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Established in 1957.

Champion Toyota is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the Houston metro area. Located in Houston, Texas on the Gulf Freeway.

We have a great selection of new Toyota's and Certified Pre-Owned Toyota's, as well as used cars, used trucks and used SUVs. From the moment you walk into our dealership, you'll know our commitment to your complete satisfaction is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Champion Toyota a great one - for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase, Finance, or Service a New or Pre-Owned Toyota, you've come to the right place. The Champion Team is ready to take care of all of your needs. Our experienced Toyota sales and finance staff will help you find the specific vehicle you will love! Our service center has factory-trained, certified technicians that know your vehicle better than any quick service operation. If you are in need of Genuine Toyota Parts or Accessories, visit our comprehensive Parts Department!

We Thank YOU!

AutoNation Toyota Gulf Freeway

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 943-9900
Address:12111 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX, 77034
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Toyota Gulf Freeway

Steven N. | 2015-04-09

Buying a car with Autonation was stress free because of my great sales assoc. Luis Torres! The price they gave me for my 2015 Sienna Le was the lowest possible  compared to any dealership in Texas. I would definitely recommend this dealership. This is the second vehicle I bought here.

Nerice L. | 2015-01-16

I brought my car to get the trunk panel replaced (they were aware that it was a recall and they were to fix it for free). They said I had to make an appointment for them to take a look at it first. I came in at the scheduled time with Ana. When I got there, Ana said it would take 2-3 hours for them to just look at it. I was not prepared at all to wait that long. What's the point of making an appointment for a specific time when I have to wait hours later? Doctor's offices are even better than that. She didn't have any sign of remorse when she saw how annoyed I was. No one told me ahead of time that it was going to be a 2-3 hour wait. I had to reschedule and come back again.

I wrote a scathing email about the inconvenience of the situation to the dealership. I surprisingly got a call regarding my email in 30 minutes. David Leal (if that's how you spell it) said instead of coming to the dealership twice (one for assessment, one for the actual fix), he will go ahead and see if the part is in stock and if not, he will order it. The part was in stock so he said when I come in, they will be able to fix it on the spot. He was very helpful.

I came in for the second appointment and I had to make sure one more time if it was going to be free of charge. Ana said yes. She said it would be about 2-3 hours. I was prepared this time for the wait. After 4 hours, she called me and said my car was ready and that I needed to hand her the piece of paper about the warranty. Neither David nor Ana told me anything about showing them a piece of paper for the part to be replaced. That is something you ask for BEFORE you fix the car. They deal with things like this all the time; they should know better. I was not prepared to pay anything because I was told several times that they would replace the recalled part for free. Luckily, they waived the $198 they were prepared to charge me. Next time, they should ask for the proper paperwork before doing a fix on a car to avoid upsetting customers.

3-stars = A-OK. I'm not glad I had to come back a second time and they made me anxious about almost having to pay $198. I'm not glad that instead of being volunteered information, I have to be the one to keep asking questions to get the information I need. I'm glad they followed their word about replacing the car part free of charge because of a recall. AND I'M GLAD I GOT FREE COOKIES.

Tom S. | 2014-11-01

Went looking for a replacement car for one that had just been totaled.  

Pros: the floor sales guy, Alejandro Montalvo.  Biggest pro about this place. He was friendly, eager without being pushy and seemed like a nice guy.  Good selection of available cars.  Comfortable waiting area.  When we noticed that one car was missing a cup holder divider and the other was missing the cruise control on button, they fixed those issues right away.  We did our research on how much the car(s) we were interested in should cost and didn't have to talk them down to within a reasonable range. Men's room was clean.

Cons:  the final guy, the one you deal with when signing paperwork.  Total jerk.  We let him know nicely when he first asked us about additional insurance and add-ons that we weren't interested.  He asked us which two add-ons, if they were free, we would choose. He leaves, then comes back saying he was able to give us those without changing our payments. I asked him twice if it changes our payments and he kept saying no.  It wasn't until I specifically said "so we're getting these for free?" That he admitted that he was only able to give us the add-ons without changing our payments by adding 2 years worth of monthly payments to our lease.  After we declined to do that, he was very cold with us. Women's restroom was filthy.

