Hub Hyundai West in Houston, TX

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Hub Hyundai West is a family owned dealership located in West Houston, servicing Katy, Houston, Sealy, Brookshire, Cinco Ranch, Memorial, Westchase, Fulshear, Columbus, Sugar Land, Jersey Village, Spring, Bear Creek, Richmond, Rosenberg, and surrounding areas.

Hub Hyundai West

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 664-6260
Address:17007 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77094
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Hub Hyundai West

Rose D. | 2015-03-30

If I could give no stars, I would! I have had many issues with the service department at this dealership, every time I need something done. Whenever I have had previous work done I had to wait on the to order the part (and after a month of not hearing from them) I called and asked if my part was there and they responded with "yeah its been here for a while now!" Well that's great I decided to call and check because this issue wouldn't be resolved had I waited on the service department ...

 I bought my car here 2 years ago and it is still under warranty.  About 3 months ago my car started to make a ticking/clicking noise when I accelerate, not normal. I keep up with all of the regular maintenance required to keep from any unnecessary issues. So I after a couple days of the noise continuing I called and made and appointment to have it looked it. I go in for my appointment, wait 4 hours as they "fix it". The service adviser comes back and gives me a bunch of false information, and clearly didn't listen to why I made the appointment.  On my ticket it says I came in for a check engine light (which I did not it never came on) so he says she reset they light and changed out some plugs or whatever and everything should be good. Well the moment I got in my car and drove off the sound was still there (the whole reason I went it for) I couldn't turn back around and address the issue because I had  to pick up my daughter from school.

 So after 2 weeks of the continuing issue I finally had a day off that I could bring my car in have looked at again for a couple of hours, which was a Saturday. When I called to make the appointment and address the issue again the service tech told me "they don't do that kind of work on Saturdays so I would have to chose another day" I told him that he would have to figure it out and take it that day since clearly he wasted my time the first time and didn't do his job right (this isn't the first time we have had this issue). This seemed to upset him...and proceeded to argue with me and tell me that the noise is a normal noise...when clearly it is not! So after dropping my car off on Saturday at 8:30 AM, he called me at 2:00 to tell me that it is in fact a serious problem, it looks like my engine and I would need to bring it in Monday to have the Service Manger take a look and determine what would need to be done. I asked if we could schedule an appointment, but he said there would be no need just come in.

  So this is now going on yet another day I wouldn't have my car. My husband had to take off to bring it up there, and arrived at 8AM to do so. He decided that since they can't communicate properly or do their job properly he would wait up there until we had come up with a resolution!  Even though they offered a shuttle many times, they he declined, because obviously we can't trust them and have to babysit them as they do their job. AND of course they kept him there until 6PM (closing time). Half way through the day the service manager came in to tell him that it wasn't a prolonging issue and he didn't see anything wrong. My husband REEXPLAINED him the issue, and how this could be a safety issue and an even bigger issue if it is not properly  addressed, and asked him to do a full thorough inspection yet again. So than they finally decide to their job like they should have the first time and completely  go in and take apart engine and take pictures , all to determine that there is metal in my oil pan and my the whole engine will need to be replaced and clearly is a huge issue.  

 My car is still under warranty; it is under 60,000 miles so they had to submit the warranty paperwork in to have another engine sent. They told us they would call us and we should be able to have it replaced on Friday of that week (which we made arrangements for and yet again took off another day of work) and like the previous experiences come Thursday we still had not heard back and I had to call up there. Only to be told that the engine should be on the way he just wasn't sure when it would be in, and clearly by mistake admits he just submitted the paper work the day before Wednesday, submitted the paper work even though they advisor and manager said they submitted the paper work Monday evening (yet another lie and delay on their part) . The service adviser says he will call my husband tomorrow (Friday) to give an update.......Well Friday comes and we still have not heard back from them, so my husband called and left a message with service manager. By Monday evening still no call back. Not even a courtesy call to let us know it may be another week or so, SOMETHING. Considering this isn't an easy fix, it is my whole engine.  

  I was going to wait until my engine was replaced to write a review, but who knows when that will be! So I wanted to make sure people could read this review and be aware if they chose to use this dealership or service department!

Antonio M. | 2015-03-18

If I could give cero stars this place would get it. Worst car dealer I ever being in my life.

Kendra P. | 2015-03-14

I am extremely pleased with my entire experience at HUB Hyundai.  I stopped in merely to cross this off the list of possible cars, and a day later I'm driving away in my first new car!  The staff had been exceptional.  They've been responsive to my needs and respectful of me at every step.  Car shopping as a women can be a terrible experience, but from the General Manager to the sales people and service staff I have been treated with nothing but dignity and respect.  Add to all of that the fact that I got one hell of a good deal on a great car and I could not be happier with the way all of this has gone!  

