Fred Haas Toyota Country in Houston, TX

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"You've got to see this place!." Whether you're buying a new vehicle or you are servicing or repairing an existing one, you will discover why the Fred Haas reputation for integrity, honesty, and customer service has been a hallmark of this community for over 35 years.


Established in 2002.

We are proud to be the fastest growing dealership in Houston and have become a dominate force in the automotive industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed us to receive Toyota's President's Award; one of the most prestigious awards given to a dealership as it's based on customer service and sales growth. Fred Haas Toyota Country is also proud to be in A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau. Fred Haas Toyota Country's commitment to their customers is what has them seeing familiar faces returning year after year with their family, friends and neighbors.

With over 135 employees, the dealership lives and works as a big family, providing an excellent work environment for employees and car buying experience for customers.

Fred Haas Toyota Country

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 374-5170
Address:22435 State Highway 249, Houston, TX, 77070
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Fred Haas Toyota Country

Anne M. | 2015-04-20

If I could give this service department a negative star I  would. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT BOTHER BRINGING YOUR CAR TO GET SERVICED HERE!!!! The first time happened to my parents. They brought their car in on a Saturday at 7 am for basic 5k mile oil change. Service rep said "we'd take care of it". Four hours later, the car wasn't even touched because no appointment was made. They were told that appointments are taken care of first. All others would have to wait.

Well on the following Tuesday, a representative from the delearship called asking about the experience.  My parents told them what had happened and they apologized for the inconvenience and asked for a second chance. Well here we are today. Boy I should have known.  I dropped my car off this morning at 8 for a routine check up, figured I lived in the neighborhood  and it being a Monday. Here we are, it is past 4 o'clock and my vehicle hasn't been touched. Again, the response is "appointments are our priorities".  All while there are plenty of technicians standing around talking....

I rather take my vehicles to Timmy Tans Donut and Car Service than this place.  Not even a doctor's office is as bad as this place. I'm even sure Ben Taub hospital gives quicker, and faster service than here. Do me a favor, if you live in the neighborhood - take the time to drive the DISTANCE than to bring your car here.

Tina B. | 2015-03-07

Right away I must make a disclaimer that the service manager Jeff has saved the day and ensured that my car was finally serviced, was very nice and helpful overall. Still, it's important to share that my first experience with Fred Haas Toyota was quite disappointing - please read on - perhaps, there will be pointers that you could use. Several days ago I called FHT and made a Saturday oil change appointment. I had no preference for appointment time - the guy on the phone has scheduled my appointment at 11:45 and that sounded good. Please note - he never warned me about how busy they get on Saturdays and that my appointment would eventually turn out to be worthless. (Advice: if you must come here, avoid week-ends!!!) unfortunately, having moved from another state where I used to get exceptional service on my car, I didn't know any better and operated under my old standards and expectations - I got here just on time. The initial greeter could not find my appointment. He directed me off to a service lady, who barely paid attention to me, got my keys, said she would call when the car was done. 2 hours later - nothing! I inquired with her about my car and it turned out she had never noted that I had an appointment. My car was still in a long-loooong line of cars waiting to get serviced. The service lady - Analy - was absolutely unapologetic, aloof and careless. When I said I just wanted to get my car, she got it out of the line swinging it around the corner like a race car. I was very upset. I asked to speak to the manager and that's when Jeff stepped in and was very understanding and helpful. My car was serviced immediately. I am grateful to Jeff. Still, I must note: those first impressions linger... And there is a lesson for all in this review. For FHT potential clients: beware! I personally am still wary of the service my car received - what kind of shop are they running in the back if the front end operations are so dysfunctional? And for FHT managers - please take note that every encounter with a client is your chance to gain or lose customers and sales. I am a long-time Toyota fan. Toyota Corolla was my first car in the early 90s. Since 2006 I am driving my lovely 2007 Corolla that I love and take care of and don't want to renew for sentimental reasons. I want the best service for her at the best place. Should I risk it with FHT again? And when the time comes to replace her, will I want to come to FHT for a new vehicle? Right now I am thinking I would rather drive back to another state where I got my current car to buy a new one, when needed. And for service... Most likely, I will keep on looking for a shop with better standards and better customer communications. I understand "busy", believe me! But if the customer makes an appointment, honor it! And if you can't keep up, communicate in advance, be respectful (Analy!). And, sadly, I noticed I was not the only customer with the same complaints... For the grand finale, I was told that my "all points inspection" will be emailed to me. The email they have on my receipt is " ". Lovely... So many improvements to be made at FHT... Good luck!

