Gillman Honda Southwest in Houston, TX

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Sales, Service and Parts for Honda Automobiles


Established in 1938.

Gillman Honda Houston is apart a family-owned and operated group of automobile dealerships servicing the Houston area for 70+ years.

Gillman Honda Southwest

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 776-4800
Address:10595 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Houston, TX, 77099
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Gillman Honda Southwest

Kristyn H. | 2015-04-13

I want to thank Gillman Honda, but especially service advisor, Jose. I paid for services at my local Honda dealership only to find myself in Houston this weekend with a battery light on. The closest dealership was Gillman. From start to finish, Jose was very understanding. They were extremely busy, so I got a rental. Needless to say, Jose and his team fixed my issues. He tried to assist me with getting my home dealership to cover the services they missed, but even though that didn't happen, I still appreciate all of his help and if I ever find myself stranded in Houston, I'll be back!

Steve C. | 2015-03-26

DO NOT DO BUSNIESS WITH Gillman Honda Houston!

I've purchased an used vehicle on Feb 14th, 2015 for this dealership. At first, they were very nice and taking the time to show me the cars I was interested. Once I have sign the contract that is when everything going bad. I was promsied two set of keys at the delivery, when I got home found out the second set of key is for different car.  I call the salesman (Adrian) next day, he said he will call me back when he get in the office. I wait for all afternoon, Adrian never call me back. I finally got hold of Adrian, he reply that there is only one set of key not two, he also said this happens a lot with used car. Another problem I am having now is I still DO NOT have the llincese plates and registration tag. I have call last week and they said it will take 4 to 6 weeks. I call accounting (Cheryl) today which is on the 6th week since I have purchase the vehicle. Cheyrl told me that they have overnight all paper work on March take them a full month to complete all paper work and ship it on Sat, right there is a RED flag. I ask  Cheryl to double check once more and she put me on hold, and came back said the plates just got in today at 10:30 am. If you ask me, they have very poor management and not efficient at all. Do your shopping elsewhere, not at Gillman Honda Houston. Once they hav your money, you are not they're customer anymore. Not honest!!

Alex M. | 2015-03-26

I have been going to this dealership for roughly 2 years now. They have never let me down, currently being a student I'm very cautious with my spending. I bring competitors coupons for oil change and/or whatever else. Every single time they match it or beat it. My check engine light came on, and I went to them. (also needed an oil change) I presented the coupon from John Eagle. They told me they couldn't do  that. They could honor the oil coupon at the express center. I went the express center. At the express center they told they couldn't honor it. I know I'm just one customer. But it really sucks when you think you found a dealership you can finally trust and they just change up everything. You guys are in it to make money, and we customers are trying to save money. Don't advertise this "Success has not altered the organization's founding principle.  Every employee in every Gillman dealership knows customer satisfaction is paramount"  I do appreciate though the 2 years of service you've given me.

John D. | 2015-03-25

I scheduled a test drive appointment with Brittany Mitchell via email on 3/23 for that same evening. We arrived early and told the first person to greet us that we had a test drive appointment. He asked who I worked with, I said Brittany, then he asked for the model which I gave him despite giving it all to Brittany earlier. We stood and waited in the lobby area for a few minutes. Another salesperson came over, stood around for a minute, then left. Then finally Calvin Tran sat down with us.

I had to repeat all the same information I'd given Brittany about model/trim that we were there to test drive and give my name again. The car was not ready for us and I don't think they even looked up the appointment.

The 2 stars are for Calvin. Our bad experience was not due to him. He was polite and respectful during the test drive and the sales manager came out to greet us. However, we were dissatisfied with how the appointment scheduling was. We make appointments so we can be in and out quickly and not take up our time or the salespersons. I feel that because I told them ahead of time we were just test driving and not buying that they treated us poorly.

Brittany emailed me later to say she had left for the day by the time we arrived and that she had put the notes in the system. Apparently, nobody had checked the system for appointments.

Unfortunately, if this is how poorly organized they are when it comes to New Sales, I wouldn't feel comfortable with any post-sale support or Service issues.

Michael S. | 2015-02-28

I just bought a used Honda yesterday and the process could not have been easier. The sales man I used (Morgan Chemzoy) was a well informed, well spoken, really nice guy who helped me out a lot. He was straight up with me about the prices and value I would get for different cars. I had done a lot of research, so I had a good understanding of what the different cars were worth. I would highly recommend this location just because of him.

Danh N. | 2015-02-24

I'm really pleased with the service at Honda Gillman. My sale man is Mr. Kampf who was really helpful throughout the process. He explained everything carefully and clearly to us so that we could be able to choose the car that meet our needs. The entire process was quick and no hectic at all so I am pretty happy with it. I would give a 5 stars service for this honda dealer.

