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Established in 1990.

Family owned and operated and proudly serving Houston and the surrounding area since 1990.

Baker Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 890-5656
Address:19630 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX, 77065
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Baker Nissan

Jegadesh S. | 2015-04-08

One of the reason to buy a used car from a dealer is the car is fully inspected to be in good condition and the buyer gets fully informed if any issues with a car. Also dealer is trusted instead of buying from some third party who wants to sell his broken car to you and vanishes after you buy.

This place is not trustworthy. You don't want to buy car from this dealer and land up in troubles the second day. Better to buy from third part and pay less.


Jennifer M. | 2015-04-01

I brought in my 2014 Nissan Rogue. I needed a tire rotation and an oil change. This was my 3rd or 4th trip to get this done. In previous years, I never went to the dealership because I didn't want to pay an arm and leg for something I could go down the street and get for half the price. This trip I was able to get the discounted rate which made me decided to stay.

I had been having a rough day prior to this. When everything was done with my car and received my keys, I walked out to my car. I have pepper spray on my key ring with my car key. A few weeks back, the top strap was broken. Someone in the service department fixed it for me. Not only that, but my car was washed. That really made my day.

This kind of service makes me want to return! Thank You for going above and beyond!

jo jo a. | 2015-03-06

My husband and I were in the market for a car, I had totaled mine out about two weeks before. Long, busy, stressful week, we had a plan as we made our way to the dealership. We'd pulled into the lot and had gotten off of our rental. Eugene Del Regio approached us. We told him what we were in the market for and he showed us the two cars we had inquired about: The Nissan Versa & the Nissan Sentra, respectively. We test drove the both of them and decided that the Nissan Sentra is the car that would work the best for us. We felt no pressure at all and were pleasantly surprised at that. Mr. Del Regio walked us into the dealership offered us some hot drinks, it was rather cold outside. He then came back and we went over to his desk so that he could get our information. My husband had some questions about the car and throughout the entire process Eugene remained positive and made us feel very comfortable. Because we felt no pressure and were very comfortable with Eugene we decided that we were going to buy the car right then and there from him and your dealership. The rest of the staff was just as pleasant and helpful. We've had no problems promoting this dealership to co-workers, friends and family members. This was a great experience!

Nikia R. | 2015-02-05

This experience I had was great, everyone at the dealership was polite and friendly. My car was ready when promised and the service representative keep me updated with information. I would recommend this dealership to friends and family.               I love my Nissan :)

Christopher L. | 2015-01-31

I bought a certified pre-owned 2010 Nissan 370Z (my second 370Z) here. The sales process was pretty easy, the salesmen Drew was a nice and patient guy. Dealing with the service was a little alarming at first due to some scheduling misunderstandings.  

However, recently Scott and his team at the service dept. have exceeded my expectations. They addressed all of my previous concerns and have earned my business with their excellent customer service. They're willingness to listen and help answer my questions was greatly appreciated

LaPorsha E. | 2015-01-20

I would not recommend buying a car from Baker Nissan. I bought a certified preowned 2012 Nissan Altima, my car salesman was Zach... kinda young don't know if he still there but eh....I definitely didn't like how I was treated at all maybe because I was a woman,  I was alone, new city,  no family etc.and my maxima from college finally gave out on me... but my family has had so much great experiences with Nissan in the past I was a Nissan lover forsure.
I had buyers remorse for a few months still do honestly after a year of buying the car but at this point I don't know what to do bc I'm financing a car and I've always paid cash for my cars in college, but eh... you live and learn it's life. But yeah don't purchase from them....

John H. | 2015-01-10

I was in the market for a new 370Z and my credit union had preferred dealers to work with to get the "best price".  I went to those dealers with the intent of purchasing my car from one of them.  Baker is not part of this group, but for some reason my gut was telling me to check them out. I am glad that I did, they beat the price that my credit union had as a special price dealer.