Oh, and now I realize, I should've checked  reviews before coming here! Good Toyota name fooled me... Yikes...

Ana A. | 2014-11-15

I have bought 5 cars from this dealership.  When you are buying the car, they promise prompt service, etc. When it comes down to it, they have a failing grade in the service department.  I had an appointment at 9:30 for 10k mile oil change and tire rotation; granted,  I was 10 minutes late. It doesn't give them the excuse to finally get to my car at 10:45. I finally got a call that my car was ready, and it is only because I asked about my car! I ended up waiting another 7 minutes just to get my keys because the lady who called me stepped away and didn't have anyone else to man the desk.  I finally drove out of the dealership at 12:10. I'm very disappointed with this dealership.  I have another kid that will need a car; don't think I'm gonna be buying my car from this dealership anymore.  It's time to give my business elsewhere.

Stephen A. | 2014-11-10

This is an update to my previous review. Actually, I have been back twice. Once without an appointment and with an appointment.

My first visit was without an appointment to the have a tire indicator light check and for tire rotation. Arriving at 6:45am I was one of the first people to arrive. About eight other cars arrived by opening time at 7:00am. This visit a service advisor greeted me warmly and asked me if I had an appointment.  I said no and this time he said he would get me in as soon as possible. I expected to hear that, so I was content to wait. Pleasantly, I was surprised to only wait for about an hour and fifteen minutes. It did appear that customers with appointment finished before me. So something seem to improve.

My second visit was with a 7:00am appointment. Arriving again at 6:45am, I was the third vehicle waiting. Once the doors opened, a service advisor greeted me and checked if I had an appointment.  I gave him my name was prompted processed in. My car was driven back immediately for an oil change, tire rotation and wash. The entire service took about 40 minutes total.

In all, better service all the way around. Thanks for fixing your service department customer service.

Kelly M. | 2014-08-19

Just bought a used car from them on Saturday 8/16/2014. Drove it off the lot, and 20 miles later, the check engine light come on and it will not shift out of 3rd gear. Let the salesman know that night, since they are closed on Sunday, he said to bring it in Monday 8/18/14  at 8:30. Dropped the car off and got it back after 3:00. Drove ok. Tuesday 8/19/13, 3 miles from the house, the check engine light comes on an the car start shuddering. At this point I realize, there is a serious problem with this car. Of course, they want to "fix it" for me. When I spoke to Chris, the used car manager, he stated was they want to make it right. I've had a car for 3 and 1/2 days and I can't drive more than 10 miles from my house. Make it right by admitting the car does not work, let me out of the sale, and let me get a car that will actually get from point A) to point B) safely. But they don't care.

This dealership appears customer friendly, but don't believe it. I'm sitting home, with no car. And no hope at this point.

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP.  They sold us a lemon and had to know it since it hasn't run right in the 3 days I've owned it.

After some research, never buy a car from a dealership that demands an arbitration agreement. They know that they are not selling quality.

Ann L. | 2014-08-09

So let's sum this up.

Brought vehicle in for normal maintenance check -- tells me filters, and battery needs to be changed.  I purchased all "recommended" even the battery.  Waited for it, got vehicle, popped open hood to look and noticed battery was "dusty" and thought "no way they'd scam me" and went home.  Drove to my dad's house and had him look at it and he also said "it's a dealership, they wouldn't trick you" but I still had that sinking feeling.  So I called my service lady and she assured me she "saw them replace it herself".  Two weeks later, I was putting kids into the vehicle to drop them off as I head to work...problem - car WONT START.  I missed work and kids went to school with my mother...tow truck guy came and tested my battery.  Dead as can be.  End of story --- FRED HAAS TOYOTA LIES AND SCAMS.  THEY MADE ME PAY FOR NEW BATTERY AND DIDN"T EVEN HAVE IT REPLACE making me lose out on a day's worth of pay as well as all the hassle.

