Clear Choice Automotive in Houston, TX

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Exclusive Lexus automotive repair and and all aspects associated with Lexus scheduled maintenance, tire alignment, windshield replacement, warranties honored and sold, bumper repairs, door dings.  Loaner cars comfortable waiting areas with snacks, business center with wifi, and shuttle service within 7 miles.  Experience the clear choice difference.


Established in 2006.

Steve Ivey began with Lexus in 1989 and served in both sales and service before starting his own business.  He has a passion for perfection, customer service and customer satisfaction. Steve has hand picked a team of employees who are dedicated to the same principals of honesty and integrity, a true gem in the automotive business.

Clear Choice Automotive

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 695-3987
Address:6541 SW Freeway, Houston, TX, 77074
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Clear Choice Automotive

Pariya S. | 2015-01-16

3rd time going there, extremely pleased with the service & value.  70K mile check up for me would have cost $290 but only paid $88 here plus a loaner car to use meanwhile.  No more Lexus of Clear Lake for me.

Nadeem R. | 2014-08-20

We have been bringing our Lexus IS350 and SC430 here for years and they are exceptional. They provide the best prices for service of any kind on Lexus and have experienced techs who know the cars. Service is always fast and the service here is top notch. No different then what you would experience at any of the top end dealerships for Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, etc. If the service you are doing will take longer they provide loaners for use. The biggest benefit with Clear Choice is that they can be trusted to only recommend services or repairs that are needed on your car. Having that peace of mind is great. Highly recommend them to anyone.

Faye P. | 2014-07-25

I don't know why I've continued to use Sterling McCall Lexus for my maintenance...I guess I'm just in the awful habit of throwing money away at a dealership.  Not anymore.  I've been to Clear Choice twice now, and you can anticipate an honest opinion and excellent customer service with every visit. Jonathan assisted me this time, reviewed a lengthy and pricey quote from the dealership with me, and told me exactly what items needed to be addressed and what was fluff.  As a female, I get particularly irate when automotive technicians tack on unnecessary repair items.  I know a lot about motorcycles, not cars, but I'm no idiot.  I will be moving all of my automotive business to Clear Choice from now on. They've earned my trust, and I'll be telling every I know with four wheels to do the same.

Sugey B. | 2014-07-14

I Was treated like a VIP at this dealership. I have never had such a good experience buying a vehicle. I knew exactly what car I was getting, how much it would cost, and what the financing terms would be before I even got to the dealership. When I got there, there was no haggling, no "let me talk to my manager," and absolutely no tricks! I was in and out in an hour with a brand new car. Amazing!

Lori M. | 2014-03-05

The clear choice is Clear Choice Lexus! The service is impeccable and this is a totally different automotive experience.

I saved over $200 on a 100.000 mile check...if you want to waster your money, go to a dealership.

If you want great service and prices, go to Clear Choice.

Timothy W. | 2013-12-15

Five star service. Was initially skeptical about allowing mechanic shops outside of the dealer service our ES350, however the reviews posted on Yelp and talking to one of the technicians my concerns were dispelled. The technician was knowledgeable and informative offered to perform our 60,000 mile preventative maintenance for $400 cheaper than the dealer. In addition, they provided a free loaner car and free car wash that we were accustom to had we went to the dealer.
Also we were unaware that we needed rear brakes for the car, however we were promptly informed that the rear pads were less than their recommended 3 mm thickness in order not to require replacement, given a firm price, then asked whether or not we wanted to have the pads changed that day.
I would highly recommend anyone that was looking for the same level of service that you received from the dealer, but not the price to contact Clear Choice before heading to the dealership to have there Lexus serviced.

E V. | 2013-09-24

I have taken my SC430 there a couple of times for normal upkeep and have always been greeted promptly and felt welcomed and appreciated for being there. There have been two specific times where my battery was dead (for reasons unbeknownst to me) and have called up and been told to come in as soon as I could or if i needed assistance getting there. Both times they immediately inspected my car and was given an evaluation of its systems and test results (they never found anything wrong..everything worked as it should) as a courtesy. WOW!!! Talk about outstanding customer service and concern for my well being as far as reliable transportation!!  They definitely have a customer for life and my respect for being upfront and honest with me. Awesome business!  Keep up the great work!
(As far as my car goes, I think i must have left a convenience light on)

A H. | 2013-04-12

This is going to be a long review. If you don't want to read it, you just need to know that the facilities are very clean and look exactly like a Lexus dealership service center, the customer service is superior, they do honest work, and their prices are very reasonable. Oh and your 4th oil change is free! :)

I've been going to this place to get my oil change for the past year or so. The facility is very nice inside, the workers are all very professional and have great attitudes, and the customer service is exceptional! They genuinely care about your car and tell you exactly what they're doing and why they're doing what they're doing to your car. If there is a serious issue with the car, they will talk to you about it and let you decide if you want to get it done or not. If the issue is not serious, but still needs attention, they will also inform you about it and not pressure you into anything.