From the time I walked in the door Victor was there to assist me.  He was straight forward, answered all my questions.  He was not pressuring me to purchase the car; he understood my hesitation of committing to a car of that price.  Since the purchase of my car he has checked in on me to make sure I did not have any questions or concerns.  He gave car buying a personal touch, not a "we made the sale, who's next".

The final step was financing, I was dreading this process it always sees to take a lot of time.  Rod got me into his office to handle everything and when we were done he apologized for taking so much of my time.  I was in his office for a whole 5 minutes and this included talking about non-car related topics.

I recommend them to everyone and when I am in the market again they will be the first dealer I stop at, not the last one!

Cee J. | 2014-12-26

After suffering an unprecedented, intermittent glitch with the main console hub of my 2014 Juke NISMO™, the part was finally imported from Japan for warranty repair.  Now that the part is installed, all seems to be remedied.  With just over 10,500 miles on my AWD Juke NISMO™, this is the only issue I have experienced [outside of normal maintenance].

Christina Martinez of Baker Nissan did a great job with following up to let me know when the part arrived at the dealership as well as having the part expeditiously installed by her crew.  She also strongly encourage me to stay in touch with her personally if the unit glitched again so that she could help take care of any future issues *(should they arise).  ALL of this just a couple of days before the Christmas holiday and the entire staff was all smiles!

I whole heartily can not say enough good things about the service department at Baker.  I can easily and honestly say, they have me as a customer for life with this type of service.  As a former, 4-time new Saturn owner; I can easily state that Baker Nissan's service department is even better than they were....and trust me, that is saying a LOT.  Saturn's service department was very good, but Baker Nissan is even better.  I am still is awe.  Not to mention that this is my 3rd new  Nissan vehicle purchase and I have yet to see another Nissan dealership's service department or sales team top Baker.  Baker Nissan makes Robbin and Peacock Nissan look like a McDonald's playground...*messy and full of snot.  *(and that is being polite)

So far, I have received much more than ever expected from a dealership service department at Baker Nissan.  I can only hope this level of service never deteriorates.  

Keep it coming,

Allison T. | 2014-11-13

My parents purchased a rogue here in ~2008 and eventually it got passed down to me and my brother. The number of problems we've had with this car is too many to count and the number of shitty jobs done on this car is even more astounding.

First, there was something wrong with the transmission and they "fixed" it. I drove to Dallas during Christmas last year and the car wouldn't shift properly so I took it to a nissan dealership in Dallas. They replaced the transmission and thankfully it was under warranty from the last time it was "repaired."

In August, my brother took the car to this dealership to get an oil change. They also did a multipoint inspection and apparently there were about 3 tests the car failed. He got the right front cv replaced because there was leaking and he also got the cabin filter changed. Cool. Okay.

Fast forward to November. I took the rogue in because when I would brake, the car would shake. What I thought was one problem turned out to be about 5. Again, they did the inspection, no charge! Cool! Except the rogue failed even more tests. So I looked over the emailed report of the tests and my dad pointed out that one of the things that failed was that right cv axle which we fixed only 3 months ago.. And now the driver's side is bad too. Along with the cabin filter, which we also changed 3 months ago. There were a lot of suggested services we should do on the car and the total of everything that we would actually need done, with the suggested services, was almost $2,000. SERIOUSLY????

My parents decided to just get new brake pads and fix that driver's side cv axle. The total with parts and labor was $648. Still pricey. When we went to go pick up the car, it was busy and we waited in front of the desk of the person who dealt with our car. There was another lady who came in after us and was waiting her turn. There was one open person at his desk but he never said anything, and when I glanced over, he gave a look and lifted his hands as if saying, "hello, what are you guys doing?" It was a really rude gesture and after I looked away, he FINALLY asked who was next.

Also, when my car was ready and I had paid, the girl at the cashier desk called for someone to pull the car up front. I guess no one came to do it because she was the one who brought me my car. Not sure if that's part of her job..

