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New Acura's, well maintained used cars, trucks and SUVs by top manufacturers.  Auto repair services, fully stocked inventory of Acura accessories and auto parts

Our Service department is now open Sundays 8 am - 5 pm.


Established in 1938.

The Gillman Companies have been a family-owned and operated group of automobile dealerships. With over 70 years of success, the Houston-based automotive group has 14 dealerships across Houston, Rosenberg, San Benito, Harlingen, and San Antonio representing Acura, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Subaru.  

The company was founded by Frank Gillman when the first dealership opened on Milam Street in downtown Houston.  Frank knew the importance of customer loyalty.  He also understood that loyalty had to be earned.  Over 70 years later, the location and scope of the business has changed, but the constant emphasis on customer satisfaction remains the same.  

Since 1980, the control of the company has been in the hands of Frank's son, Ramsay Gillman.  Under his leadership, the Gillman Companies have grown to become one of the largest retail automotive groups in America.  And today, a third Gillman generation is active in the business.

Gillman Acura

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 821-1100
Address:18002 Interstate 45, Houston, TX, 77090
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Gillman Acura

Terance E. | 2015-02-06

Gillman Acura Service Department

This Acura dealership has the best customer service I have ever experienced. Robert Egan does an excellent job every time I set foot on the premise.

Robert provides a five star customer service experience. He has excellent industry knowledge, remembers me and my vehicle , makes excellent suggestions and treats me like he wants repeat business.

I have been doing my service here for the last two years and have been extremely happy with Gillman.

Henny K. | 2015-01-03

We just leased Acura ILX through Gillman Acura. We went to Gillman because they have the color that I want. We went with expectation to face an annoying car salesman. But fortunately Crysta Pickett is very professional, she helped us go through the process smoothly. This is the first time we enjoy the process of buying car!!

Nada D. | 2014-12-30

I love Gillman Acura. I actually live in Austin but always make it a point to come here when I'm in town visiting my parents. Garrett and Mike in service are fantastic. And the loaner program is so convenient and helpful. Can't say enough about Gillman. Their work is professional and all the staff are friendly, helpful and courteous.

Corrine M. | 2014-12-19

I love there service, the loaner car program will keep me with Gillman service and probably keep me in an acura for when I get new car in the future. Robert in service is awesome, he is great to work with.

Victoria M. | 2014-11-14

I just bought my second vehicle from Gillman and was more than pleased with the customer service I received from Pete Sanchez. I went to the dealership intending to purchase a pre-owned RDX, but Pete showed me some options for a 2015 RDX that blew my expectations away! Pete wasn't pushy or aggressive. He just showed me all of my options and let me make my decision. I would definitely recommend Pete to anyone looking to purchase an Acura, new or pre-owned!

John B. | 2014-08-05

Good service, good service advisor and car was right on time.  Bad payment experience at the cashier and slightly embarrassing as well. I had a new checking account and because I had not written many checks, I was considered an high risk even though I was an established service customer at Gillman with 2 Acuras over the last 4 years.

They needed a manager approval but none could be found.  Tried to make me pay with a debit or credit card but since there was no written policy about new checking accounts I could not accept that option. After 15 minutes standing at the counter they finally got someone, who could approve it. By the way I spent $2200 on this service.  
All they have to do it post a sign and communicate when you call for service appointment and say that if you have a new checking account you can't write a check.  Pretty simple statement that would have prevented me from having a mediocre to lousy  service experience at what is supposed to be a premium car dealer.
As a comparison, Sewell Infiniti, across  I-45 had no problem accepting my check from the exact same account  the previous week.  No standing at the counter for 15 minutes.  That tells me something about Gillman Acura in Houston,

Brandon L. | 2014-07-09

I really appreciate the staff at Gillman Acura. Every time I need to service my TSX I call up Robert and he works to get me in early and get me out asap. They take great care of my car, and always return it cleaned and ready. While I wait I log onto the free WiFi in the lounge, grab a cup of coffee and get my work done so it's like I'm wasting no time at all.
Recently I took my car to a Jiffy Lube in Houston and apparently they didn't refill the oil. When my indicator light came on I took it into Robert right away and he set up a series of tests to ensure that there was no damage to the engine and that everything was running properly. I'm truly grateful for their thoroughness and care.