Overall, a good place to buy a car, just make sure you watch the final guy.

Ryan V. | 2014-10-02

I had been scouring the internet for weeks before I found what I felt like was the best deal at Autonation Gulf Freeway Toyota.  I spent over a week talking with a salesman there, David Morrow, about the truck and a few days before I made the trek down from Austin to Houston, I was going to pay a $500 deposit to secure the vehicle.  When he sent us the credit card authorization form for the deposit on the truck it had no other information other than CC#, name, address, expiration number, and the amount was blank.  I feel like obviously I'm not going to just give credit card authorization to someone I've never met before so I included the details of the transaction on the credit card authorization slip including VIN#, price, date, dealership, sales associate name, what the deposit was for, and the sales price of the vehicle.  I completed the form with all the added details and submitted it the day before we left for Houston.  I took two days off work, loaded up my wife and our toddler in the car and checked into a hotel room in Houston so we could go down to autonation the following day to get my truck.  Everything was done.  My search was over and my family had committed time and money to go get our truck.  That afternoon, literally, right after we had checked into our hotel I received a text from the sales associate I had been working with, David Morrow, saying "I hope you haven't left Austin to buy at 21693 I researched our emails and our automated system sent you that pricing It is incorrect...My cost on the vehicle is 28004. I have it discounted to move at 26993. Not 21663."

According to the sales associate, the miscommunication about price began through a glitch in their system that sent out incorrect prices to hundreds of prospective buyers and also had incorrect prices published on their website.    It was only because of this that he caught the discrepancy in price and if we hadn't made all those stipulations on the credit card authorization slip it wouldn't have been caught until we were in the dealership purchasing the vehicle.  

In addition to this HUGE discrepancy in price, our sales associate, David Morrow, refused to take any responsibility or have any accountability for the error.  He responded to us "I LOOSE ALSO! I have time invested and no sale either I'm also having to deal with this on my day off..."  These are direct quotes from text messages we received from him.

Needless to say, we've spent a few hundred dollars and lost a couple days of work and are completely disgusted with the unprofessionalism of Autonation Gulf Freeway Toyota and their sales associate David Morrow as well as the management's inability to resolve or even respond to this issue.  We've been trying to contact a manager all day to no avail.

Arnold G. | 2014-09-29

When you service your vehicle I recommend Thomas idele by far the best! Had me in and out and communicated with me everystep of the way didn't have to worry about anything and he also when ahead and fixed a a part on my brakes that had a recall on it that i didnt even know about by far the best will recommend to anyone!

Alberto P. | 2014-07-18

Best vehicle purchasing experience by far.  Of course I did my research online and with other dealerships.  Walked in with my lowest offer, they beat it immediately, signed, drove off.

Daniel V. | 2014-07-01

Got off work early and decided to take a trip to Toyota to get my oil changed. I knew making an appointment was the quickest way to go but decided to see how long it would take anyway. There were a few cars ahead of me and the guy told me it would be about an hour before my car was ready. I asked where the closest restaurant was so I can walk to get a bite to eat. He told me Toyota has a shuttle service and would take me where I'd like to go. I had no idea this service even existed and was glad because I was starving.

After about an hour I was called and told my car was ready. They came and picked me up in 5 mins and had my car waiting and washed. I had no idea they did complementary car washes either. They made my visit very convenient and was surprised to learn about the extra services they offer. I only wish they weren't so busy on Saturdays so I can go in unexpectedly when needed.

Carlos S. | 2013-12-25

I like coming here because I can always trust what the service done to my car. Plus most often they include a free car wash. They also have very friendly customer service.

A H. | 2013-11-28

This review is only for the parts department.  I have never dealt with the sales and service departments at this dealership.

The experience in parts could not be better.  Champion Toyota is one of the few dealers in Houston that operates a web site for parts.  Google "trademotion Champion Toyota" to get there.  Anyway, you can order parts from the site for Toyota, Lexus, Scion, and Hyundai.  You pay online with a credit card and simply pick up the items if you are local. Of course, they can be delivered at additional cost if that is better.  

