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Don McGill Toyota of Houston strives to set the standard for how all car dealerships should treat their customers. This is precisely the reason why Don McGill was awarded the Toyota President's Award for 2012. Our customer service is unmatched. When you visit Don McGill Toyota, you'll experience service from well-trained and dedicated staff members that are friendly, professional and embrace our commitment to customer service excellence. Our professional and courteous staff is accommodating to both English and Spanish speaking customers as well.

Don McGill Toyota of Houston has been a leader in the community for many years now. We believe that Houston and the surrounding areas are special and that our customers are special people. We're going to do everything we can to stay involved with our community. And when the time comes that they choose to visit our lot, we're going to give them the highest level of service because they deserve it.


Established in 1970.

For over 40 years, Don McGill Toyota has served customers from all over the Houston area. We take pride in knowing our community and providing our customers with the best service possible. Don McGill Toyota is located just west of Houston on Interstate 10 between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford. Our Toyota sales and service team will save you both time and money, when you shop for a new or used Toyota at Don McGill Toyota. For 40 years we have been serving the Houston area and have perfected our proven process to make your Toyota buying experience the very best possible. Call or email any of our Toyota experts today and experience the Don McGill Toyota Difference.

Don McGill Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 496-2000
Address:11800 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77079
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Don McGill Toyota

Evan B. | 2015-04-14

Botched the collision repair on my car. Made me come back and wait for them to fix their screw up. My time is too valuable to be bothered by others' incompetence.

Stay far away.

Reviewer T. | 2015-04-14

Stay away from Cindy Thomas

Stay away from Finance Manager (old white guy wrinkle face)

I went here with $10,000 cash in hand as a down payment. Cindy Thomas wasted a week of my time. She didnt want to sell me what i wanted. She wanted to sell me used car. She was had me sitting at her desk while she walks around acting like shes talking to sales manager. Heck she was smoking half the time.

I called the next place and bought my truck. 2015 new. Finished transaction in 2 hours

Stay away from Cindy Thomas

Stay away from Finance Manager (old white guy wrinkle face)

Stay away from Cindy Thomas

Stay away from Finance Manager (old white guy wrinkle face)

Landman H. | 2015-04-08

This last time I got my free car service they had someone clearly directing people in the service bay, so glad to see that improvement was made since my last review.  

The work was done in under an hour and they had me out pretty quickly when I came back to pick it up.

I'm withholding the 5th star due to the attempt to over bill me on financing when I bought my car (see first review).

Lita N. | 2015-04-01

I came here to trade my car for another and Blaine was so helpful and friendly. The financial department was very willing to work with me to get me in my new car. If you want someone to work with you to get you in your dream car, this is the place. Especially if Blaine Baird.

Brenna C. | 2015-03-21

My car was parked when a drunk driver hit it. It is an 06 FourRunner. The driver never braked and pushed the car into a light pole. McGill received the car and began repairs. They insisted it could be repaired. As soon as I drive off the lot after four weeks and $10K in repairs, I heard noises. I also found orange peel on all pieces they repainted. I returned the car and they owned the paint issue. They told me the back end noise was brakes and the front end was the guards when the wheel is turned. I argued the car was inspected two weeks prior to the accident and neither would have passed if their answer was correct.

After months of arguing with both the dealer and Progressive (my insurance), I took my car to Helfman River Oaks. The brake noise? The exhaust falling off from the back end hit in the accident. The front end noise? A broken control arm on the right side of the car. Who knows what else is wrong. Helfman has been great and has done the best they can with a car that should have been totaled.  

I spoke to the dealership about these three major issues. Ricky said they fixed the paint so what's the problem. He offered to help me with a trade (I declined) and to help me out in my next accident. I said they would never receive insurance money from me and he said no, this would be free of charge, a bumper, door, whatever I needed.

After speaking to Gulf States Toyota, I learned there no notes on my account after the car was picked up the first time. No notes on noises, re painting, nothing. Not sure how I'll get my free bumper with no notes.

Stay away from this dealership.

Adam W. | 2015-03-21

I've been to this place twice for oil changes/tire rotation. They have finished within a hour both times (pretty impressive, because they are always busy) and all the employees are extremely nice and helpful.

Joel C. | 2015-03-11

Selenia is the sweetest, greatest customer service representative!  This is not the dealership that sold me my vehicle, but I stopped off at this location because a flashing "4LO" hazard light came on... my Tundra was stuck in 4WD.  Selenia was so very helpful and conscientious!

Mike M. | 2015-02-23

brought my tundra in for first oil change and scheduled service, i noticed my shiny chrome rims were beginning to chip, the chrome coating was perhaps defective. The service manager on duty as well as and especially the sales manager put my concerns to rest. they asked for a couple days to contact toyota and after two days i was contacted by a service write and asked to select either another set of chrome rims or he gave me the option for black powder coated rims, i opted for the black, needless to say i came back in and my truck looks just as awesome as before with the black rims, once again Don Mcgill Toyota came through for me and quickly resolved my issue, I've had my share of dissapointing service offers and details in the past with other businesses, which made promises only to break them and offer excuses, but this dealership is restoring my confidence and making me take notice that there is great customer care and service still even in this day and age, in the car buying industry, thank you for peace of mind and reassuring me about my decision to buy my vehicle here.

Dwight Fraencis D. | 2015-02-11

I kept getting emails about a free gift card when I would take a drive test without any purchase. They even scheduled a time for me. Since I am interested checking out offroad vehicles. Printed the voucher and went to this place.

Sale person was okay but there was no rapport and maybe an effort why I should get the vehicle. After the drive test, he asked me what's my plan. I told him I just graduted and just looking around for now while looking for a job and i see in his face he just don't want to have talk with me anymore.

2 weeks have passed I haven't received the promised gift card. Even emailed them for a follow up with no respond. Bait and Switch? Now I am getting a job offer, I think I would head straight to Subaru for an offroad vehicle instead of going back here.

Update: The Sales Director left a voice message (I wasn't able to answer, sorry about that) and wants to this concern resolved. Updated the stars for an unexpected (fast) respond and performance delivered by John. I might have over reacted and I would give this place another try when my car's regular maintenance is due.