Since then, vehicle has had 4 different recalls.  The last one was First Saturday of August 2014 but after they dealt with recall, my front struts "somehow" wont go back into place.  New parts need to be ordered and will replace them next business day (Monday).  Came in Monday and turns out parts weren't ordered yet and I need to bring it in next day (Tuesday).  Well, Tuesday comes along... I dropped my car off 9am... they gave me a rental and would call me when it's done.  I received a call at 4:00pm when they finally realized the part they DID order was BOXED they will be keeping my car overnight until the RIGHT part comes in.  In the meantime, radio part was also being ordered because electrical issues and it's under warranty.  Wednesday I picked up my car and front struts were taken care of.  EXCEPT... it's now making a rattling, ticking noise in the front driver side wheel/under hood I dont know.  All i know is, when I press on brakes or turn right, it makes that noise.  Radio part was to come in Thursday....nothing.  "It should be tomorrow"...Friday comes along NOTHING.  "It should be tomorrow by 1pm.... all this time I HAVE TO CALL THEM!  Left messages;  NO ONE returns my calls.  It's now end of day Saturday and still NOTHING.

PR lady asks me to email her due to my previous YELP Review wanting to "fix this".  I emailed her and still no response from her either.  It's all a scam.  I like Joe Myers Toyota better.

Donald L. | 2014-07-19

Simply fantastic!  4 cars for us in the last 3 1/2 years.  Farouk in sales and Jimmy in finance are both the best!!!

Scott K. | 2014-07-15

I have been using Fred Haas since moving to Houston 3 years ago.  They were very prompt with my oil changes and basic service the first year.  In fact, I would normally get a call before I got home that my car was ready and would turn around to pick it up.  That is no longer the case.  
I always make appointments in the morning on my day off and ask how long to expect.  They say 45min-1 hour but that is never the case.  I had an oil change and new tires put on the other day.  Arrived at 7:20 for my appointment but my "guy" didn't arrive until 7:35 so I stood by my car watching others pass me by.  I expected it to take them awhile so I left it for the day but surprised that it took until nearly 5:00 and I had to call them to see if it was finished.  
As far as the service, I guess I have no complaints about the actual work - car was washed and tires put on, oil changed  etc... Paying for it was fast but almost like an assembly line.  I was rushed through with barely a word from the cashier as she barked orders to a co-worker.  
Will give it two stars because they get the job done - eventually.  You get the courtesy nod and smile from a few employees.  But the overall process is painful.  Not sure if they are just trying to do as much business as possible and have lost touch with customer service but it seems to be going in the wrong direction.  
Have decided to find a new mechanic.  Not that I would say "stay away" from here - but if you need prompt service or desire genuine customer service, you are probably going to want to look somewhere else.  
Note:  I have filled out several surveys for them through the customer service department because I don't like to just give a bad review giving someone an opportunity to or the benefit of the doubt.

Aaron W. | 2014-06-28

I'll never use this dealership again. I called days ahead to get a front end alignment in my Tacoma. I even asked if I needed to be there early to get in and then out. Service person said I had "priority" since I had an appointment. Showed up at 930 on the dot. Waited and waited until 1230 to find out what was going on. They hadn't even put my truck into the bay yet. Nothing was done. Promptly took my keys and left.

Then recently I called the parts department for a simple set of washers for the brake lines. Was told by the parts person "We don't carry that in stock.  You'll have to check elsewhere."  Who tells that to a customer?  

I'll never recommend them to anyone.

Bev P. | 2014-06-21

Service is much more efficient than the 45 location!  Made a saturday 7a oil change appointment, got there 10 mins before service opened, stood next to my car and was the first one in and first one out!  Oil change done in less than 20 mins and I got to watch the whole thing from their express service waiting area.  Wait to go guys!

S P. | 2014-05-31

Made a 9am appointment for brake check, and was told I'll get a call within two hours. No call by noon, so I went back and was told that they are just getting to look at my car next. What's the point of making appointments then? I asked for my car back and the tech parked it way over by the garage area instead of bringing it to the service office. Horrible customer service, wasted my day off work. I was planning on trading my car in for a new Toyota Camry, but now I'll take my business elsewhere.