Thank you, HUB Hyundai for making this so pleasant!

Heidi R. | 2015-02-03

I definitely recommend not using this dealership. I took my car in to get it looked at for possible transmission problems, as well as other issues. I called to ask if a shuttle could give me a ride to work after dropping it off and they said yes, failing to mention that they could give me a ride to work but not a ride back to the center to pick up my car. So I plan for a shuttle to take me to and from work back to the service center, and when I get there I find out that they can't guarantee me a ride back to the service center because the driver could be busy picking up parts and they had no way of knowing where he would be and if he could pick me up. I couldn't even schedule an appointment for them to pick me up.

I dropped it off at 11 am and they said they would call me when my car was ready. I told them very specifically the issues I had would be difficult to duplicate because the problems I was having were unpredictable. I was waiting at work for them to call me, and when it was 4:30 pm and they still hadn't called, I had to call them to see if my car was ready. And it was ready, they just hadn't taken the trouble to call me. And what was worse, they didn't fix ANY of the problems that I took it in for. I explained to the incompetent staff specifically what the problems were and that they would be hard to duplicate but they still said there was no problem because they couldn't duplicate it. So in summary, taking my car in was completely useless and a waste of time because they fixed absolutely nothing.

I am also very disappointed because my car is a 2013 model, is only 2 years old, and barely has any mileage. I bought a Hyundai because I wanted a reliable car and now I'm having potential transmission problems (among the other issues that I took it in for). I am under warranty yet Hyundai can't fix the problems. Due to these disappointments I think I will be purchasing a different make of car in the future.

Eric M. | 2014-12-16

My brand new 2014 Elantra with 14000 miles is rusting inside the door. First George Sanchez of the service dept tells my girlfriend to "keep an eye on it," then after I spoke with him he says it will not be covered under warranty until it rusts thru or the paint bubbles. I got him to admit that rust on a new car is not right but he refuses to do anything about it. He also suggested I take it to another dealer. If another dealer will take care of it, why wont he? The "Industry's Best Warranty" doesn't mean anything if they worm out of honoring it. Do not invest in a Hyundai if you are expecting them to stand behind their product.

Adam S. | 2014-12-05

Service department that strives for excellence...but doesn't quite get it all of the time.

This review is for the service department.  I purchased my car at another Houston-area Hyundai, but I have had recall work done in the past at this location with no issues.

I booked my 30K maintenance online.  The process was quick and easy, but I could not find a spot within a week that fit my schedule.  I was easily able to find and book an 8am spot the following Friday.

My arrival was at 8:05.  The service manager told me it would be about an hour and a half until the work was complete.  

I went to the customer waiting room.  The room has free wifi and plenty of Community coffee, so I was set.  The room also had a TV tuned to a local new channel and a small, empty fridge that most likely holds bottled water.  I was happy with the coffee.

As I went through email over the next hour, I noticed that service techs came into the waiting room to go over details with the customers and spent a good amount of time explaining issues.  That was good to see.

My car was ready in about an hour and 10 minutes, well under the original estimate.  Nothing was found to need additional work.  I mentioned that my Genesis has an occasional problem where the nav system is stuck on the boot/logo screen, but the service manager told me that I was beyond the 3 year warranty.  Oh, well.  I noticed that the receipt had a sticker on it that said to contact the service manager if my experience was not exceptional.

Just before I left, the service manager told me that normally cars are given a complementary wash, but the the people that wash the cars were not there that day.  He told me to stop by another day when it was convenient and I would be taken care of.

A week or so later, I called the service department to come in and get the car washed and cleaned.  It was a Saturday, and the service manager told me that I may have to wait awhile if sales were high that day.  I reminded the manager that he previously told me to drop by and I asked if I could just set an appointment sometime later that day.  Again I was told that I could not be guaranteed a time.  There was an awkward silence after he told me that.  The manager said, "you understand, right?"

What I understand is that you should not expect to be treated special at this service department, especially once they have your money.  I understand that the dealership sees a car wash as being complementary, but when I pay dealership service prices, I expect the car to be returned cleaner than how I left it.

There is no separation between sales and service, and sales clearly takes priority.  That's not excellence.  There are other auto service businesses in the Katy area (such as Peavy's) that will treat you better.