Jennifer T. | 2015-01-26

The best customer service!!! So helpful and pleasant to work with! If you need to buy a car go here!

Daisy L. | 2015-01-06

Friendly and efficient service when checking up on my car.  I usually am assisted by the manager who gives thorough advice and gets the repairs done in a timely manner.  Wait time is worth it, spacious place off the freeway for easy access and plenty of car models to browse and choose from.

Matt F. | 2015-01-03

Mike- you were given the opportunity prior to this review and nobody at your dealership took this as important or were concerned in the least bit. I would explain to jerry that it's best not to ignore and speak rudely to your customers when they have given you an opportunity to resolve the YOUR problem. And you also already have my phone contact info at your disposal so why would I take more of my time?

FELLOW YELPERS look at the pattern of this dealer having to constantly address every customer via message reply on yelp. Shows they can't fix the issue when it occurs and only damage control after.

Lupita H. | 2014-12-02

My boyfriend Fidel leased his Corolla from here a few years ago. His lease was to be up this month so he began calling trying to get ahold of his previous agent to discuss buying the car. He was told that agent was no longer there and they'd have someone else contact him. However, I guess because all he wanted to do was buy and not lease another, they kept giving him the run around and nobody would actually help him. Finally, George Maldonado came to the rescue! He was very personable and friendly, but most importantly helpful. He answered all of my boyfriend's questions and helped to quickly finalize the purchase. He's also very easy to get a hold of for any concerns my boyfriend has. Excellent customer service skills and would definitely recommend.
Sometimes wait times on maintenance are ridiculous, so I was going to give less stars, but Mr. Maldonado makes up for that.

Yolanda Y. | 2014-11-06

Let me update my miserable experience.

When I mess up my Saturday and drove to this dealership, they said they could not renew a tag on Saturday. So, why were there more than one staff from this dealership push me to come and renew tag on Saturday? They just constantly said the one who told me so was not them so they should not be responsible for my bad experience. Ridiculous!
The final deal is that they handle the temporary tag renewal on Tuesday and send someone to replace the tag for me. But, they didn't make it, instead they sent me a photo and asked me print that phone in case I am pulled off by a policeman. Well again, the one who should is at risk is me!
Just as I said, never believe this dealership no matter what they promise. They can even eat their words in 3 days.

Then  let me talk about the broken key. They said they could not find the new key. Yes, that key was there some day, but they might have already returned that new key for safety reason. Well, if that was the truth, then why didn't you tell me before hand and let me make decision? That is my key!
Additionally and again, they promise that a new key will come in 1 week. However, nearly 2 week has passed, nothing come in, neither  tag or key.

Stay away unless you would like to deal with villains.

Aly O. | 2014-11-03

I took my 04 camry here for some body work and went through insurance. Lance in the body shop is extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help me out. I had a great, hustle-fee experience. I will definitely take my Toyota here in the future :)

Sabbir A. | 2014-10-18

I just came back from the dealers parts department.  The gentleman behind the parts counter was very nice and friendly. I was having hard time trying to figure out a piece of parts from one my old car that i needed. He listened and wss able to pinpoint and brought the parts right our in a flash. Looking at the invoice his name is Michael. It was a mere $2.00 parts for a corolla brake cushion. but the service was outstanding! !!. .

Many thanks. .

Johan M. | 2014-10-08

I have been going to Don McGill Toyota now for 10 years., and during these past 10 years I took my Rav4, 4 Runner, and LandCruiser to Don Mcgile for various major and minor services.  And even now that I've become a Lexus family  I still take the Lexus  to Don McCgill Toyota.    The reason for such loyalty is two things:  1) Excellent customer service 2) Reasonable and fair pricing for services rendered.   In addition, I like the new expanded workshop, waiting room, coffee bar ability to walk around the show room and also see when your car is up on the stand. Let's not forget tax free Wednesdays, courtesy rides and more.  A big shout out to recognize Mike Lester, Ricki Liang, Roger Wesiman who epitomize excellent customer service and have always made my visits worthwhile, effective and enjoyable.

Dean K. | 2014-10-03

Service Manager Mark Hamman's attention to detail and excellent pride in his service.

David N. | 2014-10-02

I can only vouch for Nam Pham at Don McGill Toyota.  When we first purchased a car we went to four different dealers. I researched the new Toyota Avalon online and off to the dealers I went. I went to dealer and wanted to look at the different colors so I can decide. The first three dealer, sales people are kinda pushy and kept pushing me to purchase right there and then, very pressured. I wasn't ready right there and then but within a month.

Alas I met Nam @ Don McGill, he walked up and introduced himself . He actually listened to me about what I wanted and very professional. Some of these guys there, I felt they were vultures and I was their dinner. I wanted a Avalon touring and a blind spot monitor, and that's exactly what I got and at a great price.  Nam was very professional and courteous about the whole car buying experience.

When it comes down to it, I HIGHLY recommend Nam Pham if you are looking for a new toyota vehicle.  You won't be disappointed with him, very sure of it.

Pauline C. | 2014-09-23

This review is for their Collision Center. I took my car here after my accident. They estimated that the repairs may take up to 20 business days which I was fine with. I'll give them ONE star for having it "ready" on the 10th business day. When I arrived I spoke to the cashier who handed me my keys. She mispronounced my last name but I saw my keys in her hands. Well I paid my deductible and it was sealed in an envelope with the file number that was on the folder. After that, I went over to Enterprise when I noticed the documents had someone's name and car information. I immediately went back to the cashier who helped me and explained to her that she had given me the wrong folder. Without letting me finish she shakes her head and responds "That's why I asked you if that was your name when I called you. Yes I did". First of all, she did call the right name and had the keys but had the wrong folder! She even said she'll correct the file number on the envelope with MY cash "later".

Honestly I was rushing back to work that day, and everything seemed okay with my car. When I got back to work I noticed 4 things that were not done properly so I took it back. I was dropped off at work and told that it would be done on the same day. Then I received two calls, 1st call was to tell me that my car wasn't ready and that they would provide me with a rental. The 2nd call was that they RAN OUT of rental cars. I was pretty upset but I understood that things happen....

