keys back to the customer.  This is "old school" dealer service in every sense of the word, and the exact opposite of what we have experienced at our regular dealer, John McGill.  It's amazing to me that such a disparity in dealer mentality can exist in what is supposed to be a homogenized product such as this, but it does.  Be warned, and remember there are alternatives out there.  Stay away from Joe's racket if you don't want to deal with the 80's style hard sells and unauthorized "extras" as part of your experience.

Christian A. | 2012-07-15

I visited Joe Myers for an oil change on a Saturday morning around 8 AM. It was my first time at this dealership and I was treated very well at my last dealership so, I was hoping to have a good experience. I pulled into one of the service lanes and was met promptly by an attendant who jotted down my information and then showed me the way to the waiting room. The waiting room was pretty packed but, luckily, there were a few seats open. The waiting room had an older feel to it than my last dealership but the chairs were comfortable. The wait was about an hour because there were so many people but, right before my services were completed, the attendant that I met earlier stopped by my chair and handed me a report from their multi-point inspection. I glanced over it quickly and it seemed useful enough. I paid at the cashier and my car was waiting for me in the parking lot at the end of the service lanes. A decent experience, I'd say.

Victoria T. | 2012-06-29

This review is for the Joe Myers Repair Shop.  

I own a 2005 Scion tC and have never had any major problems with it. Overall, it's a great car. I've brought in my car to Joe Myers to get repaired twice in the 7 years that I've owned it. Most recently was just a week ago, June 21, 2012. The sunroof shattered and the entire assembly had to be removed and replaced. I got my car back and there are still broken bits of glass visible along the assembly of the sunroof the inside of my car. There are also dirty grease-laden finger prints/dust on the interior roof of my car and I'm certain this is due to the handling of the shattered sunroof during the removal and/or installation. While I understand that this can/will happen, I wish more attention to detail was paid and that at the very least these marks could have been cleaned. With all the money that I've spent repairing my car here I couldn't even get it vacuumed?? I even discovered a screw on the floor in the back behind the driver's seat. I hope I don't need it!

Monica B. | 2012-04-02

If you are an idiot who wants to promote slime balls and liars, please buy a new car from them.  There are so many other Toyota dealerships in Houston, there is no need to take the abuse my husband and I had to endure.  If I could I would give negative stars.  
For the SALES DEPT:  Like another reviewer, my husband and I were told to leave because we are educated people who wanted to get the best deal for our money.  We ordered a vehicle in early January to my husbands particular requests, and again, because they believed we were going to give them a poor survey, they canceled the deal.  We didn't care that they failed to keep up informed on the status of the order which took more than 4 to 6 weeks as promised.  When I asked about the truck rebate that was going on, Leo, the Liar, said the rebate was included in the price we negotiated back in Jan.  When asked to see it in writing, they canceled the deal.  After he said that because we were not going to give them a good survey, I was livid. I wanted to reach over the table and do not so lady like things to this jerk off who has completely ruined my husbands day.  The truck wasn't even for me! It was for my husband who had already waited for three months for this particular truck!  We asked to speak to the manager, and he refused to even speak with us.  So for a brief moment I swallowed my pride and BEGGED this a-hole for the truck, and yet, he still refused, so at this point, some not so nice things came out of my mouth.  Needless to say, we left the dealership.  I recently purchased a $50,000 Honda, (we were looking at buying a SUV from them as well and were going to get a Sequoia) and my husband replaced the order for his $32,000 Tacoma with another dealership.

Michelle H. | 2012-01-08

While I was here negotiating, the Manager got so mad that he told me and my friend to leave. Said he didn't want to sell us the car anymore. He was scared we were going to rate him poorly on the survey. He kept telling me he couldn't do the deal I asked for. All I said was "Can we skip all the bullshit and get down to real business? Let's not go back and forth with ridiculous numbers. I know what kind of deal you're capable of giving me so let's just make this happen right now."

I didn't close the deal here but still got a free car wash out of the salesman. I came back with my new car which I purchased from Sterling McCall and he washed my car in his suit. Priceless!

Wilver R. | 2011-11-10

Horrible experience. I took my vehicle to put a handle on a door that I already had bought; it was only to install the handle, but they told me the installation cost only $250. I told them no because I thought that it was alot just for putting one handle, and I went to another body shop and they only charged me $40. $210 less expensive than toyota, and they  should help the clients that buy their brand. And my car looked as well as new in the body shop for less money. I will never go back to toyota and the people should find out prices in other places with prestige (that people mention alot) before going to toyota to lose their money, because in toyota they have ridicolous prices.