Joy S. | 2014-04-25

this is the worst experience i've ever had with any dealer!  not only one tire, but two tires did this.  I have had to replace TWO brand new tires for a car that is less than a month old.  we haven't even made our first payment.  This car has faulty tires and the dealership refuses to believe me. i have gotten the "sorry we cant help you speech" over and over again.  I am one more "we cant help you" away from hiring an attorney.

Arko B. | 2014-04-12

They are there in the business just  to confuse you and be rude in the end. Eric Coleman gave me a quote, then someone called Frankie showed up and gave a better quote, then Eric tells me he doesn't know what quote Frankie gives and tries to tell me a long story about his boss. Finally two different people give me two different quotes and Eric Coleman called me "screwed-up" since I was confused. I just wonder how a salesman can verbally abuse a customer in this way? Don't they want a customer? I am really sorry I ever contacted them. NEVER EVER VISIT THIS PLACE, unless of course you want a sales person to abuse you.

Christina L. | 2014-04-04

Quoted price on the phone. Confirmed MSRP, model, discount with the manager as I live 45 min away. He told me he'd under bid the "other guy" by $350 if I came there that night and "that was the perks of being the boss". Get there and he's $350 more. Walked right out without allowing them a chance to crawfish back and told them they wasted my time already. Buying the other car from Sterling McCall at 9am tomorrow.  Don't expect their word to mean anything and don't drive far based on it. They'll change it as soon as you actually walk through the door.

Gajanan G. | 2014-01-23

It is one of close dealer to me. I brought the Corolla from the Fred Haas.

Service department is good. But It is costly.

Fred Haas always post fake advertise to attract the customer. My experience is not very pleasant  with the dealer.

But Toyota is wonderful car. Before going to dealer do your own math and go to showroom. Chance of paying more is very high.

Deb M. | 2013-09-19

First, let me say that over the past few years, I have purchased four new vehicles from Fred Haas Toyota World.  I have always been very happy with the sales and service received there.  In fact, I travelled past several other Toyota dealerships just to get to them.  In July, I was looking for a used vehicle for my college-bound child.  After much searching, we found an Acura at Fred Haas Toyota Country.  The sale went very smooth but that's the only good thing that I can say about this whole experience.  I had made it clear that we were sending this car off to another city in short order with our daughter.  We paid with a hindsight, should have just brought cash.  They have a company policy to not process the car registration for at least 10 working days if you write a check.  The check cleared our bank five calendar days after writing the check.  Advised their clerk that it had cleared but they needed PROOF.  Not sure why they couldn't confirm that the money was in their account, but OK.  So I sent a copy of the cancelled check from my bank.  Not good enough.  I just gave up trying to expedite the registration process.  Was told they would have the plates on the 12th working day (16th calendar day) after the purchase.  In the meantime, we found out that the oil had been overfilled at FHTC.  Took the car to an Acura dealership who had to do an oil change.  We explained about just purchasing the car and they advised to check about a maintenance item that should have been taken care of 16 months prior to us buying the vehicle.  When I returned to FHTC to pick up the plates, I asked to speak to the salesman.  I waited and waited and waited.  He never showed up so I left a message with the receptionist to have the salesman call me.  He never did.  I called again 6 days later, he answered but said he was with a customer and he would call back within two hours.  Three days later, I sent him a text.  He replied saying he was "overwhelmed" when I had called previously.  He asked what my issue was.  I requested his email so that I could have a trail of this craziness.  He gave me a personal email....STRANGE!  Anyway, I requested that he find out if this maintenance issue had been handled by the previous owner or FHTC.  Prior to the purchase, he had glowingly reported that the car had had only one previous owner who had traded it in for a new Toyota van.  So, he knows who the previous owner is, right?  He replies to my email and tells me to check with John Eagle Acura.  We did check with them and they could not tell us.  The car had never been serviced by them.  And why did he tell us to ask them?  Anyway, I told him that they could not tell us.  On Aug. 26, he replied in an email that he called the previous owner and left him a message and he would let me know.  Well, I'm still waiting to hear back.  I did hear from FHTC on Sept 3.  It was a lady with the sales dept wanting to know if I was still considering buying a used car.  I informed her I had bought one over a month ago.  She asked which car I purchased since we were considering two vehicles in July.  UNBELIEVABLE!!  Over a month after the purchase and they don't even know that we bought a car.  I relayed my frustration with the lack of communication with the salesman and the lack of communication within FHTC.  She offered to relay my story to her manager.  I did clarify that I NEVER asked for anything to be done...I just need to know if this critical maintenance issue has been taken care of.  The only way to confirm, if not from the previous owner, is to pull the engine.  It is a SAFETY issue and I have my daughter driving this car.  I doubted that I would ever hear from anyone at FHTC and I was correct.  
A side note:  KARMA does exist.  On 31 AUG, my Toyota Highlander was totaled by a red light runner.  Guess who won't be writing "FRED HAAS" on my check's "Pay to the order of" line?

