Joe Myers Ford in Houston, TX

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Joe Myers Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 766-3600
Address:16634 NW Fwy, Houston, TX, 77040
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Joe Myers Ford

John C. | 2015-03-18

Great car buying experience!! I got a great deal and Manny made sure I had all my questions and requests taken care of. Very easy to deal with. Great inventory and plenty of people that just want to earn your business!! Would recommend them to any of my family. Enjoying my new Edge!!

Yvette D. | 2015-03-04

I thought I would try this dealership because it was a lot closer to me than the one in Tomball. I had called them on saturday to talk to their parts department. I was looking for a particular rubber gasket/o-ring. When the first person answered (the receptionist I am assuming) she answered in a very "I don't really care" kind of tone, I know we all have our days but it shouldn't be heard in our tone. When I was transfered the gentleman that answered seemed rude to me because of the tone of his voice. To me I felt like saying sorry for even calling the person. I then proceeded to ask him if they have a gasket/o-ring for the EGR (emmisions and gas regulator) valve for my vehicle.

Now for those that don't know there are two gaskets for the EGR, well on my car at least, a metal one and a rubber o-ring.

Before I could utter a word about the one I wanted he put me on hold without any notice. So there I was on hold, when he picked the phone back up he told me that it was going to be  $30, which I thought was a little odd because it was just a rubber piece so I was expecting a pirce like $8 to $10. He said "nope that just how much it cost" and didn't bother to double check or listen to what I had to say and ended the call with a quick good-bye.

After this phone call I called Tomball Ford relentlessly (I only say that because I DO NOT like the spot they are located which is Spring Cypress and SH 249 and if you live in that side you KNOW what I am talking about. The traffic there is ridiculous!) They were very friendly and seemed to want my business. They had found the part I wanted and it was only for $10, which is a BIG difference in price. I had asked the gentleman there why they were different in price and he came to the conclusion that the other guy had told me the price of the metal gasket and not the one I wanted. Tomball Ford has my loyalty.

Needless to say they have lost my business. If you're not curtious on the phone and have a "I don't care" attitude then the customer either feels like a bother or unimportant. Hope no one else has a problem like this again.

Albert G. | 2015-02-26

I just had my "the Works" oil change done today, the drive-out charge is $48.14. A bit overpriced for these kind of service but I got a $10 mail-in rebate from Ford. So I guess it's ok! The thing that tick me off is the car wash, I told my service advisor "Scott" couple of times that I want a car wash (first when I arrived at the service bay, second when I signed his iPad, third when he called me on the phone when my vehicle is ready)....guess what???, my Ford Expedition is still NOT WASHED when I came for pick up. I wonder, if a simple request for a car wash get missed, how 'bout if it is time for my vehicle for major service? Very disappointing!

B B. | 2015-01-12

Great dealership and great experience !

K G. | 2014-12-20

Horrible service! They make you wait for everything. They only time I didn't have wait was when they were selling me the car. I would not recommend anyone to buy their car or get service from this place!

Matt E. | 2014-10-18

Two screws from the engine cover fell off our 2013 Ford Escape while my wife was driving on 290. So it was dragging as my wife was trying to drive. We took her car to Joe Myers Ford to get it repaired. The woman helping her didn't believe that the screws just fell out. She was very confrontational and demeaning to my wife. So to replace the part it would not be under the 5 year warranty we purchased because it was "damaged". There was no way that the engine cover wouldn't be damaged. They were able to screw it back in after 2 hours. The mechanics do a great job but the service reps are rude and confrontational. Beware when you buy your car here. Once they have sold the car to you, the friendliness is over.

Idana V. | 2014-10-13

Excellent, stress-free experience!!

My car buying experience at Joe Myers Ford was amazing!  The whole process was seamless and went so smoothly.  I am VERY thankful to the sales reps and the finance team that worked on my deal.  And, I would definitely recommend anyone to come here for their next vehicle purchase.

Branden W. | 2014-10-03

What a great group!!  This team at Joe Meyers continues to satisfy this family!!  We just got #8 and will be back for a 9th.  Thanks so much.  

PS if you need some great assistance go see Rudy in sales, Wayne in F&I, and stop by and see Carolyn the GM

Ed C. | 2014-08-24

Stay away for AC repairs, they only want to get initial monies from Ford for analysis of problem.  They made me false promises of a course to repair, then backed out.  I would not recommend this dealership, while they are extremely cordial initially, it changes quickly, in my opinion and experience, once things get tough.  They do not want to go above and beyond.  As another poster here has stated, they tell you " oh that's in specs"!

Justin K. | 2014-07-22

Great experience! Fast and friendly! Thanks1

Lendsey K. | 2014-07-16

We bought a car about 11 months ago.  

3 weeks into owning it and had to have the faulty fuel pump replaced.

The Transmission has been looked at 3 times and the loud, crunchy, jumpy things I am experiencing are called "normal for the car" and they send me away.  They did replace something with the transmission about a month of owning the car but refuse to do anything else.