Yesenia C. | 2014-06-27

I recently purchased a new Acura from Gillman and the experience was about as good as it can get when it comes to car dealerships. After going to John Eagle Acura and having a crappy experience, I was kind of dreading heading out to yet another Acura dealer. April was the person who helped us throughout the entire process. My boyfriend and I first contacted her online and we got what I would say is a great deal. Once we went in for the test drive, it was smooth sailing. The entire thing took a little over an hour! April was great, really down to earth and seems like a genuinely nice person, not the fake nice that many car sales folks seems to give off.  William was the person who helped us with the financial side of it  and we got a good interest rate. He explained things to us and answered our questions. He of course offered us the extended warranty, but was not at all pushy about it, which was very refreshing. I waited about a month before writing the review just to make sure everything was really as good as it seemed. So far, so good! They even overnighted the plates for the car. I would definitely recommend this place and April, in particular, to anyone looking to buy an Acura.

Arturo L. | 2013-12-05

I went to this place to purchase an Acura ILX 2014, and that is what I got!
My whole buying experience was excellent! Easy and fast negotiation.
Sometime later I went there  for oil change, let me tell you that this is why you pay premium for these vehicles, customer services was exceptional! This was the best oil change I ever had! Even though the waiting was long, the people there was just great, they really know about customer service.

Ti C. | 2013-11-01

This place is great. I was in the market to purchase a vehicle and decided to contact them over the phone. I was transferred to Anna Gomez who was very kind and answered all my questions. They offered me a great deal on a new 2013 Acura TSX - one that was extremely difficult to walk away from. Unfortunately, I didn't purchase the car from them because I found another one from Autonation Acura in the color I was looking for. Since 2014's are rolling in, the 2013 selection is pretty lacking.  

I definitely recommend this place and Autonation if you are looking into buying an Acura.

Becky E. | 2013-07-01

This review is from a former loyal Honda/Acura owner and is for their SALES team, not their service department. When I have serviced my former Acura TSX and Integra at Gillman in the past, the service was nothing but spectacular. This review is about my recent experience in trying to buy an Acura RSX in which Gillman Acura failed.

I wanted to love Acura and switch back to them from Audi... but my experience in trying to buy a car there reminded me why it's worth paying the premium for an Audi. It all comes down to customer service.

It was time to upgrade my Audi A4 to an SUV now that I'm toting a little one around. So I had been comparing an Acura RSX to the Audi Q5. I really liked both but for different reasons. It made more sense to go with the RSX (price, reliability, etc) so with my car ready for trade in, I drove down to Gillman to inquire about the purchase.

Kirk (sales person) greeted me warmly at the front door. We talked through my needs and checked the inventory. We spent the next hour and a half driving the RSX and MDX after which I decided the RSX was the right car for me. During this time, he had my car appraised for trade in value. It was now time to talk through a deal.

What happened next is what confuses me... I still don't know what happened.

Kirk came back with his sales manager, Doug Chappell who asked if I wanted to take home the car for the night. Nope, I knew I didnt need to so I made that clear. He then asked if I was purchasing that day. Nope, I always give it one day to sleep on it. He then thanked me, gave me his card and walked away.

When Kirk came back, he had my keys. I asked him about the quote on my trade in and the RSX. He said he was not able to give me pricing on either but that they would call me later. Say what? (and btw, they never did)

Call me later? Wait, what? I want to buy the RSX we have been talking about. But you can tell he was not able to help me, not because he did not want to but because he was obviously not allowed to. And I still have no idea why or what happened.

To top things off, "Doug Chappell" (i.e. an automated email) sent me a follow up email the next day asking if he could help with my decision. Ummm, what? You better believe that I emailed him back.. and the real Doug's email and Acura client relations. And the "automated Doug email" wrote me back a few hours later with the trade in quote, but nothing further.

I really did expect better from Gillman. But ultimately, another dealer willing to work with me helped me in the end.

Chris H. | 2013-05-11

We were looking for a used Suburban after selling ours faster than expected. We ended up at Gillman Acura where they had a 2007 Suburban we were interested in. We had Gary as our salesman. He is one of the best we have come across. Very professional and energetic. I spoke to him on the phone first as we were coming from Pearland and with the traffic it takes more than an hour to get there. Looked at the vehicle and it had just come in and hadn't been detailed or inspected yet. Test drove it and told him we had a few more to look at and we would return the next night after it had been detailed and gone through the inspection process.