Valeska V. | 2014-11-28

I bought my car 9 months ago, this is my first review of them. First, when I bought my car the dealer wouldn't stop harassing me about scoring them well even going as far as to say if I don't score them high they won't want to do nice things for me in the future and to not tell the survey that I was bribed. HELLO! The finance guy was rude. Though, overall I waited to review because I know they have a job to do but the day before thanksgiving when stores were closing I got a flat tire. Hyundai never told me new cars don't come with a  spare tire. WTH?! I asked a friend who bought from HUB as well and no one told her that either and she found out the hard way too. That's a huge safety hazard and they should make sure everyone knows.

Russ R. | 2014-09-05

Wow I should've read all the reviews here, I just bought a Sonata from Hub Katy and the sales guy was OK, the finance manager was the cockiest crooked bozo I've ever met.  When I asked my sales guy about the fees, my sales guy told me I could opt out of the theft engraving fee (after all I was buying a car that's already engraved and all they have to do is fill out one form to transfer it over to me) yet when I got to Mr Finance bozo, he says its non-negotiable and if I don't pay it they will not sell me the car.  Yet if you look at the form you're signing, it says you can WAIVE it.  He said NOPE.  I was || THIS close to walking.  I told him that the sales guy told me I could have it waived, and to go bring him here and he had the gall to tell me it's not going to matter because he's the MIGHTY sales "director".  He stepped out of his office and came right back and told me he's not coming.  I was so PO'ed I really wanted to walk so bad, but I really liked the car and I HAD to get a car STAT since mine was totaled and my rental was only for one more day.  I will NEVER buy another car from this location again, I can guarantee you that!  Stay faaaaar away from this location.  I do love my Hyundais, but this location should be demolished.

Sharon A. | 2014-08-06

Last Thursday night I ran over a pipe in the road and I instantly lost power steering. I called hyundai road side service to pick up my car and take it to the dealer for repair. Monday night we called to check on the status of damage and was told it was a total loss due to flood. WHAT FLOOD ???? When we went to the dealer we were told that's what the tow truck driver submitted as paperwork and they were not going to bother to even look at the car. When we insisted that was not the problem the Manager Adam told us to get the F#@! ING car off his property. Needless to say we did and had it moved to a different dealer. GUESS WHAT there is no flood damage to the car. Looks like paperwork mistakes. BUT it just showed me the type of dealership HUB actually is. They created a tremendous amount of stress and drama for no reason. Had they simply took 2 minutes to look at the car they would have seen we were right. Instead the manager threatened to call his "constable buddy" on us. We told him to call the police instead if he thought we were an actual threat. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP HOUSTON - WORST CAR EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!
P.S. I just purchased my vehicle from them the previous month.

Sue T. | 2014-06-28

Came into this dealership a while back maybe November or September guy took my car because something wasn't right had it for 2 days told me that the transmission was messing up. So the transmission is on warranty so I asked him to fix it, told me okay it's gonna take a week for the piece to come in and I'll call you as soon as it's in but you can still drive it till then. We said awesome and left. The following week nothing the week after.. Nothing. Called eventually and they said oh let me go check I'll call you back never called back. So now every time I call I get the same answer so now our car actually gave up. I called asked them well did the piece ever come in and he said he didn't know what I was talking about that NONE of my information was in the system. He said that he remembers us and he doesn't know why it's not in there. Well they eventually tell me here have it towed to us we will pay the cost I said cool. So the tow man comes and gets the car takes it to the dealership and then calls me and tells me my car is running fine and that the transmission isn't messed up.. The TOW MAN told me this not any of the Hyundai guys that work in the shop. So they then tell me well actually Saturdays are our basic days so your car is actually not going to get worked on till Monday or Tuesday.. I'm sitting here like.. What? Also says and the tow man says there's nothing wrong with your car you can come get it. No one looked at it, after all that mess nothing was done. I went to get the car and I was standing in the office waiting 4 guys pass me up, still standing 5 mins later oh how can I help you. Yeah I'm picking up a car okay what's the last name? I told them oh uh... I don't see it in don't know where the keys are is your car here? And I'm like seriously yes. It's right there and he's like uhh goes and gets someone and they search under papers and there's the keys. Yeah not going to this people again. Worst ever. Also my car is still shaking like crazy engine lights still on and it's starting to putt. But there's nothing wrong thanks Hyundai.