The next day Don McGill dropped off my car at my job. That was sweet and I appreciated that. HOWEVER, they literally just dropped it off and left. That's when I saw the swirls on my car. Looks like they were buffing my car when it was dirty. At that point I was really upset. I asked to speak with the manager and I was then helped by the person who oversees the collision center. Well, he apologized for the work that was done to my car and said it would get fixed. He made me feel a little more at ease.....UNTIL he told me that here wasn't a rental available.... This time he asked if we can take my own car to drop me off at work! I'm sure it was embarrassing for him so he offered to fill my gas tank.

Well my car was nicely done and they dropped it off to my job the next day. OH and my gas tank was empty. A week later one of my windows weren't working. I was already so fed up with Don McGill, I took it to Joe Myers. Looks like they forgot to plug it back in. I'm pretty sure there was more that I left out. Overall it was just a horrible experience. I will not be returning to Don McGill.

Charles B. | 2014-09-18

Terrible customer service.

I went by looking to lease a RAV4 and my salesman came back with a monthly payment of $495.00/month. I dont even pay that much for the 2014 Lexus IS250 I just leased and I didn't even put any money down. He wasn't willing to work with me in the least bit. Save your time and go somewhere that's willing to work for their customers.

Kiyanna C. | 2014-09-12

They sold me a car with a jerking problem, the manager didn't care about my problem at all! He had a smart attitude and tried to make me feel like it was my fault they sold me a jerking car. I had to pay thousands of dollars for a new transmission. If you want good customer service, DON'T come here. I also took it to the used car mechanic and he told me twice that there's nothing wrong with it! Without even driving it. I will never buy from a Toyota ever again and I also won't ever buy a Toyota car because of this experience. I have told everybody of my experience and will continue to do so.

Scott C. | 2014-09-12

Contacted via internet on a Sunday regarding a low mile Sequoia for sale , was contacted about it Monday and made an offer and asked for the ECM readings to verify mileage as it was so low for an 03 model and was told they would get the details I asked for and get right back with me.  Nothing by Tuesday afternoon so I called again and was told they'd get back within 20 minutes, and again still nothing.  Called again Wednesday to ask one last time and was told my offer was not accepted , would I be interested at $X price.  I say yes and they tell me they will get me some more pics and get right back with me.  They did get right back , to tell me they had wholesaled the car and it wasn't available any longer.  The two women who i I dealt with via the phone are about as incompetent as I've ever spoke with as far as following thru with anything they say.
I'm assuming they saved me a headache , a trip , and possibly even buying a vehicle with odometer fraud -  thanks for that !

Rich B. | 2014-09-06

I took my 4Runner to the body shop, and their mistake cost me over $40.

They kept my car for two more days than Infinity insurance would allow, and I had to pay the difference for the rental car despite being the victim of the accident. When I brought this to their attention, they assured me that they would work it out with the insurance, but of course I never heard back from them.

The work they performed is acceptable, but it took them 4 days to complete it instead of the 2 days the insurance allows for such a small repair.

Anyway, their customer service is crappy and they don't care about you once they have their money. I won't be going back.

Melinda F. | 2014-08-20

Although I did not end up buying a car from them, I have to express how wonderful it was to deal with Nam at Don McGill.  I was debating between two brands of cars and we had horrible experiences at two other Toyota dealerships in the area.  I called Don McGill and spoke with Nam regarding a specific Toyota Highlander I was looking for.  He checked his inventory and even double checked that they had a bench seat with cloth interior.  He confirmed that they did and we planned on meeting him within a few minutes.  Unfortunately we stopped at the wrong dealership and ensued another horrible experience with sales people.  All the while Nam was in communication with me with a wonderful personality.  We left the wrong dealership and again headed toward Don McGill.  When we arrived he greeted us with a huge smile as if we were friends that haven't seen each other for awhile.  He showed me the vehicle we discussed (which had everything we were looking for instead of showing something we didn't want as other dealers did) we took it for a test drive.  He was wonderful with our 3 kids he explained everything to us and pointed out things that we didn't know about.  Very personable.  We ended up buying another brand of car for bigger cargo area.  Without a doubt I would come back and work with Nam and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Toyota.  He receives 5 stars from our family, the only reason I rated four stars was because I can't speak on behalf of the buying experience as we never spoke about numbers,  Thanks Nam for a wonderful experience after 4 horrible ones that week!

Warren A. | 2014-08-02

We have used this dealership for years to service our Toyota, and overall had been pleased. However, a few months ago we took the car in to fix trouble with the 3rd row seat. After having the car all day, they called to tell me that they couldn't figure out the problem and that their "seat guy" would have to look at it. Apparently, the "seat guy" only comes once a week -- they said we'd have to make an appointment to bring it back when the seat guy could be there. When I went to pick up the car, the service technician was so rude to me that I left without making the appointment. When I got into the car I could see that the service techs had yanked on the seat to try to force it into position.

This past week we decided we  had to get the seat fixed. My husband called THREE different times over the course of 5 days, leaving a message each time to ask when the "seat guy" would be there so we could bring in the car. No one ever bothered to call us back, even though the THIRD time he called he spoke to someone in the service department and told him that we were loyal customers and we needed the courtesy of a return phone call. He promised to call back within a few hours. He never called.

We gave up and took our car to another dealership, which diagnosed and fixed the initial problem, but then determined that the yanking/forcing done at Don McGill messed up the seat so badly that is has to be replaced. So, not only did Don McGill waste a lot of our time, but they also cost us an additional $800.

I don't know what is going on with the management of this service department, but the level of customer service is unacceptable and the competency of the technicians is questionable. We will not be back.

charyce n. | 2014-07-25

I really dislike leaving negative comments, but this place is a hot mess. This was not about one employee having an "off" day, this was bad from start to finish. I went in for a simple issue with my key fob, td it would take 30, possibly 45 min.  and it took over 2 hrs.! I can deal with something taking a bit longer than anticipated, but let me know so that I can make the decision as to whether I want to wait the extra hour and a half. The service Dept is just one cluster of inefficiency. It's difficult to say if any of them have any competency because the communication was so poor and hard to come.  Just as disappointing, is that they had absolutely no appreciation or concern whatsoever  for my time. I'm all for being patient and understanding, but not without some type of effort in return.