We looked all the following day at Suburbans at other dealerships and didn't not get to the dealership until 8pm. We test drove it again and noticed a few things wrong with it but nothing major. Negotiated a price and bought the vehicle that night. We were the last ones at the dealership besides the guard......Took home the suburban that night.

The honeymoon was short as we soon realized the DVD/CD player didn't work and neither did the cruise control. I put a lot of faith in their 158 point inspection and would think that these items would have been caught on the inspection. Since we were buying a used vehicle that was six years old I bought it "as is"

I called the next day and Gary was off so I was put in touch with sales manager Greg Densmore. I was told it was sold as is and that "DVD players break all the time" We had a suburban with Alpine DVD front and rear for 8 years and never had a problem at all. I tend to disagree on that one. The problem was at no time did Greg say I'm sorry it doesn't work or do anything to try and rectify the situation. Customer service is not this guys strong point.

Long story short, finally got in touch with Chris Gillman and after sending a flurry of emails back and forth the problem was solved. I was reimbursed for the cost of fixing the defective items. It take quite a while to get the money from them (2.5 weeks) but they did come through. To their credit I was given the option of returning the vehicle for a full refund four days after I bought it.

On a funnier note the item description stated "non-smoker, just like it came from the factory" to me just like it came from the factory means everything works. It was explained to me by Greg, that it actually meant it came from the factory as a non-smoker vehicle. I would be concerned if I bought a new vehicle and it came from the factory smelling like smoke.

Since the finance department was closed while we were there we had the paperwork sent to us. We dealt with Raheem in the finance department. Great guy to deal with. His follow up was great and he seemed more than willing to answer any questions we had.

Overall they did make it right by us and we are happy with our purchase. I would definitely buy from Gary again as he knows every product that is on his lot inside and out. While we were on the test drive he was telling us about other suburbans and SUV's he had available in case we didn't like the one we were driving.

amanda l. | 2013-05-04

We went to Gillman Acura to get a slightly used MDX. I knew what I wanted and had shopped around to see the lowest prices out there. We test drove a few 2011 and 2012, when we went to make a deal they were only going to give me $15,000.00 on my trade and take $1,000.00 off the car! Over the years we have purchased our fair share of vehicles and expected more! They were not going to negotiate. My husband would have a "bad taste in his mouth" for the life of the car if he didn't feel he was getting a good deal. We left and decided their customer service was very poor. I later received a call from the manager at Gilman and he was just as rude, liked to listen to himself talk and was very full of himself. We will not go back to any Gillman, there are plenty of dealerships willing to make a deal and I'm proud to say Texan have me $18,000.00 for my trade and I am in a white MDX!!!

Gina K. | 2012-09-30

Goal: 2009/2010 TSX with Tech Package in White with Tan interior .  I call it my Creamsicle.

I found only 1 in texas and it was in Addison.  How do i do this?  Rent a car and drive up 4 hrs to test drive then start the negotiation process? Fly?  and spend the night Ugh!  Or buy it sight unseen?  

What's so special?  That particular white is not a flat dull white like the VW.  Not as flashy as the Lexus white but the white on the 2009/2010 was somewhere in between.  Just a little touch of shimmer in the light.  It makes me smile =)

Why the tech package?  I NEED Navi.  I have no sense of direction and Houston with all the freeway, tollway, Byway?, Eastway? Houston has Highways everywhere!  Bewildered and lost in fast moving waves of cars, it proved I must have NAVI.   Acura is also one of the few cars i like that had an iPod connector and an USB port. I'm hoping it's iphone 5 compatible because it has the USB port.

My friend drove me to this dealership on Friday while apartment hunting.  I fully expected not to find my dream car.  I was greeted by Darrick Pleasant, who kindly showed us what they had in stock but no dream car.  Test drove a different TSX and yes it is a consistent product but the color was wrong.  Call me picky! =P  I showed Darrick the link to the car I wanted in Addison, TX.  He apologized a transfer of a car from a non-Acura dealer would be impossible.  I left deflated.

I returned on Saturday,  Darrick was busy with 2 other customers  I was further assisted by George Taper.  I appreciate them making a team effort.  The other 3 Sewell dealerships  across the highway didn't even greet me and I was open to other vehicles.  Maybe Infiniti G37 or Lexus IS 250 to prevent that trip up to Addison. Since they didn't have my creamsicle i was  keeping an open mind to try the new ILX for 2013.  The body styling for the ILX is the most aggressive and sporty in their line. I walked on their lot telling them if they have the white ILX with tech package that I'll buy that day.  I test drove it and I thought they were going to kill me.  Besides being lacking pick up, the white was wrong!!  When we brought it back I felt awful to tell them.  Your white is too flat.  Doesn't make sense to some but...  I had a vision!  Darn it!!