FOLLOW-UP (18 OCT 2013)
Within two hours of posting my review, I was contacted by FHTC wanting "to make this right".  Bottom line, they never did make it "right", in my opinion.  There is an obvious lack of communication within the dealership.  The person responsible for handling my issues, was passed from one to another (social media person, GM, customer relations mgr)...none of them taking the time to know the details which are plainly laid out in my review.  I can say one positive...I requested that all email and US mail to me from their dealership cease.  To date, 18 Oct. 2013, I have not received any further communication from them.  Hopefully I'll never see another glowing letter/email from them espousing their service after the sale nor requests to recommend them to my friends/relatives....uh....NEVER!
I'm enjoying my new 2014 vehicle...a Honda!

D.j. A. | 2013-09-16

Wow !!!!!!!! Not again!!!!! , went by to look at new trucks even after the experience I had before (6 months ago).... Was just looking around .  Salesman was very pushy and had no true knowledge of the truck I was looking at.. I knew more about the truck and the deals they had going on.... Well so much for giving the a second chance. I promise there will not be a third...  I am really sad that it did not work out because My wife and I really liked the convenience of this dealer ship.
This dealer ship really needs to work on their customer service..

Martin N. | 2013-09-16

The salesman was friendly but fairly unknowledgeable.  I was willing to make a deal only $400 under the Internet price even though the certified Sienna wasn't in perfect condition as I thought it should be.  But after trying to deal a little bit, the manager talked to me and said that I came a long ways to get that price and that there are "like 600 dealerships" between them and my house and that they can compare prices with other dealerships and that they have a good price.  I said that is fine and that I would go somewhere else.  I then left and later that day bought a Honda Odyssey from Sterling McCall Honda in Kingwood.  If it was in better shape I probably would have bought it, but I am not paying full advertised price for something that is less than ideal.

Tam M. | 2013-08-10

Cars, like people, can give you so many memories to hold and cherish. I truly learned this lesson in the past year as I prepared to sell my old vehicle and buy another one.

Within the last month, however, the process became incredibly tedious and stressful as I narrowed down my choices to a Honda CRV or a Toyota Camry. Since I had a Camry before and most of my friends drive one, I finally realized that the Toyota was a good choice for me to purchase. Nonetheless, being bombared with car salespeople on the phone and via email did not make the decision easy to finalize UNTIL I was contacted by Tim Garner from Fred Haas Toyota County. Through the dealer's affiliation with a credit card company that assists its cardholders in finding reputable dealers, Tim emailed me the price of the Camry of my DREAMS!  No hassle or undisclosed fees and costs.  He outlined everything the vehicle included, which I greatly appreciated. After some emailing and phone conversations concerning fees and financing, I decided to make an appointment to see the vehicle and possibly buy. Although I had visited other dealers who tried to meet and bet Tim's offer, they weren't as transparent with the features and options that the vehicle had versus the price. I may have spent a few more dollars at TC, but dealing with Tim and Mike was pretty painless and far from pushy.  There was a little hesitation to finalize the deal because this was the first time I bought a car without my Dad who passed away several years ago, but Tim was very understanding and patient about the emotional connection this decision had on me, which made me even more convinced that this was the place to buy my new vehicle.

After the transaction and paperwork was completed, Tim personally showed me around Toyota Country and explained the layout of the dealership which is impeccable--clean, organized, and doesn't smell nor feel like a dealership--very posh!  I don't know if other Fred Haas' have a separate Tire and Lube center, but this one does, which Tim pointed out was the brain child of the owner himself, to keep customers needing basic services in and out. Genius! In fact, when I picked up my license plates the other day (which took only a week versus 2 or 3 to get), they put the plates and registration  on my vehicle as promised with hardly any wait time at all.