Jessica P. | 2014-05-14

I just purchased a 2014 Hyundai Elantra from Hub Hyundai in Katy. Originally, I was going to go to another dealership closer to my home but my mom gave me a hard time about her driving that far so I came to her side of town. When we arrived, we where met by Charles Jackson. He was peppy, and in good spirits and generally eager to see what he could help is with. I told him I really liked the Elantra's, but being a first time buyer I didn't really know what I could afford. He immediately started asking me questions, like "Are you a recent college graduate" to get me as many rebates as possible. We went into his office, and worked on the financials. We could have looked at cars all day, but that wasn't what I was interested in. He was so HELPFUL, non intimidating, and relaxed. He made me feel so comfortable, like I was talking to a friend. I've had an experience with another dealership and another person it was directly the opposite experience. I left feeling great about my decision, and happy that things worked out the way they did.

Hailey S. | 2014-02-23

PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE TO GET YOUR CAR SERVICED! I just picked up my car and it was COVERED in grease on the inside. The staff (well Nate is amazing and he will take care of any problems that you have), but the rest are incompetent, rude, careless, demeaning, and COMPLETELY unprofessional, more specifically Lisa. I was told I have no right to be upset after paying WAY too much money. Don't expect them to have any courtesy and lay plastic down to protect your flooring! They WILL ruin your car. Oh, and then Lisa's husband will tell you he is going to rip you a new a**hole. I cannot explain how disturbing it is that places like this exist. If you care about your car or being treated like a human, I recommend finding somewhere else to go. I called in and let the manager know of the staff inappropriate behaviors so hopefully something will change and people can take their car there in the future.

Meghan M. | 2013-12-19

Came to dealership to price out a new 2013 Elantra and got the run-around from our salesperson the entire time. He refused to acknowledge our corporate discount until we finally asked to speak with his sales manager. He also lied to us and told us that we could not get a trade in estimate because the used car manager had already left (later we met him when speaking with the manager). Overall, annoyed that we wasted our time on this unpleasant experience. We are still interested in purchasing an Elantra this weekend, but will buy from another Hyundai dealership.

Kristin H. | 2013-12-09

I found the car I wanted on the internet, emailed the internet sales manager (Charles) to confirm the price, and let him know I would be in the same day. I arrived, and no one at the dealership could find him, they just paged and paged him as we waited. Finally, another sales person, Kimborough, gave me the keys to test drive the car I was interested in.
After the test drive, we sat down and started the paperwork... I was told my credit would only be run IF WE AGREED upon a price, this is NOT TRUE. They came to me with a number, $6,000 MORE THAN THE INTERNET PRICE I RECEIVED! It was blatantly a bait and switch deal. I could only get that price if 1) I was military, 2) Recent graduate 3) Bought 5 Hyundai's! 4) Member of a credit union I never heard of and 5) Was purchasing more than one car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I explained I would only purchase this car for the same price as my email stated, and that their website showed. Well what does Kimborugh do?
Have my credit score RUN WHEN THE PRICE WAS NEVER EVEN SET or AGREEED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later in the convo, Kimborough stated that the Genesis only offers a $500 rebate for returning customers, and that the Genesis didn't have any rebates like all the other vehicles... so right there, he told me that what he had explained earlier aboutt he rebates was a LIE!
I walked out of this dealership, and I will not return.
For the price they offered me on a base model Genesis, I could buy a Subaru with more options, and the first two years of service included, which I am currently doing.

Jade C. | 2013-11-26

I just stopped by the eye a few vehicles I was interested in, I haven't purchased one yet.

I really liked that I didn't have a swarm of thirsty sales guys when I pulled into the parking lot with my early 2000's vehicle. I was allowed to check out the vehicles and without being bothered.

If I do buy a new vehicle, it may be from here.

Mike C. | 2013-11-19

INCOMPETITENT service department !  

The Service Managers  DO NOT return calls (EVER!)

Alan S. | 2013-10-30

AVOID buying a new car from this Location!!  They think you are a sucker if you walk into their dealership.

  Hi Pressure sales with last second Add-ons that you are then told are already on the vehicles so you have to pay $1,200 more than price agreed on!  ( said all the cars were all simonized on the lot - a well known scam if google on internet)  

  Even though I had a Pre Approval check from my Bank they tried to pressure me into financing through Hyundai at a rate 3x higher(8.9%) which on the sticker price would be lower because of a Loyalty discount but at the higher rate would mean higher monthly payments .    Total monthly payments through them would have been $333/mo.

  When I got up to leave to go check out a different Hyundai dealership the Sales manager says real loud all sarcastic "There goes a Savvy Shopper.. I thought you were ready to buy right now"  what an ahole.

   The other Dealership was in Houston(I am not naming so that this is just a review of Hub Hyundai West) treated me with respect and listened to me.  They did NOT tack on any last minute Add-ons that were "Mandatory" like HUB did.   They offered me triple the amount on trade in that HUB did and made special calls to HYUNDAI Motor finance to request and eventually get a matching interest rate loan(2.9%) so that I could get the owner Loyalty Discount of $1,500

    Total Monthly payments for car I purchased from the other dealer(identical to the HUB one) is $253 !!