Liam C. | 2015-02-20

We went to Gillman Honda today not expecting to make a purchase but just to browse. Upon arrival we were greeted by sales consultant Najam Siddiqui. Now, normally we would prefer not to be with a salesperson while just browsing but Mr Siddiqui was very nice and not pushy at all. He showed us exactly what we were interested in and answered any questions we had. I found Mr Siddiqui to be very honest and helpful. The Accord model we wanted ended up being less expensive than I had anticipated so we decided to go ahead with our purchase. We had initially thought that our price range was either for the civic or a used Accord.

Overall, this was the most painless car buying experience I've had and I will likely purchase another vehicle from Gillman Honda. This was actually our second purchase from this dealership the first being a CR-V a few years back.

Five stars and big thanks to Mr Siddiqui and also Johny in the finance department.

Arpitha G. | 2015-02-19

Got a brand new Honda Accord yesterday- It is my first car and I went to pick it alone. Gillman Honda guys did not let me feel I was alone :)
Randy (Randy L Kanpf) was the sales person who assisted me all the while- He is awesome! Got me a great deal, and he even picked me up when I did not have a ride to the dealership!
All the finance stuff was dealt with by Luis A Martinez. He assisted me well in all aspects he could and explained things thoroughly. Everything went so well, and not to forget the finance director who was friendly enough to give suggestions that suited me best.

I only hoped if I could get a couple of free oil changes and free car washes it would be even awesome! Nevertheless, i still like the deal and the service.

Thanks for everything Gillman Honda! :)

Navyd C. | 2015-01-29

As a first time buyer I was satisfied with the transaction of my vehicle. As far as service goes, plain horrible. My car was in the shop for almost a week, I was the one following up with my car rather than someone letting me know what was going on. I never got a clear answer. Then finally I was told it was a battery thing nothing more. I never received a phone call afterwards. I called multiple times 2 days later and since I never got a phone call back, I had to leave work to find out all I needed was a new battery. I was aggravated. When I went to see the car, no one seemed to know what the real issue was, it didn't even seem like anyone saw the car, just parked it inside the shop. I could have changed the battery if that was the only issue. I spent money on a rental car and missed days of work to just find out it was a battery issue plus after all this, the entire transaction still had to come out of pocket. You would think I would get some type of discount or a cookie for all I care for having me wait over a stupid battery for almost an entire week. Never again.

Debbie A. | 2014-12-04

I helped my mom purchase her car here and get all the work done on my car here.  The staff are friendly and provide great customer service.  Customer service after you purchase your car is important to me.  They will continue to get my business.  The general manager is knowledgeable in every aspect of the business.  Thank you Gillman staff.

John P. | 2014-12-03

I purchased my truck on 10/31. I purchased a used vehicle and completely understand what you get when purchasing a used vehicle. I traded in a truck that was a couple of years newer, but was too small for my needs. After a horrible dealing with the salesman, Paul, we finally agreed to some terms. I had some valid concerns about the truck I was purchasing, as any rational person would when purchasing a used vehicle. I was about ready to just walk out of the dealership from hearing the salesman constantly cram down my throat 'This truck is in absolute perfect condition" "Gillman performs the most detailed inspections" "blah blah blah--typical used car salesman speech". The truck I purchased has turned out to be the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. At this very moment it is sitting in my driveway dead as can be. The level of customer service and attention to providing a quality experience was possibly the worst I have experienced in a dealership before. Quite a shame that a dealership that has been around Houston this long provides this level of service.

Anh H. | 2014-11-24

This dealership is horrible. I am only giving them an extra star for my salesman.. But beyond that the experience with them is horrible. When I bought my 2014 accord the finance guy said "yeah definitely you'll get free oil change up to 36k at ANY honda dealerships when you buy these add on to the warranty" My second oil change I went to Honda of Katy and they told me it only works at Gillman and whatever deal they did.. The reason i am mad bc my first oil change was with Gillman and the mechanic (Tuan) that did my oil change screwed up and my oil was leaking for 2 days straight when I bought it back to them to see what happened i had about a cup of oil left in the engine.. the manager apologized and offered me one free oil change.. So your mechanic almost ruined my new car and i get a voucher to come back?! No thank you.

P W. | 2014-11-18

I purchased my new Accord Sport in Aug 2013 and had the first scheduled maintenance and after I drove off with my car the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light came on. Meaning there was low pressure in my tires.  Since I dont live close to Gillman southwest, I took it to discount tire and they said the tire pressure was fine and they didnt know why it came on..  Then I took it to Sears and they said the same thing.  After about a month the light went out.   Fast forward I just took it again to get the scheduled maintenance and told the service guy that I wanted the oil change and tires rotated.  He came back and told me they recommended a tire balance as well.  I said okay.  Well again after I drove off with my car the TPMS light came on again. I have an appt to look at a new car tomorrow, so let's see if I can get them to turn the light off.  I also asked that an annotation be put in my maintenance book to show I had the scheduled maintenances performed but of course no one writes them in.  Not sure about the customer service at this place.