When I was deciding on where I wanted to purchase my vehicle, the biggest factor besides price that was important to me was the customer service AFTER the purchase. I can truly say that Toyota Country not only delivered on their promises, they go above and beyond to show you they appreciate your business. From Tim reviewing the specs and features of each component of the vehicle with me to insure that I knew how they worked, to receiving phone calls
from the dealership sharing their personal appreciation and extending the lines of communication to me for future reference for any questions and or concerns, and even having my first free maintenance car appointment booked on my behalf,  the customer service is what makes Toyota Country a dominant force in the dealership business in Houston.  

Although this has been a bittersweet few weeks of buying a new car and selling the last car that my Dad bought with me, I appreciate Tim and Toyota Country with the opportunity to begin new memories in my new car; they wanted to "EARN" a new customer--and that's EXACTLY what they did.

Adeel M. | 2013-08-09

I bought my new car from here earlier this year and I am pleased with my purchase. The sales staff were helpful and courteous. I just brought the car in for its first service and it was great! This dealership is clean, has comfortable seating, and free WiFi.

Lindsay K. | 2013-05-14

I go to Fred Haas Toyota for the regular maintenance of my Prius, and I am always very pleased with their service. They do a great job, and they are quick. The waiting rooms are very nice and equipped with WiFi, so I can work while I wait. Every time I take my car in, it is a seamless, painless process. I have no complaints!

Shout-out to my usual service rep, Steven Davis!

B G. | 2013-02-08

Drive away, very far away. They use ancient high pressure tactics.  Apparently they haven't heard of the Internet where you can look up invoice and Blue Book values. Glengarry, Glen Ross atmosphere.

S B. | 2013-02-02

After my last review, I have decided to contact the internet rep from Fred haas Toyota country. She wants to see how she can remedy the situation. After all is said and done, I must say they truly stand behind their words, truly focus on customer satisfaction. I recommend this dealer to anyone who owns a Toyota. It shows that people at the management level care about their customer, I am impressed.

Rob H. | 2012-12-28

For years I had gone across town to "The other Toyota" dealer in Conroe. After having several issues with them I decided to give Haas a go. I was very happy with my frist visit here. I had a standard 6000 mile service and it was painless. They mechanics were helpful and quick with my car. The waiting area of the dealership was very comfortable and had great amenities for the waiting customers. I will be coming to Fred Hass with my car from now on. TV, WIFI and comfortable seating area with coffees, drinks and soft lighting... Ya, I'm a fan.

Mary R. | 2012-12-13

I had a pleasant experience purchasing my 2012 Camry. I am very happy with the purchase and it was very simple. I am will return to Fred Haas for any future Toyota purchases.

Angela C. | 2012-12-06

This review is for the Service/Maintenance Department. The Sales side is about 3.5/4 stars. I purchased my car here because they were the only ones in Houston to have what I wanted in stock, but we were hooked up with a brand new sales associate and understandably he was inexperienced, but we knew way more about the car than he did. But I digress...

I came in for my 5,000 mile scheduled maintenance. Even with an appointment first thing in the morning, they said my wait would still be about 2.5 hours... honestly, what is the point in making the appointment at a certain time if you aren't able to service at that time?? So I sat there and watched, while my car was just sitting there. They literally worked on my car for less than 10 minutes to do a tire rotation. When I got back to my car, I noticed the following:

1. There were black oily fingerprints over the ENTIRE exterior (easily spotted on my white car)- even though they are supposed to wash your car before it is returned to you. I had to leave here with a car dirtier than when I brought it in.
2. I had a bunch of metal signs in my trunk and they propped them on the headrests of my back row seats to get to the spare tire I am assuming. Ok fine, but when I got back to my car, they left them propped up. Sharp edges and everything on my BRAND NEW SOFTEX SEATS. Scratches were made.
3. They turned off my "auto" light, so I was caught off guard when my lights weren't automatically turned on when it was dark outside in the heavy rain. (Dangerous)
4. Adjusted the driver seat all the way back, and did not bother to move it back forward.
5. Left trash in my car.

I left because I was so sick of waiting, I probably should have went back in, but within minutes of leaving, I was pissed off enough to call and let them know of their shoddy service. The lady apologized, then I left a voicemail for the Manager of the Service Department. Never received a phone call back. Obviously they don't care for repeat business. Won't be coming back again.