Sarah T. | 2014-07-23

After taking my car back into the body shop, all of the small problems that I had were taken care of in less than an hour. DMT has shown that they are wanting and willing to fix any problems that a customer may have had with their service. I appreciate the manager reaching out and speaking with me on the phone to make sure that I am satisfied with the service received at the body shop.

Andrew H. | 2014-07-22

If you're looking for customer service, you won't find it here. Instead they offer you a four to six hour wait to check a warning light (a single plug in) and an oil change. I came in at 10:30 this morning. Thinking this would be a quick trip knowing what I am asking for is very simple. It is now 2:30. My truck has not moved an inch. When I asked a status I was offered a bad attitude and a very vague timeline as to when it may even be looked at. I am still sitting here as I write this. I may die of old age here. This people is why you read the yelp reviews BEFORE you go somewhere. My bad Yelpers. You tried to warn me.

R S. | 2014-05-05

Full disclosure: I am writing this review based on phone interactions and impressions of how they run their business. Based on this experience, I decided to take my business elsewhere.

I recently called in to ask about an appointment for a routine oil change and a Prius recall assessment. I'm new to the Houston area, so I found McGill Toyota online and decided to contact them them without consulting Yelp. This review is exclusively for the service department and, as already noted, is not based on services rendered.

Viewing their website, I was so pleased to see that you can book appointments online. I made a mistake while booking my appointment, though, and called in to correct my error (there was no apparent way to correct the mistake myself given the online tools). It was at this time - speaking to a service representative - that I learned that the whole notion of appointments serves only as an "estimate" of daily traffic for the service consultants and mechanics. My making an appointment for 1:00pm in no way indicates that I will be seen at 1:00pm, especially on a Saturday. So tell me then: what's the point of making an appointment?? The oil change and recall work should, per Toyota's guidance, take no more than 3 hrs combined. But when I asked about coming in at 10:00am on a Saturday, I was told to plan to be there until 5:00pm "because there might be other cars there in front of me." Did those other cars in front of me make appointments? Does your appointment software in anyway prevent they entire Toyota driving population of Houston from making an appointment at the same time, even if there isn't mechanic bandwidth to assist everybody at that time?? This process is broken, frustrating, and just terrible customer management. To add insult to injury: on those awfully long, overcrowded Saturdays there is no complimentary shuttle service. That means you can't hitch a ride to the local Memorial City Mall, which was a major selling point of the Don McGill location to this gal.

I kept trying to get some kind of different answer or at least some clarity on this whole reservation process. I offered to come in on a weekday afternoon: but no, recall appointments had to be scheduled before 11:00am on any given day (and, again, there was no guarantee that I'd actually be SEEN at that scheduled time: it mostly means I'd be getting in line by no later than 11:00am). Why would I make an appointment? Clearly, appointment or not, I'd just be another car in line that they'd get to when they had time. Not sure about the rest of y'all in Yelp land, but when I make an appointment I make it because I want/need to be seen at that time.

I finally decided it wasn't worth the effort or pain to try to get in at Don McGill Toyota. I found another Houston area dealership that was much more straightforward about their scheduling abilities. And, for those of you who are curious, when I finally DID get my car serviced at that other dealership: I was in and out (with an appointment!) in under three hours, as expected.

Clarity E. | 2014-03-24

Purchased a FJ cruiser last year and needed service, my car wont start and they will not call me back.... car only has 18k miles on it.   they keep giving me the run around.   now the service guy just hung up.  Well its time to look at other manufacturer for quality and service ........ Honda n Mazda come to mind ??

n l. | 2014-01-17

1.  I have bought an used 2013 Toyota Corolla on Dec 10, 2013 and pickup the new license plate along with registration sticker on 1/4/2013 for the car.  However, in never has our new license plate record when I went on there to update my mailing address after I "RECEIVED" the plate and registration from the dealership.  I called DMV and they said no paperwork has been submitted from dealership.  I called dealership and they said it is not their fault.  It was DMV fault that they haven't process the paperwork.  Everyone is pointing fingers at each other and I was stuck with license plate unregistered to DMV.  

2.  Another disappointment from the dealership was the finance person who I submitted a cancellation of warranty and gap insurance NEVER turn in my cancellation form.  I have submitted the cancellation form for gap insurance and warranty in person with the finance person, Larry, on 12/16/2013.  I have trusted him totally so I didn't call back to follow up since it would take approximately 4-6 to process it.  However, a hunch told me to call back to check on the status.  Then, I found out Larry NEVER submitted my cancellation request when I spoke to Kelly.  So I told her that I still kept a copy of the cancellation form from 12/16/13.  She said go ahead and I send in a copy via email and she would back dated and expedited the cancellation form.  However, I never received any status update from her neither after several phone calls.

This place is very poor in service and can't be trust with paperwork.  Now I have pay for gap and warranty insurance when I cancelled a month ago and stuck with an unregistered license plate neither DMV or dealership has an answer to it.

Evey G. | 2014-01-13

If I could give them NO STARS I would. I went in to have my car serviced by the collision center, and it was horrible. They did not communicate with the insurance company correctly, they neglected to take care of OBVIOUS things as if they were absolutely ignorant-  for example it stands to reason that if my entire car has been repainted due to overspray, you need to paint the door handles too no?!?! Oh what's that? The adjuster didn't put that on the estimate?? Well isn't it your job to contact the adjuster and handle that?!??  Terrible. Was without my car for months had to go back many times and paint still isn't done correctly. Will be seeing them again for warranty work in 6 months when it cracks...

Amanda F. | 2013-11-27

I have been here twice. Don't even bother going here. I was so disappointed in their service, not only will I not have my car serviced there again, I will re-think purchasing another Toyota vehicle.

David D. | 2013-10-11

This is a review for the service department.... I have been there 3 times and have always received friendly, courteous, and honest work.  I'll pay the 'dealer premium' to have work done on my truck.