Ana S. | 2014-11-13

My experience for a first buyer was terrible. They called me up in the morning telling me the cars i had been looking at are still available, and confirmed my appointment with someone. When I got there the person I was suppose to be meet up with for my appointment was gone for the day, went home and I wasn't late. Pretty darn messed up if you ask me . To top it all off I drove about an hour out just to come in and be told all the cars I been looking at been sold not the same day no yesterday, a week a go.
They didn't really treat me with respect, mostly like a dumb teen. They told me there no such thing as haggling anymore, and pretty much tried to take me as a sucker. I get it okay, you need to make quotes by the month, but there were little things here and there. I'm walking around in your building and your not doing anything, feet kicked up on the phone and make eye contact with me or see me, please get up and ask your costumer if they need any assistance.  Speak to me with respect and call me by name. Let's just say I  won't come back here for anything.

Khoa H. | 2014-10-14

I took my Honda Civic here to fix the bumper and get a new paint job because I thought taking it to a dealership they would do a better job than a local body shop. A few months later the bumper got loose and the paint started to peel off from weather and rocks that bounced off from normal driving. I thought a dealership would use quality paint and original parts from Honda. They left out some screws and I never had time to come back to get them put back on. Next time, do body work at your local body shop because dealerships don't seem to take the time to do things right and rush things. They have too many customers. The front of my bumper looks so horrible due to the peeling and it keeps on getting worst and bigger.  It actually looks better with the old bump and scratch than it does now. I am so disappointed with Honda's body shop.

Bevan L. | 2014-10-04

All dealers try to add the "extra" junk on new cars, paint protection, fabric protection and so on. If you go in there with a fair price and you stick to your guns, they will get you in and out. They will not let a deal (car sale) pass them by, I had wasted my time at Katy of Honda, and finally left when they were not coming down on their price, 2k difference from what I paid at Gillman to what they were trying to get. Internet sales guy took care of me and did not bs me once he knew, that I knew my numbers.

buyer t. | 2014-10-02

i got to Gillman Honda with my 2firends that they said they know a finance guy name Moe raffiee , i get a car and about 30 minute on his office for 2time interest on financing car i got the car few months after that Mr rafiee and his wife zohre rafeei make a roomer that i had affair with him and he gifted the car to me ,his wife going every were and said now i had another person and got another car i try to talk to manger of Gillman Honda but he never get to the phone or return my phone calls

Ray J. | 2014-09-25

I would not recommend this place to the devil himself. This is the last time I will deal with this dealership, they have no clue what customer service means. I needed some body work in my car after being rear ended. I took it here to Gillman's body shop, I walk in and nobody asks me a damn thing. I see two guys fiddling with paperwork at their desk and when I try to get there attention, they give me the universal 'one minute' sign. I look out the window and notice a kinda cute gal walking in, a good 2-3 minutes after I have been standing there. Lo and behold, one of these assholes at the front gets up to help her. After fuming to the manager there, he helped me out finally. My car has been there 2 weeks and not one fucking call to give me an update, today I call and he says it should be ready today (information I could have used in advance). The cs rep then tells me he will call me back in 45 minutes. He never did, a full 5 hours later I call back, and he says "oh sorry, I forgot!" Really?? Then proceeds to tell me that they ordered the wrong taillight! I don't know what kind of Mickey Mouse operation these guys are running here but never think about getting your car worked on here! Unless you are a pretty girl, good luck getting service!

Anthony K. | 2014-09-13

Cunning finance guy
I would not recommend buying cars here! I recently purchase a new CRV here. The salesman is okay but the finance guy is very cunning. We were bought into a room to sign the paperwork for financing. Before we signed the papers, we discovered there were four optional insurances on the document. We asked what they are, the guy did not want to explain them, just saying they are only $20, $15, $10, $5 extra a month. We asked him to remove them. He became annoyed and said to us, "You can't afford that???" The problems were he didn't explain to us what they were and did not ask our permission to add them before he printed them on the contract. We insisted that he removed them, his face turned dark and walked away from the room, presuming reprinting the contract. He came back 20 minutes later. We looked at the contract, there were still three sort of extra optional insurances on it. We asked what happened because we asked him to remove all of them. His response, "You bought a new vehicle but you can't afford them?" I repeated to him, "I would have seriously considered them if you explained to me what they were and asked our permission to add them." His face turned darker and walked away from the room. 30 minutes later he came back, guess what, there were still two unknown insurances on the contract. We didn't want this to turn into a shouting fight and signed the contract, ended up paying $25 extra a month for something we don't need. So you are warned. Better to find another honest place to shop for vehicle.

