BMW of Houston North in Houston, TX

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BMW of Houston North, a Houston BMW dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used BMW cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). We offer vehicle financing, BMW OEM factory service & auto parts.

BMW of Houston North

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 873-9490
Address:17730 North Freeway (I45), Houston, TX, 77090
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on BMW of Houston North

Emily R. | 2015-03-31

Great dealership from what i have seen so far!
I have only dealt with the sales side, and not the service.

I bought a 2015 BMW 535i a couple days ago from this dealership and it was a great experience! I worked with Nicolae B and he was honest and straight forward in answering all of our questions and in doing what was best for us. We really appreciated working with him. We were there for around 4 hours from start to finish looking at cars, test driving, then purchasing the car, and finishing up in financing with Richard. Richard was also a pleasure to work with, and was able to lower our monthly payment some.

One of the main reasons we choose the BMW is the maintenance service that they provide. For 3 years or 50,000 miles they take care of all the maintenance on the car. That is a relief when our Mercedes we traded in was costing a lot of money. (even though we loved it.)

Kaether C. | 2014-09-30

Let me start off by saying, I did not start off a happy shopper. I came here because I had seen a car I was interested in and started the process of trying to get it, and I had in the bag. Unfortunately, Since I couldn't make it in until the following afternoon, Someone accidentally sold the car to someone else. So when I came in, we looked into many different options. I came in at 2 PM, and after everything, we finally found a car I liked and they got me into it. By 7 PM, I had signed all my paperwork and now had a car I loved. I loved my experience here Because Humberto waited patiently as I tried to figure out what car I wanted. Not once did he try to hurry me, nor did he make me feel as if I was a burden to him. He actually made me forget that I was so upset when I came in, and that I wanted to take my business elsewhere. I also loved how he understood how heartbroken I was that Just a week before, my car was totaled out in the flash flood. So I came in not so happy, and still upset about losing my car, and left happy and in love. Thanks to all the amazing help from the Staff here at BMW.

Maria B. | 2014-09-17

I'm updating this review with full sincerity. Last time I came to this dealership it wasn't very good.. But I came here to get my state inspection, service, and there was something with my break fluid. I love it that most people speak Spanish, and everything's so quickly done! I'll definitely be coming here instead of the woodlands dealership. Eric is a great guy! Spanish speaker and very helpful and friendly.

Charlotte C. | 2014-09-10

Amazing customer service!

Nicolae B. was my car dealer! He did such a great job helping me find the best BMW for me and in my price range!

I've been to a few dealerships where the car salesman was very aggressive and pushy. Nicolae listened to your needs and respected your decision and never tried to force me into anything I was not feeling uncomfortable with; whether that was price range, leasing a vehicle, etc.

Everyone I came into contact with at BMW of Houston North was friendly. I definitely recommend coming here!

Tashi L. | 2014-09-04

Five-star service from start to finish! This is the first BMW dealership that I've visited in Houston, and next to East Bay BMW in California, this experience was the best. Other than the initial apprehension that comes with entering a car dealership, I felt completely at ease. I didn't feel pressured nor did I feel like a routine transaction.

I don't live or work anywhere near the area, and I actually considered not coming in because of that. I'm glad I did. Bridgette was the first point-of-contact and I ended up working with Benny. I think it was Elaine who handled the financing. Everyone was friendly, the paperwork was straight-forward and I ended up getting approved for in-house financing at a MUCH lower rate than I was originally quoted. We handled all of the paperwork the same day, and all I had to do was sign and pick up my keys.

If you're in the market for a BMW, I would highly recommend stopping by!

Andrew A. | 2014-06-27

Great dealership. Eric (service advisor) was really great and facilitate my needs in an incredibly quick and professional manner. They even shuttled me over to the airport , which was a huge plus.

Christopher B. | 2014-04-29

I had the pleasure of working with Brigitte Parks in Sales and Richard in Finance at this awesome location!!

From start to finish, the lovely Ms. Parks went through everything thoroughly and with patience as I was a first time new car buyer.

She asked all the right questions and made me feel as if she wanted me to be happy with the car I chose. After the test drive, I was guided along the path to ownership even after their office hours had long expired.

Many thanks to Ms. Parks and everyone there at BMW Houston North for the great experience!!

Jorge D. | 2014-04-29

I was at The dealership last Saturday just to take a look at the cars they have available and finished purchasing one. Demetres Katigoudis was my sales associate and he was great. He provided a lot of information about the different BMW models and made the buying experience very delightful and simple.

Alexandra H. | 2014-02-22

My husband and I were not looking forward to car shopping.  The thought of haggling with a car salesman made me cringe, but it was also time to get a new car.  In we go expecting a fight... And then we met Stacy. She made the car buying experience actually enjoyable. Crazy right!  We got a good deal, but didn't feel pressured what so ever. Then we walked over to financing and Richard was awesome!  Totally worth the drive from Katy and very competitively priced!

Lizzy O. | 2014-02-21

Dieter Lehmann of BMW North is one of the most dishonest salesmen we've ever dealt with!  Horrible experience with him and the BMW North dealership in Houston.  He lied up and down to us and that's when we started uncovering all kinds of information about him.  Don't trust him.  He no longer works there.

Thao N. | 2013-11-04

If I could give this place 0 stars, believe me, I would. Save your  money and go to the BMW in Katy. These people at Northside are completely dishonest and irresponsible.