Michael S. | 2013-09-06

Good luck getting your car serviced, I have walked in an waited for several minutes before and no one was around to help me. I call to take my vehicle in and they tell me I need to drop it off as they are busy, I don't drive two cars at once sorry. Get more help!

Julie's G. | 2013-08-28

What a mistake I made. I made a service appt. online with what I thought was Don McGill Toyota katy, but it wasn't.  I was pressed for time, so I went ahead and took it in to the Don McGill Toyota off kirkwood and katy freeway, where I had made the appt.  When I walked in, no one asked if they could help me, even though there were three or four guys sitting at their desks.  I finally was able to ask someone for the service advisor that I made the appt. with.  I stood at his desk for 15 minutes waiting for him to complete someone else's paperwork and talk to another customer.  He was very rude and pretty much ignored me as I stood there waiting for him.
I brought my car in for an oil chage and coolant exchange.  Pretty simple stuff and since I made an appt., didn't think it would take more than an hour. 2 hours tops.  So, I didn't make arrangements to.drop off the car.  When my advisor finally completed inputting my info. Into the computer, I asked how long it was going to take.  He said it would be three hours.  I asked what was the point of having an appt. he said that was just a drop off time.
I will never go back to this dealership.

Carola M. | 2013-08-19

I am rating based on the service in the service department and location. I came here for an oil change. I usually go to Joe Myers Toyota because it is closer to my house. When I called Joe Myers they closed at 7pm and I get out at 5pm and it takes me about an hour to get in that side of town. The gentleman on the phone said they stop taking the last car at 6pm so he suggested in a nice way that I go to a closer location my way. So I decided to go to Don McGill Toyota. Honestly, I was pretty impressed with this location.

When I arrived the power was out because the weather was going haywire the wind was blowing and it was raining so it was pretty bad. The systems where rebooting so it took about 8 minutes for one of the employees to put me in the system and can start working on my car. The guy that helped me you can tell that he has been working there for a long time because of the way he asked me questions, because he was fast at adding my information in and he knew to look in the system and find out what service I got at the other Toyota dealership. He suggested that I just do the oil change, tire rotation, and oil filter no need for any additional services unless I need it. He was not trying to sale me anything so that was nice. He told me it will be around an hour wait, no problem with me.

In the dealership it looks new like if they just recently remodeled the place. Everything is open the service department and sales department are all in the same building. There is a little store where they sale cool stuff for your vehicle, and Toyota shirts I haven't seen that before in any other dealership. The waiting area is big filled with a lot of comfortable sofas. There are vending machines, a coffee machine, and TVs everywhere for entertainment.  I had my IPad I checked to see if there was Wifi and it showed there was but for some reason it did not allow me to connect. I ended up waiting only 45 minutes. The young lady called my name on the intercom. I went to the cashier department and ended up paying only $40 not bad being in a dealership. What really Impressed me was that she told me that they checked everything and they had a detailed report of all that was checked with ratings. Not all dealerships do that unless you ask for it so that was really nice of them. Thank you Don McGill Toyota!

Karen F. | 2013-07-29

If I could pick zero stars I would. This dealership is the worst dealership I've ever been to. I didn't buy my Scion here, but because its closer I thought I'd try it out for service of a noise I was hearing. Like most people, I work during a 9-5 during the week so the best time for me to take my car in is on a Saturday. I had to take my car in three Saturdays in a row because the couldn't determine the problem.  They finally figured out what the problem was when I drove it over on a Friday and had a friend take me to work. They had to order a part, but they forgot to put my car in the shop the next day so I had to take the day off the following Monday to pick it up.
Unfortunately a few months later I was rear ended and imagine my horror when the Geiko rep closest to me was at Don McGill Toyota. I took my car in...and two weeks later I had to call to see when I'd be able to pick it up...a week after picking it up, the break lights stopped working so I had to take it in AGAIN! Not at all happy with the service.  Most of the people that work there have no idea what's going on. I will never go back there again- no matter how much closer it is!

Michelle D. | 2013-07-05

My hubby and I test drove a Tundra here and we weren't all that impressed with the product or the staff. The salesman was nice enough, but I guess he was new and didn't really know much about the truck at all. He couldn't tell us much if anything about the features and was just sort of playing on his phone during the drive. Then of course he acted diappointed when we said we weren't doing the deal!

We had them appraise our trade-in and it took FOREVER! They came back with a fairly high number but their prices are inflated in the first place so I don't know that I would've accepted any less. I guess if I was just flat-out selling it to them I would've been happier.

Overall, not super excited to ever return here but I can't really speak to the buying experience since we didn't end up buying anything.

Ken H. | 2013-05-15

I was at the dealership yesterday to sell my car after getting an offer from Auto-trader.  While there I worked with John Loving and Chris Rhodes.  Their service and attitudes was fantastic.  They looked over my car and gave me a very fair offer.  Their waiting area was large and had free drinks available.
I highly recommend Don McGill Toyota for a new car or used and John Loving and Chris Rhodes are both wonderful making me feel comfortable.  I will be returning for more car needs!!

Michelle H. | 2013-05-01

I am rating their service department. I like that this dealership is clean. The service guys are very helpful and know what they're talking about. They don't try to sell you bullshit services you don't need like other dealerships around town.

Dropped my car off in the morning and picked it up later that afternoon. $40 for an oil change (synthetic) and tires balanced & rotated. They even gave me a complimentary car wash.

This is the second closest Toyota dealership from home. I am willing to drive 10 minutes further for better service.

Sarah M. | 2013-04-13

Our service experience on the vehicle we purchased last year has been seriously lacking. "Service Advisors" or those people who take your vehicle, lie when giving you reasonable time estimate for service, and then fail to ever follow up after the promised time has passed are ridiculous. A service advisor on the floor will not deal with you if you've been assigned to someone. So forget it if you'd like a status update and your advisor is out to lunch or on break or just generally disappears for hours. Last week we made an appt in the afternoon and were told usually one hour, wait but they may be a bit late. Over two and a half hours of waiting and requesting updates, I am finally told they don't have the part needed to replace under warranty. We had to COME BACK. Oh, and we should made an earlier appt to avoid all the delays. One week later, we make one of the earliest morning appts only to have our vehicle sit back there over four hours before we finally spot someone swapping out our part. These people are jokes... Our future purchasing and servicing will be done elsewhere in the future.