Dann S. | 2014-09-04

Love my car, but was lied to by both the salesman and the finance manager. Not sure why I am surprised. There's a reason the industry has the reputation that it does.

G J. | 2014-07-05

Went to this dealership to buy a car today all the sales people were lounging back in their chairs at the tables as you walk in, refusing to get up and see if I needed help.  Walked around the showroom, one individual asked me what I was looking for and I told him, he told me that they didn't have they car I was looking for.  This person did not even offer to look up to see if they could get the car. This dealership must not be wanting to sell any cars.

We left this dealership and went up the road to Katy where we purchased TWO cars from a very knowledgeable salesman that was WILLING to look for the cars we wanted.

Stephanie S. | 2014-06-15

Terrible customer service! Please do not buy a vehicle from this location. I went to this dealer to hopefully purchase a vehicle. I walked into the showroom and saw about 15 or more Honda salesmen/employees standing around on their phones and talking amongst themselves. After 15 minutes of browsing the showroom, none of the salesmen/employees asked if I needed help. I then walked up to a group of Honda employees to see if I could get help. All they wanted to know was if I was buying or not. They were pretty rude to me so I decided to take my time and money elsewhere. The manager needs to hire more competent workers. I have never seen so many salesmen so unwilling to get a commission off of a sale.

Ilke B. | 2014-06-09

It was our first purchasing from Gilmann ..Omar Khalil took care of  us whatever we need..He was a very friendly and honest salesman. He helped a lot about giving  us all our options. I would love to return if needed again.

Sulisa C. | 2014-05-03

My husband and I get our cars serviced here - oil change, maintenance, inspections. I also purchased my car at this dealership.

-Each time you bring your car here to get it serviced, you get a free car wash.
- Good waiting area in the show room (there's also coffee and popcorn)
- Knowledgable staff. I like to highlight Parvez Kapadia's customer service. He worked with us and the financial department to settle on a price that I was happy with.

Each time you get your car serviced, they do a full inspection. It is great that they do that, but sometimes they can be a little pushy in trying to sell you services. One time, I had just changed my windshield wipers 2 weeks prior to my annual inspection. They told me that I needed new ones. There was another time when they were pushy about having the air filters changed when I know it's something that I usually do on my own.

Mike C. | 2014-04-21

avoid their financing department.
that's where you will lose your money

Samantha L. | 2014-04-03

My sales person was Kitt & he was awesome.  Very helpful & straightforward.  Definitely cared about the deal I was getting and now just trying to get me a deal so he profits from it.  The problem I had is when I went to the finance department to finalize the purchase and one of the guys, Moe, charged me for a warranty that he said I would get free.  I didn't even want the warranty, but he was so pushy and kept insisting I get it that he said I would get full coverage with a $100 deductible at no charge so I decided since it was free I would go ahead and accept.  Well a couple of hours later my mom was looking at the paperwork and found that he charged me for the warranty.  She had to argue with him but finally he changed the paperwork since he was the one who lied and my monthly payments was lowered by $10.  Not only is that sneaky and he lied, the whole process took two hours too long because we were trying to figure out why the monthly payments were so high-- well thats' why, because of the warranty they tried to sneak in.  

Overall I would definitely recommend Kitt as a sales person but be wary and double check the finance team's work.

Jenny N. | 2013-12-30

This is only a review for the financing department, specifically the financing representative "Mo".  

He is really patient and understanding, and he will explain things to you. I feel like you are in good hands with Mo. I can't vouch for anyone else there, but my mom and I really liked him. He's been there for 21 years. I lucked out and happened to get a really good interest rate so I am happy with my transaction with Mo (and part of the reason why I'm giving 5 stars). Mo said he didn't do anything special, just his job, and he said I got an excellent rate due to my profession and good credit.  He also took the time to explain things to me, which was quite awhile.

He is really kind, and he is a family man.  Definitely try and get him if you plan on financing your car.  You will especially want him if the actual negotiating part of your car purchase left you weary earlier.

Christie H. | 2013-12-19

Went there for maintenance to be done on my CRV. Got the nicest advisor. He kept me informed on everything that was going on and told me I needed some minor repairs. He explained why and was very helpful with all my questions. This guy was awesome had to ask his name again. Eric Perez. Definitely recommend this guy.

austencasey f. | 2013-05-20

Went to this dealership for a recalled airbag on my 2001 Honda Civic. We called ahead to make an appointment to bring it in on saturday. We were told on the phone that we didn't need an appointment, just bring it in first thing in the morning. When we arrived, we were told that they may or may not have the part in stock (would have been nice to know that on the phone, but okay). We were called back and notified that they did have the part in stock, but that the car needed $1300.00 worth of work. Hmmm, I gave them the okay to fix the recalled part, but wait on the other work and get a second opinion.
Went to pick up the vehicle. What a nightmare. I was surrounded by unhappy costumers and service techs. that did nothing but complain about customers behind their backs. Hello- I'm a customer, too. I can HEAR you. It was a zoo! Granted it was a saturday and most of the freaks and ghouls come out then, but still. It was extremely unorganized at the service center area. I will not be back. I'll look else where when recalled parts need servicing and I'll take my car to my local mechanic for the repairs needed.