George didn't know about my creamsicle vision and proceeds to take me to a vehicle that he took in as a trade-in yesterday and wasn't on books yet.  My Creamsicle!!  It was serendipitous!  2010 TSX Tech White with Beige!!  20,700 Miles!!  So Happy!  

I hate negotiations!  We negotiated price without too much drama.  George was very straight with what to expect and what could be done.   We even got the vehicle to get Pre-owned Certified.  Very Pleased.

During financing.  Raheem, knew his paperwork.  We were zipping through after closing time at 8pm on a saturday night.  He was careful to explain everything.  I was getting an terrific 1.9% from my bank that he couldn't beat so he didn't contest the outside loan.  I also explained I was buying an extended warranty with my bank for all the electrical things in the car, navi, bluetooth, backup camera, etc etc.  He beat my bank's deal by 3 folds on the warranty and it's to any Acura dealership for the same money that my bank was going to charge me!!  

Long story short, They were very pro-client.  They answered every question I had and if they didn't know they looked into it instead of brushing it off or making things up on a busy Saturday They worked as a team.  While waiting,  several different people came by to touch base, say hi, see if we needed anything.  Great communicators.  They came through on all levels.  Thanks guys!

My car is going back for the pre-owned certification inspection and they're letting me a loaner in the meantime.  Great customer service and good coffee and tea in the lounge!!  =)

Kristi C. | 2012-08-19

My fiancée and I own two Acuras. Last year, I found and negotiated the purchase of a pre-owned Honda for my father-in-law. And two weeks ago, I purchased a limited, out-of-production Honda sports car.

I guess you could say we're deeply loyal to the Acura/Honda brand. So when a friend of ours called and asked our help for a friend of hers looking to purchase a pre-owned Honda Civic, we drove them from downtown Houston to a Jaguar dealership across the freeway from Gillman Acura.

Unfortunately we had an infuriating experience and were treated incredibly disrespectfully by three miscreants in golf shirts and their corpulent general manager. Despite the face that they'd transferred the vehicle to another dealership the DAY BEFORE, some sales guy named Gary told our friend's friend to meet him at 5:00 p.m. for a test drive--knowing full well she was driving from 90 miles away for this test drive of a car that was no longer on their lot!

Feeling bitter and betrayed, the four of us drove across the freeway and found the more civilized side of luxury automobile sales: Gillman. The first thing I noticed was that the salespeople were dressed in business attire and looked prepared to negotiate vehicle prices that exceed the average annual income in this country.

The second was the lovely British gentleman named George (I wish I knew his last name, but I do not), who spent nearly 45 minutes of his time with us trying to offer solutions for the buyer, and even showing her a few cars similar to the one she'd tried to purchase at the stealership across the freeway. This is despite the fact that the buyer was obviously NOT an upmarket customer. Bear in mind that the experience at the Jaguar dealership left a very bad taste in our mouths. Thus, we entered Gillman with cynical attitudes--an uphill battle for any car salesperson, to be sure. But George's demeanor and sincerity quickly dissipated our foul moods. I've never encountered such a genial and sincere car salesperson. I don't think I've known one who is as knowledgeable about the brand of cars he was selling, either. He even knew the specs on my sports car. That is impressive!

George was so nice that we felt guilty for not buying something from him (our friend had very strict criteria and a very limited budget, and there wasn't anything on the lot that fit the bill, sadly). But I felt respected and was treated kindly at Gillman, and THAT is something I will DEFINITELY remember when it's time for me to buy a car again. Kudos to George, and kudos to Gillman for cultivating an atmosphere of respect and equity. I will definitely be back to this dealership.

Diana C. | 2012-03-24

I've been going to this Gillman for years to have maintenance on my 2001 Integra. However, the service department's performance with my 90k maintenance was less than stellar. Two days after bringing it home from the dealer, the car won't start...seems to be the battery, jumped it, but it wouldn't hold a charge. My question is, why wasn't the status of my battery brought to my attention during this extensive maintenance checkup that I just dropped $1000 on?? Now, I'll admit, I'm a girl who knows little about cars but checking the battery seems pretty fundamental. Make sure you question everything they want to do or did to your car.