Kristi D. | 2012-07-06

I have been growing more and more disappointed with the service at this dealership. I leased my car here and of course got great service during that transaction. Customer service in general has gone downhill since. Here are a few examples:

I was in the tire program. That meant that I had my tires rotated with every oil change and eventually (once the tires were sufficiently worn), i was to get a rebate on my new tire purchase. So, two things with that - the tires had to be soooooo worn as to be unsafe to drive on before they would 'qualify' for the program. Then once the tires qualified, it took months to get my rebate.

Another time my car was in for service. I thought the washer fluid reservoir was empty since the light was on. Knowing that is part of the multi-part oil change service, I didn't mention it. When I picked up the car, the light was still on. I asked the service rep what was up with that and he told me that the reservoir was cracked and would need to be replaced. They had had my car for 2 days and never bothered to call me to let me know so I had to make another appointment to bring the car in.

My lease was coming due and all I wanted was to buy the car.  I got phone call after phone call pressuring me to come in and talk to them about my 'options'. The car I had leased and driven for four years is the car I wanted to stay in!  What part of that do they refuse to understand? I went in to pay off my car (with a check) and what a PITA! They required that i fill out a credit application in order to determine if my check was good. I told them to call the bank to verify the check was good. My only other option was to go to my bank and get a certified check. Seemed RIDICULOUS to have to run a credit report to see if my check was good. I do not get the logic of that at all! I had financed the car through them and had paid on time for 48 months! Could they not see that???

All this dealership wants to do is sell you a car. Heaven help you after that!

Chris M. | 2012-04-12

Once again, this place has never ceased to amaze. I've been using the same sales person for years, Buddy Hadley, but sadly he moved to Round Rock, so for your Austin people that want a Toyota, I recommend going to Round Rock Toyota and asking for Buddy, he's the best!! But we've been going to Fred Haas Toyota Country, for all 7 of our Toyotas, and they have never let us down, wether it was preowned or brand new. I called Buddy up, he recommended the internet guy Eric. We got a fully loaded, brand new '12 FJ for $35K drive out, we were done within 2 hours! Hands down, the best buying experience I have had to this day! I don't know if the bad reviews were just bad timing or what... but I recommend this place to any future car buyers that want the reliability of Toyota and great service at the same time :)

They have the new express maintenance line, and with the Toyotas coming with 2-4 year maintenance, it's awesome! Fred Haas was friendly, didn't push us, we haggled a great price without feeling like we were going to want to choke someone out, it was great. I'll continue to come here, like I have for the past 10 years

Mo' B. | 2011-07-30

Don't be fooled by their annoying radio ads or splashy TV spots, these folks are NOT trying to sell you a car YOU'd like!  
First, I tried working thru a specific sales rep (who never seems to be in his office) and leaving voicemail.  He called back requesting specs (body style, engine, transmission, etc) on the vehicle I was looking for, so I left him a DETAILED message.  Then, NOTHING!  No callback for over a week!  
While waiting for the salesperson to respond I tried shopping their website and requested a quote on a vehicle I SAW in their inventory online.  Instead I get an automated response from their spambot with other vehicles that didn't meet my requirements.  I emailed them requesting a follow-up call from that sales rep and ...NOTHING!!  
My third attempt was to DRIVE 30 miles to the dealership where, again, the sales rep in question was "tied up with another customer" so I was handed off to someone in the Internet Sales Dept.  When I asked to see the vehicle I had seen online, I was taken out to the sales lot and found the vehicle was not as portrayed online!!  Their response was to blame the company they contract to create their online listings -- arggh!!  

Are we in a recession or what?!?  Now I'm getting emails from their spambot asking me if I found what I was looking for?  The answer is no, No, and HELL NOOO!!!

After trying to buy a car from no less than FOUR people at this dealership, I am moving on.  Maybe Amazon can get me the Toyota I want.  At Fred Haas, customer satisfaction isn't a goal, it's a FAIRY TALE!

UPDATE -- TWO YEARS LATER I'm finally the proud owner of the Toyota of my dreams, located via the internet -- at a NISSAN dealership on the other side of town where the vehicle was brought in from FLORIDA.


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