Mai-Trang T. | 2013-03-15

I really enjoy this Honda dealership.

My daddio bought me my 2008 Honda civic here back in the day and I've been here numerous times for my oil change, car repairs,  and car maintenance.

Each time I'm here, they give me terrific service and they are extremely friendly to me. I work my car pretty hard since I have loved ones all over Houston from my boyfriend in clear lake to my sisters that live in Katy.  I really have to my sure my baby gets the best care in order to stay reliable for me in this busy busy city.

Overall,  my civic has treated me very well and I've got to give thanks to Honda. I'm at around 75,500+ miles now and am currently undergoing quite a few maintenance repairs. This place thoroughly inspects your car and they're very honest about what needs to be done.  I've never been pushed to do anything I didn't want to with my car and they are very empathetic to the stress that all these requirements may cost.

In each visit,  they listened to my needs and I have been more than satisfied with this dealership. On another note, if you have long waits,  they have shuttles that will take you within a 10 or 15 mile radius,  I forget.

Overall,  I'm really glad I purchased my car here. The honda representatives have always been really helpful to me and my baby has been running well her entire lifetime. Go Honda!

Darren Y. | 2012-12-25

I bought a 2009 Honda Fit here, and it was my first car-buying experience so I don't have anything to compare it to.  It took several hours, which wasn't fun... but maybe that's normal?  The salesman was pretty nice and the finance people explained things pretty well and were generally respectful despite my inexperience.

I wasn't too happy with the service department, however.  I went and got my free oil changes while it was under warranty. They were usually pretty quick about it... no long waits.  But I had 2 experiences where I feel like they screwed me:

1) While the car was under warranty, the air conditioning started giving me problems.  It worked fine when I bought the car, but maybe 6 months afterwards it changed.  It still worked, but it was weak.  I took the car in twice and both times they looked it over and told me that there was no problem with the air conditioner.  I was upset -- the problem was obvious and I feel that they should have replaced it the 2nd time.  They insisted that there was nothing wrong with it, but I suspect that they just didn't want to fix it for free (since it was still under warranty.)

2) About 6 months ago, I hit a curb and put a small dent in one of the front wheels.  The dent cause air to leak out of the tire.  The wheels were the standard steel wheels that come with the basic car package (not upgrades).  When I took it to the service dept, the tech quoted me an exorbitant $400 to fix the wheel dent!  He calculated the cost of the wheel and tire, plus the tire pressure sensor.  I was very turned off.  I went down the street to Rollo's and they fixed the ding for $30.  They told me that the tire wouldn't hold air anymore and sold me a used tire for another $30.  Problem solved for $60 instead of $400.  It's been about 6 months -- the used tire and the pressure sensor seem to be fine.

So all in all, not a bad place to buy a car, but they will definitely gouge you when it comes to service.

Luci S. | 2012-09-29

What the heck is up with this place.  Their express service department never fails to get me upset.  They always promise one thing and always fail to deliver.  I can't say all mechanic type shops are the same, but maybe they are?  

After my oil change, they gave me a list of things that needed attention.  One was for a service job I did with them a month ago!  

If you ever take your car in and just observe the service men through the windows, you'll always catch them talking, wasting time on their cell phones, and sometimes sit around and wait for another guy to finish a job.  The owner needs to be aware of what's going on before they start losing customers by the day.  

Where can we go for an honest mechanic job these days?!

Mari L. | 2012-09-11

Avoid this place!!

Several years ago, went in, test drovea CR-V, loved it, and bought it that day.  Took 3 tedious hrs to complete the paperwork, and when I took the financing papers home for closer examination, I found out that they conveniently added "life insurance" as part of the packages.

Went back the next day and the financing guy was ticked that I actually read my paperwork and called him out on his very ILLEGAL activity, he literally tore all the financing papers to shreds in front of me in his office.  While the sales and financing dept. are rude idiots, I still loved the car, so I paid cash. The Sales Manager cursed as I walked off with my new car.  

The service department has been rude and unresponsive everytime there is a Honda recall repair (3 in the lifetime of the car).  I even called Honda headquarters to report the dealership's lack of response to perform the mandated (need I say free) recall.