The waiting area has free snacks and drinks for those who are hungry/thirsty, and they also have magazines and a TV to keep you entertained while you wait.

The last time I was there, there was a serious issue with some pump (I forgot what it was), but the service advisor brought me to the garage and showed me where the part was severely damaged and allowed me to take pictures of it. He told me that I could drive a little longer with the damaged part, but that he wouldn't recommend it because it could be dangerous if I let it go on longer. I don't doubt what he said because the part he showed me had a huge hole in it (looked like it was melted off) and I couldn't believe how I could have driven with that for so long. I was given a complimentary loaner car for the weekend while the part was ordered and my car was fixed right away. It cost me $1,500 but when I inquired elsewhere, it would have cost me at least $2,000. When I got my car back, it was driving like a brand new car - the control on my steering was great - way better than before.

Today, I came in for an oil change and was so pleased to find out that because it was my fourth one, it was free! The oil change for my Lexus usually costs around $75 or more at other places, but Clear Choice only charges me $50. To be honest, because of their excellent service and sincere work, I would be willing to pay $75 for my oil changes.

When I think about getting a new car, I am swayed to purchase another Lexus, just because I know there's Clear Choice out there to take care of my car if I ever need anything done. It's difficult finding an automotive maintenance business that is honest and reasonable with prices!

Edward T. | 2013-04-02

My my my where do I start. So recently my Lexus IS had a leaking cam gear. Now I would LOVE to do the timing belt work myself the post-graduate life makes it hard to find time to anything. I called a couple dealerships and they quoted me $800 for just the seals on the cams before labor and gave me a turn around time of 3 days. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I went to CC around 7:45am and was greeted by Steven. I threw out what I thought was wrong with the car to see how he would take it and right off the bat he started explaining how it's a common issues for the cam gear to leak and how it's a best time to do a timing belt job. That was all I needed to hear, a straight forward answer and knowledge of the issue at hand unlike some stealership who down play my own knowledge and try to up sell me for a new engine bottom end. (I won't name names here lol)

Around 3:00pm Steven called me to give me an update, told me the car was in great shape and that the cam was the only problem and the timing belt job was finish they're just putting everything back together. Gave me a eta of 4:00pm for completion.

We picked up the car, it feels great and it definitely felt livelier. No more oil puddle in the garage everything is right in the world.  I'd say this is the best place to get your Lexus taken cared of and I can assure you that your Lexus will live to see 300k miles.

Yuhang Z. | 2013-01-14

This place is really GREAT! The people here are very nice and friendly. Last saturday, a piece of plastic plate under the car was scaoed off accidentally. I ran to several auto repair shops to get it repaired. But most shops either cost a lot to do the job or just do not want to do this easy job. Then I came to this place. You can not believe it--they fix it with no charge! And it was done very quick,  I barely waited to get my car back. So amazing!

Andrew C. | 2013-01-11

Just used this place for a 40,000 miles service & map update.

This has to be the best car repair/service experience I have ever had.  That is too hard to believe & when I hear statements like this I tend to think that the reviewer is somehow related to this business.  Well, I am not.  This is just a great business, doing things right!
From the moment of the initial appointment call to the moment I paid for the service, I can't think of anything they could have done better.
I arrived at 7:20 am, they signed me in, they said it would take 1 to 1.5 hours., I waited in their nice waiting area with coffee/tea, donuts & available computers if needed.  The car was ready in 50 minutes.  Jonathon came out & told me that I will be needing 2 back tires in the next couple of months & that I should use Discount tire as they could not meet their prices, although they could beat other local dealers prices.  The car was also washed.  This is a well run business.  Well done Jonathon & team.

Meg S. | 2012-08-14

LOVE THIS PLACE - great customer service all around! I would recommend it to all Lexus owners.

I wish I can be like Angelina Jolie and slide under my car and do some magic but the reality is that I know nothing about cars. Since my warranty expired on my 2007 Lexus IS 250, I decided to use google for an auto shop that specializes in Lexus and stumbled upon this place to do my 30,000 mile check up. I also called Sterling McCall Lexus and they quoted me $600+ for this service so I decided to look elsewhere.

I went in at 8am, dropped off my keys to Allen the specialist and was out in 15 minutes with my Toyota rental car with the intention of coming back at 5pm for pick up. I received a call from Allen around noon who patiently explained to a clueless woman what he found (rattling at startup) and he suggested I go to a Lexus dealership since it would be covered under a recall. No upselling A+!  

Because of Houston traffic, I didn't get to the dealership until 5:45 but Allen waited for me although the business closed at 5:30. The check out was smooth - he walked me through what was performed, charged me the same amount as the quoted price (less a $20 coupon he said I can use), and gave me a print out of the Lexus recall to take to the dealership as well as a free car wash coupon since it rained that day. The total cost was $386. I also received a thank you note in the mail a week later thanking me for being a customer.  I would definitely come back - thank you Clear Choice for being honest - you are a breath of fresh air!

