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Thank you very much for visiting DeMontrond Buick GMC, your regional Houston, the Woodlands, and Spring GMC dealer. If you are looking for a new or used Houston Buick truck, then look no further. From the GMC Terrain to the GMC Canyon, DeMontrond Buick is your headquarters for new and used trucks. We also serve Spring and the Woodlands Buick and GMC customers, and we carry a large variety of the latest Buick cars, too. Are you looking for the new Buick Enclave or Buick LaCrosse? No matter what you're searching for, DeMontrond Buick GMC is sure to have it! We work to show our commitment to excellent customer satisfaction and are nationally recognized for excelling in our customers' sales and service satisfaction year after year - come let us take care of you!

DeMontrond Buick GMC

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 872-3890
Address:14101 North Freeway, Houston, TX, 77090

Reviews on DeMontrond Buick GMC

Are T. | 2014-12-26

Sales dept. at GMC were insulting and offensive at best. I am active duty Army and was stationed at Fort Polk, LA. We visited Houston with my family for a long weekend and decided to test drive a car while there since we were in the market for an SUV. The sales rep looked confused when I presented an out of state license with my military ID. He went to talk to his sales manager.  The sales manager declined to allow me to test drive a car since I had an out of state driver's license. I overheard him telling his salesman, "How do I know he's not going to drive off with it?" This despite me showing a valid military ID in addition to my out of state DL. Classy. Never have had this issue before or since purchasing a car with an out of state DL. After we PCS'd we bought our Yukon XL Denali at Cavender GMC. We were treated with respect there by everyone from sales to finance to the owner, Bobby Cavender.

Kelly G. | 2014-10-15

The service crew are great guys !  They are helpful, prompt & friendly.  I have had my GMC Terrain for 2 years & though I know I can take it anywhere for an oil change, I bring it here.  Plus they always wash it for me : )

Sandy T. | 2014-08-31

Great experience with service dept for my Buick.  Everyone was very helpful!

Danielle J. | 2014-06-05

I am writing on my disappointment with the finance dept.  Mr.  Billy Vincent  and Jimmy have been not returning my phone calls. I was told to return to sign contract and  when I arrived I was told paperwork was lost. I have called several times with no return call. Something does feel right about their avoiding me and my calls. I just want to be finish with the process. I know Jimmy is disappointed about us returning the  insurance and warranty but we purchase the car is that not good enough.  I promise to let all my friends and co workers to know only purchase a car if you have cash or pre approval.  It is unreal to have a hassle when buying a car.

Stephanie K. | 2014-03-25

Demontrond - VW. I have a 2010 VW CC, and it is certified. First and foremost, buy a certified car. These vehicles have a lot of gadgets, and with a lot of "bells and whistles" comes a lot of opportunity for them to break. I have had my car in the shop four times over the past year, for vaious minor issues (fuel pump, radio issues, master brake cylinder, etc.). I bought my car at a different VW dealership on the south side of Houston that has not been helpful at all with the issues I have experienced. Daniel at Demontrond VW service has been by far the most helpful service advisor I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH Ever. When I have vague (at best) descriptions about what is going on with my car, he takes it - sets me up with a loaner, and completely does his due dilligence to get it fixed - and everything so far has been covered by warranty with a small $50.00 deductible. They are extremely pleasant to deal with, quick, and punctual.

As a matter of fact, although I will not buy another VW, I have been so impressed with the service center at Demontrond, I am planning on trading my car in for something a little more standard (Ford, GMC, etc.), and will be buying another certified used car from the Demontrond group. Give them a try, and make your appointment with Daniel. He is the best, but the other guys are great too. Just try it - you won't be sorry.

John L. | 2014-01-07

I am writing this review for this company because it's really a large multi-make dealership.

First attempt to reach their VW parts department ended up at someone's phone extension requesting me to leave a message. Say what? So I called back.

On call number two I reach the parts department, but I'm instantly told to hold and there I go to Christmas music in January. I wait three minutes and listen to the music. Wait another two minutes and give up.

Call number three. Transferred to the parts department again and, bam!, without saying hello he tells me I'm going on hold. I wait.  Five minutes go by and still no parts guy.  At this point I figure it's only a matter of time, right?  They must be busy, but they obviously weren't trained on phone etiquette --- always ask the caller if you can place them on hold (I wasn't) and if you can't get to them in a reasonable time offer to return the call and actually do it.