I needed a part so I called for a quote (online it says it should cost only about $25), Northside quoted me for $75. So they need to make a profit, normal right? No. I called Katy and they quoted me the correct price of $25. How ridiculous is that.

Next, I had lost both of my car keys, meaning I have a car with no keys. I called to order a new one at 8AM for a quote and what I should do. The man on the phone which I believe was Jacob in the parts department did not tell me that I need to order the key before 3PM when they put in the orders for the day, so I came at 4PM only to find out that my key would not be in for two days. Also, he quoted me $180 over the phone, but when I got there, he told me the key would be $250, and was trying to sell me the spare key. The actual key. I have the remote that goes into the car, not a twist key ignition, what am I supposed to do with this 'spare key' for $50? Nothing! We finally got it sorted out and I ordered the key for $180 (way too expensive), as promised, and he told me it would be in on Wednesday at 12PM (I ordered it Monday at 4PM and had to wait for them to order it at 3PM Tuesday). I called them on Wednesday at 12PM on the dot and they said all the keys have been in already but it looks like mine wasn't in. I immediately questioned why, as Jacob confirmed that it would be in on time. The man couldn't help me and just said he didn't know why so I got frustrated and hung up. I called again five minutes later to talk to the parts manager and he found out that Jacob did NOT put in my order. O. M. G. Luckily that day, I found one of my keys so I canceled my order, but what if I hadn't? I'd be without a car for an additional day.

I hate this dealership. Not to mention that I have to wait 3+ hours every time I come in to get an oil change. An oil change! I have now stopped going for all services. For an upscale dealership, they have low, low, low quality service. Just because the people that buy BMW's can afford high cost cars and parts, doesn't mean they should shoot the prices up a ridiculous amount and then give bad service.

Oh, and did I forget to mention? Northside told me several times that Katy was closed. When I told Katy about this, they said it wasn't the first time they heard that. Northside is dishonest and conniving to say the least.

Leash Y. | 2013-07-29

Had a GREAT experience today buying a BMW 550i. My salesperson was Dieter Lehmann who was excellent, kind and accommodating. My finance manager was Richard Beard. He was also excellent, low pressure, informative and consultative. If you buy a BMW, please use Dieter AND Richard. This was the best car buying experience I've ever had.

Mary V. | 2013-04-13

Continuing on my odyssey to find the car of my dreams . . .

A trip to the local BMW dealership was a must.  With hubby and son (our resident mechanic, "voice of reason" and occasional thrower of curve balls) with me, we stopped by BMW of Houston North to see if they had any of their 1 series coupes on the lot for me to test drive.  I'm up in the air about a convertible, but the the 6-cylinder 6-speed engine on the 128i model seemed to be right up my alley.  Oh, I wanted one to be there.

This was like visiting a dignified couturier.  We arrive, park and proceed to walk around the lot on our own, almost as if we were encouraged:  "See, we've got all of these beautiful items to choose from.  You know we have more.  You know we can order custom.  But take your time.  Enjoy."

When the only models of the 1 series that we could find were indeed convertibles, we ventured into the showroom to see if they had a coupe in there, or at least to plant my bottom in one of them so I could see what it felt like inside.

Again, the dignified attitude of "Peruse at your leisure.  When you are ready to make your selection, we are here to help."

And they were.  Hubby flagged down Anthony, who was very nice and very patient with me.  Nope, no coupe 6-speeds, and in fact, only four of them available in the country (closest one in Austin, other 3 were in Florida!).  He did have a used coupe, albeit automatic, that was on the lot.  Test drive?  Sure!  Out we all went.  And I mean all 4 of us packed into this little car.

Funny thing was, on the way out to that car, I noticed a used Mazda Miata (MX-5) on the lot -- 6-speed and all.  Hmm.  Another vehicle I was considering, and yeah, it was a convertible.  When we get back from the 128i test drive, son (here's the curve ball) tells me I need to drive the Mazda -- we're here, why not, and although it's used, it's just like the newer models -- "it's like being out on a boat, but you're on the road instead."  Now, that I couldn't pass up.

Two-seater it is, so Anthony comes with me on yet another drive.  So patient he is -- and wow, did he get a ride. We pulled the roof down, beautiful afternoon and I had FUN!  I don't think I even looked at his hand gripping the armrest as I zipped around (were his knuckles white?).

Oh my!

We returned to the dealership and thanked him very much.  I got the specs on the BMW in Austin in case I want to pursue that, which is a possibility.  Anthony kindly printed that out for me and gave me his card -- no pressure, no inquiries as to who I was or what my name or phone number is (which means no annoying follow-ups) and told me that when I made a decision he would be here to help.  Nice.

It's apparent that BMW knows that they have the goods -- if you want what they have, you'll buy it; if not, they are neither offended nor defensive.  This was a dignified dealership visit that left me smiling when I left.

Alison L. | 2011-05-18

Do you enjoy it when your service advisor tells you that your car will be done in 7 hours when he really meant 7 DAYS?

Do you like to dig through the dealership cabinets for coffee while the receptionist just looks at you emotionlessly and yawns?

Do you enjoy watching Fox News with strangers for an extra hour because your rental car will be here "any minute" now?

Do you want to trade in your BMW for a rental car with 15 inch wheels?

Do you want to pay an extra day for that luxurious rental car because your advisor calls let you know that the car was due yesterday?

***If so, BMW North Houston is at 1960 and i45. Be sure to ask for Ed!***


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