Phillip Y. | 2013-03-11

Very simple transaction on Saturday 03/09/2013.  Thank you.  Very professional staff.   From the receptionist, Sales Person (Martin), to the Finance Manager.  Great experience.  They even have an Enterprise in the Body Shop area to drop off my rental car.

Sally J. | 2012-12-13

Longest wait time ever!
I wanted to do a 45,000 mile service to check a lot of things on my Lexus.
Since it was a Toyota dealership, I thought it had to be very reputable...I thought wrong!
I turned my car in well before lunch (around 10:30 a.m.), the service rep said that my car would be finished by 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
That seemed ok...since this was more than a simple oil change.

They did not get done until past 5:00 p.m. When I asked why it was taking so long, the people said that they just started on the car about an hour ago.
Which mean, they started working on my car at 4. They told me even though I had an appointment, they don't take that into account.
It was just a bad experience and you could tell people were getting frustrated with the service department. I would rather save money and go to a smaller interdependently owned shop.

Tim D. | 2012-12-11

My new 4Runner needed it's brakes adjusted.  They were so sensitive it was hard not to get rear-ended.  Service said "that's just the way they are"  These people are incompetent, inept and lazy all they can do is remove and replace. There is not a mechanic in the lot.  Five Toyota's and this is the last.  You have ruined it for me.
It's no wonder why your dealership is not busy.

Angel P. | 2012-11-09

I went to see the highlander 2012 hybrid and I wanted to know how the hybrid system works. The first thing I noticed was   I had to wait outside to speak with a salesperson and then had to go inside and try to find help. I had to ask for someone and he pointed at me like saying its him. He finally showed me the highlander and I was excited about the system. However he did not know how to explain the system to me properly. Fortunately I did enough research online to educate myself before going to the dealership. He really knew few things (that I didn't care about it), that the Bluetooth was nice, how to fold the seats, and most nicest, how quite it was.

I strongly not Recommend this dealer to nobody, they are not knowledgable, and they don't care.

I finally went to fort bend Toyota, they are located at 59 hwy and 99 and they really know more, they are honest and they don't pressure on you. So if you think that don McGill bc they have a lot of inventory, it doesn't mean that they will treat you right.

Natalya G. | 2012-08-15

Never ever again! Was sold a brand new car but 4 days later when I came to pick it up it had damages and 90 extra miles. I had to leave it there for leather seats upgrade. No one could give me an explanation how and where did this happen. Somebody definitely had fun with the car after I had already put down payment and signed all the paperwork! All the manager could say, I have no idea how it happened and I can not explain it. As soon as I mentioned my lawyers involvement I was immediately offered to cancel the purchase agreement. Fishy and shady! Going car shopping again ...

M L. | 2012-08-09

Went to get my oil changed in my toyota truck, these people work for toyota and they put the WRONG oil in my truck. I will never go back to Don McGill Toyota!

Lucky J. | 2012-07-06

The worst car buying experience... I would've given negative stars if I could.  DO NOT give this place your business.    We were "helped" by Joe Calzeta.   We waited over an hour to test drive the vehicle.  We had an early appointment.   Right before we went to see the vehicle, Joe finally told us that the car was a "demo" car and had 2000 miles on it.  We were very upset.  Why wouldn't he give us the courtesy and let us know all this on the phone?  We ended up looking at this "demo" car and it was very dirty.  The car still had a baby's seat in it, papers in the side door pocket, car charger, was not vacuumed, and it had an awful cologne smell. Joe insisted that the car was still a new car...yeah, right... newly used was more the truth!  Needless to say, we were VERY upset.  The vehicle was even missing an optional feature that I indicated was a "must have".   We felt very misled.  Joe went on to tell us, the customer, that he 'told us" our must have feature was not installed.  There is a more tactful way how to deal with customers then tell us that we were in the wrong.   VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

 Please, please keep on driving and go to the next Toyota dealership...

Lauren K. | 2012-06-08

I dropped my car off at the body shop a week & a half ago (Friday) after being in a minor accident. I called Thursday & was told I could bring it in at 1pm Friday to begin repairs. When I got there Fridfay they claimed they had told me Saturday & no one could help me. I know for a fact they said Friday because I was leaving town Friday evening & wouldn't have scheduled a repiar when I wasn't even in town. So after talking to them they said to leave my car & they would get to it Saturday. I asked if I need to fill out any paperwork & they said no we have your insurance info you're good to go. They also told me that my car needed only minor body work & that it would take 4-5 days max to complete. I was supposed to have it back by this past Friday at the latest. Saturday (now I'm out of town) I get a call from the dealership saying they can't start on my car because I never signed the release. So first thing Monday I fax the release so the can get started. I talked to a lady there who said she receieved it & I was still on schedule to get my car by Friday. Tuesday I get a call asking for the release again & saying they will now start on my car, but not to worry it will still be done by Friday. Thursday I call to see what time I can pick it up Friday & they tell me that there has been a delay and I should be able to pick it up Monday. Apparently someone should have called me, but they must have forgotten. So, Monday I call to see when I can pick it up & I'm told they have to check & I'll get a call back w/in 10-15min. No once calls back so an hour later I call & get the same answer. I ended up calling 4 times before someone finally called me back. When she called she said depending on the outcome of the buffing it would be ready in 2-4 hrs & that someone would call me around 2pm to let me know. No one ever called so I called when I got off work. She said that they need to check the suspension (something I think should have been done BEFORE they repainted my car, washed & buffed it) & that I could get it first thing Tuesday morning. Let me remind you this was promised to me in 4-5 working days & now it's almost 2 weeks later. Just realized I never posted this from 2 years ago. But over all the service was horrible and a year ago (about a year after they fixed everything) the sealing on my door had to be re-done. Also, ever since they "fixed" my car it makes a very faint rattling noise. Still have a bad taste in my mouth & this was over 2 years ago.