Carlton C. | 2012-05-14

Car -- 2002 Lexus GS300
Car Trouble -- Ran over a dirt mound on Richmond Ave and began hearing  what I believed to be a vibration and/or exhaust related noise.  
Total Charge -- $0.00

I contacted several auto repair facilities before deciding on Clear Choice Auto.  I chose them because of the professional, clean, knowledgeable image I got from their website and initial phone conversation with Steve (I think it was Steve).  Their rate is just a bit higher than some of the other places but I had a feeling CC did great work at a fair price in what appeared (on-line and website photos) to be a clean, professional shop.   Made an appointment and took my car in.

When I arrived my initial impression was "now this is the type of place I want to wait in while having my car repaired." I tried to maintain a critical eye and ear but the entire staff was friendly and professional and the waiting room is very comfortable and clean.  They have coffee, tea, soda and an assortment of snacks and pastries.  So I handed over my keys and waited to see if they could maintain the good impression.  

An hour later Steve returned to say that a bracket had been detached but they secured it for me.  I said "That's great news I thought it would be an expensive repair, I'll go up to the front and check out."  He replied, "Oh no, there's no charge."

Wow!  What a place.  Clear Choice is a honest, fair, clean, comfortable and professional!  I strongly encourage everyone to take your car here, I'll return for car maintenance and repairs.  Thank you Clear Choice!

B S. | 2012-03-28

Great service at reasonable price. I think they actually care about their customers. Have taken my car there twice with no regrets. Actually left feeling good.  A rare find.

Richard D. | 2011-05-30

Excellent ownership and management (Steve Ivey).  High quality service and repair work with prices somewhat below dealership pricing - I wowuld estimate 15%..  Free loaner cars when necessary (Toyota Corollas).  $20 loyalty discount per visit.

Vejay S. | 2010-10-13

I bring my late model Lexus here almost exclusively for anything I can't or don't want to do myself. Steve and Allen are very honest and and upfront. They even advised me to put down my old Lexus when they could have squeezed out a few hundred in repairs if they wanted. I probably bought another Lexus just because I had someone I felt I could trust with my Lexus besides me, or maybe because I have always loved Toyota's had something to do with it too.

They also provide a free rental car if the work will take more then one day but also have complimentary drinks and internet if it takes less then a day and you decide to wait. And when they bring you car around, you'll see that they even gave you a free wash. They also always keep you informed with everything that's going on with the repairs with numerous calls if the status changes. It pretty much an alternative to the dealer, with better customer service.

I have only had to bring my car back once to redo a repair, and even then I feel it was one of those harder to isolate issues that could have happened to anyone. They chose to only replace the cheaper part rather then redo everything and jacking up the bill. Which probably what I would have did too.

They only slight drawback is that everything they do, they will use Lexus parts which will be a little more expensive. If you have a later model Lexus that you don't plan on having very long, you can try to get it done a little cheaper.

David K. | 2010-06-03

Clear Choice is exactly that: The clear choice for all Lexus repair.

This place was started by a group of Lexus certified mechanics when they realized that the Lexus dealer they were working at charged too much for service.

They are professional, clean, and very service oriented. I have only used this place for an oil change, but the rate was very competitive, they fully inspected my car (and found nothing, so it wasn't a scam to try to get more money out of me), and gave it back to me as clean as if it had come straight from the dealership.

In the waiting area, they have computers with high speed internet, wifi, cable tv, snacks, and drinks. All of these are complimentary.

Friendly service, and I never saw anyone there not smiling.

This place was comfortable, well staffed, had a quick turn around time, competitive pricing, and all the amenities I didn't even know I wanted from my mechanic.

I almost want something to break so I can take it back to them. Almost ;)

Valerie S. | 2009-02-10

Kudos to the staff at Clear Choice. The owner is always there working the front desk and willing to answer any of your questions. He is a hardworking man, who answers calls, pulls the cars up to the front and countless other task other managers of Lexus dealerships are just "to good" to perform.

They are the best in town. Don't be fooled by those large car dealerships; this place is a one stop shop for maintenace on your Lexus vehicle. This place employees the same staff as any high end Lexus dealership and all of their staff has countless years of Lexus certified experience.

I always get my oil changed from them. Their prices are compareable to or slightly lower than Toyota dealership prices. But, the great thing about this place is that for any type of service, whether it be your 120K maintenace or a simple oil change, all cars receive a complimentary car wash. Also every third oil change is FREE, which dealership in Houston can beat that?

So don't judge a book by its cover and give your Lexus vehicle the treatment it deserves and take it to Clear Choice. They surely will not disappoint.

Adam V. | 2007-08-13

This is the type of service to match the quality of my Lexus.  They are friendly and helpful.  The service is done by appointment and I am in and out in no time.  While I'm waiting they have coffee and snacks in a clean waiting room, and when they return my car it has been washed.  The prices are much less than the dealership.  I would have thought wheel balancing was wheel balancing, but after going here I will never have my wheels balanced at a tire store again.