Nic Y. | 2011-09-06

Finance guy screamed at me, stood up, got red faced, and bowed out his chest when I insisted on getting a copy of my finance contract after signing. Didn't want to provide me with anything stating my payment or finance details. No way dude! I asked for a Xerox, which he eventually provided, after claiming it was against the law to provide me with it. What a lying SOB! He was clearly upset when I refused to buy an extended warranty. Very shady place all around - DO NOT GO THERE!!!

Corey D. | 2011-03-04

Great service! However they are always busy! Your best bet is to go in the morning or in the day time throughout the week! Everyone there is cool and work with you!

Mark J. | 2011-01-15

What a ghastly remnant of the 80's.

The Joe Meyers Toyota used car department is by far the worst car dealership I have been to in over a decade. From the sales people to the spartan decor, it reminds me of the used Chevy dealers of the 80's.

You arrive and before you even get out of the car a salesman has latched himself on to you like a leech. Before I had even told him what I was looking for I was wisked into the office to fill out some paperwork - they must have been out of their minds if they thought I was going to fill anything out.

I went for a specific car that I had seen online - the salesman did not know whether or not he had it and tried to play the usual cat and mouse game. Only when I told him: "don't waste my time nor yours, let me know if you have the car or not" - did I see some progress.

Minutes later he arrives with a manager in tow and said the car was no longer available - but then tried to push other cars on me. In this day and age - where customers are informed.

The other annoying thing is that you can't walk around on your own, a sales guy is constantly following you around. Needless to say, none of the prices are visible so you have to ask the salesman for every price.

These guys seem to have been left behind in time, they certainly have not learned the lessons of what to do and what not to do. They still behave like a pre-internet age used Chevy dealership.

Brenda D. | 2010-05-13

After having a absolutely horrible experience at a Toyota dealer nearby, my father took his '08 Tundra to the service center here at Joe Myers Toyota and had a WONDERFUL experience.  

The assistant service manager Tony Guillor assisted my father with the utmost kindness. Also, he was able to solve the problem that the other service center couldn't, in only 45 minutes! It took the other service center  3 visits and turned out they had caused the problem!
(For more info on the awful dealer, read my review for Fred Haas Toyota)

So thank you Tony!
My father will return.

Gretchen P. | 2009-08-19

Toyotas are the best cars out there.  Okay, by best, I mean zippy AND reliable.  A fair number of people have told me that in the past few months.  "Toyotas are reliable."  Well, that's like telling me that water is wet. I've driven Toyotas for most of my driving career.  That's why I bought this one.  Used, but reliable.  (Here's where the review heads a bit south.)

Let me rephrase, Toyotas are reliable unless the people who sell them to you "flub."  Then they become mostly reliable, with a mild wind sound that you couldn't hear during your test drive due to the incessant communiques from the dealer and a rebuilt car battery sitting under your new transporter's hood.  

Rebuilt car battery.  I've heard that word several times in the past week.  It sounds ludicrous.  I know.  It's also always said with uncertainty and incredulity.  Regardless, that's what the mechanic at Joe Myers Automotive said the people in Joe Myers sales put in my three year old used car.  A rebuilt car battery.  Brilliant.

I should have known something was wrong when I got in my "brand new car," turned the ignition, and nada.  The engine wouldn't turn over.  I won't go into details, but over the course of the next week, my car was taken to Joe Myers a couple of times.  Once it had to go to the mechanic's, I found that the "new battery" was a old battery put into a new casing.  

It was all rather tacky and slipshod.

Mine was pre-leased before I bought it, so there was bound to be a few issues.  A layer of tar on the interior windows, mixed with a smoke/ketchup scent that I can't quite get rid of.  (Does anyone know how to get ketchup stains out of seat belts?  I believe some kids may have used the belts as makeshift napkins.)  I just hadn't expected the used car salesperson mentality and heavy usage of "Elmer's Glue" to hold the lovely together.  

As a side note, it may just be the used cars that have issues.  I know someone who bought a brand new car from them.  She hasn't really had a problem, other than being treated like a female in the 1940s buying a car.  Again...tacky.