   I paid $3,200+ less for the vehicle


Amanda B. | 2013-10-17

I got a car from here resenting and my entire experience was amazing. Ever person a talked to was very friendly and helpful. Travis was a great guy to deal with and even had my 6 month old daughter smiling with how friendly he was. Car shopping is never fun or exciting but going to hub hyundai made my experience very enjoyable. Thanks to every single one off you guys for everything!

Andy K. | 2013-10-15

In the end after 2 weeks Ryan, the used car/internet manager got involved and the next day I received the paperwork.  Ryan is professional and timely and he if he were involved form the start, I'm sure this would not have happened.  He invited me to update the review so perhaps I was a bit harsh yet, I still had an extremely negative experience with these folks.  I would be warned and make sure all your paperwork is in order before you hand over any money.  Good luck.

Phuong N. | 2013-06-14

I stopped by here recently to get some work done on my car, and the service staff was very helpful!  I needed an oil change and tire rotation, and the price for all the work was reasonable.  The time I spent there was approx. 45 mins, since the coupon offered a multi-point safety inspection too.  I will definitely stop by here for any future service on my car.

Jan F. | 2013-03-11

I needed a new car since my old Toyota stopped working.  I went to Hyundai with my father not expecting to get a car that day, but luckily, I was able to leave with a brand new Elantra.  My salesman, Mark, was very helpful and answered all the questions I had about the car.  After taking a test drive and deciding on the Elantra, he showed me how to use the different features and patiently drove around the lot with me as I decided which color I wanted (I'm very indecisive).

Financing went smoothly and Avi, the sales manager, was nice and even helped me decide on what color I wanted.  I originally wanted black but ended up with a white Elantra which I'm very happy with.

It's been about two months since I've had my Elantra and I've had no problems.  It's a good car with a good warranty and I've been enjoying driving it around everyday.

Kittie E. | 2013-02-21

My husband and I had a really terrific car-buying experience at Hub Hyundai West this week!

When we walked in, we met Jesus, who was friendly and non-pushy from the beginning. The hubby had done his homework online and knew which car he was interested in (a 2012 Sonata). Jesus rode along on the test drive but didn't talk our ears off or try to pressure us. We loved the car and went inside to talk about financing, which is where we expected the pain to begin.

Surprisingly, it didn't. Jesus got us to fill out the application and took it to the finance department, then came to back to chat with us while they worked on the numbers. This was truly enjoyable and entertaining; he is from Colombia and has a flamboyant, larger-than-life personality that kept us in stitches. When we asked if they had bottled water, Jesus jumped up and personally left the dealership and bought us two bottles, which was really above and beyond the call of duty.

We accepted the second financing offer; there wasn't a lot of back-and-forth, let me talk to my manager stuff. After the first offer, we told them where we needed to be and that's what we got the second time around. Frank, the finance manager, was personable and explained everything we were signing. He didn't pressure us to get an extended warranty plan, although he did offer and explain it. We drove off the lot in the new car about 3 hours after we arrived.

The hubby had mentioned to Jesus after the test drive that he wanted to get the windows tinted and Jesus said he could take care of that. Today we took the car back and they did a great job on the window tinting, in way less time than they said it would take. We had also discovered that the windshield washers didn't work, and they fixed that too, all with a positive attitude.

Altogether, we are very happy that we went to Hub Hyundai West despite the previous yelp reviews. I don't know if they're under new management or what, but aside from the small waiting/lobby area, I don't have anything at all negative to say.

Brahim E. | 2012-12-24

+ 1) This dealership was on the recommended list of my USAA Insurance Auto Buying program so I choose to check them out because they had a used vehicle with a good price tag. The dealer which I worked with, Jorge, was okay an offered a no-pressure approach.
2) They offered Drive Sure benefits which include roadside assistance.

- 1) The dealership IS small such that there is no customer waiting area. Had to sit at one of the salesperson's desk while financing was being reviewed and prepared.
2) Would have been nice to have a knack machine or at least popcorn available whilst we waited on paperwork to be finalized.

In summary, it seems the dealership has cleaned up their act somewhat since past reviews from others.

Ee K. | 2012-09-05

I love my Hyundai; I don't love this dealership.  There is no management, plain and simple.  You don't run a business where no one answers the phone on a weekday at 8:05 a.m., when some of us have already been at work since 7 a.m.   You don't have customers leave VM at a dealership!!!  Have you ever heard of an answering service, or call forwarding?  The Service Department is so small, you can't get in for service.  The waiting room is small, the coffee is VERY old, and there are no magazines.  Just give it up.  It's been this way at least three years now.