The fact that the plethora of these problems showed up after only 3 months of a previous "no charge inspection," is pretty shady. I feel like they purposely listed all these problems so we would pay more money to fix the "problems."
Never again will I take my car here. Is your business doing so badly that you need to make more money off people who are repeatedly giving you business? I will gladly and definitely be taking my business elsewhere.

Britt E. | 2014-11-08

I would not recommend ever buying a car from Baker Nissan on 290.. I don't care who you know or what they say they will do for you. I was sold a car with a missing part (never buy a car at night) which makes me wonder what else they decided to look over. I have since made 3 trips to get this fixed. Which totals 6+ hours of driving there and back, not counting traffic & 4 hours sitting, waiting for an answer. Not once was I offered anything for my troubles and their mistakes. Not once has anyone contacted me to see what they could do to make the situation better. All they did was drain my gas tank and waste my time. Good customer service goes a long way, make your damn commission but value your customers because they are how YOU make a living!

Shawn J. | 2014-09-30

Amanda, I forgot her last name but she is super helpful.  Talked with her by email, got the whole thing set up and then went there and got the car.  Definitely could do worse

Jared B. | 2014-08-16

I trust this place to do maintenance and repair work on my Nissan. They are quick and the service and prices are very good. I only wish that they could service Toyotas as well!

Ann S. | 2014-08-03

I love my Certified 2013 Nissan Sentra.  Love it!!!!
I really appreciated the way my Sales person Yahya Yusif, treated me.  He was patient and never ever pressured me into buying a car, in any way.  His calm attitude is why I bought from you.

I had stayed away from big dealerships for over a decade because of my last new car buying experience.  It was at a dealership that is now closed...thankfully.  They essentially held me hostage until I signed the paperwork. I had an appointment to make and they had taken my car keys when I walked into the dealership under the guise of doing an estimate for trade in.  I asked for my keys back countless times and they refused, I even called the cops to try to get my keys back and was laughed at.  It was a truly degrading experience.
I never walked back into a dealership, other than to do warranty repairs from that day.  Even the service departments were awful, putting on charges for services and supplies that were never used.

I appreciated the trust that was put in us in order to make the deal go through.  

I have faith that your service department will reflect the excellent treatment I received during the sale.  I do my maintenance, and I want to be treated like an intelligent human being.  I will be using my coupons when I receive them.

The only minor flaw in the experience was when the finance....numbers (sales) manager came to the table with the proposed monthly payments; I had to remind him he needed to talk to me, because I was the one spending the money.  He chose to speak to my sister at the start about my finances, simply because she had been there before.  My pocket book, my conversation.

Like I told all the gentlemen I dealt with that day, I knew as soon as I sat in the drivers seat, that this was my car.
I am thrilled your finance department was able to work out a reasonable monthly payment, give me a more than fair trade, and treated me with respect.

Carl B. | 2014-07-24

Number one Nissan dealership in Houston.  Come in and see why at Baker Nissan you do Drive Away Different.

Cindy E. | 2014-06-13

After leaving a poor review here, manager Chris Godwin reached out to me to make things right. I decided to give them a chance and I have to say he and salesman Paul did a most excellent job to get me into a car worthwhile and suitable that makes my family and I much happier. We will now be repeat customers and will share this experience with all those who will listen. Thanks again Chris and Paul for your excellent customer service in this situation.

Anna B. | 2014-03-07

Folks are nice, they have shuttle service, vending machines, they do some of their servicing via tablet, waiting area is clean. (I am usually only in the service area.)

Jason M. | 2013-11-15

In the service department for an oil change.  I always try to get David Bentz for my service advisor (polite, friendly, does his job well, makes me feel welcome).  

Typically I'm in and out of here in about 45 minutes for an oil change, and they're included in my maintenance program.  