Melissa G. | 2012-04-24

As my previous review said, my sale went fine because I refused to play their games.  This update is more about my service experience since the purchase.  Basically, while the cars they sell are Toyotas, their service department is more along the lines of "Yugo".

I actually was okay with this dealership's service until the past year.  I basically started coming back here for oil changes due to some issues at the local Jiffy Lube.  After my last two visits to this dealership I have to give Jiffy Lube some respect.  While they may not have been able to find my cabin filter and they never remember to turn off my engine light, they at least try to leave the car as clean or cleaner than how they found it!!

My last two oil changes at this dealership had my car come back to me dirtier than when I brought it in!  One time it reeked of cigarette smoke!  I complained and all they did was put air freshener in it.  The next time they didn't bother to put the paper mats on the floor and my floor mat was covered in dirt and there were oily smudges on the paneling!

I had to have a bit of body work done here last year and had the same experience as another reviewer - I showed up when told to and the car wasn't ready.  Meanwhile my husband was already at work and I had just turned in my rental.  So why wasn't it ready?  Because the guy who was supposed to give the finishing touches decided to not show up to work. Then, they forgot to hook up some little piece so my A/C wasn't working properly either.  

Sorry, but this is all things you'd expect from some little two-bit garage out in the suburbs and not a major car dealership associated with the Toyota name.

Simply K. | 2012-03-01

We received an offer from Capital One that we were preapproved.  We arrived at 2:00 with a payment near (within $50) of what we had prefereed it to be.  The transition went smoothly, and I was in my new car driving off of the lot by 6:00.  We got a fair deal to help rebuild our credit.  Luis was wonderful!

Eric F. | 2012-02-12

We purchased our Toyota from Don McGill Toyota in 2006 and they went out of their way to find the specific color and trim that we were looking for.  

Since then we have also used their Service Department in Katy for our service work. Now we have had a few issues with the service department. But mostly because of limited parts availability since the tsunami. That was not their fault. However, one of their technicians chipped our dashboard while doing some warranty work on the stereo. The Service Manager, Chad, replaced the entire dashboard without charge to make the situation right.  It was the right thing to do and they did it without having to ask.

That is great customer service and why I rate them 5 stars.

Lu M. | 2011-09-21

Ok let me start off and say I've never purchased a car here but I've gotten body work and several maintenance services. No one has ever been rude to me. I guess if you're purchasing a car I would never trust a car salesman they're in sales! Hello!? Aren't they supposed to be sneaky they're trying to get you to purchase.

I digress, my maintenance services have always been excellent and I'm always treated with respect. When I had my bumper replaced I went to the body shop at 7am they were very quick to get me registered only bad thing was the rental car service. There are two here Toyota's and Enterprise. Both were late. But Enterprise got in first 10 or 15 mins late took about 15 mins to process. When I left I don't even think Toyota's rental reps were there yet and they should be there at 7am.

Drew W. | 2011-06-30

Ok so it's a nice dealership all around.

The sales people don't harass, and pressure you.

That's the quickest way to my spending heart.

Shut up and let me make my own mistakes.

So after driving the "cough" Corolla I bought, I went back 5 months later, unhappy with the granny car,  and they got me into something a guy my age would have more fun driving.

No problem.

No argument.

So in effect I have made 2 purchases with them that were painless (so to speak), and I went back for my  spoiler yesterday, and that was equally painless (so to speak).

If you are in the market for a Toyota, then you can't go wrong at Don McGill.

I know that sounds like a commercial lol, but it's true.

Robert N. | 2011-05-12

Will never use this dealership or recommend them to anyone else! The sales agent put my in an extremely tight situation where my current car was surrendered; before the financing went through.

It has been 13 days of pure chaos, working with this finance company, for my loan to be finalized!

Disgusting sales tactics, deceptive sales/ finance people.

Should have known when they made me sign an arbitration agreement to waive rights to sue.

Enrique L. | 2011-04-12

Thanks my dear friend David Martinez!   I'm very happy with my new Toyota and the great service in Toyota DonMcGill

zach a. | 2011-04-03

i recently purchased a car here and the finance person named mark added on a bunch of other charges such as extended warranty and some other things that totaled $5000.00 and i had no idea because i was never givin a copy of the contract. when i went back to cancel the stuff i was told that i have to wait 90 days. these people are scammers and take advantage of car buyers. please beware when purchasing a car here.

Jessica T. | 2010-12-21

When I bring my Beetle there for auto repair bc I used to have Geico insurance and their office is there. Man, they're slow and never on time for my car to be repaired. When I complained to them they didn't care. I had to take off from work to just pick up the car and if the car wasn't ready why didn't you call me 1st!!! If you don't value my time I will not value yours either.

But one thing I like about it there is that the enterprised rental service there next to them have very good customer service!

Houston B. | 2010-11-21

My wife and I are currently shopping for a new 2nd vehicle, so we're running the gambit of choices...anywhere from Audi Q7's and evaluating those against options and value of lower priced SUV's on the market.  

Went into Don McGill last night.  WORST customer service EVER.  It started off ok actually.  The sales guy was friendly enough during the test drive, etc.  But when it came down to talking numbers, the "other face" came out.  Sure, this isn't my first rodeo...I expect some of that.  But that doesn't excuse the unprofessionalism that the sales MANAGER showed.  He was a snippy little jerk and implied that since we had shopped Kia earlier, we weren't "good enough" to understand the value that Toyota brought (of course ignoring the fact that we were also shopping Acura and Audi prior too...duh!!!).  Last straw was when he was entirely rude and obnoxious to my wife.  We just walked out, and he decided to keep on being petty by shouting out that we won't have any successes at any other dealerships either.  What a jerk.  

Anyway, needless to say, we'll be spending our money elsewhere.  What the little man didn't realize is that he lost the sale of TWO vehicles as we're going to buy my wife's parent's a new car for Christmas.  His loss.  

DO NOT waste your time at this place unless you cherish being treated like crap....bottom line.

