AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway in Houston, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway in Houston, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway in other cities in the Texas.

AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 371-4000
Address:12227 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX, 77034
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway

Lou C. | 2014-10-21

What was I thinking? I drove over 30 miles to see some cars on the other side of Houston. According to their website, AutoNation Ford on Gulf Freeway got lots of Focus with unbeatable prices.

After I parked my car and walked by a small group of sales people glued their faces on their smart phones. It didn't bother me to be ignored. I walked up to the cars as they were already lined up for me. Five minutes later, a friendly saleswoman greeted me and began her sales routine. (Bazinga!)

First, I drove my ideal car - a specific model and color I really wanted. She had a bubbly personality and a good saleswoman. Through my 6 miles of driving, I learned more about her than she asked about me. Out of nowhere, she told me about her brother's successful business venture. (Bazinga!)

I wanted to try a lower priced and least featured model as for comparison. First, she couldn't find it in the system, as it didn't exist. Then, somehow she found the key. I noticed the difference during the test drive. Did I mention she was very talkative? She answered a call in the middle of our conversation. Her cell phone kept making noises and she wouldn't simply turn it off. (Bazinga!)

She wanted to show me the price on the advanced model, not the least model. But I told her that I needed to make decisions on their pros and cons. Since it didn't exist in the system, she said she pulled a similar model. She presented both and said, "see? It's only $500 difference."  (Bazinga!) During my entire time interact with her, I lost count on how many "excuse me, I need to..." interruptions.

After I got home, I looked at the pages and shouted (BAZINGA!) The less valued page was titled Fusion and the MSRP was also on Fusion. However, the VIN was the Focus I test drove. Hint: Fusion costs more than Focus. According to Google's cached search, that VIN was listed on its sister dealer AutoNation Ford Katy's website. (She told me that was a dealer's trade.)

Ooooooh, I see. That's how this company does business. AutoNation is off of my shopping list forever.

Spaceman S. | 2014-09-04

I had a decent experience buying a new car here.  I went through my bank's buying service and they sent my info out to the dealer (all of them!).  I got an email from Autonation Ford from some lame salesman with a few cars that were not at all what I wanted.  I knew exactly what I wanted so I emailed him the info.  He was never very serious about following up.  However, the general manager emailed me to ask how it was going, so I told her that her salesman didn't want to do business, so she emailed me back and said she would take care of me personally.  Which she did.  I came in and she had the car I wanted brought over from another dealer, hooked me up with a young eager salesman (Luis Delcid), and made sure everything went smoothly.  They did try to sell me some stuff I didn't want, but weren't too pushy about it.  The finance guy was a vet like me, and he cut through the bull for me.  He was very efficient and friendly.  I took my rental car to the airport and the dealership picked me up, I came back to my car and drove off.  All together about 3 hours.   If you know what you want, and have a reasonable price in mind, these guys should work well for you.

Jeremy T. | 2014-08-14

Pros: Decent prices. Will treat you good and agree to anything until they get your money, quality of service declines after that and the cons begin. If you can get a salesman who knows what he is doing, such as Will, I think you would have a far better experience than I did. When my problems were brought to a manager that cared about customer satisfaction, they were resolved right away.

Cons: Lots of excuses from every employee I spoke with and lots of false promises. Some managers (the recently promoted one, for instance) don't seem to care about customers or helping them.  If you choose to buy here, read all of the fine print and make sure you know what you are getting into, but this should apply anywhere. I would NOT recommend my salesperson to anyone looking to buy.  I'd highly recommend double checking anything you get from them.

They have a blaring radio that's guaranteed to give you a headache and if you ask them to turn it down the next salesperson that walks by turns it back up. (This happened 3 times)

My salesperson, Rosa was terrible. I would not recommend dealing with her. It was a never ending nightmare with false promises, me being given a (new) scratched vehicle with missing components (that I paid extra for), and me being told it was fixed every day of the week until I involved a manager, Ezekiel Torres, who actually seemed to care. She even sent me two separate emails asking how I liked the vehicle while it was sitting on their lot being 'fixed'. I was introduced to two other managers, one who was recently promoted whose name I didn't catch that couldn't of cared less about helping me get these problems resolved much less speaking to me and one that wasn't really directly involved in the whole process.  After I told the dealership that I didn't want to deal with Rosa anymore they got me working with Will and I wish I could of dealt with him from the start.

I don't have enough room to write down all of the issues I had with this dealership and while I appreciate the actions of Mr Torres and Will its beyond not acceptable to have been lied to for a week about nearly everything my salesperson said.

Phillip C. | 2014-07-23

I recently bought a beautiful blue flame metallic 2014 F-150 STX super crew sport 4x4 and must say it went smoothly. I have already been looking to trade my previous vehicle (2011 Ford Edge) which was bought there 3 years ago for a truck. John Wilson from internet sales helped us out and made the car buying experience pleasant and a breeze. He was able to honor the internet pricing we found online which took about $9000 off the MSRP window sticker. I would definitely come back again!

Michael W. | 2014-04-02

I bought a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE here on March 20th, and so far I couldn't be happier with my new car! Over the past couple weeks I've averaged 40 mpg, and getting more used to driving the hybrid to max out my mileage for my commute.