Amyn Z. | 2012-05-23

This is one of the worst places I have taken my car for service.

I needed an oil change and since I was close to the dealership thought would be easier to get it done here. I have a honda service pack so oil changes are free. I asked the service person and was told yes we accept those and directed me to go through the express lane. The person was not very happy to see me pull over fort service and when I told him about honda plan, he asked me if I bought it there since each dealership has its own thing, after arguing for a little while, he would not check my car record on their system and said he could not do the oil change without me paying for it.
I got put off there and now heading to another dealership.

This its not the first time that I have had to pull tooth and nail to get already covered services done at this dealership. A few months back my wife's civic hybrid had battery issue and even being under warranty and everything I had to dish out money for the battery to be replaced. Also they updated the software on the hybrid without  asking me and then saying there is no way to reverse it which as it turns out has an adverse affect and gas mileage for the hybrid has fallen considerably and is less then what I would get for a regular civic.

Update: After checking with other dealership and honda it should be available on their systems using a VIN lookup and does not require any additional information.

Christi W. | 2012-03-20

Horrible and rude dealership!

I was gonna go to the Katy Honda dealer nearby but a friend suggested the SW Gillman dealership. I was badly misinformed. The dealer was so rude and impolite. The salesman talked to me as if I was incompetent and seem to make an extra effort to make me feel uncomfortable. I even gave the dealership a second chance and spoke with another salesman. Same attitude and worse service!

If possible, I would give this dealership no stars. I ended up purchasing from Katy dealership instead.

Tien T. | 2011-12-22

im not sure why the other reviews were so low, but i guess the experience varies here. for me, ive never had bad service. along with my 2009 honda civic i have a oil change plan and so this is my go to place every 3000miles or so. the guys are great! i usually either deal with eric (very nice and courteous) or minhtan (also very nice). they usually get my car done within 30 minutes, and they run it into the wash for me!

they have a small seating area where you can kind of see your car, or you can go into the big office and have a seat on their sofa and watch some tv and enjoy free popcorn. the seats inside are leather and much more comfy. (dont fall asleep!)

overall, the service has always been good for me. i give it three stars because its good service, but its just as expected at other places. if they went above and beyond, then that'd earn then some more stars. will update this review if things get better or worse!

- T.

Sean B. | 2011-11-02

The service is horrible. I was rear ended and set everything up before I showed up.   Let's just say I almost left and went somewhere else. I had a rock chip in my window and asked if they repaired them he was like no and nothing else. Do they not know anyone to refer? Then he said when I asked that it would be about 7 days to get my car back. For a rear bumper?I was shocked. I was going to get my oil changes and tires rotated but I will take it to the other dealership when I get my car back. Then Enterprise Picked me up and I received my rent-a-car. I realized I left my paper work at the collision department sitting area. When I went back to pick up my paperwork I watched from inside as girl ran into the car I dropped off and the body shop salesman shoeing her off. I ran out and the girl realized it was my car and did not drive off and the employee tried to convince me everything was okay it can be buffed out. I can only imagine what would have happened if I was not there. I would have been stuck with it. I called Honda America and they agreed it was bad and would file a complaint. I would have taken my car somewhere else but I would have to have transferred all the insurance info and I did not have the time. I am concerned to leave my car. I hope it comes back in one piece in 7 days. It will be Russell & Smith Honda next time I have never had a bad experience there.

Elorie K. | 2011-08-31

I'm iffy between two and three stars. If you don't want to read the details, skip to the last paragraph.

Instance #1; My car was broken into late July and a LOT of my parts were missing (people, make sure you have an alarm on your car. I'm a broke college student, so I decided to spend my money on going out to eat instead, which was a very immature and stupid decision). My steering wheel, seats, and dashboard were completely ripped out. I have a convertible, so they just ripped the top, and pulled everything out. It was like looking at your child and seeing their organs gone (I don't have any kids thankfully, so I'm sure that's not a very accurate comparison, but my car is definitely my baby so that's the best I got). The total in damages and repairs was as much as a new car.

I had it towed to Honda because I couldn't think of anywhere else to keep it at while insurance needed time to inspect it. I turned my baby in on July 28th, I didn't get it back till August 27th. Now, let me say that the guy that was helping me (James Na) was very kind and considerate. He did his job very well. He called about once a week, if not more, to keep me updated and let me know what was going on with the car and what he'd talked to insurance about. A lot of funny business kept going on, though. After a few weeks into it, I got a call about 'Insurance gave us the wrong parts to order, so we have to order different parts again and it'll take another week or two.' I was a little suspicious because.. how would my insurance company know what to buy for my specific car? (lost a star.) No sense. But whatever, as long as my baby is getting healed back to full, I don't care.