So why order online if you live in Houston?

1.  Prices online are about 15-25% less than the retail counter.  

2.  Your items are there and ready to go; no waiting no cashier needed.

Jake Green runs the website sales and always does an outstanding job.  I most recently needed a part the same day.  I called him and asked if they stock the item.  They had it so I ordered using a smart phone.  I stopped by the dealership that day and I was in and out of there in under 3 minutes.  

Buying parts could not be better that it is here.

Astrid S. | 2013-04-30

Service review.

I took my car in for new brake pads.  The guy said it would be 2 hrs because a couple people were out.  About 1 1/2 in to waiting, I was told it could be an extra hour.  For my inconvenience, the guy took $20 off.

I was laid off the day before and had nothing better to do.  I drank all their tea and chia, ate my free cookies, and watched daytime TV so the trade of time for $20 worked for me.  They have three TVs: one for women, one for men and one for kids. Genius!  They ended up washing the exterior too, which was a nice bonus.

Next time I will schedule an appointment and see if I can bump the review up to 5 stars.

Phillip J. | 2013-03-06

The service is fast and friendly.  They meet you in the bay when you pull in and you'll appreciate the covered entry and exit when the weather is bad.  I schedule my appointment and they make you aware of the status through their gigantic tv where everything is displayed for you to see.  Great experience for sure!

Osman M. | 2013-01-11

Horrible service. Went for oil change and it was more than 15 minutes before someone came after that was taken to sales advisor who was too busy and than waited for another 15 minutes before anyone came and offered service

Janet G. | 2012-11-12

My mother who is a retired teacher went in to buy a 2012 Prius V5 with cash and a trade in car that was in perfect condition for it's age and milage.  They low balled her on the car for $2000 less than the value she plugged in online.  She tried to be shrewd and felt she had the upper hand, but of course she was getting screwed because she is a sweet 67 year old retired school teacher.  I really wanted her to have a nice experience so I didn't step in much, but when I did, all I said was, "Can you knock off a few hundred dollars there and the guy who is a white Texas good old boy tried to insult me with prejudice to shut me up.  
He said, "Does your name end in t-e-l?"
"No, why?"  
"Because you are acting like a middle eastern person trying to knock me down a few dollars".  

I don't know about you, but I think the guy is a fucking prejudice asshole, who uses racial slurs in his creepy "I'm a white bread American" car salesmanship.  He will cheat a nice women for a few extra bucks using white Texas insults so that "a good American white woman" will shut up.  

The entire dealership needs to go to cultural sensitivity training because they are not going to figure it out on their own.  I'm not sure about the bargaining car sales format anymore.  It's a bit outdated, especially when you get a jack ass like him in who is going to rudely cheat my Mom on her special day buying her new "Green" car.  Cheating an old lady for a few extra bucks is what seems the most unAmeican to me.  

I feel sorry for the people of color who work there and have to deal with behavior like that.  I live in San Francisco California where things like that don't fly.

My Mom bought her 2012 Prius V5 for without the tech package for  $28,700 in Oct 2012.

Chad M. | 2012-06-06

Update-  31 August, 2012

After I posted my review, I was contacted by the dealership because they wanted to try to make me a happy customer and resolve the issue.
After speaking to a very nice customer service person and explaining what had happened, she made the attempt to contact Toyota to see if they would extend my service plan for 2 more years.  Unfortunately, Toyota refused to do so.  She gave me the story, then explained to me that the dealership could do nothing else because I actually service my car at a closer dealership that's within 10 minutes away.
This is where I have a problem with the attempt to resolve the issue.  I understand I bought the car 2 years ago.  I am at fault for not reading the fine print on the coupons at first, and not catching it until I read them carefully to make sure they would be good to use 1,500 miles away when I was on vacation.  So, I understand where Toyota would not budge.