Now at 8 minutes I'm on perpetual hold but I've got them on speaker on my cellular phone (again, this is why you offer to call a customer back) burning minutes of my data plan.

Finally at 12 minutes I gave up waiting. If they are too busy to talk to me that's understandable, but poor phone etiquette translating to bad customer service in this case and a lost sale, is not a way to win customers.

I called their competitor up the road and purchased there. I am too busy to wait for their love.

Wayne M. | 2013-04-24

Body shop repair was done as requested and in the time frame requested also. Great job!

Bill G. | 2013-03-16

Still car shopping. Just stopped for a quick look while passing by.
I was in and out before being approached by a sales person.
Maybe I'll stop back when I am closer to actual purchase.

Mark P. | 2012-09-27


I went in for service and they looked at the pronblems I had and said they would call with estimates.  Not only were their prices outragious even for a dealership, but they required a $95 consultation fee for me to get my VW back.  We were never told about this in the beginning.

Shady, shady, shady.

(Update) - They refunded the $95 bux.  They werent happy about it, but I did get my money back, so I added a star.

pranee m. | 2012-09-26

My poor mother in law brought her car for service and they charged her over 3000 dollars and they never fixed the problem.  They told her well anything can happen once you drive it off the lot what do you want us to do.  She is a nice lady in her late 60s that lives off of social security. SHAME on them for ripping her off. They never return her calls, but had no problem robbing her of her money and keeping her vehicle for 2 MONTHS with BS answers.

Heather M. | 2012-08-27

I am only giving one star because the salesman I dealt with was decent.  Not very bright, but decent.  I went Saturday to purchase a car.  I was told after being there 2 hours (with a 3 year old) and trying to do all the paperwork that they will not take more than 2500 on a credit card on 1 car.  That only leaves check or cash.  They of course will not take a check.  I bank with ING which does not have any branches so at 2pm on Saturday I can not go and get money.  My mom was lending me the remainder of the money I needed for the car because I'm waiting on an insurance check to clear.  I had no car and needed one that day.  They then told me they would not take any money from my mother because she had nothing to do with the sale of car.  Mind you this was only a 3300 car, I could understand the drama if this was a 15k or 20k car, but all the headache over 3k?  What did they think I was going to rob them of a 3k car??  The finance manager was beyond rude and then the general manager was no help. I explained to the salesman that I had a cc for the payment and he should have asked about that or known their policy before they wasted 2 hours of my time doing paperwork.  I would never in my life recommend this place to anyone.  As soon as I left there I went to another dealership and not only did they take my CC payment they also allowed me to bring the rest of the money later that day.

I've never heard of a dealership not wanting to sell you a car.  I've bought plenty of cars in my lifetime from being brand new 40k (which I put 8k down all on my debit card) cars to old 5k beaters.  Never once have I had an experience like this.  I suppose if you are planning on financing a car 100% then they may be ok, but if you plan on paying cash then be prepared to pay in only cash, because it's safe to drive around in Houston with thousands on you.

J K. | 2012-01-10


These people are dishonest and crafty people.

The service agents will cause more problems to your car then when you took it in.


Allison M. | 2011-08-11

This is in regards to Internet Sales. Kevin Thieleman is the greatest! I was in the nerve-wracking position of purchasing a car while out of state and Kevin made the process a breeze. We had to do everything via email, phone and overnight mail and it could not have been easier. Kevin also handled registration and license plates for me, so when I finally got to Houston everything was ready to go. Kevin made what could've been a very scary experience into a very easy one.

Cameron B. | 2011-06-22

My 2002 Volvo S40 has been acting up for some time now. I knew something was wrong with it, but I delayed taking it to get serviced as I feared the worse. A family friend recommended Demontrond Volvo so I made an appointment to have it looked at.

Mary in Volvo service was the person that assisted me. She had a great energetic and happy attitude and I left feeling confident that my car was in safe hands.

Mary promptly called me later in the day to give me a full report on my vehicle. I gave them the go ahead and they had all work done within a day and a half.

I will for sure continue to bring my car here to get serviced and even just for oil changes, as I appreciated the prompt service and great customer service.

Being an inner looper it is quite a drive, but it's worth it.

Bob T. | 2010-10-02

Seems like a decent dealership from the outside. I did not deal with anyone since I was just browsing while my car was serviced at the sister Volvo store. It was a little small and certainly not a cutting edge dealership but seemed okay if you are in the market for a Volkswagon.