The dealer for an oil change, you say?  Yes, because unlike other dealerships I've never felt like they were forcing unnecessary services in me I didnt need.

Scott W. | 2013-11-15

I bought a Nissan from these guys years ago, and I took it to them for warranty maintenance when needed.  They replaced all kinds of parts, including parts that were not covered.  I'm left wondering if they really know what they're doing, or if they just like to replace parts.  Their prices are high, and they are not particularly customer friendly.  Their service advisors routinely fail to call you in a timely manner to discuss needed repairs and costs, or to tel you when the repairs are done.  The desk personnel are reprehensibly rude to customers...... especially when they snatch your credit card from you with a sneer to charge you an arm and a leg.

Warranty repairs.... sure, why not.  Not your nickel.
Other repairs........ you're an idiot if you go to this dealership for work.  Go to a reputable independent garage.  They will value their relationship with you.

Pareasa S. | 2013-10-14

I always have a wonderful experience here. Quick and very good quality service.

Melissa K. | 2013-08-19

I went into Nissan to test drive a Versa. I was quickly greeted by Harry. When I explained what I wanted, he took me inside and looked up what they had on the lot that fit my needs. He walked me over to where the Versas where on the lot and then went to grab keys so that we could test drive one. He did grab the wrong ones, but as long as I was test driving one the color of the car did not matter so much.

He drove the car off the lot and then pulled over to allow me to drive. He encouraged me to take in on the freeway and the side streets. He made conversation about the features of the car, how they matched what I was looking for, and also friendly conversation about kids and cars, leather seats in Houston, and my partners lead foot. I did not feel pressured to buy, but got a lot of information about the car in a very friendly way.

After the test drive, we returned to the lot, he showed me some other Versas that had different features. Then took me inside to get some estimates. Until this point I did not realize that he was new, but he came back with Patrick who explained that since Harry was still in training, Patrick would be doing some of the process. He got information on payments, down, and trade to estimate my payment. While they inspected my trade, Harry showed us around the dealership, including introducing my partner and I to David and allowing us to ask him questions about servicing and oil changes. By this time, I was pretty sure I wanted the versa so when Patrick told me that he thought he could get me in my range, I allowed him to run my credit and get a firm estimate. He quickly came back, told me the results, the best payment was $7 above where I wanted to be and discussed my options. He was honest and helpful and we quickly came to agreement.

Rodell entered into the picture to help Harry get all the paperwork done correctly and quickly. He was cheerful and friendly. We got everything signed, including the agreement to tint the windows for me. They also put up with my partner and his asking for free stuff. They were very busy that day . . . very busy and there was a long wait for finance to get the paperwork. During this time, Harry and all where constantly checking on us, updating us on status, and Rodell even popped over to let us know he was leaving but to let Harry and Patrick know if we needed anything.

After a wait, Patrick informed me that Brian would come down from finance and be taking care of us, even though he was the boss and rarely helped customers. Brian came and got us quickly. Again he was friendly and conversational. Offered me a deal on a warranty and quickly drew up the papers for us. He explained everything as we signed it and got us headed down to do the final checklist.

We met up again with Harry. He walked me through all the features of the car. Explained how to get the tint and free first service scheduled. Then 5 hours later I drove off the lot in my 2014 Versa Note with all of 8 miles on it! I am quite the happy girl.

Ian M. | 2013-07-30

Have no clue on how to turn in lease vehicle. Had to travel to Katy. Auto Nation Nissan. They knew exactly what to do. Highly recommend AutoNation Nissan.

Andrew R. | 2013-07-15

Very disappointed. Called a week or two ahead and they said they had the exact car I was looking for (Nissan Altima SV in Storm Blue with black interior). They knew I was driving two hours to get there, and when I got there they said they didnt have my car! Spent two hours trying to convince me to get something else and when they had already promised me the price my friend had gotten two days before, they came up with a $2,000 higher price after two hours! So frustrating!

