AutoNation Chevrolet Highway 6 in Houston, TX

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As a part of AutoNation, we make it simple and easy to purchase a vehicle.  With our fully disclosed purchase menu that includes a breakdown of tax and fees, payment options, even lease options if you choose.  You do not have to complete an application to see this either, as a matter of fact, we would rather you not until you are ready!

If we do not have a vehicle that you like on our lot, we can find it!  We have several locations here in Houston to find the one for you.  Our internet team will even take a vehicle to you!

There is no pressure!  We just go step by step to make the easiest, fastest vehicle purchase to date!  We know that buying a car nine times out of ten is terrible, so we have a smart choice price; that is the average price that people have paid for that particular vehicle.

New or used, we give you peace of mind with our worry free folders that have all service, carfax, and our inspection process neatly organized in it.  There is also a 3 day money back too!


Established in 1998.

This Chevy dealer started with Mike Hall before Champion (AutoNation) took over.  The name Champion stayed until 2013, then Autonation rebranded all their domestic dealers in the country.  AutoNation is the largest dealer in the world, with over 9 million vehicles sold!

AutoNation Chevrolet Highway 6

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 561-9900
Address:8100 South Highway 6, Houston, TX, 77083
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Chevrolet Highway 6

James s. | 2015-03-04

Another poor Poor excuse for serviced department. They sent my Volt to quick lube.
If I want quick lube to do my oil change that is were I would have went. They are not service techs nor hold any certification. At least Jiffy Lube teck's have an ASE cert.
It looks like I will train in my chevy for another car.

This is bad since I was a GM service Teck.
I now how a service department is supposed to be like. So many people are not getting the quality of service they should be from GM dealers!

Quyen L. | 2014-11-14

In the past 2 months I've brought our truck back to the dealer 4 times to get it fixed. Do I need to say more. Our adviser would never return our calls. We have to drive to the dealer to find out the status of our truck. I've been so frustrated to the point that I have to go directly to GM to get help. Still a waste of time.

Michelle C. | 2014-10-05

I bought my first car used from this location in Feb. 2014! I was a serious buyer. I was helped right away and the process is very fast and easy. All the workers there are very upbeat with a smile on their face. I did have a few minor issues with my car after purchasing it, but with my warranty I brought it back in & they had me taken care of immediate.

Milly R. | 2014-07-24

My experience at this location was great.  The turnaround time was 2 hours to fix my airbag sensor light!  I will definitely come back and recommend my family to do as well.  The shop is very clean, and  organized with flawless team work.

Thomas G. | 2014-07-06

Horrible service on both trips in.

My brother works for autonation so I went to this dealership first to see what they could do on a new Chevy SS that is listed as brand new on their website. I went to this dealership that is close to an hour from my house because they had a white one. Upon arriving at the dealership we were informed that the manager has been driving the car and that it was not on the lot and would not be back on the lot until the following day. So my next question was how many miles are on the car and the sales person told me it was around 2000. To me a new car is not one that has been driven by the manager for months, but more on this later. So I asked if they would be able to get one from another autonation store that did not have the miles on it and the salesman said no problem.  Figuring I would not waste the trip I asked what they could do on pricing for family members, and my trade. When the sales person came back I was shocked. Lets just say that if that the "employee/family" discount was a huge joke, meaning other dealers online prices beat the "discount" by more than a thousand dollars. So i asked the sales person what a military price would be and also told him that his trade in value of my car at 5K under KBB trade in value was just not going to do it. The Sales person said he would see what the could do and went to run the numbers again. After a prolonged wait the salesman came back with an avaerage number back on the car I wanted to buy but was still 2500 off on on the trade in. So I politely askd for my keys and after having to wait even longer for the sales person to talk to a manager we were finally given our keys to leave.

Had that been the end of my experience I would have chaulked it up to the usual dealership experience and gone about finding the car I want at another location. However, the following morning I received a phone call from the sales manager who has been driving the car I went to look at the day before. He tells me that he has a buyer lined up for my trade in and wanted to know what he needed to do to gain my business. I told him that the trade in value for my car was too low and I was not interested. He responded with well I have a buyer so I know we can do better than what we quoted you yesterday. I responded with I am not driving across town to close to an hour to argue over a couple hundred dollars, that his offer needed to be at KBB for me to even begin to be interested. He said that would not be a problem to which I told him I would talk to my wife before making the trip in as I have a new born and it is not an easy task to do back to back trips across town with him. Later that day I decided I would stop back by the dealership and give the the chance to win my business.