Recently I mildly rear ended another car and had planed on bringing it in to get the front fender repaired.  Two days after this accident, something falls out from under my car while I am driving.  It sounded like I was dragging a paint can behind my car.  I quickly pull over to investigate and see that something is hanging down from the bottom of the car, near the back axle.  I now have it towed to this ford dealership because I assume it is a warranty issue.  I didn't run over anything - it just fell out.  

The service department do not believe me and tell me that I must have run over something and that it'll be approx. $650 to replace this charcoal canister.  I insist that I did not run over anything but they ended with, "sorry, we are not going to warranty this item."  

Not only that, but when they couldn't fix the sounds and driving experience caused by the transmission, my husband gave them a poor rating and the service rep called us to tell us that "we really screwed her by giving her a poor rating".  Seriously?!  Never again.

T.H. W. | 2014-05-30

I worked with John Williams and had a good experience buying a new car.  John was a pretty straight shooter, and I enjoyed negotiating with him.  He got the deal done, and I'm a happy purchaser.  

I can't comment on the rest of the reviews, but I'd recommend working with John, just my experience.

Mj T. | 2014-05-07

I've always been a Chrysler fanatic...but after multiple catastrophic failures with Chrysler vehicles, their warranties, and the baffling bumbling idiots they call service advisors managers and technicians, I have now become a Ford customer. 2 months ago we purchased a 2013 Chrysler 200; long story short with only 19k miles and a leaking oil pan and binding transmission, when Chrysler refused to fix the problem even when it's under warranty.

Last night, I traded in my chrysler for a 2014 ford fusion! Jon Hershberger was my salesperson and he was and IS fantastic! At Tomball, helfman and northwest dodge I practically had to beg someone to sell me a car. Totally not the case here. Jon would call and follow up with me when I was still making the decision to buy the fusion; and if he wasn't going to be available; he passed on all my information to his associate Rudy M. who was also wonderful. I was treated how I've always treated my customers. No lies, gimmicks, or games just pretty straight  forward. Finally, car buying made easy.

Jon, Rudy, and Craig (finance manager) hold stars!!

Brandon C. | 2014-02-21

I purchased a used truck from Joe Myers Ford.  I literally walked on the lot and pointed to the truck I wanted and test drove about 1 mile.  We negociated for 2-3 minutes and we were done.  I love my truck but the after the sale service was lacking.  I personally don't understand a sales person who doesn't think long term enough (future sales) to follow through or return simple emails.  I will be honest the process of buying the vehicle wasn't bad but the after the sale service was ridiculous.  I am easy to please and I think this is the first negative review I have made.

Marzz B. | 2014-02-01

Horrible, horrible!  You think you're done with sales people after you buy your car.....but nope.....the service department is swimming with them!  Maybe because I'm a girl and they think I'm dumb, but last May I was quoted $330 to replace spark plugs.  I ended up going to another dealership & getting them done with a tuneup for $169 for everything.  Just went back to Joe Myers Jan 2014 and this time was quoted $425 for spark plug replacement.  When they sent the "inspection" report they quoted $475.....along with other recommendations that if they had looked under the hood....they could've seen had already been done/replaced.  That should be illegal as you are not even getting the "service/inspection" you paid for!

Lou C. | 2014-01-08

This would sound like a love story, but I'll keep it short.

I have been dealing with many Ford dealers in Houston; I'm most satisfied with Joe Myers Ford. I don't want anyone else to service my Ford SUV, but I only trust Joe. I can't find any other places have more experienced and friendly service consultants and sales staff.

Previously, I took my vehicle to get oil change and routine maintenance at a dealership near my house on SW Freeway. After it changed its name, my satisfaction level dropped and I began to shop around. That year, I noticed my engine cover missing when I was helping someone to jump a car. I didn't go back to complain because it was over 6 months. Then, I ventured out to the other side of town and I found Joe Myers Ford. I have been coming here for many years and the service consultants are always attentive, friendly and precise with recommendations. After each service, I will receive a survey about my experience. I ranked them highly because they are always improving.

Last year, I was shopping for a replacement vehicle. I received invitations from a nearby Ford dealer, which wanted me to trade my vehicle for a new one. So, I took the bait. After the test drive and dealing with an inexperienced rude salesperson, I promptly decided to drop Ford off of my list.

Because I really like the reputation and technology on a Ford, I wanted to give it another try. I spoke to a internet sales here at Joe Myers and Mark took me for a test drive. He explained the car so thoroughly without any sales pressures that I normally receive; I made up my mind. Yes, my next car will still be a Ford.

William G. | 2013-12-29

Fantastic Buying Experience, it's more of a service experience really. I'm a customer for as long as I chose to purchase Fords, or any other vehicle the Joe Myer's family of dealerships sells.

Lilliana E. | 2013-12-04

Great customer service.  Arturo was my parts guy. He did a great job, lots of patients and fast. Everyone in there was very nice and seemed to be working really hard. I got the part at a good price.  Good experience and recommend you getting your parts here.

Philip J. | 2013-09-21

I bought a CPO car from Joe Myers Ford in Houston, TX. I arranged for the shipping and the car arrived with a tire nearly flat (filled with a liquid tire sealant) and a near dead battery (dead cell). I sent the GT 500 to my local Ford dealership for PA state inspection. The car failed needing a control arm (covered under warranty-$100 deductible) and the brakes were marginal (lower tolerance than what a CPO certification allows). When I complained to to the sales manager (Mr. Blanchard) he placed the blame on me for the shipping company I selected.