P.S.  It's several weeks later, and no one has ever returned my phone call.  You draw your own conclusions as to how you feel one should be treated as a customer.

Kristine H. | 2012-07-31

SALES is good. FINANCE is HORRIBLE. Here's the skinny:

+ Sales person is no-nonsense and gets the job done and gets the deal secured quickly. The price was the lowest one we found in Houston. None of this nonsense of, "let me talk to my manager" back and forth.
.... yeah and that's about it.

- Finance manager 1 (Tom) went through the paperwork so fast that we didn't really get to absorb what we were signing away. We didn't catch the extra $500 fee for "security".
- They don't get INFORMATION PRIVACY/PROTECTION! They asked me to email my pay stub to a personal email address via gmail because that dealership doesn't pay for email via their domain service. So, the salesmen, finance, and various other folks don't have company emails.
- Finance manager 1 and 2 (incoherent guy) had me fax over my pay stub to set up financing THREE TIMES over the span of 3 weeks past the sale with no additional explanation of what happened to the first 2 faxes I sent. For all I know, my personal information is floating out there.
- I receive the car note in the mail the day that it is due.

I get that I took advantage of the promotion of 0.9% financing, but it almost doesn't seem worth it for all the trouble the put me through. This is a poor move on their part because we told them we are purchasing another Hyundai vehicle.

I noticed these small details which doesn't help them compete with other dealerships:
- The place is dingy. Trash piled up in the corner. The customer lounge is dirty.
- The lot where new cars are parked is dirt/gravel/grass... really?
- No beverages stocked for new customers.

Hyundai Hub of Katy - GET YOUR SH!T TOGETHER.

Sheryl J. | 2012-02-04

Hub on Katy Freeway are committing fraud-they added 2 things to our contract without asking or mentioning.  $750 for "simonize" & $529 for some security insurance.  When we asked them to remove the 2 items, they refused.  We did not buy a car there.  We have complained to a Hyundai representative.  This dealership is  breaking the law!  DON'T BUY A VEHICLE FROM THESE CROOKS

Paul C. | 2011-10-06

My experience was mixed, but finished in a positive manner. I bought a dealer loaner Genesis a month ago with 5800 miles. It's a great car and I got it at a good price with good financing. Though the initial salesguy was not helpful, once I talked to Avi, the sales manager, things got much better. Seek out Luis as your salesman and you will be in good shape. Finance department was efficient and helpful.

Robotiko R. | 2011-08-02

I agree with the comments on here since I have experience Hub Hyundai's lack of customer service first hand.

Since the dealership is of close proximity to the house I went a head and made an appointment by phone for my 2010 Santa Fe for August 2nd. I spoke to Kodi J. and describe the problem that I was experiencing with the car. I knew that it was not an easy fix and made her aware of this and that it may require proper diagnosis. She told me it was fine and scheduled me in for the next morning.

Morning came and I brought my car in 10 minutes before the appointment. I went to service area and spoke to Kodi detailing what I have told her the day before. And without even stepping out to look at the car, she reached behind her to grab a large mound of paper and explaining to me that there are 14 cars ahead of me just waiting to get looked at by their technicians. She stated that they don't know when my car could get looked at for there were others ahead of me from July 28th. She went further saying that all of the dealership (Hyundai) were as extremely backed log and as they are and to find one that isn't would be impossible.

If HUB service dept was busy, that's fine. But why would this lady waste my time in scheduling the appointment in the first place when it seems that she knew there was a back log since the day I spoke to her on the phone? The point is, I should be inform of the situation prior to the appointment so that I could make my own decision whether to come in or not.

I got annoyed and took her card and have her write down the number to Hyundai USA customer service center. She wrote down Hyundai road side service instead. Classy. Of course, i didn't know that until I called the number after getting back to the house.

Before leaving HUB, I called the dealership where I bought both of my Hyundia's from. This was a little further from the house but the service dept was nice enough to have me in on the same day. They were also able to diagnose the car as well.

No more HUB. Not even for a simple oil/filter change. I'm so glad I didn't buy the cars from them!

Sarah W. | 2011-06-08

There is no way I will return to this dealership for service even though it is less than a mile from my workplace. The service department is incompetent.

Yesterday 6/7/11, I  "tried" to have my Santa Fe serviced.  I made arrangements online, and even called to follow up.   My appointment was for 11 a.m. and I arrived early.