Elijah H. | 2013-07-10

I never have problems here.  They are efficient, timely and have amazing customer service. I actually LIKE comin.

Ashley S. | 2013-04-18

I brought my 2010 Nissan Altima to be serviced because I had notification lights showing on my dashboard. Shaun Hazeley in service was amazing with assisting me with this issue and more! They were able to find out the problem which was covered under my warranty and he was able to provide me with other future issues I could run into if I did not maintain other red flags they found during the inspection. I was extremely happy with the customer service and communication. Shaun was able to provide me with a rental for the day while they did the inspection. During the time I was away he kept contact with the status of my vehicle. I was very pleased with the service provided and will definitely be visiting again in the future!

Michelle G. | 2013-02-21

Mr. Shaun is the best!! He took care of my Murano. I have no complaints at all. This was the best service I have ever had with my car. I've been to other dealers and they have horrible service, but Baker Nissan has the best CASHIERS AND SERVICE ADVISERS. The cashiers were amazing!!! Oh my god!! The cashiers made me laugh while I was waiting for my car. Best Service department EVER!!!

Sutoyo S. | 2013-01-19

I took my Nissan Sentra for an oil change. Fast and great service from Jeanette. No only she honored the coupon but also gave me a better price than the coupon.

Scott S. | 2012-09-20

I purchased a 2012 Nissan Pathfinder Silver Edition.  Both Pat and Jeff were extremelly helpful during the purchase of my vehicle.  As well, everyone I came in contact with at the dealership, was very friendly and concerned with my experience.  

I have already recommended Baker Nissan to friends, for when they are seeking their next vehicle.

Seth W. | 2012-07-23

Over the past 9 months my car has been mysteriously consuming oil. After trying different things including replacing the timing chain (which resolved the issue temporarily) the catalytic converts generated a check engine code.  The tech at Baker Nissan North determined that the catalytic converters caused the motor to not generate the right compression.  Thanks to the 8 year 80,000 mile warranty on the catalytic converters, Nissan corporate had to pay for not only new catalytic converters, but a NEW motor.  I'm grateful to have met James to go to bat for me to make sure my car gets taken care of right.  Having a rental was definitely a benefit of using Baker Nissan.  I always refer people to James and am happy to tell anyone my story. I'm planning on keeping this 2005 Maxima for a while longer.  After all, a new motor means pretty much a new car.  For any and all problems that I can't do at home, I take to James!!

Mark F. | 2012-06-21

Paul was very informative and did an excellent job of keeping me current with the status of my car.  Shaun Hazeley however is my normal service rep, and is someone I have grown to trust in my many years of using this dealership.  I've had my Maxima since 2003 and have 136K miles on it.  I'll admit that this car has had it's fair share of breakdowns, but I can honestly say that its no fault of the service department.  They've basically been responsible for cleaning up the mess that plant in which it was manufactured has made on the assembly line.  Anything that Baker Jackson has installed or repaired is still working well.  I will definitely continue using Baker Jackson Nissan as my primary location for auto repairs for my Maxima.

Carola M. | 2011-11-25

My husband and i went to baker jackson nissan to get an oil change, and we were greeted very nice very professional. We were surprised on how fast the service was. We waited for about 25 to 30 minutes and there were a lot of people waiting and they still were going fast with the service well done. We will be going again. Thank you.

Edward T. | 2011-10-04

Shady dealer. Their dealer mark up is outrageous. Wanted $16,800 for a Versa with no power windows, power mirrors and no a/c. This was the base 1.6 sedan that is $10,500 on Nissan's website. After back and fourth negotiation they finally came to term and agreed to sell us a 1.8 hatchback S for $16,800. (Nissan has it marked at $14,380 so we took that $2,500 hit).

I guess they tried to get us at the financing. The financier, Asian guy, would not let us leave or say no to the service protection plan. The service protection plan isn't even a good deal, it brought the car to $24,000 after TTL. He showed me the money he makes on the insurance after I called him out on it. Even though it is true by his words, "we all gotta eat." but this guy is malicious.

