Joe Myers Mazda in Houston, TX

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Joe Myers Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 587-9948
Address:16484 N W Fwy, Houston, TX, 77040
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Joe Myers Mazda

Kevin G. | 2015-03-30

Jon & Mike were great and understanding. Addressed all my concerns. Very little pressure to buy now and showed amazing patience and understanding even when I backed out of the deal right when it came time to sign the papers. I ended up coming back two days later to purchase the car.

Cuca S. | 2015-02-04

This place is horrible. I've purchased a vehicle and the sales men was very nice but unprofessional. He did not know what he was doing and was just lying just to keep up his sales. Once I sat down and the price was discussed I did my math calculation based on the down payment given and they where trying to rip me off so Carlos Aviles called another guy named Mike Artiani and he was extremely rude! He was aggressive and was yelling saying the document it was being showing to me was completely legal. When did I said it was not? Then I started arguing with him. You don't argue with potential customers specially when buying a car! Later I got a deal and I brought the truck home as it was on the weekend and it was late. They gave me the car with low air pressure in the tires, so I had to take care of that. By Monday I did not heard from the dealership until I called them. Turns out to be they needed more paper work, so I scanned it and I asked Carlos if he needed anything else and he said no. So I drove to my insurance company. I was almost at the insurance and Carlos calls me and tells me he needs another paper work. Really??? I have to drive back home and scan that paper when I clearly ask him if he needed something else? Once the bank approved my loan I was at the insurance getting the car insured and the sells men was texting rushing me to get to the dealers so I could sign the contract. Once at the dealer I waited 45 minutes before they took me to finances and once there Ethan on Neithan did the whole paper work. He was extremely sarcastic and rude he was more worry about selling me insurances than explaining details writing in the contract, assuming I already knew it all. I told him I needed to be sure the bank approved the loan before I walked out with the truck because I did not wanted to be called and said my loan was not approved and I was going to get a new loan with a higher Apr. He was like why you act like that? Do you think this is not a good dealer? I said no I just rather be safe than sorry, nonetheless I was calculating the monthly payments by the month term including gap insurance and other stuff and he was very upset at it. He was trying to sell me a gold insurance if ac, transmission, and other stuff breaks down for 6 years over $3,000.00 dollars and I rejected and he was super mad and he asked why you don't want the insurance? Well I told him because half of the time you don't end up using it. He ended up selling it to me for 4 years in $375.00 dollars at the end.
Overall this place is not good to make business.
The staff does not provide good customer service, I won't ever go back and I'll make sure my collegues and family won't purchase from this dealership.

Jason S. | 2015-01-05

Nice people, but a hassle to deal with.

Came in here for a new car. We saw the leasing offers online, so knew what the price would be. Price they came at us was double that. Not even close enough to bother negotiating so we asked for our keys from our trade-in so we could leave. Instead of bringing the keys, they come back with an offer a few dollars less, we ask for our keys again. This repeats for over 2 hours, and literally we just want our keys to go, but they finally get to the lease offer price with the exact car - so we go ahead and agree, because we don't want to go through this again anywhere else.

In leasing office we were barraged with additional coverage options we didn't want. We were told several issues that often go wrong with the car, and they would be our responsibility. Really made me question getting a Mazda if it was such a delicate vehicle. Also was told if we didn't return the vehicle at the end of the lease in mint condition we would incur hundreds of dollars in charges for repairs - unless we get that additional coverage. I know leasing doesn't work like that so we passed.

2 days later we were called and told they missed some paperwork we had to sign that day. I took some time off work and came in to sign. Next day, another phone call - more papers they forgot. I said I couldn't make it in - they said it had to be signed that day or the deal wouldn't go through. So we cancelled our evening plans, drove a half hour, and signed more papers. Looking over the papers, I realized we had already signed them. I asked about it and was told they sometimes lose papers, so they had to have us sign them again. That's annoying - and a little scary with legal documents.

To be fair, everyone we dealt with was nice - and we did get the vehicle we wanted at the price we wanted. Just a pain to go through it all.

Cathy T. | 2014-10-19

My first visit I was looking for 2014 Mazda3 sedan in gray. I couldn't agree on a price with their games of checking back and forth with manager. Two days later I came back looking for 2015 Mazda3. Manny Villareal told me they have a red one in stock although checking their website the inventory did not show a 2015 red Mazda. I thought they must have new stock that did not show in their website's inventory yet. Manny even talked to my son on the phone specifying that I was negotiating for either 2014 gray or 2015 red. My son said he preferred 2015 red Mazda3.

I negotiated the price with Manny and his manager for a red 2015. They told me to pay $500 deposit because I had other plans that evening. I gave them my AMEX. Manny drove the car to the front. He had removed the MSRP sticker from the window. It was not even in the glove compartment. Sensing something not right while they were processing the transaction, I stood outside the door of their office and asked Manny one more time if he was selling me a 2015 car. He turned to the manager in their office and they were whispering. I went to the table about 10 steps away and waited. Manny came back to tell me it was a 2014 car.