I get my car back on Saturday the 27th. Sunday night I'm going to drop my mom's car (which she had lent me since mine was in the shop) back to her house, and my boyfriend was behind me. I'm driving my car and he's driving hers. He calls me and tells me my brake lights aren't working.

Instance #2: Monday morning, I called Honda but couldn't get a hold of Mr. Na so I left a voicemail telling him what I found out and that I'd be there after class to drop it off. Ended up taking it the next day because I didn't have a ride home. When I get there Tuesday morning, he pretty much says, 'We don't know if the brake lights not working is our fault or not, so we need a few hours to look at it. If it was our fault, insurance will cover it. If not, we'll give you a call. But there is also a 107$ diagnostics fee, sorry." I'm like, WHAT?! But okay. If it's 'not your fault' I'll take it somewhere else. When I dropped the car off to you guys a month ago, my brake lights were working. When you give it back, they're not. Obviously we know where the fault lies. They end up calling my mom and she gives the 'okay-go' to fix it, so I pick it up Tuesday around 6:30. Now, I'd been on campus about eight-nine hours and stuck in traffic for an hour and a half, when I picked my car up, I expected everything to be satisfactory. I should be able to trust a DEALERSHIP to know what they're doing when they get a job there. My bulbs were replaced because MIRACULOUSLY SOMEHOW all three of my brake light bulbs had gone out and I needed new ones. I get home and my boyfriend is like, 'Did you check it before you left?' No, of course not, because I'm an idiot. Whaddyaknow? The brake lights STILL DON'T WORK. (lost another star.)

HONDA FYI, your mechanics don't know what the hell they're doing. Seriously, do you not CHECK the car you JUST worked on for the problem you supposedly 'just fixed' before you hand the car back to the customer? I expect my baby to be in good hands and I obviously can NOT trust this place. It's pretty shady. I'm not some dumb blonde with mommy's credit card, and I won't be taken advantage of because of my stereotype.

Went back the next day and had everything fixed at no extra cost.

Let me clarify, the customer service is EXCELLENT. Mr. Na was very polite, professional, and comedical. Having your car broken into, and going through everything to get it fixed is very stressful, and he kept me laughing and informed the entire time. HOWEVER, I believe the guys actually working on my car SERIOUSLY need new jobs or need to put a little more effort into what they're doing. Mr. Na saved the rating for this place.

Rahul B. | 2011-07-31

Long gone are the days where I believe taking your car to the dealer is the best option available. Instead, thanks to multiple TERRIBLE experiences at Gillman Honda South, I now believe that taking your car to the dealer is the best way to light hundred dollar bills on fire.

Two experiences with Gillman stand out in my mind. First, over 3 years ago I had a ton of oil leaks I had to get dealt with for my '01 Honda Prelude, and I took it to Gillman to have it looked at. They quoted me $2500 because they would have to drop out the transmission to fix a hard to reach leak (rear main seal).  I took my car to two other repair shops I trusted to get them to verify this and they both said it was complete bs. I ended up getting the job done elsewhere for $800.

The next story is so absurd that most people don't believe me when I tell it to them. I took my car to Gillman 3 years ago for a 90k mile maintenance, and they proceeded to tell me that it was time to get my timing belt service done. They "replaced" what they needed to replace and sent me on my way $1,000 lighter.

Flash forward 2.5 years to February 2011, and for some reason I'm having problems with the parts that Gillman supposedly replaced. Except, the superbly awesome mechanic I go to here in Austin, while looking into an oil leak, discovers the parts were NEVER replaced. Gillman charged me $1k for something they never even did. The proof was undeniable.


I drafted up a letter (with pictures and additional details attached) threatening to sue unless they payed me a demanded amount of money, and two weeks later I had a check from Gillman sitting in my mail.

These people are THIEVES and I'm still debating whether or not I should take them to criminal court for what they pulled on me. Who knows how many other people they've scammed like this? For now, I'll just write as many reviews as possible to spread the word.

Cynthia L. | 2011-03-14

I brought my card in for a routine oil change today and like the other reviewer said, the service people found hundreds and hundreds of dollars of repairs that MUST be done today.

The service guy today was so bold to say if you are not going to do your breaks here today, you have to sign a waiver to say Gillman is not responsible for any accidents. Are you kidding me? Do you guys stoop so low to resort to scare tactics?  He was so condescending and rude I was prepared to walk out without even an oil change, but they already did it.

Experience the Gillman Difference??? Yeah the experience difference between this place and a reputable service station.

AA G. | 2011-03-14

This is one nasty, corrupt car dealership.. Their body-shop ruined the alignment of my car and after that started giving all sorts of BS reasons that my alloys are not good, etc etc.. Absolutely pathetic.. and like others, I too once got robbed by their service people..
Honda dealers in other cities use Genuine Honda Factory Oil for oil-change, but not at Gillman.. they use some run of the mill oil..