So here begins my biggest frustration with the dealership. After making the second trip to the dealer we are able to see the car, but it looked like it was being lived in. There were personal effects in the car, it smelled of fast food, and there had been no effort to clean the car up to show it. Despite the appearance of the car I was still willing to work with the dealership since I didn't want that car anyways. (seeing/smelling it only reenforced that for both my wife and I)  So I walked one of the managers out to my potential trade and hand him the book of receipts I have for all the maintenance that has been done to the car.  We waited about 30 mins for the manager to look the car over and to come back with a quote, they managed to add 500 dollars to my trade. I was less than pleased at this point and politely asked for my keys so that my wife and I could leave with our son. Despite asking for my keys a different manager came out and introduced himself as the gentleman I had spoke to on the phone. He asked me why I was unhappy with the quote and I told him that it was insulting to only raise the offer by 500 after our conversation the previous day. He then presented a piece of paper that said that KBB was only a few hundered dollars more than what he was offering. I told him that was not what it showed at the house and I was not interested in trading the car. My wife had to interject before we finally got our keys. After returning home I decided to run KBB again to figure out why we had gotten so different numbers, and here is where the shady practices come in. While at the dealership the number he was showing me was for a model without the options my has. which in turn dropped the range by 1500-2000 dollars.

I understand that the dealership is in it to make money and maximize profits but to manipulate the KBB quote to devalue my car in order to try and motivate me to take the low offer is unacceptable. I can assure you that no one from my family will be buying a car from this dealership. Very unimpressed.

James T. | 2014-07-01

I have had my 2014 Silverado for less than a year, and as it's my first NEW car (always bought used before) I baby it like nobodies business. I work from home, so it's always safely parked in the driveway, and when I do park in a lot, it's always at the very back. You get the point.

Well, something broke on my truck that required service. I get that these things are complex machines and things like this happen, I'd prefer my new truck didn't have things like this happen but it is what it is. The problem, the last time I took my truck in for this repair of the AC lines, I had to leave my truck with AutoNation for the day. When I got it back on a Thursday I should have thoroughly inspected it. The following Saturday, one of my parents friends noticed my tailgate had a big dent in it.. right where someone backed it into something sticking out. Not only is there a dent, but a crack in the fiberglass bed cover.  Now, because I did not thoroughly inspect my truck, I cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Autonation Chevy did it.. but it really couldn't have happened anywhere else.

SO I continually receive emails, and voicemails asking "How my experience went." Despite trying to just move on, despite the dent in my tailgate pissing me off to no end.. I am continually asked to 'review' my experience. I have tried calling the number and person on the email to express my unsatisfactory experience only to find that the person on the email no longer works there. I get transferred to their replacement whom I have left 4 different voicemails with explaining my displeasure with not one single call back.  This morning yet ANOTHER email asking me to review my experience with AutoNation Chevy... so, here I am reviewing them.

Best I can tell, the service personal are very nice and courteous and helpful, but be WARNED, to not accept your vehicle back from them without inspecting it very closely. Not even a year old truck and it's got a damn dent in the tailgate. I try not to see it, but it's all I see every time now.

Iana I. | 2014-05-13

These people are so disorganized, I can't even deal.

We called in about a car, made an appointment with one lady. Turns out she wasn't there anyways and we had to talk to a guy. We were fine when we went into "his office" and saw all these awards on the table. Oddly, the name didn't match his name, but I thought maybe he had given us his nickname instead. In the conversation, though, we found out it wasn't really his office and he didn't really have all those awards.

He then said "let's go outside to look at the car," except he couldn't find it. He said he would go check in the back of the parking lot and we could just wait there in the front. We ended up standing around for about 20-25 minutes before he came to us and said they couldn't find the car (umm... how do you lose a car in your own parking lot when you knew people were coming in to see it??) but that we could go to the parking lot across the little street and see another similar one. Technically, the alternative we were being shown was the wrong color and had about 6000 more miles on it, but fine. Let's see...

We get there, and they can't find the keys for it. Then he goes in and asks another manager who pulls him off to the side and whispers some stuff to him. In the meantime, I had noticed the car wasn't locked, so we had started looking inside it. Then our non-award-winning salesguy came to us and said that this car had actually been promised off to another buyer who was driving in from somewhere 2 hours away so they couldn't let us see it.

What the heck man? We waited for 25 minutes for you to not find the original car, you made us walk across two parking lots to a car you didn't have the keys to but thought you could find and NOW you tell us you shouldn't have shown us this one either?

So if you want to waste about 1 hour of your time on any given day, stop by here. They'll definitely help you out with that. If you actually want to purchase a car... Now that's a different story.

C H. | 2013-06-11

Purchased a car from this dealership yesterday, almost entirely online, just had to go pick it up and sign the paperwork.  the great thing about this dealership is that they have a salesman (David Sabart) completely devoted to online sales.  He responds immediately to inquiries, pushes the deal to the finance department quickly, and doesn't jack you around with a whole lot of fluff.  I appreciated how easy it was to buy a car from him, and
since I couldn't be there to test drive it,  he went to the trouble of videotaping the motor and sounds of the car, so I could hear it before I fell in love with it.  He took a lot of extra pictures for me, and sent them right away, and when i said that I was disappointed that the car didn't have veneer detailing, he sent me a link to a retailer who sells veneer kits especially for my car.  From my first inquiry, to my driving home my new car, 2 days (Saturday, Sunday was off), and only about an hour at the lot (45 minutes of that was spent signing paperwork with finance).  I really just could not say enough about this guy - he was great - made buying my luxury vehicle a BREEZE.  Lost half a star ONLY because the dealership insisted on charging me a bogus "documentary fee".