The car itself was not fully described to the questions that I had asked....scratches, cigarette burns in the interior, tires...ridiculous!

Do yourself a favor and find another Ford dealership.

Hopefully Ford corporate will step up and do what is right to save the image of CPO and Ford.

Yieu F. | 2013-06-02

this is a terrible place to buy cars, especially the managers. They do not have respect to customers and terrible customer services. If you buy car from there, you will certainly regret it.  They will get you a ok price, but with their terrible customer service afterwards, you will certainly be charged way more than that!

Joe T. | 2013-06-01

Like I said before if it wasn't so close to home . I come here on 5/31 being told come tomorrow at 730 am in we will get it in even made a 8 am appt so they will keep the bay open well it's 930 in my car is still sitting here no one has looked at it I asked the lady when will it be in the back her response is when the tech gets time to look at it. But I've seen at least 12 cars be taken to the back . This is the worst place on earth I've never had a good experience here I hope they go under !!!!!!!

Brittany G. | 2012-05-29

If you don't want to be treated like a valuable customer, or are not big on open, consistent communication, I highly recommend you patronize this dealership.  At the end of the day, I think that I got a good deal (and if I had put in more time/effort, I would have gotten a better deal,) but my next vehicle won't be from Joe Myers Ford.

Update:  Bought a car in June.  Hit a pole in August (Doh!)  Need to have side mirror replaced.  Called JMF thinking (was I high?!) that they would cut me a deal since I'm a valuable customer.   I know the dealership is going to be higher than a body shop but I didn't expect them to be over 200% higher!

Suck it, Joe Myers!

John W. | 2012-01-22

Do not purchase your next car from Joe Myers. They are the most unethical organization I have ever done business with.

I recently purchased a new car from Joe Myers and everyone from the salesperson (Kirk Wilson) to the new car sales manager (Mike Ritchie) to the GM (Bill Tennant) lied and treated my wife and I with absolutely no respect after the deal was finished.

Kirk Wilson lied and his manager Mike Ritchie even told me he never wanted my deal to begin with but he "was only helping his sales rep hit his bonus".....I can't believe any organization would tell a customer this after the fact.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have enough to sue them and win but I do not have the time to deal with these crooks anymore. I won't stop writing reviews on these crooks until I protect at least 10 other folks from making the same mistake that I did in doing business with this company.

If you must deal with them make sure you get everything in writing, specifically on all upgrades.

Heather M. | 2011-07-30

Great Dealership.

I am a girl.  I HATE cars.  I HATE talking about cars, dealing with cars, etc.  But, when one lives in Houston, one must deal with cars.  Often.  I had to buy one and I was dreading it.

As the other reviewer said in his statement, I, too, came to this dealership even though it is not the closest, not convenient, etc.  But ALL of the salespeople are friendly and welcoming.  There was no pressure whatsoever.  I worked with Rigo...whom I HIGHLY recommend.  Please to go see him and say Heather sent you.  He will take really good care of you and not pressure you at all.  He really turned himself inside out for me even though I am not a big ticket costumer and a woman (higher maintenance/more demanding customer) to boot.

I adore my little Ford Fiesta.  It is a great car, I get something ridiculous, like 400 - 500 miles to a tank of gas...and with Walmart gift cards for gas, you don't get much cheaper than that.

The service folks at Joe Myers take very good care of you, too.  I love Discount Tire and still go there, but the folks at Joe Myer call about when I should come in, and if something else needs to be done to the car...I hasten that noting has needed to be done to the car since it is so new....although I have asked about it...they will quote me a price, and tell me if there is another location I should go to get the same service, but cheaper.  

That is the reason why I am writing this review.  We all firmly believe in great service, and if you find it it should be blabbed to the world, right?

Go to Joe Myers.  Buy American....better yet, buy American from an auto company that does not wrong  the American public.....ask for Rigo.  Tell him Heather sent you.  Shop around, take your time, and I hope your car buying/car maintenance experiences will be as enjoyable and easy as my own have been.

david p. | 2009-12-15

I bought my SUV from Joe Myers last June after shopping at a couple of other Ford dealers in the area. It wasn't the closest dealership to my house, and they didn't have the exact car I wanted, but the sales team was great.

My salesman, Antoine, was really low key. No pressure whatsoever.  

I made several trips to the dealer.  First, just to test drive the SUV and my sales rep.  There wasn't any sort of pressure to buy on my first trip. I called ahead and requested a particular  SUV on my second visit and took it for a test drive.  I had originally asked for a quote through their internet sales office and the price was honored when I was ready to buy.  My sales rep even tried to find me some additional discounts.  The finance guy was a little high pressure, but I had financed through my credit union so there wasn't much I needed to talk to him about. I didn't have a trade so there wasn't any hassling over that. I was in and out on that second trip within an hour.

So, I would recommend Antoine and unless you like bargaining over car prices, I would recommend working through the internet sales office.