My issue was that when my vehicle sits idol, the gas gauge falls to below empty even though there is a full tank of gas. This happens intermittently, but had been happening for about a week. Eventually my Check Engine light came on, because I turned off the vehicle and turned it back on too quickly. The light went off by itself and was not on when I came to the service department. But I mentioned it anyway.

So, when I brought my vehicle in, all that the Service Department did to resolve my problem was to clear the Check Engine Light.

I looked the Service rep in the face and asked specifically "So this will resolve the issue of my gas gauge falling below empty and then going back to normal"...he said "Yes".  I doubted his answer then since I didn't get a receipt or proof that my vehicle was even looked at and all that was done was the clearing of the error. NOTHING was done to resolve my issue.

Now I have to take my car to another dealership to have my issue resolved. I know they can resolve it, because they have done fantastic work on my other Santa Fe.

I would rather drive past Beltway 8 to go to North Freeway Hyundai. I know they will not waste my time and effort.

Lyndsi P. | 2011-05-09

After settling on a sale price of $23588 for a 2011 Hyundai Tucson GLS with navigation package, I drove from Austin to Houston to pick-up the vehicle. I had specifically requested my drive out price and was e-mailed $25400. When I arrived in Houston, the salesmen was very nice, but as soon as I sat down with the finance manager to sign the paperwork, I noticed that they had tacked on an additional $1200 in fees making my drive out price $26728.18. They claimed that they add two packages to all of their vehicles which are non-negotiable: simonize (5 year paint and fabric protection) and UUG Anti-theft ($5000 toward purchase of new vehicle if car is stolen in the first 5 years). We negotiated those fees down but still ended up paying the same price as we were quoted in Austin. They will underbid and lie on the base price and make up their money in the end with their additional fees. You would be better off calling them and negotiating a good deal over the phone and then use that as leverage with a more reputable dealership. When the dealership won't match the price, but will get down to invoice, take their deal! You will be sorry if you trust HUB.

Van L. | 2011-04-18

My cousin brought in his new Elantra for new tires, since they needed to be repaired. The only thing that went right was that the dealership is replacing them under warranty.  

I can't comment on the sales team, but I can imagine they are horrible similar to their "repair shop" (and according to the reviews on here).  But the brand new Elantra has been in the shop for a week (literally).  Their excuse was that they needed to order the tires from some where due to the fact that they are "special" since the option on the car had 16" rims.  

Seriously Hub?  P205/55R16 tires are not special and to obtain one to fit a 16" rim shouldn't take a week.  This place either needs new management to get their act together or simply just shut down and do everyone a favor.  The lack of standards in the auto industry is the reason why car buying experiences are no longer enjoyable.  

Cliff notes: Take your $10k+ elsewhere.  You'll thank me (I accept compliments on Yelp as payment).

Christine L. | 2011-03-05

If you see it, RUN AWAY!  They need to shut to shut this place down! !!

My friend stopped by to consider purchasing a car and their finance dept asked for two forms of ID for a credit check.  They ran his bank card  without his authorization for an initial $2000 2x when he was there!  And ANOTHER $2000 the next day!  And he didn't even purchase a car.

He already notified his bank when he was there.  They manager was NOT helpful.  He assured him that they would refund his money and wouldn't run his bank card anymore.  Well, they didn't!

They are robbers!  He probably has to contact the police now.
If you can think of anyone else he may need to contact let me know.  Maybe BBB?

Remember, don't stop by.  Tell your friends too!  Avoid this place like the plague!!!

DJ J. | 2011-02-08

The sales guy was nice, but that was his job.  Easy to get along with, didn't pressure me at all.  Never tried to upsell me on options.

The problem started with the finance manager.  I asked for "out the door" pricing, and it turns out they had tacked on 900 dollars in fees (not including the sales tax).  When I asked for an itemized list of what's in the fees, I was made to wait.  I waited for two hours before losing my patience and leaving.

If a dealership can't provide you with an itemized list of everything that they are charging you with, don't bother.  There's no sense in putting up with hidden fees.  The good experience I had with the sales guy is really the only thing keeping me from giving this dealership 1 star.

Ryan S. | 2010-12-12

I'll never return to Hub Hyundai and I'll warn everyone I know against going there as well.

I went to Hub Hyundai to check out the 2011 Tucson. I had pretty much settled on the Nissan Rogue, but my sister mentioned that her friend had just bought a Hyundai Tucson and she (the friend) loved it, so I thought it was worth checking it out. So I show up at Hub Hyundai - West (Katy Freeway location) and proceeded to test drive (and fall in love with) the 2011 Tucson. I'm not the type of person who will ever buy a car on the spot, so I took a week to think about it. The following weekend I returned to Hub Hyundai and spoke again with the salesperson who had previously helped me. This is when things got tricky, and very ugly (at least in my opinion).