If I hadn't asked again they would have gone ahead to process the paperwork. I probably would  have caught it at the final signing. When I found out they had misled me into paying a deposit for a different model I was very upset.

Manny told me that there was no difference b/t 2014 and 2015 model. Granted there is no difference in design, I was buying 2015, which is now starting to trickle in for inventory. There is more room for negotiation with 2014 models. Thus I did not make an offer as low as if I was negotiating for a 2014 model. I told Manny that he lied to me and wasted my time. I grabbed my AMEX card and left. I did not sign the deposit receipt. That was Friday afternoon. I just checked my AMEX online today, Sunday. Joe Meyers had processed the $500. These people are dishonest and have no shame. I found a 2015 car at another dealer. I am disputing the charge with AMEX.

It is now 14 days after I disputed the $500 charge with AMEX. On 11/5/2014 the Finance Director, Hamilton, Dawes, called me to get the expiration date and security code to my AMEX in order to process $500 refund. This is the result of AMEX contacting Joe Myers Mazda. I will continue to check my AMEX account online in the next few days to see if the credit comes through. I am glad I used credit card instead of writing a check, which could take a while to get this dealership to send a refund check. Google reviews showed they pulled a similar stint with another customer. It took them a couple weeks of multiple calls in order to get their deposit back. Joe Myers Mazda was selling them 2014 models instead of 2015 models they were asking for.

Paula W. | 2014-07-03

Although we bought a new Kia, financing was through their Mazda finance offices so I'm posting here..

We had money, perfect credit, trade-in, and knew what we wanted and had arrived at an agreed upon price & time via the internet salesman. Should literally have been a negotiation over trade-in and out the door. What could have been a relatively pleasant transaction turned into several trips (they're quite a distance from Alvin) and took 2 days to complete just the sales transaction then almost 3 weeks to get a copy of our financing paperwork.

The sales were typical back forth etc. but typical. But since they were supposed to "honor" their internet price I found it odd we still had to fight for the figures given to us?  Some dodgy figure changing with trade-in and "supposed" adjustment for repeat customer (which disappeared at financing we didn't discover until 3 weeks later) ... but typical. Trade-in was armed robbery, but we accepted the price so that's our issue.

Financing ... horrific! Two contracts were used with slightly different numbers ... and we believed we were agreeing to the lower numbers (but only by about $20). They did NOT give us a signed copy of financing agreement when folded docs were placed in the envelope at the end of signing. Noticed the next day when attempting to setup auto-pay (of course it's Sunday) and called to ask for email or photo copy of SIGNED contract with info needed and was finally sent a copy of a FAKE contract/sans signature from a different email addy? and invalid information on dollar numbers (after repeated calls asking for copy of original Signed Contract) then get notice from finance company (Capital One) for different payment (slightly higher) than emailed contract & also different contract number. More weeks of calling and FINALLY get signed contract copy 6/6/2014 on the car we BOUGHT on 5/16/2014!

I have no idea why they even did this. We have great credit, money down, AWESOME trade-in and the deal was definitely in their favor ... why do this? I wonder if it's because I'm obviously handicapped (with Multiple Sclerosis) or because of the low the trade-in value and were concerned we'd change our minds? I truly have NO idea which but neither is a good reason to treat their customers this way?

I'd say if you want to pay cash and don't have a trade-in you might give them a try ... but we're never buying another KIA - it's our 3rd Kia. Life is too short. Once again ... Love the cars HATE their dealerships and we'll buy Hyundai or Subaru from now on. Maybe they'll appreciate a good repeat qualified customer ... Just found out ... they're also not honoring a verbal agreement for a FREE year of Sirius ... just the icing on the cake ...

G B. | 2014-04-15

Great car buying experience. Bought a used car for my son. The car we bought was not even on our list to consider but the team really gave us a great price. We were in and out in under 2 hours from start to finish. Ask for Carlos he will listen and not try to sell you something you don't want or play around with price.

Winnie N. | 2014-03-27

We are loyal customers of Joe Myers family. We have 3 of our Toyotas bought at Joe Myers Toyota in past 10 years. This time I wanted to get something different. My husband wanted to get VW, so we went to VW dealership next to Toyota. But we had terrible service. May be we are little spoilt by Joe Myers Toyota who always give us that extra care. So then we decided to Chk Kia or Hyundai. Actually we took wrong exit due to all construction and ended up at Joe Myers Kia. We were greeted by Mr. Jimmy Hayes. Talk about southern hospitality. He was very courteous and patient with us. Since I had not decided on what kind of car  I am going to buy, he showed us Mazdas and Kias both different colors, interior. Mr Jimmy is very knowledgeable. He could answer most of our question. The one he did not know answer to he simply said that he will find the answer for us instead of just giving some BS. We decided on Kia Soul. And it was gonna take more than 2 hrs to sign papers, we were encouraged to take car home that evening and asked to come back on Monday to sign paperwork at our time. All through out this visit Mr Jimmy was with us, he introduced us to the Sales Mgr who helped us to seal the deal. Mr Jimmy also asked to bring back the car at my convenience to detail it. Since car was washed in hurry for us to take home but wasn't detailed enough according to his standard. Everyone at this location seemed very helpful and also great in follow up. I will definitely recommend friends and family to Mr Jimmy Hayes who made our car buying experience easy and smooth.
------------- from
Winnie - New Soul Owner :)