Brandy C. | 2010-10-05

Let me start by saying I love my Toyotas. We've now had two Priuses and a Tacoma and they are fabulous. If you need service or purchase, go to Joe Meyers on 290.  This Yelp is a public service announcement about Don McGill's service and lack of competency.

I bought my last Prius here after being irritated by the shenanigans and the weird sales guys at Sterling McCall. They are the kings of shady sales (my first Prius sale was so stressful I had preterm contractions and had to finish the sale the next day). We came here thinking this place would be better. The sales experience was better, the price seemed fair-ish enough, though we ended up paying for features we didn't want. No bother, we liked the car. Finance guy was super nice, stayed late. All seemed better, 'til we needed servicing...

1. The speaker phone to nowhere - I am a huge fan of the Handsfree calls. Because the car we wanted had some awful hologram crap paneling, they said they'd remove it no charge. Oddly, after that no one could hear me when I called them. I told them, they "tested" it and said it was fine. I came back and made them try again. They said it was fine, I drove across the lot and made them sit there while I called them. "Hey, I can't hear you" they said. No kidding, huh? Final diagnosis? They replaced the paneling and covered up the microphone hole by using the wrong panel. Excusable if they had listened to me the first five times.

2. Keyless entry - I dig not using a key. It's awesome to push a button and go. I brought my car in for an oil change, only to receive it back with that function disabled. I reported it and was told my car could no longer do that. Clearly, I threw a fit and told them that was not going to work and to make it happen. The service guy asks if I have all the key fobs with me because they probably wouldn't work again. Of course I don't carry them all, but I told him in no uncertain terms that it better work if they have to give me a new one. Somehow, 40 minutes later the function returned.

3. The iPod connection. Did you know that the Prius already has a connection in the console? Neither did this dealership. After I asked for one and they sold me a new connection in the glove compartment ($300), I read the manual and discovered this when the glove compartment one wouldn't work. They fixed the glove compartment one and told me that only one could work at a time and the console wouldn't work anymore. I thought that was sucky, but believed it. The guys at Joe Meyers showed me that this was the stupidest line ever when they showed me both were working and it became clear that the Don McGill crew just sucked.

I really believe this is the crappiest dealership. I hated the sales experience at Sterling McCall, but I never doubted they had a basic knowledge of how a Toyota works. I don't think these guys have a clue. I wrecked my Prius and brought it here and they declared it totaled. I'm not sure I trust that at this point, but ironically I wrecked that Prius while the other one was here at the shop. Since that was the same visit where they disabled the power button and I would no longer have that feature, I told them that I was buying a car that day from anyone but them and they'd never see a dime. I did too, so service karma is a beyotch. We went to Joe Meyers and have been much happier.

Kevin Y. | 2010-05-01

Entire 1 month in shop. Radio now doesn't work (not part of repair). Now needs alignment badly (not part of repair)

Passenger seat jammed and will not move backward (that was in fact, part of what was getting fixed. Ever heard of testing something before you give it back to the customer?

I brought the car back on a Saturday and their mechanic was gone so they didn't fix it


Benjamin L. | 2010-04-21

We were looking for a 2010 Camry SE so decided to try the local dealership. The manager sent over Johnny over to help us. There were other sales people available but since we were Asian they sent over the Asian salesperson, I am assuming they thought an Asian salesperson would be the most appropriate. Why do they still insist on doing that?

Johnny was rude (answering other calls on his cell while talking to us) with a  bad attitude. When we submitted a price to him his comment was "so is this the first car you are purchasing because that price is idiotic".
Of course this was the price I got from . The price we submitted was also 500 less than a price we got from talking to a dealer that was farther away on a 2011 Camry SE. Needless to say we walked away as fast as we could back to the other dealer

Jennifer L. | 2009-12-16

This review is based on my experience from a sale in 2002, but nevertheless the issues are still causing me problems today. Just thought I'd pass along the word that this dealership is filled with scammers! My old Camry had gotten flooded out, and I needed another car quickly. They sold us a "great deal" that included an after-factory security system for free. Word to the wise - NEVER accept a car that has after-factory additions done by the dealership. Take it to a mechanic/car shop that you trust instead! A mere 1.5 years later when I had moved to California, my battery up and died on me. The Santa Monica dealership took a look, and said the security system was poorly installed and had drained my battery much more quickly than it should have (no kidding...). They charged me $150 to take it out. When I called Don McGill, I was told since the car was no longer under warranty, there was nothing I could do, even though the problem was THEIR fault.

My car has managed to keep on ticking since then, but in the last year my left tail-light keeps blowing out despite being replaced with new bulbs twice. Then my gear shift light went out - kind of hard to see what gear you're in at night.

2 days ago I'm sitting at a stoplight when the check engine light turned on - as I pressed on the accelerator, I realized my car was barely moving. Thankfully I wasn't on the freeway when this happened, and I managed to drive home at 30 mph with the pedal pressed all the way down. My mechanic (NOT at a Toyota dealer thank you very much) called me to tell me the pedal sensor is out, and it will cost $480 to replace the part, not including labor. Lovely... I'm having him check out the electrical system as well as the light issues again.

Frankly, I would never buy a Toyota again after all this. Sure, Camry's are supposed to be reliable and drive to 200K miles right? Maybe if the dealership keeps their greedy hands off the car!

Joshua H. | 2009-05-26

Don't let them convince you to take home a new car until you absolutely certain the financing went through. Also, make sure all of the paperwork is signed by them before leaving. I got scammed by this dealer because they convinced me to take a car home and kept telling me not to worry about the financing,and that it would be approved. Trying to be smart, I told them over and over that I did NOT want to take the car home until the financing was approved. A week (and almost 500 miles) later, they called and asked me to go back up there to "talk" about financing because Toyota didn't approve my loan. After 3 days of this back-and-forth business, I finally took the new car back to the dealer and demanded my trade back. I picked my trade up and left, and told the sales lady to never call me again. This review isn't about me being mad because I wasn't approved, this is about the financing scam this dealer pulled on me. There was nothing wrong with the car I traded and I didn't even need a new car. They just happened to be offering very good incentives on the new car I picked out. I'm glad I got my trade back because it was more comfortable than the new car.