First thing I did when I got there was told my salesperson that I had been very impressed with the Tucson and would like to work with him on making the Tucson my next car. So we sat down and started discussing what exactly I was looking for with my Tucson, options-wise. I told him that I was looking for a 2011 FWD Tucson Limited with a navigation package. I had my heart set on a grey exterior with a black leather interior. It was at this point that the sales associate informed me that Hyundai doesn't do "special orders". I told him that was fine, that I was flexible when it came to exterior and interior colors, as long as it wasn't anything too crazy. At this point he went on to tell me that they didn't have ANY FWD Tucson Limiteds available. He also informed me that he had no idea when they might receive another Limited, much less one with a navigation package. He also said that they, along with most other dealers, were having a lot of trouble getting/keeping 2011 Tucson Limiteds in stock because apparently they are a "hot" car right now. That's fine, I can understand that, but I'm a little frustrated/disappointed by that. I asked him if he could check one of the other dealers in the area, and if he found one, would I be able to purchase it through him. (I didn't really like him as a person, but he had been "my guy" at Hyundai and hadn't done anything to make me not want to give him my business...yet). It was at this point in time that he told me that they don't do dealer trades, and the reason seemed to be something along the lines of "because it is a hassle". Okay, getting me a bit irritated now, but I guess I can understand dealerships wanting to hold on to a "hot car" that everyone is looking for. Well, he then changes his tune a little bit when he finds out that I had come in with a down payment ready and my financing all set up, so he suggests that "If you give me your down payment now, I could go ahead and call around and see what is available, and if there is something in the area I could arrange a dealer trade." At this point I've made my decision that I won't be buying my car here...ever. Why would I give you my money if you can't give me the product I'm looking for, much less tell me when it'll be available? So I told him I didn't think that was an option. He then proceeded to tell me that if I put my money down today IF a 2011 FWD Tucson Limited came in on the next truck I'd be first in line. He couldn't tell me when that truck was arriving. Or if it had a 2011 FWD Tucson Limited on it. Or when they could expect to get another. Or the colors the interior/exterior would be, or any of the other options. They just take whatever the manufacturer happens to send them. It could be days, weeks, or even months until they got one.

Needless to say, the whole experience left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, not just for Hub Hyundai, but for Hyundai in general. The quality of their cars may have gotten better, but their business plan leaves a lot to be desired. So I went down the road to a Nissan dealership, told the guy what I was looking for and he had 7 on his lot with all the features I wanted, and 1 in the colors I wanted. I'll be a proud Nissan Rogue owner by weeks end.

Matthew I. | 2010-01-25

My parents wanted to have a used Hyundai inspected before they decided to make an offer to a private seller.  We drove over at 7 a.m. and asked if they could do an inspection.  They told us it would cost $115 but were too busy.  They didn't look busy to us...and said we'd have to come back another day.  So we called the Sterling McCall Hyundai dealership and were greeted by a very nice man named Mike Hopkins.  Mike told us to come over and he would work us in. (See my positive review about Sterling McCall Hyundai.)

Heidi H. | 2009-11-04

I really hate having my car serviced at the dealership. I had to go in to get work done while my car is still under warranty. I had to have my CD player replaced. Gordon was nothing short of spectacular. He said he could get me in & out in an hour- and did it. No ordering parts or "come back later"- they had this in stock. Lucky me!
Nate was also very helpful answering my emails. This is my new place when I have to get the dealership involved.

Liz S. | 2007-09-29

I took my aging hatchback in for service here since I thought the problem might be under warranty, and I got a pretty good deal - I told the service staff what my concerns and budget were, and they stayed right at my price range (even knocked off a few dollars) and tried to address the problems from several different angles.  I even got a free rental Hyundai out of the deal for a few days.  The staff only condescended to me a few times (on account of me bein' a woman and all), a real plus compared to my other mechanic experiences during my years in Houston.

Only trouble is, they didn't fix the problem.  The guys at Ashford Memorial Motors (link) sure did, though!  Hub Hyundai West diagnosed the problem as a clogged fuel line and some other fuel issues, nothing warranty-related but cheaper to pay for the work to be done than just to pay for the diagnostic.  My real mechanic found the problem in about 20 minutes - worn-out spark plugs and bad wires (engine misfiring, etc.).

Hub West was the best Hyundai service department I've been to in town, but I don't know how much that's saying.