M C. | 2010-12-28

Bought a used car from Gillman and both the sales experience and follow up were outstanding. Shortly after receiving the car, a problem became apparent. Gillman stood behind the car and fixed it. I was always treated like a person, not just a sale. Gillman is now my dealer of choice for new/used cars!

Cullen E. | 2010-12-13

My wife bought an SUV from this location almost 2 years ago and the bad taste is still there.  It took her 2 months to get her license plates in even though 100% of the transaction was handled by the Gillman crew.  We had no issues with the vehicle itself, but the customer service was certainly lacking.  It seemed that everyone we spoke to about our issue passed the buck elsewhere.

renna r. | 2010-12-01

This is the only place is WAS going to get my oil changed and my car fixed when I was hit(my car was parked and someone hit me in the front left side) so once I got my car back I kept hearing something in the front of my car everytime I went over bumps rattle. So I took my car back and I told them what I was hearing and the first wanted to CHARGE ME to check under the hood . As I was getting my oil changes NO ONE ever told me they found anything or if the saw anything was loose or missing or broken. So then I just so happen to take my car to Russell & Smith Honda off 610 near the Reliant Stadium next to Chacos Restaurant and the found the problem without me even asking him to look. Turns out my front L motor mount was broken and the guy was just a experienced mechanic and he just told me all the things that were wrong.

SO I DO NOT AND WILL NOT GO BACK TO GILLMAN HONDA AGAIN it did not make any sense that they do not value their customers and take their jobs seriously.

Alyn P. | 2010-08-11

I have been a loyal customer at this dealership for the past 10 years. I get two different cars serviced here. Well, SHAME ON ME! This place has consistently delivered poor service every time I have come in. It is not worth going to even for the sole purpose of convenience.

My visit today mirrors the type of service I usually get when I go to this dealership. Today was the last straw and I am 100% certain that I can find better service somewhere else.

I came in for an oil change that took over an hour to complete. This dealership is guaranteed to find other major problems with your car every time you bring it in, even if your last visit was 2 weeks ago. Today I got quoted for $800 worth of other services (like always). Due to time and money constraints, I kindly asked them to write their recommendations on my receipt so I could take care of it another time.

One of the recommendations they had for me was to change my air filter, which they quoted for $45! After kindly declining additional services, the gentleman taking care of my car took out my air filters and brought them to me just to show me "how bad they really are." I did not appreciate his condescending attitude whatsoever.

I initially was the only customer when I came in and two more people came in after me. They both were finished before me. I could not help but notice that my car sat in their lot for 20 minutes. After I inquired about the status of my car I was told it was "waiting to be car washed" and being brought in right now. I could not help but wonder how long they would have let the car sit idly if I had not said anything.

I do not understand how a car wash and oil change ended up taking 75 minutes to complete, especially when it was not busy. I could not help but wonder if the reason they took an unacceptably long time servicing my car was due to the fact that I would not listen to their recommendations or because I was a female customer. The other two customers that had come in were male and their oil changes were completed in 30-40 minutes.

I cannot believe I have willingly gone to this place multiple times to maintain my car. I'm sure it will not be very hard to find a place that's better than this one.

JH M. | 2010-02-10

I recently sold an SUV back to this dealer, it was originally purchased here a couple of years ago. They offered me the lowest price possible, I was in a hurry to sell this car, so I didn't have any other choice.

I turned the titles over to them and dropped the vehicle off on Friday, this was scheduled a week and half ago. But they didn't have the check ready for me to pick up when I turned everything over that Friday. Instead, I was told to come back on Monday to pick up the check. So I drove 50 minutes again back to this Honda dealer on Monday, they didn't have the check. Again, they asked me to come back on Wednesday (which was today). I drove back today towards the end of the business hours, giving them all day to cut the check. They didn't have the check ready. I was told to come back tomorrow with no explanations. They wouldn't even bother to hear my questions, I was completely ignored.

I'm going back tomorrow with police and my lawyer.

Their customer services is terrible, uneducated and unpleasant. Absolutely ridiculous. The worst ever.

Mary T. | 2008-07-29

I recently took my suv to get an oil change at Gillman Honda.  The service was quick and through.  They checked the break pads, oil levels, tested the battery , checked the tire pressures and let you know if there is anything that needs attention.  I didn't need any additional work but the through check offers an additional peace of mind.  Also, with any express service you get a free car wash!

The only thing is they only offer express service to Honda cars.

Ian S. | 2007-08-17

I recently had my vehicle repaired at this facility.  I havent had much experience dealing with insurance claims and body shops, however, everything was dealt with accordingly.  Adam, was always professional and made the transaction run very smoothly.  I would recommend this body shop to yelp out my friends.