My issue is that the dealership also was not willing to budge.  I actually called the Toyota dealership where I got my car serviced while on vacation, which is where I'm originally from, in a small city in Iowa.  After speaking to several people and finally reaching management, I asked them what THEY think the correct thing is to do.  The man said he would handle it by giving the customer 2 more years of services courtesy of the dealership.  He said he wouldn't have even contacted Toyota and that if a dealership handled it that way, it was a way out for them and to simply put the blame on the Toyota company instead of handling it "in house".  The man then said "right is right, and wrong is wrong". "If the customer still has a valid service plan that they purchased,  the dealership can choose to correct a mistake if they choose to do so".

So, there you have it.  That's the difference between a small town dealership and a big city dealership.  
While the lady I spoke to from Champion sounded sincere about the issue, if they REALLY, TRULY wanted to fix the issue, they would have.  They could have easily given me vouchers or coupons good for servicing my vehicle at their dealership (which I would have been willing to drive to).  Instead, it's easier to post blame that Toyota won't give in and try to use tactics to give the customer "peace of mind".  It's unfortunate for them. As many stupid people there are in this city... and yes, there are some very stupid people in this city who would buy their story of blaming the Toyota company of not being willing to solve the issue, I just don't buy it.

Original Review:

A while back I purchased a Prius III from Champion.   I called around to every Toyota dealership in the city.  Auto sales people can be like vulchers and very annoying.
While every dealership had inflated prices and salesmen who became rude and angry when I called them out on their high prices, Champion beat EVERYONE by $2,000 in their quote.
While I had a great experience coming to an agreement on price, I didn't like what came after.  I was forced to sit in a room with pushy salesmen who tried to pressure me into buying a bunch of extras which aren't needed. After I said no to maybe 10 or 15 extras, that guy leaves and in came another, even more pushy guy who was VERY aggressive.  For example, they tried to sell me an extended warranty for over $4000 extra.  When I said no, the guy seemed to get frustrated and used scare tactics like saying that electrical components do go out.  I replied, "well, just bring my old car around and I'll leave, if you're telling me my new Prius is a piece of crap."  He seemed irate after that.  Lol

Overall, it was a good buying experience up to the point where I signed on the dotted line to buy the car.  The salesman was fantastic and helpful.

The others behind the scenes who try to pressure people into buying the extras? Complete jerks!

One more note:  I did purchase a maintenance plan.  The deal was to get 2 years of maintenance free with buying a car.  Then, I purchased a 5 year 75,000 mile maintenance plan.  So, total was supposed to be a 7 year maintenance free plan.
Champion sends me my maintenance plan in the mail weeks later.  It's for 5 years and 75,000 miles.  So they lied about my maintenance plan.  When I called, they played dumb like they had no idea.

Note:  The pushy jerks of sales people here were not the floor salesman who originally answered my calls and sold me the car.  They have OTHER guys who try to sell you the extras.  I believe one of them said he was a sales manager.  The guy was a complete jerk.   The floor salesman who sold me the Prius was very helpful, nice, and not pushy at all.

Holly S. | 2011-07-26

I bought a new car!

Well, really I bought it back in February, but I'm so in love with it! After doing lots of research and getting feedback from friends here on Yelp, I went to Champion to buy my 2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5. I went with Champion due to the quick response from their Internet sales department. The got back with me immediately regarding what vehicles they had in stock that matched my needs. After discussing options and numbers, I then went in for a test drive.

I got there early on a Saturday, which I would recommend since there were very few people up that early and I got my car in for appraisal pretty quickly. I then spoke with one of the salesmen about the 4Runner in comparison to the FJ Cruiser. After getting a couple of them to give me their honest opinions about both, I knew I was set on the 4Runner. While they finished my appraisal I went out for a test drive. Needless to say, I had already made my mind up and the test drive was just an affirmation of what was to come.

After going back and forth for a bit on my trade in and the cost of the 4Runner I wanted (with sunroof included), the sales department was able to give me what I wanted. A payment I could afford, an interest rate that was more than fair, and a decent return on my trade. In the end, I also tacked on an extended warranty and they threw in free maintenance for the first year.

I recently went in for my first oil change and 30 point inspection, and was very pleased with the service department. I had my appointment made on-line (which was super easy to do) and showed up on time. I drove into the bay, they escorted me out of the truck and about 30 minutes later we were done! No cost to me, and free warm cookies and a bottle of water for the road!

I love warm cookies!