Alyssa W. | 2013-10-26

NEGATIVE 100 stars! Joe Myers was the worst car buying experience ever. The sales people were incompetent and rude. The finance department is a giant scam. They get you to sign two contracts and give you a higher interest rate. I will never buy anything from Joe Myers ever again and will do anything to discourage anyone and everyone from doing so.  I am not the only person has who had the experience. After asking around a lot of people have had this  happen. It is simple. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

Peter S. | 2013-05-04

Just purchased a used vehicle for our daughter. We dealt with Bill Hedge who went above and beyond for us. I would reccomend him to our friends and family and will return when we are ready for another vehicle

Mary V. | 2013-04-12

I've thought quite a bit about how I'm going to rate this dealership, and I'm breaking it down into 3 parts:  Sales, Finance, and Service.  Each will receive a different score, which will result in the total score of the dealership.

Preface:  I've bought one too many cars for my liking -- almost to the point that I think TXDOT knows me personally.  So I know all about buying and financing cars.  I am no newbie.

Sales:  We came here to lease or purchase a Mazda 3 for our daughter 18 months ago.  She wanted a standard transmission in this model, and Joe Myers was the only dealership that had one in stock.  In fact, they had many in stock!  She had a variety to choose from, some with multiple package options.  She picked out which one she liked on the lot, went for a test drive, gave it the thumbs up and we were on our way.  Our salesman was so accommodating and helpful.  She decided to lease the vehicle (I co-signed with her) and we were directed to finance.  

Sales = 4 stars.

Finance:  Since both of us were on the lease and I have such a high credit score, this should have been a breeze -- easy in, easy out.  Oh, no.  We had dipped our toes into the River Styx and had entered Hades.  And from there we would never return.

We sat in the finance office for what seemed like eons.  Paperwork thrust in front of us requiring no signature only to be whisked away -- "Oh, no, you don't need that," sort of off-the-cuff comment.  But, sign THIS.  And THIS!  And you need THIS warranty!  "Don't want it."  "Oh, but you NEED it."  We were ambling through hell, seemingly never to be released.  Endlessly.  I believe we were trapped for well over an hour or more when I finally called for the archangels and begged to be saved.  Off we went, but not after feeling like we'd been placed through an emotional wringer.

Two weeks later we get a call from Joe Myers.  Seems some paperwork wasn't properly filled out, and that's why no license plates have been received.  They want us to return to Hades to fill out the paperwork.  What?  Drive 45 minutes into hell because you f*ed up?  They finally relented and came to our house for us to sign, only because I let it be known that I was in no way going to suffer for their screw up.

So we don't hear from Joe Myers Finance again . . . .

Until we get a letter from the Harris County Appraisal District in April, 2013.  Seems that Joe Myers didn't file all of the proper paperwork when this vehicle was leased.  Apparently leased vehicles are classified as "personal use only" or "business use."  And if you don't file the proper paperwork, HCAD assumes that the vehicle is for business use and therefore taxes it.  We get nine pages of legal documents sent to our house -- file these before April 15 to avoid a penalty or a felony charge -- stating the business use of your address and a bunch of other legal jargon.  Multiple phone calls and the nine pages thus faxed to the finance company result in what I received in the mail today:

In order to register the vehicle (which will need to be done two more times prior to the end of the lease), I will need to GO TO the Harris County Tax Office with the enclosed Limited Power of Attorney showing I am authorized to register the vehicle.  WTF???

Never in all my life of buying and financing cars have I experienced the legal headaches as I have with this ONE car.  And Mazda Capital/Chase Auto Finance did imply this was paperwork the dealership should have insured was filed when all the lease paperwork was done.

Finance = negative 5 stars

Service:  My daughter had her oil and service done here once, shortly after she got the car.  Service was okay, but nothing to really write home about.  I'm going on memory, as it was a while ago, since she's relocated and now goes to a different Mazda dealership that services her vehicle.

Service = 3 stars

Advice:  While Joe Myers Mazda may indeed have the best inventory of Mazda vehicles in the area, be very cautious working with them.  The irony of all of this is that I, personally, am in the market for a new vehicle for myself.  One of the models I'm interested in looking at is a Mazda Miata (MX-5), but probably won't buy one because I will not deal with Joe Myers Mazda (and many of the other Mazda dealerships in the area do not have many to choose from).  All positive experiences with their sales department have been completely negated by the experiences with their finance department.

And I still feel like I've somehow not escaped the inferno . . .

C. B. | 2013-03-12

The initial car purchasing was the usual experience, but the dealership has absolutely zero follow up. I was experiencing issues with my vehicle within the FIRST month of ownership. So I contacted my salesman and the service department several times and almost a month later NO ONE has contacted be. They have not returned emails nor phone calls. I loved my car for the first month, but only 3 months in and I realize how I should have gone else where and paid a higher price that might have included some actual service. very disappointed and will not recommend this dealership to anyone.