But this review isn't for the car, it's for the experience I had at the dealership:

First of all, do your homework. A lot of it! You need to prepare yourself by knowing what to pay, I recommend websites like or . Never pay sticker price; it's like paying MSRP for a pair of jeans at the mall instead of paying what they're really worth.

Fortunately, dealing with Calvin Neal (the internet salesperson) at the dealership, made things relatively painless. Calvin is really friendly and he's good at cutting through the confusing car-buying jargon to get you a good deal.

I mostly communicated w/ Calvin via email before going in to test drive my Fusion after work a few weeks ago, and then I did some more comparison shopping before deciding that this car was the one for me.

When I went in on March 20th, Calvin explained a bit how the pricing of the Fusion worked, and showed me the invoice so I was certain I was paying a fair amount. We discussed financing the vehicle, and in order to get extra discounts.

I financed the car through Ford Credit, with a plan to refinance with my credit union a couple months later. Don't be afraid to ask for a lower APR than what is initially offered; the worst they can say is "no". I was able to save 1% through Ford; it's part of the negotiating process.

After getting approved for credit, then it was on to the 'finance guy", who I believe was named Hugo but I'm not sure. There was a bit of a waiting process here, which was inconvenient, but overall the dealership was busy, so it made sense.

The finance guy was super friendly, and explained each step of the process as we went along. There was a LOT of paperwork, so it took a while; lots of signing/printing, etc.

After getting my keys finally and going out to start it up for the first time, Calvin helped me get my phone connected to the new car, showed me more of the features, and then I was on my way home in my new car.

All told, the process of buying a car was pretty smooth and painless, just be prepared to wait in line for the finance guy. Get a quote from Calvin via or , or just email him using the contact info on the dealership's website.

Natalie A. | 2013-11-25

If time is not a priority for you come on by here and give them your business.  The service department will make anything that could be 30 minutes to 3 hours plus.

I went in at 2:30 my appointment time for an inspection and oil change.  I left around 5:30 with only a oil change.  I was being patient and didn't mind the first hour of waiting because usually they take up to an hour for oil changes here.  Fast forward 2 hours later, I noticed customers coming in and leaving before me.  WHAT!! This happen at least 3 more times, I was sitting outside and decided to look around for my car.  Come to find out its just sitting park outside of the garage.  NOW I WAS BEING TOO PATIENT.  I go speak to the service department and politey ask them for an update on my car.  
This is conversation:

Service guy:  (checks computer) It is being run the diagnositcs on it for the inspection
Nat: Is it now?
Service guy 2: yes, they have it hooked up and let me see where it is now.
Nat: Oh, I can tell you where it is!! Its been parked outside for the last hour.  Do you want me to show you where its at because I can show you. Its right out front.
Service guy 2: Let me go check for you.  
(Comes back 2 minutes later)
Service guy 2 Raymond: Sorry about that we are going to do the inspection now. We had another car hooked up. It should be 15 minutes and you will be out of here.
Nat: No, Please get my car. I do no want the inspection now. It should not have taken almost three hours and only oil change was done. I will just pay for oil change.  
Service guy raymond: Okay sorry about that.

I get my car back and a free oil change for their failure at doing something as simple as their job.  I will not come here ever again because I would rather spend my time watching a movie if I wanted to accomplish getting nothing done.

Dear Staff of Ford

Maybe be more proactive in your job. If you see someone waiting an hour plus go check to see what is the hold up.  If something is going to take more than hour, inform the customer or provide an update to them. It should not get to the point that you are surprise I am still waiting for my vehicle. You should always know what is happening in your shop. Never lie and say a car is hooked up when you have not checked yourself.

Kelser M. | 2013-08-27

Went to test drive a KIA Sorento, thought that is what I wanted, however was not impressed by the large size of the vehicle. My salesperson Richard Smith saw that I was not very happy and wanted to know what I wanted. After telling him what I wanted...he found it for me. Man was I a happy camper. He found me the 2011 Nissan Rogue my dream car. The sales process was actually very painless. He was very understanding and worked with me to get everything that I needed to be able to drive off the lot with the car I wanted. My only issue was meeting with the financial people, they are a brooding lot of people. But once I got in to see one, it was quick and they explained every document I was signing. They even let me ask a ridiculous amount of questions with a lot of patience. I would recommend going to this dealership in a heartbeat.

Walter R. | 2013-01-29

Bought my Ford C-max here. Love it and the pain free experience.
Calvin Neal was a great salesman and was great in explaining the differences in the packages. When he didn't have a car in the color with the options I wanted he drove to another dealer on the other side of Houston to pick one up. Service above and beyond.
Not only am I recommending them. We will buy our next Ford here.

Tina L. | 2012-11-07

NEVER GO TO ANY CHAMPION DEALERSHIP!! I was sent here by the Manager of the Toyota Dealership and they looked at my vehicle because Toyota messed it up and then Ford tried to tell me what was wrong with it and stuck up for their buddies next door (Toyota) and said they had nothing to do with my car didn't run right eventhough never had that issue before they touched it. They told me the repairs were over $1,000 and that my warranty didn't cover the repairs.
I look my car to a place I trust and they simply looked at it and cleaned up a part and it has ran great ever since. I didn't have to pay one cent or repair and parts. This place is a joke and they just want to scam you and steal your money! AVOID THIS PLACE!!