He pulled up a previous closed deal to brag about how he loves then antelope that welcomes the kill. Showed me a Murano that he sold for $10,000 over MSRP plus the full extended warranty on top of 8.9% apr for 72 months. He just grinned and showed no remorse about the deal stating he loves easy targets again.

So in short I would not come back here ever, not even to buy parts for my 350z. I rather go to Sterling McCall Nissan where I am not treated as a target. I started going to Sterling McCall so much all of my car club friends started going down there too to buy parts. I'm definitely not going to do business with someone who think I'm just a prey. Have some sales ethics and integrity at least.

Robert O. | 2011-06-05

I recently purchased a new vehicle via e-mail due to me working in Iraq. When my wife went to pick it up the VPP price increased by over $1,700! They also increase the transfer fee from $500 when car was coming from Dallas to $750 coming from Silsbee. I e-mailed Brad Baker back in April and have yet (27/May) still to received any response on anything.


I woke up this morning and talked to [i]wife[/i] to find out that the VPP price Jessie and I had agreed on had gone up considerably. I came with what I wanted; 2011 Murano LE AWD with; Nav, mats and splash guards. The price that was agreed on was $38,987.98, plus $500 for transfer from another dealer, $39,487.98. Total with TTL was $43,362 with NMAC financing of 72 months at 2.9% APR.

I'm being told that the vehicle sold $41,800 with accessories. Accessories added are; Splash guards ($130), Floor/cargo mats ($195), Nav ($1,850), Roof rails ($195), Rear bumper protector ($100), delivery ($750, $250 more than agreed upon). Apparently unwanted tint was added also. So, $41,800 minus $39,487.98 is, $2,312.02. Subtract the roof rails and bumper protector, $295, and the extra $250 for transfer that leaves; $1,767.02. So where/what is the extra $1,767??? Also what is Protection Plus ($299)? [i]Wife[/i] explained that InTire ($315) covers tire and wheels protection?

I was also told that [i]wife[/i] would just have to come in and sign some paper work, have the all the accessories explained throughly and she would be on her way. We were under the impression that this would only take at most an hour, not spending four hours. She made an appointment to be there at 3:00pm and everything should have been ready. I have to say I am not happy right now and would like everything explained to me please.

Thank you!


Update 05Jun11:

Waiting on a check to be mailed to my wife. I was originally contacted for my purchase from Tom Peacock and e-mailed Brad to give him my business. My complaint lies within the financing dept and lack of commutation once I pointed out a concern. If the increase was justifiable I wanted it to be explained. It wasn't and Brad is "refunding" the difference. I feel it still could've been handle better. These are my concerns/complaints and you (future customer) have to make a judgement yourself wether to give/continue business with Baker Nissan.

Marissa R. | 2010-09-19

Alright, so I don't know much about cars and all, but coming here to get my oil change is awesome! They treat my truck with so much care. Everytime I pull up there's always a person there to help me out with whats needed for my truck. Whether is for a simple oil change or a problem with the vehicle the Baker Jackson Nissan employees are always attentive. They inspect your vehicle from top to bottom, from inside, out. There's no better feeling then knowing your vehicle is being well maintained by their mechanics! I know for sure my truck is in good hands here! :)

David H. | 2008-05-25

This review is for the parts department specifically. I needed some clips to fix the splash shield on my car. The guy at the parts counter knew exactly what I was talking about as these little plastics pieces break off pretty often due to the low profile of Nissan sedans. Normally they are a couple of dollars each but he had some loose extras in his drawer and just gave me a handful. I bought a set of the larger clips as I'll need them at some point. I was very impressed with the ease of doing business with this parts department. I didn't have to look up a part number or describe in excruciating detail what I needed.

I'll definitely be back next time I need some Nissan parts.